Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1921, WOMEN'S SECTION, Image 13

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    THE BEE: OMAHA. SUNDAY, MAY 8., 1921.
J ft
Celebrate Anniversary of
Birth of Florence
The Nurses Training school of St.
Joseph hospital will celebrate the
101st anniversary of the birth of
Florence Nightingale with a literary
and musical program, Thursday,
May 12, at St. Joseph hospital. "
This celebration will be universal
in training, schools throughout this
country and Canada and is the re
sponse to the movement inaugurated
by the national hospital day com
mittee of Chicago.
Florence Nightingale is given
credit for having established the first
training school for nurses.
Public Luncheon Planned
For Irish Lecturer.
A luncheon will be given Monday
r.oon at Hotel Fontenelle compli
mentary to Miss Anna Walsh of
Cork, Ireland, who will give a public
lecture on "Conditions in Ireland."
at 2 p. m. Monday; in the ball room
ot the Fontenelle.
Miss Walsh is a sister-in-law of
the late Lord Mayor McCurtin of
Cork, who was assassinated.
Reservations for the luncheon
may be made with Mesdames J. II.
Hanley, Margaret Moriartv, W. C.
McKnight, T. J. Dwyer. Tom Red
rnond, Tom Quinlan od Miss Kath
leen O'Brien.
Yates Parent-Teachers.
The Parent-Teachers association
of Henry W. Yates school will meet
Wednesday, 3 p. m., in the school
Vocal selections will be given by
the Boys' and Girls' Glee club of Cen
tral Hijjh school, under direction of
Mrs. Carol Pitts. The woman's
chorus of the Parent-Teachers' asso
ciation will sing "Wind. Elves," and
-Dream Boat," by Nellie S. Brad
sliaw, Omaha composer. An illus
trated bird program will be given by
the pupils of the seventh grade, under
direction of their teacher, Mrs. Eliza
beth Genau. Mrs. Florence Stunen
berg vill whistle the bird calls.
Fotlpwing the program a business
meeting and election of .officers will
be held.
Tea will be served at the close of
the meeting.
Get Acquainted Club.
The Get Acquainted club meets
Sunday, 7 p. m., at the First Uni
tarian church, Turner boulevard and
Harney street Mr. and Mrs. Frank
R. Hoagland will receive the guests.
The pogram will include a vocal
solo by Mrs. Dtm J. Adams; read
ing, Mrs. Camille Elliott; piano solo.
Charles Vadena, games and com
munity singing. Refreshments wiil
be served at the close of the pro
gram. .
The club is non-sectarian and is
open to all strangers and lonely folk.
Goodfellowship Club.
The Goodfellowship Communit
club of Dundee will hold a social
meeting Tuesday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Cross
man. 4932 Webster street.
The committee in charge of the
re . 1 I - 1 f - n.J re
anair wciuucs icsi. aim
dames O. A. Danielson, John A.
Singer, E. Nordstrom, Frank Max
well and Miss Doris Braden.
. 1 Movie at Yates School
The eighth grade pupils of Henry
W. Yates school will present a mo
tion, picture, -. "Joyous Trouble
Makers," starring William Farnum
and a comedy film, "Fay Your Dues,"
featuring Harold Lloyd, Friday even
ing, 8 o'clock, in the school audi-m-iifin
Th nmcefAn wilt be used
to purchase a picture for the school j
Omaha Truth Center.
Omaha Truth Center will meet
Sunday, 8 p. m., May 8, instead of
Tuesday evening, May 10, at 302
Patterson block. Seventeenth and
FarnaiH streets. Francis J. Gable
of Lincoli will speak on "A Work
able Christianity. The meeting is
open to the public.
Alumnae Association. -
St Joseph Hospital Alumnae asso
ciation will meet Tuesday at the
hospital parlors.
Convention of the Sixth
District, N. F. W.
The 14th annual convention of the
Sixth district, Nebraska Federation
of- Women's clubs will be held at
Bayard in the Methodist church.
May 11, 12 and 13, by invitation of
the Bayard Woman's club, Mrs. W.
S. Durnin, president
Delegates are requested to wear
a bit of golden colored ribbon. This
will be especially a Nebraska meet
ing with the slogan, "Our Ne
braska." Mrs. George Fratrr of North
Platte is president of the district;
Mrs. William Heath of Chadron,
vice president; Mrs. F. J. Dishner
of O'Neill, secretary-treasurer.
Citizenship School Will
Close Monday
Mrs. H. II. Wheeler of Lincoln
will speak on "Administrative Code
Bill of Governor McKclvie," at the
closing meeting of the Citizenship
school Monday afternoon, 3 o'clock,
in the council chamber, city hall.
Society for Relief of Disabled.
At the April meeting of the So
ciety for the Relief of the Disabled,
members decided to sponsor a move
ment to interest members of various
churches to take up vocational work
in hospitals. It is planned to have
women of each demonination work
in the hospital of that denomina
tion and carry on occupational
therapy similar to that done by the
Junior league at the University hos
pital. Dr. J. P. Lord gave "a talk on the
subject and cited the case of a 10-year-old
boy who was confined to
his bed in a local hospital for a year
and during that time had no method
of entertaining himself. It is to
benefit such cases that the society
has .decided to interest the church
List of Lecturers.
The club editor has received a
broadside from the Illinois Woman's.
Press association, listing lecturers on
subjects including civics, art, litera
ture and present-day social and in
dustrial problems.
Ada A. Fisher, at 7206- Princeton
avenue, Chicago, is corresponding
secretary for the organization, which
is made up of professional writers,
editors, newspaper women, authors,
illustrators and publishers.
Business Woman's Club.
Omaha Business Woman's club
meets at Y. W. C. A. tor dinner at
6:15 Tuesday followed by regular
classes in Americanization, current
events, public speaking and choral
Day Nursery
Four hundred and seventyTfive
dollars is the sum turned over to the
day nursery bv the Elks who pre
sented "The Mikado" through the
Omaha Opera association at the
Brandeis some weeks ago, according
to announcement from Mrs. William
Archibald Smith, chairman of the
National League for Women's Serv
ice in Omaha. ,:.".,..
- The league will continue to oper
ate the nursery but it will be neces
sary to obtain about $500 additional,
the chairman states, in order to carry
on until fall. The white elephant
sale contemplated will not be held
at present.
.Mrs. Walter L. Selby will act as
chairman this summer. Mrs Wil
liam Archibald Smith will leave
Omaha in June to reside in Cali
Social Welfare Worker
Little folks are a hobby with Miss
Irene McKnight, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. C. McKnight, who
spends much of her time at the Christ
ChilcJ Settlement, 1254 Park Wilde
avenue, where classes in sewing,
cooking and gymnastics are con
ducted by volunteer workers.
It is not an unusual sight to see
the McKnight car filled with the set
tlement tots enjoying a ride through
Omaha parks.
Miss McKnight succeeded Miss
Rcgina Connell as society editor of
the Omaha Excelsior.
Fine Arts Society
The Rotary exhibit from the Amer
ican Water Color society's exhibit of
1921, coming from Rochester, N. Y.,
.will open in Omaha Monday, May 9,
at the public library, to continue
through to the 27th of the month.
Ninety-eight water colors will be
shown. "
Personal Interest in Exhibitors.
Personal interest attaches to some
of the exhibitors. Mrs. C. M. Wil
helm, who is in charge of the exhibit,
is a friend of Clara McChesney, one
of the exhibitors. Bertha Menzler
Peyton, another exhibitor, was a fel
low student with Maurice Block at
the Chicago Art institute.
Exhibit at Yates School.
Two hundred prints from the Chi
cago Art institute and the Metro
politan museum of New York, in
cluding sepia, colored and medici
prints, will be exhibited at the Henry
W. Yates school under the auspices
of the Omaha Society of Fine Arts,
beginning Monday and continuing
for two weeks.
Sojourners' Club. .
Sojourners' club will give a card
party Tuesday at the Red Cross
room of the Masonic temple.
Dandelion Salad
Use only the tender inner leaves
of the plant, wash thoroughly and
crrsp in very cold water. Arrange in
a chilled salad bowl and toss together
with a few chopped chives and
shredded crisp, cooked bacon. Dress
with a French dressing, to which has
been added a chopped and mashed
hard boiled egg, and serve immedi
ately. Do not add the dressing to
the salad until just before it is
served as the tender leaves of the
dandelion wilt quickly.
Quick Results -
Please Omaha
Everyone is pleased with the quick
results of simple camphor, hydrastis,
witchhazel, etc., as mixed in Lavop
tik eye wash.. After using less than
one bottle a lady reports her eyes,
which were inflamed and watery, are
now bright and clear. One man tried
everything, but Lavoptik was only
thing that gave relief. One small
bottle Usually helps ANY CASE
weak, strained or inflamed eyes.
Aluminum eye cup FREE. Sher
man & McConncll drug stores and
all leading druggists.
Council Meeting
The General Federation council
meeting to be held in Salt Lake City
during the week of June 12-18 is to
be a family conference of the Gen
eral Federation with state federa
tions and individual clubs, and the
program is therefore being arranged
so that every delegate - can attend
every session, without any outside
interests to distract her attention.
There are to be no reports at this
meeting, these being reserved for
" the biennial.
One day will be devoted to the
state-federations, one to the depart
ments of the federation and one to
'.the history, art and archaeology of
the intermountain region.
,. It would be impossible to allow
48 state presidents to speak at any
length, so the states have been ar
ranged in groups with the president
of one state in each group present
ing the distinctive, unusual and suc
cessful work done by the club wo
men in those states.
Mrs. John Slaker, president of the
Nebraska Federation of Women's
Clubs, has been chosen to represent
the group composed of the follow
ing states: Minnesota, Wisconsin,
Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota,
Kansas and Nebraska.
Girls' Community
Service League
Sunday Open house, 4 to 7:30 p.
m. . All boys and girls in city in
vited. '
Monday Cluga club supper, 6:30
p. m. Gymnasium class, 7:30 p. m.,
Mrs. Charles Musselman, leader.
Volley ball, 8:30 p. m. Polly Rhyno,
Tuesdav LaFavette club supper.
6:50 p. tti. Basket ball practice, 5:30
p. m. i
Wednesday Wamm and K. K. K. !
clubs supper, 6:30 p. m. Open
house, 7:30 to 10 p. m.
Thursday Supper for all clubs of
league, 6:30 p. m. Program and
games. 7:30 to 10 p. m.
Friday D. T. A. club supper,
6:30 p. m. .
Saturday Week-end dance,
Wamm club hostess, 8:30 to 11 p. m.
y id)
"111 i' '
ml -
Front Lace or Back Lace
on Iom
THE trade mark
on a corset stands
for Quality, Value,
Style and Service.
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getting all these fine
attributes when you buy
a corset with the name
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clasp, and are boned with
wonder boning that out
lasts the corset!
Sold By Leading Dealers
Royal Worcester Corset Company, 223 West Jackson Street, Chicago
KililMt of Water Colors Sunday, 1 ts
p. m. : wsrk day. m. to s:S0 p. m.,
ptlhlla library under, ausplcsa of Omaha
Society of Finn Arts. Opon to ths public.
Omaha Truth Onter Sunday, p. m .
S2 Patterson blorlt, Sevnlnnlh and
Farnam strains, Kranrls Gable of Lin
coln will speak on "A WoiKablo Christian
ity." iet-Aequlnted Cluh Sunday, T p. m.
First Vnitariaii church. Turner boulevard
and Harney elreets. rropam of niualf,
renilinm and games. Open to all
strangera and lonely folKs. ,
Omaha Theoaophical Noriety Sunday. I
p. m., :!. l.cfkuis building, Sixteenth and
I'HPltol avenue, .lolin T. llund will
rpeak on "The Work of the Great
Pioneers, H. P. Blavatsky and Col. H. S.
Old People's Home, Fontenelle Bonle-
vr.rd Sunday, M p. m.. Maj. F, A. Mc
t'oiniick of I he Volunteers of America
IU be the jpeaker. lira. XlcC'ormlck
nmt daughter, Mies Alice, will ttive a mu
sical prcBrani.
Omaha Walking Club Sunday, S;Sn p.
m.. Hillcrest aiation on Fort Crook Inter
urbmi railroad. The walk will ho through
Fonttnella forest, along bluffs of th Mia.
amirl river to Bcllevuo woods. 4X0111 an J.
Weston, leader.
Horn! J. B. C. Club Monday evening.
Social Kelt lenient bouse, supper and gyrn
nnaium. , ,
Roosevelt Chautauqua Curie Monday,
7:a0 p. 111., with Mrs. F. A, Cressey, 1201
South Tivenly-aecond atreet.
Bluhop Vincent Otiatltauqu Circle
Monday, 7:15 p. m., third floor court
.Minna I.usa Chautauqua Circle Monday,
2 p. m., with Mrs. A. D. Nuan, 2TU9 Re
dick avenue.
Lecture Monday. I p, m., Fontenelle
hotel. Mlts Anna Walsh of Cork, Ireland,
will apeak on "Conditions in Ireland."
Tennyson Chautauqua Circle Monday,
1..10 p. m with Mrs. J. 1: Blake, 4T.3U
Dewey avenue. Social hour will follow
Overseas Women 1 War Workers Mon
ds, 0 p. m., dinner, Y. W. C A. Local
unit of American Women's Overseas
league will be organized.
Citizenship School Monday, S p. m.,
eouncll chamber, city hall. Mrs. H. H.
Wheeler of Lincoln will apeak on "Ad
ministrative Code Bill of Governor Mc
Kelvie." ' TUESDAY.
Loomlt Chautauqua Circle Tuesday, Z
p. m., V. W. C. A.
Omaha Business Women's Club Tues
day. 6:16 p. in., Y. AV. C. A.
Parent-Tea "liers of Central High School
Tuesday, s p. m., school auditorium.
Omaha Woodman Circle Federation
Tuesday, 8 p. in., 411 W. O. W. building.
El Club Znragozn Tuesday evening,
with Alias Jane Bowen, 2417 Dodge street.
H. I. P. Club Tuesday evening,
Social Settlement house, supper and dra
matic art.
Omaha Spanish Club Tuesday, 9 p. m.,
303 Patterson Block, Seventeenth and Tar
nam streets.
American Literature Chautauqua Circle
Tuenclny. 1:30 p. m. with Mrs. D. F. Mor
row, 6006 Burt street.
C ' 8. Grant Woman's Relief Corps'
Tuesday. 1 o'clock luncheon and ken&ingtou
with Mrs. Lillian C. Searles. 1613 Vinton
Alice B. Howard Chautauqua Circle
Tuesday. 7:50 p. m., with Mrs. Alfred
Thompson, 1044 South Thirty-second
fioodfellnwahlp Community Club of Dun
dee Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Tt. M. Crossman, 433 Webster street. In
formal evening.
P. E. O. (Sisterhood, Chapter B. T.
Tuesday, 2:.lo p. 111., with Mrs. F. C
N'ewcomh, ll Wirt street, Sublect,
"Henry ,W. Longfellow." ilsrthena Pea
cock, leader.
Daughter of American Revolution,
Omaba Chapter Tuesday, 3: 3ft p. m.,
Mlrkel music atore. Fifteenth and 'Harney
streets. Annua! business meeting and
election of cfficcrs.
1 Salle t lull Wednesday, 7:30 p, m.,
Chamber of Commerce, Tarlor A.
Omaha W. C- T. V. Wednesday, I p.
m., X. W. C. A. Business meeting.
Alpha Tiiu Omega Wednesday, 1J to
l:3u p. ni., luncheon, Chamber of Com
merce. 8. X. A. P. r. V. Club Wednesday eve
ning, sewing class. Social Settlement
Ilundee Chautauqua Circle Wednesday.
! p. m with Mrs. .1. H. Morton, 6114 ltard
street. Mrs. Morton, leader.
A. C, A. Home Education Section Wed
nesday, 1:30 p. ni., with Mrs, William
Locke, 13: South Thirty-sixth street.
A. C. A. Drama Section Wednesday.
4 p. m., with Mrs. William Locke, u;9
South Thirty-sixth street. Mrs. Winthrop
Lane, leader.
Dundee Morning Chautauqua Circle
Wednesday. 9 : 4 u a. m. with Mrs. .lesto
Pochler, MO Nicholas street. Mrs. It. K
Winkelman, leader.
Yates Parent-Teachers' Association
Wednesday, 3 p. 111., school auditorium,
Regular meeting. Annual election of of
ficers, preceded by program.
Lecture on Modern History Wednesday,
t p. 111., IHichesne college end Convent of
Sacred Heart, Thlrty-alxtb and Burt
streets. The Rev. Alfred Kaufman of
i reighlon university, speaker. The public
Is invited.
Field Club Women Golfers Wednesday.
all day aosston at club house. Luncheon
served at noon. Plans for coming season
will be discussed. Mrs. Mark Levlngs,
chairman ot golf committee,
Danla Club ot Danish Old People' Home)
Wednesday, 2 p. m., with Mrs. A. K.
Meinlg, 3604' North Forty-second street
New secretary will be elected to fill va
cancy made by resignation, of Mrs. Thur
Jorgcnsen who la resigning on account of
ill health.
W. I. Ik L. 4'lub Thursday, 1 p. m., So
cial Settlement house.
Vesta Chapter Kensington Thursday, '3
p. m., Masonic, temple.
Daughters ot Isabella Thursday eve
ning. Knights ot Columbus.
American War Mothers, Omaha Chap
ter Thursday, 8 p. m., Memorial hall
court houre.
Minne Lusa Woman's Society Thtirx
day afternoon with Mrs. R. A. NewtHl
2863 Newport avenue,
Iavenw orth Heights Chautauqua Cirri
Thursday. S p. m., with Mrs. W. A. Wil
lard, 4416 Ma J berry avenue..
Mothers' Guild for Homeless Boys
Thursday, 2 p. in., members will sew dur
ing the afternoon at Father Flanagan's
Boys' home, 4206 South Thirteenth street.
Federal Art Club Friday, I p. m., Y.
W. C. A.
Phi Kappa Pel Friday noon, luncheon,
University club. - '
Round Table Chautauqua Circle Friday
7;li p. m., Y. W. C. A.
Scottish Mile Woman's Club Friday, 2
p. 111., oeomsn nite caiuearai.
Dorcas Club Friday, 1 o'clock luncheon
with Mrs, N. L, Trimble, 2572 Ames ave
Lecture on French Literature Friday.
4 p m., Duchesne college and Convent ot
Sacred Heart. Thirty-sixth and Burt
streets. The publta Is Invited.
George Crook Women's Relief Corps
Friday, I p. ni., Memorial hall, court
l-ongfellow Chautauqua Circle Friday,
7:30 p, m., court house, Ella Connell,
lea der.
West Omnha Mothers' Culture Unh Fri
day, i p, in., with Mis. R, A. McFarlane,
Miami street.
Toratlonsl Workers. Mrs. Millard T-ang.
fetd. Director Saturday, 1 o'clock lunch
eon, Athletlo club. ,
P. K. O. Sisterhood. Chapter M Satur
day, 1 o'clock luncheon with Mrs, Arthur
1:. Pancoast, 4810 Davenport street. Mu
sical program.
Omaha Walking Club Saturday, p.
m.. end of Albright car line over Walking
club trial to cabin at Wiley Point, It. K.
Wlukelliutn. lender.
Kappa Mlginn Club of Omaha and Coun
cil Itlurfs .tturduy, K'.ao to p. til.,
luncheon and meeting, I'nlverslty club.
Oninhn Story Tellers' League Saturday,
1 o'clock luncheon, l-'uiitenelle hotel. Res
ervations niuy bo made with Miss Jennie
Hedfleld, Harney 1US.
League of Round Table, Hela Chapter
SaturiUv, 1 o'clock luncheon xvith Mia. T,
1!. Harper, 4910 Chicago street. Leaaon.
American Literature," and "Origin and
Teachings of the Old Testament."
League of Hound Tithlr. A Iplns Chapter
Kntumay. I o'clock luncheon with Mis.
tleotge Condon, bii South Thirty. fifth avr
iiuo, Business meeting and election of
officers. Plans for next year's work will
be outlined. Mis. W. T. I.onuds of Pes
Moines, former member of Alpha chapter,
will be honor guest.
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