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    34 A
Probe of Graft
Charges Makes
Headway in Iowa
Cedar Rapids Editor Presents
Affidavits Showing Sale of
. Tubercular Cows by
Dcs Moines. Ia., Feb. 11. SpeciaJ,
Telegram.) Impeachment or cen
sure of P. E. McClelan, state super
intendent of public instruction, is
reffarrlerl a the almost certain otlt-
rnni. rit the nrirnt Ipcisiative ill- !
quiry into alleged graft charges
made by state officials. Photograph
ic copies of county warrants pay
ing AlcUelan tor addressing
county teachers mstitiics over which
in his official capacity, he had con
trol, were presented to the prob
ers The committee will soon report
to the legislature and it will- be up
to the solons to decide whether Mo
. Clelan shall be impeached, censured
or let off without any action. Mc
Clelan will not resign, it is said, but
Mill fight to the finish. His claim
.. is that he is violating no law by
taking the $50 fees. Lawyers declare
that in the evidence shown there
is arriple grounds for impeachment
it the legislature wishes to do so.
Verne Marshall, proprietor of the
Cedar TCapids Gazette, arrived in
Dcs Moines to prefer charges
against W. B. Barney, dairy and
food commissioner, whose office is
to be immediately investigated by
the probing committee. Marshall
submitted affidavits and other evi
dence that Barney sold tubercular
Nepotism at the state house has
been given its deathblow, many
of the solons declare, by the disclo
sures regarding McCIelan's employ
ment of Ins wife and two daugh
ters at the state house. Represen
tative Owen Nervig of Humboldt
today introduced a bill prohibiting
employment of relativs (jy consan
guinity or affinity within fourth de
gree to any person holding state
Toscanini Led Concert Under Shell Fire
1 ' ii r --
White Preparing
For Showdown in
Democratic Party
tion of Resigning Chair
manship at Present
The above picture shows the cele
brated conductor, Arturo Toscanini,
at the Italian front in August, 1917,
at the head of the military band he
had becen conducting the night be
fore on Monte Sauto, under a storm
of shot and shell from the Austrian
"The silver medal for valor was
pinned on the breast of this daring
individual, a civilian without a uni
form, by General Capcllo, comman
der of the Second army," eye
witness. The feat by which he won
this unusual honor was boht strange
and noble. One of our most' famous
musicians, the most celebrated or
chestral conductor in the world, was
at the; front, having been entrusted
with the arrangement ot concerts
for the soldiers.
"When he heard that Monte Santo
had been captured, he begged and
secured permission to ascend the
mountain. He climbed it towards
evening, while the enemy was show-,
ering it with a truly hellish bom
bardment. Strange to say, the gieat
master, among the rocks of the peak,
happened to come across a divisional
band there established, sheltering it
self as well as was possible, in ex
pectation of being ordered to a less
dangerous post.
"The appearance of the great mu
sician had the same effect on the
bandsmen that the appearance of a
great general would have made on
picked troops. They crowded en
thusiastically around hirn and the
master took professional command
of them, as though by instinct. Then,
under the bombardment of the plat
eau of Monte Santo there began, in
the moonlight, the most extraordi
nary concert in. the world. The
'Marcia Realc.' 'Garibaldi's Hymn,'
'Mamcli's Hymn' folowed in quick
succession, energetically conducted
by the great musician, to an accom
paniment of explosions, thunder and
the screaming and whistling of
Musicians Shelled.
"Cheers and hurrahs rose from the
valley below. The eiemy concen
trated their fire on the musicians,
who seemed to be challenging them,
and the concert continued. The mas
ter who, so to speak, had carried his
part into battle and won the medal
for valor, was Arturo Toscanini."
This is the hero who, at the head
ot another little regiment, La Scala
Orchestra of Milan, is making an ex
tensive cconcert tour in America un
der the
management of Loudon
Clubman Is Sued
For Alienating
; Love of Husband
By Tnlvenm! Service.
New York, Feb. 12. Madame
Claudia Tartoue. who is suing her
artist husband, Pierre Tartoue, for
separation, today filed a sensational
bill of complaint in her $100,000
damage suit against Rene Van Len
nep, society man and clubman.
Mme. Tartoue alleges in her com
plaint that Van Lennep "exercised
a strange influence" over her hus
band and was, in short, very largely
responsible for her marital difficul
ties. The complaint further charges
that from January, 1920. until about
November 17 last, Van Lennep
"wrongfully and maliciously made
false accusations", to Pierre Tartoue
regarding the character of his wife.
'"" .Tartoue, upon his recent return
from the west coast, announced that
unless his wife dropped her suit
against him and Van Lennep he-
would file a, suit against her, the
nature of which he refused to dis
close. ' 1
Beveridge Tells Noonday
Club Men of School Needs
Need of more space in the Omaha
public schools was explained by
Supt J. H. Beveridge Friday
right at a meeeting of the Noonday
club in the Chamber of Commerce,
at which Victor A. Johnson pre
sided. Increase of 3,000 pupils last
yearcalls for 60 new rooms, at a
cost of $11,000 each, or a total of
$660,000,- Mr. Beveridge said.
Plans for the annual dinner of the
club some time this spring, , at
which S. T. de Goes,-consul general
i of Sweden, stationed at Chicago,
will be the principal speaker, were
discussed by the -. members of the
, club. ' . '
1 7 Persons Injured
By Bomb Explosion
At Political Meeting
Chicago Tribune-Omahn Bee leased Wire.
Chicago, Feb. 12. Political war
fare in the nineteenth ward, ' where
there is a large Italian population
and which has long been a storm
center in city politics, culminated last
night with the explosion of a bomb
at a political meeting and .the in
jury of 17 persons, several seriously.
The meeting, at which" the bomb
was. aimed, was held for Anthony
D'Andre, business agent of the
Sewer & Tunnel Miners' union, one
of the two candidates lor alderman
in the ward. On September 28. a
powerful bomb had been exploded
on the front porch of the residence
of Alderman Powers," the other a'
dermanic candidate. The police are
working on thi theory that one
bomb was the answer to the other
and prepared for further trouble in
the ward before the aldcrmanic elec
tion of Februarv 22.
, Former Cop Loses Gun
Clifford". Cairt, former motorcycle
policeman, reported to his former
comrades at Central police station
Friday night that- some mean
burglar entered his home at 2414
Ames avenue and stole his blue-steel
revolver, which was concealed in a
bureau drawer.
South Dakota Rate Hearing
' Is Opened at Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, S. D., Feb'. 11. Leo
Flynn. special examiner of the In
terstate Commerce commission,
opened the class rate Jiearing here
with the examination of three wit
nesses. The complainant, the South
Dakota board of railroad commis
sioners, contends that existing rates
on foodstuffs, groceries and dry
goods from Chicago, St. Ijaul. Min
neapolis, Duluth, Kansas City,, Oma
ha and Sioux City, to points in
western South Dakota,- are much
higher than rates from the -same
points to points in western South1
Dakota, western Nebraska and Col
orado, i;
Senate Adds $206,000,000
To Agricultural Bill
Washington, .'Feb. 12. The agri
cultural appropriation bill, as ap;
proved today by the senate agricul
v committee, carried nearly $206,
Oi.j.000 more than . the $33,000,000
house totals. The principal increases
voted by the committee are $200,000,
000 for purcliase by the treasury of
federal farm loan bonds and $5,000,
000 for loans'to buy seed grain for
farmers in drouth-stricken areas.
: 1;
Qpinion Asked on Beer
Prescriptions by Doctors
Washington. Feb. 12. A .ruling as
to .whether physicians can prescribe
beer for sick rsconle tinder the terms
of the prohibition enforcement act
was asked of Attorney General
Palmer today by the Treasury' de
partment. Assistant Secretary McLean ex
plained' that many inquiries had been
received from doctors Saying beer
had a lower alcoholic content than
wine and , for some ailments, par
ticularly various forms of weakness,
its medicinal properties were more
Chicago Tribune-Omaha Bee Leased Wire.
. Washington, Feb. 12. George
White, chairman of the democratic
national committee, came to town
today and scornfully declined the
cup of political hemlock offered to
him by the insurgents who are trying
to drive him from power.
"I have no intention of resigning
the chairmanship now nor have I
determined upon any date for the
future," he said.
He set to work a t once marshall
ing his forces for a showdown in
the prospective struggle for control
of the democratic party machinery.
According to all reports his ef
forts brought encouraging results
and there is every reason to believe
that the Cox faction will continue
in power for some time. Mr. White
had hardly landed in town when he
met Bernard M. Baruch. one of
William G. McAdoo's closest friends,
who assured him that he was not in
sympathy with the insurgent move.
On the contrary, Ifr. Baruch praised
ins work during the past campaign
and urged him to hold on to the
charmanship until he was ready to
Senator Pat Harrison of Mississip
pi, one of his chief lieutenants during
the campaign, told him that senti
ment at the capitol vas almost
solid against his retirement. Senator
Jones of New Mexico and Judge
Hudspeth of New Jersey, two no
tional committeemen, linked up with
the insurgent move have already
withdrawn their signatures from the
round robin calling a meeting to
oust Mr. White.
The democratic national executive
committee will meet in Washington,
February 17., Mr. White said he
is going-to ask Robert W. Woollcy
and Tom Love, flic two McAJoo
men who have been leading the in
surgent movement, to appear before
the committee at that time to an
swer questions and produce a copy
of the telegram they sent 1c national
committeemen to obtain ihcir signa
tures to the round robin.
Woman Is Held for Beating
Man to Death With Iron Bar
Trenton, N. J., Feb. 12. Henry
Kowhauet, 48, of Newmarket, was
slain today when a woman beat
him with an iron bar while three
neighbors tired several bullets into
his body. Mrs. Joseph Grimcngry,
48. a neighbor, is under arrest
charged with the killing. Her hus
band and son and a third man, are
being sought by the police.
The trouble is said to have started
over the digging of a ditch on the
Kowhauet property.
French Forces Take
City of Aintab From
Turkish Nationalists
Chicago Tribune-Omaha Ilea Leased Wire.
Paris, Feb. 12. To strengthen
their hand at the new Turkish peace
conference, scheduled to begin in
London, February 21, the French
have captured the city- of Aintab
away from the Turkish nationalists,
thus spanking with their left hand,
Mustapha Kemal. whom they sup
port with their right.
' Rental's fortunes have been on the
increase since Viviani succeeded at
Geneva in getting President Wilson
to undertake his negotiations with
Kemal to save Armenia, in fact, Kcm
al's prospects increased so fast he
got the "swell head." which led him
to be cantankerous- towards his Paris
But nowMhat Aintab has been
captured, the French figure his am
bassador will be more reasonable
at London. ,
Oregon House Passes
Soldier Bonus Measure
Salem, Ore., Feb. 11. The Oregon
house of representatives today passed
a bill providing a bonus to Oregon
ex-service men of $15 a mouth for
each month served in the world war.
The bill also provides an alternative,
of farm or home loans, not exceed?
ing $3,000. f passed by the senate
and approved by the governor it
would be submitted to the people.
Grand Opera Star 111 I
London, Feb. 12. Nellie Melba,
the grand opera prima donna, is se
riously il! at Monte Carlo, according
to a special dispatch received here.
Madame Melba, who was born in
Melbourne, Australia, has a world-;
wide reputation as a grand opera '
singer. She made her debut in 1S87
in Brussels at Gilda in "Rigoletto."
'" ' ' ' i .. i
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Hubby of Three Months Says t
.Wife Beat Him With Her Fists
Clement Siegel says, in a petition
for divorce filed yesterday, that his
wife, Bessie, refers to him as a
"dirty dog" and that she has beaten
liim with her fists and struck hint
with various other articles that came
to her hands. All this has happened
since they promised to love, honor
and obey, just three months' ago.
Once she had him arrested, he says,
charging him falsely with non-support,
and he was confined in the city
iail from Saturday afternoon to
Monday morning. . ,
Wheat Growers Discuss ,
Plans for. Handling Crop
'Chicago, Feb. 11. Plans-for the
disposal of 500,000,000 bushels of
wheat annually were discussed by
the executive board of the National
Association of Wheat Growers, in
session here.
No definite action was taken by
the board, but a plan calling for the
erection of warehouses by the farm
ers, the storing of the crops in these
warehouses and the sale of the wheat
to the mills by agents of the farm
ers was outlined.
Youthful Benny Leonard
Is Hung to Tree by Losers
. Longtnont, Colo., Feb. 11. Ten-vear-old
James Rush is the "Benny
Leonard" of the local public school,
lie had whipped every youth in the
school and yesterday the losers
sought revenge. They pounced on
him when school adjourned and had
him hanging from a tree in the
school yard with a rope around his
neck when Officer - Miles MacPhil
lips happened along and cut him
down. His condition is said to be
serious. -
Stockholm Minister Quits
Stockholm, . Feb. 11. Goeste
Tamm. the finanre minister, re
signed as a result of the recent re
jection by both chambers of par
liament of the proposed coffee im
port duty.
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