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COMBINING utility nd novelty is a difficult task, we all agree. But
some there are who see possibilities for unusual effects in the most
commonplace circumstances.
Saturday evening Happy Hollow club opened for the summer season
in spite of the fact that the weather closely resembled winter with its
chilling breezes. .
The number, of diners was very large, thus making it necessary to
place tables on the dance floor which ,is not enclosed. This prospect,
lowever, did not daunt those in charge. The openings were closed with
leavy canvas curtains, and on each table was placed a smalj glowing
object, a tiny electric heater, whose warm rays quickly dispelled the
gloom and chill. The heaters were most effective in their usefulness
and made unique decoratitons. In the main dining room logs were heaped
in the fireplace and the crackling flames lent a cheery atmosphere to the
r . 1 : ;
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. E; Liebo of St. Paul,
Minn., announce the engagement of
their daughter, Leigh," to S. Garret
Bialac of Omaha. No date has been
ict for the wedding.
For Mrs. Pettis.
Mrs. E. F. Pettis of Lincoln, who
was the week-end guest of Mrs. C.
E. Johannes in the city, left Monday
morning for Hastings, where she will
speak to the League oi Women Vot
ers. Mrs. Pettis is chairman of the
Lincoln league.
Among affairs given in honor of
Mrs.. Pettis was a supper party Sun
clay evening at the home of Mrs.
Johannes. Pink roses formed the
Mr. and Mrs. Halleck Rose enter
tained a dinner party at the Country
rlub Saturday evening for Mrs.
l'ettis. ( ,
Ed Pettis, son of Mrs. Pettis', was
host at a theater party to see "Mary
Rose" at the Brandeis Friday eve
ning. For Visitors.
, Mr. and Mis. H. P. Davisson and
.laughter, Miss Davisson, of New
York City, stopped in Omaha Sun
day afternoon for several hors. Dur
ing their stay. the were entertained
informally at tea at the H. H. Bal-
drige home. They were enroute to
their home from California, where
Miey spent the winter .months. Among
:hose who were privileged to meet
.his family were Mrs. Luther
Kountze, Mrs. C. T. Kountze and
Miss Gladys Peters. Mr. Davisson
was nationally prominent in Red
Cross activities during the war.
Hazel Cook Engaged.
A. B. Cook announces the engage
ment of his daughter, Hazel, to
Orville Garder of this city, formerly
of Kansas City. The wedding will
take place the latter part of June.
Affairs for Mrs. Schmidt.
Mrs. J. M. Shaughnessy will en
tertain at a matinee party at the Or
pheum Tuesday, complimentary to
Mrs. William Schmidt of Colorado
Springs, guest of MisS Ruth Bieber.
Mrs. W. D. Cameron will entertain
at luncheon Wednesday, compli
mentary to. Mrs. Schmidt, who will
remain in Omaha until Friday.
Miss Bieber and her guest5
gave a program Monday evening at
the studio of Miss Mary Munchhoff.
Ms. Schmidt is a soprano, well
known throughout Colorado, having
recently been awarded first place in
a state contest there. Mss Bieber is
a contralto. . v i'J ' 1
Affairs Planned
To Honor '
For Mr. and Mrs McShane. .
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Tukey en
tertained at. -dinner--at, their' horn
'Monday evening, honoring Mr. and
Mrs. John A. McShane of Coronado
BeacKCal., who are visiting at the
W. I). Hosford home.
Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Hosford will give a dinner for Mr.
and Mrs. McShane.
. Supper Party.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McKeen en
tertained informally at supper at
their home Sunday evening, com
plimentary to Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
. Charles qf San Francisco, who spent
the week-end at the Howard H.
Baldrtge home.
Luncheon for. Mrs. Estey.
A luncheon of 12 covers was given
Monday by Mrs. E. A. Higgins at
her home, honoring Mrs. Harold
Estey of Boston, guest of Mrs. D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cudahy of
Chicago arrive Tuesday to be the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wil
helm. Mr. and Mrs.- Wilhelm will
entertain at a dinner of about 40
covers at the Omaha club Tuesday
evening complimentary to these vis
itors. .
A luncheon will be given Tues
day by Mrs. Charles T. Kountze.
Wednesday Mrs Arthur C. Smith
will entertain at luncheon.
Mrs. F. P. Kirkendall will be
hostess at a dinner Wednesday even
ing, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Cudahy.
Affairs for Thursday complimen
tary to Mrs. Cudahy include a
luncheon to he given by Mrs. Joseph
Barker. On Thursday evening these
guests will be entertained at dinner
at the home of Mrs. E. W. Nash,.
League of Women Voters
Orgai.ize Units.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Gunther, Mrs.
E. S. Rood and Mrs. L. B. Webster
motored to Bennington and Irving
ton Saturday to make arrangements
for the organization of local units of
the League of Women Voters.
Delegations from these towns, ac
companied by Rev. E. Von Nus
baum, pastor of the Bennington
Lutheran church, and Rev. G. W.
Schleh of the Congregational church
of Irvington will attend the conven
tion of the Second district of the
League of Women Voters to be held
in Omaha at the council chamber of
the city hall Monday, May 23.
A 'special meeting was held Mon
day morning in Mrs. Charles J.
Hubbard's apartment at the Colonial,
when plans were completed for th!
district meeting. " '
A. C. A. Adds Music Section.
The Association of Collegiate
Alumnae will organize a mufeic sec
tion Wednesday, afternoon. 3:45
o'clock at the home of Mrs. Herbert
Woodland, 2118 South Thirty-third
street, .
All A. C. A. members who are in
terested in the organization of a
music section are requested to at
tend this meeting. .
Big Sisters.
The Big Sisters' association will
meet Thursday, 6.15 p. m.. at the Y.
W. C. A. for dinner and business
"meeting.; . . " , ,
Calendar. .
J.ooniW Chautauqua Circle Tucsflay. !
p. m., T. W. O. A.
. Omaha Bmtnmi - Women's Club Tues
day, 6:15 p. in.. T. W. C. A.
U. S. Grant VT. R. C. Tuesday. 1:S0 p.
m., Memorial hall, court house. .
El Club Zaragozn Tuefa'ay evening,
with Miss Jane Bowen, 2417 Dodss' street
H. E. L. P. Club Tuesday eVenlns.
Social Settlement house, supper and dra
matic art.
Omaha Spanish Club Tuesday, 8 p. m.,
302 Patterson Block. Seventeenth and rar
natn streets,
. Alice R. Howard Chautauqua Circle
Tuesday, 7:30 p. m.. with Mrs. Howard,
4722 Captltol avenue.
Dundee Mornlnf Chautauqua Circle
Tuesday. 9:45 a. m with Mrs. K. A.
McFarlane, 56U Miami ptreet.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Chapter B. X.
Tuesday. 1 o'clock luncheon, with trs,
W. A. Gordon, 4830 California street
Mrs. H. R. Jobst of Lincoln, is
spending several days in Omaha.
A son was born Sunday at Stew
art hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Frank
John R. Norris of Culpepper, Va..
is visiting at the home of his brother
Edgar W. Norris.
. J. P. McCarthy of Denver spent
Monday in Omaha enroute to Chi
cago and Minneapolis.
Mrs. R. S. Hall and Miss Dorothy
Hall left Sunday evening for Chi
cago, where they will spend a few
' A son, Ned, was born Sunday to
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steel. Mrs
Steel was formerly Miss Minna
i ' Delta Zeta.
The monthly luncheon of Dc.lta
Zeta was held Saturday, at the Ath;
letic club. Miss Ruth Odell of Lin?
coin and Mrs. B. A. Rosencrans of
Plattsmouth were guests.
Problems That Perplex
l Answered by
Doesn't Know Her Mind.
Bear Miss Fairfax: Although
this is the first time I have written
to you for advice, I think that you
will be able to help me with trou
bles which cause me to worry
sometimes. r. -
( am only 16 and am a senior in
high school, and like most other girls
am Quite friendly with everyone
and, seems to me, 'mostly with -boys.
But my trouble is this, not long
aso I kept company with a boy and
went with him for a short time.
When I was away from him I liked
him but when with him,! was In
misery. ,. .
So, of course, we didn't go to
gether very much longer. . Then he
started going with another gtrl who
happened to be my chum. And af
ter not going with him for a while,
I began to like him again. So he
went with me and then with her.
His steady girl did not like this so
she stopped going with him.
Now, I am in a puzzle, for my
sisters and brothers do not want me
to keep company with him. I like
him real well but don't know of a
reason to tell him why I can't go
With him. Now, Miss Fairfax, I
wish you would please advise me
what to tell him and also whrft to do.
Apparently you don't want this
young man but you don't want any
one else to have him. That Indi
cates selfishness and Jealousy, two
rather bad things. Also I discover
from your letter that you don't know
your own mind. Tou deserve to
lose the friendship of this young
man for your lack of. consideration
for his feelings.
My advice to you is that you give
up any thought of him until you
know your own mind, or at least
until you can give him a sincere
friendship. This idea of liking a
boy when away from him and being
in misery when with him is nothing
more than a bad mental state. Start
in now to control your thinking and
your conduct and you may be in
time to save yourself and others
much unpleasantness and unhappi
ness in life. If you do not care to
go with this young man, tell him so
politely and honestly. . ;
Florence: Tou could do one of
two things: Either get a sympa
thetic tutor who could teach you the
. thlncs you need . -to know about
reading, mathematics, penmanship.'
omitting the things you hnvtOearned
throoitli experience, or .: " i could
enroll In a business folKg.'. where
Sou can get instruction iu iho sub
jects you mention. Tour letter proves
that you have learned considerable
without going to, school, and I be
lieve you would be equal to a straight
business course. . I would be glad to
talk to you personally if you will call,
or I am sure any person connected
with a business college will be glad
to take pains with one whose aims
ari as commendable as yours seem,
to be.
A Curious Threat,
i Dear Miss Fairfax: I am a man
of 28 and have been keeping com
pany with a girl of 25 for some time.
I love her and she loves me, but my
parents don't like her, and if I mar
ry her they threaten to disown me.
Do you think this is right? She is a
respectable girl. Do you think that
a girl should be- Judged by her par
ents and Other relatives? This hap
pens to be their reason for -disliking
her. . Kindly answer soon, Miss Fair
fax, as I am anxious. K. F. B.
Kdncy. a man of 28 afraid of being
disowned! Aren't you making enough
to support the girl without depend
ing upon your parents? Tou ought
to be! As for shirting the parents'
sins onto the daughter, how about
reversing the case and putting your
self on trial for what your parents
might have been. I don't think the
girl will be getting any prze pack
age if that's the kind of young man
you are! ,
Skih trouble needs imme
diate attention. Buy a
jar of Resinol Ointment to
day and use it regularly.
. A few days of such persijt
ent treatment usually , ,
tops the iteming, clears "
away the inflammation and
soreness, and helps the skin
resume its natural healthy
condition. At all draniats.
Eld red ge
. Two-Spool
With the onrushing days of spring
there is always that extra sewing to
be done. The little tots must have
their rompers the eirl their mid
dies and the boys their wash suits.
This means work unless mother is
prepared for such emergencies, and
the best way to prepare is to have
Two-Spool Rotary
Sewing Machine
in the home to ue each and every
day of the year. The Two-Spool El
dredge Rotary requires no winding
of bobbins you sew direct from the
spool, saving both time and labor
Eight Handsome Models
to Select From
$22.50 to $98.00
Your old machine taken as
part payment on any new
See these modern machines
demonstrated. -
'jRtBowon (d
Howard St., bet. 15th and 16th
Mrs. C. Couch and daughter. Miss
Clara, leave Saturday to spend the
summer , at Okoboji and Spirit
Lake, la.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. K. Charles of
San Francisco, who spent the week
end here with Mr. and Mrs. H. H.
Baldrige, left Monday.
Mrs. Mary Turner Salter of Vi!
liamstown, Mass., who has been
spending the winter in Omaha at the
home of her sister, Mrs. C. VV.
Morton, left Monday for her home.
Robert Burton of Chicago, has
been spending several days at the
Hotel Fontenelle. He was a guest
a.t the weekly Kappa Sigma lunch
eon, Saturday, at the University
club. Mr. Burton leaves Omaha
. Chautauqua Notes.
Miss Gertrude Bailey was elected
president and leader of Alpha chap
ter, League of the Round Table,
Saturday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. George Condon. .,
. The chapter will study Brown
ing's poems next year.
The members are Mrs. George
Condon, Mrs. E. W. Kolterman' and
the Misses Elva Douglas, Grace j
Grant and Bailey. I
Beta chapter- elected the follow- I
ing officers at the home of Mrs. C.
R. Harper Saturday: President,
Mrs. M. A. Phillips; vice president,
Mrs. C. R. Harper, and secretary
treasurer, Miss Abigail Manning.
Luncheon for Visitors.
Mrs. Robert Buckley of Washing
ton, D. C, and Mrs. Ed Getten of
Los Angeles, shared honors at a
luncheon given Monday by Mrs. C.
E. Hunter at her home. Covers
were placed for 12. Mrs. Buckley is
tire guest of -Mrs. H. A. Cameron
and Mrs. Getten is visiting Mrs
Margaret Cheney.
Benefit Dinner.
. A dinner for the benefit of the
Chinese Relief will be given Wed
nesday evening at 6 o'clock at the
First Presbyterian church, Thirty
fourth and Farnam streets.
i Informal Luncheon.
Mrs. George Rasmussen will en
tertain at a luncheon of eight cov
ers at Happy Hollow club Wednes-
clay. ; '
Stockings will be less likely to be
pulled out of shape if darned on a
shoe-tree instead of a small. darner,
JSealth in the dinner pail
MEN, -who do a hard day's work know the food
that has! staying qualities. You can't fool them.
Bread is and always has been the back-bone, of the -worker's
diet., ' :. f ': :,'- ' -: ' -v'r:.' ;
But the bread should be good. It should , be highest
in food value.' ' . .' ..Ty; f"!''f ..'; :
Big healthful sandwiches - meat, cheese, - or eggs
between thick slices of 1 good" bread- supply the :
nourishment for the hardest day's work.; r - f T
You can depend on BETSY ROSS Bread. It is made
of pure ingredients, in cleanly surroundings, and is
scientifically balanced to give the greatest amount of
nutrition with appetizing zest.
Always ask for and get BETSY ROSS Bread. Your
srrocer has it.
., Your sandwich booklet it waiting to be called for.
The Jay Burns Baking Company
Atm nt Swiff Cnmnanu
art widely distributed. The
mapthowsthenumberof share
holder in each state and hat
been dotted to indicate the pro
portionate diit,ribution.
Who is Swift & Company?
h ; Swift & Company is not a one man or one family
affair. It is a company owned by more than 40,000 people
scattered over the lace of the globeforty thousand share-
holders with voting powers and a share in the risks and
profits of the business.
Most of the forty thousand live here in the United
States. But some of them live in France, some in England, t
others in the Philippines, Hawaii, Alaska.
13,000 of them are women.
Nearly 14,000 of them are employes.
The average individual holdings are small about 37
shares apiece.
No one person or family ownsa majority of the stock.
In fact, it would take 900 of the largest shareholders
pooled together to vote 51 percent of the stock!
These shareholders are the men and women , whose
money, in the form of capital, makes Swift & Company
possible. '
They are jealous of the character and reputation , of
their organization, proud of what it is doing, proud to have
a part in supplying to the world such products as Swift's
.Premium Ham and Bacon, Brookfield Sausage, Silverleaf
Brand Pure Lard, Wool Soap, Swift & Company's fresh
meats, etc.
The executives of Swift & Company maintain the
- high standards of these products as an imperative duty not
only to the 40,000 shareholders, but to the public.
- ... . ' "
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
' Omaha Local Branch, 13th and Leavenworth Streets
F. J. Souders, Manager
Packing Rant, So. Omaha, 0. W. Waller, Manager
If you knew the work, worry
and trouble Five Dollars
would save you if
invested in a
i i
1 r u 1
vnii tvnnlH have madp the investment' Inner aon
ped with all-metal swinging, reversible four-way
adjustable wringer, still continues, and if you would
rid yourself of the disagreeable work connected
with wash day, get a Maytag.
Convenient payments, on balance See it
demonstrated at the Electric Shop.
jr i s . r . 1
may lo to tn
We offer any Hot Point Appliance in stock at
for this wppk nnlv. This offpr inplnrlf9 nll.Pprnnl'atnrs
Grills, Irons, etc.
This is a good time to get that Utility Set for youf
summer traveling and save a dollar.
Like the illustration will do your
ironing right and without the
tiring drudgery of doing
it by hand
T H O Rift l
There isj a Thor Ironer for eveiy home.
No. 44 has a 44-inch ironinc surface. Irons an
88 inch sheet doubled and it will also iron per
fectly the heaviest blankets or the daintiest lingerie.
i. hc iiiur is omii so simple ana strong it will
never wear outit will give a life-time of satisfying
Nebraska M PowertTo.
Farnam at Fifteenth
AT lantic 3100
2314 M Street
MA rket 1500