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Wddin Date.
Miss Mildred Rhodes, daughter
of rr. ant! Mrs. W; II. Rhodes, has
' chosen, Wednesday, April 6, for the
date of net tnarriaRe to Ware Hall,
son-of Mrs. K, S. Hall.
The marriage of Hiss Agnes Vivi
an McCarthy, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. .Charles C McCarthy ofi St.
raul,. Minn.,-ami Gerald C. Young,
son of.Mr.-.and Mrs. C. AV. Young
of Omaha, took ulate February 8 in
"St. Paul. After March 1 the couple
will be at Ihtm? in St. Paul.
Weddinfj Anniversary.
IJr. and Mrs. Joseph Schmidt
.eelqhrated 'their 21st wedding anni
versary, Sunday. ' .V surprjsc party
was given in the honor by a group
of friend.s. , Tha guests included
Mesr and Mesdanies Joseph Nick,
Martin , .Schneider, Alex Schmidt,
Martin ..I'eck, Joseph Regncr, John
Rennr, Audrey Lang, Misses Betty
and Theresa Peck. Rose Seigal,
Martha- F.bert, .XJicresa, Frances
and Marjorjc ;. Rcgnec, , Marie
Schmidt! Lqwetta.'Njek, Messrs Rob
ert and. Joseph, Pcck, John Regner,
r -,- Joseph Schmidt, -jr.c Joseph Reg
' Jer4- jr., na) Philip Schmidt,'
. - Visitors Leave.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hill ot Detroit,
ho have, been spending the past
Vivo ntumtls -witu -Mrs. nnis par
Ci'ts.Ir. and Mrs. E. D. Fuller of
i'ouniaV ?ifls4fMeatt Thursday for
i-os .Ytigeles tneir i inure home.
P Thursday eve nine Mr. and Mrs. H
tV. Roscnberti entertained at dinner
St their'honle'for'Mr. and Mrs. Mill.
Mrs. Cassa Mueller and -daughter,
Aliss Harriett, were" hostesses Friday
when covers were laid for six. at
limner in honor of tb visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Fuller gave a family
Sinner Surfdav for' Mr. and Mrs. Hill
ifiid Tuesday eveuiug JOr. and Mrs:
A. A. Hohman- wittertainecf -at a
YashingtQii dinnerparty, when cov
ers were lalrf" for eight,
f 2v1 r. ami Mrs. R. H. Harris of
Council Bluffs have also been among
those entertaining, iot .Mr.: and Mrs.
Jfill. They gave a dinner, last Wed
nesday evcriinif'at their home. Cov
ers werejaid for, fight. ". ........ ,. (.
Guest, Arrives Thursday, .
? Mrs. W." A. "Blair will, arrive in
maha ..Thurdy. ,t? -spend .10 days
ere as the house' guest of Mrs.
Oeorge De Lacy.
ij On Saturday Mrs. Clyde Roeder
Jf ill entertain at luncheon and Mr.
pid Mrs. De Lacy will give a din
ger of 12cpvers at the Athletic club.
r MrSj- De ;La: will entertain in
, formal-, af lttiihot .nat.'her home
jjext Tuesday honoring her guest.
.'Per Miss Moke. ,
C Petprs entertained
at a dinner ot ten covers at her home
vYfcdtWfcdsyrfcvtmng lit bonof ot her
. iftrwv'AWw'ifcftttr'Mokei-of-'St; Louis,
Mo., who is visiting at the Peters
honte. " ' ' "
Omahans at Springs.
1 Among tle Omahanswho are now
at Excelsior Springs, Mo., are, Mrs
T. T. Stewart and her fsfer, Mrs.
Meredith NichoJsoh'." Mrs. L. M.
Pegau, Mrs.,.Afc''F. Shafcr, Mr. and
'Mrs. W...H. Taylor, J. L. Paxton,
Thprna'and John Flynn, Walter W.
Ied and Ford E. Hovey.
Washington Party.
J5 George Washington party was
g;vP Tuesday evening. jitihc 'home
teRoytr -r." (Miller by the
menders' of the .Dundee Woman's
, Patriotic club for their husbands
aftd the new club members. DeCT
otations were appropriate to the oc
casion Mrs. H. Hancock was
in charge of refreshments and Mrs.
Roger Holman and Mrs. C. W
''Southwell comprised the entertain
ment committee. Assisting the
hostess were Mcsdames VT. John
son. X. K. Sypc, Helen K Morton,
I.: H. Arcy, johu O. Yeiscr and J.
Y Ferguson.
Committee for Party.
Vesta Chapter No. 6, O. E. S.
will give a card party in Red Cross
rooms. Masonic Temple. Thursday
evening, February 24 The follow
ing committee in charget 3frs" Wil
liam H. Houser, chairman;- Mes
dames A. T. Pctrie, R. H. Thorpe,
W. L. .Nichols, Charles R. Thiem,
P,. Bailey. S. rJ.'.Coffmait. K. " H.
Wallace. T.,A. Martin,: J. H. .Chris
ter.sen, Missts Beth ..Davis", Louise
Spencer, Vera'Strfc'z. Berth, Meyer.
Mrs. 'Rugge Honored.
'Miss Harrjet;Valentiner:aud Miss
Unda Hatnron entertained Tuesday
eVening at a George Washington
party, honoring .Viable Warner
Rjtigge, whose birthday is-February
Reservations for Toscanini Concert.
Additional reservations far the
coming concert of Toscanini and
lia Scala orchestra next Fridajr at
the Auditorium under the auspices
ot 'the American Legion, ""include'
those made by Mrs.- Arthur C.
What's: What
All educators' agree that good
manners should be taught af .soon as
a. chfld is able to torm words and to
act' consciously. "Speak when you're
spoken to; come when you're called,"
is one of the oldest rules of manners
for children. Nothing so beirays the
ill-bred child as -a. jrefusal to answer
when addressed. Of course, in such
a case, the pa'rents c are deservedly
blamed for the -child's disrespectful
Chilflren should, he taueht to an
swer with neither the .too-curt "Yes"
or "No,"; nor the too-servile "Yes,
ma'am" and ."No, '.sir.', -The well
bred childvinelndes the questio'ners
name in the ourteeus, response to
an inquiry "Yes. Mrs. BrowfleJ!'
fNo. Mrs. Williams."
'.' When the little talk is ended the
ell"-trained child pauses for a min
ue and then withdraws with i
i)urteos"'MfTardon' -fnK M-
foorrlKlrt, 19:0, by Public JLdger Co.)
' -
President of Club
Miss Gladvs Munson is president
of Ihe Bacucy club, which will en
tertain the student and tacuity oi
Omaha university at a "kid's" party
Saturday evening in Jacobs memorial
Smith, Miss Gertrude Stoulf Mrs.
F. R. Hoagland, Mrs. Robert' Howe,
Mrs. A. M. Jeffrey, Mrs. Ralph M.
West, Mrs. E. R. Zabriskie, Mrs.
J.. B. Jones, Mrs. R. M. Switzler,
Mr. John H. Hopkins, Charles Metz,
Sam Reynold, Wilson Austin and
F.. P. Dooi;ttle.
' Mothers Culture Club.'
The West Omaha Mothers' Culture
club will have a Washington party
'I'lmrsitav j-ipiiinor at tHi hnmp of Dr.
and Mrs. Vi, T. Barber, 41S2 Daven
port street.
Mu Sigma.
Mu Sigma' Study club will cele
brate its 29th birthday Saturday with
a luncheon at the Blaekstone. Mrs,
George Payne will be in charge.
Health Week.
The ' week t of February 28 to
March 6 will" be known as Health
Week at the Y. W. C. A. Lectures
to be given include:
-Monday "The Cancer Problem,"
by Dr. Palmer Findley.
Wednesday "T-h e Effects of
Proper Posture on General Health,"
by Dr. Robert D. Schrock.
Thursday '"Tuberculosis As a
Factor in Public Health," by Dr.
John F. Allen.
Friday "The Art and Science oi
Health Building," by Dr. Abbie Vir
ginia Holmes.
Thpco mppfino-Q arp fnr tbp cirls
and women of Omaha. All meet
ir.cs will bp at 7:30 n. m.. and ad
mission will be free.
Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority
alumnae vill meet tor 1 o'clock
luncheon, at the R. C. Peters home,
4822. Cass street, Saturday, Febru
ary 26.
Card Party. v
The Community club will give a
card party Thursday evening and
one Friday afternoon at Crounse
hall. .
Dinner Dance.
' A formal dinner dance will be
held Saturday evening at the Pret
tiest Mile club.
' 'V l
Girls! Save Your Hair!
Make It Abundant!
Immediately after a "Danderine"
massage, your hair takes on new
life, lustre and wondrous beauty,
appearing twice as heavy and plen-
t it ill, because each hair seems to
fluff and thicken. Don't let your
hair' stay lifeless, colorless, plain or
scraggly. You, too, want lots of
long, strong, beautiful hair.
A 35-cent boUle of delightful
"Danderine"-. freshens' your scalp,
checks dandruff and falling hair.
This" 'stimulating " "beauty-tonic"
gives to thin, dull, fading hair that
youthful brightness and abundant
thickness All druggists 1
1 A Stubborn Cough i
Loosens Kignt tip
Thia horaa-mada remrdy'ia won
der for qnlrk malts. Eaalljr
and cheaply nude.
Here is a home-made syrup which
millions of people have found to be
the most dependable means of break
ing up stubborn coughs. It is cheap
and simple, but very prompt in ac
tion. Under its healing, soothing in-(
fluence, clest soreness goes, phlegm
loosens, breathing becomes easier,
tickling in throat stops and you get
a good night' restful sleep.' The
usual throat and chest? colds are con
quered by it . in 24 hours or less.
Nothing better for bronchitis, hoarse
ness, croup, throat tickle, bronchial
asthma or winter coughs.
To make this splendid congh syrup,
pour 2Vi ounces of Pinex into a pint
bottle and tin the bottle with plain
granulated sugar syrup and shake
thorouphly. If you prefer use clari
fied molasses, honey, or corn syrup,
instead of suear syrup. Either way,
Jou get a full pint a family supply
of much better cough syrup than
you could buy ready-made for three
times the money. Keeps perfectly
and children love its pleasant taste.
Pines is a special and highly con
centrated compound of genuine Nor
way pine extract, known the world
over for its peoiupt healing effect
upon the membranes.
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for "Vz ounces of Pines'
with full directions, and don't accept
anything else. Guaranteed to give
abi-olutp satisfaction or money
promptly refunded. The Pinez Co.,
Ft. Wayne, Ind. r
Don Van Duifii of Blair spent
Monday in Omaha. .
Mrs. J. M. Opper left Wednesday
to spend several days in Hastings,
Miss Mildred White will arrive in
Omaha Thursday evening from
Thurman, la.
Mrs. Donald V. Kaxter of Grand
Rapids, Mich., who is visiting her
parents, Judge and Mrs. W. W. Sla
baugh, will remain in Omaha until
about March 5.
' Mrs. W. B. T. Belt leave March
3 for Chicago where she will meet
her debutante daughter, Miss
Dorothy Belt, who has been spend
ing some time in Florida with the
Walter Dickey family of Kansas
City. Mrs. Belt and Mis Belt will
remain in Chicago a few days before
returning to Omaha.
Parents' Problems
How can, a boy of 14, who sees
young men smoking, be guarded
against the danger of contracting the
"cigaret habit?"
His father' should explain to him
the bad physical effects of cigaret
smoking, and of all smoking. Tf un
certain as to how to explain wisely,
let the father ask a physician to,ad
vise him as to how to talk to his boy.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, in
stantly that corn stops liurtiug, then
shortly you lift it right off with
fingeTs. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle
of "Freezone" for .a few cents, suf
ficient to remove every hard corn,
soft corn, or corn between the toes,
and the calluses, without soreness
or irritation.
A. hospe co.
All Work Guaranteed
1518 Douglas St. Tel. Doug.
Tickets via all Steamship Lines to
any point in the world. Representing
Thot. Cook A Son, and all other Eu
ropean Tour Companies. Expert travel
information cheerfully furnished.
G. A. PALMER, Agt.,
' (Steamship Travel Specialist.)
1909 Harney St. Phone Doug. 0710,
Omaha, Neb.
In 6 to 14 Days
An druggists are authorized to
refand the money If PAZO OINT
MENT fails to Cure any case of
ordinary cases in 6 days, the
worst cases in 14 days.
PAZO OINTMENT instantly Re
lieves ITCHING PILES and you
can get restful sleep after the
first application.
It is guaranteed by Paris Med
icine Co.. St, Louis, Mo., Manu
facturers of the world-famous
Grove's Laxative Bromo Quinine
This signature is on every box
That's Why
You're Tired
-Oaf of Sorfs-Have No Appetite
Your Liver Is Slugajsb .
will help put you right yL v
in a few days. f --
ney act quickly
though gently
ana give na- A
ture a chance
to renew your A
health. Cor.
rect the im. 1
mediate effects of constipation, relieve
biliousness, indigestion and sick, head
ache. - 1
SaaH PiU-Snudl Dece Small Price
j"a r n '
Walking Club to
Have a New
, The Omaha Walking club lias is
sued an attractive leatjet announcing
a scries of 16 Satirrday afternoon
walks. These will be in addition to
the usual Sunday walks. The pur
pose of the Saturday afternoon
walks is "to double the fun for our
members, and to provide outdoor."
recreation for a lot of people who
are unable to walk Sundays."
Allie Houston will leadthe walk
watch for (Ounlabel
Alto Makers of
Cash Markets
4903 So. 24th 212 No. 16th
, ; 2408 Cuming St. ,
For Quality Meats, Fish and Lowest Prices
. Choice Choice Beef
Halibut Pot Roast
hi or whole)
' 18c 10c
Choice t Choice Pork
Salmbn Loin' Chops
X or whole) 1
15c 20c
' Fancy Pure
Cat Fish Lard
22c 16c
. Fresh Leaf Compound
' Lad Lard
12c 14c
A Soil Water Secret
You'll Want To Know
One of the reasons why clothes wear out
so fast nowadays is because most of us
use hard water for washing. Our srrand
mothers knew the vajue ot soft water so
well that even the homes that did not have
a cistern always had a rain barrel stand-
ins under the eaves.
' Of coure,' there are scores of so-calld
"water softeners" on the market, but the
harsh, powerful chemicals which they con
tain eat the. very life out of even the
sturdiest fabrics. However, there is a re
markable lemon-scented powder nn the
market called LINN which not only makes
the hardest water velvety soft, but be
sides is guaranteed to do evorythiwr that
any soap, any "flakes," any compound or
any cleaner will do, better, quicker and
Dealers report that after a customer has
tried LINN even once she will never con
sent to be deprived of it aeain. Many of
them use it for every purpose for which
they used to use bar soap. soap powders,
flakes, etc., because they say that it not
only helps them to wash in half the usual
time, . but besides leaves even, their finest
georgettes and chiffons looking just like
new. ,
ft comes in two siaes 10c and 2c a
pacVage, and is sold on a itdSrantee of
perfect satisfaction or your money back.
Look for the BLUE package.
666 is a prescription for
Colds, Fever and LaGrippe,
It's the most speedy remedy
we know.
A Be.e Want Ad Will Work
of Saturday, February 26. The walk
will start from tue terminus of the
Albright car line at 3 p. in. F M.
Kennedy is commander-in-chief of
the club.
How to Sew Lace
It is often desired to sew strips
of filet lace together. Weave a hair
pin in and tint of the filet mesh,
one side of t he pin through each
edge of lace. In this way it will be
possible to sew the edges together
without lapping and the seam will
be neat.
Over 2.0(KI divorces were granted
in New York Citv during the past
Vea. . ,'
Kicp a bottle of uiii-rclk'vlngr
Moun's l.iiiiineiit liniuiy
YOIT nepil it when the unexpected
rheumatic twinge starts the
pains, find aches following ex
posure sciatica, lumbago, lame
back, sore muscles, stiff joints, neu
ralgia. Forgot nil about buying: an
other bottle and keeping it handy,
didn't you? ("Jet it today you niny
need it tonight!.
This famous counter-irritant pem'
t rales without rubbing and scatters
the congestion. The pain or ache is
soon relieved, leavinp Jio plaster or
poultice mussiness, no stained skin.
Thousands of regular users fcifp It
handy for emergency they don't
suffer needlessly. A IK druggists
3."e, 70c, $1.40. .
Money bark wlthfKll uttrtlon I
HUNT'S Salvt Islli In Ihe I" 'I
irrnt nt ITCH. ECZEM A. RINK r rj.I
WORM. TETTER r othfr itflhls I '. " fjl,
skin dliratei. Try a 7i-cenl b' V trr J
' our rik I V
Jewel, Flower. Color
Symbols for Today
Ihe ruby is today's talismanic
Kent, ami its natal stone as well.
tsti Mfflj O uBNTeec'' H 0Y.' Hi tevt t
I TrSr ( 02t5jl
The Whole Family dines for a
4 . . . .' 1
War Department Canned Meats
Think what this means to your, pocketbook. The willingness
of Uncle Sam that enables you to buy his surplus stockof
Canned Corn Beef and Corned Beef Hash, has expanded the
dollar's purchasing power.
These nourishing meats areguaranf eerfpureand wholesome
selected, cooked and packed under rigid government super
vision arid inspection. ,
See your dealer without deiay-ar once! Show him this ad
vertisementtell hini to order some of this delicious Canned
Corned Bpef and Corned Beef.Hah; buy a case or two
stock up for the winteri emergencies will come, be prepared.
are printed below,
your purchase!.
1 lb. can., 15c per taa
2 lb. cana. 30c per can
Discount! to apply on all purchase! ot surplus canned meats on and sltct
November 15. 1920, are as follows: ,
250 to $1.000. net
1,001 to 2,500 i Per cent
2,501 to 4,000. 10 per cent
; 4,001 and over 20 per cent
The Government will pay freight on carload lots to any point in the United
State located more than twenty miles from shippinf point
When purchases' reach $50,001, 24 net to prevail ( whea purchases reach
1100,001,128 net to prevail; when purchases reach $500,001, 32 net to pre
vail; ben purchases reach $1,000,001 and over. 35 net to nrevail.
Rub"Iust;erole on Forehead
and Temples
A headache remedy without the dan
gers of "headache medicine." Relieves
headache and that miserable feeling
from colds or congestion. And it acts at
once! Musterole is a clean, white Oint
ment, made with oil of mustard. Better
than a mustard plaster and does not
blister. Used only externally, and in
noway can it affect stomach and heart,
as some internal medicines do.
Eneeflent for sore throat, bronchitis,
croup,, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia,
congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lum
bago, all pains and aches of the back
or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
35c and 65c jars; hospital size $3.00
Many redsie 10 t 90 lb.( or more. Obtain
Kerala (pronoonced knrttn) at any bosv drug
tore ; or writ for free brochure to Korrin Co.,
NK-68. Station X. New York eeeme slender
by best method. No salts, no thyroid, no itarv
iD4rt do tedious exercisinfl;. Delightfully easy,
rapid reduction; Improves health, symmetry,
elfleleney. Look younger! ADD YEARS TO
YOUR LIFE I fiecctna fit and remain tot
Uouey-back trusrantee I t KORSIN tabuloal
Cuticura Soap
Without Mug
CatlsaraBoap la the favarlta.oruftynsw shaving.
People Notice It. Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
A pimply face will not embarrass you
much longer if you Ret a package of
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. -The skin
should begin to clear after you have
taken the tablets a few nights.
Cleanse the blood, bov!s and liver
with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the
successful substitute for calomel; there's
no sickness or pain after taking them.
Dr. Edwards. Olive Tablets do that
which calomel does, and just as effec
tively, but their action is gentle and
safe instead of severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets is
ever cursed with a "dark brown taste,"
a bad breath, a 'dull, listless, "no good"
feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad
disposition or pimply face. (
Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable
compound mixed with olive oil; you will
know them by their olive color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
ticnt9 afflicted with liver and bowt!
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely effective result. Take one or
two nightly for a week. See how much
better you feci and look. l.V and :k
t'oiiscntH'iitly it exerts' Krt influ
dice on its wearer, if the ancients
a'e lo be lielieved. They claimed
that it was indicative of the moods
of its- wearer,, sparkling: if he wasi'
gay, and losing radiance if he was
As it is symbolic of riches and
They will jive you tome idei of what you will aave en
No. 1 cant, ISc per can
No. 2 cam, 27c per can
1 lb. cans, 18c per can
6 lb. cant, $1.00 per can
It by the Case
IP yoo ara nervous, daspondent, weak,
ran down, through excem or other caae,
w want to mall yoo our book which teUa
boot SEXTONIQUE, a restorative remedy
that will cost yoo nothing if yon are not
cored or benefited. Every man needing a
tonic to overcome personal weakaeea, etc.,
should (ret thia free book at once.
440 Berry Block, Nashville, Tenn. .
The scientific blending of
of benefit to persons who suffer from
Nervousness Sleeplessness
Depression Loss of Appetite
Brain Fag Digestive Troubles
Slow Recovery from Influenza and Kindred Ailment
Are you run down? Are you irritable? Are you overworked?
Then try this approved remedy and aatisfy yourself of its beneficial in
gredicnts. In original 16-07. bottles only.
Sole Manufacturers
No. 1309
No. 2 2002 Farnam Street
and leading Nebraska druggists
F tfc"m 'ea'nl- Nebraska druggists Swr1
Kill That
Cold, Coughi
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Take no chances. Keep this standard remedy nandy for the first aneet.
Breaks up a cold in 24 hours - Relieves
Grippe in 3 days Excellent for Headache
Quinine in this form does not affect tha bead Cascara is best Tonic
Laxative No Opiate in Hill's.
A mild system of
Rectal Diseaaes In
eration. No Chloroform, Kther or other general anenthetie eeed.
' t;"uN i" very case arretted for treatment, and no money ia to he paid Mtd
rite for honk, on Rectal Diseases, with names and testimonials ot more ehaa
prominent people who hare been permanently cured.
DR. E. R. TARRY $ejornni, Patera Tryst Bldf. (Be Bldg.) Omaha, Me
A' cut
; 1.0 (Jo
- j Rood health, it should liritig these
gilts to one who owns it.
Dark red is todays significant
color, and brings to one who wears
it great strength and vit.tliu.
Today's fortunate the
red carnation.
I'opyHglit, 19-1. bv the Wheeler Syntli
Mite. Inc.
1 a ?
Day for a Qollar
Dealers' orders should
be sent to Depot
Quartermaster at the
following addresses!
Brooklyn, N. Y 59tb St, and First
Boston, Mass., Army Supply Base.
Chicago, 111., 1819 W. 39th St.
Atlanta, Ga., Transportation Bldf.
Sao Antonio, Tex.
San Francisco. Calif.
Office of the Quartern-aster General.
Munitions Bldf.,
Washington, D. C
A true
hair grower
Sworn proof of hair growth after bald
ness. Amazing reports of leg ions of uSera
of Kotalko, in stopping loss of hair, over
, coming dandruff, conquering baldness.
Here's the fairest offer in the world
, use Kotalko. If it doesn't do all yon
expect, get your money-back! Forget
' past bad luck with your hair. This is
' something different. Get a small box of
I KOTALKO at any busy druggist's,
j Guarantee and directions with the box.
Show your friends this adterluemtiti.
reliable vegetable remedies
Sale by Kansas City. Ma
So. 16th Streel. '
Cold With
La Grippe
- Pay When Cured
treatment that cute Plies, FUtula and ether
a short time, without a severe sarcieal mm.