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Promoter Lewis
After Bis '-Bout
For This City
"Terrible" Turk Willing
Grapple Willi all Heavy
weights as Soon as He
Gets Into Condition.
Stanislaus Zbyszko- one of tiic
leading contenders tor the chain
Vionship heavyweight wrestling
:rown now in the possession of Ed
(Strangler) Lewis, and Vousiff
vlahniout, husky Turk grappler,
nay meet in a finish match in Onia
a soon, if the plans of Jack Lewis,
ocal promoter, inateriali.e.
The big Zbyszko's manager has
vircd Promoter Lewis that his pro
ge is ready to tackle Mahmout.
the boss of the latter, who by the
My, handled affairs of Frank
Gotch more than i years ago, has
nformed the local promoter tha.t as
toon as Mahmout is in condition he
Yill be ready to tackle all the heavy
veiglit mat men of the country.
, Zbyszko and Lewis will meet In
t finish match in Madison Square
Garden sometime during the latter
part of this month, it was announced
Monday. Regardless of the out
tome of this affair, Lewis says he
will be willing to put "" on the
rare! in a main event.
Another stellar attraction may be
dished out to local wrestling fans in
!he way of a "Pat" McGill-IIelmer
Myre match. In spite of the fact
that there are no less than a dozen
light heavyweight grapplcrs claim
ing the championship of this divi
sion, Myre's manager continues to
advertise his protege as the title
holder and according to the amount
of money he wants for his end of the
purse, it must be true.
Waterbury Golfer
Low at Pinehiirst
B. P.- Merriman Stands Good
Chance of Winniug North
And South Title.
Pinehurst, N. C, April 6. Playing
almost perfect golf, B. I Mirriman
of Waterbury, made a fine effort
here today to win the gold medal for
the low score in the qualifying round
of the North and South Amateur
Golf championship, doing tire num
ber thrj; course in 75 and ' tying
Perry Ad; fr at 155 for the 36 holes
of play. Adair was 73 Motu'i.y, but
took 82 today.
Merrinu'n needed a 74 to kad the
Atlanta player by a shot. He played
perfect golf except at the lMi hole,
where his second ran into the woods
beyond the green and he took seven.
At the h-jine green bis putt from the
edge to Vin the medal stopped an
inch short of the cup.
All the players expected to qualify
in the first 16 did so, a score of 167
or better being required.
Eighth Game of Chess
Championship Tourney
Ends in Another Draw
, Havana, Aprit 6.--The eighth
game of the international chess
game between Emanuel Lasker and
Jose R. Capablanca was declared a
draw Tuesday. There were no moves
made in addition to those of Sunday
night in the first half of the game,
which was adjourned after 30 moves.
When the masters sat down to
night to resume play in the second
half of, the match, Capablanca said:
"Well," Doctor, I have carefully
analyzed the game and find that
neither of us can win. We probably
shall save a lot of work and mental
energy by calling it a draw."
Dr. Lasker replied he had no ob
jection to calling the contest a draw,
as he likewise carefully had studied
the positions and was of the same
opinion as Capablanc'e.
Play in the ninth game will com
mence tomorrow night at the Cas
ino in Mariano.
oshua Crane, 52 Years
f Age, Loses Tennis
Match After Five Sets
Boston, April 6. Joshua Crane of
this city, 52. today held his younger
opponent, Fulton Cutting of New
York, to five sets before the latter
gained a victory in the semi-final
round of the national amateur court
tennis championship tournament.
The match lasted 2'j hours. The
scores were 6-1, 4-6, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4.
In the other semi-final rounds,
Stanley G. Mortimer of New York
defaulted to C. S. Cutting of New
York. The Cutting brothers meet
tomorrow, the winner to plav J
Gould of New York, the title-holder !
in the challenge round. !
T) ' OI '
Browns Show Up Well
And Trim Cardinals
St. Louis. April 6. The Browns
showed up in their American league I
fcrm Tuesday and defeated the Car
dinals in -the third game of the citv
series, 9 to 0.
They reached Roy Walker for one
run in .the second. In the third
Sothoron walked and scored on Glea
son's triple to center. Jacobson
singled. Williams doubled, Tobin and
Smith singled for five runs. Sothoron
carried this lead without difficulty
holding the National leaguers to four
Los Angeles Golfer -
Leads in Tournament
lios Angeles, Cal., April 6. Dr.
Paul Hunter of Los Angeles, state
amateur champion, led in the first
18 holes of the qualifying round of
the annual southern California ama
teur golf championship nruniam-nt
f the Country club Tuesday with a
card of 74.
- Bate News and Gossip of Interest
Braves Recruit a Real Find
to j Jj( r
' -sr, sWm y:sAf'i'
' i -m
In Maurice Achdeacon. outfielder,
(Si. C.) club of the South Atlanta leasrue, the Boston Braves have the base
hall find of the season, in the opinion
the Boston club, has an overabundance of outfield material, Archdcason
has been examined and will no doubt
The new plicnom throws and bats
son with the Charleston club is impressing, and promises the youngster
a place in big league history. Archdeacon is 21 years old and his home
is in St. Louis, Mo. He weighs close to 100 pounds and stands about five
feet seven in height. His fielding averages last season for 109 games was
.7. And despite the fact that he played with a team which finished last
in the league, he clouted the pill for an average of .310. He is a fast, heady
base runner and piled up the neat total of 44 stolen bases last seasoii.
Has Service in Army Cheeked
Mat Career of Earl Caddoek?
Is Earl C'addock. former heavy
weight champion of the world, as
aggressive tnd as good a wrestler as
he was before he went across the
pond to light for his country? Tint
argument is heard every now ;nd
then in wrestling circles. Some tans
contend yes, others no." Those who
declare his effectivne ss on the mat
has been impaired advance the be
lief that service in the army checked
his once btilliant career, on tin; mat
and that lie may never again reach
the top of the ladder. Earl doesn't
agree with his critics and say.-, he be
lieves he will win back the cham
pionship April 12, when he meets EJ
Lewis, the champion, in Des Moines
in a finish match.
In his matches of several months
ago, Earl showed that his stamina,
his health and strength, has been af
ack Clouthier and
Stangl to Wrestle at
Creston Athletic Show
Creston, la., April 6. (Special.)
An athletic show will be staged here
Friday evening, April 8, by Cham
paign Post No. 70, American Legion.
The principal event will be a. finish
wrestling match between Jack
Clouthier of Schuyler, Ncb and Joe
Stangl of Manning. Ia. As pre
liminaries there will be an eight
round boxing exhibition between
Roy Rector, weight 157 pounds, of
Columbus. Neb., and Joe Lynch,
weight 154 pounds, of Kansas City,
Mo. . In addition there will be
other boxing exhibitions and wres
tling matches.
The proceeds of the athletic show
will go towards the fund for the
erection of a public auditorium in
this city.
William Tilden Beats
Washburn. 6-2, 6-2
Philadelphia, April 6. William T.
Tilden, II, world's tennis champion,
defeated Watson M. Washburn of
New York in the second round of a
j three-day invitation . tournament to
I clay, 6-2, 6-2. Tilden will meet
! Vincent Richards tomorrow in the
1 fiwnl i-tilm4
Richards' and Washburn defeated
Tilden and Carl Fischer, the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania star, 6-3, 6-2,
6-3, in the final match of tbe' dou-
b,lcs '
Grace Lutheran
To Cop Church .League
The, Grace Lutherans will begin
the Church league season with one
of the strongest lineups of any of
the teams. Captain Bill Smith has
assigned himself to short; Ralph
Smith, catch; Madsoc. third; Mini,
kus. second: Cole, first; Walter,
pitch; Stulick, Maston and Shafton,
outfield. With this lineup. Bill says
that the flag of the Church loop
might as well be handed to him Tight
now. .
Central A. C. Winner
The Central Athletic club base
ball team of Omaha opened its sea
son bv defeating the Miller Park
club, 12 to 7.
The C. A.'C. would lik.e to ar
range games with other junior nines
in the city. For contests call Her
man Fcrbcr, Doujlas 80O6.
acquired from the Charlcstown,
of experts. Despite the fact that
get into the regular lineup this sea
left-handed. His record last sea
fected bv the war, but be ais". de
clares that he has cast off all the ill
effects of the war and that nday he
is as dangerous on the mat as he was
in the days of bis championship.
While the war and its hardships
have handicaped Earl, Lewis was for
tunate to remain at home and build
himself up until now he presents a
wrestler at the peace of his career.
Weighing 225 pounds, Lewi; is as
strong as a bull, as fast as any big
man of his weight and he possesses
a world of confidence. Clean liv
ing, he says has built him into a
modern Samson. He will outweigh
Caddoek 30 pounds in their match,
but if Earl is in as good condition
the night of the battle that ht boasts
he will be, the "Strangler" v. ill find
himself up against the toughest game
he car;s to tacklei
Iowa Solons Kill
Bill Which Would
Have Legalized Boxing
Des Moines, la., April. 6. The
bill which would have legalized
boxing in Iowa was defeated, 22
to IS, in the state senate late this
Owens Picks Players
For St. Joseph Team;
Expects Good Ball Club
Oklahoma City, Okl.. April 6.
President Bclden and Manager
Owens have decided on the players
who will be retained as Saints for
the opening of the Western league
season one week from tomorrow.
The pitchers who will be carried on
the St. Joseph payroll are the vet
eran Bill Rose. Arnold Luschen,
Mack Allison, Eddie Hovlik, Nick
Cullop and Wilkins. The receiving
end will be taken care of by Owens
and Texas Crosby.
The remainder -of the lineup fot
lows: Jack Beatty, first base; Wal
ter Nufer, second base; Ray Mc
Donald, shortstop; Tom Connolly,
third base; George Figner, center
field; George Fisher, right field, and
the old reliable Joe Bonowitz, left
field. Scanliu and Brundidge, will
be carried in a utility capacity. .
phe Saints are scheduled to open
a three-game scries in Enid tomor
row, following which they mix-in a
trio of clashes at Independence,
Kan., prior to cracking open th;
season at Tulsa.
Hanscom Park M. E.
Tearn to Play Soon
Charles Montague; manager of
the Hanscom Park M. E: nine, an
nounced yesterday that his newly
crganized diamond crew would
meet the Kirschbraun's of the Gate
City league , at 3 o'clock Saturday
afternoon at Miller Park. Montague
has lined up Ray Clement, former
Central star, and Kline(iPicrce, Slanc
and Pace of the Commerce nine,
to play on his team. Wayne Munn,
formerly of the University of Ne
braska, will play first base.,.
Ad Santel in Japan
Ad Santel, well kimwn lifjht
heavyweight wrestler, is louring
Japan taking on all the Jap "bone
crushers," according to a letter re
ceived yesterday by Jack Lewis.
o 1 v
MAHA Elks will not stage
another athletic carnival the
latter part of this month, ac
cording to an announcement m(c
last night by a member of the ath
letic committee.
The local lodge increased its
banking account by $5,000 as a re
sult of the last show. t
Instead of a boxing carnival
the Omaha "Bills" have arranged
for an indoor circus attraction
to be held at the Municipal au
ditorium from May 7 to 14, in
clusive, v
The ruling made by Judge Lan
dis last week that hcliad no juris
diction to act on the appeal of a
minor -league base ball player for
reinstatement, established a' de
rision that will have a far-reaching
The case that resulted in Judge
I.andis' ruling was that of L. N.
Longe, now on the ineligible list
of the Kansas City Blues, who
was denied reinstatement by tlu
National Board of Minor League
association and appealed to Judge
Landis. Longe, it is said, attempt
ed to "retire" from organized base
ball to accept a proposition from
an "outlaw" clnb.
Several players in the Western
league jumped their contracts last
season and are now in the same
Tommy Gibbons, St. Paul scrap
per, is getting rough. Considered
the fanciest of "fancy boxers"
among the heavyweights, the
Younger Phantom has been bow
ling 'em over like tenpins in re
cent bouts. Paul Sampson, the.
New York heavyweight, who was
saved by the referee after Tommy
had punished him severely for two
rounds, hasn't been mentioned as a
peril to Jack Dempsey's reign, but
he is just one more big fellow
added to Gibbon's string of vic
tims. The younger Gibbons is fast
approaching the pinnacle his il
lustrious brother, Mike, held so
long and is slowly but surely con
vincing fistic fandom that he is
Dempsey's logical opponent.
Another wrestler has crossed
the herring pond in the person of
Yousiff Mahniout: The fact of the
matter, stranger, is that Mahmout
is not a newcomer to the shores of
me united Mates.
Mahmout left this country in
1912 for Bulgaria, where he was
impressed into the army of that
country. Bulgaria was defeated
in the Balkan Wars by Rotiniania
and during those hard-fought
battles Mahniout was twice re
ported, dead.
Now he is back in the United
States and has in mind American
citizenship, and expects to send
for his family and establish his
home here. -
Mahmout claims . the heavy
weight wrestling championship, in
spite of the fact that "Strangler"
Ed Lewis is recognized the champ
by the fans. The foreigner's claim
to the title is based upon Frank
Gotch's retirement from the game
and the presentation of his crown
to the Turk. . .
Emil Klank has Mahmout in
charge and expects to get the big
fellow into condition soon for mat
tussles. Klank handled Gotch and
Mahmout years ago.
Jake Schaefer and Welker Coch
ran's victories over Edouard Hore
mans, the Belgian billiard cham
pion, must have been a sad blow
to the aspirations of the visitor
from across the ocean. There is
little doubt but that he confidently
expected to take both of these
cue-wielders into camp and by so
doing force Willie Hoppe into a
championship match.
Meeting Schaefer and Cochran
was part of Horcmans' campaign
be had worked out in the hope of
meeting the billiard champion.
Had the .Belgian been able to de
feat both Schaefer and Cochran,
who rank next to Hoppe, it would
not have been long before Hoppe
would have been forced to meet
the Belgian.
The release of Catcher Floyd
Brown from the Buffalo camp
leaves the job. of backstop for the
Omaha base ball club between
Stapleton and Cy Lingle. Right
now it is practically certain that
Lingle wiH do the bulk of the re
ceiving with "Stap" hanging
around for emergenecy cases.
Lingle while not an extra good
hitter, is a fairly good backstop,
and with the experience collected
last season as catcher for "Pa"
Rourke he should prove even
more valuable to the team this
Rain and cold greatly inter
fered with the training of the
Buffaloes while they were at Fort
Smith. The team Lelivelt guided
against Fort Smith was a different
one from that which dropped
three games to Joplin during the
early part of the training season.
Charlie Trimble, secretary of
the Ak-Sar-Bcn exposition com
pany, is a happy bird. Just now
Charlie is ehirping about the run
ning meet which is scheduled for
Omaha June- 2 to 10, inclusive.
"The best gallopers of the coun
try will kick up thc dust out at
our new track," said 'Charlie yes
terday. "I expect more" than 300
head of horses to compete for the
large purses."
On the clay following the close
of the running races, the automo
bile speed demons will try to
.lower the dirt track records.
Burlington Wins Iowa
State Volley Ball Title
Cedar Rapids, la., April 6. Bur
lington won the Iowa State Y. M. C.
A. volley ball tournament here for
the second consecutive year. Des
Moines was second. Clinton third and
Highland Park of Des Moines fourth.
The meet was the final round, th
four competing teams having been
selected at two divisional meets.
Kilitor' Nnlf Tlio fulliiiTln nrtirl wad
wrltton for Krank 1. Mnk by Wltr
MnraiivUlf, the brilliant I'ilt nhurir ll uliort
Mnp. It a purpod In to ifhool the young
Mrr In tli" trlrku of lnrtloitln-. M hll
it l of th mot vllnl internal to youn
MerN, It li fiirnUhrM irmlll rriMlinc
for the adult fun for It ilrtuIlM the metboilH
which Marnnrllte uxtil to reach liaae ball
greattiesii. .
. ..Marnvillr- article l the third of a
aerie of articles which la appearing In
Ihl column daily on "How to I'lay Kae
Hull." The oilier contributors are Heinle
(.rob. Tjr t'nbb, Trln Mpeaker, tirover Al
exander. Steve O'Neill and Wllhert Roli
iniion. Articlea by tieorge SIMer and t'.ddle
(olllna appeared in this column previ
ously. Tomorrow' article will be "How.
to t'lny Third ltane" with Heinle t.roh i
author. ,
By Walter Maranville
(Of Pittsburgh Pirates.)
(Copyright, 1911. by King Features Pyn
tlicaU Ini'J.
The job of shortstopping in tech
nical execution doesn't differ greatly
from that of second base. For the
shortstop must cover second almost
as often as docs the regular key
stone guardian. He must play for
batters in much the same way as
docs the second baseman. ' He
shifts a little toward the bag for a
left handed bitter and plays regu
lar position when a right, handed
hitter is up.
Inasmuch as Eddie Collins, one
cf the greatest second basemen that
ever lived, already has told how the
job of second should be played, so
far as the "inside" stuff 'is concerned.-
I'm going to pass up
handing tips on the job itself and
devote this article to telling the
youngsters on the points of proper
Whenever a fly ball is hit, and
you set sail after it, aim to receive
it while you are in position to
throw the ball to any base where a
throw should be made. That's a. bit
of- advice to keep in mind always
because by following it you'll be
w ell on your way to success. ' '
Two Ways to Catch.
. You can receive a fly ball in two
different ways. One is to cup the
hands, holding them near to the
belt and let the ball drop in. The
other way is to reach up with your
hands, holding them in the shape of
"V" near to your chest; either way
is good. Try out both ways for a
while and decide which is the easiest
and surest way for you to make a
catch. Atter you have decided,
stick to that decision and make all
the catches that way afterward, ex
cept, of course, in cases of extreme
emergency when you must make a
stab catch.
I use the cupped fashion for two
reason;-!. Cne is that it is most nat
ural for me.' The second is that bv
making the catch in cupped fafhion
I am in far better position to make
a throw than when the "V" style of
catching is used.
When you catch a ball in the "V"
way .you've got to lower your arms
and twist your fingers around the
balj before you can make the. throw.
That means a loss of time. When
you make a cupped catch you close
your fingers even as you swing the
arm to inake the throw. ' In view of
the fact that a fraction of a second
often makes the difference bctwen
a putout for you of a hit for the
enemy, you can realize that speed in
getting the ball away is vital.
Concerning . grounders: Never
back away from a grounder. Go in
for it whenever you can, - Don't try
to take it standing still. Get. into
motion, for when you are in motion
you can make a faster, snappier
throw to the base. Keep in mind
that you must play the ball. .And
Kockler and Hill
Gain Lap in Race
Chicago, April 6. Erarest Kock
ler and Fred Hill stole a lap in the
six-day bicycle race "Tuesday, leav
ing them still one lap behind the
leaders. At midnight the 49th hour
of the race, all of the other teams
had covered 818 miles and six laps.
Corry and McBcath led in points
with 24 1-2.
Cubs Want Games
The Omaha Cubs, another semi
pro ana amateur Dase pan team oi
this city is scouting for games. For
contests with the Cubs call Tyler
2563 or Tyler 5263and ask for
f .1
I 1 1
I . I
i. . I-
V l-Ten Track. Expnu BoJyrnnJB-PoM Top, 1.M5...J. Flint. Mich. 2
si W
yon can t i lay
: lauding still or by
backing away.
Go After Ball Fast.
Don't rush in pell-mell for the
drive. Go in after the ball fast, of
course, but be sure you have perfect
balance. Whenever possible, go
after that ball from such an angle
so that when you get it you'll be
facing the place where you want to
make the throw.
Take the ball on the short bound
never on the long jump unless it is
absolutely necessary. Thos; long
bounders are tricky and may jump
over your head or sideways . You
can't trust 'cm. So make tbe play on
the short bound. It's always best,
when fielding bounders, to let the
ball be ?imcd at the leg that is
farthest back. When in sue!; a po
sition you'll find it easier o make
the short bound plays and you'll
certainly find it easier to make the
The usual method ot shortsto;
throwing is overhand. That's the
natural one. , But sometimes the
play will come so fast that yon
won't have time to throw overhand
you'll have to throw sidearm or
underhand. So you must learn, by
constant practise, to throw ac
curately in all those ways.
Accuracy in throwing can be ac
quired by trying to put the bail into
the other baseman's hands all the
time in the same place. I usually
shoot 'em all at their belts. Some
of the boys try to hit the' baseman's
chest, while others aiiyi for his knees
or for the cap. It's up to you as to
where you want to aim. But decide
what your target will be and then
always throw for that portion of the
Laseman's anatomy.
Don't Wait.
Don't wait - before tbe ball is
actually bit before you get into mo
tion. When the pitch is made, get
oji your toes, ready and eager to g
out and meet the ball.- Be up aod;
doing all the time.
Watch your pitcher, -closely.
Watch your catcher signal to the j
pitcher. 1 lien you II know wnat
sort of pitch is going to be made.
The kind of ball the pitcher throws
fast or slow, an in-curve or a wide
out. or a drop often tips you off as
to just where the batter is going to
drive that ball. .
As a, final' tip, I just want to
Play the ball never back away
from it
Announce Personnel
Of Yank Golf Team
Jiew York, April 6. Personnel of
the American Amateur faolt team
which will sail April 30, to partici
oate in the British amateur cham
pionship tournament was announced
It will consist of Charles Evans,
ir.. of Chicago, National Amateur
champion: Francis Ouimet of Bos
ton; Bobby Jones of Atlanta: Fed
Wright of Boston: Paul Hunter of
California: Parker Whittemore of
Boston; W. C. Fowncs of Pitts
burgh; J. Wood Piatt of Philadel
phia and F. C. Newton of Boston.
The get-together
medium Bee j
f'For Economical Transportation"
value of commercial
is measured in terms
of reliability, economy and con
venience, v
Chevrolet Mode! "T" One
Ton Truck fulfills these require
ments; they constitute the basis
of its design and construction.
Chevrolet Motor Company
2659 Farn'am St. Phone Harney 72S0
to Sport Fans
Base Ball Pool
Tickets Found
In Big Raid
Cleveland Police Arrest Seven
Men Believe They Dis
covered New Gambling
Cleveland, Aprit 6. Seven men
were arrested here last night, fol
lowing raids on a printing shop and
a dwelling, which resulted in the
confiscation of nearly a million
nrinteil base ball Dool tickets and
declaration by the police that they
discovered a new base ball gam
bling institution with headquarters
in Cleveland.
The men are charged with run
ning a game of chance. Among them
is the assistant cashier of a bank.
Besides the tickets police secured
a number of book and ledgers
which they believe are cleus to
cities where many of the pool
tickets already have been sent. The
names of a number of cities, some
of them operating clubs in the
American, National and Interna
tional leagues and the American
association were listed.
The tickets confiscated, police say.
bear titles of the A. tind P. Industrial
Two-in-One and
Tickets bearing
All American
Cabinet Gas Ranges
This Week
"Wear-Ever" 5-Quart Aluminum Tea
Kettle Given "FREE" With Every Gas
Range Sold This Week at $50.00 or Over.
I reliable' " S, I ; '
I liiill I
$65 Value Reliable Cabinet
Gas Range This Week for
This is a four-burner, small cabinet Gas
Range, with low utensil compartment, white
porcelain enamel splashers, oven doors and uten
sil compartment-slide doors. Suitable for small
A few "Acorn" Gas Ranges and other sam
ple ranges being closed out at reduced prices.
Sold on Payment Plan With
Gas Bill
Metropolitan Water District
Gas Department
1509 Howard St.
W. L. Burgess.
American pool" contain offers of a
prize of $1,000 daily to the holder
of combinations of the six teams
in the four leagues scoring the
greatest number of runs.
"What Women
Will Do?"
"What Women
Will Do?"
Phone Pou?. 0605.
Coum. Affeiit.