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7 A
Big Achievements
Bv R. H. Collins
In Motor World
Former President of Cadillac
Moier Company Made
; Amazing Strides in
; tv tliat K. H. Collins, prob-
' ablytne oldest member of the Gen
eral lilotors corporation in point of
' Mervlce,! resigned as president and
; genciar, manager of the Cadillac
MotfcirTCar company on January 14,
becaiui known last Thursday, when
his resignation was finally accepted
by the-Aieneral Motors corporation.
MfJ Collins began his career in
the early days as general manager
(of Uie Kansas City branch of the
Uuickj Motor company. Through a
. series, of promotions he became, sev
; i-ral $ears ago, the absolute dictator
ot the Lautllac Motor Car company
'. policits, his activities resulting in
; several additions to his long list of
achievements in the manufacturing,
', selliiJIf and financial departments ut
; the automobile industry.
Heldoubled the company's yearly
: salcs'lj-evenue; opened a ! ranch house
' in Chicago, whose business expanded
so quickly that, within less than a
'. year,' 'it was necessary to more than
double the already immense floor
'. spac.of the buildings; planned and
finished in Detroit a new sales and
' service building, described as the
,most"beautiful and complete struc-
. .. ' r . , , . .1 .-I 1 - I
ture .ot us Kina in inc. worm, ana
designed and erected a new Cadillac
factory that is said to be the world's
most.'jmodern automobile plant.
Mr Collins manufactured a-Cadil-.
lac type that, after the most critical
tests in the world war, was officially
chosen s the standard seven-passenger
car of the United "States
army,; 'navy and marine corps. The
current type Cadillac, designed and
manafadtured solely under the direc
tion jytcMr. Collins, has been de
j clared by foreign automotive author
ities to be without an equal in motor
car dependability.
It is a significant fact that, during
his entife service, there was never
even a suggestion of a strike or labor
disturbance in the Cadillac plant.
This record resulted from his inti
mate personal friendships with his
coworkers in all departments, which
created a spirit of loyalty in the
manufacturing and selling organiza
tions. 1
While Mr. Collins' independent
means would enable, him to retire
from active business at this time, he
is still a young man and it is ex
pected that the . many friendships
which he has engendered during his
Cadillac connection and previous af
filiations will prompt him to con
tinue his activities as a prominent
figure in the automobile industry.
Sales Manager of Car'
; Firm Visits Omaha
jL3L nanager of the automotive depart-
ftenr.-'of the Standard Steel Car
company, Pittsburgh, fa., stopped m
Omaha last week to visit the Omaha
- distributors, the Keystone Motor
' Morrow is making a swing around
the different distributing centers in
the United States and has just com
pleted quite an extensive survey of
the south and middle west. Morrow
thinks conditions are considerably
improved in both the south and mid
dle west, although he- shares the opin
ion of numerous factory representa
tives that tf south and middle west
are most- seriously affected.
Mr. Morrow intends to cover the
Pacific coast territory before return
ing to Pittsburgh.
Lexington Motor Co.
Enters Two Autos in
Pikes Peak Contest
ni l ni . ' i
;x via riaunum uuiuacia
' .f In the old days platinum was not
fcnuite so expensive as it is now, ana
yin the screws of old magnetos and
contact coils there was often inserted
ti goodish sized piece of platinum. By
rising: a file carefully it is possible to
emove the brass and reclaim the
platinum, when it can be soldered
upon the end of a new screw.
That publicity received from hav
ing a car in the famous Pikes Peak
hill climb races is of great value
is evidenced by the greater inter
est in this contest being manifested
by manufacturers this year.
The Lexington Motor company
was the first entry, with two cars.
Last year the two Lexington cars
carried away the honors, winning
both first and second and the Pen
rose trophy against a field of 13
other cars. While the time last year
was not as fast as that made by
Mulford in a Hudson in 1916, the
road was much heavier, the last four
miles being run in a light snowstorm.
The contest this year will take
place "on Labor day, this date be
ing selected so the practice trials
will not interfere so much with the
tourist travel on the highway. Last
year more than 65,000 people made
the trip to the summit of the peak
by automobile.
LaFayette Car Off
To Climb the Alps
The first export car of the La
Fayette Motors company of Indian
apolis wwas shipped last week to a
prominent manufacturer of Zurich,
Switzerland. The car was a seven
passenger touring model.
It seems fitting that the first La-
Favette to eo abroad should go to
a country famous for its fine crafts
manship and mountain trails," re
marks K. V. Haywood of the La-Fayette-Hayward
"The purchaser, Herman Wied-
erkehr, was influenced by the report
of his son who has been a student
in this country for several years.
The son first proved for himself
the capability of the LaFayette on
steep hills. Then, before making a
decision, he visited the LaFayette
factory at. Mars Hill, Indianapolis,
where he inspected the advanced
methods of precise manufacture that
are emoloved in the shops.
"Though familiar with the skill
and precision of Swiss artisans, the
young man was so favorably im
pressed bv the LaFayette methods
that he lost no time in recommend
ing the car to his parent. In this
sale, as in lfcarly every other, tne
LaFayette goes to a family familiar
with the tinest cars obtamaDic.
Speedwagon Makes
Unique Road Trip
One of the most interesting of
cross country trips was made last
February by James Reid and Jack
Shearer of Casey, la., in a Reo speed
wagon, to Pendleton, Ore. The car,
equipped with a comfortable house
body, made the entire trip without
adjustment or repair.
From Casey to Denver, the Reo
averaged 22 miles per hour running
time, the route being over the White
Pole and O-L-D roads. From there
over the Lincoln Highway the same
speed was kept up and an average of
16 miles to the gallon of . gasoline
After reaching the Oregon route
the roads were fair until reaching
LaGrande. From there to Pendle
ton the worst roads were encoun
teed. It had rained for four days
and the road was covered with
rocks and mud. Touring cars of
all makes were passed, stranded,
and frequently abandoned. sThe
speed wagon pulled through safely.
Mr. Reid said after passing over
such a road he would not hesitate
to recommend the Reo Speedwagon
to do what was wanted at any time.
Chevrolet Prices Are
Reduced Over 21 Per Cent
The Chevrolet Motor company an
nounced yesterday price reductions
of approximately 21 per cent. This
they say will make their car the
cheapest equipped car on the market.
Their 4-90 model will list at $645, a
reduction of $175. The roadster was
reduced $160, making it $635. The
sedan is listed at $1,195, a reduction
of $180, and the coupe at $1,150, a
reduction of $170. The light deliv
ery wagon was reduced $175 to sell
at $645. The reduction will be ef
fective May 7.
j Many Merchants Here
Consider improved
System of Delivery!
A visit to the Briscoe showroom
yesterday disclosed that scores of
the city's merchants and business
men have been seriously considering
improved delivery systems.
Almost every type of business has
been represented the department
stores, various retail lines, package
expressmen, contractors and build
ers and others.
F. A. Kixby, local Briscoe distrib
utor, is attempting to do more than
merely demonstrate the superior
For Sale
A Reputation
Look away from the car for a mo
ment and imagine that you are
buying an interest in an establish
ment that deals in automobiles.
Then decide about the car.
Whenever you buy a car, you buy the
ability of the dealer to see that you
are constantly satisfied with the car's
We regard every investment in the.
Hudson and the Essex as an invest
ment in us. We are here to deliver
satisfaction every day you own the
points of the Briscoe motor ikliv
ery. He has prepared some very in
teresting charts showing the relative
radius of territory served respec
ively by the horse, the heavy true
and the rapid motor delivery. Othc
rti:irt k'iow th relative wnrWini
time, barn space and similar points
01 interest 10 inc man wun ucnvcry
A feature of the exhibition whie
is attracting a great deal of attention
is the thief-nroof steel serpen en
tirely around the open body, making
tne small mens so trcquent irom tne
the ordinary type ot delivery wagon
There were 47 highways of nation
al importance under construction
throughout the United States last
-FaaseafOT Toortnr
Cor. I17S0
S-Pisnyrr Baad-
cr, 1TM
4-Paeaentvv Special
with CoUapflbla
T-PaaMocer Tomrta
Car, f IMS
a-Faasanevr Coop.
l-Paescntwr Sedan,
Prices J". OX B. fac
tory! roral tax to
a added.
TT isn't a matter of mere
curiosity, but good busi
ness and a safeguard for
the future to become ac
quainted with the Mitchell
before you buy your car.
It will satisfy you com
pletely as to style, perform
ance, construction and
easy-riding qualities. It
shows unusual value for
the money. To fail to in
clude it in making your
decision may bring regret
Noyes-Killy Motor Co.
2066 Farnam St., OMAHA, NEB.
The Lowest Priced Cord Tire Equipped Six
No Other Car Equals It
At Such a Low Price
TF you will compare other light cars, sixes or fours, with
the Cleveland as to engineering design, quality of material
in the car, details of equipment, simplicity of control and
ease of riding, you .will know there is no other to match
it at such a price.
The Cleveland Six is built by men of
long experience in the building of fine cars.
It is built in one of the most modern fac
tories, with all the equipment for the
assurance of accuracy in construction.' In
a car of smaller size it has the qualities of
big high-priced cars.
Its Owners Tell of Its
Unusual Performance
Twenty thousand owners know how good
the Cleveland is. They tell us of its un
usual performance, its power, its flexibility,
its wonderful riding qualities, its long hill
climbs , its work on bad roads , its endurance.
Owners tell us of the Cleveland's econ
omy, of twelve to fifteen thousand miles
on its big four-inch cord tires, of gasoline
mileage that they have never experienced
before, and of extraordinary economy of
up -keep.
They Have Named It
"The Better Car"
The Cleveland is, without the slightest
exaggeration, a most .unusual car, "the
better car" as its owners have called it.
It is a mechanical achievement.
Beautiful types of body, roomy and of
graceful lines of design, the highest quality
of upholstery, most comfortable cushioning
and lustrous, lasting finish, feature the
Cleveland Six.
Let Us Show You the Cleveland
Tourinr Car (Five Passenger) $1465 Roadster (Three Passengers) $1465
Sedan (Fire Passengers) $2475 Coupe (Four Passengers) $2375
Prices F. O. B. Cl.f.Und
Four Inch Cord Tires Standard Equipment
LINCOLN Ralph W. Jones, Mgr. OMAHA
1732-38 O Street 2421-23 Farnam Street
jjl - BoiS&BilOTHEllS :
. 5 EX! AM
I' In the average home the Sedan ' ft
has become so indispensable that .
jjf the very thought of trying to do oj
ft without it is viewed a hardship. J
. Tht gasoline consumption li unusually low II
Th tlx milcsge U unainsllr blf a nil
J ',room OPcn Evenings and Sundays.
t Te&t& in hands of critical
s owners have served to fur-
111 n ther establish the remark-
fill f ale leadership gained by K
I the Oldsmpbile Four, be- If
cause of its phenomenal
111 I power. - 'I 11
j And the price It's Right! l
NSSSwb Touring Cars Sedans and Sx lSssjE
SSSSSsS $S; and Roadsters ' Coupes N fsSSSSS
I I $1590 $2340 I
iflll b CHAS.A.TUCKER.Prej-. Mill
1 Omaha ,- des Moines
SA Wi 6 Howard St. tMirm 920 Locmt St.