Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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Omaha Doctors
Will Speak at
Medic Meeting
Passing of Family Physician,
Treating; of Cancer, Sleep
ing Sickness to Be
Twenty Onialia physicians will
give talks at the SM annual meeting
of the Nebraska State Medical as
sociation in Lincoln, Monday, Tues
day and Wednesday, at the Lincoln
They are Drs. A. F. Tyler,
Palmer Fimlley, Floyd Clarke. F. K.
Coulter, C. W. Pollard, C. A. Roed
er, A. D. Dunn, Frank Conlin,
Adolph Sarhs. B. B. Davi. M. G.
Wohl, C. O. Rich. A. F. Jonas, C.
H. Newell. E. C. Henry, C. R. Ken
nedy, A. P. Condon, I. S. Cutter, J.
V. Lord and C. A. Young
; High Points.
Passing of the family physician,
treatment of cancer, sleeping sick
ness, tuberculosis and the Lyons
Melter gall bladder drainage are
among the high points of interest on
the convention program.
Special cntcrtainmeut features for
wives of the doctors have been
planned by the Lancaster county
1,300 Members.
"We realize that the wife of a doc
tor bean the heaviest burden in the
practice of his profession and that
she should have recreation and en
tertainment," their advance state
ment reads.
The state society now numbers
I, 300 members. Probably 100 doc
tors witl go from Omaha to the
Tram Fares In Italy
Are Two Cents, Writes
Former U. P. President
Aj L. Mohlcr, former president of
the Union Pacific railroad, has writ
ten Frank Johnson relative to con
ditions in Italy where he is now visit
ing his daughter who resides there.
"Shops open at 9 a. m. and close
at $ p. m.." Mr. Mohlcr stated.
"Food stuffs are high in Italian
money and cheap in American; best
clothes to order, $64; shoes, $8. Peo
ple are allowed only two pounds of
sugar per week. Gas is high priced
and low pressure.
"All street cars have cushioned
seats; and the fare for the longest
run, 'seven miles, is 2 cents. They
raise 70,000,000 tons of silk worms a
year, each worm having 24.000 feet
of silk and there being 1,000 worms
to the pound.
"Will leave soon for Paris and
London, then to New York in July
and Omaha in the fall."
Christian Science
Lectures This Week
Dr. Walton Hubbard, C. S. B., of
Los Angeles, Cal., will deliver free
lectures on Christian Science next
Monday and Tuesday evenings at 8
o'clock '"n the First church edifice,
St. Marys avenue and Twenty
fourth street.
Dr. Hubbard is a member of the
board of lectureship of the "mother
church," the First Church of Christ,
Scientist, Boston. The public is in
vited to the lectures.
Food Prices in Omaha Show
Decline Says Restauranteur
John Welch, proprietor of Welch's
restaurants, declares the prices of
foodstuffs has decrreased from 25 to
40 per cent compared with f,ood
prices a year ago.
"Declines in prices have enabled
the proprietors of restaurants to buy
lower and this should be reflected
in the prices of the prepared food.
I have ordered a reduction of prices
of food in all my restaurants."
Welch declared the downward
trend in price would be influential
in making all restaurant owners low
r their prices.
Anan Raymond to Speak
At Epworth Union Meet
, Anatt Raymond will be the princi
pal speaker at the meeting of the
City Epworth league union in Wal
nut Hill Methodist church Monday
evening at 8. He will be introduced
by Walter S. Byrne of the Nebraska
Power company.
Robert Anderson will lead the
community singing. A 15-piece or
chestra will play. There will be
games and refreshments served by
the Epworth league of Walnut Hill
church. Officers sof the league union
will b elected.
Omaha Boy Made President
Of Harvard Debating Cluh
Cambridge, Mass., May 7. Barton
H. Kuhns, Fifty-fifth and Farnam
streets, a member of the Harvard
junior class, has been elected presi
dent of the Harvard university de
bating council.
Kunns graduated from the Omaha
Central High school in 1918, coming
to Harvard college the next fall. He
was on the Harvard team which de
feated the University of Washington
in the' East-West debate last year.
Body of Mail Pilot
To Pass Through Sunday
Supt. William I. Votaw and me
chanicians and pilots of the Omaha
air mail station, will be at the Union
station tomorrow at 7:15 p. m., when
the body of Air Mail Pilot Walter
31, Bunting, who was killed 'when
his plane crashed and burned up
last Thursday, passes through
Omaha, accompanied by Pilot J. F.
Moore, on its way to the home of
Bunting's parents in Camden, N. J.
Oniahan Named President
Of Club at Chicago Uni
Reed Zimmerman, son of E? E.
Zimmerman of Omaha, has been
elected president of the Commerce
club of the College of Commerce
and Administration of the University
of Chicago, and is scheduled to
take two parts in "The Blackfriars,"
the students' annual spring musical
An English scientist claims to have
invented a glass which is a conductor
I electricity.
Columbus Boy Named
To Enter West Point
K WWW- WXM V A ..". . W W.MlMIWfc
Ira Kenneth Evans of Columbus
has been appointed to enter the
United Stftes Millitary academy at
West Point in July. He graduates
from Kemper Military academy this
Motorist Is Virtual
Partner, Says Smith
"The automobile dealer in the
present market is realizing that when
he offers a car for sale he is, as a
matter of fact, offering the prospec
tive lAiyer an interest in his estab
lishment," says Guy L. Smith.
"Car prospects generally recognize
this fact to the extent that they fre
quently give the dealer's place of
business and reputation a more care
ful analysis than they do the par
ticular car which they have under
consideration. For they realize that
a great many things enter into the
purchase of an automobile which are
not visible to the eye of the buyer
at the time he is enjoying a demon
stration of the car.
"The good dealer accepts and is
prepared to meet his obligations to
make the customer permanently sat
isfied. He cannot do this without
the institutional ability to make good
his intention that whatever may be
the requirements of that car owner,
they shall be promptly and satisfac
torily met during all the years that
he drives the automobile.
"In this fashion every car owner
becomes, as it were, a partner in the J
csiauiisnmrni mai sens rum a car
and his investment in the automobile
is clearly an investment in the insti
tution that sold it to htm.
The whole world testifies to
day that the Cadillac realizes
to the full, the high criterion
of absolute reliability which
induces in your mind com
plete confidence, complete rest,
complete satisfaction, every
mile you travel in the Cadillac.
J ' 1 "ft.
id h
The "Most Beautiful Car in America,
' : 1 !
The Qualities of a Champion
World's Championship form is the best fuarantea of all 'round
efficiency that the sporting world affords. . That is the real
significance of our great victory with the Paige "Daytona"
6-66 model on January 21st
When this car won the world's stock chassis record by traveling
at the rate of 102.8 miles per hour it proved itself, not merely a
fast car, but a superlatively fine engineering achievement
You can establish this fact for yourself by riding In any Paige
6-66, Then, at a mere snail's pace or with the throttle half
open, you will sense the finely balanced construction and im
mense reserve power that is basic and fundamental.
We invite you to test the 6-66 and compare it with any other
car -at any price on the American market If you one
knnv that exclusive power plant you will know the Paige story
as no words can tell it.
R. M. Austin, General Manager
27th Ave. and Harney Sts. Omaha, Neb.
Every merchant aid; business 'Concern interested in speedy ."economical
delivery service"-should visit tha Briscoe dealer during Motor Delivery.. We elr.
This Is JMXM imXVmy Week
In Our Showroom
When we saw the Briscoe Motor Delivery, and found what it was doing for own
ers wherever it had gone, we told the factory to ship us all they could spare. For
, . we realized that no other, r,apid delivery vehicle fitted so well the needs of our ,
territory in economy, power, style and up-to-dateness.
So we are making this week igotor Delivery Week, with special Traffic Rep
resentatives to discuss your business needs intelligently. Every one interested irt
delivering goods cheaper and quicker; every business concern anxious to make
' its delivery service a sales asset instead of a liability come in and compare the
Briscoe Motor Delivery with any other delivery vehicle on the market.
There's snappi
ness and style in
the Briscoe Motor
Delivery a pep
and zip that
makes it a business-getter
well as a business
help. One mor;
evidence of the
truthofour state
ment the 1921
Briscoe is the
best car built
Big body space, yet carefully balanced so that even under full load there is no strain on working
parts. Nature-brace driver's seat, and plenty of leg room.
Light-weight, with the absolute minimum of weight beneath the springs. Sturdy as can be tne
frame is of channeled steel section seven inches deep. Briscoe special spring suspension takes all
the jar out of bad roads. 1
Wonderfully economical of fuel; amazingly easy on tires. Plenty of power, and it is properly
applied, avoiding costly excess.
Special thief-proof wire netting front, back and sides on the open model an exclusive feature
making petty pilfering impossible.
Make Your Delivery Dollars Do Double Work
You can do it with a Briscoe Motor Delivery. Come in any time this week, and we'll show you how.
Htrt art jutt a ftui oat of scores of concern that can ute the Motor
Delivery at a great failing in coat and a great gain in efficiency
Bakers Cleaners and Dyers Expressman Laundries R. F. D. News
Bottlers Caterers Florists Municipalities Stationers
Builders Contractors Grocers Public Service General Stores
Butchers Department Store Hardware Companies Wast Men
Distributors of Dependable Cars
1803 St Mary's Tyler 0792
With Screen Body, $128S
With Panel Body, 91360
F. O. B. Factory
This Reo Speed Wagon
Displaces Heavy Trucks!
That is the actual experience of at least one concern
in carrying heavy steel forgings tool
This concern was using 3 -ton trucks, but finding them only
slightly more efficient than horses, had about decided to go
back a step when the idea occurred to try a Speed Wagon.
Results were astounding,
It proved the solution of the
That's only one of hundreds of similar cases that prove the
same thing.
Concerns that used to consider a two or three or a five ton
truck necessary for their work, are now discarding the slow,
cumbersome, solid-tired trucks, for the faster, more versatile
Speed Wagon mounted on pneumatics.
It will deliver three one-ton loads while the big three-tonner
is "getting started."
You can depend upon it, that for transporting any product
or materials that can be divided into ton-loads or less, the
rapid Reo will do the work better and cheaper.
In city, suburban and rural service; on short and long
hauls; over concrete, mud or sand roads or mountain
trails this Reo is adaptable to 90 per cent of all kinds of
hauling and delivering.
Tell us what your needs are and we'll tell you why a Reo
Speed Wagon will fulfill those needs better than a heavier
(and slower) truck.
Better, in fact, than any other motor truck ever built
That's a strong statement but there is a "Best," you know,
in every line.
Among motor trucks that distinction, undisputed, belongs
to the Reo Speed Wagon.
Avoid imitations and substitutes "If it isn't a Reo it
isn't a Speed Wagon,"
Vic it f. o. b. Landing, plat tpeciat Fmderral tarn
A. H. Jones Co. Jones-Opper Co.
Hastings. Neb.
Distributor, for Southern and
We.tern Nebraska
Omaha. Neb.
Distributor, for Eastern and Northern
Nebraska and We.tern Iowa
I!iJi we.iern ieDrasna i-veoraaKa ana western iowa k
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1 WL 1 I p" ' J Complete wiih U
if Wagon I e J pneam,tie tiree, a1
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jS CopyrUM, tteo U (Her Car Compear AfT jff I . !'
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