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    THE BEE: OMAHA. SUNDAY, MAY 8. 1921.
7 B
Benson Society
Benton Woman's Club
One of the most enjoyable meet
Mi of the club year was held Thurs
dnlv. May 5. at the country home of
Mt. and Mrs. E. W. Norris. Thirty
n,lyrihra i ir A ft., tk.
. . .j. . njikUAi rem nig prcai-
dent, gave a short installation talk to
the incoming officers and presented
the gavel to Mrs. C. C. Reavers, the
new president of the club. Other
ofhcerj installed were;. Mrs. C, N.
Wolfe, vice president; Mrs. C H.
Faris, recording secretary; Mrs. W.
II. Loechncr, corresponding secre
tary; Mrs. J. J. Pickard, treasurer,
and Mrs. N. H. Tyson, assistant
treasurer. The membership commit
tee, who are also elected by the club,
were installed in the regular way.
A large bouquet of American
Beauty roses had been provided by
he hostess. and was presented to
Mrs. Witcox at the close of the in
stallation ceremony, Mrs. J. V.
i aryioi
lch making the presentation
ch. The new committees were
ounced and written suggestions
tor the next year's study program
were handed to the secretary, after:
which a buffet luncheon was setved
by the hostess, who was assisted by
her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Schopp.
Parent-Teacher Association.
The Benson Parent-Teacher asso
ciation held its regular meeting Tues
day afternoon in the assembly room
of Benson High school. Much en
thusiasm was manifested and at the
close of the business session new
members were enrolled,1 making a
total of 100. Dues are 25 cents an-
etu-iflir A11 nrAiifn ar tnrtttA rn
l become members or the association.
1 j''ie chairmen of the different com-
W. Tuttees, named by the president, Rev,
i m John Calvert, were: Program. Mrs,
' F. B. Oliver; social, Mrs. Walter
if Reishaw: conference. Mr. , A. A.
Avery., and steering. Mr. F. E.
Young. The seventh A grade, under
the direction of Mrs. Pixlcr, ren
dered two vocal numbers, and Miss
1 raveila Thomas gave two piano se
lections. The address of the after
noon was given by Mrs. John Giles
on the subject of "The Home and
the School." The next regular meet
ijf? will be held, the first Tuesday
evening in June.
Mother's Day Celebration.
Members of the Methodist church
will celebrate Mothers day . in a
very appropriate manner. A com
mittee of young people has been ap
pointed to take their cars and bring
the mothers from the Old People's
home to attend the morning service
at 11 o'clock. ' Mothers will also be
brought from the county hospital
and after the worship will be enter
tained to dinner at the home of Rev
erend and Mrs. John Calvert. Each
mother will wear a carnation or a
rose which will be presented to them
by the young people's department of
the church. ,
Poem Contest.
The poem contest, which has been
conducted by members of the Metho
dist church, was closed Sunday," May
1. Each contestant wrote on the
"Tiz" for sore, tired, puffed'
up, aching, calloused
feet or corns.
You can be happy-footed in a mo
ment. Use "Tiz" and never suffer
with tender, raw, burning,, blistered,
. swollen, tired, smelly feet. "Tiz" and
only "Tiz" takes , the pain and sore
ness out of corns, callouses and bun
ions. ! , ,
As soon- as you put your feet in a
"Tit" bath, you just feel the happi
ness soaking in.- How good your
poor, old feet feel. They want to
dance for joy. "Tiz" is grand. "Tiz"
instantly draws out all the poisonous
-ytudations which puff up your feet
.tid cause sore, inflamed, aching,
sVeaty,' smelly feet.
Get a box of "Tiz" at any drug
store or department store. Get in
stant foot relief. Laugh at foot suf
ferers who "complain. Because your
feet are never, never going to bother
or make you limp any more.
. s - , - -
') "In t
Miekel's has been
t responsible mil''
sic store tor over
s5 years.
See Our Beautiful -,
Stock of
Other Band Instrument!,
Vlolias, etc. There are no
finer made than you will find
at this store. Our prices are
right Terms if you wish.
TV ar prepared to etpilp
complete bands from our
stock. -. V
15th and Harney
Doug. 1973
New Officer
Mrs. C. C. Beavers, who has served
as vice president of the Benson
Woman's club for the past two sea
sons, was installed as president of
the club at the closing meeting of
the year Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. E. W. Norris.
Mrs. Beavers is a graduate of the
University of Nebraska and a mem
ber of the Omaha branch of the
Association of Collegiate Alumnae.
Other officers for the ensuing year
are: Mrs. C. N. Wolfe, vice presi
dent; Mrs. C. ' H. Faris, recording
secretary, and Mrs, J. T. Tickard,
treasurer. Mrs. Beavers succeeds Mrs. W. A.
subject of "Mother." John-Mercer,
chorister, selected the one written by
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whistler, which
has been set to music by him. This
selection will be sung Sunday morn
ing by the male quartet of the church
choir. Two other well written poems
will be read.
District Meet of Rebekah Lodge.
Members of District No. 2 of the
Nebraska assembly of the Rekekah
lodge will convene Thursday after
noon and evening, May 12, in the
I. O. O. If. hall. Fourteenth and
Dodge streets. Members of the Ivy
lodge, No. 33, arc the hostesses Mrs.
Harriet Cain, president of the Ne
braska state assembly, will be -present.
The district officers will be
conducted to their chairs by members-
of the Belle Rebekah- lodge of
May Day Luncheon.
; Mrs. Waiter :Snell and Mrs. Claud
Reed were hostesses at a May lunch
eon Thursday at the home of Mrs.
Heed in iBcnsonhurst. The rooms
and tables were beautifully decorat
ed in yellow, and green. Place cards
were laid for Mrs. C. H. Penoyer,
Mrs. R. Burfbrd, Mrs. Bert Ranz,
Mrs. Dr. Reed and Mrs. Roy Mar
shall of Benson and Mrs. M. Junge
ward of Omaha..
Dinner Guest.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Oliver" had as
their dinner guest Wednesday Miss
Ruth -Rockwood, organist at the
First Christian church, -
War Mothers' Kensington.
Mrs. James Shields was hostess
Wednesday afternoon to the mem
bers of the War Mothers' organiza
tion at a kensington at home, 5219
Pinkncy street. Mrs. Shields was
assisted by Mrs. W. A. Wilcox.
Ladies' Aid Society.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid so
ciety will be entertained Wednesday
at the home of Mrs. Richard
Skankev, 2735 North Sixty-fifth
. Sunday Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert - H. Wol-
strom entertained at a Sunday din
ner of 12 covers. Guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Christensen and son, Mr.
and Mrs. Burt McManill and son,
Donald McMahill, and. Air. A.
.Baptist Booster Club.
The members of the Baptist
Booster club will be entertained
Thursday, May 12, at the home of
Mr. ancr Mrs. U. M. Sloan, 5U.?
Happy Hollow boulevard.
Tri-City Birthday Luncheon.
Mrs. T. W. Welch was hostess to
the members of the Tri-City Birth-
All Work Guaranteed
IStS DouflM St. Tel. Doug. 0188
Mrs. Comstock Tells
How Cuticura Healed
Child's Eczema
1 "My little daughter had eczema
when she was eighteen months old.
Tbe eruptions on her Uce
'i,V a were iarge ana rea ana
'W' festered and scaled over
wiiu a discs Kate, i acre
were small, watery places
on her scalp which turned
to a soft white scale. She
. . . , .....
was terribly disfigured and restless
at night. I began using Cuticura
Soap and it was a great help, but
not tantil I began using Cuticura
Ointment, together with the Cuticura
Soap, did the eruptions entirely
leave. She was healed." (Signed)
Mrs. J. A. Comstock, 213 S. 13th
St, Richmond, Ind.
Cuticura Soap to cleanse and pur
ify, Cuticura Ointment to soothe and
heal and Cuticura Talcum to powder
and perfume are ideal for daily toilet
uyl Ixh Trn tr Mitl Mjrrn: "CttliwtUk
TftMrtM. Dpt a. Maid it Km." SoM mrr
whwi Soap 25c. OintmmtSSandKW-. TalramtSc.
SBVCuticura Soap bIutob without mug.
i m
w 1
Y. W. C. A.
Sunday Open house at central
building from 10:30 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Monday Luncheon for business
women everv noon in auditorium of
central Y. W. C A. from 11:15 to 2
p. m: Gymnasium classes at 5:30
and 6:30 at Y. W. C. A. as usual-;
7:30 class meets at Camp Brewster.
Federation of Clubs have supper at
5:45 at central building, followed by
i individual club business meetings. At
6:30 Miss Elizabeth Howard's class
in "Place of Work in a Girl's Life"
will meet and at 7:30 the class in
story telling, led by Mrs. Phcbe E.
Fullaway. and class in dramatics, led
by Mrs. J. T. Maxwell, will meet in
special preparation for the entertain
ment to be give before the entire
federation on the evening of May 16.
Tuesday Rev. Lewis Townsend
of McCabe Methodist church is the
speaker at the noon luncheon for
women in the auditorium of central
building. Mrs. D. H. Dunlia"m has
charge of the music. Gymnasium
classes at 5:20 and 7:20 at Y. W. C.
A. and at 6:20 at Camp Brewster.
Lower classmen of Friendship club
will entertain the senior members of
the club at dinner at 5:30 at South
Side recreation center. '
Wednesday Commerce Girl Re
serve club assembles in clubroom at
central building to go on a hike.
Morris Girls' club meets at 5
o'clock at South Side Recreation
center for supper, followed by work
in chorus and gymnasium. The
Athletic club meets for supper
at 6:15 at central building, fol
lowed by the monthly business meet
ing. Registrations must be made by
Tuesday evening.
Thursday The 5:30 and 6:30
gymnasium classes meet at Camp
Brewster; 7:30 class at Y. W. C. A.
as usual. Busy Circle club meeting
at 7:30 at central building, followed by
fymnasium work, under direction of
liss Mae Leach.
Friday The 6:20 gymnasium class'
meets at Y. W. C. A.; 5:20 and 7:20
classes meet at Camp Brewster.
W. W. G.'s meet at central build
ing at 6:30 for supper, followed by
story telling, games and gymnastics.
Annual May day banquet of educa
tional department at central Y. W.
C. A. at 6:30. followed by a play by
the class in dramatics, French songs
by members of the French classes
and motion pictures of Asilomar and
Lakctjeneva. Registrations must be
made by Thursday evening.
Saturday Federation of Clubs
will spend Saturday night and Sun
day morning at .Camp Brewster.
Regular Saturday gymnasium classes
at Y. W. C. A. as usual. A
dinner party will be given at
central Y. W. C. A. to the cast and
others who assisted in student club
play, "The Bewildering Miss Felicia."
Alumnae club meets at central
building for supper at 6:15, followed
by installation of officers.
day club at' a 1 o'clock luncheon
Friday at her home at Cherry Croft.
Invited guests were Mrs. Judge
Leslie of Dundee and Mrs. Freder
ick Rli'oy of Omaha. ...
Sunday Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Corbaley enter
tained at Sunday dinner, when cov
ers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. A.
Long of Loveland, la.; Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Corbaley 'and son and Miss
Peggie Petersen .of Council Bluffs,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lorbaley and
daughters, ; Irene, and JJcrnice Lor-.
Luncheon and Bazaar.
Members of the' Methodist Ladies'
Aid will conduct a bazaar Wednes
day, May 18, jn the parlors of the
church. Noon luncheon will be
served, after which aprons and home
made candy will be sold. The after
noon will be concluded by a devo
tional sewice.
High SchooL Operetta.
Members of the Orpheus club of
the Benson High school will render
the operetta, "Love Pirates of Ha
waii," Friday and Saturday evenings,
May 13 and 14, in' the assembly room
of the school. An admission of 25
cents will be charged. Money re
ceived to go into the general high
school funds.
The Misses Giles Entertain.
The Misses Hazel and Grace Giles
entertained at their home Friday ever
ning in honor of 24 guests, former
classmates of Central High school.
After an evening spent in music and
games a luncheon was served by the
Attends Track Meet.
Benson High was given a half holi
day Friday and members of the fac
ulty and students attended the first
annual inter-high school track meet
held at the Ak-Sar-Ben field. Fifteen
members of Benson High took part
in the events.
lone Gardner, students in the
state university, . is spending the
week-end at the home of her parents,
Mr. and' Mrs. H. D. Gardner.
Walter Mason, son of Dr. and Mrs.
E. A., Mason, is home after having
spent the winter in California.
John Burford, who is en route
from California to his home in Sioux
Falls, S. D., spent a few days at
the home of his nephew, Mr. R.
Burford, and Mrs. Burford.
Dr. Clayton O. Rost, instructor in
the University of Minnesota, is guest
at the home of his cousin, Mr. John
Giles, and Mrs. Giles. Dr. Rost has
been in California for the past five
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paddock and
daughter, Miss Veta, accompanied by
Mr. John McColl, will motor to Ash
land, Neb., to spend Sunday.
Miss Edith Chantry is spending
the week-end at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. E. A. Mason. :
Niel Dow will sail some time the
early partof June for Scotland, where
he will visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. William Correll will spend a
few days in Lincoln during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ward have
taken possession of their new home
recently purchased.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Wulff have s5lt
their home on Sixtieth avenue to
Mr. and Mrs. George McArdle, who
will soon take possession.
Ed L. Staehle and daughter, Betty
Jane, left Wednesday for their home
m Bridgeport. .Neb., after a short
visit at the home of his mother, Mrs.
J. W. Fitch, and Mr. Fitch.
Damaged Books
If water has been spilled on a
book, lay a blotter on each side of
the first wet leaf and press with a
medium hot iron until dry.
Repeat with successive leaves until
all are dry.
If this is done carefully the leaves
will -not warp or -wrinkle.- - ' .--
Novel Weavery of Yarns and Rib
bons Distinguish Fashion-Favored
Fabric Hats.
THE Metropolitan Millinery in the
Nebraska Clothing Company,
Fifteenth and Farnam, has an un
usually large showing of fabric hats
representing Dame Mode's prevailing
preference in chapeaux. A white
Cantoiv. Crepe presents an appealing
chic in a decoration of cut-out bor
dering of ' patent kid black . to "be
sure,- Neptune Green duvetyite, vel
vety -in surface, texture is a soft
crowned . little pull-down model
whose white-edged ribbons follow a
woven trail through white angora
yarn meshes crocheted round the
crown. - Late and lovely the novel
conception of turban-tam evolved in
navy blue, each cord tucking over
stitched in white yarn, balls of the
yarn hanging down at the right side
over the ear. Navy and white for
midsummer wear is the authentic
style note given out by this millinery
mode, shop!
May Clearance Sale of Suits and
Coats. ' ' '
IT has become' quite a habit for
manv wnmen I know to visit the
Lamond Specialty Shop, second floor
Securities building, Sixteenth and
Farnam, when they wish to purchase
something undeniably smart, a bit of
apparel finely modeled of the most
exquisite material obtainable. Colors
when used in combination, sure to
be aooealinir. dull sravs with dull
blues, tints to intrigue the fancy of
the fastidious. All of these novelty
suits and wraps are included in the
clearance sale. . ' .
- - -.
'Weldrest" .Newest Note in Hosiery.
THE J. T. McQuillen company,
1512 Farnam, has just received a
complete line of the smartest hosiery
it has been my fortune to see. Wel
drest tailored hosiery is neither tem
porarily pressed into ankle shape
like the cheap, "seamless" or "mock
seam" styles; nor is it "pulled" or
drawn into shape by the usual sew
ing methods which result in the un
sightly "runs" sp well -known to the
up-to-date woman. Embodying all
the style, fit and charm, shape-holding
and -wearing :' qualities of the priced hosiery 'it is priced
lower than .the seamed kind. Avail
able in all the popular Shades of the
day' in both the chiffon gauze and
heavier quality I shall take pleasure
in sending price quotations upon re
quest together, with an illustrated
folder showing the distinctive styling
of this dainty hose." -
' . :.
The junior's gingham dress has a
panel front. and rounded neck.
Hear Ye.nHear Ye! .
HY worry with the H. C. of L,
ana servant troubles; and why
ask your wife to worry?- Invite her
to dine with you at the FJatiron
Cafe, 1721 Howard.
When dining a,t. a restaurant one
expects the best of service and the
best of foods. When dining there
one is assured of the best of service
and food that cannot be excelled for
its quality or the manner in which
it is cooked. , -
Everything is home-cooked and
the reasonable prices will
"Is a Dressmaker's Price For Making
Styleful Frocks Less Than That
of a Modiste?"
A N inquiry iV one of the Polly
customers' notes this week. Just
because I've called Lulu Hampton,
336 Securities building, a modisK
doesn t mean that her prices are
high. Quite the reverse! I'm hav
ing new summer frocks made at
a ridiculously low cost.. Write for
prices quotations or phone Atlantic
You're Very Welcome
To shop with Polly by mail
of course that is if you feel suf
ficiently acquainted with her taste
and judgment to trust to her
selections for your wardrobe. -
Please try to be explicit in
your ordering it saves time
both hers and yours. State price,
use . to which you'd like to put
the garment, style of wearables
usually bought. Then leave it
to Polly, she'll be glad to shop
for you, charging no commis
sion for her services.
iotf (lb
I on say I hear the heating rain
The low wind stir the gra is,
A vagrant bee drone drowsily,
A lilting blackbird pass.
Announcement of A Sale Unusual '
THAT will be of great saving to
ladies interested. . The entire
stock of scientific and well-known
corsets of Dorothy Hill is now on
sale ;it a big reduction in price. Mrs.
Hill i going to make a change in
her liUsincss in the very near future,
the icason for placing her present
stock of corsets on sale at a big cut
in price. It interested in this sale,
call or write before stock is picked
over, as ou know the bcs.t values go
first. 207 Neville Building. N. E. cor
ner Sixteenth and llarnev Streets.
Life is more than generous when
it supplies one with money ?nd a
brocaded envelope purse to put in it.
Such Fun To Send Down an Old
TO receive in return an entirely
new one! That's what happens
when you enlist the services of the
Kruger Hat Shop, third floor Barker
block, Fifteenth and Farnam. They'll
reblock, tint, trim the old hat, re
fashion old feathers, remodel furs
&nd marabou, and do that necessary
bit of hemstitching in this busy shop.
The Newest Phases of the Mode De
mand the Most Careful Corseting.
Corset Shop,' fifth floor Karbach
Mnrtr TTiftoonth anrl Donclan. is
shnw;' s,vi,fuiiv iine(i corsets in
... r,pviK, hnn:a ch nrnmis a
world of comfort while meeting ev
erv demand of style,
send for mea
sure blanks, and illustrated toiders.
The long and the short of it a
sash that hangs several inches be
low an abbreviated evening dress.
A Word of Praise From Out-Of-
Town Customer.
TJERZBERG'S seem to please
me best, wrote one ot my
Polly customers this week in order
ing a dress. Of noble dimensions is
this woman, has to-have large sizes,
but is a person of fastidious prefer
ences and appreciates, yes, demands
the season's latest mode expressions
in generous sizings. This shop makes
a specialty of both extremes in ready-to-wear
apparel, the very .very large
and the diminutive woman's clothes.
You'll enjoy a viewing of the
sports togs just arrived, at Herz
berg's, 1517 Douglas, illustrations of
the attractiveness of the latest sports
modes when translated in colors and
fabrics chosen by followers of Dame
Fashion's rapidly changing , whims.
Women With Heavy Lines Should
; Avoid New Modes, as They Tend
To Make the Figure Square
There is a strong effort, to create
a general acceptance of the jacket
that continues a straight line from
the shoulder to the hip. So far there
is so much variety in the coats of
the springtime that no one is able' to
say of one style that it leads,. but
among those who have vision there is
a belief that the short coat will win
out over the others.
No one should take up this fashion
with undue enthusiasm of the kind
that is based on lack of judgment, for
the squarely built short jacket is not
for every figure. It has its special
Its girlishness is unquestioned. It
needs slimness more than it creates
it. The woman who has developed
those wide, heavy lines so common
to the middle-aged in this country
should not even look in the direction
of this coat that straightens the
figure, for it has a way of broaden
ing it beyond repair.
Through mysterious and some
times vain processes, however, there
is a mass of women who , have
achieved slimness though nature did
not intend them to have it, and there
is a still more mysterious process
which should interest the ethnolo
gist; it is one that actually makes
Wednesday To Wednesday Window
A Popular Feature.
"TUIE John Henrickson Jewel Shop,
Sixteenth and Capitol, has one
window which they have labeled the
"Wednesday to Wednesday Win
dow;" In it will be found selections
from the entire store, glass, ivory,
silver, etc., values which are well
worth your while.
Gracing the arm of fashion is a
quintet ot bracelets, colored,, if you
like, or silver.
The Ways of Frills Are Many.
NONE more charming in effect
than those daintily rippling
"flufflies," the Van Arnam Pleating
Company, fourth floor Paxton block,
Sixteenth and Harney, is making by
the mile these days. A touch of dis
tinction to any colorful summer frock
are the delicately fashioned organdie
flowers one can have made for the
trimming of one's summer stylcful
ness. So very reasonably low in
price, too, are they.
A dinner gown of tomato crepe
chooses foot-long fringing-as sole
trimming on blouse and tunic.
Adorable KiddieV 6f -Jessie Wilcox
: Smijh ; :"
IN frames, toned' to bring Out the
lovely i tints in baby faces ami
hair. There's "Water Sprite," an imp
ish person who would a-wading go-"
"Blossoms," a' perfectly natural ex-
pression of child nature, a dear little
body half buried, irt the branches of
the "fruit tree, so anxious is she to en
joy every tiny bit of bloom; an elf
' ish youngster at the side of a path
where tulips bloom . in ruddy, glow
(one feels quite sure it's his neigh
bor's garden!)' All delightful, they're
to be had in dainty framing at $3
each in the art department . at . A.
Hospe company, 1513 Douglas.
.-. ' "
A Tailor Who Combines Distinction
of Style With '. Practical Depend
ability LKNEETER, ' exclusive ladies
tailor, second floor, Sixteenth
and Howard, .enjoys the reputation
of tailoring suits of finest quality
fabric, apparel that meets every de
mand of style, distinction and de
pendability, the highest type of
modishness at prices . consistently
Paris says let your new hosiery
be plain, sheer, oh, very, very sheer,
and silken. 1 1 - ,
our women smaller and thinner than
the race has ever been. These types
can wear the short square coat with
propriety and success.
It is often called an Eton jacket
without reason. The Eton is an en
tirely different cut; short, it is true,
but so short that it shows the waist
line and accentuates the- curves of
the hips, and this would distress the
majority of women. The recently
accepted jacket touches the hips, in
fact slightly covers them and has no
glimmer of a curve at the waist. Its
mission is to give the brush stroke'
of a strong, straight line down the
curving part of the figure.
These short coats do not attempt
t'o fasten. They hang open from the
collar, so that it is quite important'
to consider what is to be placed be
neath. This revived method of gath
ering the skirt at the hips to what
ever goes above does not make the
choice of a blouse an easy one. It is
safer to have the long blouse built
at the very source. If can be snapped
on with patent fasteners if one does
not wish it to be ever present. This
is a convenient- method of changing
overblouses! brought about through
certain types of gowns which were
built after this fashion for sport
But I hear laughing
And singing from the sod,
And whispering from each least thing,
' ' The messages of God.
COMPREHENSION, By Charlotte Becker
Quite Essential tci a Weil-Groomed
TS a course of .logically planned
scalp treatments such as you will
find at the Delft Hair Parlors, fourth
floor Karbach block, Fifteenth and
Douglas. .Much more reasonable in
price, too, .if one buys one of the
treatment, tickets.
There, is a marked tendency to
full side-panels.
.. ' - -:
Artistic Decoration of tne Home
THE.Newmail rapei Shop! 214
South Eighteenth street, is ' in
complete readiness to take care of
your spring decorating the inside of
the home as well the outside in
manner most artistic' The showing
of papers is unexcelled, adorably
quaint chintz papers for the bed
rooms, the ncueiit pebbled tone ef
fects for the living rooms, vividly
tinted designs for the sun parlors.
Interesting, indeed, are the possibili
ties for beauty represented in this
shop. Send for decorating sugges
tions for your home.
New a frilly vestec that puts a
chrcrhil trout in the spring trock
or suit.
Marinello Treatments
A RE not to be had elsewhere than
at the Licensed Marinello Shop,
556 Brandeis Theater building,
Eighteenth and Douglas, and at the
Gray Beauty Shop, Athletic Club
Building, Eighteenth and Douglas.
, This is the beauty treatment system
which absolutely guarantees that each
operator is a graduate of a Marinello
school and the diplomas must be in
evidence for each one of these
beauty experts before she is eligible
to give one of the Marinello treat
ments. A system of beautifying
which you will like very much, in
deed, I assure you!
Woman Ever a Thief of Masculine
Styles Has Taken "Another Gar
ment from Man.
"M" OW its his pajamas to grace
the boudoir and tea hour
witchingly lovely I assure you
judging from the embroidered affairs
which were being wrought at the
Ideal Button & Pleating company,
third floor, Brown block", Sixteenth
and Douglas, this wtek. There is
nothing to shock milady's modesty
in these garments, indeed they're far
more protective than the china silk
- tea gown, the sheer georgette robes
of yesteryear. They do. put the lady
of -the species rn breeches, but such
petticoat' like breeches! Such modesty-
is rare today.
The smart women ; use these gar
ments for the informal hours., of,- the
.afternoon when 5 o'clock strikes and
iOne Can sit down in .cdmfor-t jto' tea
! and gossip with . a : few women
friends! Only, in France A do. the
fashionable women, wear pajamas in
the afternoon qyhehVmen are;, num
bered .;&inong the intimates' ' who
come 'in for: tea, but theirs are lux
urious editions,- alniost ; Persian in
their brilliancy arid : cosfiliness.
Women 'who are adopting these
pajamas, more or' less ornate for the
afternoon and. simple for the morn
ifig, are ordering several sets of
them and giving them the brilliancy
and variety 6f. summer gowns. They
.are ..especially'-' chosen 'for the long
summers, in country .houses where
there is more leisure and laziness
than through tht winter in town.
White wash satin-- is used, also
pongees, and crepe de "chine in col
ors. Even black is-hot ignored; in
truth, it is featured ornately em
broidered in vivid colorings. Some
of the fullrtrousered black crepe
ones carry sashes of Indian red, of
king's blue, of mandarin yellow, of
apple green, a contrast to heavy
'black silk traceries. These are worn
in the morning with the old-fashioned
type of Turkish bedroom slip
per, heelless and with pompons on
.the toe. - ; j-
. There are gray crepe ones trim
med with chinchilla expensive, you
may know; and Havana brown ones
edged with yellow summer ermine.
The golden - and brocade ones -are
kept for the tea , hour. They are
made quite resplendent, ' '
A Word of Explanation.
THE warm spring days proved too
encouraging to the blossoms un
der glass in the green housej this
year, forcing an unusually early ma
turity quite overthrowing the florists
plans. John Bath, Florist, Eighteenth
and Farnam, tells me that the short
age in flowers this year has been
greater than any year since. Mothers'
Day was first observed.
Poiret approves the wide waist
and long, skirt. '
Tastes Differ in the Choice of
TjWERY taste is represented in the
drapery department at Orchard
Wilhelm's, Sixteenth and Howard.
Here one will find not only the lav
ishly brocaded fabrics of rich thread
ing, but the riotously gay cretonnes
of inexpensive pricing, laces rarely
lovely, heavy meshed affairs for the
summer cottage. Heavy velours for
door drapes to be lined in satins of
dully glowing beauty. Everything
in this department is to be placed on
sale at a saving of from 30 to 550
per cent over prices of 1920.
Panel flutter
spring frocks.
galy from the
Ui Jolly
from the sky,
Closest Study Given Your Decorat
ing Problems in This Department
IF you don't just know what color
scheme to use in your draperies,
whether to combine blue and sand
in drapes for use with the rug on the
floor, if you'd have the covering on
your bed and bolster, the' scarf on
dressing table quite the ultra in house
e'ecorativeness, enlist the services of
the H. R. Bowen Furniture Com
pany's drapery depart riicnt on the
'main floor, Howard street entrance.
Sixteenth and Howard. They have
'a force of expertsin their work
rooms who will show an artistic in
terest in your decorative plans, exe
cuting them in manner unusually at
tractive. It's quite the thing now
adays to have one's drapes and house
decorations tailored to order in a
decorating drapery department. I'll
be glad to confer with the decorators,
also send samples upon request.
This season a fancy gauntlet is the
Parisian's best han,d,.,
It's Easy to Visualize "A Rosy
Cheeked Youngster in the Little
Wash Suits
ON display, at the .Barker Junior
Shop, second '.floor, Securities
building, Sixteenth, and Farnam. In
all colors, dainty pastel tints, neutral
tcnes, very dark,, they all have taken
to themselves bits of hand embroid
ery on collar corners. There's the
Oliver Twist suit like the picture
which would transform most any lit
tle boy you know into an adorable
figure. Then there are very smart
tittle coat . suits, and the ever
popular suits of sailor styling with
an emblem just foe "swag." Rang;
iug in price frorn 5c up to $2.95
they represent suits of the quality
fabric and tailoring which you have
paid $5 and $6 ior. Real values
you'll agree!
- . "
O you know that your soul is
of my soul such a part,
That you seem to be fibre and core
.of my heart.
None other can pain me as you. dear,
', . can do;
None other can please me or praise
1 me as you. -,..
Remember the world will be quick
with its blame; "''
If-shadow or stain ever darken your
Like mother, like sort, is a saying so
The world will judge largely of .
mother by you.
Be yours then the task, if task it shall
be, '
To force the proud - world to do
homage to me. , -
Be sure it will say, when hs verdict
you've won; .
She reaped as she sowed, lo! this Is
her son.'' .
. Remember mother,. with a box of.
candy from Candyland, .1522 , Far
nam. tun. ,
- Serge and perforated taffeta are
much combined.- ''r -
MH'f ;
In Regard-to Color. . . .
Time was, and that not long ago,
when we accorded, certain colors to
certain ages among femininity.
Black we gave to the elderly ladies,
allowing them possibly a touch of
ravender or purple in their hats;
blue and kindred tones were for the
youthful, and pink for the very
young, with the between colors for
matrons. But at last color, taking
the bit in its mouth, like a runaway
horse, has chosert''to distribute it
self according to its own sweet will.
Any color, for anyone,' anywhere, is
now 'the dictum. ' Capping the cli
max of this new order was the
outbreak of the purple and lavender
tones in garments for little girls.
Next to this was ' the wearing of
black by the youthful. I have al
ways thought, however, that only
the young; should wear black. By
that I mean that the woman of
faded complexion and neutral tinted
hair needs some "distinct color in
apparel to bring but her radiance.
Color will do this, if it is possible
to accomplish and the "live" hair
needs nothing to add to its vitalance.
What Autumn Will Bring.
Straightline coats', rather than
wrappy effects, are to be worn for
fall, according to manufacturers who
are now sending out salesmen with
fall samples. ,'
The majority of coats will have' a
straight line from ricck to hem with
a soft belting; at the waistline. Others
heed the dictum of Paris and have
the waistline low) with a bloused
upper section;
Choker collars, reversible, are to
be "it." Most of them will be of
fur. Fur edgings also will be used.
Sleeves will be bell-shaped.
Bolivia and velour fabrics are be
ing offered chiefly.
Till tnit Trad'nrk fcicluri4 0. a.
Pittnt OUicl. AdY.
- V'f fU,''l.V'""':W".g!t-,-i-;