Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 08, 1921, Page 9, Image 9

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Big Aerial Show
Fifty Airplanes to Take Part
Many Thrilling Stunts
On Program.
Red Oak merchants have pledged
themselves to turn the town over to
the Red Oak Aero club, June 23-25,
when it stages its first big airplane
meet and show. The three-day show up to the minute in every
respect with thrilling flyers, parachute
jumpers and stunt flying of all kinds,
while on the other hand all safety
devices invented to make flying safe
will be on exhibit.
.The show, according to those who
are promoting it, is for the purpose
of boosting aviation and to show the
possibilities of air traffic.
Ships will be there from all over
America. Already 36 airplanes have
been registered and the books will
close at an even 50.
There will be 14 loving cups as
prizes, as well as many substantial
cash prizes for winners in the vari
ous events.
Arch Bluto, Council Bluffs, one of
the first lads to make a long para
chute jump, will jump at the Red
Oak meet. He makes five drops in
one jump from the plane. Clarence
Brewer of Council Bluffs also will
do parachute jumping. Duncan
Brothers of North Platte and Miss
Elsie Allen, Grand Island, will do
daring stunts on the wings of flying
airplanes. Gas, oil, repairs and hotel
accommodations are free to all flyers
who enter the meet.
Business Men Will
Finance Aero Meet
To Be Held in Omaha
. Members of the Omaha Aero club
met Tuesday noon at the Chamber
of Commerce with a committee of
business men when $1,500. and the
support of various civic organiza
tions was pledged toward the inter
national aerial meet which is being
planned for November 3-5, by the
Aero club. ,
Everett Buckingham of Ak-Sar-ben,
and Montagu Tancock, Cham
ber of Commerce publicity bureau,
spoke in favor of the meet.
The members of the Aero club
voted to solicit 30 business men of
Omaha to underwrite the meet at
$1,000 each; the total sum to be
raised being $30,000.
' The airplane meet being planned
will follow the national meet which
is to be held in Kansas City. Many
of the 'famous flyers of the world
will be present. There also will be
a reunion of all former air-service
men. . .
More Truth Than Poetry
We hold that murder is a ctime
With very few redeeming features;
Yet now and then there comes a time
When one must kill one's fellow creatures.
But if a butchery we've planned
(Compelled thereto by circumstances )
The rules of sportsmanship demand
y,'c grant our victims even chances
For any one to go and fight
A gun, a rattlesnake, a wombat
A bear or tiger isn't right
Without sonic show of equal combat.
And yet with flies, these rules we waive;
When on the baby's nose we spot 'em
We have no thought or duty save
To pick the paper up and swat 'cm.
And even in the early spring
When one may easily decoy 'em,
And smite 'em hip and thigh and wing
One has no choice but to destroy 'cm.
To cut their hours of evil short
When they are drowsy and unwary.
May not, wc freely own, be sport
But just the same it's necessary.
For tbey are savage and unclean
They carry every known bacillus
Upon their feet, with which they mean
As soon as chance permits, to kill us.
They fight us on their own foul terms
E'en though we never have incensed 'cm.
They hunt us down with deadly germs
And we have no defense against 'em.
So crush 'cm when they're comatose,
Fil up their turns with poisoned water.
It may be murder, goodness knows,
But you should glory in the slaughter!
Having made General Pershing chief of staff, congress should equip
him with a powerful search light so-that he can find his army.
Normalcy appears to prevail right along on the Turko-Grecian front.
The first thing France knows she will be put out of the league of
nations for sassing the umpire.
. Copjtliht. 1031. by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.
Chapter of Eastern Star
Organized at Mason City
Broken Bow, Neb., June 7.-(Spe-cial.)
Chapter No. 287, Order of
Eastern Star, was organized at
Mason City, Mrs. Anna J. Davis of
Alliance, grand matron, directing
the work. The following evening 37
candidate! were initiated in the new
Officers of the new organization
arc; Worthy matron, Emma Wor
thy; worthy patron, William Red
mond; associate matron, Abbelein
Rumery; secretary, Maud Bass;
treasurer, Arthur. Rumery; conduct
ress, Zadec Duke; associated con
ductress, Bessie Moomey; chaplain,
Maud Walker; marshal, Marion
Walker; organist, Hope Anderson;
warder, Robert Walker; sentinel,
William Worthy.
Car Turns Turtle in Sand
' Bank; Two Persons Injured
Broken Bow, Neb., June '7, (Spe
cial.) Mr. and Mrs. Grant Dishman
and their son and his wife of Merna
met with a peculiar accident while
driving to Anselmo. When on the
road on the south city limits they
turned out for another car to pass,
encountering a sandy place. The
car turned completely over, twisting
off the rear wheels and ramming
back foremost into the sandbank.
Mrs. Grant Dishman sustained a
badly injured hip, while the son
suffered an injured right hand.
American Legion Posts of
Two Counties Will Meet
Armour, S. D June 7. (Special.)
Plans are under way for a joint
meeting at Bass Beach about the
middle of June of the .American
Legion of Douglas and Charles Mix
rnnntiesl Governor McMaster,
state commander of the Legion, and
other speakers will probably be
asked to address the assembled
nd other important questions. A
-11 ... Arnjinr kAliff -1 11 (1
Whin an on the oroeram lor tne
a -
day. '
Ravinia (S. D.) Newspaper
Has Been Discontinued
Ravinia, S. D., June 7-(Special.)
The Ravinia Register has been dis
continued and this town will be
without a newspaper henceforth, ac
cording to an announcement by Dale
Savage, owner, and A. C. Jewell,
local editor. The paper had been
published at Lake Andes in connec
tion with the Lake Andes Wave.
Lack of support is given as the rea
son for discontinuing publication.
Dedication of Church
Feature of Conference
The new Swedish Baptist church
at Thirty-fourth and Burt streets
will be dedicated June 9-12, in con
, nection with the 49th state confer
ence of this denomination. Dr. O.
Hcdeen will preach the dedicatory
sermon Sunday afternoon; a young
people's rally will be held Saturday
and a celebration of the 40th anni
versary of the church will be held
Friday evening. O. F. Tornquist is
chairman of arrangements.
Former Austrian Soldier
Granted Citizenship Papers
Ludwig Lamp, 2aJ6 Washington
street, soldier in the Austrian army
10 years ago, .was admitted to
American citizenship yesterday. No
evidence of disloyalty was found
against him.. There are 412 "others
seeking naturalization at this session
of court.
Class in Journalism
To Edit School Paper
A weekly newspaper will supplant
the monthly Register of Central
High school, Principal Masters an
nounced yesterday. The faculty vot
ed for the change following this
year's squabble with Carl Dimond,
student manager of the school pub
A class in journalism will edit the
paper under the direction of the
faculty, instead of a staff elected by
the student body.
Will Celebrate Anniversary
By Entertaining Merchants
I L. B. dough,- vice president of
M.; E. Smith & Co., will celebrate
his twenty-fifth year with that firm
with a party to Nebraska and Iowa
merchants on the Smith roof garden
Wednesday noon. There will be ISO
merchants present and aside from
the "eats" there will be special en
tertainment features.
Following the luncheon, the mer
chants will be taken to Ak-Sar-Ben
track, where they will be the guests
of Mr. Clough and the Smith com
pany during the afternoon racing
A Chicago man has designed a
motor truck for carrying plate glass
Ladle' Pump and Oxford, $10.00
value, beat make; Cfi
en aale JpO.OU
Men'a Shoe and fW"l
K:...1. $2.50
Child' Slipper J gQ
500 Pair Extra
60c on Dollar
Men' and Younf Men'a Trouser In
all color can match any C AA
uit you hav J.UV
Wonted Trouier 0 Q
on tale pi.0
Work i or: ..' .Vy
J, Helphand Clothing Go.
314 North 16th Street
Have you seen YOUR
Rocky Mountain
National Park, ?
lyOUR hundred square miles of
A Colorado's mountains, canyons, and
valleys, glaciers, streams and lakes.
Fifty peaks two miles or more high
a thousand living Corot landscapes in
the vales below. Sublime dimensions
, rare and impressive beauty.
Romantic trails and roads for horseback
riding, hiking and motoring. Fishing,
camera-shooting, golf, tennis and dancing.
Modern hotels, camps, ranches. Reached
between daylight and dark. '
See Denver and her beautiful mountain parks on
the way. Then go on to Salt Lake City and
Yellowstone National Park.
Three trains Omaha to Denver; four to Salt Lake
City. Through sleeping cars to Yellowstone.
tow Summer Fares bow is effect Let us plan your trip.
Illustrated booklets "Cotorodo'i Mountain Playpmmdi" "Rocky Moun
tain SatumU (jj) fork" mth new relief map fret on rtqiust.
For information aik
Union Depot, Consolidated Ticket Office
A. K. Curt. City Pan. Agent. TJ. P. Sjratcm
1416 Dodga St. Omaha
Union Pacific J
System J
City To Oppose
Increased Fares
Corporation Counsel Author
ized to Resist Application
Before State Board.
Mayor Dahlman and the city com
missioners, in executive conference
yesterday afternoon in the mayor's
office, decided to authorize Corpor
ation Counsel W. C. Lambert to pro
ceed according to his judgment in
resisting before the State Railway
commission the Omaha and Council
Bluffs Street Railway company's ap
plication for increased fares in
The hearing before the state com
mission was started here a few weeks
ago and was adjourned until the Lin-1
coin traction case shall have been
disposed of. The commission ex
pects to return to Omaha this month
to resume the hearing. The street
railway company has not completed
its testimony in connection with a
voluminous physical valuation ex
hibit. J
The city commissioners agreed
that the corporation counsel should
tngage expert assistance, similar to
the procedure in the recent electric
light and power rate hearing.
The company, in its valuation re
ports, is claiming valuations on three
bases as follows: $21,740,254, $25,
126,177, $23,291,772. Mr. Lambert
intends to contest these valuation
Youth Pleads Guilty to
Robbing Railroad Bunk Car
Beatrice, Neb., June 7. (Special.)
Russell Peterson, who was bound
over to the district court last week
on the charge of breaking and en
tering, pleaded guilty before Judge
Colby. The court will not pass sen
tence until later.
James Langley, alleged "pal" oi
Peterson, pleaded not guilty when
arraigned, and he will be given a
trial later in the week. Both are
boys and are held on charges of rob
bing a bunk car on the Rock Island
track here and stealing about $200
worth of jewelry and other articles
belonging to Edward Wilson, a
lineman. .
Husband 'Called "Tightwad"
Settles Outside of Court
After filing a petition alleging that
her husband is. a tightwad, though
he owns $40,000 in property, Mrs!
Esther Weiskof yesterday after
noon dismissed the suit. They were
married 23 years and have six chil
dren. A sett'ement was mads out
side of court ' ith her husband, Hy-
mie, she deel ed in asking dismissal
of the suit. ,
Brief City News
Robinson Here W. II. Robinson,
United States bank examiner at
Denver, is in Omaha, his former
home, for a few duys on business.
85 Bodies Kxpcoted Bodies of
65 American soldiers who died over
seas arrive In Omaha Thursday for
distribution to neighboring states.
Reinstated on Police Force J. R.
McDonald was reinstated as ser
geant of police by action of city
council yesterday after absence of
one year and a half.
Here on Visit W. R. MaeKenzio
of Portland, Ore., former stationer
for the Union Pacific in Omaha, is
here on a short visit, stopping off
on his way to New York.
Bids for Bonds Opened Bids on
$1,000,000 of finance, sewer and
parks bonds at & 1-2 per cent in
terest were opened yesterday by
city council but were not approved.
In Wrong Conrt The Union Pa
cific must .enjoin T. J. Callahan
from suing It for $40,000 damages
in Minnesota courts, not in Nebras
ka, Judge Wakeley ruled yesterday.
Struck by Propeller Frank Pen
dleton, clerk at the air mail station,
suffered a gash on the t head and
the loss of a finger when struck by
the propellor of a plane Monday
Back on Post W. T. Turner, po
lice officer, is back on his post
after giving up his badge and club
"never to return." Domestic trou
ble occasioned the first notice, he
Cuugbt Passing "Dope" Fred
Moore, drug addict, was caught
passing "dope" to Irene Bailey, as
the two were seated in Central po
lice court yesterday, awaiting their
Xo Danger of Hood The Mis
souri river is eight inches higher
than Its normal June record but
Bowen's For
Dining Room Furniture
Large and fortunate
purchases of Dining Fur
niture permits us special
price inducements.
This is your opportuni
ty in Dining Chairs, Buf
fets, Tables and China
Cabinets. Wednesday is
the Day Bowen's is the
there la no danger of flood, accord
ing to M. V. Robins of tho federal
weather bureau.
Wants Airplane Yakima Canutt.
champion bronco buster, wired tho
Chamber of Commerce to engage
an airplane to carry him from
roundups at St Ixniis to Belle
Fourche, S. D., July 3 and 4.
Dr. tiifford Honored For tho
first time in the history of tho
University of Nebraska, the honor
ary degree of doctor of laws was
conferred Monday. Dr. Harold
Gifford of Omaha was the recipi
ent. Sacred Heart Graduation Eighth
grade students at Sacred Heart will
be graduated tonight. High school
commencement is Thursday night.
Lyceum hall. Twenty-second and
Binney streets is the school audi
torium. Huffman Company Sues Con
spiracy to take away the agency
of the Stephen car is charged by
the V. L. Huffman automobile com
pany . in a $40,000 damage suit
against the Mollne Plow company.
Trial began yesterday.
General in Kngine Cab Maj.
Gen. George Barnctt, former head
of the marine corps, rode in the
engine cab of the Los Angeles Lim
ited yesterday, when he passed
through Omaha. He declared he
would ride so for 100 miles.
Suo Child's Father Mrs. Mar
garet Heelan and her daughter,
Margaret, are suing John Heelan,
son of the one and brother of the
other, for $5,000 maintenance of
his child, a girl of 17, during the
past six years since the girl's mother
Contisoation Suit Filed The
United States brought suit in federnl
court yesterday to confiscate 470
pounds of egg substitute, consigned
by the International company of
Baltimore to the Jay Burns Baking
company, on grounds it was mis
branded in violation of pure food
Aijierki'iS output of chewing gum
last year was valued at $57,000,000,
representing a retail business of
Burglars Welcome to Cash
If They Return Papers
N. B. Newman of the Newman
Brown Brokerage company, 604
South Thirteenth street, said after
discovery of the robbery of his safe
in the firm office yesterday that the
burglars are welcome to the $9.90
they took from the safe if they will
only return the income tax receipts,
insurance papers, etc., they made
away with. The office was entered
between noon and 1 p. m. by rob
bers, who broke in a screen door
and found the safe open.
'Adventure of
Doggone! Vacation timel! I'm
Boin' right this year. Me for a li'l
old campln' outfit the simple life
rdm around 'n' camp V put
on sloppy, comfortable clo'es. Get
the old bu tinkered up aomt
khaki breeches and all for the Mrs.
and we're gone.
The first place I'm going to
pend ol' vacationdollar is where
It'll get that li'l ol' outfit at
Scott's Auto
Tourist Store
Opposite Auditorium.
15th and Howard.
Watch for the Rest of Tim's '
Sold only
by dealers
give tire mileage
at the lowest cost
in history
30x3 17.55 1$12.85 I
30x354 20.80 15.00 $34.25 $27.50
32x3K 26.30 21.00 41.15 36.40
32x4 34.95 26.90 52.30 46.30
34x4 49.85 38.35 , 62.05 54.90
35x5 61.15 47.05 77.35 68.45
" 30x3&RED-TOP,Old$27.75,New$22.00
Plus War Tax. Reduction en all stylet and sizes.
A New Low Price on a
Known and Honest Product
in . .
I ' I II
Nash fefPJW.
Omaha's ost Important Rlouse Event
Wednesday, June 8th, on Third Floor
SUCH a sale as this will surely come as
a surprise to the women of Omaha and
you'll probably wonder how we got such
lovely H A N D-M A D E B LO US ES to sell
for $6.50, but they are here.
They are mar1 1 of fine French Voile and
Batiste, trimmed th real Filet edgings and
medallions and the embroidery is strikingly
effective. ,
There will be extra sales
people and extra selling '
space in our New Blouse
Dept. on the Third Floor
See these Blouses
on Display in our
s 1 6th Street windows.
Blouses for
All Occasion Wear
Are Here for Your Selection
Some of the most exquisite
blouses that the matron and the
debutante would wish to wear
with the ever popular sweater,
tailored suit or separate skirt.
There Are
Innumerable Styles
From Which to Choose
We wish we could describe in
detail just what you may expect,
but it's impossible, so we invite
your careful inspection.