Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 06, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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berstein Hands
In Resignation
As Police Chief
Promises to Support INcw
Order;, Dunn Preparing
List of Promotions and
Chief of Folice Marshall Lberstcin
presented his resignation yesterday
afternoon to James C. Dahlmau and
the "commissioners-elect."
Election of the "United Seven"
and the decisive defeat of Police
Commissioner Ringer nude it certain
that Ebcrstein would not be re
tained '
lie was appointed chief of police
hy Rinser two and a half years ago.
Prior to that he was head of the
federa! bureau of investigation here,
a br;nch of the department of justice
of ihe federal government. He had
bee', in that work more than 20
Ebcrstein has been the center of
much criticism by some of the com
missioners during his incumbency
in the position.
Assures Support.
His resignation, which he sent yes
terday to James C. Dahlman follows:
"Hon. James C. Dahlmai; and
Commissioners-Elect Gentlemen : I
herewith tender my resignation as
chief of police, effective when my
successor is appointed. Wishing
you a successful administration and
assuring you of my most hearty
support as a citizen, I am,
"Chief of Police."
Police Judge Henry Dunn, who is
slated to take the chair of police
commissioner when the seven suc
cessful candidates for city commis
sioner, take office, is spending his eve
nings and spare time working on a
list of promotions and demotions
for the police department.
Will Keep Briggs.
Some men, he said, are now higher
than they deserve to be and some are
"And some arc square pegs in
round holes," added the police judge.
Judge Dunn .nailed rumor No. 1
that Police Captain John Briggs
would be demoted.
"He's a good man for the job and
lie's- going to stay where he is," said
the judge.
"And so will Andy Pattullo remain
at his post," added Judge Dunn.
Three of the fair sex now em
ployed at Central police station will
be replaced by three of the sterner
sex, it was stated. Mrs. Ella Gib
bons, matron,, will be retained.
Your Multigraph Will Print
Those who use their
Multigraph for form letters
only, should not forget that the
: addition of a Printing-ink Attach
. . ! ment turns it into a rapid, rotary
- printing press.
1 on
? -iiiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Don't "Just Hope
It's Pure, Know That It Is j
While it is true that good pure milk is the supreme
food, it is also true that a great deal of illness is trnce- 5
able to milk that has beeu improperly handled.
Avoid This Danger
by obtaining your milk from a concern that knows how
to handle it and has the proper facilities for so doing. ' 5
Call The Off ice j
and one of the "White "Wagons will stop.
j. Alamito "Milk
! 5 Leavenworth
Phones Douglas 0409.
' Brief City IVetcs
, Kultbl to Swuk "Pottcrlsm ud
I nohert ltrowninx" will Im Rabbi
i form's subject at Temple lsiaej to
night ut 8.
Informal Duiitv- The .1. !. Mo
! Crorey. company will entertain its
employes and friends Ht nn informal
! danee at the Empress) Kustie garden
i Friday nlsht.
I Dr. I'Hllfus I'robe Kollow-
' ins alleged threats acainst her nn
i less she. would withdraw from the
I Klks women's popularity contest,
j Dr. Jennie t.'allfas appealed to Chief
j of rollro Kbersteln for an investlga
' tion. Dr. Oallfas said fehe intends to
I remain in the eontest.
Will Glvo OperettaThe Young
1ftdlen' sodality of St. Patricks
I church will present the operetta
I "What Happened In Holland," at the
l lelphton auditorium on .May zz.
Proceeds will be piven to the. school
building fund. Jliss Margaret Hoff
man will lake the lending role.
Summer J'erfornwiuvx The Prin
cess I'laycrs, a stock company, will
frlve performances nt the Brandeis
theater during the summer months,
it was announced yesterday. Open
ing will be on Sunday, May 15. The
company, which comes from l)es
Moines, is headed by Theodora AVar
lleld. Itankruplcy Proceed inss Volun
tary bank'uptey proceedings were
instituted yesterday by tho ltalston
1'ownsite company, a real estate con
cern of Ilalston. Neb. The petition
was filed in federal court following
legal action taken against the com
pany in district court by Tressie
Dennv and Louise Ttrunenkant.
Will Stop I. W. V. .Move Any
plan of the I. W. V. organization to
establish headquarters in Omaha
will bo frustrated by federal agents.
according to E. V. I:yrn, chief of
tho department of Justice in Omaha.
Information that tho general head
quarters of the organization for tho
middle west were to be established
in Omaha was given .Mr. Hyrn.
Bvllovo Ivvploslon Mistake That
the home of Mrs. Blanche Davis,
3802 North Eighteenth street, was
blown up by mistake last Sunday
night, is the theory advanced by de
tectives working on the case. Mrs.
Davis said she heard two men talk
ing near Jicr homo two nights ago,
r-ha told Acting Chief of Detectives
Pszaznowski. "I overheard one re
mark that he was sorry ho made
tho mistake of putting the bomb in
the wrong house," she told detec
tives, j
Bandits Rob Man to Made
Up for Lost Election Ikts
Two highwaymen who lost btts on
the municipal election by plavintr I
their money on "committee of 5,000"
candidates, held tip Max Bernstein,
04 South Seventeenth street, late
Wednesday night at the point of guns
and robbed him of $700 worth of
persona! effects, including a diamond
rincr, a Shrine ring and a watch.
The holdup occurred in front of
l'crnstcin s home.
"Sorry to do this, pal." one of the
robbers said, "but Ave lost all our
money on the election by betting on
the '5,000 crowd.' "
Booklets, circulars,
tags, stationery, forms of all
kinds, bulletins ; nearly every print
ing need can be met capably and
effectively with speed, timeliness
and economy.
The Multigraph is a
regular; not a substitute.
. 1037-40 City National Bank Bldf.
White" Dairy j
St. at 26th.
Council Bluffs, Red 2874.
! Election Costs
Losers Twice as
i Much as Winners
Committee of 5,000 Spent Be.
tweon $9,000 ami $10,000;
Expense to City Expected
To Be $13,000.
The municipaj election cost the
losing side twice as much as was
spent by the united seven slate, ac
cording to a survey cn expenses.
"The committee of 5,000 spent be
tween $9,000 and $10,000." said Dr.
Harold Gifford, treasurer.
The united seven, all of whom w ere
elected, spent only half the "5,000"
expense, according to James II. Han
Icy, chairman of the winning cam
paign. "We have a small deficit, but will
make it up shortly," sair Mr. Han
ley. Kxpense of the election to the city
is expected to be $15,1)00, Election
Get Up Early Friday and Follow the Crowd to the
40,000 Soft Collars! 5,000 Stiff Collars! For Friday!
Not a dead style in the lot; all perfect, new, stylish col
lars. In Piques, Cords, Oxfords, Fibers, Silk Mixtures
and Pure Silk Collars. Every imaginable shape.
Extra Sales
people to Serve'
Commissioner llarley Moorhcad
An estimate of $,'0,000 is .said to
l.avc been spent by citizens in he
halt of favorite candidates in addi
tion to that spent by the two slate
The "committee of 5,000" faces a
deficit of nearly $0,000, according to
F. D. W'cad, chairman of that organ
ization. Members of the organization will
make up the loss, it was stated.
1 olice Commissioner Kinscr. one
of the losing candidates, declared he
tpent about $485.
The winning commissioners, Zini
man and Butler, spent, less than the
losers, according to their statements.
Ginger Jazz Band to Play
For Entertainment of Elks
Mothers' day ritualistic program
will be given for the first time at the
regular weekly meeting of the Elks
lodge, in the shrine room, this evening.
Aitrr tho meetine lo in . Moore.
' who is putting on an indoor circus
I for the Elks at the Auditorium, May
7 to 14, will bring his Iev Orleans
Ginger Jazz band of 10 pieces and a
troupe of six Arabs to the Elks lodge
room, and will put on a program of
entertainment that will occupy about
one-half hour's time.
Perfect Collars .
Not a collar worth less
than 25c The majority
worth 35c, 40c and 50c
Sizes 13V2 to 19
Ballot Complaint to Be
Filed on E. 0. Ames
County Attorney Shotwcll is prc- :
1 aring a complaint against E. O. (
Ames, president of the State Savings j
& Loan association charging him i
w ith destroying a ballot during the i
city election Tuesday while serving j
a a member of the election board in
the ninth precinct, 10th ward.
Mr. Shotwcll and llarley G. Moor- i
Ivarl, election commissioner, com-'
plated their investigation of the case
yesterday. According to Mr. Moor
head, 11 witnesses were interviewed:
and several affidavits taken.
A warrant for the arrest of Mr. 1
Ames w ill be issued when the com-
plaint is filed. . '
Bids Received for Block
Of Court House Bonds llcrc
UiiU received for a block-of $200,-1
000 of court house reconstruction!
j bonds were announced vestcrdav to
I range from $180,940, offered by llvj
First Trust company, to $185,500, I
j offered by J. 'I. Wachub.
The other four bidders are United
States Trust companv. $184,804;
Burns. Hrinkcr & Co., $184,.i88; Pe
ters Trust company, $184,30'). and
National Citv companv, New York,
Choose Your Spring
Curtains in a Great
Sale Saturday at the
Union Outfitting Co.
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