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Convict Labor
May Be Used On
New Reformatory
Board of Control Considers
Unofficially Following
Course Purued at
Federal Prison
Lincoln, May 5. (Special.) Use
of convict labor in erecting the new
?300,000 reformatory for young crim
inals i in the range of possibilities.
Officially before the board of con
trol this plan to cut labor cost and
put tnore money into materials a;rl
architectural beauty hasn't been dis
cussed. Unofficially, however, it is
rcceivinp consideration by state of
ficials. Such a plan is expected to
raise a howl of protest from labor
and it mav lie possible labor's pro
test will nip the plan in the bud.
It is pointed out that taxpayers
;ire hard pressed and want to see the
state get a much for the money as
possible. With this point in view the
plan may receive impetus.
No Labor Competition.
Another argument advanced for
the convict labor plan is the fact that
convicts working on a building in
which to imprison themselves are
' more with tree labor
than convicts working on contract
This plan, it is understood, is be
in? pushed as arguments in favor
of locating the reformatory at Lin
coln, or at Raymond, a little town
only a few miles from Lincoln.
With the board of control locating
the reformatory in either of those
two places, the problem of housing
the convicts until the reformatory
would be erected would be simple.
They would merely march to and
from the state prison daily.
The United States government
pursued the same plan when it start
ed the erection of the big federal
prison at Leavenworth. The prison
ers, prior to the erection of the fed
eral prison, were located in barracks
at Fort Leavenworth, four , miles
from the present location of the fed
eral prison.
Solves Housing Problem.
Each morning guards marched the
prisoners to their work and each
night marched them back. In a short
time temporary (uartcrs were erect
ed and the old barracks abandoned.
Since that time the prisoners have
worked unceasingly in the building of
what will be the largest government
prison in the country whAi com
pleted. The government employs a super
intendent who looks after., the work
and directs the prisoners. The same
could be done by the state of Ne
braska, it is argued, and this would
solve the eternal question facing
Warden W. T. Fenton in winter:
"How can we keep our extra men
Even should another site be chosen
by the board of control, Fremont,
Ashland, Brownville, Grand Island
or North Platte, it is believed tem
porary quarters could be erected to
house the men while they are eiect-
ing the reformatory.
Accounts Vary As To
Where Missing Girls
Spent Tuesday Night
Stories told by the parents of the
three girls who disappeared from
school and their homes Tuesday aft
ernoon vary as to where the trio
spent Tuesday night. The girls re
turned to their homes Wednesday
Dr. W. M. Murphy. 2504 Taylor
street, father of Eltrabeth Taylor,
one of the trio, said yesterday:
"Elizabeth and the girls took a
hike north of Omaha Tuesday after
noon. Before they could find their
way back, night overtook them. They
built a fire in the woods and remained
all night."
Mrs. C. W. Ellis, 1137 North
Eighteenth street, mother of Kathe
rine Ellis, declared her daughter and
Hazel lvey, 4324 North Twenty-sixth
street, did not go on a hike, but that
they spent the night down town
watching returns of the election.
The girls returned to school yes
terday. Awards Presented to
7 High School Stars
Letters and medals were presented
to members of various athletic and
debating teams of Central High and
Commerce High schools of Omaha
at a monster assembly held yester
day morning in the Rialto theater.
More than 2,000 students attended.
This was the first all-high school
assembly held in two years.
D wight E. Porter, principal, an 1
J. H. Beveridge, superintendent of
public schools, announced to the stu
dents that plans for the new Commerce-Tech
building arc almost
complete and that by next July the
buildings would be under construc
tion. The following girls won awards,
for "Music Memory" work: Lucy
Allan. Ethel Dennjson, Bernice Giv
ens. Mildred Hilt, Fannoe'Feldman,
Florence Isky and Rose Bernstein.
Burlington Employs
3,000 Track Repairers
, Three thousand Workmen have
been put to work on western lines of
the Burlington railroad for needed
repairs to the tracks, according to an
announcement yesterday from Bur
lington officials. .
Later, according to the officials, if
the wartime labo- agreements arc
withdrawn and labor unions agree to
a wage reduction, many more work
' men will be employed, the announce
ment reads. '
The Northwestern lines are con
templating putting laborers, espe
cially track men, to work in the near
Other railroads are expected to
follow the lead of the Burlington.
Charles H. Morse Dies.
Orlando, Fla., May 5. Charles H.
Morse of the Fairbanks-Morse com
panv, Chicago, died today at his win
ter home here. He had been ill for
tw months,
t '
Railroads Ask
Assessments Be
; Lower This Year
State Board of Equalization
Hoars Hard Luck Stories
Of Deficits New Com
pany Appears.
Lincoln, May 5. (Special.) The
Missouri Pacific railroad asked the
state board of equalization today to
lower its assessment in Nebraska
$1,886,300 this vcar. The assessment
last year was $12,806,253. The rail
road this rear suggests an assess
ment of $10,919,953.
. Hiyh wages, high cost of materials
and a financial ensis were pleaded
by J. M. Seibcrt of St. Louis, tax
commissioner for the Missouri Pa
cific, before the state board. He
claimed the Missouri Pacific incur
red a deficit of $1,455,000 in its ep
ilations in Nebraska last year.
Omaha Road Objects.
That was one hard luck story told
to the board. Another came from
the Omaha and Southern Intcrurban
Railway company which owns si:;
miles of track in Sarpy county, run
ning to Fort Crook, and operates
on one. and one-half miles of track
of the Omaha and Council Bluffs
Street Railway company.
i Ins company claims that since
it opened for business in 1906 it has
incurred a deficit totalling $45,486.42
and althhough this sum is staring it
in the face, Fort Crook army of
ficers and others have presented a
petition to the state railway commis
sion asking for a decrease in rates.
The company asks for the same
valuation on its holdings this year
as last vcar. The valuation last
year was"$18,000.
Mew Company Appears.
The North Platte Valley Railroad
company, a subsidiary of the Great
Western Beet Sugar company, ap
peared before the board of equali
zation for the first time in its his
tory. This roads consists of three
stretches of track connecting factor
ies at Scottsbluff, Bayard and Mit
chell with surrounding territory. E.
R. Griffin of Denver, vice president,
told the board that the company had
issued $1,185,000 in stock to date
and had received $70,000 in rental
from the Burlington.
The Rock Island is scheduled to
present its valuation report tomorrow.
Take Advantage of the Extra Vote Offer
and Win One of the Larger Awards
Resembling an electric room heater
of the copper reflector type is one in
which the heating clement is a gas
Gas Around
Don't delavl Co riffht over to the near
est droe atore and ztt a package of tfie
genuine Baalroann'a Gat-Tableta, take
them at directed, and feel the immediate
beneficial results
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and, best of all, it will calm your excitable
Baalmann's Gas-Tablets in the yellow
package are for sale by all reliable drugr
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cisco. '
One $15.00 New Subscription ........
One 7.50 New Subscription.
One 5.00 New Subscription
One 4.00 New Subscription
. .136,000
. . 62,000
.. 32,000
.. 22,000
$39.00 Total Regular Votes .314,000
Bonus of 4,000 Extra Votes Per Dollar 156,000
Total Votes for $39.00 170,000
The $25,000.00 List of Awards:
-$7,800.00 HOME, First Capital Award.
1-$4,440.00 Cadillac Aulo.
l$lQ0.0O Conservative B. & L. Deposit.
8 $1,115.00 Maxwell Automobiles.
8 $200.00 B. & L. Deposits.
8 $100 B. & L. Deposits.
Total number of awards, 27.
Ten per cent cash commission to all non
winners if they 'turn in $50.00 or more.
One $10.20 New Subscription 76,000
One 7.80 New. Subscription 62,000
One 5.10 New Subscription 32,000
One 2.55 New Subscription 12,000
$25.65 Total Regular Votes 182,000
Bonus of 4,0D0 Extra Votes Per Dollar 102,600
Total Votes for $25.65 .
100,000 Extra Votes for $25.00
Worth of Subscriptions
This, the first extra vote offer, is now in force. In addition to the regular
votes given as shown in the schedule, we will give to club members 100,000 extra
voets for $25.00 in subscriptions and 4,000 extra votes for each dollar in excess of
$25.00. The larger the amount, the more extra votes. It will thus be seen that
$26.00 of subscriptions are worth 104,000 extra votes and $27.Q0 will get $108,000
extra votes.
Subscription payments are worth more extra votes right now than at any other
time during the Help Yourself Campaign.
This special offer is in effect only until 10:00 p. m., Saturday, May 14.
Two other offers of extra votes will "w . made, but none so large as the
present. . " '"""v '
Give your renewal to some present club member, or nominate a new member.
Your renewal will give some member a helping hand in the race.
If your community is not actively represented, send your renewal direct to
the H.Y. S. Club of The Omaha Bee, giving the name of the club member to
whom you wish your votes credited.
If your town or locality is not actively represented, enter the campaign your
self, or nominate some one from your community and secure the advantages of
the best vote offer ojf the campaign.
Vote Value of
The Pally and Sunday,
Morning- or Evening:, by
Hoy Carrier in Omaba,
Council Bluff and in
towns where Carrier Boy
service it maintained.
2 Tear
1 Tear .f...- 10 ?0
6 Months .. (.10
:J Months . . S.55
Morning or Evening With
out Sunday by Carrier
Boy Service.
; Years 136,000
1 Year 7. SO S3, 000
6 Months .. 8.90 SC. (100
5 Months . . l.5 10,000
Sunday Only by Boy
2 Tears Jlft.40 , 76,000
1 Tear 6.20 31,000
6 Months .. 2.60 12,000
Morning. Evening and Sun
day by Boy Carrier.
1 Tear JIS 00 102.000
5 Months . . 9.00 6.00ii
3 Months .. 4.60 :S,00u
Daily and Sunday by Mail.
N e w
2 Teara ... .113.00' ISti.OUO
1 Year 7.50 S3,0Uu
6 Months .. 4.00 22,000
3 Months .. 2.00 10,000
Daily Only by Mail, With
out Sundaj.
Minne Lu:a
Modern Home
2 Years .
1 Tear ..
6 Months
i Months
. . JlO.oo
Sunday Only by Mail.
2 Years $ S 00 5 2, Win
1 Year- 2.50 Ji.niiii
6 Months . . 1 25 6.0C4
Renewal subscription pay
ments will be given half as
many votes as new subscriptions.
The standing of the club members, as they ap
pear in this issue, only includes the votes received,
and lounted at this office up to 3 p. m., last Wed
nesday. The standings will be changed again in next
Tuesday's paper and will include the votes that are
received and counted at the H. Y. S. Club office
before 6 p. m., Saturday.
First wsL .
Grand Rapids
will preserve your food
longer and materially re
duce your ice bills.
. These are only two of
the many better features
of Grand Rapids Refrig
erators, and these two
will soon return to you in
saving the purchase price
of your Grand Rapids
They are so designed,
constructed and finished
they have become nation
ally known as ice savers
and food keepers.
Refrigeratorf$1 750
priced op from 1
We have a size for
, every home, be . it the
small apartment or the
large residence.
Select your Refriger
ators from the large
stock we are now show
Howard St., . 15th and 16th
I' -
.Will Include all territory Inside the
Cay limits of Omaha south of Pacific
street. wet of the river to Seventy
second street, including Ralston, BeUe
Tue, Fort Crook and Avery.
One S1.115.MI Maxwell, one $209.00
B. I,. Deposit and one SI 00.00 B.
ft I Deposit will bo awardedin this
R. W. Sage, 261 S. 33d St 60,74D
Mrs. C. A. Christennen, 623 Cedar.. 16, 8 00
Ernest Herngren, 5015 S. 7th St 60.S70
Martha, Ebert, 2402 Poppleton 10.910
Mrs. Thomas Seize, 2318 I St 16,610
Mrs. Pearl Starkey, 1937 8. 13th 61,350
Frank Kennlson, 1509 S. 26th St.... 17,660
John Salerno, 723 Pierce St... 12,460
Frank Sterba, 129 Br. Bldg., S. Y... 11,580
C. O. Philips, 1624 Polk St 12,460
Fred Stroeh, 4943 South 26th 11,610
Mabel Hogan. 2408 S. 24th 10,810
Ed Julls, 6806 S. 20th 11,910
William Murray, 3024 S. 32d Ave. ...17,640
Mrs. Fred Kaiser, Bellevue, Neb. .. .11,580
Mrs. J. N. .Williams, 3608 S. 2Sd 17,230
Bernice Wawr, 3926 li St 11.5..0
Mabel Oarevett, 825 Bancroft 16,740
Mrs. Alfred Pederson, 2019 Dorcas. .17,810
Mrs. F. Marecek, 6218 S. 20th St.... 61, 860
Thoo. A. Isaacson, 2317 S. Slat 11,590
Mrs. Anna Ruppert, 2014 Martha, .. .16,250
Mrs. C. A. Kauth, 1822 Bancroft. .. .11,800
Jolm Kwasnlewski, 2867 Oak, 16,580
Mrs. Katherlne Hawes. 3024 S. 18th 11,850
Miss C. O'Halloran, S791 S. 10th. .. .11,300
H. Hakenholz, 2323 Monroe 11,650
Iva Slegel, 1724 Dorcas ...58,840
G. H. Evans. 4550 8. 40th 62,490
Mrs. E, D. Haworth, 1775 8. 9th.... 6,670
George Peterson, 3413 Wright 6,010
A a re Jorgensen, 3620 S. 20th 6,000
Walter Hamilton, 2201 S. 39th 6,000
Will Include all territory inside the
city limits of Omaba and on, and
north of Facifie street, west of the
river to Eighty-third street and as far
north as Maple street.
One 11,115.00 Maxwell, one 9200.00
B. ft I. Deposit and one M 00.00 B.
ft 1 Deposit will be awarded in tbia
Fred Q. Wttte. 8517 Seward 10,650
Mrs. C. J. Hubbard, S804 Farnam.. 61,170
O. W. Hendee, 4204 Burdette 56,150
A. D. Klein, Jr., 4806 Dodge 56,980
Kloye B. Morel!, 644 S. 25th Ave. ...67,810
C. J. Wright, 3310 Howard 19,950
James Addeson, 2411 N. 18th 13,530
W. T. Zlesel, 3314 Decatur 12,340
H. Peterson, 120 N. 26th 5,780
Dr. Frank G. Smith, Blaokstone . . ..68,170
Louis J. Schafer, 113 N. 26th i. 60,240
Mildred Plank, 2714 Burt 65.790
Mrs. Anna Morenelll, 858 S. 21st. . . .1,980
Fred Keogh, 220 N. 19th JU 22,380
A. Hicks, 371S Miami 60,740
R. H. Ackley, 360N. 34th 11,460
Mrs. Emily Winner, 11S N. 20th ...64,890
Hedwig Michel, 3411 N. 58th ....... 5,470
Gertrude Levin, S051 N. 19th 10,580
I. ouls Elewitz, 2771 Burt 10,650
R. E. Holbrook, 3566 Pacific 67.840
Marten Troufeit, 2435 Hamilton ....26,480
Herman Nachshoen, 413 N. IS th . . . .16
Dessie D. Harrop, 2567 Douglas .....11
C. A. Wier, 1915 Charles 12,
C. F. Slosson, jr., 4906 Cuming 5S
Ida Karback. 1433 N. 20th
J. K. Mcintosh. 4160 Chicago
Mrs. Mary Engel, 2703 Cuming ...
Mrs. A. E. Waack, 2222 Howard .
Mrs. E. English. 105 8. 38th Ave.
Mrs, C. L. Case, 2S74 Cotpy
O. T. Peterson, 3009 Harney
Marten J. Dlneen, 938 N. 26th ....
Mrs. Chas. Ppklo. 1614 N. 35th...
Blanche Snyder. 723 8. 25th Ave..
R. L. Murray. 4424 Jones
Mrs. Bessie Beach. 1008 S. 29th . .
Richard Tizard, Jr., 220 'i X. 23d.
Harold Anderson, 3110 Marcy ....
Josephine Shumaker. I. oval Hotel.
T. D. PMganis. 411 S. 16th
E. H. White. 667 S. 33d
Mrs W. J. Whitaker. 4804 Dodge... 32,
Ij. X. Snanson, 4129 Lake S.
Mrs. B. N. Clausen, 4809 Undervood61.
Airs. Marie coulter, 3009 Harney...
Mrs. R. I,. Pattleon. 218 Turner Ct.
Sam Wolf, 2316-i X. 30th
Rev. X. C. Hanson, 1713 X. 25th St.
W. J. Duve, 3223 Seward
Mrs. C. M. Tomandl. 4307 Charles...
Roland Preisman. 1018 N. 32d
Horraee Schaeffer, 4225 Cuming .
F.mmet Wlemer. 416 S. 42d .
Mrs. C. E. LInneman, 1633 Victor..
. .59.
. .24
. .10,
. . 5,
. .16,
. . 5,
4 SO
Mrs. 11. E. Tnunrf 5338 X. 23th 11,010
V. P. Boh an. 2576 Evans 5.000
Mrs. . McKemia. 2012 Emmet 6,260
Ceo. "VV. Allen, 1707 Mandernon 6,210
Mrs. V E. Waters, 3021 X. IStli 11. 00?
Frank Woodruff, 3821 X. 34th 5,000
. Fipkle, 2018 Manderson 5,000.
Mrs. R. E. Moore, 6002 X. 28th Ave.. 5.110
W. E. Stutenroth, 2436 Camden 5,10
Will include all territory Inside the
city limits of Omaha on and north of
Maple street, west of the river to
F.ighty-thlrd street and north to Sar
geant street, including Florence and
the Carter Lake district.
One 1.1 15.00 Maxwell, one $200.0(1
B, ft 1.. Deposit and one S100.00 B. ft
1,. Deposit will be awarded in this
Edna Lawrenson, 7711 X. 28th Ave.. 10, 090
Fred B. Xlchols, 3415 X. 24th U.2S0
A. L. Frederick. 3558 Whitmore. .. .61.740
Mona Harris. 2954 X. 47th Ave 14.950
Henry Christensan, 6904 Minne Lusa
Blvd 11,830
C. 1). Schnell, 2423 Crown Point 11.3S0
G. J, Emery, 2554 Pratt 60,790
Leo Daniels, 2302 Maple 62,680
Mrs. Rose Tedesco, 2939 Lincoln
Blvd .13.719
Violet Brotc.hio. 5020 Iflorence Blvd..19.4S0
A. H. Mayer. 2438 Ellison 53,70
Mrs. L. M. Thirtle, 6005 X. 30th 11,490
Oliver Cole. 4738 N. 40th 22,3'iO
Mrs. W. W. Davis, 3929 Flor. Blvd. .44 990
Louise Shumate, 1484 Pinkney. .. t. . 17,010
Mrs., Harry Rogers, 8511 X. 29th. .. .10.85:1
O. Hall, 2S79 Vane 13.230
Dr. W. A. Gerrie, 6616 Flor. Blvd... 5,30'l
Winifred Travis, 2861 Fowler 11,370
Mrs. J. W. Rodebaugh, 3180 Mere
dith 11,770
Mrs. J, M. Streeter, 4008 X. 34th'
Ave .21,210
Mrs. Henry Veldman, 8620 X. 30th.. 44,470
Mrs. G. L. Tracy, 2811 Browne 5,540
Mrs. E. D. Perrln, 3120 X. 47th 10,59.)
Ben Ferrell. 3410 X. 24th 5,110
Mrs. J. A. Wilson. 2712 Camden 5.300
E. I. Johnson, 6036 Pinkney k
Mrs. X. P Sass, 3569 Meredith 6.12')
Mrs." C. L. Rogers, ".123 Tucker 5.210
Mrs. J. E. Dalton. 1903 Locust 11,000
Will Include all territory in the cily
of Council Bluffs, including the Mana
na district.
One fl.115.00 Maxwell, one 200.1M R.
ft .1,. Deposit nnd one B. I..
Deposit will be awarded in this district.
Mrs. W. C. Riley. 109 Angle Ave. .. .10.380
Gortrude Sullivan. 813 Ave. B 62.630
L. R. Roberta, 162 W. Bdwy ..21,470
Ray C. Wilcox, 527 E. Bdwy 6 410
Anna Ward, 1006 6th Ave IS, 130
Mrs. M. A. Smith, 2304 Ave. D 15.741
Rev. A. F. Catlin, 129 4th St ....26,500
A. W. Geiger. Jr., 420 Damon ..17,580
Dorothv Lenihan. 532 Harrison St...10."8;i
Mrs. Ada McLaughlin, 1908 3d Ave.. 31,700
Harold O. DeVol, 1012 7th Ave 18.430
Mrs. W. J. Relnts, 1222 oth Ave 17,950
R. P. Bolln, 2003 4th Ave 17,181
Mrs. Peter Jensen. Oakland St. . .. . .2I,8 !0
Mrs. F. R. Scholes, 541 Mill .11,650
Lawrence Gallagher. -2408 Ave. A... 17,480
Van Liddel, 2401 Ave. A 6,130
A. W. Anderson. 3431 3d Ave 10.580
Mrs. Iva M. Ford, 303 S. 18th 61,261
R. D. Edwards, 2310 Ave. C 10,590
Mrs. J. W. Head, 34R5 3rd Ave 11.161
F. H. Moran, 114 S. 1st St 6,110
Mary C'ahlll, 122 W. Broadway. .... .17,450
John Kennedy, 1921 4th Ave.. 11,130
Ernest Taylor, 2407 Ave. C 5.269
P. McGee, 218 3d St 5,380
Mrs. L. C. Davis. 1417 Fairmont Ave. 21,089
M. Greno. 1022 E. Broadway.. 10,370
Paul Bracltney, 20 X. 1st 6,270
Lou Dunlav. Grand Hotel 43,200
Mr?. Wm. J. Ryan, 036 Ave. A 03,110
Katherlne Malone, 811 Ave. A 6.110
O. J. Atkins. Neola 56 ."30
Marion Caughell. CarBon . 'JJr 0
Ruth Knight. Glenwood 49.IH0
Betty Eacrett. Malvern 49,860
Rev. G. B. Bnuman, Minden 3,690
uayie w one, :iaivern o.ovu
j.'rs. Billie Iwen. Schleswig 11,490
Ju.. Oviatt, Shenandoah 63.920
Fiani'i Claussen, Manning 10.46U
B. I. Mart, Emerson 6.340
Mrs. Ona, Johnson, Pac. Jet 63,90
Utirge W. Moore, Bartlett 17.480
Bert Graham, R. 1, Logan.... 6.020
Nellie J. Solleder, Thurman 17,043
Gladys Mavis, Harlan 6.060
Era Hough. Oakland 6.1 SO
Mrs. Glea Harris, Avoca 5.100
Bernard Franklin, Hamburg 6,199
Ivar Averlll, Stanton 6,000
Merle Andres, Oakland 6,210
Dorothy Hull, Hepburn.,. 21,040
,T. H. Hudgens, Walnut 29,940
Merle B. Travis, Careon 5.810
Leona Hamann, Persia ............ 18.940
Will include all the territory in the
state of Iowa outside the city of
Council Bluffs and the Manawa dis
trict. One 1,115.00 Maxwell, one S200.00
B. ft I.. Deposit and one 100.00 II.
ft L. Deposit will be awarded in tbia
district. .
Francis Delsnty, Dumphrics .11.210
Emma Marsh, Villisca .12,480
Thelma Lindsay, Sidney 18,160
Alice Hubbard, Tersia 17.910
Myrtle Rogers, Percival 63,510
Audrey Xlpp, Mineola 11,890
Mrs. June Flckel. Hastings 16,650
Al Christensen, Weston 10,789
Thomas Page, Honey Creek 5,390
ITarlen Klutts, Mondamln 63,120
Mrs. Xettie Batchclder, Riverton. .. .1 7.020
John Glllete. Atlantic 13.780
Sadio Hughes, llriswold ; 36,510
E. E. Axthelm, Olenwood...' 12,060
Glen C. Sllllk. Missouri Valley 2SV410
Mrs. Gladys V. Russel, Logan 41,760
Mrr. Ellen Tucker. Weston 11,520
Arizona Byrd. Henderson 17.140
Will include the following counties in
Hie state of Nebraska: Cnss. fearpy,
Douglas (outside the city of Omaha),
.launders. Butler, Polk, Merrick. Nance.
I'latt, Colfax, Dodge. Washington,
Burt. Cuming, Stanton, Madison;
Boone. Antelope. Tierce, Wayne, Thur
ston, Dakota, Dixon, Cedar and Knos.
One 1,1 15.00 Maxwell one f200.00
B, ft I,. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
ft L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Alvin Barton, Lyons
n. E. Strasburg. Polk
.Mrs. P. E. Buok. Fremont
Mrs, Wade Pruitt. Humphrey
Anton F. Votova. Schuyler
G. C. Smith, Albion
Charles J. Svoboda. Prague
Chas. Reipl. 1730 No. D, Fremont .
Anna Bluinni, Scribner
J. ('. Olcott, 34211 J7th, Columbus.
E. F. Cuphman, Kcnnard
B. W. Stits, Wann
Frank Palla. Pender
Mabel Brazda, West Point
Nellie Dwyer, Colon
D. E. Hayes, Herman
Jessie B. Kay. Wlsner
Ida Ruther, Stanton
H. J. Muffley, St. Edward
Jens Jensen. Lyons
f. E. Anderson, R. 4. Norfolk.'...'..
Cedric Anderson. WaU3a
J. M. Fix. Gretna
Laura Kolena, Creighton .........
Mrs. Edith Sihool-r. Rosalie
George F. Dovey, Plattsmouth
Mrs. Archie Robert". North Bend .
Lydla Seyersdahl, Madison
Marie Rowaldt. Tutan
Emma Fredstrom, Oakland
Mildred E. Johnson. Mead
Josaphine Evans, Platte Center...
Mre. Ad Lyons, Newman Grove..
Mrs. Lulu Owen, Ashland
Mrs. B. G. Darling. Hooper
J. W. Keeler, Fullcrton
. 6.110
. 5,370
. 5.450
r, 4"
'. 5.120
. 5.180
. 6.060
. .5.000
. .j.imo
. .3,150
. .5.000
. . 5 000
. .5,000
. .5.010
. .3.960
. .5;000
. .5.000
A. E. Pratt. Tobias 6.0 f
William McKerver, Cordova. 5, 4
II -V. R. B. E. Hill. TauTe Rock .mi
W. B. Lee. York 6-.0
Mrs. Chop. Fowler, Nebraska City. .7,'.',i
Mrs. W. A. Hunt. Red Cloud
Alfred BooUwaiter, Pawnee City.. . .1SKL L .
G. C. Hobak, Nehawka 8,240
Zetta Lower, Valparaiso 17.020
J. H. Domingo. AVeeptng Water .... 6.610
V. H. Hoerstmann, Fremont 63.280
George Jacobs. Cedar Rapids ,. 10,890
L. T Warrick, Blair 12.180
F. J. Bortuslah. R. 4. Clarks 31.740
John Otto. West Point , 10,500
A.- H.' Chrlstoneeii, Stromburg 15.960
Louise Flgenbaum, Springfield 44.650
Winnie McMillan. Shelby 6,940
Wm. Andrews, Bellwood 17.940
Vivian Dee, David City 46.960
Gladys Hendricks, Elgin 20,140
F. R. Hoppock, Fullerton .'....11,860
Sarah Rausch, Lindsay 11,660
Goldie Toung, Meadow Grove 17,620
"W. L. Scott, Osceola 6.620
A. D. Allen. Decatur ....21,941
E. O. Wilde. S23 S. 8. Norfolk 16.620
A. M. Sanders. Plattsmouth 63.480
F. L. Brown, Schuyler 17,980
Helen M. Wynkoop, Central City. .. .63,240
C. J. Havlland. Norfolk 6,340
Floyd Buchanan. Silver Creek ..i.. 63, 110
Henry J. Haynes, Octavla 11,820
Sam Davis, Wayne 63.511
R.. V. Kennedy, Tekamah 63.891
Joe KraJIcek, Arlington 17.640
Fred Boss. Columbus 16,380
Elmer Xordland. Columbus 13.610
G. Koch. R. 3. Columbus 6.640
Opal Adams. Valley 17,390
D. P. Hill, Genoa -.64,490
Henrietta Miller. Oakland 64,240
W. C. Halsey, Oakdale 64,690
Clifford Cunningham. Wahoo 18.060
Herman Buhk. Beemer 3.6.940
H. A. llomann. Elkhorn 11.420
Fred T. Wlgington. Schuyler 64.290
Cordon Smith, Lyon 6.690
A. E. Stafford, Rising City 16,610
Will include the following counties in
the stale of Nebraska: Otoe, Nemaha,
Richardson, Pawnee, Johnson, t.agf.
Lancaster, Seward, Valine, Jefferson,
Thayer, Fillmore, York, 'Hamilton,
Clay, Nuckolls, Webster and Adams.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $?0fl.u0
B. ft I.. Deposit nnd one $100.00 B.
I.. Deposit will be awarded in this
Will Inrlode all territory in the stio !
of Nebraska not included in District''' I
Number end 7, also territory In 8on: ,
Dakota. Kansas and Colorado. t
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $300.f-r-.
ft I.. Iennit and xne Xlon.OO P."X .'.
1. Deposit vt ill b? anarded In thM.
II. f. Ilelme, Scottsbluff .:
V. . It. Shelter. I'r.xtou. .
Martin Xie'ron, l)i nnebrox. . .
Julia. Burkhnd. Sutherland...-. 17.
Mr?. K.-T. Hlgelow, Smithficld
12. . '
..';:.' hi'
.: 'I." '
.14' ' I
.SW.. ' ;
. i;.v-.i
.1 i.f ' t "
.sr.f; i
Mrs. Otis Wolford, Clay Center. .. .63.840
Thomas Foster. Beaver Crossing. . . . 6,840
Ruth Wells, B!uo .Springs 23.98)
Gladys Saylor, Hrun'lng 26.59 )
Hattle Stables, Carl. ton 10.460
Eleanor Shoff. Fairbury 15,91
Geo. Whitesell, Kencnaw 16.731
Mrs. Lyda Wolfskin, Superior. 43.23
Francis Himburger, Wymore 22.9'JO
Frank C. Bruning. Mllford 6.970
Mrs. W. L. Chapman. Glltner 20.160
Chas. Laurie, Alexandria 17,(,-"0
Mrs. Dick Harper, Davenport 22.711
Raymond I,. Crosson. Hastings 13.490
Mrs. B. Anderson, 1324 H St., Lincoln 17.690
Mrs. B. F. Jordon. York 17,940
Mrs. Marie Morris, Hebron 6.729
Tlllie Nolte. Auburn. R. 2 37.990
Mrs. Mark Hall. Auburn 63.470
Robert Moore, Xelson 27,510
Lee Parriott, Peru 63.2S0
Will Brookley, Edgar 17.440
Mrs. Dean Kite. Auburn 63.591
Velva Bair, Fairmont 36.691
A. C. Bek, Seward 31,480
Rex-. L. A. Moser. Harvard 16.290
Vera Grossliaus. Sutton 16.410
E. L. Knit. Deshler 21,410
Margaret Ahrens. Falls City 18,660
Mrs. Thomas Brower, R 1, Geneva. .21,1 9'i
Agnes Krasomil. Aurora..... ...... 3s. 110
Gall Parson, Humboldt 36.090
l.ick Pullman. Sargent
IMi-abet.i Rsilstou, Orleans ,
-Neva. Wetzel. North I.u in
Nl-. 'Merle Srtotrs. Imcial . . . .
Mis. Minnie Calmer. Colhenburg
Mne Dick, Cambridge
Mr?. Ethel Copland. Bridgeport
Cl:ulys .Moore Bipomlnjrlcri. . .
Mr. (.'. l. Taylor. Beftkcjiiart. .
Hilda Jnrob."Oii, Araphaoc ....
J. K. William.?. Alliance
Mrs. Margaret Milligaii. Arnold .
Signa Peterson, Eddyville
Oncnr Peterunn, Sumner
Bert Brownell. Channel!
P. J. Mtimrr. 109 W. 5th, Grund Is. :;9.'1
Sirs, A. Callahiin. Gerina T X t
Dr. D. A. KumlMtrom. Curtis i;;,?i
Mrs. Walter Borden, Gordon l.."f
Mrs. Edna laaucvon, Cozad .....1?."ni
Mrs. Bertha A. Eber. Kirk 11,V. i
H. H. Edwards, Scottsbluff... 17,V.'
n. n. narns, .rsertranci .i7."i
Mrs. Grace Rcdtfelt. Minden 4Sl-i
George Onrdner, Bayard 10. '.I i
Melba. Philbrlck, Ord 18.P'':i
('. R Dosset. Axtell 5.!-,o
E. G. Xlsley. Lexington 6B,V'-'
Wm. Halsey, Lebanon. ."
Fern Gates. Slsmford
Chas. Johnson, Jr., Manville. Wyo. ,1Svltti
Mrs. Emil Stelnkc. Holdrege 48.98ii
Mrs. Clay Funston. Ogallala ti n:,'
A. 15. Lee. 719 X. Locust, X. Platte S347n
Mildred Reed. Lexington 7.2l,T
Blanche Myers. Sutherland -. .16 4;
H. H. Stevens. 320 S. Vine. X. Platte 16.SM
Mrs. H. Rosccrans, Julesburg. Wyo..5 19'i
C. II. Blackburn. Mitchell.... S.t'W
Fern Betls, Franklin 36 4in
Allle Xlchols. 914 X. Sye. X. Platte 16.0.M
C 11. Grishem. Lodgepole. 33 261
John Firth, Long Pine 6J60
Mrs. Ray Rathbun, Hayes Center.. S.041
Philip Mercier. Campbell S.'OVo
E. C. McKak, St. Paul. Bjnjl
Velma Weatherwax. Sidney 6.009
Edw. Norlander, Keystone ffTUl
Ruth Walsh Suelton i,Q6
Mrs. Robert Smllh. Ord...1.. .00
Mrs. Ins B. Harahbuger, Oconto. ... K, 06$
Harvey Thompson, Ravenna ,0
Helen Loomis. Gibbon..'. , ....It.OOi
Mrs. rhilllp Seefus, Scotia....' . .$
Albert P. Powers. Greeley ,..ri,0O
P. C. JIcKenzie, Burwell j..t.Vff
Campaign Closet June 25thr'
Membership Entry Blank
The Omaha Bee Help Yourself Club
5,000 VOTES
Date....... ...1921
I nominate :
(Mr., Mrs. or Miss)
Street No. .Dist. No.
City State .'.
As a member of The Help Yourself Club '
This nomination blank will count for 5,000 votes if sent
to the manager of the H. Y. S. Club. Only one blank will
count for a member, rill out this blank with your name or
the name of your favorite and send it to The Bee. The name
of the person making the nomination will not be divulged.
'V - ' .
In order toTinture accuracy, a Burroughs Adding Machine is used
in tabulating the votes.
Address Your Entry Blanks and All Communications to .
THE OMAHA BEE "Help Yourself Club," Omaha, Neb.
For further information, subscription blanks, etc., call, write or phone
312 Peters Trust Bldg. (Bee Bldg.) '
Office Opens at 9 a. m. Phone Atlantic 1000
Campaign Closes June 25th, 1921
The Omaha Bee
Help Yourself Club
Not good after May 16, 1921. Must be voted or'
mailed on or before expiration date.
Street No. Dist. No.
Good for 10 free votei when sent to the H. Y. S. Club on or
before above date. No coupon will be tramferred to another
after being received at the office of The Bee.