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The marriage of Miss Kiith Key
tiolds and Edward Leo DuttV took
place Saturday at St. -Mary Magda
lene church, Rev. "Father Sinne of
ficiating. Miss May C. Duffy and Hugh
Fcterson were the attendants. A re
ception followed the wedding at the
home of the groom's mother for
relatives and a few close friends.
Following a northern wedding trip
Mr. Duffy and his bride will be at
home at the Tadousac apartments
after August 1.
Parties at Olive Crest.
Marcus Curran entertained at a
chicken dinner Sunday evening at
Olive Crest complimentary to Mrs.
Rober$ Bradford of Pasadena, Cal.,
who is visiting at the Barton Millard
home. The party included Messrs.
. and Mesdames Barton Millard, E.
A. Creighton, W. D. Roberts and
Louis Clarke.
Mrs. Will riatner entertained a
party of six; Mrs. Frank. Mann had
eight guests, and foursomes were
Mitertained by Mrs. N. L. Guckert,
Louis Riefenberg, Ben Cotton, Karl
Louis, W. C. McKnight and E. John
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Stroudcnter
tained a party of 11 at dinner at
Olive Crest Monday evening.
Week-end dinner parties were also
Entertained by Herbert Connell, who
had six guests; Halleck Rose and
family; S. V. Napier, five, and W.
Jcfferis, 16. :
For Miss Musgrave.
V, Valeria Rohr entertained at a linen
shower at her home Saturday in
honor of Miss Lucile Musgrave, who
will be married June" 29 to Robert
Fessler. Alumnae and active mem
bers of the A. K. club of Central
High school were among the guests.
Others- present were Maybel Burns,
Le Mona Mapes, Edith Muson and
Alice Ffeiffer.
' Sorority Luncheon.
Kappa Kappa Gamma met Satur
day for luncheon at the home of
Airs. R. E. Davis. Assisting host
eises were Mrs. Ray Higgins, Mrs.
W. G. Ure, Mrs. Walter Hopewell
of Tekamah and Mrs. J. F. Mead.
Covers were placed for 30 guests.
The sorority is engaged in Serbian
relief work.
Dinner Parties.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Tillotson
entertained 10 guests at dinner, Sun
day evening, at Auto View Rest, the
country home of the Omaha Auto
mobile club, and Mr. and Mrs. T. F.
Naughtin entertained 12 guests at
dinner Monday evening.
For Miss Schafer. '
' Miss Lorna McMartin will enter
tain at luncheon at Happy Hollow
club Saturday in honor of Miss
Marguerite Schafer, who leaves
rhortly to spend the summer abroad.
Mabel Fisher spent the week-end
in Lincoln.
ri Mrs.W. 'g.i,jDstetiberg has re
turned fromv a trip to Chicago and
St. Louis. ,i.
Miss Bcrnice Bushee, who spent
the week-end in Omaha, left Sunday
for Lincoln. ,
Judge and Mrs. Robert R. Dick
son of O'Neill are spending several
days at the Fontenellc.
Charles I. Sullivan' left Saturday
for his home in St. Louis, after
spending a week with Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Fallon.
Carroll Christie of Minneapolis,
Minn., arrived Friday; fot a month's
visit with his parents,' Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Christie. "
" Dr. E. A. Van Fleet left Saturday
for an eastern trip, including stops
at Montreal, Can.; Portland, Me.;
Boston and Chicago. ,
Mrs. E. O. Krepps and son, Ed
ward, jr., leave "Wednesday to spend
a month in Broadwater. Neb., visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Zerbc.
Margufite Fallon, Pauline Coad
and Mary Ure returned Friday from
the University of Nebraska, where
they have been attending school.
Mrs. Mary Barrett, Mrs. Lou Wad
dick and Mrs. Barrett's small, grand
son, Thomas Kelleher, returned to
their home in Norfolk Sunday after
asshort visit in Omaha.
' Miss Jessie Craig, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. F. H. Craig, returns next
week from Jackson, Miss., where she
has been attending school. Miss
Craig has the distinction of being
the only member of her class who
completed the four-year course in
three years. After spending the sum
mer in Omaha she will leave Sep
tember 10 for Nashville, Tenn.,
where she will enter the Ward Bel
mont schooL
Miss Harriet Wyman, who has
been connected with the University
of Nebraska in Lincoln, has just re
ceived an appointment from the
Congregationalist division of tin
American board of commissioners
for missionaries for a post in Ma
dura, South India. She will attend
a special conference June 7 to 17, in
New York. She will then return to
Omaha, where she will visit her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Wyman,
until she sails for the orient in the
fall. ,
Omaha W. C. T. U.
Omaha VV. C T. U. will hold a
business meeting Wednesday, 2 p.
m., at the Y. W. C A.
Mrs. D. C. John of St Petersburg,
Fla., formerly of Omaha, will be a
guest at the meeting.
Delphian Study Circle Tuesday, 1:30 p.
a.. Y. W. a A. . ,
Omaha Business Women! Club Tues
day, :4S p. m... y. W. C. A.
V. 8. Grant W. B. C Tuesday. 1:30 p.
m.. Memorial bail, court bouse.
. gojournera' ClubTuesday, t o1ock
luncheon. Carter Lake Hub. Guest day.
El Club Zaragoia Tuesday 1 evening,
with Miss June Bow en, 2417 Dodge street.
If. K. L. P. Club Tuesday evening
Pneial Settlement house, supper and dra
matic art.
Omaha Spanish Club Tuesday, 3 p. m
tea X atteraon Block, Seventeenth and Far
fiam atre?tev
I. E. O. Sisterhood. Chapter B. X.
Tuesday, S p. m.. with Mrs. J, E. 1'itx
terald, f 014 Chicago street 1
1 1
I fl ' ' Jfs&rr
1 1 vp
I . jj
5 a4h7 i.i
1 4w iff 14 1
1 t "Wr- R
r-iir.ti..iiftii i in- - v IE I
THrff. &.T. "Pettis - 7B(msko srubo
Mrs. E. F. 1'eHis of Lincoln is
president of the League of Women
Voters in her city. The state con
vention of the league is meeting in
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
A Need for Frankness.
Dear Miss Fairfax: My people
are willing to accept my sweetheart
provided he can show he has the
ability to support a wife. I have
found on several occasions that he
does not tell tho truth. He breaks
engagements and gives false rea
sons. I have tried to explain to him
so many times,' but he answers me
that I am only trying to pick an ex
cuse to part with him and that I
love another.
(Ve are not engaged, and I have
a number of friends, boys as well
as girls, but he is the only one I love.
Please advise me what to do.
It looks to me as If both of you
were supersensitive. There is some
barrier of pride and misunderstand
ing. For your sweetheart to break
engagements and then explain that
ho wanted to anticipate your break
ing with him or as the terse slang
saying has It, "beat you to It," in
dicates something in the back of
his mind.
The fact that he Is on sufferance
and must prove his ability by wak
ing up and making good probably
has a great deal to do with this
situation. Possibly the young man
is not sure of himself and his ability.
He'd hate to confess that even to
iiimself. " But having his chance to
win you and fearing he is going to
Your sandwich
The Jay
Lincoln June 7, .8, 9 and as leader
of the hostess branch, Mrs. Pettis oc
cupies a prominent place in the ses
sions. fail may react in this way. You see
he takes put his "failure" in a small
way and even gives you something
definite, to find fault with so neither
of you will touch on the real issue
that of his earning the right to
claim you.
Try to get the hidden motives out
into the light of common sense. You
are both in an impasso of nervous
ness and misunderstanding. Only
absolute searohing honesty can re
lieve the tension.
A Fickle Jjover.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I have been
going with a young man of 28, Ave
years my senior, for five years, in
cluding one year of which I have
been engaged. A girl in his office
who is IS wrote him she is madly
in love with him, and since then he
has neglected me. I have given up
all my friends and pleasure looking
toward a future with him. What
do you advise? HEARTBROKEN.
Of course any response your
fiance makes to this bold and en
terprising young person is due to
gratified vanity or the sense of ad
venture caused by his excitement
at having her do the wooing so
brazenly. .Why don't you look at it
as a humorous adventure and by
laughing at it good-naturedly make
him feel that he's having a lark
which you also enjoy and that the
whole thing is beneath the notice of
a grown man? '
The Standard
of Bread Quality
FOR many years BETSY; ROSS has been on the
tables of this community's best homes, serving as
a builder of sturdy bodies and alert minds.
Even in stressful days of war, when nourishing bread
was so hard to get, BETSY ROSS maintained its favor,
for women had learned that the BETSY ROSS Bakery
could be depended upon to produce the finest loaf
that Science and human skill could develop.
BETSY ROSS has grown better with each passing
year because each year Science contributes impor
tant improvements to baking methods. And the up-to-date
BETSY ROSS Bakery eagerly applies every
contribution that Science has made to better bread..
BETSY ROSS is the choice of many thousand home
makers in this community today. These women order
BETSY ROSS by name because that name BETSY.
ROSS stands for Bread of standard quality, fine flavor
and highest possible food value.
say "bread' 'Say
booklet is waiting to be asked for,
Burns Baking Company
Holding a Husband
Adele Garrison's Nev- Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
How Dicky Did His Best to Help
Mother Graham's querulous voice
brought me back from Paradise to
earth with a thump. "When you get
.through mauling Richard second,
Margaret," she said, acidly, "perhaps
you'll tell me where iif creation we
are to put all these bags. I had hoped
you'd have sense enough not to ex
cite that child any more than he is
already. He's been very nervous all
the way up from the south."
"Pardon me, mother," I said se
dately, kissing her. "I'll attend to the
bags right away. Well, Father!"
My mother-in-law sniffed audibly
as I went into my father's arms.' I
think she would have expressed he
disapproval still more forcibly if she
could have heard the words he con
trived' to whisper to me, as with
Junior clinging tightly to my hand,
I walked toward my waiting motor
car. I knew that Dicky would at
tend to the securing of another car
I lor the baggage, but I. also knew that
! my imperious mother-in-law de
manded that I also busy myself with
the luggage problem, ami I wished
to ruffle her as little as possible.
"The little lad has been very home
sick for you ever since you left," my
father murmured. "And as the train
neared here he became positively un
manageable with excitement.
My hand tightened over the. tiny
one clinging so confidently, and my
heart constricted also with the fierce
jealous emotion of mother owner
ship, holding such mingled joy and
pain as nothing else can give. My
baby mine! My heart sang selfishly
and for a minute I shut out even
Dicky from my rapture of posses
sion. . , ,
"Richard Second," his grandmother
called imperiously, "come here to
granzie. Mother's busy."
Dicky Steps In.
The baby boy looked up at me
"Don't want to go Danzle," he said
stoutly. "Want to stay wif my
I paused irresolutely. I could not
hear to sooil this rapturous first re
union by compelling the- child to
leave me, yet I knew that it was
vital to my plan for a new home that
my mother-in-law be kept in good
humor. I saw Dicky turn his head
as his mother spoke, and the next
Our delicatessen department is
to systematized as to enable us
to cater to picnics, ' lodges,
luncheons and all special occa
sions, regardless of the number
of guests.
1814-16-18 Farnam Street
. AT lantie 4603
second he had passed me rapidly,
speaking from the corner of his
mouth as he did so in a clever
fashion he has:
"Pretend not to hear her, and get
that taxi man for the baggage."
I did as he commanded, and
walked on steadily 1o the taxi, smil
ing down at Junior's little upturned
face, which had flashed from anxiety
to smiles in a twinkling. On the other
side of the little lad, Marion danced
Council Bluffs Gaptains
From left to right: Mrs. Clara Bonham, local president of the Amer
ican Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Mathew A. Tinley, Mrs. Donald Macrae,
who has just taken over the duties as president of the Jowa American
Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Grant Augustine, Mrs. Erwin Spetman.
As captains of the recent "Poppy Day" drive, these capable ladies
not only directed the work of the ISO pretty girls and young matrons
who soli! flowers on the streets, but also made some very worth while
ses themselves, and were in a great measure responsibl for the success
ot this undertaking which netted the American Legion nearly $1,400. )
: WE
aong, his other hand in hers, tiyiiiE
vainly to attract his attention. But,
I reflected whimsically, my son must
have inherited my one-track mind,
fo.r beyond an occasional flashing
smile at Marion, his whole attention
was centered on me.
My father was at my side as 1
spoke to the taxi driver, and at once
took over the direction of the lug
gage. , .
."I'll drive over with him, daugh-
J V 'UWWtT lx s TV MsV s tsw
Nil riCX V
with Tomato Sauce
"Beans are extremely high in food value and rich
in flavor if they" are prepared the right way.
Heinz Baked Beans are baked upon the same
good principles established by our New England
mothers. Slowly baked in real ovens by dry heat
"Baked to a tempting golden
brown until each bean is
mealy, mellow, and delicious
clear through to its center.
"Taste good? Why, noth
ing can compare with them.
The delicious tang of Heinz
Tomato Sauce is blended right
into the oven baked flavor of
the beans and the result is
perfection. s
One of the
ter," he said quietly, and I knew that
with his usual tact he was removing
himself from any possible contro
versy. Dicky came up with his mother
just in time to hear him.
"Are you sure you'll be comfort
able?" he asked solicitously.
"Absolutely," my father smiled,
and Dicky turned to his mother with
an air of relief. '
"Now vour mind can be at rest,
mother," he said. "Dad has every
piece of baggage on his cab, and
will go up with it. Just get into
the rear of the car here with Marion
and I'll .show Junior what his
mother's chief driving faults are."
He grinned at me cheerfully, and
I saw that he had arranged matters
so that our boy would be in front
with me. I felt) sorry for Marion,
whose childish face showed her dis
appointment, but I knew that it
would be but a few hours before
Junior, his mother-longing satsified,
would be hilariously romping with
her as he had done in the south. So
I turned my attention to my mother-in-law,
wondering how she would
react to the thwarting of the plan
she must have had to keep her be
loved grandson with hef.
She chose to exhibit a captious
ness about the luggage.
"Where is my black bag?" she
"Is this it?" My father held up a
smart bag from the pile of luggage
already in the taxi.
"Yes, and what it's doing there I
can't imagine! Richard, you are
extremely careless. You know I
never allow that black bag away
from me. And I'll take my leather
bandbox over here also."
Dicky opened his mouth to pro
test the safely of the luggage where
it was, but I caught his eye, and
gave him a warning signal to humor
her. And in another minute I was
driving home, my husband beside
me, and my child perched cn his
knee, assuring me that I was his
"pretty darling mama, driving drate
big clioo-choo carl" '
If curling irons are heated in boil
ing water they produce a prettier
wave and do not break the hair so
"Economical? Of doursel
You get Ml food value in
every bean. Complete good'
ness in every can."
HEINZ Baked Beans with Pork and To
mato Sauce
HEINZ Baked Pork and Beans (without
Tomato Sauce) Boston style
HEINZ Baked Beans' in Tomato Sauc
without Meat (Vegetarian)
HEINZ Baked Red Kidney Beans
June's bridesman, poet of the yf'.
Gladness on wings, the Bob-o-lin,
, is here,
Hal hid in tip-top apple bloom he
Or climbs against the breeze with
quiverin' wings, ;
Or, giving way to't in mock despair,
Runs down a brook o' laughter,
thro" the air.'
James Russell Lowell.
When kneading bread, use as lit
tie flour as possible on the board. ,
A" tonic is something which puts
tone, energy, strength and endur
ance into you. It gives a push to
your heart, making it pump the
blood over your body more vigor
ously; it makes your lungs expand
more fully and thereby take up
more strength-giving oxygen from
the air you breathe; it makes your
kidneys work better and carry off
the poisons which would otherwise
accumulate in the body! It makes your di
gestive apparatus perform tta work better
and five your blood the material it need
for feeding and sustaining your body; it
makea your brain act more vigorously and
enables you to think more accurately and
for long periods without fatigue, thus
bringing you greater auceesa in whatever
business profession or undertaking you are
When you are rundown, nervous, halt
sick, down-hearted and about ready to
give up experience of many years has
shown that one of the best remedies to
pull you out of this had predicament is
good old organic iron. But be sure the iron
you take Is organic iron, the kind that is
found in plants and not metallic iron which '
people usually take. Organic iron may bo
had from your druggist under the name of
Nuxated Iron. It often increases the
strength, energy and endurance of weak,
nervous, tired out folks in two weeks time.
Beware of substitutes. Always lank for the
word "Nuxated" on every package and the
letters N. I. on every tablet. Sold by all