Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 28, 1921, Page 10, Image 10

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READ THEM : The Largest Of fer Is Now On ENTER TODAY
First Extra Vote Offer
025.00 In Subscriptions Will Get
100,000 Extra Votes.
This, the First Extra Vote offer, is now in force,"
and is as follows:
In addition to the regular votes allowed on sub
scription payments, as shown in the vote schedule,
we make the Club Members the following offer:
100,000 extra votes given to every Mem
ber who sends or brings $25.00 in subscriptions to
this office on or before Saturday, May 14th, 10 p. m.
The larger the amount the Member sends in
during this period, the larger the Member's extra
vote ballot will be. For example: $26.00 will re
ceive 104,000 extra votes; $27.00 will get 108,000
extra votes, etc.
Subscription payments are worth more extra
votes during this period than they will be at any
other time during the campaign.
Second Extra Vote Offer
$25.00 In Subscriptions Will Get
50,000 Extra Votes.
This, "the Second Extra Vote Offer, will run for
a period of three weeks, starting at the close of the
first, offer, May 14th, and will close June 4th, 10
p. m. and is as follows:
In addition to the regular votes allowed on sub
scription payments as shown in the vote schedule,
the following offer will be made during this period :
75,000 extra votes will be given to every Club
Member who sends or brings $25.00 worth of sub
scriptions to this office on or before June 4th, 1921,
10 p. m.
The larger the amount the Club Member sends in
during this period the larger the Member's extra
ballot will be. For example: $26.00 will receive
78,000 extra votes; $27.00 will get 81,000 extra
Votes, etc. (
Subscription payments are worth more extra
votes during this period than they will be at any
remaining time during the campaign.
Third Extra Vote Offer
$25.00 In Subscriptions Will Get
50,000 Extra Votes.
This, "the Third Extra Vote Offer," will start
at the close of the second offer, June 4th, and will
run two weeks, closing June 18th, 10 p. m., and is as
In addition to the regular votes allowed on sub
scription payments, as shown in the vote schedule,
the following offer will be made during this period :
50,000 extra votes will be given to every Club
Member who sends or brings $25.00 worth of sub
scriptions to this office on or before Saturday, June
18th, 1921,10 p.m.
The larger the amount the Club Member sends
in during this period, the larger the Member's extra
vote ballot will be. For example : $26.00 will receive
52,000 extra votes; $27.00 .will get 54,000 extra
votes, etc.
Subscription Payments are worth more extra
votes during this period than they will be at any
remaining time during the campaign.
No Extra Votes Given Dur
ing the Last Week of
the Campaign
During this period, the last week of the cam
paign, there will be no Extra Votes given. Only the
regular votes allowed on subscription payments
will be given.
The Campaign closes June 25th, 1921, 10 p. m.
Club Members do not need to hold the subscrip
tions until they have secured the $25.00 worth in
order to get the Extra Votes given during the Extra
Vote Offers.
Send the subscriptions in as soon as possible af
ter securing, so that the parties subscribing will re
ceive the paper promptly. The Campaign Depart
ment will then return to the Member a separate
vote ballot covering the number of votes allowed for
the subscription turned in.
Campaign department will mail to the Club
Member a separate vote ballot covering the number
of extra votes due on the Extra Vote Offer.
'Opportunity knocks but once,"-says the poet.
Be that as it may, opportunity is knocking at your door today
in giving you the chance to join The Bee's Help Yourself Club.
Think of it a home worth $7,800.00, a Cadillac costing
$4,400.00, a Building & Loan Deposit of $1,500.00, eight Maxwell
.Touring Cars, eight ?200 Building & Loan Deposits and eight
$100.00 Building & Loan Deposits.
All those to be presented to the 27 persons who get the highest
number of votes in the club in the next two months. Votes are
. secured by getting new subscriptions to The Bee and collecting on
old ones. Your friends can help you.
A're you a man or a woman who says "I can?" Or are you the
other kind?
It's a true old saying that "You never know what you can do
till you try." And when you try you are surprised at what results
you can get.
NOW is the time to fill out the blanlk below if you' haven't
already joined this club. Because you will get 100,000 EXTRA
VOTES if vou turn in $25.00 subscription money between now and
May 14. And you'll get 4,000 EXTRA VOTES for every dollar
beyond $25.00 you turn in up to that time.
EXTRA VOTES in addition to the REGULAR VOTES as
shown below!
Did you ever have such' an opportunity before?
e don't think you ever did.
How long Nvould it take you to earn that house in your regular
occupation? Or to, earn, that Cadillac? Or to earn the other
awards? . .
But here you can earn it in TWO MONTHS!
Besides the big reward, this is a splendid training. Show your
ability to organize your friends to work for you.
It's wonderful how easy the work rolls along when you get it
Start NOW. -
Somebody is going to get a present of a $7,800.00 home, two
months from now. Why shouldn't that "somebody" be YOU?
Somebody will be awarded a $4,400.00 Cadillac car. Why
shouldn't that "somebody" be YOU?
Somebody will get a $1,500 Building & Loan Association De
posit. And why shouldn't that "somebody" be YOU?
Eight other persons will get a Maxwell touring car each. Eight
others will get $200.00 Building & Loan accounts each.; And still
eight others will get $100.00 Building & Loan accounts each.
Why shouldn't YOU be one of THESE.
Think of such rewards just for a few weeks of easy work in
your spare time!
Did you EVER have a chance equal to this?
You never did. But it's here row.
Will you seize it?
It' just starting. And besides .
The great 100,000 EXTRA VOTE OFFER is in operation now.
In addition to the regular number of votes given for getting sub
scriptions as shown in the table below, you get 100,000 extra votes
for every $25.00 of subscription money turned in up to May 14.
And for every dollar besides the $25.00 turned in up to that time
you get 4,000 EXTRA VOTES!
You see how important it is to get right into the club now.
Think it over. And think fast Then act! Get busy!
You CAN own that home. You CAN be driving that Cadillac
or one of those Maxwells this summer.
Fill out the'entry blank below NOW.
From now on the standing of the Club members will be changed
twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays. The standings, as they
appear today, only include the votes that were received and counted
at this office before 3 p. m. Monday. The standings that will be in
Saturday's paper will include the votes that are received at this
office before Thursday, 3 p. m.
To insure accuracy in counting the votes as listed, a Burroughs
Adding Machine is employed.
Will include all territory inside the
city limit of Omaha south of Pacific
(treat, west of the river to Seventy
second street, including Ralston, Belle
vue, Fort Crook and Avery.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B a L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
A L. Deposit will be awarded in this
R. W. Sage, 2519 S. 33d St 9,940
Mrs. G. W. Peck, 2010 Spring St., 6.040
Mrs. C. A. Christensen, 622 Cedar, 15,110
Ernest Herngren, 2015 S. 7th St. . .30,950
Martha Ebert. 2402 Poppleton ....5,170
Mrs. Thomas Seize. 2318 I St.... 5, 410
Mrs. Pearl Starkey, 197 S. 12th.. 6,480
V. Finocehiaro. 811 Woolworth ....5,10
Frank Kennison, 1509 S. 26th St. 6,270
S. Stefacek. 1601 Vinton fit 5.080
John fialirno. 723 Pierce St 5.0S0
Thomas D. Sullivan, 4018 S. 27th ..5,040
Frank Sterba, 129 Exc. Bldg. S. Y., 5,000
C.O.Philips, 1624 Polk St ...6,590
Fred Stroeh. 4942 So. 26th 5.000
Donald Sinclair, 2305 S. 2?rd 5,000
Mabel Hogan. 2408 S. 24th 6,180
Ed .lulis. 6806 S. 20th 5,480
William Murray. 3024 S. 32d Ave..5,4S0
Mrs. Fred Kaiser, Bellvue, Neb. ..6,100
Anton Nelson, Avery Neb ..6,000
J. G. Whalen, 1146 S. 32nd 6,100
W. Elliot, 1309 S. 31st 5,000
Mrs. J. N. Williams, 3608 S. 23d. ..8,700
Pete Placash, 5406 S. 30th 5,000
Bernice YVawr. 3926 L St ..5.110
John Krajicek, 5026 S. 22nd 5,000
Vallie Madura, 4621 S. 32d 5.460
Mabel Garevett, 825 Bancroft ....5,000
Mrs. Alfred Pederson. 2019 Dorcas. 5, ISO
Mrs. F. Mareeekf 5218 8. '20th St.. 6,110
Theo. A. Isaacson. 2317 S. 81st ..6.110
Mrs. Anna Ruppert, 2014 Martha. .5,180
Mrs. C. A. Kauth. 1822 Bancroft. .6,160
John Kwasniewski, 2857 Oak 6,110
Mrs. Katy Truehaft, 4436 S. 18th, 5,000
Joseph Miklas, 8002 Spring 5.000
Mrs. Katherine Hawes, 3024 S. 18th 5,010
James Uhlir, 1245 S. 14th 5,100
Miss C. O'Halloran. 2791 S. 10th ..6,000
H. HakenhoU. 2823 Monroe 6,020
Iva Siegel, 1724 Dorcas 6,040
Chas. J. Black. 1311 S. 55th Ave., 5,000
G. H. Evans, 4550 S. 40th 5,000
Will include all territory inside the
city limits of Omaha and en, and
north of Pacific street, west of the
river to Eighty-third street and as
far north as Maple street.
One $1,118.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
L. Depoeit will be awarded la this
W.Hendee. 4204 Burdette. ...... .5,090
Fred G. Witte, .8617 Seward. I ... .7.460
Mrs. C. J. Hubbard. 8408 Farnam. .6,180
A. D. Klein, jr., 4806 Dodge. . .1 . 6,2 10
Kolye Morel I. 664 S. 26th Ave. ... 15.750
C. J. Wright, 2310 Howard 6,800
James Addeson, 2411 N. 18th. .. .6,280
W. T. Ziesel, S?l4 Decatur 5,340
Mrs. John Baier, 1004 S. 23d 6,390
H. Peterson. 120 N. 26th 6.010
Beryl Burton, 621 S. 26th Ave.. ..6.299
Dr. Frank. G. Smith, Blaekstone. ,80,610
Claude M. Gates, 801 Park 6,210
Louis J. Sehafer, 112 N. 26th. . ..5,320
Mildred Plank, 2714 Webster. . 10.880
Mrs. Anna Mofenelli, 858 S. 21st. .5,380
Fred Keogh, 220 N. 19th 5.40O
A. Hicks. 2716 Miami .5.770
R.H. Aekley, 2507 N. 24th .5,190
Roy Williams, 8620 Hamilton ....5,000
Clara Keller, 2801 Leavenworth ..5.180
Mrs. Emily Winner. 119 N. 20th. .'. .5.890
Hedwig Michel. 2411 N. 68th .,..6.000
Miss G. Levin, 2051 N. 19th 6.100
Louis Elewits. 771 Burt 6,080
R. Vreeland, 200 Aberdeen Apts.. .5,160
Betty Cockrane, 4681 Mason. .. .11,130
L. W. Perkins. 3218 Decatur ....6,000
R. E. Holbrook, 3556 Pacific. .... .5,840
Marten Troutfelt. 2486 Hamilton ..5.070
Herman Nachshoen. 413 N. 18th ..5.000
Dessie D. Harrop. 2567 Douglas. . 11, ISO
C. A. Wier, 1915 Charles 6,350
C. F. Slosson, jr., 4906 Cuming. .. .5,170
James Kenney. 3413 Ohio 5,060
Mrs. E. D. Perrin, 3120 N. 47th 6,240
W. R. McLean. 218 S. 20th St 6,000
Chesley Hodder, 2304 N. 60th Ave., 5.020
J. C. Ashmore, 813 N. 22d 5.160
Ida Ksrback. 1483 N. 20th St 5,810
James Sauers, 1412 Sherwood. .. .5,000
J. K. Mcintosh, 4160 Chicago 6.760
C. J. Mahoney. 124 S. 81st 5.000
Mrs. Mary Engel, 2705 Cuming. . .6,680
Walker Thompson, 131 N. 31st Ave. 5,060
Mrs. A. E. Waack, 2222 Howard 6.110
Mrs. E. English, 1005 S. 38th Ave. 6,100
Mrs. V. L. Case, 2874 Corby 5,000
O. T. Peterson, 8009 Harney 5,470
Marten J. Dineen, 933 N. 2Gth 5.160
Mrs. Chas. Peklo, 1614 N. 85th ..6,200
Blanche Snyder, 723 S. 25th Ave... 5,240
Frank Fry. 4018 Charles St 5.000
H. J. Tilly, 2710 California 6,009
Mrs. R. L. Murray, 4424 Jones ....6.060
Mrs. Bessie Beach, 1008 S. 29th . .5.030
Jules E .Merle, -8425 California ..5,060
P. F. Gutschewski, 8527 Charles ..5,000
Richard Tizard. Jr.. 220'& N. 28rd, 5.070
Harold Anderson, 3116 Marcy 5,020
Josephine Shumaker. Loyal Hotel ..5,000
Mrs. Wm. Ritchie, the Blaekstone. . 6,000
T. D. Paganis. 411 S. 16th .5.020
E. H. White, 667 S. S8rd 5,000
Will include all territory inside the
city limits of Omaha on and north of
Maple street, west of the river to
Eighty-third street and north to Ser
geant street, including Florence and
the Carter Lake district.
One $1,1 15.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. A L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
A L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Gertrude Sullivan, 813 Ave. B. . . .7,980
L. R. Roberts, 162 W. Bdwy ......6.000
Ray C. Wilcox, 627 E. Bdwy 5,970
Helen Neat, 2002 Ave. G ...5.020
Carl Shearer. 2305 Ave. A 6,000
Anna Ward, 1006 6th Ave., C.B... 6,710
Mrs. M. A. Smith. 2304 Ave. D. .15.190
Felrx S. O'Neil, 2614 Ave. B 5,230
Mrs. S. Couppee. 2321 Ave. A ..6.000
Florence Yarwood, 1620 Ate. B ..6,000
E. E. Eakcs. 3124 Ave B 6.000
H. A. Gerber, 1636 5th Ave 5,150
Rev. A. F. Catlin, 129 4th St.... 5,360
A. W. Geiger, jr., 426 Damon. .. .6,480
Dorothy Lenihan, 652 Harrison St.. 5,810
Mrs. Ada McLaughlin,. 1908 8 Ave., 5.110
Harold O. De Vol, 1012 7th Ave., .6.410
Mrs. W. J. Reints, 1222 5th Ave. 17,100
Wm. Knicely. 63 1 W. Bdwy 6,200
Marie Walters, Grand Hotel 6,000
R. P. Bolin, 2003.4th Ave 5.90
Atlecn Earenfight, 416 S 12th ....5.000
Mrs. Peter Jensen. Apt. 1, Oakland. 5, ISO
Dennis Johnson, 1281 E. Pierce . . . .6,000
Mrs. F. R. Sholes, 641 Mill 5,000
Lawrence Gallagher, 2408 Ave A ..6,000
Van Liddell, 2401 Ave A . ..5,000
A. W. Anderson. 3431 3rd Ave 5.010
Mrs. Ira M. Ford. 305 S. 18th 6.050
R. D. Edwards, 2310 Ave. C 6.000
Mrs. J. W. Head. 3435 3rd Ave 6,000
F. H. Moran, 114 S. 1st St 6,000
Mary Cahill, 122 W. Broadway ..5,000
John Kennedy. 1921 4th Ave 6,000
Ernest Taylor. 2407 Ave. C 6,000
P. McGee, 218 8rd St. 5,000
Mrs. L. C. Davis, 1417 Fairmont
Ave ..6.000
M. Greno, 1022 E. Broadway ....6,000
Paul Brackney, 20 N. 1st 5.000
Edna Lawrenson, 7711 N. 28th Ave..5.380 j
Fred B. Nienols. 341S jx. Z4tn. . . .o,3ow
J. E. Wright, 2806 Mormon 5.180
A. L. Frederick, 2558 Whitmore. .15,220
Mona Harris. 2954 N. 47th Ave.... 8.1 00
Mrs. Fred Sehulte, 3008 Stone Ave., 5.000
Ed Devore. 2907 N. 24th 5,090
John Kenney, 3212 N. 21st 5.140
Mrs. J. M. Bloom, 2422 Sprague ..5,110
Wilbur Gau. 1610 Evans 6,060
Douglas Conners, 4024 N. 24th . .. .5,000
Henry Christensan, , 6904 Minue
Lusa Blvd. 11,360
C. D. Schneli, 2423 Crown Point. .5.130
G. J. Emery. 2554 Pratt 8.940
Leo Daniels. 2302 Maple 6,130
Thomas Maher, 2206 Emraett ....5.070
W. H. Canvpin, 2716 Titus Ave. ..5,000
W. E. Rishling, 1472 Pinkney ...5,840
Mrs. Rose Tedesco, 2939 Lincoln .
Blvd , 6,240
Violet Brotchie. 5020 Flor. Blvd.... 6.690
A. H. Mayer, 2438 Ellison 6.330
Mary Nissley. 1621 Maple 5.020
Mrs. L. M. Thirtle, 6005 N. 30th.. 6.190
Oliver Cole. 4738 N. 40th 6.480
Clifford Harrow. 8717 Meriflith ....5,010
Mrs. W. W. Davis, 3929 Flor.Blvd.10,610
Louise Shumate, 1484 Pinkney. .. .6,190
Mrs. Harry Rogers, 8611 N. 29th . .5,280
Mrs. J. W. Vance, 3701 Ames ,...5,000
C. Hall, 2879 Vane 5.000
W. A. Gerrie, 5615 Florence Blvd.. 6,010
Mrs. J. W. Rodebaugh, 8180 Mere
dith 5,030
Winifred Travis, 2861 Fowler ....5,030
Mrs. J. M. Streeter. N. 34th 5.010
Mrs. Henry Veldman, 8620 N. 30th, 6,290
Will Include all territory In the city
of Council Bluffs, including the Mana
wa district.
One $1,113.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. eV L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
A L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Mrs. W. C. Riley, 109 Angle Ave. ..5.110
Daily and Sunday,
$7.50 the year.
See price schedule.
Gayle Wolfe, Malvern 6.040
Mrs. Billie Iwen, Schleswig 5,000
June Oviatt, Shenandoah 6,000
Francis Claussen, Manning 5,000
B. 1. Mart, Emerson 5,000
Mrs. Ona Johnson, Pacific Jet. ..15,180
George W. Moore, Bartlett 5,080
Will include the following counties
in the state of Nebraska: Cass, Sarpy,
Douglas (outside the city of Omaha,)
Saunders. Butler, Polk, . Merrick,
Nance, Piatt, Colfax', Dodge, Washing
ton Burt, Cuming, Stanton, Madison,
Boone, Antelope, Pierce, Wayne,. Thur
ston, Dakota, Dixon, Cedar and Knox.
One 1,U5.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. 4 L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
eV L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Will include all the territory in the
state of Iowa outside the city of
Council Bluffs and the Manawa dis
trict. One $1118.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. St L. Deposit and one 100.00 B.
at L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Francis Delanty, Dumphries 10,1 SO
Emma Marsh, Villisca 5,280
Thelma Lindsay, Sidney 6,420
Alice Hubbard, Persia 5,300
Myrtle Rogers, Pcrcival ....6,180
Audrey Nipp. Mineola 5,100
Mrs. June Fickel. Hastings, 5.160
Mrs. N. Townsend, Hamburg 5,180
Mae Million, Hamburg 5,140
Hildred Miller, Farragut 10,210
Reka Christensen. Riverton 5.000
Al Christensen, Weston ....10,080
Thomas Page, Honey Creek 5,000
Harlen Klutts. Mondamin 5,240
Helen Holbrook, Onawa 6,000
Mrs. Nettie Batcheldor, Riverton. 16,390
John Gillete. Atlantic 6,190
Sadie Hughes, Griswnld 6,180
E. E. Axthelm. Glenwood. ....... 6,110
Glen C. Sillik, Mo. Valley 15,190
Gladys V. Kussel, Logan 10.280
Mrs. Ellen Tucker, Weston 6,140
Arizona Byrd. Henderson ....... .6,040
Mrs. W. Jensen, R. 4, Co. Bluffs. .5,190
M. B. Travis, Carson ..5,040
James Atkins, Neoia ...5.2S0
Kate Grimes, Woodbine 10,340
Marion Caughell, Carson. ...... .15,100
Ruth Knight, Glenwood 17,280
Betty Eaerett, Malvern...- 5,280
Rev. G. B. Baugman, Minden 5.160
Katherine Adams, Dunlap 6,100
Margaret Collins, Denison. ...... .5.060
Chas. Ehle, Walnut 6,100
Mrs. Lulu Owen. Ashland. 10,160
G. C. Hobsk, Nehawka 6.380
Zetta Lower, Valparaiso .5,580
J. H. Domingo, Weeping Water. .. .5,2 !0
Roy Coombs, David City 5,900
V. H. Hoerstmann, Fremont 5,710
Geo. Jacobs, Cedar Rapids 10,100
T. N. Warrick, Blair 5,300
F. J. Bortusiah, R, 4. Clarks 6,260
John Otto, West Point 10,210
Florence Gardner, Wayne 5,240
A. H. Christensen, Stromburg. .. .15,190
i Louis I-oe. Stanton.. 5,100
Louise Figenhaum, Springfield. ... 10,180
Winnie McMillan, Shelby ....5,100
Ida Helgenbergcr. Hcribner lo.Z2V
Wm. Andrews, Bellwood 6,110
Monte Wright, Boone 5.000
Emma Wittmus, Chalco 10.000
Mrs. Carl Bush. Creighton 5,100
Vivian Dee, David City ...15,160
Gladys Hendrick, Elgin 19,200
F. R. Hoppock, Fullerton. ...6.280
Carrie Monahan, Gretna 5,044
Sarah Rauseh, Lindsay 6.000
Goldie Young. Meadow Grove 6,260
W. L. Scott, Osceola 6.090
Susie Pinson, Platte Center. ....... S. 300
Wm. Ryan, Pilger 5,080
Rev. McClrnhan, Primrose. 5,100
Vera Weble. St. Edward 6.270
A. D. Allen, Decatur 5,000
E. C. Wilde. 823 S. 8, Norfolk 6.000
A. M. Sanders. Plattsmouth 29.840
Willis Lawrence. R. 1, Platte Center 6,090
F. L. Brown, Schuyler 6.480
Helen M. Wyneoop. Central City... 6,220
C. J. Haviland, 407 Philip Ave.,
Norfolk 6.080
Floyd Buchanan, Silver Creek. . .30.180
Henry J. Haynes.. Octavia 5,310
Sam Davies, Wayne 6.240
Chas Bull. Albion 6,070
R. V. Kennedy, Tekamah 29,910
Joe Krajicck, Arlington 5,210
Fred Boss, Columbus 5,080
Mrs. Mary Harvey, David City S.040
Emma Fredstrom, Oakland 5,040
Vera Hardy, 1071 20th, Columbus. 5.080
Elmer Nordland. Columbus 5,840
G. Kock, R. 3, Cloumbus 5,080
Opal Adams, Valley 6.060
D. P. Hill, Genoa 5.000
Henrietta Miller. Oakland 6,230
W. C. Halsey, Oakdale 5,010
Clifford Johnson. Stanton 5,090
Clifford Cunningham. Wahoo 5,180
James R. Jelinek. Plattsmouth. .. .5,280
Herman Buhk, Beemer 5,000
K. C. Sattler, Plattsmouth 5,000
Allen Block, North Bend 6,000
H. A. Homann, Elkhorn 6,000
F. T. Wiglngton.' Schuyler 5,010
H. L. Nelson, Stanton 5,040
Bertha Behrens, Ceresco 5,010
Gordon Smith, Lyon 6,000
A E. Stafford, Rising City 5.01ft
Aug. Reinkins. Papillion 6.100
Alvin Barton. Lyons.... 30,100
R. E. Strasburg, Polk 29,600
Campaign Closes June 25th, 1921
THIS IS the 10-vote free coupon. Save it for yourself or some club member.
. A elub member cant secure these votes in their own district or from any other
" - " " " s
! The Omaha Bee !
I Help Yourself Club !
Not rood after May 7, 1921. Must
or before above expiration date.
voted or mailed
Street No Dirt. No.
Good (or 10 free votes when sent to the H. Y. 8. Club on or before above
date. No coupon will be transferred to another after being received at
the office of The Bee.
Q What are the prizes to be awarded in
The Omaha Bee $25,000.00 "Help
Yourself Club?
A One $7,800.00 Home. One $4,440.00
Cadillac Automobile. One $1,500.00
Building & Loan Deposit. Eight
- $1,115.00 Maxwell Touring Cars.
Eight $200.00 B. & L. Deposits.
Eight $100.00 B. & L. Deposits. .
Q How is the territory divided?
A Into eight districts.
Q Is there a separate list of awards for
each district?
A Yes, each of the eight districts is as
sured of one automobile, one $200.00
B. & L. deposit and one $L00.00 B. &
L. deposit.
Q What are the capital awards?
A One $7,800.00 home. One $4,440.00
Cadillac and one $1,500.00 B. & Li
Q How is it determined who shall win
- the capital awards?
A The three club members in the en
tire campaign who secure the largest
number of votes.
Q How are the votes obtained?
A A certain number of votes arc given
for subscription payments and the
ten-vote coupon which appears in
each issue of the paper.
Q May subscriptions be taken from per
sons now taking The Omaha Bee, as
well as from NEW subscribers?
A Yes, see the voting schedule on this
Q May I secure subscriptions outside of
my own district?
A Yes, you may secure subscriptions
Q May subscriptions be' taken to start
at a future date?
A Yes, if 'the new subscriber wants his
paper started at a future date, advise
us of this fact when sending in the
Q When is the best time to enter the
"Help Yourself" Club? ?
A fNOW, while subscriptions count for
the most votes. The largest extra
vote offer is now in force.
Q How can I become a member of the
"Help Yourself" Club?
A Fill out the Entry Blank and fend to
the "Help Yourself" Club Manager,
or call at Room 312, Peters Trust
Q Does it cost anything to enter this
A It costs you nothing to enter and try
for any of the twenty-seven awards.
Q Am I sure of my compensation for
my time?
A Every club member who fails to win
one of the twenty-seven awards will
be given ten per cent cash commission
on the money they collect.
Q Will subscriptions be worth more
votes at any time later in the cam
paign than they are now?
A Subscriptions are positively worth
more votes during the present period,
tfhich closes May 14th, than they will
be at any other time during the cam
paign. Q Who are the people that are going to
win these twenty-seven awards?
A The twenty-seven people that realize
that the good things of life must be
"Gone After." Nothing worth having
was ever gotten without an effort. If
you have determination enough to
enter and say to yourself "I am going
to win," half the battle is won, and
you are on the right road to become
a winner. The rest is easy.
Q When does the "Help Yourself" Club
A June Twenty-fifth, 1921.
Mrs. P. E. Buck. Fremont 5,080
Louis Smjthbcrger, Stanton 5,010
W. Z. King, 510 S. 5th. Norfolk... 5,010
Mrs. Wade Pruitt, Humphrey 6,000
Anton F. Votova, Schuyler 5,280
G. C. Smith. Albion 6,010
Chas. J. Svoboda, Prague.. 5,010
Chas. Riepl. 1730 No. D, Fremont. . 5,010
Anna Blumm, Scribner 5,000
J. C. Olcott, 8420 17th, Columbus, 5.000 i
Helen Grimes, Madison 5,050
Will include the following counties
in the state of Nebraska: Otoe, Ne
maha, Richardson, Pawnee, Johnson,
Gage, Lancaster, Seward, Saline, Jef
ferson, Thayer, Fillmore, York, Hamil
ton, Clay, Nuckolls, Webster and
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one J200.00
B. 4 L. Deposit and one $100.00 R.
at L. Deposit will be awarded in this
Will include all territory in the
state of Nebraska not included in
Districts number six and seven, also
territory in South Dakota, Kansas
and Colorado.
One $1,115.00 Maxwell, one $200.00
B. A L. Deposit and one $100.00 B.
at L. Deposit will be awarded in this
district. .
Mrs. Otis Wolford. Clay Center. . .6,490
Ray Ryan. 421 N. Blat, Hastings. 10,170
II. F. Luthy, Aurora 5,410
Mrs. L. C. Oden, Beatrice 3.240
Mrs. Clyde Foulk, Beatrice 5.000
Thomas Foster, Beaver Crins'ng. . .5,180
Ruth Wells. Blue Springs 5,400
Gladys Say lor, Bruning 5.000
Hattie Stables. Carleton.. 6,240
Mrs. Emma Howard. Chester 5,460
Lillian Kiersey, Dunbar 5,400
Eleanor Shnff, Fairbury 5.410
J. S. Kasinger. Fairbury 6,000
Ed Ocker, Glenvil 6,090
C. C. Blois. Humboldt 10.240
Geo. Whitesell, Kene?aw ..5,090
Irene Forbes, Milford i,3S0
Mrs. Martin Layton, McCool 5,140
Luclla Kriter. Odell 5,100
Thelma Nelson, Pawnee City 17.V20
Mrs. Lyda Wolfskill. Superior. . .11,410
Francis. Himburger. Wymore 6.480
Elsie Wellman, Waco
Nellie Oglesby. Tobias
Frank C. Bruning, Milford
Mrs. W. L. Chapman, Giltnvr. .
Harriett Shacklelton. Beatrice .
Chas. Launie. Alexandria
Mrs. Dick Harper. Davenport..
Raymond I,. Crosson. Hastings.
J. G. Pelham, Beatrice
Sarah Gillmore. Blue Hill
Mrs. B. Anderson. 1324 II Si., Lin
coln 6,080
Mrs. Jordon, 728 York Ave, York. 17,100
Mrs. Marie Morris, Hebron 3.360
I.illie Nolte, Auburn. R. 2 5.040
Mrs. Mark Hall. Auburn 30.190
Robert Moore Nelson. 5.010
Ralph R. Stewart. Auburn 5.0S0
Emma Woodei. Peru 5.060
Mrs. N. Brookley; Edgar....' 6.090
Will Brookley, Edgar 5.000
Mrs. Dean Kite. Auburn R0.090
Velva Bair, Fairmont 5.600
A. C. Bek. Seward 5.000
Peter Fischer. Clay Center 6.070
Rev. L. A. Moser. Haward 5.000
Vera Grosshaus, Sutton ? 5.000
E. L. Knitz, Deshler 5.000
Margaret Ahrens, Falls City 5,010
5.000 J. H
.ft. In (I
Mrs. Phillip Seifus, Scotia .6,190
H. S. Helme. Scottsbluff 5,410
Mrs. V. Conner, Kearney, 1407
Av. 8th 6.480
A. C. Monkmsn, Kim Creek 10,210
W. B. Shelton, Paxton 19.410
Martin Nielson, ' Dannebrog 5.980
Julia Burkland. Sutherland 17,080
Mrs. E. T. Bigelow, Smlthfield 5,240
Dick Pullman, Sargent ..5,480
Dale Kipp. St. Paul 10,20
John Rung. Ravenna 5.180
Ed Hale, Parks 6.000 "
Elizabeth Ralston. Orleans 19,100
Eugene Henry O'Neill 5.280
Mrs. B. I. Harehbsrger, Oconto. ... 10,2 1 0
Neva Wetsel, North Loup 5.160
Mrs. D. T. Heyman, Kimball 5.00
Mrs. Merle Spotts, Imperial ....5. ISO
Mrs. Minnie Calmer, Gothenburg. 1 0,3 10
Maude Johnson, Gothenburg 5,0?0
Sylvia Stump, Edison 5,260
Mrs R. D. Harington, Cozad ....6,200
Marie Woodruff, Cozad 6.000
Mae Dick, Cambridge 5.260
Mrs. Ethel Copeland, Brideport. 17.280
Gladys Moore. Bloomiligton 10.300
Mrs. C. M. Taylor, Benkelman. . . 19.280
Esther Smith, Bartley
Hilda Jacobson, Arsphoe
J. E. Williams. Alliance
Mrs. Margaret Milligan. Arnold..
Signa Peterson, Eddyville
Oscar Peterson, Sumner
Marie Lewis. Anselmo
Mrs. D. F. Lewi". Kearney
Bragg. Waunela
.5 no'i
Bert Browuell. Chapped 30,290
P. J. Winner. 109 W. 6th. Grand Is.. 5. 040
Mrs. A. Callahan, Gcring 5.080
Dr D. A. Rundstrom, Curtis S.IOO
Mrs. Walter Borden. Gordon '10,090
J. P. Cooper, Arcadia 6.060
Mrs. Edna Isaacson, Cozard 5.080
J. T. Warders. Maryville. Knn . i ... 5.220
Mrs. Bertha A. ber. Kirk 5.190
H. H. Edwards, Scottsbluff 6.320
W. K. Harris, Bertrand 5.090
Mrs. Grace Redtfelt, Minden. ... .5,020
Geo. Gardner. Bayard 5,090
Melba PhlJhriek. Ord 6,190
C. B. Dosset, Axtell ...6.000
E. G. Nisiey, Lexington 6.010
Wm. Halsey, Lebanon 5.000
Fern Gates, Stamford 6,010
Chas. Johnson, Jr., Manville .....15,0(0
Mrs. Emil Steinkv, Holdridge ....5.000
Mrs. Clay Funston, Ogallala 30,310
A. R. Gee. 719 N. Locut. N. Platte 30,270
Mildred Reed, Lexington 5,010
Blanche Myers, Sutherland 5.040
H. H. Stevens, 320 S. Vine, N. Platte 5,010
Mrs. H. C. Rosecrans, Julesburg,
Colo 5,010
C. H. Blackburn, Mitchell 6,040
Vote Value of
. Payments
The DAILY and Sunday, Morning or
Evening, by Boy Carrier in Omaha,
Council Bluffs and In towns where
Carrier Boy service is maintained.
2 Years 20.40 180.000
1 Year 10.20 76,000
6 Months 6.10 32,00c
S Months 2.65 12.000
Morning or Evening Without Sunday
by Carrier Boy Service.
2 Years f 15.60 136,000
1 Year 7.80 62,000
Months 8.90 22.000
5 .Months 1.96 10,000
Sunday Only by Boy Carrier.
Z Years $10.40 76,000
1 Year 6.20 32.000
6 Months 2.60 12,000
Daily and Sunday by
Morning, Evening and Sunday by
Boy Carrier.
1 Year $1H.OO 162,000
6 Months 9.00 68.000
$ Months 4.50 28.000
2 Years $15.00 136.000
1 Year 7.50 62,000
6 Month 4.00 23,000
Months 2.00 10,000
Daily Only by Mail, Without Sunday
2 Years $10.00 76,000
1 Year 6.00 ?2,000
6 Months 2.50 12.000
3 Month 1.26 5,000
Sunday Only by Mail.
2 Years $ 5.00 82,000
1 Year 2.50 12,000
6 Months 1.25 6,000
Renewal subscription payments
will be given half as many
votes as new subscriptions.
Join the Help Yourself Club Today!
THIS IS the entry blank. You can nominate yourself or some friend. It costs
nothing to eater and try. Send this blank properly filled out and person entered
will be supplied with forms for work.
' " " "-"S
The' Omaha Bee Help Yourself Club J
5000 VOTES ' '
Date 1921 J
I nominate '. .
(Mr., Mrs. or Miss)
Street No. Dist No
City .. State 1
As a member of The Help Yourself Club I
Signed , I
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The name of the person making the nomination will not be divulged,
Extra Vote Offer Closes May 14, 1921
Campaign Closes June 25, 1921