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For Bridal Couple.
Deane Weaver anil Carl Paulsen
entertained at a dinner-dance at
the Country club Monday evening
in honor of Miss Mildred ' Kho-Jes
and Ware Hall, who will be married
Wednesday. The guests included
Mr. and Mrs. George riiummell, Mr,
and Mrs. Allan Tukey, Mr. mil Mr,
t.ouis Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Luberger, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Low, Miss Marian Judson ot Uu
caco. Dorothy Hall, Klizabeth Rob
ertson and Josephine Congdon, Cuth-
bert rotter and Guy ruray. snap
dragons and roses and lighted can
dies decorated the table.
Miss Ix)ttite Clarke entertained at
a luncheon of eight covers at her
home Monday in honor of Miss
Rhodes and Miss Judson, who will
be bridesmaids at the wedding.
Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Nestlebush en
tertained at a dinner party Saturday
evening in honor of Miss Katherinc
lruliwirth, a June bndc-to-be. Cov
rrs were laid for Minnie Hass, Mae
Howard, Mac Dunbar, Nell Kaiser,
Klla Oakley, Ethel Tolander, Bar
bara Sbalda, Katherine Fruhwirth,
Leo Nestlebush, Clement Nestle
bush. William Good, John Sipple,
Ralph Johnson, Mrs. C. Good and
Mr. and Mrs. C. Sorenson.
For B. F. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Baldrige enter
tained at dinner at the Athletic club
Satnrrlav rvenim? in honor of Mrs.
Baldrige's father, B. F. Smith, who
u leaving April 15 tor liew ork.
The guests included Mr. and Mr.
John L. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. C.
C. George, Mr. and Mrs. James L.
1'axton, Mrs. W. A. Fraser, Mrs.
Blanche Petersen, .Miss Daisy
Doane, F. A. Brogan and W. Far
ram Smith.
Entertain at Dinner.'
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Wilson enter
tained at dinner at the Athletic club
Saturday evening. Their guests
were Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Dermody,
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Anderson,
Messrs. and Mesdames L. M. Pe
Bau, R. W. Walters, J. L. Hiatt,
Richard Porter, J. B. Fradenbur
Lee Huff-, James T. Allen and
Messrs. George Wilson and Mr.
Ross Wilder. .
Hostess at Tea.
Mrs. G. W. , Wickersham enter
tained at a tea at her home Friday
afternoon for 100 guests. Mrs.
Wickersham returned two weeks
afro from a stay of nine months m
points in New England and Florida.
Assisting the hostess in receiving
were Mesdames C. C. Beldcn, Dale
Clarke, E. A. Benson, C. H. Wal
rath. Palmer Findley. C. F. Wellor.
Ford Hovey and Mrs. C. A. Aull.
In the dining room were Mesdames
Lloyd Mattson. Willard Slabaugh,
Carol Belden, Charles Wright. J. J.
McMullen and Miss Mildred Hale.
Better Motion Pictures
The Omaha board of public wel
fare has endorsed a campaign, that is
being conducted by the Hirst Meth
odist Episcopal church, for better
community motion pictures.
Eight Paramount pictures such as
"Behold My Wife," "The Prince
Chap," 'Brewster's Millions." "The
Tucklins." "Inside the Cup," "The
Copperhead" and "Huckleberry
Finn," will be shown at the new
community house May 3, 6, 10, 13.
17. 20, 24 and 17.
Season tickets at special rates may
be obtained from E. W. Sinnett, Col
fax 1012; E. Lamont Geissinger, Col
fax 477o; Miss Norma Weeks. Col
fax 4157 and O. M. Adams, super
intendent of Welfare board, Colfax
3052, Three hundred tickets must be
sold to make these programs pos
sible. Fort Crook.
Mrs. S. M, Rutherford and Mrs.
Leroy Upton will entertain mem
bers of the Fort Crook Bridge club
Tuesday afternoon at the Officers'
club at the post.
Fort Omaha.
' Mrs. Henry White will entertain
the Fort Omaha Bridge club at the
Officers' club of the post Friday
Eddy Brown Is Married.
Eddy Brown, violinist, and Miss
Halina Bruzovna, actress, surprised
even their closet friends by stealing
away to Greenwich, Conn., some
days ago and getting married, all "f
which except the exact date be
came known Saturday. And it was
all quite sudn, for they had known
eath other little more than a month.
They were married by Albert F.
Meade, justice of the peace.
Serbian Relief.
The West Farnam Sewing circle
will entertain at a card party at the
home of Mrs. W. J. Hynes Tuesday
afternoon for the benefit of the Ser
bian Relief.
Virginia Offutt! Bride
One of the loveliest weddings of
the spring took place Saturday eve
ning at the First Presbyterian
church when Miss Virginia OrTutt,
daughter of Mrs. Charles Offut;,
became the bride of Milo lalinage
Gates. Miss Gertrude Stout and
Henry Luberger were the attend
ants. Mr. Gates' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Gates of Genoa, Neb.,
were here for the ceremony which
was followed by an informal recep
tion at the OrTutt home. Mr. and
Mrs. Gates have gone on an eastern
trip and will be at home in Omaha
after May 1 at 145 North Thirty
fourth street.
What's What
It sometimes happens that during
a time of trouble with his back teeth
a boy begins to use only his front
teeth for mastication. There is
danger that this may become a per
manent habit after the temporary
:ause has been removed.
Neglecting to use the "grinders"
or back teeth while eating is not only
injurious to the over-used "cutters"
or front teeth, and to the unwhole
somely unusued back teeth, but the
practice when it has become a fixed
habit, disfigures the whole coun
tenance by throwing the jaws for
ward in an inhuman and canine ac
tion. Perhaps it is "the virtue of
a defect" that this ugly manner oi
eating is seldom, if ever, adopted by
girls, whose very vanity protects
them from making "(log-faces"
which arc repulsive to all beholders.
'Oopyrifht. by rubllo Ledser Co.)
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Rhlnehart-JIaradi-n Honn Portrait. -SafijffiS"
Personals "
Nebraska Women
At Cleveland
Mrs. Charles H. Dietrich, chair
man of the Nebraska League of Wo
men Voters, heads the Nebraska
delegation which goes to Cleveland
for tie second annual convention of
the national league April 11-16. Oth
ers who will attend as delegates are
Mrs. Draper Smith of Omaha, Mrs.
C. H. Rockwell of Valentine and,
Mrs. W. E. Barkley of iLncoln.
Airs. Dietrich, whose activities dur
ng the suffrage campaign led to
her election as Nebraska state presi
dent, was the youngest woman ever
to hold such a state position. She is
a member of the state library com
mission, the first woman to receive
such an appointment in the state.
Mrs. Dietrich s husband is a former
governor and United States senator
from Nebraska.
Mrs. Barkley was one of the 12
delegates from the United States to
the meeting of the International Suf
frage alliance m Geneva last sum
mer. Mrs. Barkley is given credit
for having secured partial suffrage
for Nebraska. It was due to her
courage and determination that the
law suit was instituted which broke
down the referendum petition which
had been tiled by the anti-sutfrag-
ists and maintained for Nebraska
women their partial suffrage rights.
Mrs. Barkley served as president of
the Nebraska Suffrage association un
til after she had secured unanimous
ratification of- the federal suffrage
amendment. !
Bee Want Ads little, but mighty.
. Miss Ruth Nickum has returned
to Lincoln, where she attends the
University of Nebraska.
Miss Marian Judson arrived Mon
day from Chicago to be bridesmaid
at the wedding of her cousin, Mil
dred Rhodes, and Ware Hall Wed
nesday. ' i
Mrs. J. M. Baldrige and. daughter,
Miss Gwendolen Wolfe, leave April
20 to spend a month in Boston be
fore going to their summer home in
Rockland, Me. -
Mrs. R. S. Hall and son, Jasper
Hall, have arrived from New Haven.
Mr. Hall is convalescent from a re
cent illness. He will probably act
as best man at the Hall-Rhodes wed
ding Wednesday.
Miss Mildred Walker has returned
to the University of Nebraska fol
owing the Easter vacation. Miss
Marguerite Walker 'will go to Lin
coln Thursday to spend the week
end with her sister at the Delta
Gamma house.
First District Convention.'
The annual convention of the
First district, Nebraska Federation
of Women's clubs, will meet in
Falls City Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday of this week.
Mrs. W. L. Morrill of Sterling is
president of the district.
German mine owners say shortage
of labor and postwar- economic
conditions have forced ; the women
and children into this $oii, which un
der German administration was forbidden.
Dances a Feature
of Masonic
Flanit wilt a atnrp nf thp
Irtram.i "Onrpn Fstlipr" t.i be nresent-
led Tuesday evening at the Masonic
auditorium by Alapie Leat cnaptcr,
ristrrn Star (nr the hfnefit of the
Masonic Home for Children.
Pupils of Miss Mary Cooper will
dance before the king and queen.
Virginia Holliday will interpret a
dance called the Queen's Favorite;
Betty Thipps, March Indiennc
and Katherine Gallagher will give
Oulid-Nail; Marjorie Corey and
Lillian Simpson, Grecian maiden
ball game. These dances are .featured
hv Ruth St. Denis in her comoanv
of Denishawn dancers.
A flower dance will be given by
the following group: Marjorie j
Iriraiinc Rnhrria T)raho. T.ois Mar
guerite 'Horeis, Geraldinc McKinley,
iirma Kanuaii, jane vjiccnuowici,
Rogene Corey and Harriet Harris.
Tlio (IrrrV riispmhle will be eiven
by Ruth Gordon, Betty Phipps, Lit-
han Mmpson, tvatnenne tfcnson,
Mildred Gugehmor, Marjorie Corey,
Katherine Gallacher. Betty Hickey
and Margaret Jaens.
I Th. fn Inwintr vnnncr women will
act as maids to Queen Esther: Emi-
Iv R. Allen, Margaret snrtim, Anna
ITa11r,;ct Irene Kettell. Marie Ser-
ini. Minnie Brooks. Elsie Meredith,
Mabel Meredith. Nelle Ewall and
Ardis Reigel.
I Tncenh I miMicf. Wallace Bra
tnann, Pierce Tobin and Ora Polley
1 wiir be the kings pages.
Club Calendar
Alpha SlKinn Phi Tuesday, 15 to 1 P
m.. luncheon, university ciun.
Onmha BuMneim Women! Club Tues
day, 6:15 p. m., T. w. J. A.
r. 8. ;rnnt'W. R. C. Tueadaj', 2:30
p. m., Memorial hall, court house.
Phi Pelts Thet Tuesday noon, month
ly luncheon and meeting, University club.
Omnhn Spanish Club Tuesday, p. m..
310 l'atterson block, Seventeenth and Far
nam streets.
Delphian tSoelety Study Circle Tuesday.
2:30 p. m., Y. W. C. A. Subject, "Social'
Lifa In Egypt."
Dundee. Morning Chautauqua Circle
Tuesday, 9:46 a. m.. with Mrs. T.VO. Put
nam, 6002 Icard street. .
Omaha' Woman's Club, Current Topic
Department Tuesday. 2 p. m., T. W. C. A.
Mary I. Crclgh, leader.
Tuesday Musical Cluh Tuesday, 3 p. m.,
Fontenells hotel. Annual business meeting
and election of officers.
South Omaha Woman'! Club. Literature
Department Tuesday, 3:30 p. in.. Library
hall, Twenty-third and M street.
Omaha Truth Centet Tuesday, 8 p. m.,
302 Patterson block, Seventeenth and Far
nam streets. Francis J. Gable of Lincoln
will speak.
Omaha Woman's Club.' ruhltc Rpeaklns;
Department Tuesday, 30 a. m.. Y. W. t".
A., Prof. Edwin Puis, Instructor; Mrs. O.
Y Kring, leader.
Sojourners' Club of Malva Shrine Tues
day afternoon with Mrs. R. J. Robertson.
2501 F street. The president, Jlrs. II. J.
Slckler. will preside.
P. K. O. Sisterhood, Chapter B. X.
1 o'clock luncheon with Mrs. W. A. Uor
don. 4SU0 California street. Mrs. N. K.
Sype assiatant hostess, -
For over 50 years Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription has helped thousands of wo
men, to better health, greater strength,
brighter spirits, better looks. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, (in tablet or liquid
form) helps women to retain their youth
ful looks because it removes the cause of
most of the troubles peculiar to women.
It is a non-alcoholic tonic-mvigorating
arid health-restoring which has. been so
successfully used by American womanhood.
Leavenworth, Kans. " I was all run-down from
a complication of diseases. My next door neighbor
recommended Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
because she had taken it with fine results. I de
cided to take it, and after taking two bottles of the
medicine I was entirely well. I felt like new life.
It is surely a fine medicine." Miss Frances G.
Lienhardt, 772 Seneca Street.
Dixon's chases friction
from the gear box.
- Friction has bo chines to rind
and pound and- wear away faars
and bearings when that friction
proof film of Dixon's is on the job.
And when Friction oei Noise
foes too. Gear shift quiet!)' and
easily, summer and winter. The
oar piokt up quickly and roll
aloof with much less effort.
Start with Dixon's.
Joseph Ddcon Crucible Co.
Jwy City dVxV! Established
N.J. 1827
, Bowen's.
Ftouta-Pay When Cunrod
A mild intern of treatment that cures Piles. Fistula aad other
Reetal Diseases in a short time, without a sever surgical op
eration. No Chloroform, Ether or other general anesthetie nsed.
K earn guaranteed in every case accepted tor treatment, and no money is to b paid natil
eared. Writ (or book on Rectal Diseases, with names and testimonials of mnr taaa
1.090 prominent teople who hsve been permanently cured.
PR. E. R. TARRY Sanstorhnw, Peters Trust Bldj. (Bca BIdf .) Omaha. Nea. '
Gas Stoves and Ranges
at Reduced Prices
Note These Reductions
$47.50 4-Burner Gas Stove, white
porcelain door. $31.00
$30.00 2 Burner Gas Stove, larpe
oven $18.25
$42.50 4-Burner Gas Stove, large
oven $23 .CO
$95.00 6-Burner, High Oven. Cab
inet Gas Stove $52.50
$52.50 4-Burner. High Oven. Cab
inet Stove $33.00
$40.00 4-Burner, with good oven,
at only $21.00
, $70.00 6-Burner, high oven with
white doors.... $44.C0
Some More Big Values
Bowen'a Large
Big Value Aluminum
Brooms Percolator
33c $1.25
Bowen's Bowen's
Guaranteed Guaranteed
Carpet Electric
Sweeper. Irons
$1.95 $3.95
ftk'Jtowen (b
Howard St., Between ISth ant) 16th
W. W. Club Celebrates Birthday.
The W. V. club will celebrate its
11th birthday anniversary with a 1
o'clock luncheon Wednesday at the
home of Mrs. F. T. Martis, 2422 Bris
tol street. An election of . officers
will be held following the luncheon.
Members of the club are Mes
dames E. P. DirTenbacher, Charles
Gruenig. Kelley McCombs, V. S.
Hampton, F. Bnibaker, George
Swoboda, John Morrison, W. C.
Price, Nels Martin, F. J. Martis and
J. J. Hess. All are charter mem
bers with the exception of Mrs. Mor
rison. '
Book Club.
TI, lririL- rluK will meVt Tlmri-
itair aflprnnon Anril 14. with Mr
Alfred Burr at the St. Regis.
Airs, iredenck itott will review
fain Strrpt." ' hv Siurlair l.swi.
who speaks before the Omaha So
ciety of. Fine Arts Friday afternoon
at 4 o'clock at the Fontencllc.
A wage reduction of 25 per cent
has been announced by the Albany,
N. Y builders' exchange.
Problems That Perplex
Answered hf
Ho Natural.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am a girl
18 years old and asking you for ad
vice. I hve friends, hut somehow
I cannot talk and luush with the
rest of the Kirls, especially not
when they talk so much about the
boys as they do. I'm not a boy
hater for I hav some very nice boy
friends too. The girls have good
reputations as well as myself. We
attend dances qutte often and movies
twice a week. Could it bo that I'm
old-fashioned, which causes me to
he the listener and feel left out when
with a group ot girls. Thanking
you, I am, MISS L.
Some one once asked a wise per
son for the keynote to success. The
answer given was, "It natural."
Wo like some people because they
are sweet, kind and gentle. We like
others for their enthusiasm and even
impetuousness. AVe even like people
who do things we don't like, if we
understand. 'To understand all Is
to forgive all,"
Sow about yourself. Good listen
ers are rare. Ion't w'orry about be
ing old-fashioned, or about your
talking less than the other girls.
Cultivate a good disposition, try to
nil your mind with good, wholesome,
interesting thoughts, and let your
conversation take care of Itself.
suspect you are self-conscious. Most
girls are at your age. Ko natural
be genuine. Think mere of others
and less of yourself and I believe you
will not only be happy, but will
make friends with whom you will
feel comfortable.
Blue Free: lider the circum
stances you have described It will be
necessary to have a Cathollo priest
periorm ina ceremony.
E. V.: The situation you describe
is very serious. I can't advise you
through the paper as to what you
should do. Consult your mother,
the pastor of your church, or some
older person in your town wnom you
can trust with confldence.
In France 500.000 women either
live on interest from invested capi
tal or are active in agriculture. Of
the other women more than one-half
support themselves.
Orkin Brothers
have taken over all
remaining stock ot the
Parisian Cloak Co.
This stock is rapidly being assorted
and remarked for the most wonderful
sale ever attempted by Orkin Bros.
Watch this paper for full
particulars of a great sale
We promise you values of a truly
sensational nature. Plan now to
supply your every Apparel need.
Thousands of dollars worth of
new merchandise received by
the Parisian since Easter is
included in this mighty event
To Peel Lemons
When lemons, grapefruit or
oranges are to be used and yoa
wish to remove every bit of tha
bitter and unhealtliful inner skin, try
letting the fruit stand in boiling
water for five minutes. You will find
no difficulty then and the fruit will
be left stripped of rind. '
Any man or woman who keeps
that same tiling.
ESPECIALLY those frequently
attacked by rheumatic twinges.
A counter-irritant, Sloan's Lini
ment scatters the congestion and
penetrate without rubbing to the
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Kept handy and used everywhere
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ness, sprains, bruises, and the results
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Tou Just know from its stimulate
lng, healthy odor that it will do yon
good! Sloan's Liniment is sold by
all druggists J5c, 70c, 11.40.
Exceptional Strength
Ash Grove Portland Cement
has super-strength and dura
bility because it la
Chemically exact -Uniformly
Ground extra fin
Tested hourly by expert
Where rer Concrete"? can be 7
used specify,
I i TTT!
llpsrvm Aim rnrcirrU
sr m s fennir wshsissbsv w
Affords protection t?alnst in-.
fectious diseases. All prudent
persons should avail themselves
of thia dependable germicide.
Blackheads big ones or little
onesi soft ones or hard ones on
any part of, the body, go quickly by
a simple method that just dissolves
them. To do this get about two
ounces ot calonite powder from your
druggist sprinkle a little on a hot,
wet sponge rnb over the black
heads briskly ior a few seconds
and wash off. You'll wonder where
the blackheads have gone. The
calonite powder and the hot water
have just dissolved .them. Pinching
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the pores of the skin and leave them
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tainly try this simple method. -
Umh back without ousstlon
pyJ (Huof rhre sn 8op). fail la
nr treatment of Itch. Bcsema.
A Ringwenn, Tetter er other Ilea
treatment at esc risk.
Sherman A McCennell Drug Stores.
!!., it .
asm nsximjy a s w.ixi.'W'i i n i risrmui m n i" funitir
"""" waiiiig
Ease That
Aching Back
IS a dull, throbbing backache keeping you
miserable? Are you tired, lame and tor
tured with' stabbing pains at every sud
den move? Is the trouble making your
work a burden and rest impossible? Isn't
it time, then, you were finding what is
wrong? Springtime for many folks is back
ache time a common sign that the kidneys
need help. Winter's colds and chills, and
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These Are Omaha Cases:
TU$ a Story"
Burt Street . Seventeenth Street Sherwood Avenue
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saysf "I had backache, caused by my kid- St., says: "Several years ago I had a e- cal Co., 1423 Sherwood Ave., eays: "I am
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lameness through my back and severe was in the hospital for months. My kid- . . ... ... . , . ,
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acted frequently during the night and the action, and my back ached severely. Often complaint few yearn. I suffered every
secretions were unnatural. I was advised my rcit was broken at night. As Doan's thing from this trouble, which was brought
to try Doan's Kidney Pills and in a few Kidney Pills were so highly recommended, on by a severe illness. I took Doan's Kid
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Doami9s ECMmey PMls
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Foiter-Milburn Co., Mfg. Chemists, Buffalo, N. Y.