Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 17, 1921, Page 13, Image 13

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Council to Pass
Oiv Appraisers'
; Report Next Week
Several Major Improvement
Projects to Be Taken Up
By City Commissioners
! On Mornlav to Friday.
The city council will hold a beries
ni hearings next week on appraisers'
reports en the following major im
provement projects:
i Widening Harney street and
widening and opening Douglas
street. Monday, 2 p. ni.
Widening Twentieth .street rand
opening Twenty-second street, Tus
i'av. 2 p. ni.
Widening Twenty-fourth stive.
W ednesday. 2 p, in.
Kiver drive project. Thursday 2
p. -ni.
Innerbclt tralficway.
Friday, 2 p.
I he council urges mat an nucl eated
in the proposed improvements
attend these hearings. These proj
ects have all been approved by the
City Planning board and appraisers'
reports have been submitted to the
city council for further action.
Reports in the following amounts
were received by the council yester
day afternoon:
Innerbclt tralficway, $745, 167;
tthcr drive, $54S,8.W; Widening
Twentieth street, Leavenworth to
Dodge, $725,791; widening Harney
street, f 250, 199; opening and widen
ing Douglas .street, Twentieth to
Twenty -seventh. ?245,.?51.
Present Law Uncertain.
W. C. Lambert, corporation coun
sel, advised the city council yester
day of the uncertainties of the exist
ing law relating to improvements of
this class. He also explained that
if the city charter now before the
jm- i - i . .. . i i... : i .1.-..
jegisiai u' e, is asseti oy .'vprii i, men
the council may retrace its steps
from the present point and thus take
advantage ot the new provisions.
Mr; Lambert is fearful that the
cMVui.g charter provisions are in
adequate and inconsistent. The law
provides that the council shall ap
prove the appraisers' reports of a
project and if the total of that report
exceeds $100,000. the proposition
shall be submitted to a vote of the
' people. If the project is approved
at an election, the council shall de
termine th amount of benefits which
shall be assessed and then may sub
mit to the voters a bond proposi
tion to cover the difference opt ween
(he award eff damages and the bene
fits. Money Big Question.
- "But," asserted Mr. Lambert,
"suppose the bond proposition
sjhould be rejected by the voters after
the' original proposition had been ap
proved. The appraisal would have
' to stand and the city council would
be up against the proposition of ob
taining the money. The property
owners could, and probably would,
bring suits against the city and ob
tain judgments, which, of course,
would be an undesirable situation."
; Mr. Lambert explained that the
new charter provisions simplify the
proceeding by permitting the coun
cil, after the appraisers' report is in,
to select a committee of three from
the council whose duty it would be
to make an estimate of the assessed
beftctits. If the difference .between.
ti appraisal award and the benetit
jst.essment is less than-10 per cent,
(lit council may issue . the bonds to
coyer the difference without submis
sion to the voters, but if the differ
ence is more than 1Q per .Qeut. then
submission to voters must be ob
$crned. - . ,"
Jas Plant Repays Loan -j
Made by City Couneil
' The municipal gas plant is beginning-to
accumulate a cash balance,
according to a statement made yes
terday by General Manager R. B.
Howell to the Metropolitan Water
board. ,'
The balance was $167,674.75, out of
which the board ordered the payment
of a loan of $100,000 made by the city
council last fall when the gas depart
ment was in dire need of money to
meet the first payment of interest on
bonds. '
This debt was due to the city
April 15, but the water board de
cided' to make the repayment in .ad
vance of the maturity of the note.
OmaHa Bricklayers
. Voluntarily Reduce .
Wages 10 Per Cent
Omaha bricklayers adopted a vol
untary reduction wage of 10 per cent,
at a meeting of the bricklayer's union
Tuesday night, A. L. Keller, secre
tary, said yesterday.
"Beginning April 1, there will be a
reduction to $9 for eight hours," Mr.
Keller said. "We feel that in making
this move we are sacrificing a great
tit. is the first' definite compromise
offer made by the bricklayers since
the 20 per cent reduction ccmanJ
was made by the contractors.
J. M. Gibb, secretary of the Build
ing Trades' Council, had made a
similar offer, but contractors insist
a 20 per cent reduction is necessary
and that no agreement will be signed
on anv other basis.
Banks to Be Closed During
Funeral of Luther Drake
'J he Omaha -Clearing- House asso
ciation held a special meeting at
11 o'clock Wednesday morning on ac
count of the death of Luther Drake,
president of the Merchants National
bank. j
A resolution expressing the dcen u
sympathy of the member banks of
the association was adopted ami
spread upon the records.
Representatives from each bank
will attend the funeral Friday.
The banks will be closed during
the hour of the funeral services Fri
oay, 10:30 to 11:30 o'clock.
"Car Sold Itself Avers
Stearnes Knight Man
W. I. Malone, 'of the Stearnes
Knight makes a novel admission.
"1 didn't sell the first car of the
show and 1 didn't sell the first
i Steams-Knight sold at the' show,"
lie says.
"Soon, alter the tiuw opened i
visitor -came '"mi "to ThcTXhibft arrrH-been
looked at one of the cars and said,
"1 want that car," and before 1 knew
it he had paid me.
"I don't call that selling a car. 1
W. M. Locke Motor Company
To Distribute II. C. S. Autos
Announcement was made this week
that the W. M. Locke Motor com
pany had taken over the distribution
for the H. C. S. automobile.
Mr. Locke has been associated
with the automobile business here
for several years and will locate at
2021 Farnam street with H. Pelton,
the Marmon distributor.
See the I
See the
-?i miniatures
Remember the Name
The FAPCO is different
from any other tire pump on
the market..,.
' It's a free air station in
.itself .always with you
wherever you go neat and
compact and a joy to use.
The FAPCO is made .by
experienced mechanics.
Every detail is right. The
parts are machine turned.
The cylinder is seamless tube
brass IV4. inches O D by 20
inches. 5-ply rubber and
fabric is used in the hose.
The two patented valves are
operated by the movement
of the piston rod, not by air
pressure or gravity.
Don't do twice as much
pumping as is necessary.
Don't ruin your tires by
leaving them partly filled.
Get a FAPCO the pump
that forces the air into the
tire. 1
Tires that are kept
pumped up to the full pres
sure recommended by tire
manufacturers last twice as
long as those just partly
When a soft, partly-filled
tire goes over a bump, the
rubber stretches and the in
ner fabric tears a little.
Kabric can't stretch. The
1 rip gets bigger until finally
there's a blowout.
Jefferson, Iowa Manufacturers
ji t ' li
I . , II
lis 11
Great Attraction
at the Auto Show
A marvelous Cadillac power
plant in actual operation, show
ing every detail of the internal
moving parta.
This i an evict duplicate of
the Cadillac motor, and is
most interesting display
Found On the Stage
An Extraordinary
Sale of Dependable
Rugs, Saturday at
Union Outfitting Co.
Rugs Come in Many Sizes
in a Wide Assortment
of Beautiful Patterns.
It is amazing how inviting a
room can be made with a new
and beautiful rug on the floor
and with greatly reduced prices
on tugs nxt Saturday at the
Union Outfitting Co. any home
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cleaning time.
In the Sale are Rag Rugs,
Grass Rugs, Velvet Rugs. Tap
estry Rugs, Axminster and Wil
ton Rugs in various sizes and
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always, you make your own
terms. Advertisement
666 will break a Cold, Fever
and Grippe quicker than any
thing we. know, preventing
Honesty of purpose supple
mented by experience, en
gineering ability "and factory
facilities second to none
have combined to produce
that happy result where,
when anyone says, "Reo," you
respond, "That's a good au
tomobile." Reo reputation
as you know it today, is the
result of seventeen years of
honest endeavor to make the
best and only the best
motor cars.
A. H. Jones Co.
Hastings, Neb.
Distributor for Southern
and Western Nebraska.
Jones-Opper Co.
Omaha, Neb.
Distributor for Eastern and Northern
Nebraska and Western Iowa,
i & 81
5 ; Touring sn . 1
!S - Car - nH ,, 1 . 3
' . - - - v ' - .
1 ' '
call that an instance where the cai j "().Ie Shamrock Special
Since the shvw opened there have
several Mcarnes-KniRiu 'car
Importation of automobiles for
sale in Italy is forbidden entirely.
ture .vill be the "Cole Shamrock
SniM-ial." .1 beautiful car. in. Irish
Travitor Kxhihit Feature 'green, around which will be wpci
plenty 01 hanrocks and green
plant'. ' I
A U'' iul lri'b program will De
given at tlio booth, 'lie principal of
fering being Irish music, and song.
All the Irish will gather. .X Tray
ror exhibit of "Cole Eights" at the
automobile show today, for the
xi'jole exhibit will be jjreen. The fea-
4 4
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