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    THK Bttfc: U MA 11 A, FK1DAY, FEUKUAKY 4, 1921.
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66 ZzT D
We offer nothing for snobs, hypocrites or para
sites. We do not specialize in sob stuff, sex stuff,
new isms or ologies, exotic customs or manners,
or the la test creeds and fads of the neurasthenics.
We believe that the popular taste is infinitely
better than the shut-in eclectics and common
scolds dream of, and we intend to prove our con
Eception by giving our vast family of readers the
very best and most wholesome in literature and
art and all-round helpful suggestions.
A husband who will do the f amliy washing ana
call it a lark is a pretty good sort particularly
if he makes a good job vi it. Millions of husbands
know how'tw wash babies, though they rarely
boast of it. Dishwashing is an all-family job in
most homes where there is pull-together har
mony. All of which puts us pretty solidly on a
self-help basis as a nation.
The editorial program of The Journal s self
help one hundred per cent.
Crossed Wires
By Josephine
Daskam Bacon
' The girl from the West
wanted to know Society. The
society woman, for a lark, gave
her a house party brought
together entertaining folks,
and furnished the girl with
gowns from her own wardrobe.
But 6he didn't count on
any such mix-up in her own
Jove affairs as develops in this
story. one of Mrs.. Bacon's
best.' ,
Read it in the February
Home Journal.
GalH and Howard
Sing Tonight:
- "
What goes on behind the scenes
on a big night at the opera? The
big singers are they nervous?
What do they do when they are off
stage? Kathleen Howard, herself
a member of the Metropolitan
Opera Company, gives away some
of the secrets of her fellow artists.
Saving Fifty Million
Dollars by
Thrift .
.' .
The fellow who wrote that old
hw about taking care of the pen
nies must have come from Lancas
ter County, Pennsylvania. That's
the home of Thrift. The farm
people in that county piled up
$50,000,000 last year. Basketeer
inf;was one way they saved. If
you need more money you may
find a suggestion in .this article.
I ' f 1 Wl " IP
Johnny Funny-Bunny
and the
Tadpole Baby
By Harrison Cady
"There's a cute baby down on
Tinkham's Mill Pond," said LiT
Timmy Meadow Mouse, "that's
been under water for nigh onto
three days."
""Both of Johnny Funny-Bunny's
pink ears twitched with surprise.
He gathered together his wife and
children and they all rushed down
to the pond to see the new baby
with no hands or feet. ' " "A
Harrison Cady tells the whole 1
story for the kiddies in the Febru- -ary
Home Journal, and , best of all ,
he has painted pictures in full color
which can be cut out and stoodup.
.... Children of all ages love
the Cady Cut-Outs.
A Ten-Cent Bowl
Maybe Made Beautiful
Luster china is expensive
when you buy it in the stores.
Yet you needn't be an artist
to do this sort of painting
Dorothea Warren O'Harra,
whose painted china and glass
are models of the art, tells
every step in luster painting.
Dresses Rich With
Paris has furnished the ideas for a
score of lovely embroidery touches
that are shown in the February
Ladies' Home journal
such needlework as
will make your summer
clothes the envy of all
your friends. There are
full directions for every
stitch of the needle.
The Seven Conundrums
By E. Phillips Oppenheim
"It will fall to your lot," she told her
suitor, "to kill the only man I have ever
really cared for." Strange indeed was the
courtship of Naida Modeschka, of the Rusr
sian ballet for it was a courtship of death
itself death directed by Mephistopheles
In The Seven Conundrums, of which this
story is one, The Ladies' Home Journal
has obtained the best work Mr. Oppenheim
has ever done. ,'
A Color rint
of the Church
Where Washington
Jules Guerin has painted for the
February Home Journal a full-,
page picture of the historic old
Christ Church at Alexandria, Vir
ginia,, where George Washington
worshiped and was a vestryman, 'j
It is reproduced in full color a
print that you'll wantvo cut out '
and frame. Later it will be sold for
one dollar. You get it now as one
of more than fwo 6core features
in The Home Journal for twenty
cental 1
Recipes from France
and the
Old South
Did you ever hear of Creme de
Pommes? Can you make beaten
i biscuits, or a real chicken Bruns
wick stew? The February Journal
has a French cook's own favorite' "
recipes for cooking apples and a'
Richmond woman's recipes for
some of the good things that Vir
ginians ate "befo' dc wah."
Homes at $4700 to $9000
Building costs, we're told, will take a tumble this spring, and
very likely it will b possible for you to put .up that house you
have been dreaming about. One thing is sure the small house,
I planned construction and in housekeeping, is the,
tthingfdr 1921..- . .Ladies' Home Journal architecture has long
been a model there are whole towns of Ladies' Home Journal
houses! In the February issue there are pictures and plans of
rive Small Houses '
that will offer valuabte suggestions to the 1921 home builder.
The costs are reasonable from $4700 to $9000.
It'sNotToo Early
to Think
of the
Rose Garden
You buy a pound of candy for a
dollar, and in an evening it's gone.
If you should put that candy dol
lar into a rose plant you would
have several years of enjoyment as
the plant came to bud and blossom,
to beautify your garden and your
home. J
J. Horace MacFarland, who
knows roses of all kinds better
than almost any other man in Am
erica, has written for the February
Home JocRKALan article about his
favorite flower that tells the whole
story of the roses how to prepare
the soil, when to plant, how tp
care for thebushesand the varieties
that have been found best for your
particular part of the country.
172 9zw&s
Half a Hill
By Eleanor
Hallowell Abbott
jTake three letters sent into
the past; : three unexpected
answers, a week-end in the
country, a garrulous stage
driver and a -violinist who
played only in the dark, and
you have the makings of this
absorbing mystery.
Ladies' Home Journal
stories are setting a high mark
for interest and en tertainment.
And they are here in quantity
as well as in quality. Besides
the others mentioned on this
page you'll find in the Feb
ruary issue
. J3y Grace Sartwell Mason
The Silver
By Ruth Sawyer
Little Deeds
of Kindness
By Byers Fletcher .
The New Senator's Wife Made '650
Calls; Spent S50 on Visiting Cards, and
More for Taxicabs Than for Food
The new Administration will
bring to Washington new Cabi
net officers, new Senators, new
Representatives hundreds of
tnem, all told, to whom the cus
toms of official society in the
Capital City are utterly un
known. . . .Many a new
senator's wife is going to wish
that her husband had never
gone into politics when she
learns the routine of -
calls that she must make,
the social ranks that she
muse ODserve, w7
the difficulties of ( V
living nronerlv wj
0 c , j
and entertaining
in the right way.
Frances Parkin-
The Primary School
of Politics for
The new woman voter's fifsj;" "
ballot was cast for President,
but now she is going to the
bottom of this political busi
ness and learn it from the
ground up. In an article in the
February Journal Elizabeth
Jordan tells where the start
should be made. Read Educa
cation for Citizenship. '
Don't Get Left
Thousands of women
missed the January
issue of The Ladies
Home Journal be
cause they didn't buy
it on January! Don't
wait this month until
the newsdealer says:
"Sorry-sold out!"
The way to be sure, of
getting the beautiful
big February issue is
Buy It Today
Going to Give
, a Party on
Valentine's Day?
Everyone had a good time
at the party Claire Wallis de
scribes in the February Home
Journal, and you'll make a
hit with all your friends if you
follow the suggestions in A
Valentine Party in Five Reels.
It's- movie stuff and heaps
of fun. .
The Target
. Hoi worthy Hall
"To my cousin Allan Banna
tyne," the eccentric millionaire's
will read, "that he may learn the
thoughts and emotions of his fel
low creatures by human experi
ence, I bequeath a summer at the
fashionable summer resort of Sea
ward." The young psychologist
took the gift, 'though he didn't
want it, and he became The Target
in this unusually clever story by
an unusually clever writer. Read
it, in the February Ladies' Home
son Keyes, wife of Senator
Keyes.of New Hampshire, has
written from her own experience
as a new senator's wife, and the
pictures she gives of society in
the Cabinet and Senatorial cir
cles of Washington's official sea
son are vividly entertaining
and amusing. With a new Con
gress coming in soon you'll be
interested in learning what
Mrs. Senator from your
state will find in store for
her. Mrs. Keyes' article
v v in the , February
O Ladies' Home.,
" Journal is full of
personalities and.
Read it!
4 The February issue of The
Ladies' Home Journ al is a book
of 172 pages, containing 44 sepa
rate and distinct features short
stories; installments of novels
that later will sell for $1.75 to
$2 in book form; inspiring spe
cial articles on a great variety of
interesting subjects; and helpful
departments of fashion news and
Have You Heard of the
New Clothes Dictator in Paris?
I "Her name is on every lip and her gowns on almost
every fashionable woman in Paris," writes Mary Brush
Williams in the March issue of The Ladies' Home Jour
nal. "She caters only to the rich and exclusive, but,
in spite of herself, she is setting the spring fashions. You
can tell one of her creations by its rigid plainness and
the skill " But there, there, you will want to read
this entertaining and enlightening article for yourself.
In addition to a lively account of this new star in the
fashion world, the article contains thej ullest kind of infor
mation about the new spring and summer fabrics. ,Rodier
has disclosed his most cherished secrets, and the newest
models from Callot, Doeuillet, Drecoll, Molyneux, Berthe
Hermance, Poiret, Bulloz, Cheruit, Leon, Beer, Agnes
and others are shown in both sketches and photographs.
& If you are planning to make some clothes for your
self the fashions with patterns in this issue will make a
strong appeal to you. They are smart and wearable
and anyone can make them.' . " . .
Charlotte Walker
her newest picture
How to Dress Your Hair
Household Linens That Will
Make a Woman Proud
Every woman who sews will
welcome the page in the Febru
ary Journal of Artistic Italian
Hemstitching on Household
Linens, with full directions for
making the tea cloths, table
cloths, tray covers and runners.
Why Your Child
Should Eat Spinach
"It's good for him," you say.
Yes, but why? And why milk?
Why butter? Why string beans?
Why eggs? It's because they con
tain vitamines, the newly discov
ered mysterious force that controls
growth and life. Read Making
Friends With Vitamines and
regulate your children's diet so
they'll be strong boys and girls.
Dainty Things
for Baby
A pretty new sweater ; some new
handmade dresses from Belgium
easy to copy; a muff for the baby
carriage handle; a nursery screen
with handy pockets; a bib that is
different; a pillow cover. These
things, pretty for the baby and a
joy to the mother, are shown in a
splendidly helpful page in the Feb
ruary Home Journal. v
The February Edition
Is More Than Two Million Copies
patterns, housekeeping ideas,
needlework, entertainment, gar
dening and architecture; besides
poetry and colored pictures suit
able for framing. -More
than two million copies
will be printed, but unless you buy
today you may be disappointed,
as thousands of women were dis
appointed last month. There
A Wife May Go All Day with
out getting the house cleaned up,
if she is in good humor; but if she
is mad at her husband she cart give
the place a thorough cleaning in
an hour." - So says Claude Callan
in his record of the doings of Bum
bleton Folks.
v You can easily duplicate the
beautiful pieces yoir see in the
big specialty shops, for the
price of the plain linen cloth, a
, few spools of thread and a little
time. . . Don't forget
pictures and full directions. .
The Heart
Edith Barnard Delano
She was a frivolous flapper
with a Mona'Lisa smile. He
was a poet. And her young
heart fluttered and throbbed as
he danced with her. . ' . i
Youngsters are funny, and Mrs.
Delano makes Anna Isabella
irresistibly amusing in this
story in the February Home
Save it for an evening when
the world looks blue and 6ee
how it will brighten the corners
for you.
are only two ways to buy The
Ladies' Home Journal by sub
scrfption at $2 a year (address ,
The Curtis Publishing Co., Phila
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w; -