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Johnnie Green and His New Pet
Tommy Fox was in a terrible fix.
lie was caught fast by the foot in a
trap; and if that isn't being in a fix.
I should like to know what is.
AH night long he whimpered and
cried. All night long he tugged and
pulled, trying to get free. Hut the
more he tugged the more the trap
hurt his foot. And the harder lie
Mrs. Fox couldn't help Tommy at
all. She stayed with him throughout
the night, and tried .to comfort him.
And she only left when morning
came and she smclled men coming
Hz could hear her often, at night,
calling to Mm from the fields
across the fields. Then, with one
sorrowful look at Tommy, she crept
sadly away.
Jn a few minutes more Farmer
Green and his boy Johnnie reached
Mrs. Fox's door. And they were
both greatly pleased when they saw
that the trap had done its work so
"It's a young cub," Farmer Green
said, as soon as he spied Tommy
1 'May I have him, Father?" John
nie asked quickly. "I'd like him for
3 Tommy Fox vai terribly fright
ened when he heard that. You see,
he didn't know what a "pet" was.
Adele Garrison's
The Plan Lillian Suggested to Dicky.
If I might venture to suggest,"
I illian said with suspicious meekness
in answer to Dicky's demand as to
where ve were going to live. n
"You may speak, Patient Gnsejda,
Dicky replied with an impish grin at
h"rm going to." she retorted a little
grimly, "and if you have any usurer s
blood in you my remarks will doubt
less grieve you deeply. You made
a pretty good thing on the sale ot
the house, didn't you?"
"You've said something, Dicky re
.,i;,i Knminr "I feel hke a
profiteer, but it's the first time m a
tong and misspent life that I ever
succeeded in getting the better end
of a deal in a business transaction.
And when t contemplate the party
ot the second part, that unspeakable
woman who was. snooping around ,
here the. other day. I'm ready to
gloat over every dollar of it. 1
know- she's a skinflint, and that she
sheds a tear on every cent as it is
transferred. Are those tears sweet
to rnuli? Almost as sweet as the.
What Is This?"
"I hope vou're not too attached to
the dollars,'" Lillian went on demure
ly, "for I'd like to separate you from
about a thousand of them, for which
you will get no return except a little
increased comfort and sense of , se
curity." Dicky whistled. "What is this, a
rag?" he demanded.
'Nothing of the sort," Lillian re
plied. "1 never-was more serious
in my life."
"Stop the car, Madge!' he com
manded whimsically, but there was
a note in his voice which told me
that he reallv meant this unexpected
request. "I've got to look into this.
A thousand iron men! Police! Am
I permitted to inquire what you in
tend to do with it?" '
I drew the car to the side of the
road, turned off the engine, and,
turning around watched Lillians face
with interest. I had no more idea
than had Dicky Of the scheme which
was evidently concocting . in her
brain. ,. ,
"There really isn't the slightest
reason why I sliould inform you of
the money's destination," Lillian
drawled. "You've been clever enough
to extort it from a poor, helpless,
brow-beaten woman that ought to
content you. But, 'secin' as it's you.'
I'll elucidate, hut I warn you it'll
take some time."
She settled herself more comfort
ably in her seat, evidently gave the
points of her disclosure a quick
mental review, and then began to
speak in the slow drawl which she
affects sometimes:
"Let's proced from-the known to
the unknown," she began. In the
first place, we've satsifieil ourselves
fhat there's no house to rent, and
none that we wish to buy within
commuting distance of New York,
x Even if we older people wished to
live in New York this summer an
unthinkable proposition for Marion
and Junior we couldn't find an
apartment. Things are worse, there
than in the suburbs. And by dint
of difrgent inquiry I have found that
every furniture warehouse is filled to
the brim. Also the moving men
within a radius of forty miles won't
promise a thing till after May IS."
Arranging to Work.
"Whew!" Dicky's face showed
- ,i,rm -,nt i-liao-rin "And we're due
to get out of here long before that!
If it were anybody but that dame in
the offing but it would be useless to
expect anything from her. , We've
simply got to get out. I'll grant
von the thousand. Lil. I'll give it
to you as a commission, ii you'll get
us out of this mess."
"I never rob a cradle," she retorted
impudently. "All I ask is that you
rx'riin f mm an v remarks about fool
5omen, tyinecesjary. expense and,
He thought that probably it was
something like a stew, for he had
been told that people ate things like
that; and he could see himself, in
his mind's eye, being cut up and
tossed into a pot.
"A fet, eh?" said Farmer Green.
"Well, I suppose so. He's hardly
worth skinning. Yon may have him,
I guc'ss. But look out that he does,
not bite you."
Johnnie Green was delighted. He
i,.torl tii father nut Tommv into
an old sack, and taking the trap, too,
they started toward tne larmnouse.
wi..n iir reachert Farmer Green's
.Villi. , - , r.
Tnhnni and his father fitted
, cff rntlar a limit Tommy's neck.
And they fastened one end of a chain
1 j .v. ..1... 1,. tuxl
to It; ana me umci mu
. , staVi which thev drove
into the ground in Farmer Green's
dooryard. Then Johnnie Green set
a big wooden box close beside the
stake. He tipped the box over on its
side, and tnrcw some straw niiu u.
And that was Tommy Fox's home.
v.. .nitrti thintc that it was a
much nicer home than he had before,
Vint Tnmmir rtirl not like it at all. All
the people on the farm came and
looked at him insiae tne nox; auu
inimnlf Crrpn never left him for
more than 10 minutes all the rest
of that day.
Tommy made tip ms mum mat ne
would make a house of his own. And niorhi- fliicr a hole in
Farmer "Green's dooryard. where lie
could crawl our ot signt or everyone.
Tommy liked that much better. No
matter how hard Johnnie Green
nulled on the chain, he couldn't drag
Tommy out unless he wanted to
come. .
But after a few days Tommy be
gan to get used to being a pet. He
found that it was not such a terri
ble thing, after all. He did miss
tha fine runs he used to have; and
the hunts: and he missed his motn
er, too. He could hear her often at
night, calling to him from the fields.
And tlicn Tommy would answer, and
tug at his chain. But he couldn t get
away. And after a while he would
go to sleep and dream pleasant
dreams, about catching crickets in
the long grass.
(Copyright, Grassett and Dunlap.)
New Phase of
of a Wife
any of the rest of the list which you
wie masculines trot out on any sort
of an excuse. For I warn you, you
won't approve. My plan is simply
to lease for you some comfortable
p&ce at the east end of the island
for two years, move the furniture out
there in that section the vans are
not so busy, and we can get them if
we act at once then sit tight tor
awhile. We'll then have plenty ot
time to keep our eyes open for some
thing we really want. I'll get some
little furnished place near you
i...i-a.f annrtmpnt lease is a long-
term one, and I can sublet or leave it
empty as I like. It isn't as if any of
.,c UiA tr nnnrh a time-clock or
commute to the city every day. We
can arrange to do a lot 01 our wur.
at home, Dicky-bird."
"That doesn't work oat so very
well," Dicky said doubtfully. n "Al
ways unexpected interruptions."
1 flushed painfully at the injustice
of the remark, for I always am most
rarpful tr nee that Dick is absolutely
undisturbed at his work. .
Lilian came to my rescue, saying
the thing which was in my liimd, but
which I never woud have uttered.
"You mean,' she drawled coolly,
"iiiof ..nnVff atwavs interruDtinz
yourself, flying off at a tangent when
you should DC drawing, xou may uc
able to deceive yourself,- Dicky-bird,
but don't hand any of the vanilla
icing to me. I've worked by your
side too long.
"But apart from that objection,
...Kr, An vnn think nf mv' scheme?
Oh, yes, the thousand dollars is for
moving out, deposit on house, and
So forth, the little trifles which make
moving such a pleasure."
Do You Know the Bible?
(Cover up the answers, read the ques
tions and see If you can answer them.
Then look at the answers to see it you
are right.)
Follow These Questions and An-
. swers Arranged by
1. Whatis the meaning of the
word "Hosannah?"
2. Why is . the Last or Lord's
Supper so called?
3. Why did Jesus, before insti
tuting the Lord's Supper, take the
cup and give thanks, saying, "Take
this, and divide it among your
selves?" 4. What is the meaning of "he
that dippeth his hand with me in
the dish," as applied by our Lord
to Judas Iscariot?
5. Why did our Saviour, in re
ply to the question of the high priest
whether He was the Son of God
(Matt. xxvi. 64), reply "Thou hast
said 'instead of "Yes" or "No?"
6. Who was Pontius Pilate?
1. It is a form of acclamatory
blessing or wishing well, which sig
nifies "Save now," Succor now," "Be
2. Because it was instituted by
Christ, as the last act of His minis
try, in company with His disciples,
and immediately before He went
out to be delivered into the hands
of His enemies.
3. Because it was the custom with
the master of the feast to take such
a cup. to bless it with ceremony,
then drink of it, and pass it to the
guests. ,
4. It, was the custom at that
time to eat with the hands only, and
without the assistance of forks,
which were not instituted till many
centuries afterwards.
5 Because the former was the
usual mode of delivering an an
swer in the affirmative.
6. He was the fifth Roman pro
curator or governor of Judea, suc
cessor to Emperor Tiberius in the
13th year of his reign. (A. D. 28).
(Copyright. 1J1. by Th Wheeler Syndi
cate, Ian.)
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re fn
Omaha, Capital of
, One of Omaha's greatest institutions is the Federal
Land bank, which in a very real way makes it the capi
tal of a great agricultural empire. Under the direction
of D. P. Hogan, a substantial banker and experienced
farmer of Iowa, this great credit system means much to
the prosperity of all lines of business, though it deals
directly with farm loans. Mr. Hogan was one of the
commissioners sent to Europe by the United States gov
ernment to study farm credit systems there, and from
the time of establishment of the land banks in this coun
try has been instrumental in pushing them to success.
Omaha also has a branch of the Federal Reserve
bank, which is designed to take care of the require
ments of general business, -without specializing on any
one division of industry. It is to the Land bank that
the agricultural interests come to borrow money on their
land that they may carry on the work and meet obli
gations. Farm development is the special interest of
the Land bank, and as the farming communities bene
fit from this, so will all who have things to sell to them.
Charles Evans Hughes, now secretary of state, in
his brief before the supreme court of the United States
in the recently decided farm loan case, pointed out
that the establishment of the Federal Land Bank sys
tem by congress had come at a most opportune time
to be of service to agricultural interests in helping to
solve the food problem of this and other countries dur
ing the great war. Its importance in these days of
peace, not only to the agricultural states, but to the
nation is equally great.
The system, validity of which was approved by
the supreme court, is directed by the Federal Faim
Loan board, a bureau of the Treasury department, prac
tically all or the original stock being subscribed by the
United States government, which at the close of 1920,
still held nearly $7,000,000.
Before the pendency of the suit to determine the
right of congress to establish the system, and to accord
exemption from taxation to the obligations of the vari
us regional banks, congress signified its interest in the
system and appreciation of the work it was doing by
authorizing the Treasury department to purchase a large
amount of the bonds, which the treasury now holds, to
the amount of $183,000,000.
The establishment of the Federal Land Bank sys
tem by act of congress, and its development under the
Federal Farm Loan board, a bureau ot the 'treasury de
partment, has been regarded by many as an experi
ment, and few realize that the establishment of the
system was undertaken after most exhaustive study and
search of the various systems of long standing in
Europe, which have a long record of successful opera
tion, and whose securities have been highly regarded
in the various European markets.
While the degree of control and governmental
help may vary widely, conditions have made it neces
sary that loans in, European countries be made at a
much higher ratio of salable value of property than
is permitted under our own system. The periods of re
payment are also longer extended.
The successful beginning of the system in the
United States under rather adverse conditions speaks
well for its broadening usefulness. The Federal Land
Bank bonds will no doubt be an increasingly popular
investment as the purposes and work of the system are
better understood, and the prime security afforded to
investors is more fully appreciated. One of the in
teresting things was that during the wrar the Land Bank
bonds of foreign governments held their prices very
'much better than the government bonds, and sold at
higher prices, the reason for this being obvious, that
one had land security back of it, and the other was
simply the direct obligation of the foreign government.
The strong position of the Federal Land Bank sys-
tem disclosed by the report
board as of the close of business on December 31, last,
should be very gratifying to both the farmers who
are the owners of the stock of the Farm Loan associa
tions, which in turn are large owners of the stock of the
banks making up the system, and to the investors who
hold Federal Land Bank bonds. Although the system is
a comparatively new one, it has steadily increased in
capital, and has built up substantial surplus reserves
from earnings. -
One feature of the report has attracted special at
tention. Despite general business conditions and the
difficulties attending the marketing of crops, the total
payments delinquent 90 days or more were only slightly
over one per cent of the total payments which have
matured, and these delinquent items are coming in
rapidly as the crops are being disposed of. Foreclosures
have been very few, and the ready sale of property
taken under foreclosure indicates clearly that the loans
throughout the system have been made in a most con
servative way. ,
The Federal Land Bank board is restricted under
the terms of the act to a most conservative loaning
policy, and it is reported that they have stayed well
within those limits. It has been" pointed out that no
other policy would have been justified, for loans must
be sound under the varying conditions which may de
velop throughout a period of years.
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