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Problems That Perplex
Enjoy Daughter's
With Her
'. Dear Miss Fairfax: In reply to
Mother and Daughter, this truly is a
problem. There arc many kinds of
boys and girls ir this world. Sonic
girls don't care to go with boys at
16, but these are not the kind of
girls who haw- been taught always
to "beware of boys."
I think every little girl should be
tatight to play with little boys and
should grow up all the while with a
knowledge of boys and their ways.
In these days of parties, dances,
etc., the youthful desire to mingle
and be happy' can be satisfied with
out girls being out alone with boys
on dark nights.
Just suppose, mother, that your
daughter never goes with a boy un
til she is 19. Then on her 19th birth
day you invite a crowd of young
people to your homo in honor of
.her arid ori'taking leave one oi the
young1 men guests, whom, from yours
and your daughter's lack of com
panionship with young people, you
do'not know, asls to call on your
daughter. Truly his manners are
fine, he is ..well dresfcil and attrac
tive and you consent, having no right
now not to consent. He calls, he
makes repeated calls, takes daughter
out and daughter, eager for romance,
centers her happiness on him and
consents to he his wife. They are
married pijd daughter has never had
her, play tirtje. even though they live
happy ever after. Of course, this
may not be the case, but this hap
pens much too often.
Wouldn't ybti rather, mother, min
gle and have your daughter mingle
now from the time she is 16 with all
the young people of her age and be
learning their ways.
Why, the man might not have been
the right kind for your daughter; he
might have even been playing with
her and. ignorant as you both would
be of the ways of young men of to
day, you' would not know until it
was .too late. Try inviting boys and
girls to your home and going with
your daughter to other people's
homes in short, just filling the time
with happiness , found in school,
games, 'parties, deuces, etc., from
now until she is 20. It will make
you haopv, too. Too many of us
are denied these hapny girlish years.
.Think it over. and write your decision
to Miss Fairfax, so wc may know
daughter's verdict.
Mother and Daughter.
A flood of mall has come in ad
dressed to "Mother and Daughter,"
whose letters were prtnted more than
a week ago- in these columns. We
hope some of the advice contained
in the letters will help other mothers
and daughters who are wondering
how old a srirl should be before she
should be allowed to go with boys.
Pear Miss Fairfax: I was so deep
ly impressed with the letters from
mother and daughter in the Febru
ary 1 5 issue of The Omaha Bee that
I just feel' like I must be one to send
in my views on this subject.
I certainly sympathize with this
JHmg lady,"" Mother' says, "No, she
shall' not .haw any boy friends until
she is 19," and -.her only reason is be
cause that was the., way she was
raised and she believes she should
bring her children up the same way.
Times , have changed, mother,
since you and I were girls. Now, I
don't believe 16-year-old girls should
run around with the boys or without
them, either, for that matter, three
or four eights out of the week, but
I do believe that 1 6-year-old girls, if
they are normal and self-respecting,
should have a little libcrty'and a few
pleasures. For me. I would much rather my
girr.wou.Id--go out with some nice
young man than to run around with
a whole lot of yirls that I know. It
seems to me if a girl is able to work
and make her own way, and is cap
able of taking care of herself while
at her work, she could certainly go
out occasionally with the young folks
and have a good time, in an innocent
way. i -
, Mother, don't . teach Slaughter to
deceive you. Sympathize with her,
let her have her young company, let
her invite them to her home, help
her to select her companions and
triends. help her to plail her little
entertainments and she will come to
you for advice and sympathy instead
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of going to some inexperienced girl
friend, who will advise her to do the
very thing that she knows she wants
to do.
I have raised two girls and we
were pals. They came and told me
all tliir little love affairs and we
talked it over together and 1 ad
vised them in these matters, and 1
don't believe either one of them ever
deceived me. I always knew where
they were and who they were out,
with, and I always felt perfectly
My parents were very strict with
me: they told me that I shouldn't go
here and 1 must not go there, and
rewret tn say that sometimes I went
places when they thought I was some
place; else, and I went with company
that they didn't approve of.
My parents did not invite my con
fidence. T am glad to say that I
profiled by their mistakes in the
rearing of my girls and I know I
raised my girls better than I was
I could write pages right along
this line, but if I write much more,
I'm afraid my letter will go in the
waste basket. Yours with best
wishes, MRS. E. R. B.
Being Too Patient.
Dear. Miss Fairfax: Four years
ago 1 met a young man of my own
age. During all this time I always
tried to remind him that ours was
nothing but a friendship. At last
he has made me realize that he is
deeply in 4ove with me; he naturally
wants rny love in return, and has an
idea that marriage is the only proof
of real love and detests the idea f
waiting. I have tried to impress
him t,hat he owes it to himself to
continue his college career. He
swears he is never in the company ot,
other girls, yet acquaintances are be
ing taken out by him. He criticizes
these girls when in my company,
and yet I have been at dances when
he brought these very' girls.
I realize 'that as long long as we
are not engaged I have no right to
keep tabs on him, no more than he
can keep tabs on me. but I can't un
derstand his object of lying about it.
At present we are not on speaking
terms. ' I would like to know' what
it all means his talk and then his
actions. V -"
J know it can't go on this way for
ever, so one has got to call a halt;
it's up to me. What would you advise
me to do mere words no longer
have any effect? ACJIRL.
I gather from your letter that the
young man Is really not worth
while; if he treats you this way be
fore ypu ore even' engaged to him,
what do you think he would do
when you were married?
Looking Down on Marriage.;
Dear Miss Fairfax: I have a
sweetheart with whom I agree in
every respect but one. That one is
this: I like to go to theaters and
restaurants. I take delight in see
ing different faces. My sweetheart,
although he takes me to those
places, always goea unwillingly. I
am inclined to believe he is merely
stingy. He can't seem to under
stand that if I see enough of the
world outside of my own narrow cir
cle I would be more than content
with my own lot when the time
comes to settlo down.
Don't you think that if he would
take me out without worrying about
each expense (which I'm sure is un
necessary), we would both be far
happier? , COMEBACK.
When you end your letter you
really begin it. The moment you
speak of marriage as a settling
down, you show how wrong your
attitude is. , Marriage is the real be
ginning of your love-story and your
life-story not the ending. You
seem to be racing around flow with
a wild feeling that you must have
your good times and see all of life
you can because you are going pres
ently into the prison house of mar
riage. It's quite the opposite. The
right marriage the true marriage
will open the doors of the world
to you. I've an idea that stinginess
isn't a factor in your fiance's atti
tude. Probably ho hates the idea of
your thinking that you need to lay
up this sort of a treasure to make
you content later with marriage.
Don't you see how you look down on
marriage, how you belittle it, how
you feel that it is going to cut you
off from all that makes the world
beautiful? I'm not answering your
question because you can answer
it after you've faced a far more vital
one: What does this marriage of
mine mean to me drudgery and a
humdrum existence, or beauty and
Mr.' and Mrs. Stanley Braden of
Los Angeles, formerly of Omaha,
left Monday .for their home after
spending eeveral days with Mr. and
Mrs. John Lionberger.
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For Bride-to-be.
Mr.aud Mrs. F. H. Uchling enter
tained? informally at dinner at
their home, Thursday evening, in
honor of Miss Faye Simon, whose
marriage to Spray Gardner of Den
ver will take place Saturday. The
guests included ,Dr. and Mrs.
Frank Simon,' Miss Ruth Stapletou
of Broken Bow, and Mr. Gardner.
For Miss Moke.
Mrs. M. C. Peters entertained at
dinner at her home, Wednesday eye
uing, in honor of her niece, Miss
kuth Moke of St. Louis, who is
visiting here. Covers were placed
for Misses - Dorothy Kiplinger.
Claire Daugherty, Ruth Moke and
Geraldine and Gretchen Hess of
Council Bluffs; Messrs Edward
Daugherty, David Caldwell, Temple
McFayden anc? Clarence and Doug-
las Peters. Following the dinner the
guests attended the Orpheum after
which they had supper at the Ath
letic club.
For Homer Conant.
Mrs. Arthur E. Rogers will en
tertain at tea at her home, Sunday
from 5 to 8 o'clock, in honor of her
brother, Homer Conant, of New
York City.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Besclin
entertained at a supper-dance at
their home, 1 Thursday evening, for
this New Yorker.
A. dinner was given Wednesday
evening at the Athletic club in his
honor by Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Der
roody. Their guests included Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur E. Rogers, Mr. and
Mrs. William Gillcr, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Giller, Mrs. Mary Conant,
Miss Gertrude Keating and Harley
Mrs. E. C. Twamley and Mrs. A.
H. Fetters entertained at an in
formal musical, Thursday evening,
at the Twamley home. The honor
guests were Mrs. Donald Baxter
of Grand Rapids. Mich., who is vis
iting at the W. W. Slabaugh home,
and Miss Augusta McGlasson of
Beacon, N. Y., who is the guest of
Mrs. Charles G. McDonald,
Entertain at Dinner.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Bowser enter
tained at dinner at their home Tues
day evening, honoring their son,
William Dell Bowser, and his bride,
formerly Helen Toner. The guests
included Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hempel,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Foye, Miss
Helen Wead, Fred Bowser, Roy
Foye and Robert Bowser.
Evening Concert.
The Ann Clabaugh chapter of the
Westminster Presbyterian church!
will present a concert of old-fashioned
songs Saturday evenjng at the
church. Dean Smith will be among
those taking part.
Dramatic Club.
"A Dream Fantasy" will be pre
sented Friday evening at the First
Central Congregational church for
the benefit of the Dramatic club of
the church by pupils of Effie Steen
Kittleson. Those taking part will be
Misses Ethel Mulhalland. Edna Let
ovsky and Katherine Corrigan.
Mu Sigma Anniversary.
Mm Sigma will celebrate their 29th
anniversary Saturday with a 1 o'clock
luncheon at the Blackstone, followed
by a kensington,: This is the oldest
club in Omaha and it is expected
that all members now residing in the
city will be present, including three
charter members, Mesdames. H, Q.
Neely, E. B. Soniers and Mrs. George
;Thompson. ,
Luncheon for Actress. -Mrs.
John Lionberger entertained
at a luncheon of six covers, at her
home Wednesday in honor of Miss
Helen MacKellar, who played the
leading role in "The Storm," which
has been at the Brandeis.
Card Party and Dance.
Omaha chapter, A. I. U., will give
a card party and dance Friday even
ing. February 25, at A. O. U. W.
Luncheon for Mrs. Segal.
Mrs. M. Glassburg entertained at a
bridge luncheon at tbe Blackstone
Wednesday for Mrs. Mollie- Segal of
Jolly Seniors.
A dance will be given Saturday
evening at 1517 CarJnpl avenue by the
Jolly Seniors.
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Tred Blair of Wayne, Neb., who
spent'Weclnesday in Omaha, ha$ re
turned home.
Annin Sattler arrived in Omaha
last v;ek from Minneapolis to spend
several months here.
A son. Marshall Xeilan, was born
February. 16 at the Ford hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Riplog.
Miss Katherine Reynolds will go
to Lincoln Friday to attend a dance
at the Achoth sorority house.
Mr. and Mrs.fcT. C. Brunner and
W, M. Bushman- are spending a few
weeks at Excelsior Springs.
Mrs. Fred Morgan who has been
visiting Mrs. Clifford . Clakins left
Thursday for her home in Sioux
Miss Claire Daugherty has re
turned home from school in the east
and will be in Omaha the remainder
of the season.
itrs. A. I. MacKinnon of Lincoln
motored to Omaha Thursday to
spend the day with her daughter,
Mrs. Gail Ballinger.
F. S. Howell is ill at the Fenger
hospital, where he underwent an op
eration on his throat Tuesday. His
condition is improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hayden and
daughter, Miss Ophelia Hayden, and
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Storz and baby
returned early this week from Cal
ifornia. Miss Augusta McGlasson of Bea
con, N. Y., who has been spending
several weeks as the guest of Mrs.
Charles G. McDonald, leaves March
4 for her home.
Frances Nash, pianist, who has
been in New Haven, Conn., for the
past several days returns to Omaha
Friday. She will be with her
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These two terms have no place
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