Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 11, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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Census Started
To Check Damage
. -In Pueblo Flood
Impossibility of Obtaining Au
thentic Figures Shown by
Efforts of Associated Press
To Gain Information.
Denver, Colo., June 10. A census
f deaths and property damage in
the flooded areas of Colorado, in
stituted by . The Associated Tress,
has established the fact that it prob
ably will be several days at least
before anything like an accurate esti
mate of the lives lost or of the, dam
age donV can be made. The census,
made by telegrams sent to mayors
of towns in the flooded areas is
only partially compfetde.
In northern Colorado it is estab
lished that four persons were
drowned at Sterling, one man died
of, exposure at Union, when a Rock
Island train was wrecked last Tues
day nigiit. and one man was drowned
and another is reported missing in
Denver. " '
, Reports) from Flood Area.
In the Pulo area, embracing the
territory froan the city of Pueblo
along, both sides of tliie Arkansas
river to the Kansas line, the reports
thus far are as follows.-' .-
In Pueblo 4!7 bodies reported re
covered in the ity itself and 10 oth
ers recovered on the St. Charles
mesa. A list compiled by the Ked
Cross fixes the number of missing
at 130. Property damage estimated
at from $10,000)000 to $20,000,000.
Unofficial estimates of the dead
place, the figure at around 500.
La Junta reporfc 18 (load in the
district near the city, w ith wo official
figures given out on the property
damage. ... . ,.
M.anzanola reports eight bodies
recovered from the Arkansas but no
lives lost in the immcd:"- vicinity.
Xas Animas reports four dead, but
no authentic estimate of property
damage has been sent out from there.
Budget Fixed at $61,000,000.
.Washington, June' 10. DcScieniy
appropriations for the shopping
board were fixed finally at $611,000,
000 today, when the senate receded
fcrmaHv from its amendment t add
$50,000,000 to the board's funds.
National Chamber
Submits Taxation
Questions to Vote
Washington, June 10. A series of
taxation questions was submitted to
a referendum vote of the 1,400 busi
ness organizations within the mem
bership of the Chamber of Com
merce of the United States. The
vote is on proposed forms of taxa
tion and does not deal with amounts
of revenue to be raised.
The purpose of the referendum is
to fix the national chamber's position
on the forms of levy which might
be used if needed to replace revenue
lost through the proposed repeal of
the excess profits tax; to determine
an attitude with respect to the con
tinuance of war excise taxes, and to
get opinion as to form of taxes that
might be substituted for excise taxes
if the revenues now derivedd from
them have to be replaced.
Funeral of Legion
Leader Saturday
Own Post in Charge of Service
For4 National Commander.
Cincinnati. O.. June 10. The fu
neral of Col. Frederick W. Galbraith,
jr.. commander ot tne -American
Leeion. who was killed in an auto
mobile accident in Indianapolis, will
be held Saturday afternoon in Music
Hall, the largest auditorium in the
city. This was decided upon today
by" Robert J. Bcmtley post, American
Legion,, of which Colonel Galbraith
was a member, and after the widow
expressed the wishthat , the post
make all arrangements for the fu
neral. It is considered most likely
that the burial will be in Arlington
cemetery, Washington, D. C.
It .is expected that the funeral will
be the largest ever held in Cincinnati.
The entire One Hundred and Forty
seventh United States infantry,
troops from Fort Thomas, Ky.; .va
rious service men's organizations and
all the civil clubs in which Colonel
Galbraith was a leader, will partici
pate. Mrs. Galbraith expressed the de
sire this morning to be allowed to
remain alone with the body all day.
Federal Troops
To Help Pueblo
Back to Normal
Martial Law Regulations Made
More Stringent as Means of
Removing Handicap to
Cleaning Up.
Pueblo, Colo., June 10. Arrival
yesterday of federal troops to aid
the national guard and Colorado
rangcTs, marked a new step forward
in the restoration of normal condi
tions following this city's most dis
astrous flood.
Army trucks and mule trains, ac
companied by a corps of laborers,
are expected to facilitate the task
of removing dead bodies and debris
before decomposition has brought
a new danger of disease.
Martial law regulations have been
made more stringent. No one is
permitted to enter the restricted area
without a military permit signed by
the adjutant general, commander of
the military here and commander of
the rangqrs. Passengers are not
permitted to leave trains without a
military pass.
Col. Patrick J. Hamrock, adjutant
general, said it probably will be two
weeks before martial law is ended.
He said the public utilities would
be in full operation before the troops
are withdrawn. Water must be
made safe for human consumption
and every cellar, store and public
building must be cleaned out be
fore municipal authorities again as
sume control. ,
All relief work, reconstruction and
rehabilitation of business and indus
try has been placed in the Hands
of the Red Cross by the civilian com
mittee to which all contributions
will be sent.
Rapid progress has been made in
clearing the streets and business
houses. Several stores filled with
water as late as Sunday are now
doing business. Railroad tracks
have been dug out from under mud
and passengers are being taken out
of the city by train daily.
The death list, compiled from the
morgues, was at 47 today with 130
names on the official list of miss
ing persons.
The population of Paris has in
creased only 16,000 in the past 10
years. '
Postmaster Admits
Robbery Was Frameup
To Cover Shortages
San Francisco, June 10. Postmas
ter Lon R. Bailey of Bisbee, Ariz.,
has confessed to postoffice inspec
tors that an alleged robbery of the
Bisbee postoffice, April 3, was a
blind to conceal a shortage - in his
accounts, according to a report re
ceived by Stephen H.. Morse, chief
postoffice , inspector, A total ot
$17,850 already has been recovered
from Bailey, whose alleged shortage
is supposed to be $43,000.
Bailey has been in jail at Tucson
for some time on a charge: of being
short in his accounts, Motse said.
Bailey told the story that two Mexi
cans beat him and robbed the post
office, taking $40,000 from registered
letters and $3,000 postal savings -deposits,
according to Morse.
Mob Nearly Kills
Florida Man
Associate of "Big Tim" Sulli
van Near Death Due to
Daytonia, Fla., June 10. The
death of Lorillard Reynolds, for
more than 30 years intimate associ
ate of "Big Tim" Sullivan, New York
politician, was momentarily expected
today as the result of wounds re
ceived when a mob of masked men
severely beat and shot him last night
at Seabreeze, a fashionable beach re
sort on the suburbs of this city.
Reynolds received a bullet in the
left breast which missed his heart
by less than an inch.
Reynolds was the owner of the
Seabreeze opera house.
The Jeweler
215 South 16th Street
His store having been leased to other parties his stock
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In fact, everything, including show cases, safes and all
fixtures will be offered at auction commencing
AT 2 P. M.
Sale will continue until everything is sold.
Mr. Copley has been in the jewelry business in Omaha
over 40 years, 25 years in his present location, and has
handled nothing but first-class merchandise. The same
strict, honorable treatment will be given during this
sale as has always been tendered during Mr. Copley's
business career. ,
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