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k ' Schermerhorp-Knisely.
Announcement is macfe of the fflar
viage of Miss Helen Knisely. daukh-
Icr of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Knisely,
and Leslie F. Scftermerhorn; son of
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Schertnerliop
of this cty. which took place Satur
day attrrnon. tiie Kev. Alfrd E.
Vanorden df Couucil Bluffs official
ing. TJie ccuple will be at home at
117 North J-ortieth street after
March 1. . v
Mrs. Gertrude Emory announces
ihe marriage of her daughter, Miss
Garonne, and Waller Markey, son
j)f Mr. and Mrs. John Markey,
wmcn iook piace weonesaay mom
ing at St. Patricks church. Rev.
lather Gannon officiated. -v..
The attendants were Mrs. Verne
Wilson and Edward Markey, sister
ana Drmner ot tne groom.
A reception was held in honor of
the couple Wednesday evening at
ne Markey home.
Mr. Markey and his bride will re
side on the South Side.
'-j For Brideto-Be. V
Mrs. Howard Wood entertained at
a miscellaneous shower Wednesday
evening at 'her home in honor of
Miss Mavis ' Findley, who leaves
. Saturday for her home at Meadville,
. Mo where she. will- become the
bride of Marcus Gould. Valentine
decorations were used. The guests
' included Mesdaines Frank Cuniings,
Harry Cottrell, George ... Parish,
Joseph Bauer, J. F. Quinby and
Harry Norton, Misses Ruth Mad
den. Hazel Lake, Eltoji Hensman,
(Catherine Tennant,' Edith Morris,
Pauline Simpson. Helen K. Morris,
. Myrtle Benson, Irene Mason, Fanny
Wallace, Clara Austin and , rma
Cumings. . . J 1 ;
'"" For Visitors. ,
Mrs. Hoxie Clarke entertained at
luncheon Thursday at her home for
Mrs. r H. Reynolds of JJenver,
who is visitintr Mrs. William - Hill
Clarke, and for Mrs. Benjamin Bates,
r . e r J 1 1 '
oi uenvcr, guesi 01 i, ana jvirs.
Henry T. Clarke. . 1
Among other affairs planned for
these visitors will be a luncheon Fri
day mven by Mrs. Fredenck Adam.3,
; and a luncheon on Saturday at the
Omaha club, given by Mrs. Henry
-Mrs. AM. Root will entertain at
dinner Friday evening compli
mentary to- Mrs. Reynolds, who
leavea for her home Monday. , -.-
vi -
Planning Dinners.
.: Mr. and Mrs. Louis- Clarke are
planning a dinner party for Satur
day evening, as are Mr. and Mrs.
C L. Farnsworth.
''" Entertains Actress.
, Miss -Margaret Wifliams ' enter
tained tt luncheon at the Athletic
club, Tuesday, honoring1 Miss Nina
1 Penn, who played $ne of the leading
roles in the musical comedy, "Irene,"
which was .showing ?at '.the Brandeis.
' Miss W,illiar.s met Miss Penn at the J
btudio cluo m Mew York city wneo
both were studying voice there.
; Evening Bridge. .'
Miss Eleanor McGilton will en-H
tcrtainoit an evening bridge party
if"hrr home, Friday,- to honor Mr.
' -1 4Tif Mr.- Benjamin- Sylvester. Mrs,
Sylvester, whoV is a recent bride,
v was Miss Ruth "Mills before her
marriage. Five tables will be set
. for thegame, . .- ','':''.
Cooking Club.'- , :
.Mrs. Samuel Burns' entertained.
members of the prigiual Cooking
club ' at ; luncheon at . her home,
Thursday. - ' , '
,., Music Festival.
I he' fourth monthly mukic festival
. will be given i at gt. Cecilias
1 cathedral Snnday evening, February
at 8 o'clock, under- the. auspices
' pf the -Lcagueof Cathofic organists.
1 he program, in charge of Dr. R.
Mill? Silby, wilt include choral and
. i organ selections. Special numbers
will be, given by the cathedral, choir
bovs. ' ' j -. , . " . V
i . r; . . s .
Ta AH-anrf Carnival. S
- Miss Freda Haas, daughter
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. ;Haas, who is a
t ?enior at Smith college, will go to
' Hanover,- Mass., ta be present t the
aunual Dartmouth winter, sports
carnival on February 10, U . anjd 12.
.' OnMha .Woman's Press Club.
The Omaha' Woman's Press club
.vill meet for tea at the,.Y. 'W. C. A.
Tuesday at 3:15 o'ckick. Prije win
ning manuscripts o the recent' con
test conducted byffhc club will be
read by their authors. , "
- " ' . ; Dinner Party. .
Mr. and MTs.5. F. L.r
will entertain at dinner
home, Friday evening.
at .. their
" m1.
Columbian Club.
GeorireH. Merten and Mrs.
P.. M. Storm will act as hostesses
- at a card party to be given. Saturday
afternoon I by the Columbian club
f-Sacred Heart parish a their hall,
- .1 wenty-6cona ana J-ocust.
" v 'Uniyersity Club.' , '
'. -Commencing , Saturday evejiing,
February 12, with, a Valentine party,
the Univrsjty club will hold formal
dinner dances" Saturday evening of
Veach week. There -will be special
features each time. ,v. ;1 f.',"
Luncheon for Visitors i.4
Mrs. George Voss; will entertain at
luncheon at the Omaha club,;Tues
day. in honor of Mrs. Joseph Car-
) ueau Riogwalt of . New , York CityJ
1. . f . 1. , . r t r : n m I
- -who is inc guesi ox irs. j. i,.jMng-
'wait ;. ' j , . ' l
' j. Food. Sale.,' - .
"y" Fontenelle Kensftigton cfub .'will
hold a food sale in the lobby of the
.J-'Rialto thea.ter all day Saturday. Mrs.
'William Thomas and Mrs. Arthur
Dunbar will be in charge of the
sale. The proceeds will be added to
fund for local charities. , s. .
,' ., Bag-a-Jasx..
An Informal' dance will begiven
Friday evening at the. Hotel Fonte
" nelle by the . Southern Rag-a-Jaza
band froto the "University of ,Ne-
braska, Lincolno
t, ' f Class Party.-v- l?r
. Dorothea Knew will entertain the
S'rls of the graduating v class of
slumbian school at lUncheotf at her
j. hotne, Saturday,' followed 1 by a
' Mnatinee party at the Orpheum. .
, . Dancing Club. . .- .'
.The Week-.EnH Daucmg club will
tntertain at-a dancing party at the
-Fontenelle Saturday evening.
j ' 9- ; -i
'Visiting InSEastern City -
If a 1 aATCHCU,
I fC I . It.N1 jM
I RV -i 2rV ,t S f
.... :V-H4
L. f .. - 1
. Mrs." Edminul Tenn-Marlvor and I thev will visit Mrs Maclvor's niothl
smallson, Edmund ' Jean,' jr.,' left er, Mrs. Ella M. Hass. . "They will
last week for New Ytrk Citv.V where remain in, the east for. several "weeks.
Community Center
Offers Strong
Dr. Williemnia . Qjristensen and
Elizabeth Parsons aftorney, will he
among the speakers of the com
munity center program.' Friday eve
ning,, February. 11, at the ..Edward.
Rosewater school. " R. A. Kirk-'
patrick Js director of this center.
Between 1,200 and : 1,500 girls and
women are expected to attend. The
program will be givenentirely Ty
girls and women. ; ! rv-. . -;
: Musical nunib'ers during the, eve
ning will include, selections by the
Central High School Girls' Glee club
under .tne direction lot Airs, c ai.
Pitts; a -musjOal- trio composed of
Edith "Slay -Miller.1 pianist; Mrs.: D.
E. White, violin; Mrs. A. T. Ander
son, flutist, and vocal ' number by
Frieda 'Phillips.' Miss .Loretta
Boroff, juvenile dancer,' will also ap
pear ; .,;'.) ' .-. '
. Mrs. - Jeff eris a Delegate, i
Mrs. A. W.ljcfferis, wife of Con-
gressma'n Jcfferis.'has. agreed, to at
tend as a Nebraska delegate and
serve on the. presentation committee
for the national woman s party
convention in .Washington, . Feb. 15-
Mrs. ikeycr Speaks. . -
Mrs. Henrv G. Mever'sobte. be
fore the art department of the Oma
ha Woman's club Thursday after
noon at theX W. C. A. on. "Art
of Brussels and Antwerp," in place
of Miss Luella Anderson, -who was
unable to attend, owing to illness.
"Buddies' Recommended.
Mrs' Samuel Burns, chairman of
the bulletin committee for the Oma
ha -Drama' league, '.announces
through the papers -that the league
rccommenfls Buddies, a musical
romance which will be given. at- the
l Brandeis "theater Friday and Satur
1 j... r .1.:., .1. T7.... :..c
tion regarding, the cast could not
be-secured earfy enough, to-bulletin
by- postcard. .The Dranu league
will - bulletir Robert Maiitell w-ho
plays at the Brandeis February 14-.
16. . ;
Calendar. .
Federal Art. Club Friday.-'S -p, m., y.
W. C. A.
-Friday noon,' luncheon.
Junlvf reity ciiib. .
TonjttMlnw Chnutnuqila Circle Friday,
7:30 m., gaort house. Ella Connell,
leader. . ,- . i. '-
Plymouth i Conjrreiratlnnnl Wmnen'e f!o-
rlety Friday, 1 o'clock luncheon, church
parlors. f
'WetUnley College Club Friday, S p. m.,
VHh Mrs. Emll Bothachlld, 113 South Flf-ty-flrt
f Round Table Chautauqua Circle Friday.
7-J5 p. tn., i. W. C A. miub Amanda
Siantrom. leader
- Baliiton M'oniafl'i Club Friday,. 2:8 p.
ra. with Mrs. D. Iv;H,nn Mrs. W. p.
Edminton. leader. s ., . T , ,
Ladle of the O. ..VR. Friday vei(ln,
Orand ripy oonl. court jouo. Keeular
monthly meetSig. ,
fleonre ' Crook . Woman's Belief Com?
Friday. 8 p. m.-with Mrs, Clifford. Fcr
rell, 8128 Wirt oet. .. . "yj;. .... :
Dander Idleti.AIl Hoeli-tj I'rirtity, T:t
o'clock lunrlicoii vNIi Sirs. Ttnl(h Huh
U. f.l21Vel.r street,,, -
North tildn fnuM'rtaa Womm't Aid
Society FrldaA 8:S0 i. nt with Mrs. R.
A. MoEachron, Hit Blnney street 1
i llumlee rel tc:iun w'i'm n'rXKr lo
elety Friday, t o'clock luncheuu'wlth Mrs.
Kslnh Kl'dscll. M?l- "eliter direct. ,
Oirls Community Serrloa Leaffue Fri
day, :JA p. m., D. T. A. club, mothers'
and daughters' , banquet,' Miss Folly BynO,
presiding. , V ,
Candle Club Fri.lky. S p. m.. .303 Pat
terson block. Seventeenth and . Farnam
streets. Dr. Jennie Callfas. speaker. .A
motion picture will be thbwn. . .
loctare nn AmericanVlIistory-rFrlday,
4 p. m.. Duchesne college and convent of
theacred Heart. Thirty-sixth and Burt
streets: . The publle ,t Inytted.
Omaha Woman's Club, Publle gpeaktnr
Department Friday , afternoon. social
mectinn at the home of Mrs. J. P. Slater,
i'MT foi'th Thi-tv.ihird Ktreet. j
Tatea Parent-Teachers' AsaoclaUoBj Fri
day, 8 p. school auditorium. Illaa
trated lecture. C. N. Aulabaurh, speaker.
Motiasyvletura comedy will follow
MM Atohmi. Presbyterian Women's Aid
Society Friday 1 o'clock luncheon, church
parlors. Mesdames P. T. Barber's and
Blaine Trusdell's divisions, hostesses.: f
W. O. T. V. Kelonl Xonfereiee Friday,
a. m.. Flrat Presbyterian church Thirty
fourth and Farnam streets. Afternoon ses
sion, 1 o'clock; closing session, p. to.
1 .1
1 UOUlldlO II
W. A. Sells bs returned from
cnicago. . -t. f ,
Mrs. George Prinz is ill at her
home. , ,"'.,r-
Mr. and Mrs. William Koller have
returned from 311 extensive trip in
Texas. . :-y , . -v ' .
LMiss Mary 1 Henry - of Council
Bluffs left Thursday to 'spend the
week-end in Kansas Lity.
Mrs.: J. B. Lowry, . who is the
guest of Mrs. Yaur Holland, leaves
Friday evening for her home.
v .
Mrs. T. A. Tancock. who is suf-
Lfering from a nervous collapse, is
confined to. her room at the roiv
tenelle. - .- , .
' Mrs: Mary Clai ke o Plattsmijuth,
who has: been visitinir at thefrani;
T. Walker hon't. returned Tuesday
evening, '
to her-!svme:ri j .. ).,
Lieut., Howard Canan,. who is vis
iting his parents,? Mr. and Mrs. C.
f" Canan, leaves .Monday for Camp
numpnreys, Virginia. ;
1 Mrs. Giiy Cramer . went to Fort
Dodge, Ta., Wednesday to visit her
parents. Mr. and Mrs L. A. Bry
ant. She will be, gone, two .weeks.
Mr. and Mrs.' William Dinkins
deoarted Wednesday night for "their.
home in Chicago after 1 a visit with
Mrs. .Dinkms lather, Mr., ti. y,
Whitmorc. - . "' -
Mr. and Mrs! M.1 I. Dolphin left
Wednesday evening for Rochester,
Minn., where Mrs. Dolphin' will un
dergo an operation at Mayo Broth-
1 U.I . -. ;j
Miss "Marv. I're returned from
Lincoln Thursday . to attend the
Rachmaninoff: concert Thursday
evening at 'the Brandeis. " Miss
Dorothy Lyons . of : Lincoln ac
companied her 19 be a guest at the
Ure home.' :; -' '
-..'- . - " '. s -
" Mrs.- N. y.i Moore, who has been
stopping at the Fontenelle, returned
to Chicago NV ednesday.:- She, ha.
been invited bv" President-elect W,
G. Harding to attend the inaugural
ceremonies at Washington, Maceh
4. and while in, Washington she will
visit her cousin, Mrs. Harnett Tay
lor Upton.;,; v . ' ' ,
I'Pape's Cold Compound"
Brea-ks any Cold"
in Few Hours ,
' - - -ill i . '
Instant Relief FTJon't stay stuffed
up! Quit blowing and snuff hug I A
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doses are taken usually -breaks :UO
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The vary first dose opens clogged
nostrilsndthe air passages of the
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rapes Cold Compound".- acta
quick, sure, and costs only a few
cents' at drug, stores. It acts with
out assistance, tastes nice, contains
no quinine Insist ' upou Pape'al
To, Free Your Amis '
. of Hair )or Fuzz
1. ((Boudoir-' Secrets)
No toilet table is complete without
a small package : oT delatone for
with it hair or fuzz can be quickly
banished from the skin. To remove
hairs you merely n into a paste J
i.t-. f -i t . i . r
cnougn .oi inc pow,er aia wrer w
cover the objectionable hairs.l This
should be left on the sl-in biut 2
minutes, then rubbed' off and' the
Nkin washed, .when it, will be f jund
Ifree from1 hair or blemish. Be sure'
you get genuine jjclatone, - :
..-dwsism, 'tarf.. .i.'.tf.K
Holding a Husband
AdeU Garrison's New Phase ot
Revelations of a Wife
The Question MadgeAsked Herself
About Lillian.
; Dicky was distinctly resentful at
my, telephone messag that' Lillian;
Marion and 1 icant to stay in Mar
vin all night, leaving him, sole do
minion over Lillian's apartment and
old Betty.
"Why the sudden change of plan?"
he asked crossly. "I thought you
were going tobe home by dinner
time. t(ice way to treat a. fellow,
waiting till this hour to .spring the
fjicCyou're not coming home." . ,
"But BettvMl have vour dinner
readyjust the same," I urged.- "Lil
lian gave. ntT instructions ' as to
dinnier before she left, and she's go
ing to telephone her liow, s,o that
she'll, know only you will he there."
"But j l wasn't coming Vhome to
dinner, anyway," Dicky, explained
imoatientlv..'. "Holmes. insiststhat I
dinevith him at his club tonight.He
lias a lot of new stuff he wants to.
talk over with me. c . , .
"Then what" I -.began and
stopped short. J '
No use to irritate Dicky with, the
perfectly natural, ;query as to why
he should feel aggrieved at my
staying away when he himself meant
to be absent from - the ' apartment
until midnight. I knew these "din
ners with art editors" of whom, Mr.
Holmes 'is one of old: Whether
theyxwere genuine or simply the ex
cuse, for some appointment of
Dicky's of which he wished to keep
me in ignorance, they were always
long drawn-out affairs', which invar
iably occupied a whole evening.
"Then suppose you telephone
BettyTto postpone the dinner," I
said equably. "She no doubt will
be very glad to have a holiday."
"You evidently share her pleas
ure," -lie retorted disagreeably.
My irritation was smothered by
my sense of the ridiculous. A vision
of the nerve-racking surprise of my
despoiled treasures, and the Jatigu
ing and disappointing search for a
home in which T had spent my aft
ernoon, rose betore me; A noiiaay
indeedl , ,
. , Lillian t Listens. " '
Lillian s hand stretched itself
over my shoulder toward -, the re?
ceiver. . -
"When you're through, she whis
pered, .il d- like to tell him some-
tiring." .
I resigned the receiver with alac
rity, glad indeed of the chance to
terminate my conversation with my
husband. I did not wish to tell him
of the' marauders of the night be
fore, neither did I wish Ho get into
any quarrel with him. And. I knew
that theJatter was exceedingly likehj
to happen if I talked to himMnuch
longer. -
'Oh, Dicky-bird T Lillian's voice
ws crisp and emphatic. "If , you
will save me a long distance call
from out here to Betty, as Madge
suesrests. I shall be eternally grate
ful. .- You see, I'm getting terribly 1
economical, a positive miser.' What s
that? Yes, I'll listen."
She - listened attentively, then
laughed heartily.
"Strike one!" she . said. "I ac
knowledge the corn Now that
you've got it out of wour system,
please .remember to telephone Bet
ty, THIS ' MINUTE write if- on
your enff in red ink, or something
like that that none of us are com
ing home to dinner, but that we'll
be there tomorrow' night. I "hope
that includes you, too. All right I
Take" care, of yourself. So long!"
The Dicky-bird chirps sapiently,"
The Use of
is increasing
A superior table drink,
easily made,-better for '
health than coffee and
at lower cost. '
"There's a Reason
' -Sr POSTUM . -
Sold ! ibjr grocers
Tim "
loaf of bread
are many
if avaaaW
Inmt that yea
. Alto Makers of
I Visitor
S 1
-v' v A.
r "'-'-aaaaeeJaawl: '" "N ''' Vi-'.-,.
Mrs. Donald V. Baxter.
A eliafining visitor Is Mrs. Donald
W Baxter of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
who arrived, M Omaha Wednesday
morning from her hoihe to spend
two weeks with her parents, Judge
and Mrs. ; W. . W. Slabaugh. Mrs.
Baxter was before her marriage
about two years ago, Miss. Grace
Slabaugh. A number of the younger
matrons" are planning entertainments
to be . given in honor of this guest
during her short stay. ,
while each one present made a wish.
she sajd, "that as I am always
about two cents and five mills be
hind the financial- game, he would
like to inquire how I'm going to
do the miser stunt And he's about
right." '.:.... , r , ,
. ' No Use Opposing Her,
Her- lips were -smiling, her face
serene, , but I wondered if my. vir
sion had Strayed me,' or if I had
for a fleeting infeujnt . beheld a
shadow in her brave-eyes. y Was it
possible that -Lillian had any fear
of her" fjwiancial future? i knew
that she spent money lavishly, and
that she was . generous . to a fault.
but I also knew that she earned
suras which to nay ' eyes .seemed
enormous. But still '.'"
I put the thought carefully aside
for . future consideration and gave
all myr attention to- what she was
saying. '
"Here's a comfortable j corner,"
she decided, drawing me tP owe
side nf tm reallv rrmmrHmn anil
well appointed , "candy kitchen."
"Now td relax for , ten minutes.
Here's to my favorite dissipation.
an egg phosphate. I do hope that
sweet darling with the .droopy, curb
ing locks . knows how to make a
decent' one."
The, youth she; , thus character
,ized regarded us indolently and
superciliously, when i tne waitrcs'i.'
repeated our order to him. , Lillian
had specified cracked ice. '.
"I -was two years on B'roadway,"
he announced to the waitress in a;
tone that was evidently for our!
benefit . , A
"And they probably know: less
on - Broadway about makine aooe-
tizing soft drinks than on any other
street in -the civilized world," Lil
lian grumbled under her breath".
"I 'feel it ny boucs,' Madge, that
I'm going tp be treated to a glass
of dish water." , ;
But the phosphate was surpris-
I - a .3 t '7aj
I I Si
., v
vf . " Yi,
ssaas am -v
ingly good, According to Lillian's
own verdict' $ ', .. '
"I takp it all back," she said, sip
ping iriith' all the relish of a gor
raandizing child. "The beauteous,
creature can do something, besides
curl his front hair. No' putting
out a quick hand and gathering up
the checks wjiich had been laid be
side us "those are mine."
No use yto oppose' her." I had
learned that long ago. It takes
thought and skill to circumvent" Lil
lian's determination to foot the
bills upon all ontings. But as -1
stood by- helplessly and watched
her pay not only for the soda
counter charges, but for.the'bon
I ons we 'took-to -Mrs.' DurKee 'and
AJarion, I wondered if there were
not the relation of cause and effect
between this habit of hers and the
shadow I. had surprised" in her eyes
but-a few minutes before. " ,.
"( (Continued Tomorrow.) .
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earned -miae
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, i
Business Roman's
League One
' Year Old ' -
.The Omahaf Business and Profes
sional Women's league celebrateVl
its first birthday at its regular bi
monthly dinner Wednesday evening
at the Loyal hotel, t A birthday cake
ornamented whit one candle was a
feature of the occasion. Mr. Charles
Gardner, adopted member of the or
ganization, blew out the candle
After the dinner and attendant uc-
nionies and .an interesting talk by
R. B. Howell the club, visited the
Onwatd-Omahaexhibit'at the Jlur-gess-Nash
new-store and the busi
ness show at the ;'Orhard-ilhelm
store, i '. - ; .
i ) ... i .I -
i About 331,000 .'Womeji X re em
ployed in Indiana 1 industrial estab
lishments. k v .' -
:i - V
m am aaawaa aaaatsaaa. A.k a . -W a . IM
. Actual $45 I)ressest.
Actual $40.0. f ," f '!
Dresses ; i-.V. .-jj. i
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Silk Plush
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