Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 07, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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Exporters Make
Large Contracts
For New Wheat
Indications Point to Heavy
Foreign Demand During
Coming Year ; Crop Pros-,
pects Improved.
Chicago Trlbnae-Omaha Be Leaned Wire,
Chicago. lune 6. The wheat sit
uation presents peculiar features of
a most striking character. Export
ers are buying old and new wheat
in liberal volume. They arc ab
sorbing the old in the southwest as
fast as it is offered, at good prem
iums and making large contracts
for the new crop, which will be
available in about 30 days. Indica
tions are that the foreign require
ments will be liberal throughout the
coming year, and that the world's
surplus will be wanted.
All leading countries have no
great surplus reserve of wheat and
importing countries, as well as ex
porters, are about to pass into the
new crop , year and begin imme
diately to consume the new crop.
World requirements are expected to
be about as large the coming year
as those of the past.
Crop conditions, taken the world
over, are mostly favorable, but there
is to be no great surplus from pres
ent indications, which makes trad
ers feel that values will not be ex-
t . t t ,
i nun v it i w a nri mar a trnnn nnpp
level will be maintained.
Crop Prospects Better
Crop prospects in the United
States are slightly better than a week
ago as regards winter whert and
are favorable for spring whoat in
the American and Canadian north
west. Harvesting has begun in the
southwest, and with favorable weath
er, will progress rapidly northward.
Private crop reports issued dur
ing the last week estimate the crop
at 599,000.000 to 610,000,000. bushels
of winter wheat, compared with 629.-
000,000 bushels estimated by the
government last month and 576,000,
000 bushels last year. Inglis' report
was' the most sensational of the sea
son, showing loss of 87,000,000 busn
els in the six leading southwestern
and central states, compared with the
government report of May.
Another report, however, showed
a loss of 21,000,000 bushels and sug
gests 17.000,000 bushels more than
harvested flast year.
Estimates on spring wheat are
230,000,000 to $275,000,000 bushels,
against 209,000,000 bushels harvested
last vear. The total of all wheat is
844,000,000 to 875.000,000 bushels,
compared with 787,000,000 bushels
harvested last year and a five-year
average, from 1915 to 1919, of 831.
000,000 bushels. -
, Report Due June 8.
The government report is due in
Chicago on June 8 and is expected to
show a loss of 8 to 9 per cent in
acreage of spring wheat from last
year, or close to 18,000,000 acres, and
a lower condition of winter wheat
than 88.8 in May.
Farmers are more disposed to sell
their old wheat and. to contract for
new on all bulges. They are getting
a good price for their grain and have
in mind their experience of last year,
with ill advanced holding operations,
which lost theui $1 to $1.50 a
bushel. They are selling new wheat
freely m the southwest and liberal
purchases were made in central
Illinois during the last week on the
basis of 16 c over Chicago. July,
track here, for red or hard winter,
shipment by July .20.
Tulv wheat has advanced more
than 40 cents and reacted 1054 cents
in a little more than 40 days.
Texas District Attorney
Who Refused to Quit, Fired
Washington, June 6. Hugh R.
Robertson, United States district at
torney for the western district of
Texas, has been removed from office
by President Harding, it was an
nounced today at the Department of
Justice. No reason was assigned
for the removal, it was said. Robert
son, last week, said he had refused
to resign as requested by Attorney
General Daugherty.
Gigantic Income
Tax Ring Swindle
Exposed by Paper
Governor Allen Charges For
mer Congressman With Con
spiracy to Defraud Men
With Large Incomes.
Wichita, Kan., June 6. Governor
Allen's paper, the Wichita Beacon,
Saturday published an exclusive
story of graft in connection with col
lection of income tax and excess
profits tax. Governor Allen edi
torially urges a federal investigation.
The conspiracy is known to exist in
many places in the middle west and
is believed to be nation-wide in its
scope. ' y
Taxpayers have been bluffed by
solicitors claiming to represent "tax
experts." These so-called experts
have claimed to possess underground
influences with the United States
treasury officials, by which taxpayers
can secure great reductions in what
seem to be exorbitant taxes.
Taxpayers paid from 35 to 50
per cent of the alleged reduction to
the so-called experts. The fees in
some cases, have run as high as
$20,000 and more.
Solicitors have approached tax
payers in some cases even before the
inspectors had called and have fore
cast exactly what the special assess
ments or penalties would be, show
ing conclusively that there had been
a big leak in the revenue collection
department. In most cases the so
called experts are former employes
of the Treasury departmnt who are
believed to have secured valuable
data regarding taxpayers.
The Beacon has secureed evidence
showing that various ex-congressmen
and former officials of the
Treasury department and politicians
have engaged in similar practices.
A typical instance is that of an oil
company which had to pay privately
$21,000 to a so-called expert from an
unexpected assessment of $75,000.
The government got only $5,000
This is how it happened. The
company's holdings were all sold
in 1917 in a normal business transac
tion and disbursed among the stock
holders, except $26,000 which was
banked at 4 per cent interest to pay
the income tax. The assessment
proved to be $76,000." This caused
A man approached the former head
of the company and said that Mr.
X, an attorney was in town from
Washington and suggested that the
latter had influences and could help,
on a basis of 50 per cent commission
on whatever reduction he might se
cure. The oil man hesitated and pro
posed that the expert take all he
could save of the $26,009 if he could
get the tax reduced from $75,000 or
less than $26,000. Mr. X demurred
but finally went back to Washington
and mailed contracts signed by him
self on the basis suggested.
The- Beason has on file, many
cases of various kinds, all pertain
ing to the existence of graft and
collusion, and will submit the evi
dence to President Harding for in
vestigation. An investigation was made by the
federal secret service long before
the present administration and many
of these facts wefe ascertained, but
nothing came of it.
Special Train for Omaha
Elks to Los Angeles Meet
Nine Pullmans and two diners
have been ordered by the Elks to
carry the Omaha delegation to the
national convention in Los Angeles
in Tulv.
To date 140 Elks have applied for
nlaces on the soecial that leaves
Omaha at 1 a. m., July 9, according
to Otto Nielson. secretary.
Lonz stoos will be made at Ogden
and Salt Lake City. Among the
prominent Nebraska Elks to go will
be franklin 1 Kain, past grana ex
alted ruler, and C. A. McLoud of
York, member of the grand lodge
Many of the Elks will take their
wives, Mr. Nielsen said. The new
Elks band also will go on the special
Former Police Officer ?
Gets 10 Days for Vagrancy
Hans Mortenson, former police of
ficer who was arrested a week ago
for investigation in connection with
the murder of "Wingie" Davis,
Omaha taxicab man, near Grand
Island, is serving a 10-day jail sen
tence on a charge of vagrancy.
Chief of Detectives Van Deusen
requested Police Judge Foster to put
Mortenson away for safe keeping
while detectives continue to work
on the Davis case. Mortenson has
been out of work long enough to
sanction the vagrancy charge, ac
cording to the chief of sleuths.
Funeral for First Member
Of Company to Die in France
Griswold, la., June 6. (Special.)
Funeral services were held at the
Catholic church here for Norbert
Wilson, the first member of Com
pany M, 168th infantry to die in
France. I
Liver and Bowels
Right Always
Feel Fine
There! one right way to ipeedfly tone
up the liver and keep
the bowel regular. S
Carter's little f ARTFD'C
Liver PUU never vMH I tl J
fail. Million
will testlff .
that there It
nothing to
food for bil
iousness, indigestion, headache or sal
low, pimply skin. Purely vegetable.
Small Mll-Saull Dose-Small Price
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
When you drive a La
Fayette you need never
permit another car to come
close enough to go around
Farnam at 28th Phone Har. 0345
At the close of the first extra vote offer period certain
members were in well-advanced positions in the list of standings
of members and had excellent starts in their efforts to secure a
capital or district award. New members entered and at the close
of the second extra vote offer period we note that these newer
members have in a great many instances passed the older mem
bers. We are simply making this statement as a caution to the
older members. These older members did some excellent work
during the first few weeks and if they will only "pep up" and go
after subscriptions in a business-like way we are sure they will
find it will pay them.' You, if you are an older member, will
know whether or not this applies in your case. j
How strange it is that some folks must be hit hard by dis
aster before they can realize a lost opportunity. Right here in
this Help Yourself Club Campaign, with 1 Opportunity staring
them in the face and awarda worth thousands of dollars each as
the goal, many members are trying to pull up the hill under a
half head of steam. Other and newer members with a full head
of steam are right behind you, and, unless you mend your fires
and get down to hard work, you will find the other members will
have run around you.
If anybody remarks that they cannot afford The Bee, take"
a pencil and show them that The Bee, including the big Sunday
issue, only costs them about 2 cents a day and ask them if they
can afford to be ignorant of the real happenings in the world
and their own community for 2 cents a day.
Give your renewal to some present club member, or nomi
nate a new member. .
Your renewal will give some member a helping hand in
the race. "
During the early part of the campaign some of your friends "
may have given you short time 3 or 6-month) subscriptions,
thinking you did not have the "sticking qualities" necessary to
win. Now that you can show them that you are out to win, go
back at them to double or treble their order. The following in
ducement is offered. You wilt note by looking over the list of
Vote Values of Subscription that the two-year subscription
counts proportionately for more votes than for a year and that
a six months' subscription counts for more than one for
three months. ; . N '
Now, still looking at the list of vote values in the list offer,
you will find that a three-month subscription, costing $2.55, gave
you a credit of 12,000 votes. If you get this subscriber to extend
this to a si-month subscription by giving you another three
month subscription you will, for this second subscription of $2.55, ,
be given a credit for 20,000 votes. In other words, where you
get a person who has already given some member a short period
subscription to give you a further one it will count for more
votes than the original one. This will apply whether you or any
other member secured the first, subscription.
When the campaign is ended and the awards are given the
members who worked hardest, there will be some members who
will wish they had not had a wishbone where their backbone
should have been. ' "
Put ginger into the work. Those Capital -Awards are all
young fortunes. i.
t ahmtot hmtmvm t0T0 nntatlA he filth A CttT
jgwr lares
caiion Outings
Glaciers' and geysers lakes and woods meadows and moun
tain peaks sun-baths and sea-baths you'll find them all in
the Union Pacific Country the last great West.
w 0 u
80 to Denver, Colorado Springe, Pueblo and
A " return.
$j4 O 30 ' Rocky Mountain National (E$te$) Park
AsW and return.
to West Yellowstone (Yellowstone Na
$ K j 60 tional Park) and return. Four and one-half days'
9w Jm """" motor trip, within the park, with accommodations at
hotels $54.00, at camp $45.00. Side trip Denver to Rocky
Mountain National (Estes) Park, $10 JO.
$0 W60 to Portland, Tacorha, Seattle and return,
J M """" with 200 miles along the scenic Columbia River. Side
trips to Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National
Parks at small additional expense.
CQ TGQ toSan Francisco, Los Angeles and return..
J . One way via Ogden, Salt Lake City, returning through
1 OQ20 Circuit Tour of the West. Union Pacific to
JmJmW """ Portland, rail or steamer to San Francisco, returning
w T am r direct through Ugden or via Los Angeles and bait Lake
War i ax 8 ptxlra cuy. Qr route ,e reversed. Includes Denver, too.
All these fares include Colorado Springs without additional charge.
Yellowstone tickets on sale June 1 to September 10. To all other points'
' June 1 to September 30. Final return limit October 31.
Low homeseekers' fares, good 21 days, first and third Tuesdays of each month
to certain points in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
Choose your trip and send for free descriptive booklet,
Ak A. K. Carts, City PaiMenger Agent
Union ratine System, 1419 lKxtgo Ut,
Omaha, Neb.
Union Pacific
The Second
Capital Award
$4,440.00 seven-pasienger Cadillac Automobile. Purchased from J. H. Hansen
Cadillac C Omaha. Ths kind of car you'll find real pleasure in owning and driving
big, roomy, easy-riding palace on wheels.
50,000 Extra Votes for each $25.00 in subscriptions and 2,000 Extra Votes for each dollar
over $25.00. This offer is open only from June 6th until June 18th. It is positively the only re
maining extra vote offer which will be made.
Continuing Our Special
Offer arid Sale of
The electric vacuum cleaner, sweeper and dust gatherer that
Actually Cuts Work in Half
Saving time for indoor rest and outdoor pleasures.
A Highly Decorative Library Lamp
with ornamental bronze base and artistic amber glass
paneled shade exactly as illustrated given' free to each
purchaser of a Premier Electric Cleaner. Its General Elec
tric Motor is a vital factor to permanent satisfaction. Other
features insure service and long life.
Price $42.50 Cash $45.00 Terms
$5.00 Down, $4.00 Per Month
- Phone for a Demonstration in Your HomeWihch Places
You Under No Obligation.
. a m m m m
1 Nebrra M &y
. , vFarnam at Fifteenth ATIantic 3100 rf jfH
List of Awards .
1 $7 ftOOJOO HOME, First Capital Award.
l-44440 Cadillac Automobile.
1 $1,500.00 Conservative B. & L. Deposit.
9$1J15j00 Maxwell Automobiles.
$$200J00 B. & L. Deposits.
$-$100 J00 B.&L. Deposits.
Total number of awards, 30.
- Ten per . cent cash commission to all won
winners if they turn in $50.00 or more. x
Membership Entry Blank
The Omaha Bee Help Yourself Club
5,000 VOTES
I ( nominate.
(Mr., Mra. or His.)
Street No - Diet. No....
. City States
I As a member of The Help Younetf Club
Addreea, .
This nomination blank will count for 6,000 vote if lent to the
manager of the H. Y. S. Club. Only one blank will eonnt for a
member. Fill, out this blank with your name or the name of your
I favorite and aend it to The Bee. The name of the person making I
lthe nomination will not be divulged.