Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 01, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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Is Made.
For Protection
Of River Front
Congressman Jefferis Urges
Governmental Action to Slop
Erosion From Florence
To Omaha.
Washington, Jan. .11. (Special
Telegram.) Hardly had -Commissioner
Larson of thy Omaha Cham
ber of Commerce reached Omaha
from last week's trip to the national
capital, to participate in a discussion
of the housing problem conducted
by the United States Chamber of
Commerce when he wired Congress
man Jefferis that the Missouri river
was again liable to break out of
l-ounds and again take toll of Doug
las county's valuable lands.
Mr. Larson wired: "The Missouri
river is cutting and is likely to break
L through the north of Carter and
f Old Florence lakes, endangering 3,
(K)0 acres, where residence and in
dustries are located. Protection is
needed along live ni'Ies of river
front. We should have $150,000.
Drainage districts are practically or-
' ganized for building of a dike."
Knowing the devastation caused by
last year's freshets along the path
ot the river outlined in Cotnmission
, er Larson's telegram. Congressman
' Jefferis and Randall K. Brown in
terview Chairman Rodenberg of the
committee on Hood control and pre
sented to him conditions as they ex
ist along the Missouri river on the
Nebraska side of Florence to Omaha.
They urged that governmental ac-
tion be taken to stop cs:Jti. i
Mr. Rodenberg, who knows the
situation along the Missouri river.
he would call in an expert from the
office of the chief engineers to look
over the matter and make such rec
ommendations as would start the
necessary relief? lmt he could not
guarantee legislation in view of the
crowded condition of the legislative
' program. '
- Pay $10 Monthly to City
The city council committee of the
whole agreed yesterday to grant
to the mayor authority to issue per
mits for maintenance of sidewalk
news stands on corners at Sixteenth
and Farnam and Sixteenth anl
'Douglas streets. A payment of $10
per month to' the city will be re
quired. It was the sense of the
' council that permits should not .be is
sued for these or other locations for
news stands if adjoining property
owners object.
Girl Student Who
Disappears Sought
SpelUan. f W M
Home in Nebraska
Selected for Twins
Rescued From Well
A home has been selected ioxM
Jimmy and Betty Wells, "cistern ;
twins," who were rescued from an '
abandoned cistern at Thirty-third
and California streets in July and
for whose attempted murder "Dr."
Kent was recently acquitted i dis
trict court.
Rev. R. B. Ralls of the Nebraska
Home Finding society said yester
day that he had many applications
for the babies and he had almost
settled on a good home in Nebraska.
The babies'' origin will be kept a
secret, Dr. Ralls says, and the little
brother and sister who went through
such a strenuous time at the begin
ning of their existence at last will
have a good liome where they will
be taken care of.
The nurses at the Methodist hos
pital, who cared for the babies when
they were rescued and named them,
are sorry to lose their charges.
Miss Blanche Spcllman, 18-ycar-old
student of Barnard college and
daughter of Benjamin Spcllman,
prominent New York lawyer, who
has mysteriously disappeared from
her home. Several days ago she left
home to go to school and has not
been heard from since. Her parents
can advance, no reason why she
should leave home and believe she
met with foul play. A nation-wide
search is being made for her.
Restaurants Ordered
To Sterilize Dishes
Dishes and drinking utensils in all
restaurants must be sterilized after
being used, according to orders is
sued yesterday by Dr. J. F. Edwards,
city health commissioner. Dr. W.
C. Herrold has been commissioned
to make a drive for cleaner dishes jn
all restaurants. .
"Disease germs lurk in these eat
ing and drinking utensils," Dr. Ed
wards said, "and we plan to have
every eating house proprietor scald
tablew;are after it is used. Kitchens
must also be kept in a more sanitary
No cigarette has
the same delicious
flavor as Lucky
Strike. Beoause
Lucky Strike Is the
toasted cigarette.
To meet the changing condition of trade and do their part in bearing the
financial burden that obtain, the Matter Plumber of Omaha have de
cided to reduce their charge for labor to 41.75 per hour In place of $2.00 a
heretofore charged. Effectiv on and after February 1, 1921.
! : : I
j Illinois Central Directs1 Attention to the j
Grade Crossing Problem
'. For the four-year period ended December 31, 1920, there were 4,350 per
sons killed and 12,750 persons injured in automobile grade crossing accidents in
the United States.
For the same period there were 15 8 persons killed and 659 persons injured
in automobile grade crossing accidents on the Illinois' Central System. Analysis
of these cases shows that crossings considered the safest are actually the most
dangerous. '
A serious automobile grade crossing accident, involving personal injury or
loss of life, is usually followed by a demand upon the railway for the elimina
tion or "prptection" of the crossing involved. -
.Crossing gates do not entirely eliminate accidents. People become educated
to rely upon the gateman instead of upon their own faculties. If the gateman
errs, the danger of accident is very great.
Electric warning bells do not entirely eliminate accidents. If they ring a
great deal, automobilists disregard them. ' In addition, there is always the pos
sibility that a bell may not be in orddr just at the moment of greatest danger.
Crossing flagmen are not infallible. The human element enters into most
accidents, and crossing flagmen are like other human beings. Some of the most
disastrous automobile grade crossing accidents have occurred at crossings
where flagmen were on duty. '
One of the results of crossing "protection" is to teach the public that cross
ings are safe. The opposite should be taught. All railway grade crossings are
dangerous; the "protected" as well as the unprotected crossings. This should
be impressed up'on the minds of everybody, beginning with the children in the
There are about 8,000 grade crossings on the Illinois Central System. It
would cost approximately four hundred million dollars, or substantially more
thpn the combined stock and bond issues of the Company, to eliminate them by
separation of the grades. The following is quoted from the report made by the
Grade Crossing Committee of the National Association of Railway and Utilities
Commissioners at Washington in November, 1920: "To eliminate all grade
crossings in the United States would probably cost as much as all the railroads
in the United States have cost."
Outstanding features of this question are: 1 Inability of the railways to
eliminate all grade crossings at any period within present vision. 2 The un
reasonableness of some communities ins isting upon the railways doing things for
them that cannot be done for all. Every community has its dangerous crossings.
One state could not reasonably expect the railways to eliminate all of its
grade crossings unless the same thing were done in neighboring states in all
states. The same principle applies to cities and tpwns.
The railway rade crossing problem is usually considered from two view
points the railways' and the public. There is the viewpoint of engineers and
firemen, which should also be considered. Their duties are nerve-racking, and
the habit of automobilists in racing to crossings, and darting upon the track im
mediately in front of locomotives, has a great tendency to confuse and distress
them. They do not want to be involved in accidents causing personal injury or
loss of life. They ought to have some assurance that an automobile will be
brought' to a stop before it is permitted to cross a railway track.
The benefits derived from the elimination of grade crossings by the con
struction of overhead bridges and underpasses the only plan promising abso
lute safety accrue largely to the public in safety and convenience. Therefore,
when crossings are eliminated, the expense should be divided on some fair basis
between the taxpayers receiving the benefits and the railway. If the people of a
community, paid in proportion to the benefits received when a crossing is elim
inated, demands for elimination would be less frequent. More crossings could
be eliminated.
The automobile, in proper hands, is an agency of safety at railway grade
crossings. It can be driven up close to the tracks and stopped in perfect safety.
That cannot always be done with a spirited horse. Therefore, the increasing
use of the automobile and the decreasing use of the horse should be solving the
grade crossing problem, instead of making it worse,'
We recognize there are crossings that should be eliminated, but the crying
need is for some plan of action that will prevent loss of life and destruction of
property in automobile grade crossing accidents that can be put into effect im
mediately. One practicable remedy, which would cost but little, would be to
inaugurate a great crusade against carelessness of automobilists at railway grade
crossings. Require them to Stop, Look and Listen. No automobilist who does
that will ever meet with an accident at a railway crossing.
Constructive criticism and suggestions are invited.
President, Illinois Central Railroad Company.
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