Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 15, 1921, Page 7, Image 7

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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY. JULY 15, 1921.
Baby Lips Plead
For'Cooled Milk;
Ice Fund Gives It
isiung burses find Many
Umaha Homes in INeed of
Relief During Hot
"Pleas, mamma, may I have a
drink of milk?"
Lisped by baby lips, this simple
little pica would be vain in many
Omaha homes were it not for The
Bee's free milk and ice fund. . ,
For there are many hemes in the
city too poor to have on hand this
necessity of child life, so the Visiting
Nurse association finds. . ?
Vln such home's, and for such help
less little ones, milk and ice are pro
vided daily throughout the hot sum
mer by The Bee fund.
Contributions to date are as fol
lows: Prrlouily arknnivlrrirril . ....... .'. .M07.A
T. K. Akert, Hatting l.Mt
x. r.
Mr. T. M. Orr 5.00
Thre Frlrnil of Little Children... 10.00
Frnncle A. Brogan IO.O11
"O" 1.00
Totnl S839.31
Brief City News
Firm Hold Plcnto An' old-fush-
loned picnic waa enjoyed yesterday
by 150 officers and employe of the
l'etera Trust company and the
Peters National bank.
Visits With Father Mrs. A. F.
McAdamg, 324 South Twenty-seventh
street. Is visiting at the home ofjier
father, John F. Adams, in Lo-
ralne, HI. .
earner From Operation Mrs.
J, Mackay, widow of . Hector
Itfnplrav nf All Saints rfhiirrliJ la lm
.proving1 at Clarkson hospital, where
she underwent an operation.
Fund Drive Postponed The cam
paign to raise $300,000 for the
Flanagan homo for boys has been
Vktstponed to October 1, according
u an announcement oy ratner
Salvaged Mall Sale The sale , of
salvaged mall packa.sres from the
I'ueblo flood was opened yesterday
on the north steps of the postof
flce before a large crowd. The sale
will be. continued today.
Prize ftt Picnic A generous as
sortment of prizes will be offered
by the Omaha Manufacturers' as
sociation at it.T annual picnic at
Carter lake tonight. Dancing and
swimming will be features of the
Tilquor Slakes Boy - Sick Francis
Calnes, 16, runaway boy from Rans-
" vllle, 111., suffered a severe attack
of corrvulstcms from the effects of
drinking Omaha, corn whisky. The
boy has been taken In charge by the
police. . . '
Named J Clilef Engineer Roy N.
Towl, former city commissioner, has
fceen named a chief engineer of the
tf'.ast Omaha drainage district. Mr.
Twl has been ducted to make a
preliminary survey of the .project
at once,
Ikmt Race One of the thrilling
features of the annual picnic of the
Coodfellowship club of the Chamber
of Commerce at Carter, lake. Satur
day, will be a boat race. The naval
reserve' vessels will be used, with 10
n to a crew.
Ex-Soldiers Aided The June re
port of the Omaha chapter of the
American, Red Cross shows that 397
ex-service men were assisted. Soma
of . the cases "were of financial aid
pending settlement of claims with
the government.
Novena at St. Anns Next Mon
day morning at 7 a novena In honor
of St. Ann will be observed at St.
Anns church. Twenty-fourth and
Poppleton avenue. A welcome is
extended to all who wish tc partici
pate In this novena. i v . .
' False Rumor Distribution of
candy and cigars among his city hall
frifnds caused Ira Jones, superin
tendent of public recreation, consid
erable embarrassment In heading off
-a rumor that he was married. Twas
only his .birthday anniversary
Ex-Dry Clitcf Hero--Kmerson D.
Hunt, former prohibition enforce
ment officer In this territory, ylsited
Omaha yesterday on his way to Nor
folk, Neb., where his mother Is ill!
He called on U. S. Rohrer, prohibi
tion enforcement officer for this
state.-. ,.'
Would Prevent Fine Samuel and
Connita Scola have brought action
In federal court to prevent, A. B.
Allen, collector of internal revenue,
from collecting a fine of $1,813 Inv
posed on the plaintiffs In connection
with alleged violation of the Vol
stead law. , , , -
Meet at C. of C In lieu of the
regular weekly noonday loncheons,
which have been suspended during
JUly - and August, members of the
Rotary club will meet ''Wednesday
noons in a room at the crtamuer or
Commerce and on other days at the
Omaha Athletic club,
lawyer Marries Zelma Skinner,
C. Ratchford by Father Gabriel. The
groom Is a member of an Omaha law
firm and the bride Is a niece of Paul
and IJoyd Skinner. A luncheon was
served at the home of Lloyd Skinner,
3S13 Harney street..
: Offers to Catch Giant Postmas
ter Herbert Daniel has received from
A. R. Covington of the Third M. E.
church f Hot Springs, Ark., an of
fer to capture the S-foot giant that
has been reported frightening wom
en and children in Wheeler county.
Neb. Covington is a Sunday school
Not Rest. Cuticura Heals.
"Eczema began la the form of a
ringworm. It was first below my
Knees ana men . spread
above my knees, and itched
awful bad. I could not
steep nor rest. Anything
that touched it caused it
to itch.
"It bothered me for two
ears. Then I heard of Cuticura Soap
aJ. andOintmentand decided to try them.
.HM . . . -
w aen i naa ueea one dox oi v.uucurm
Ointment end two or three cakes of
Cuticura Soap I was healed." (Signed)
Mrs. Maggie Holder, R. F. p. 1,
Nixa. Mo.
j I Improve your skin by daily use of
' I Cuticura Soan. Ointment nrt Tilmm.
Bean twaPmarlha. AaJrm:"eeaerelee
nOIm,D7t a 1UKMI, Itua " SU(Tt
hmSnna.. Ointacat and Ml TalevaSe.
gna laticra aoaa aeavae
More Truth Than Poetry
I know that the manifold millions -Which
prominent persons possess,
Are a burden of care that is grievous to bear
And bring only grief and distress. " .
I frequently hear them complaining
That fortune is liard to endure, .
A id wishing they might share the simple delight
That alone can .be known by the poor.
And I've wondered, if sorrow increases i
As bonds and investments accrue, ' ,
Why they cling to. their store, and keep on making more
Yet somehow or other, they do.
I know that a statesman holds office
At a terrible price to himself,
That the ungrateful state lays the man who runs straight
With a sneer of contempt, on the shelf. ,
I've often heard statesmen asserting
In voices they scarce could control,.
That the .struggle and strife of political life "
Destroys a man, body and soul. y.
And I've wondered, if such is their feeling '
That they ever hold office at all .
Yet the very same men will be running again
For the very same jobs in the fall.
' . '
I know that the lot of an author'
Is more than uncommonly tough; . ,, , . , ' : -He
has few delights, has the person who writes.- :
And nobody pays him enough. .
Great authors will frequently tell you
They wish they had learned to be crooks
Any life they'd prefer, so they frankly aver,1
To wearing their hearts out on books.
And I've wondered, if authors arc martyrs
Why they do not speak out, loud and strqiig,
And say that the pen they will not lift again,
For I notice they write right-along!
There is no -dodging the dairy interests,
and the distributors raise the price of milk.
, The farmers raise the cows
Hustlers for Ak
Must Average 15
...... ; ' .'..- ' i
Members an Hour
Only 180 of Quota -of 700
Signed Up, But Both Teams
Promise Burst' of Speed
! - ' Today.' ,
But a. day 'and a half remain for
the Ak-Sar-Ben membership his
tlers to reach their quota of 700 new
A total of 180 new members had
been rounded up as" the sun set
gently on the western .horizon last
night. Here's' how the rival mem
bership teams stood:' ,
Coyotes .......K92 members
Jack Rabbits .. .88 members
Both teams" are determined to
show a startling burst of speed to
day. '
"We'll win this race or die in the
attempt," quoth "Doc" Frye, cap
tain of the Coyotes.
"We'll walk away with the race,"
declared Captain Docherty of the
Jack Rabbits. "We may be behind,
but them Coyotes ain't seen nothin'
yet." ."',''
; If the two teams are to bring the
total of the drive up to 700 they must
average about IS - members each
hour, starting at 1 this morning.
"But I think they'll do it," asserted
Secretary Gardner. '
Police Confiscate Large
Amount of "Hootch" Mash
Nineteen hogsheads of mash, 30
gallons of "moonshine", whisky and
large quantities of sugar were con
fiscated by detectives yesterday
afternoon in a 1434 1-2 South
Thirteenth street. Four stills were
in operation and three gas stoves
in use. The ; house - was not oc
cupied. , " '
A real old-fashioned repricing event
a substantial discount from our already
Three Special Groups That Tell Their
Own Story
in the wanted colors'"
75 ... $'
Genuine Koolkloth-
75 : :
A Special Clearance Offering in
All Wool Suits
From America's Best Clothes Makers
$20.00 Suits now.
$25.00 Suits now.
$30.00 Suits now . . . . . . .$22.50
$35.00 Suits now.-.;. . . . $28.00
$40.00 Suits now. $32.00
$50.00 Suits now . . .$37.50
Light-Weight Summer Trousers at
Real Clearance Prices
. ' mm
75 MAi-ma ,
BT U.'.VM.l;.::: t-Y.V.M
59cJ W N
... $15.00
Good Work Shirts
Full Cut
600 pairs Wash PanU, iiv $ 1 .95
many patterns, two groups, "J.- '
at .............. i . 7. .. . . $2.95
Kool Kloth and Palm Beach" tf AGE
Pants, light or dark shade., SZl"0
plain or striped ..
White Flannel Pants, all wool,
pencil stripe,
4 i
Blue Serge ; Pants, summer
weight, of excellent ' quality,
Matters Asks That,
Charges Be Quashed
Two indic'mcnts still stand against
Thomas Matters, in federal court
here, and no action has been taken
toward dismissing these actions, ac
cording to J. ,C. Kinslcr, United
States district attorney.
! Matters, who rccen'ly was re
leased from "Leavenworth peniten
tiary after having served, 44 days,
requested Attorney Kfnsler yester
day to quash the charges which are
pending. ..' .
City and County Strong
' Box Contains $10,000,000
The joint strong box of Omaha
and . Douglas county now contains
$10,000,000 in cash and securities,
the largest amount ever held at one
time by the county and city treas
urer. This amount includes the funds of
the school district; the "Metropolitan
Utilities district and the various
city and county departments. Two
of the local banks are carrying near
ly $1,000,000 each o("city and county
Fort Prisoner
Bores Through
Wall With Knife
Deserter Held Here Escapes
From Guard House Under
Cover of Electrical
An ordinary aluminum tabic knife
was the instrument which Rollic
Styles used to bore through a 12-inch
brick wall at the Fort Omaha guard
house, making his' escape under
cover of an electrical storm Wednes
day night. .
The fugitive is 25 years old and
was brought to the guard house in
April from Fort Sheridan, having
been arrested - for desertion. Last
Tuesday he faced a court-martial at
Fort Crook and a sentence of two
years at Leavenworth prison was
Styles released the lock of his celt
with a hack saw which authorities
believe was slipped to him by lriends.
The digging into the wall was done
between midnight and 4 a. m., the
noise being drowned out by thunder
and rain.
The fugitive is said to have worn
civilian, trousers when he escaped.
He is tall and combs his hair in a
pompadour. Several companion pris
oners stated 4hey ,knev when he
broke, the lock, but they did not re.
port the matter.
. ft
Framed Pictures at
About One-Half Price
Next Saturday at the
Union Outfitting Co.
A Special Purchase from an
Overstocked Manufactur
er Makes Sale Possible.
Those who like decorative sut
roundings in Jtheir homes will
welcome the saving opportunity
thia big "factory purchase" sale
of pictures which the Union
Outfitting Company puts on sale
next Saturday makes possible.
The best works of some of the
foremost foreign and American
artists are represented in .the
collection, which embraces a
wide range of subjects, all suit
ably framed. As always, you
make your own terms.- -v
everybody!? store"
-In the Downstairs Store-
Another Enormous Sale of Dainty
Summer Dresses
1 a! -V
la.r a a. rti SVOI
Voiles and
For Women
and Misses
Sizes l Jf, to Jf.6
The- values are most unusual, many of them less
than regular factory prices. As for styles, you just must
see them, but every mid-summer fashion is here in :
dwnhnwKi In plaids and checks in
KJtlvyriUUlo. smartly tailored styles.
p$ Bright and new -in any color
that one's heart is set upon.
Quaintly fashioned, in
light and dark colors.
Many are in straightline effects with huge sashes of crisp organdy, others depend
on tunics,. ruffles, pleatings and lace for their clever style lines.
Downataira Stara
Women's Silk Hosiery at 65c pr
These are irregulars of a well-known brand of hosiery, offered at a mere
fraction of their regular price. The slight imperfections will in no way impair
the wearing qualities of the hose. All sizes in black, white and colors.
1 -'"''. Downatalra Stora. t
Gingham, 29 c yd.
. Splendid quality ptaid and
check ginghams in the new
est colorings, 29c yard.
Voiles, 29c yd
In all newest designs and
very effective color combina
tions, 29c and 39c yard.
Crepe, 19c yd.
Printed " crepe of excellent
quality in neat figured de
signs, 19c yard.
Downataira Stora.
Silk Chemise, $1.95 to
Envelope style of fine quality crepe de chine
with camisole top in dainty styles trimmed in
lace, ribbon; run. A garment for real service.
$1.95 to $4.95.
. Downstair Stora .'
Curtains, $2.50
Filet net curtains, a style of
which you will never tire;
launders well, 2l yard,
Cretonnes, 39c up
Attractive colors and
dainty designs in a quality
which will give' real-service,
39c to $1.00. y ,
Scrim, 35c yd.
In a quality that will make
very effective over-drapes.
Unusually priced at 35c.
Downataira Store.
Men's Seamless Hose, 10 pr. for $1.00
Knit from good quality cotton yarn, reinforced heels and toes, elastic
ribbed tops, all sizes, all colors. Very special, 10 pairs for $1.00. Limit of
20 pairs to a customer. v
Downataira Store.
Mina Taylor Dresses
In a variety of becoming styles, the
workmanship of which assures you of per
fect fit. There are checks, plaids . and
striped ginghams, trimmed with collars of
pique or self material. In all sizes, 36
to 44.
Downataira Stora
Infants' Rompers
in cunning little peg top and
creeper models, in all colors,
of durable fabrics in stripes,
- checks and plaids and plain
colors. Sizes 2 to 6 years.
' . Downataira Stora
, Barefoot
A cool shoe for boys
and girlsmade of first
quality tan or smoke elk
leathers. Best grade
leather soles. Sizes 6 to
2. Special for Friday,
Downataira Store
Drugs and Toiletries
at Economic Savings
Medofleur toilet soap,
5c bar.
Pepsodent dental
cream, 37c.
Compact powder or
rouge, 35c.
Lily, lilac, violet or
rose toilet water, 50c
Violet talcum, 15c.
Hand brushes, 19c.
Ivory combs, inches
long, 27c
Diamond C laundry
caap, 6c
Essex peroxide soap,
Old Dutch Cleanser, 2
for 25c
Downataira Stora
For summer comfort
in plain coutils in pink
and white, medium and
low bust, elastic top,
lightly boned, two pairs
hose supports, front and
back lace models. Priced
at $2.00.
Downataira Store