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    The Omaha Daily Bee
VOL. 50-NO. 217.
Is Lopped
Off Budget
Finance Committee of State
Legislature Chops l)oui
Amount, Asked by Mckel
ie to $21,231,771.
Increase Only $93,839
Lincoln, Feb. 24. (Special.)--;
More than $2,500,000 was lopped off ;
Governor McKclvr&'s requested budg
et by the finance committee of tlic
state legislature, which introduced
appropriation Bills into the
house today totaling $2I,2S4,774 4.i
This is an increase of $3,8.W,92 for
the same activities for the last two
years, ,or.the erection of buildings,
payment of salaries and maintenance
of state institutions. ;
, ("lanibliiig on promises that prices
of materials would be reduced in lhe
next period of two years, the com-,
niitlee cut general maintenance ot
state institutions 15 per cent through
out the budget.
'f he governor's budget called (or
approximately Sy'n.OOO.OOO. The cut
was made, however, on only $21,
066.701.91, the difference between tin's
and the governor's budget depending
on $9.33.000 salaries now being fixed
by the legislature.
Some Requests Ignored.
Requests for funds by the child
welfare commission were ignored by
the finance committee, as well as the
supreme court appropriation, except
lor salaries- up to September. i
Appropriation sought for the utu- j
ersity memorial gymnasium, hog j
cholera and coal and gas field de- '
velopment were ignored by the com- i
inittee. !
But an appropriation of .V00,1)00 j
for a state ret jrnutory for men, I
asked by the t governor in his j
message, was nlh wed. ' j
A new nurses' home at the I'ui- j
versitv hospital in Omaha, to cost!
$100,000, was also allowed. j
Salary Increases. j
Numerous salary increases arc j
found in the bills offered bv the j
committee, which are not nicludeil
in salary bills now before the legis
lature. 1
An effort to enualize salaries of
lesser officials under code secretaries''
with salaries of lesser officials un
der constitutional officers, 'is given
as the Reason for these increases.
An appropriation for $4,000 for n
new linotype machine, and $1,000 for
a new job press at the Nebraska
School for the Deaf in Omaha is in
cluded in the bills, and $25,000 for
new kitchen equipment 'and $30,000
"'rtrt a new' boiler Jiouse at the hos-,
.pita' for the. insane at Norfolk. ..
Landis Draws Sharp
Distinctions Between ;
Violators of Dry Law
La Crosse,, Wis.. Feb. 24. Called
en to sentence' 70 ''persons con
victed of violating the prohibition
act and a half dozen convicted of
other charges, Federal Judge K. M.
Landis made a fharp distinction be
tween what he termed fireside good
fellowship violations of the dry act
rnd violations in which the commct
c!;'l clement entered.
Mcn who had made liquor -for,
tV.e'r own use and had not attempted
to s.dl it got off much 'easier than
th'i-. who had engaged in the traf
fic for profit.
Imprisonment and fines were giv
en those engaged in the, traffic.
!'. A. IJisliop. 1'latteville. auetion
ceM!ir loaded his surplus liquor
iftocV in hh automobile and started"
t, give it away to his friends after j
hi.-, . 'fe started a divorce action be- i
r?.vse of his drinking, was fined $500
a. id 'lis car was confiscated.
Farm Hand Collects
Wages From Estate
v After 36 Years' tabor
Lincoln. Feb. 24. (Special.)
Adam J. F.Iair. who worked as a
farm hand for his sister's husband,
John M. Willman of Otoe county.,
ior 36 years, is entitled to $13,000
.for his . services, the Nebraska su
preme court holds. -,
-y This was the judgment of the dis
jet court, which the supreme court
aifirmed, in the claim brought by
Blair for -$15,920 or $7,200 with in
terest accruing between 1881 and
1917. against the estate.
The evidence showed Willmati Blair $100 every vear. with the
-retention of tolling the statute of
Imitations so Blair could collect
v hat was due him after the former's
death. .Mis wages were $300 a year.
Charges Soldier Bonus
Bill Held Up in Committee j
Washington. D. C. Feb. 24.- j
Charges that the soldier bonus bill ;
was held up in the finance commit- !
tee until it was too late to pass it at
this session. i giving ex-service mpn
snd'the country "false impressions,"
were made in-the senate by Senator
JJarrison, democrat. Mississippi.
Senator . McCnmber, republican,
North Dakota, replied that the com
.mittee was waiting for exact cost
data which lie had been charged to
collect and would present to the
committee tomorrow. '
Four Defendants Convicted
Of Coercion and Conspiracy !
New ork. Feb. 24. John T. Het
trick, lawyer, alleged author of the
'code of practice" in the plumbing
trade here,, and three co-defendants
-vere found guilty of coercion and
conspiracy by a jury in the court of
general session1-. The defendants
were immediately given sentences of
f'om si months to three yeans in
the slate prison
Omh P.
Table of Apprd':'Nebraskau
Here is a comparative table of
appropriations commiuce ot me siaie
$ 86,821.00
23,8 10.00
1o, 700.1X1
4o9, 480.6O
1,707.268.12 '
. tiovernor
Secretary of State
Treasurer '
Attorney General
Supt. ot Public Instruction..
Land Commissioner
Department of Agriculture..
Department of Finance
Department of Labor
Department Public Welfare.,
Department Public Works..
Dept. Trade and Commerce..
National Guard
Railway Commission
Public Lands and Buildings.
Capitol Commission
Vocational Education
Hoard Pardons and Paroles
Board of Agriculture
Historical Society
G. A. R '.
Irrigation Association
Irrigation Society
Spanish War Veterans
Revision of Statutes
Normal Schools
Board of Control :
Maintenance and Cash
U. S. Demands Part
In Settlement oi
German Holdings j
Note lo League Says Disposi
tion (Ian not Be Undertaken
Or Effectuated Without
Assent of. America
Washington, Vcb. 24. The Amer
ican government has tsken an un
equivocal stand as to its right to a
voice jn the disposition of the former
possessions of Germany.
Secretary t'olby, in his no to the
league of nations council made public
tonight at the State department, sub
mits that the disposition of those
possessions, "cannot be undertaken
of effectuated" without the assent of
the United Stales. p
lie ftjites that the L'nited States,
as one of the "principal allies and
associated powers," has "an equal
concern and an inseparable interest"
with other powers in the territories
taken from Germany and . "conced
cdly an equal voice in their disposi
tion." Declaring that the American gov
ernment cannot regard itself- as
bound by the terms of the mandate
given to Japan ovel the Pacific is
land of Yap at the league meeting
at Geneva December 17, the secre
tary 'requests tha tbo counciL hav
ing obviously acted under a misap
prehension of the facts in assuming
that the United States had approved
a Japanese mandatc'over the island,
reopen the question for '' the further
consideration which the proper set
tlement of it clearly requires."
Position Strengthened.
Discussing live note today, State
department officials declared that in
acting now the present adminis
tration had strengthened the posi
tion of the new administration, rath
er than adding an embarrassment.
The opinion also was expressed that
there might be a conference of the
interested powers to discuss the
question. It is understood 'such a
course would be acceptable to the
'United States, although State de
partment officials said the" modus
operandi was of little concern to the
American government.
Referring to the Yap mandate,
Secretary Colby says in his note
that during, the Trfscussions at Paris,
President Wilson "was particular to
stipulate" that it had been reserved
for future consideration and that
subsequently, the United States in
notes to Great Britain, France, Italy
and Japan, "set forth its contention
that' Yap had in fact been excepted"
trom the proposed mandate to Japan
for the Pacific islands north of the
equator formerly held by Germany.
Interest in Paris.
By The Associated l'rrss.
Paris, Feb. 24. Secrecy of the
pryceedirrgs of the council of the
league today provoked lively specu
lation as to the (ffect of the Amer
ican note on tiie members. . It be
came known whin the text of the
note was made public that the United
States, in addition to making tc.scr
vations on the island of Yap, attri
buted to Japan as mandatory, claim
ed an equal interest with other prin
cipal allied and associated powers in
the disposition of the overseas pos
sessions of Germany!
The theory had been advanced
that the only possible friendly solu
tion would be fcr Japan to say that
she did not insist on the mandate for
Yap and would te agreeable to the
internationalization of Yap under
Japanese supervision.
Thus far Japan has not commit
ted itself and the general impression
is that the matter must go- to the
supreme council.
Sessions Closed.
The adversaries of publicity in
connection with the proceedings
succeeded today in hermetically clos
ing both sessions. The mere an
nouncement was made tonight that
the council had continued to con
sider the Polish-Lithuanian conflict.
The agenda for today called for
the hearing of a representative of
the Swiss government on its refusal
of permission to continents of troops
detailed by the league to keep or
der in the Yilna plebiscite zone, to
cross Switzerland and also Polish
complaints that Austria was not only
refusing naturalization of Galician
Jews who had taken refuge in Au
stria from Galician territory de
tached by the treaty of St. Germain,
but was threatening them with ex
pulsion. Jack PicHoTdlll
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 24. Jack
Pick ford, motion picture actor, ill
here ivitb bronchial pneumonia, was
said by his physicians not lo be in a
dangerous condition
owvni'vrm m mar , '1,-4
0. Ilrin Act ol Mirh w?! -: y , .
the appropriations approved by the
Governor s
Aopropriation I
Bill. n j
$ 92,800.00
22,020.00 '
! 125,500.00
J 12.500.00
2o 1.907.00
80, 51X1.00
2 1.O50.00
' 188.884.94
1.1 19,1X10.00
821. (.80.00
214,198.00 '
5,627.918.44 "
253.900.00 j
141.140 00 !
120.20.(0 J
76.500.00 1
L707.2oS.12 I
21,120.00 i
1.800.00 I
l.OOO.(X) ;
500.00 i
051.00 !
40.000.00 I
5.426.100.00 i
1,292,773.33 !
.$21,190,834.51 $24,066,701.91 $21,284,774.43
! Court Authorizes
j Sale of Armour
Yards Interests
Packing Finn Disposes of 20
Shares of Chicago Stock to
Prince & Co. Other
' Cases Continued.
Washington, Feb. 24. Sale by
Armour & Co. -of its interest in the
Chicago stockyards to F. II. Princ
Co. of Boston was authorized
today by the District of Columbia
supreme court. As the packing1
company owned only 20 shares of
stock in the yards and Prince & Co.
the remainder, the government in
terposed no objections. The price
paid was $1,500,000:
The court also consented to the
sale by Armour & Co. of 40 shares
of the Denver stocqyards stock to
George Grainger. The price was not
made public. '
Hearings on other features of the
revised plans of the live big packers
for disposal of their stockyards,
terminal and market newspaper hold
ings in accordance with the voluntary
decree issued about a year ago, were
continued until Monday.
The court intimated plans filed
by Morris & Co., Wilson & Co.
and the Cudahy Packing company,
providing immediate surrender -of
their holdings to a trust company
to be named by the court, were most
nearly in accordance with the idea
in the! mind of the court. The trust
company would he under control of
the court. Technical objections only
have been presented by the govern
ment to the Morris and Cudahy plans
and no objections have been inter
posed to the Wilson plan.
Much of the argument had to do
with the plans submitted by Swift
& Co. and by Armour. Assistant
Attorney General Kresel contended
that the Swift and Armour plans did
not provide for an early and com
plete divestment or for absolute con
trol by the court during the sale.
He declared that on some of the
stock a prohibitive price was beiny
placed by the packers, asserting that
they were holding the St. Louis yards
at $120 per share, when Wilson &
Co. had admitted that the best of
fer made to thent for their holding
there had been only $88. ;
i Attorneys for Armour denied a
prohibitive price was l)eing asked
and asserted that except in a few
instances the pricx- fixed was far
below the stock value and the value
fixed by appraisers. Counsel for
Wilson" explained that the price was
due to the feeling among investors
that the court would order an im
mediate sale at any obtainable
House Members Stand
! Up for Men Who Smoke
Washington, Feb. 24. The house,
composed largely of smoking men,
stood up tonight for the man who
smokes peacefully while working at
a government desk.
There was a shouting of "noes"
when a senate amendment to the
sundry civil bill directing heads of
departments to issue anti-smoking i
orders in government buildings came
up for it- first test. Less than a
score of members supported it.
, The" law was designed as a pro
tection against fire.
Pastor Tried for "Dry Raid"'
Murder Is Freed hy Jury
Sandwich. Out., Feb. 24. Rev. J.
O. L. Spracklin, former liquor license
inspector, was acquitted of a charge
of manslaughter in connection with
the shooting of Beverly Trumble, an
innkeeper, in- a laid here last No
vember. . The verdict was returned
55 minutes after the case had been
given to the jury. , .
Governor Refuses to Sigu
Oregon Eugenics Measure
Salem. Ore., Fcb 24.rThe bill
passed by the state legislature re
quiring women as well as men ap
plying for marriage license to sub
mit to physical examination w as
filed today by Governor Glcott
among a number he refused to ap
prove. Wymore Auto Burns
Beatrice. Neb., Feb. 24. (Special.)
A car driven by A. O. Boeltchcr
of Wymore ran off a bridge east of
the city, caught fire and was com
pletely destroyed. Mr. Bocttcher , '
escaped with blight injuries.
Deli vered
War Threat
J. M. Ostrey, Former Confi
dential Secretary to Lansing,
Transcribed Note to
Light on Cabinet Upset
J. M. Ostrey, former confiden
tial secretary to Secretary of
State Lansing, now superintend
ent of schools at Dodge, n Neb.,
re-affirmed today by telephone to
The Bee, the facts contained in
his letter to Secretary Tumulty,
published below.
Hj I ni tergal Service.
'aslingtoii, Feb. 24. The mys
tery surrounding the dismissal of
Robert Larfsing as secretary of state
seemed near solution yesterday when
it was-learned that a letter first fded
at the White' House and later sent to
the State department declares posi
tively that he threatened Mexico
with war unless that country com
plied with our demands. This was
in direct opposition to the Mexican
policies laid down by President Wil
son. The letter states that the threat
was contained in a verbal note de-
live"d -A;. c Kir'f- confidential
who intormcfl the Mexican ambassa-
dor that decision had been reached.
lhe writer, J. M. Ostrey, formerly
confidential stenographer to Secre
tary Lansing and now superintend
ent of schools at Dodge, Neb., re
lates that he transcribed the steno
graphic notes apparently taken at the
time America's decision was an
nounced to Mexico.
Threat Made in 1919.
This remarkable incident is tin- j
derstood to have . occurred in De-
cember, 1919, shortly after W. O. '
Jenkins, United States consular
agent, was kidnaped at Puebla, Mex
ico; and the issue thus created had
become a most serious one between
the'L'nited States and the Carranza
government; At the same time Amer
ican oil interests were making strenu
ous objection to their treatment hy
By a somewhat curious coinci
dence, everybody connected with the
delivery of this verbal note or who
had immediate knowledge of it, has
either been compelled to resign or
has, been sent as far away from
Washington as it was possible to go.
Mr. Lansing himself was forred to
resign February 13. 1920. Mr. Ostrey
says he was immediately removed as
Mr. Lansing's confidential secretary
and forbidden access to the files of
the State department and later was
compelled to leave the department
altogether. Mr. Kirk was made sec
retary to the embassy at Tokio and
sent to Japan.
Protested at Treatment. '
Curiously enough, Mr. Ostrey's let
ter was not written to acquaint Mr.
Tumulty, to whim it was addressed,
with the Lansing note, which he ap
(Turn to I'aire Twt, Column Three.)
Turk Envoys Agree
To Plan of Allies
f fVnt-i.,i:.l
of Constantinople
Regime Declares Intentions
x of Groups.
lion don, Feb24. (By the Asso
ciated Press) Rechad Pasha, dele
gate of the Constantinople govern
ment to the near east conference
here, speaking in the name of both
his group and that of the nation
alists, told the allied conferees at
today's session that both factions of
the Turks would accept the decisions
of the allies.
The attitude of the Turks made an
excellent impression upon the con
ferees. Premier Briand of France de
clared after the sitting that the con
ference had one a long way
towards a settlement.
Randolph Sells Light Plant
t ir-ii e r
10 lage OI MCLean, WeH.
Randolph, Neb., Feb. 24. (Spe-
cial.) The village of McLean pur-
chased the complete 220 volt direct
electric -light plant owned by this
city and will install it at once to re-
piace me plant destroyed by tire in
McLean. A change of current to
110 vote alternating current in Ran
dolph made the purchase possible.
The change in current was made
necessary' here by the large increase
i:i the number of consumers. Hall
of the residence section of Randolph
is now using the new system.
Saloon, Men Hire "Dummies"'
To Spi-vp Tail Spnlpripps
,v v i V i m u CS
New ork, Feb 24.--Prohibition
agents charged today that saloon-
keepers, sentenced to jail for violat-
mg the Volstead act, are substitu-
ting "dummies" to serve their terms.
After pleading guiltv, th agents
say, the 'saloonkeeper" is permitted
i two days grace to wind up his busi-
ncss attairs and then hires his
"dummy," generally a barroom
hanger-on, for $75 or $100. who
presents himself at the jail.
Quarterly Dividend Passed
New York. Feb. 24. The Ajax
Rubber company announced that,
because of business conditions, it
had passed its quarterly dividend
of $1 per share.
Important Not Ire. '
Notif-p lo the ncA Ann pei s, t- i Ho
publlr oven one. Road Page of Ihls
lmi or Tlip o.imnn Averting TW It
nipa of inionrtaii'-e. Adv.
Tariff Measure
Is Sent to House
For Final Action i
Conference Committees
Smooth Out Differences on
Fordney Emergency Bill
Expect Vote Saturday.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 24. Dif
frences in the Fordney emergency
tariff bill were smoothed put today
by conference committees of con
gress, and the battle-scarred measure
was sent back to the house for filial
Although the bill has a parliamen
tary right to consideration to.morrow,
it was deemed unlikely that it-vould
be called up before Saturday. Some
supporters, however, may compel,
earlier consideration.
A s the bill stands, it carries
a flat rate of 2 cents a pound tariff
on sugar.', The senate amendment
.vhich was considerably higher, was
slashed to pieces and a new rate in
substitution for the present tariff on
sugar was accepted. The proposed
tariff, therefore, amounts to a dou
bling of the. import duties on sugars
of all grades, making Cuban sugat
pay a duty of $1.60 a 100 pounds and.!
a similar rate on molasses and kin
dred sugar products.
Senate Rates Cut.
While agreeing to the sugar tar-
j iff, the house conferees stood pat
I on a refusal to permit a tariff on
hides and leather products. They like-
I wise forced a reduction of 50 cents
. f th scnatc ratc on cer.
tain Classes of tobacco. The senatt
rate of 4 cents a pound on cherries
was cut to 3 cents.
Some differences in the provision
for a duty on rice compelled a re-
j vriting of that item, with a flat ratt
of 1 cent a pound on all except
cleaned rice and rice used for the
manufacture of canned goods.
There was speculation tonight
whether the house, would concur in
the agreement of its conference com
mittee on the sugar duty.
' List of Rates. .
The rates charged in coherences
are: Wheat. 35 cents u bushel; rice
(cleaned), 2 cents a pound; 1 cept
a pound on others; olive oil (in bulk)
40 cents a gallon; in less than 5-gal-lon
lots. 50 cents a gallon; cotton
i (staple one and one-eight inches ot
' loneerl. 7 cents a pound: sugar, 2
cents a Dounu : nuxter anu suusiuiues,
6 cents a pound; wrapper and fill -f
'tobacco, the product of two or more
I countries when mixed, $2.35 a pound
i unstemmed and $3 a pound if
stemmed; filler tobacco, unstemmed1.
1 35 cents a pound;'stcmmed, 50 cents
a pound; cnernes, J cents a pounu;
olives, in solution, 25 cents a gallon;
not in solution. 3 cents a pound.
First Mail Robbery Case
On Trial ThU Mnrnin"
Un inal inn xiormnB
"Huizh'A. Reed, indicted by the
federal grand jury in Council Bluffs
ior aiegeu coinpni' m iut um uib
ton mail train robbery November 13,
wil1 be P,aced cn tnal tlm mo.rnul&'
I according to announcement made
I yesterday afternoon bv E. G. Mon,
j . A d;strict" attorney. Mr.
M c y , , . di d joint
.. . 1, . i 'j ,,
I R"d' y ",0t be plaCd "
tr,'. "f- ' , a .
. R,.cl,ard H cl-,ar?'d l1-''"
j ,r ' -
liquor. pleaded guilty yesterday
morning before Judge Wade in fed
eral court and was fined $300. ' If
$100 of the fine is paid withiu 30
days, the remainder will be sus
pended. Rfiv Cliarfd Willi Stpalin"
t -a i i c i
?1 1,600 1U Bonds bciltenced
Couer dAlene Idaho, Feb. 24.
Elliott Wood Michener. 14, who con-
fessed to have stolen $14,600 worth
of bonds and other securities from
his father. C. 13. Michener, was ar
raigned before Probata Judge Whit
ney on a charge of delinquency and
sentenced to the statp industrial
j school at Sly Antlioti) , Idaho
By Mall (I itirl. Imlrti 4th 7om. Dally m4 Sunday. : Dally Only. 15: 8uiU. 14
Oyltltfa 4th Jana (I nv). Dally and Sunday, lit, Dally Only. 'Z, Sunday Only, i
J. .
Poor Old Father Time
Millions Needed .
To Aid Starving
People of China
Ample Eood Purchasable in
Mancliuria Majority of
Transportation Difficulties
Overcome, Report Says.
I(y Tl Aasorinted ITcsk.
New York, Feb. 4. Starving
China is expected immediately to
succeed the children of Europe, in
the hearts of generous America, said
Thomas W, Lamont, chairman of
the China famine committee, in giv
ing out reports received through
the State department from Charles
K. Crane, American minister.
Millions of dollars are needed, but
ample food is purchasable in Man
churia ( and transport differences
have been overcome. t
"Tht question of getting relief is
one of money," says Mr, Crane, and
ly relief he includes food, clothing
and preventive measures against ty
phus. Speaking of the improved trans
port conditions, Mr. Crane says
3,000 tons of food a day are being
moved by railroad and this quantity
could be increased to 6.000 tons if the
money was forthcoming tp buy the
food.'1 In addition to the railroads,
rivers- and canals soon will be open
J lo traffic.
.ir. i,amont s statement says:
"We have received advices from
Peking hearing upon various phases
of the situation. I may Summarize
these as follows:
"Our contributions are being de
voted effectively to the saving of
life. Every dollar we. send goes to
relieve terrible suffering. 1
"The committees in charge arc
made up of active and experienced
"Congestion of transport has
been relieved and our advices are
that the railways are now handling,
free of charge, all the supplies that
are ottered.
"If money can be made promptly
available there are on' the spot food
supplies that can he purchased. The
immediate need therefore, is money
to be expended not only .for food,
but for clothing and medical sup
plies." V
Atlantic Fleet Completes
Transit of Panama Canal
" On Board the U. S. S. Pcnnsyl
ania, Feb. 24. (By 4'ircless to
The Associated Press.) The Atlan
tic fleet completed transit -of the
Panama canal and headed for Guan
tanamo bay to continue gunnery
The first, joint maneuvers 'of the
battle fleet, comprising the Atlantic
and Pacific fleets, were athletic.
The Atlantic fleet won the athletic
trophies in rowing and sailing events
nnd nine of the 13 boxing and wrest-
' ll,,g l,outs- 1,10 1 ac,nc fleet, won
, lhe basp ba cl)anipions,,,: (
Youth Charged With Attack
Against Former Kaiser
Doom. Holland, Feb. 24. A
Germai; youth armed with a revol
ver, according to reports current
here today, slipped through the
guards about the home of the former
German emperor yesterday, but was
caught inside the grounds. The re
ports could not be confirmed, fiow
ever. Cross-Counlry Flight Made
In 22 Uours 27 Minutes
Jacksonville. Fla.. Feb. 24. The
official time of Lhmi. W. D. Coney's
flight from San Diego, Cal., to Jack
sonville was 22 hours and 27 min
utes. The official time between Dai-
I 'as- l ex., and Jacksonville was eight 1
hours and 11 minutes. I
Montreal Bank Rohhed
, Toronto, Unt., I'eb. 24. A daring
robbery was committed here today
in the head office of the Bank of
Montreal, when nearly $20,000 in
cash and $11,000 v. orth of securities
I were stolen from a bo in the paying
teller's cage.
Labor Demands
In New Cabinet
Calls on Harding to Appoint
"Real Spokesman of Work-
ing People Who Under
stands Toilers."
Washington, D. C, Feb. 24. Or
ganized labor called on President
elect Harding to appoint as secre
tary of labor, "recognized repre
sentative of organized labor" and a
real spokesman of the working peo
ple and who understands the toilers."
The request made in a telegram
to the president-elect was declared
by labor leaders to be practically an
endorsement of James Duncan of
Quincy, Mass., a vice president and
member of the executive council of
the American Federation of Labor,
whom they regard as the one candi
date who is a "recognized represen
tative of organized labor."
The telegram was signed by Presi
dent Gompcrs, members of the exe
cutive council and representatives of
the natioMal and international unions
affiliated in the American Federation
of Labor and the representatives of
the four railroad brotherhoods.
"In view" of the fact that you have
under consideration for appointment
as secretary of labor, several candi
dates," it said, "and because labor is
interested in who will be at the head
of the department, we, the rep'resen -
tatives of the national and interna-
tional unions affiliated with ,hc
Amwir.,, k,i; t i
the representatives of the' railroad
i ,i t .r ii .
urotnernoons, respcctiuiiy ask vou
to appoint as a member of the cabi- I
net to be secretary of labor, mem- I
her of organized labor; one who is
recognized as a real spokesman of I
the working people of our country j
and who understands the toilers; one i
who has lived,-worked and counseled !
with them. v
"We have no desire to name any
special person, but w; respectfully
request that the man shall be a
recognized representative of or
ganized labor."
Pioneer Pony Express
Rider Dies in East;
Chicago, Feb. 24 William h
Navlor, a pioneer pony ex,)rcss 1
rider, is dead at Springfield, Mass , I
according to word received here j
He spent 52 years in the express
seivice, ocginning in J6W as a
driver at Berlin, Wis. Later he
went to St. Joseph. Mo., then known
as the "jumping-off place" of the
western frontier, because the rail
road ended there. It was there Nav
lor took up his duties as pony ex
press rider. He crossed the plains
in a prairie schooner to Denver, the
trip requiring 41 days. Later he was
superintendent of the Minnesota di
vision of the American Express com
pany. Woman Held on Charge of
Murdering Two Children
San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 24. Mrs.
Virginia Lucie, 37. was arrested to
day on a charge of murder in con
nection with the deaths of her -
drcn. Ralph. 8. and Frances, ri.
National Bank Call Made
By Currency Comptroller;
Washington. Feb. 24. The eonm-
troller of the currency todav issued
a call for the condition of all na-
tional banks at the close of business
on Monday, February 21.
The Weather
Fair and colder Fridav.
Hourly Trinprratlirrv
S a. in 41 ! t p. in 41
. in I'! ! i p. i:i
1 a. ni i'l I .1 i, in 1.1
K . m '! j 4 i. ni . . , Id
9 . ni 1? ! ,1 p. in .44
I" . ni .' p. ni 4'J
II l .ni U .' 7 . mi Ill
1 1 . m . . II 7 p. m 4tl
I- "n 41 ; 8 p. ni 3;
i House Votes
For Aerial
Mail Item
Expected Opposition to
$1,250,000 Appropriation in
Postofficc Bill Dissipated
. Hy Jefferis.
Value of Training Cited
By E. C. SNYbEK.
Unfiling)"" t orri'sprnilrnt Omnha llc.
Washington, 1. C, Feb. 24.
(Special Telegram.) What looked
like a perfectly hopeless proposition,
getting the house of representatives
to agree to the conference report on
the postoffice appropriation bi'l with
tec item of $1,2511.000 for the air mail
service, was completely dissipated
today through the masterful tact and
good nature of Congressman Jefferis. ,
Congressman Timber of Kansas,
the "fat hoy" from Medicine Lodge, ,
began the verba! fireworks in oppo
sition to the conference report hy
pokiiiR fun at Omaha. lie said th
item, while of interest to some cities,
was realiv an advertisement for the
tiatc city'and he thought a $1,200,000
was entirely too much money to pay
for a useless toy, even though an
Oinalx congressman stood for the
rap on the treasuty.
Passes Over Jabs.
- "Big Jeff," who has learned not ta
take his colleagues too seriously,
passed lightly over the jabs from tha
man from Medicine Lodge and dis
cussed the appropriation from a higli
plane and from national stand
point. He injected human interest
in his speech by telling a story of
young Setters, who has built an air
plane on an entirely new principle
and so interested his father in its de
velopment that pater began experi
ments on his own hook with the re-,
suit that a heavier than air machine
shortly may be ent up that will
completely revolutionize exising
standards. He told of the interest
young Aincrici, was showing in the
navigation of the air and predicted
that vast benefit would accrue from
this youthful enthusiasm.
He spoke of lhe training it would
give the men in the event of war
and the vast benefit that would grow
out of bringing the west and the '
east closer together.
Floor Leader Aids Cause.
Floor Leader Monde!! aided the'
cause not a little hy calling upon
the house to sustain the conference
report predicting dire things for
legislation if the appropriation billa
were thrown back in conference.
Songressman Madden who. whila
openly opposed to the air mail serv
ice because: of its cost in contrast
with rail transportation, also tooW
the position that the house was play
ing with fire if it rejected the con
ference report.
After two hours largely devoted
0 the discussion of the air mail
service, the item was retained in thcf
bill by a vote of 221 to HI, Rep'
nesentatives Evans, Andrews and
Rcavis voting against the item; and
Jefferis, Kinkaid and McLaughlin
for the air mail service and the con
ference . report.
Home Folks Planning ;
Farewell Reception
For President-Elect
: x, A ? t n i-m l
War'. O.. tcb. 24.-Elaborate
PrParatI0I,s being made here to
give an old-fashioned farewell rc-
"ptio" ' Fresident-cTcct Harding
Marrn Iv nave hMrr hi te
March 2, two days before he is to
be inaugurated.
Practically every man, woman and
child is planning to take part in
t!ie celebration, which will be held
at the famous front porch of Mr.
Hajding's residence.
A solid silver plaque, bearing"
testimonial of love from his fellow
townsmen will be prcsmted to the
president-elect by Dr. T. H. Mc
Afee, pastor of the Trinity Baptist
church, of which the Hardings are
members. y
Find Button in Taxicah
Used to Kidnap Nurse
Norfolk. Neb., Feb. 24. (Special
Telegram.) The taxicab in which
Miss Jennic Shafer. student nurse.
was kidnaped, was further identified
t0,d.ay b-v the discovery of a button,
wh,ch was ,or from M,ss Shafer s
' ONCrtoat wnc lllrfe men mrew ncr
into the car, on a prominent residen
tial street last Friday night. A!-,
though there has been plenty of re
ward money thert- have been no real
developments in the case.
Cousin of Highwayman
Is Victim of Bandits
Norfolk. Neb., Feb. 24. (Special
Telegram.) Glen Carrico was hell
up and robbed of $20 bv automobile
banflits near the city limits. The
bandits after beating him departed
on the approach of another car.
Carrico is a cousin to Price Carrico.
who yesterday pleaded guilty to
holding up and robPing F.'J. Reed.
Omaha brakeuuin iti the. railroad
vards here.
!Ti , i T-
' i'armer and Daughter hscape
' Injury When Train Hits Auto
Grand Island. Neb.. 1-cb. .24.
(Special.) Fred
(Juandt, tanner.
i driving home in his automobile, was
j "truck by a train and carried along
I the track for about 20 feet. The auto
' not Pct. but was completely
wrecked. Neither Mr. Quandt nor
' his 20-year-old daughter, who was
'with him, were seriously injured,
29 Motion Picture Shows
Taken Over hy Syndicate
! Beatrice. Neb.. Feb. 24 (Special.)
, Announcement was in.nlewcre that
i George Monroe, manager of' the.
; Gilbert theater of this city, .md Hos
tettlcr Bros, o: St. Joseph hail taken
i viv ;i suing 21' theaters in towns
; in Kaiisa- and Mi'n"n,
, which, tln w ill manage,