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    Legion Measure
To Aid Disabled
Passed by House
If "Delegates Agree to Fight $10,-
000,000 Bonus Bill
Nine Other Bills Pass
Third Reading.
Lincoln, March 16. (Special.)
The American Legion bill providing
for an appropriation of $2,000,00
interest from which will go to the
disabled veterans and their families,
passed the lower house on third
reading today. This bill was backed
unanimously by the house American
Legion membership. The Sturdevant
$10,000,000 bonus Nbill with a refer
endum amendment attached will be
tought by American Legion mem
bers in the house, under an agreement
signed last night.
Other bills passed on third read
ing today by the lower house are:
S. F. 140 For return of unused
guarantee fund assessments to liqui
dated banks at the end of three years.
Advertrsing Levy.
JF. R. 307 Auhorizcs 1 mill ax for
municipal advertising. (Bill intro
duced by Omaha delegation.)
II. R. 3 Appropriates $500 for
relief of C. E. Olson, injured in
accidental collision with state road
machinery left standing in a road
at night in Saunders county.
H. R. 483 Provides building' of
$300,000 reformatory at Lincoln.
r.mergency clause lost lor lack ot
sufficient votes.
S. F. 120 Memorializes congress
to pass federal censorship law.
Auto License Bill
It. R. 344 Requires automobiles
to have front and rear number plates.
Authorizes dealers to furnish paste
board plates, good for 10 days, with
r?rs sold. Allows cars to-be brought
rto the state for delivery in Nebras
t ka or elsewhere, bearing cardboard
siijns, "in transit."'
) H. R. 343 Provides that 1-2 per
i cent of automobile licpnse .moneys
' hall be retained in the" various coun
' ties and 3 1-2 per cent remitted tp
the state treasurer for expense of
state highway administration. Allows
less than 75 per cent to be used oij
roads other than state highways.
H. R. 484 Authorizes employment
of convict labor on state highways
and other public works.
. H. R. 489 Authorizes state and
public works department to purchase
V land and produce materials for road
making and other public projects.
Parole Board Will Pass
On 32 Applications Today
Lincoln, March 16. (Special.)
The state board of pardons is
orlirtiilpft in inert at the caoitol at
2 p. m. Wednesday, to pason the
32 -applications for paroles, on which
the board held hearings at the peni
tentiary last week.' v v
Secretary of State D. M. Ams
berry, who was ill at the time of the
hearing, was on duty for the first
time and expected to attend ' the
meeting. Other members of the
board are1 the governor and attorney
The secretary of state, who is still
weak from the effects of a slight
apoplectic stroke suffered two weeks i
- rn vnrte tn visit his fttUCe reKU' I
probably not put in full time until j
bis recovery is more complete. ;
More Data Sought
On Closing Three
Telegraph Offices
Lincoln. March li.JL fSnpcinH
j The Nebraska Railway commission
has taken under advisement the com
plaint of the villages of Manley, Wa
bash and Panama, objecting to the
action of the Missouri Pacific , in
removing telegraph keys from the
stations, with instructions' to the vil
lages to report all inconveniences
resulting from removal to the com
mission during the next 30 days.
The hearing was held Tuesday,
when the railroad company made a
showing that at Manley and Wabash
the revenue from telegraph service
was only $26 a year. By taking out
the instruments, the company said it
could effect a saving in salary of $30
a month. ,
Citizens of the communities com
plained that not only would their
commercial service be seriously im
paired, but they would not be able
to properly place car orcjers. It is
on these two questions that the com-
( mission is asking further data.
Negro Charged With Attack
On White Woman is Lynched
Little Rock, Ark., March 16.
Browning Tuggle, 28, negro, was
lynched by a mob at Hope, Ark., last
night. He was charged with an as
sault on a middle-aged white woman
at Hattiesville, Ark.
More than 100 citizens of Hope
battered down the jail dodr and
dragged the negro out shortly after
it was decided that a pair of faded
overalls, freshly bloodstained, found
at Tuggle's home, was sufficient
evidence to complete his identifica
tion. The woman was accosted on
a road at a wooded spot two miles
from the city this morning.
Complete Federal Bridge
Ord, Neb., March 16. (Special.)
The federal bridge over Turtle
creek south of Elyria, is almost com
pleted and the grading is rapidly
Hearing completion.
. , .
Southern Pwcifico Cut
Unskilled Workers' Wages
New Orleans, La., Marcn 10. An
nouncement was made here today,
that effective April 16 there would be
a reduction of wages of unskilled
employes and clerical and station
workers and return to the working
conditions of December 31, 1917, by
the Southern Pacific lines in Louisi
ana and Texas.
Conferences with employes to dis
cuss the reductions were arranged
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Anti-Alien Land Bill Big
. Task for Senate Committee
Lincoln, March 16. (Special.)
Although some of the lawyer mem
bers of the senate judiciary commit;
tee favored indefinite postponement
of H. J. 138, the bill patterned after
the California anti-Japanese land bill,
not enough votes were summoned
at the meeting of the committee
Tuesday afternoon when a ballot
was taken to kill" the bill.
Another problem then arose, those
in favor of the bill opposing report
ing it out in its present condition,
without amendments. The committee"
has not vet agreed on amendments.
One objection to the bill is that it
is unconstitutional since it seeks to
amend the present law restricting
non-resident aliens from owning
land, without repealing that law.
22 Hunters Fined for
Violating Game Law
Lincoln, March 16. (Special.)
Twenty-two hunters who violates
the law in Nebraska the last two
weeks have boon fined in the state
courts, ana u oi uiem, wuu i;"
birds 'out of season, arc held for
government authorities for violating
the federal migratory bird law, it was
announced Wednesday by Slate
amc Warden George Koster.
triii warden the" oast week has
"planted" lj0 pairs of pheasants iu
western Nebraska, which had been
obtained from a Kansas City pbeas
antry. Pheasants are sent to those
applying for them, on condition that
the surrounding country is suitable
for their propogation. '
Administration on Blue Sky
Passrd hv Lower House
Lincoln. March 16. (Special Tele-'
gram.) I he administration Dtue-SKy
bill passed the committee of the
whoje in the lower house today. Un
der the new bill plans and pros
pectuses of the stock and bond sell
ing concerns are subject to scrutiny
and revision of state departments.
The house cwt promotion percentage
from 15 to 10 per cent over the pro
test of Representative Druesedow, an
Omaha stock broker, who declared
promotion was worth more than 10
per cent and this reduction would
stle enterprise in Nebraska. The
cost of organization cannot exceed
more than 2ls per cent of the capital
s'ock under terms of the bills.
Bills Still in Committee
Wednesday to Be Killed .
Lincoln, Neb.. March 16. (Special
Telegram.) All house bills m
standing house committees next
; Wednesday at noon will be dead,
under a rule adopted in lower house
today. This does not apply to sen
ate bills in house committees.
Oppose Lumber Tariff
epresentative tpperson introduced
resolution in the lower house
memorializing congress to defeat the
, i l . :rr i mi
proposed luinorr lariu Dili.
To check the spread of malaria the
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Composer's Daughtcr-in-Law
Is Missing Since Saturday
Chicago, March 16. Mrs. Clifford
Victor lerbcrt. daughter-in-law of
Victor Herbert, the composer, has
been missing from her home here
nee last Saturday, it became known
today, and search bv police and
orivate aarrnrirs has rpvrrilH nntliintr
of her, it is said. A
She wore jewelry valued at many
thousands rt dollars when she dis
appeared, the police were told, and
her husband, a broker, expressed
grave fears that the jewelry had at
tracted robbers to kidnap her.
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