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    Stock Promoter.
Once Rich. Can't
Pay Hotel Bills
William McWhorter 'b Baggage
Seized Following Arre6t;
was Registered Under
Assumed Name.
A Texas oil company it expected
to go by the boards when William
A. McWhorter, in company of a
United States officer, shakes the dust
of the Lone Star state from his
Eivdenee found by federal officers
in the Houston hotel room of the
stock sales' promoter arrested Friday
for using the mails to defraud, indi
cate that McWhorter was involved
in Texas in exactly the same kind of
.lock deals for which he will stand
trial here.
Included in the evidence are pa
pers showing that he planned to ap
propriate 1,050,000 shares in a
$2,000,000 oil company.
Used Fictitious Name.
MrWhorter was registered as "Ed
Jenkins, Los Angeles, Cal.," in the
Brazos hotel, where he was arrested.
In addition to the stock assigned
to the name V. A. McWhorter,
there was a huge block of stock as
signed to "E. A. Jenkins," in the
same company.
McWhorter first denied his identi
ty as other than McWhorter, but
after brief questioning, admitted
Jenkins Mas a fictitious name, ac
cording to a report received by fed
eral officers here.
He told officers he was dodging
apprehension in order that he could
arrange his business so that he
could make his bond.
Baggage It Seized.
That he is flat broke, though once
noted for his luxurious habits, is
indicated by the fact that hotel of
ficers are holding his baggage for
non-payment of room rent.
McWhorter told the officers he
had been in Sou thf America, Panama
and Mexico since the indictment
against him was returned in May.
Officers, however, believe he has been
in Texas all the while under as
sumed names.
Business papers of eight or 10 dif
ferent stock" concerts, in all of which
McWhorter's name figures promi
nently, were found in his room.
McWhorter frequently boasted to
Omaha friends how quickly he cculd
rehabilitate his finances, in the. ior
him, rich days of floating the Wil
liam Berg Potash and Missouri Val
ley Finance companies.
Seeks Bond Reduction.
McWhorter will be brought back
to Omaha by federal officers some
time this week, it is thought.
His attorney. A. L, Sutton, seeks
to reduce his $25,000 bond to $12,500.
While he had not yet been ap
proached by Sutton this morning,
Judge Woodrough indicated it was
customary to make the reduction if
the reduced bond was secure enough.
Charles Wahlberg and Jacob
Masse, two others indicted at the
same time as McWhorter, had their
"bonds reduced to $12,500 in Los
Angeles. The trio will ttand trial
here in the fall. ' V
Movies of 88th in Action to Be
Shown at Reunion Aug. 26-28
Movies of the S8th division
American expeditionary forces in ac
tion in France as well as in training
in the United States will be one of
the features of the big reunion ot
the Clover Leaf men at Des Moines,
August 26 to 28.
A number of Xebraskans who
served with the 88th are expected to
attend the reunion. Railroad offi
cials have granted a special rate of
fare and a half for a round trip
The amusement program will in
clude automobile tours 01 Des
Moines, old Camp Dodge, athletic
tournaments, regimental and separate
organization banquets, addresses by
former generals of the division, auso
and horse races, airplane stunts, band
concerts, parades, night fireworks
displays, etc.
Washington Urges Sales
Concentration at Omaha
The prosperity of Omaha and mid
ti'; western cities is lecognized in
information sent out yesterday frcjn
Washington to the Omaha Chamber
of Commerce. The information
v hich likewise is being sent out to
all leading business concerns, urges
them to direct their sales to Omaha.
The report issued for the guidance
of these business firms for the direc
tion of their sales recommends sales
concentration in Omaha, Kansas
City, Oklahoma City, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Sacremento and San
Boy's Body Held at Morgue
Pending Word From Mother
Fairbury, Neb., July 12. (Spe
cial.) The body of Marvin Caine,
17, is being held here at a morgue
awaiting instructions for disposition
ftom Mary Caine, his widowed
mother, at Guys. Tenn.
The young man came here 10
days ago and w-as in the employ of
the county on the state highway.
He became ill and was obliged to
quit work a few days ago. He was
t?ken to a local hospital, where he
died from fever.
Wheat Expected to Average
30 Bushels at Lodgepole.
Lodgepole, Neb., July 12 (Spe
cial.) Wheat harvest in Cheyenne
anoetT began in earnest this week.
. ombine cutting will start about
July 15. Wheat will average about
30 "oushels around Lodgepole this
tar, it is predicted. Elevators were
paying 85 cents for new wheat on
Monday morning and 90 cents for
old wheat '
Hardware Business Will
Change Hands at Fairbury
Fairbury, Neb July 12. (Spe
cial.) O. H. Buchanan, secretary
of the Fairbury Chamber of Com
merce, and J. P. Moore, in the
structural iron business in Kansas
City, have formed a. partnership to
engage in the hardware business at
Fairbury.- The men purchased the
hardware business of Whht & Jones
and' will take over management on
September 1 ,
When a Flier Hits a Freight:
a Grinding Crash, Then This
Photos by John T. Shea, Creeton.
TheSe pictures show what happens
to a fast passenger train when it
crashes into a freight.
They were taken after the wreck
of Burlington passenger train No. 5,
Omaha Woman
Held in Chicago
On Check Charge
Mrs. Gladys Unger, Comely
Drug Addict, Admits Pass
ing Worthless Paper
On Five Stores.
Chicago, July 12. Mrs. Gladys
Unger, comely drug addict of Oma
ha, was arrested in Bloom's Beauty
Parlor on Michigan'- avenue last
night for passing worthless checks.
After Detective Moran, chief of
house detectives at the Congress
hotel, had detained her because of
her resemblance to Mrs. L. C. Mil
lion, wanted in Kansas City on the
the same charge, she finally con
fessed to him and Detective McFar
land. Checks totaling $2o0 were dis
posed of in five Chicago stores dur
ing the last few days all of them
drawn on the Pioneer State Bank of
"Oh, I did have an account there,"
she said smoothly as she smoked
cigarets in the detective bureau.
"They'll get their money if they can
connect." And then she smiled.
Mrs. Unger claims to be the wife
of Lou J. Linger, wealthy saloon
man and hotel keeper of Omaha.
The Pioneer State bank, on which
the checks were drawn, was closed
by the state June 2, following an in
vestigation of its affairs. "Frozen
notes" were responsible for the clos
ing. The institution is now in the
hands of a receiver.
Orhahan Denies Woman
In Chicago Jail, His Wife
Denial that Mrs. Gladys Unger,
arrested in Chicago yesterday for
passing worthless checks, is his wife
was made last night by Lou Linger,
Arcade hotel, formerly proprietor of
the Grand hotel.
Mr. Unger said he knew the
woman who told Chfcago police she
is the wife of the Omaha man, but
declared his wife died four years ago
and the claims of the woman held in
Chicago are untrue.
Man Caught 6 Years After
He Deserted From Army
Six years ago Fred E. Strine. 2010
North Eighteenth street, did not like
the army nor Columbus, N. M.,
where he was stationed.
So he deserted. Yesterday he was
arrested by Detectives Graham and
His wife and 1-year-old baby were
at police station to see him. Mrs.
Strine is going to plead with army
officials to parole her husband.
Three Husbands Relate
Tales of Woe to Court
Five divorce petitions were filed in
district court yesterday, three of
them by husbands.
William Miller tells the court his
wife, Marie, often told him to get
out and never come back. Oscar
Carlson, who wedded Mary in 1913,
complains that she refused to talk
to him. Merrett Stierheim says his
wife, Stella May. has indulged in
"conduct unbecoming a wife and
By the Picturesque St. Lawrence River Route
Sailing Every Few Day from Montreal and Quebec to Liverpool,
Southampton, Claagow, Havre, Antwerp, Naples, Genoa.
Ocean voyage shortened by two Delightful Days
on the Sheltered St. Lawrence River and Gulf
Apply t ArcBtt Everywfcar er to
R. S. ELWORTHY, Cn'l Aft, Put Dept, 40 Norta Daarbora 5t, Ckkago
westbound from Chicago to Omaha,
crashed into the rear of a freight in
the yards at Creston, Ta. The en
gine and mail cars of the passenger
overturned and the engineer and
fireman were injured.
No Inquest Into
Woman's Death
Planing Mill Man Finds Wife
Dead by Asphyxiation; .
Body at Table.
Deputy Coroner Paul Steinwender
vesterday held investigation into the
death of Mrs. S. C. Eader, 3302
Sherman avenue, who was found
dead sitting at the table in her
kitchen shortly after 6 Monday
night. Her son-in-law, Dr. H. A.
Schulz, dentist, 3020 Arcadia avenue,
telephoned the home and went to
investigate when he received no re-
p'-v- -
Gaining entrance bv a window in
the bedroom Schulz called the police
when he found Mrs. Eader dead. The
police surgeon said Mrs. Eader's
death was caused by asphyxiation
and that she had been dead about
two hours.
Eader said his wife has been in ill
health recently and was suffering
from a nervous breakdown. He oper
ates a planing mill at 2415 Lake
street. He was overcome by the
tragedy. Probably no inquest will
be held, according to Steinwender.
Man Sustains Fractured
Skull in Street Fight
Des Moines, July 12. Lewis W.
Lamb of Fort Des Moines is near
death in a local hospital with a
fractured skull as. the result of a
street fight here this afternoon.
Police are seeking -his assailant
who fled after striking Lamb and
knocking him down. One suspect
has been arrested and if Lamb dies
it is probable charges of murder will
be filed.
Sale of
Dining Room
at Bowen's
This Week
Just One Application
and the Hairs Vanish
(Modes of Today) -A
harmless, yet very effective,
treatment is here given for the quick
removal of hairy growths: Mix
enough powdered delatone and water
to cover the undesirable hairs, apply
paste and after 2 or 3 minutes re
move, wash the skin and the hairs
have vanished. One application
usually is sufficient, but to be certain
of results, buy the delatone in an
original package. Mix fresh as
Court Attack on
Smith Bread Law
Made at Lincoln
Injunction Against Measure
as Confiscatory Is Sougbt
in Behalf of Omaha
Bakers. .
Lincoln, Neb., July 12. (Special.)
Petition for injunction against the
Smith bread law was filed today in
Lancaster county district court by
M. A. Hall, Omaha attorney. The
complaint includes the following
Omaha bakers:
Jay Bums Baking company. Peter-sen-Pegau
Baking company. Federal
System of Bakeries, Charles Ort
man and L. Petty's bakery.
Charges Bill Unconstitutional.
The petition charges the law un
cosstitutional and that it confiscates
property without due process of the
law. The Smith bread law was en
acted by the last legislature and pro
vides that bread shall be sold in half
pounds, pounds and . multiples of
The bill was introduced by Rep
resentative Ed Smith of Omaha
and was the hardest fought measure
in the legislature with possible ex
ceptions of House Roll No. 1 and
Senate File 65, the taxation bill.
The bakers maintained a large and
expensive lobby throughout the ses
sion and carried their fight against
the bill to the governor's office.
Effective July 28.
When a message was sent to the
lower house by Governor McKelvie
announcing the signature of ' the
Smith bread bill members of the
house arose in their seats and
applauded Ed Smith, author of the
The law will become effective
July 28 unless the injunction is
Kermit Thrown by
Steed Second Time
Kermit Gasaway, 8, "boy rustler,"
is about ready to dispose of the
horse given to him "by Earl - Stiner,
4506 Frederick street, after the
youth stole the horse last week.
Kermitt suffered his second acci
dent while riding his steed at -Eighteenth
and Leavenworth streets yes
terday. Kermit was on his way to visit
his mother when the horse slipped.
Beyond a few bruises Kermit was
not injured seriously
He was' sent home by Dr. J. A.
"I don't know but what I had
better sell the old "nag," said Ker
mit "About the next time he slips
I will probably be killed."-
Kermit lives at 2509 South Twen
tieth street.
Sent to Reform School
Table Rock, Neb., July 12. (Spe
cialsCarl Moore of Humboldt,
negro lad who had been paroled, was
sentenced to the reform school un
til he is 21 in district court at Falls
City. Moore had been found guilty
of stealing after being released fol
lowing a previous offense.
Mr. ReeDuction
That These
Pairs of
Be Turned Into
The big job is now under way men from every corner
of the city are competing for these wonderful money-
Men's Khaki Pants
"Made from medium weight durable
khaki and veil finished all sizes, 28
to 50 waist line. Very special at
Blue Serge and Kool Cloth .
Solid, fadeless blue serge and Kool
Kloth trousers, these are wonderful
values at $3.45. All sizes, 28 Jo 48
Summer Worsted Pants
Summer worsted trousers, fine Palm
Beaches blue, brown and green flan
nel trousers all sizes remarkable ral
lies, at only
Palm Beach and Mohair Suits
Here's your chance, men, for big
money-savings on fine-fitting hot
weather suits alj sizes.
Omahans Would Get the
Lil A'thah' Bout Here;
It Can't Be Says Antles
Lincoln, Neb., July 12 (Special.)
Jack Johnson, "L'il A'thah," re
leased Saturday from Leavenworth
penitentiary, will never box in Ne
braska so long as 11. H. Antles is
secretary of the department of pub
lic welfare.
So Antles declared today, follow
ing receipt of inquiries from Omaha
sport organizations asking if John
son would be permitted to box in Ne
braska. The Omaha organizations would
bring Johnson to this state for a
scrap in August or September.
TH never grant Johnson a license
to box in Nebraska," said Secretary
The new law making boxing legal
in Nebraska becomes effective
July 28.
Turns Factory Hand
Miss Marie Mathews is a great
believer in seeing with her own eyes,
so yesterday the pretty young school
teacher entered the employ of the
Iten Biscuit company as a factory
hand. She Monday completed a
two-weeks' period of service in the
Brandeis store and expects to work
in a 10-cent store this summer.
The idea is to get next to the
problems which confront young
working girls, and Miss Mathews
believes the best way is through ac
tual contact with the girls and their
Miss Mathews is director of the
Cass school "continuation" classes.
Mills to Send Scotland
.70,000 Pounds of Flour
David City, Neb., July 12. (Spe
cial.) The Ulysses flour mills have
received an order for $70,00) pounds
of flour to be shipped to Scotland
some time in .July. The mills are
running day and night to f.U the or
der and to keep up the local supply.
Vou who have been slaves
to the tub, bound to hard
work these hot days, it
should be welcome news
that you can get your
whole family washing
done cheaper and better
We send flat work home
ironed and ready for use.
Other pieces are sent
ready to be ironed just
damp enough. Or we can
rough dry them.
7 Escape From
Bluffs City Jail
Prisoners Pry Bars From Win
dow One of 5 Alleged
Army Deserters in Lot
Seven prisoners in the city jail at
Council Bluffs, including five alleged
deserters from the United States
army, escaped from confinement at 3
a. m. yesterday and six have
not been apprehended. The seventh,
Pete White, one of the alleged de
serters, returned to the jail after go
ing only a few blocks and sur
rendered himself.
The six who are still at large are:
Albert C Johnson, held for investi
gation into auto thefts; Thomas Car
mody, held on a charge of the lar-'
ceny of- sugar from a Council Bluffs
grocery, wheree he was employed,
and George Ney, Edward Johnson,
The Power Behind
Corn Exchange NatT Bank
The Bank With an INTEREST in YOU
B. Xikluewski and J. Suerk, accused
as deserters.
Individual cells of the jail were not
locked and the prisoners, all on the
first floor, effected their delivery by
prying the. bars loose from an out
side window, using an iron stake
which .was used to repair the sink in
the corridor. After securing their
freedom the men ran east to the
school house where . White turned
beck and returned to jail.
Farmer Arrested on Charge
Of Firing Shot it Youth
Beatrice, Neb., July 11 (Special
Telegram.) Henry Brown, farmer
living west of town, was arrested.
charged with shooting at Harold
Keimund, 17, with intent to wound.
The defendant pleaded not guilty
when arraigned before Judge Ellis,
and his case was set for hearing July
29. He was released on $1,000 bond.
Mr. Brown says that he saw sev
eral boys fighting on the highway
Sunday near his home and as he
went towards them he fired two shots
in the air from his revolver in order
to frighten them. He denies, shoot
ing at any of them. 1
BESIDES offering you all the knowledge and
helpful experience that our officers have
gained in their years of banking experience,
there is a still Greater Power in our service to you.
f :'
Every Corn Exchange Director is a self-made
Leader in his particular industry. His is a POWER
of sound business knowledge. It is this collective -influence
and power that gives the Corn Exchange
National Bank its added Value. ' '
President of Hayden Bros, department store, 1s a Corn
Exchange director.- He started as a cash boy in a small
general store. He has been with Hayden Bros, for
years, rising from a department manager to his present,
position. Thomas Flynn is a true example of a self
made man and much of the progress of Hayden Bros,
is directly the result of his efforts.
Make USE of this Greater Service Bank. Its
Strength has been built for YOU. We invite
your becoming one of us.
Domestic Economy is
Easily Learned
YOU can take a free lesson every day,
simply by reading the advertising
columns of The Omaha Daily and
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No matter how well you run your home
OR YOUR BUSINESS it can be done
better and more'economically. The adver
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show you the cheapest and best markets.
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ing about the newest conveniences and
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business man can get a good line on a
thousand and one things that will help him
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you keep up with the bandwagon.
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Captured After Hot
Chase in Des Moines
Dei Moines, July- 12. (Special
Telegram.) After a thrilling chase
through crowded streets in the heart
of Des Moines, police captured Les
ter Lang, alleged "searchlight thief,"
Monday morning.
While in pursuit of Lang, one of
ficer emptied the contents of his re
volver in an attempt to wain the
traffic officer of . the f ugith-e's ' ap
proach. .
The case started at Ninth and Lo
cust streets at 10,- while- the down
town streets were crowded. "
Lang has a, reputation , of being a
"dope head," 'with a penchant for
stealing auto searchlights. He had
been picked up previously with
searchlights in- his possession, but
Large deposits of . phosphorous
have been discovered on an unin
habited island south of and owned
by Japan.
Our Bank