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Baleful Fires to
Again Shimmer in
Tabor Diamond
Owner of Jewel Pawned by
Queen Isabella Again Is in
Shoals of Marital Sea
"Villi Third Vife.
Denver, Colo., Jan. 31. Arc bale
ful fires shimmering again in the
heart of the famous Tabor diamond?
Is it due to the evil fate pursuing
the owners of the gem of great
price, said to have been pawned by
Queen Isabella of Spain to help fi
nance the voyage of Columbus that
J. I'itz Brind, wealthy Denver man,
who won the ill-starred jewel in a
suit for the estate of his first wife,
again is in the fhoals of the marital
Third Wife Files.
The superstitious can draw their
own conclusion, for on Saturday
Emma M'. Brind, the third wife of
v,.the reputed millionaire, filed action
for divorce "In the district court
Mrs. Brind, who was Mrs. Emma
H, Stewart, widow of a pioneer Den
ver insurance man, before her pres
ent marital venture, charges Brind
with numerous cruelties.
The Tabor or Isabella diamond'
. was purchased by the first Mrs
Brind from William Barth. Previ
ously il. A. W. Tabor acquired it
and lost hi fortune. He sold it to
Herman Powell, who died' shortly
First Wife Died.
The first Mrs. Brind died Novem
ber 8, 1914. Her will cut her hus
band off with $2,000 and gave the
Tabor diamond and other jewels
worth $75,000 to Denver society
1 Briend contested the will and won
half the estate and the jewels.
Less than six months after his first
. ,
Romeo and
Deea in
Once Upon
rk fll
wife's death Brind married Mist An
toinette Lc Brun, a Chicago artist.
This was on ApriM, 1915.
They separated in August of the
same year and on November 14.
1916, Brind got a divorce on the
ground of desertion.
U. S. Fleet Reaches Callao
On Way to Maneuver Tort
Callao, Peru. Jan. 31. Three
United States destroyer divisions,
under command of Capt. Kenneth
Bennett, arrived here Saturday after
noon, forming the advance guard of
the United States Atlantic fleet,
which will pay a visit to Peruvian
waters. The American ships were
given Sn enthusiastic reception, the
docks being crowded with people,
w ho commented on the splendid im
pression made by the little war ves
sels.' Santa Elena, Ecuador, Jan. 31.
A Chilean fleet, commanded by Ad
miral Gomez Carreno, passed this
port yesterday and exchanged wire
less salutations with government of
ficials here. It went northward to
meet the American Pacific fleet,
which is on its way to Valparaiso.
Radio messages were exchanged by
j the fleets during the day.
j Mistakes Gasoline for
i Kerosene; He May Recover
j Mount Pleasant, la., Jan. 31.
George Marccllat, head dairyman at
' the state hospital for the insane is
I lying at the point of death as a re
j suit of an explosion caused when He
picked up a can of gasoline which
hp thoueht contained kerosene and
attempted to replenish the fire in the
boiler at the dairyHarn. Marcellat
was badly burned about the neck,
head and hands and is notexpected
to live.
New Roumanian Minister
To U. S. Arrives at New York
New York, Jan. 31. The Prince
and Princess jjibesco of Roumania
arrived yesterday en route to Wash
ington, where the prince will be the
new Roumanian minister. Princess
Bibesco is a daughter of former
Jj'gjLAgg"'111--0.1-!?''81- ' -
1 '
NewMctor Records
for February
Though Heifctz and McCormack are abroad, botlrare heard in
new anoVdelightful numbers in this list of Victor music. And here is
Kreisler playing the favorite "Love Nest'' investing it with a new and
exquisite charm. Added to this monthV program are the first records
by Sothern and Marlowe whose dramatic achievements parallel the
musical triumphs of the great singers and instrumentalists who make
Victor Records. Look Wer this list and you will appreciate the wealth
of new music and entertainment presented. Mark the numbers you
would like to hear and have any Victor dealer play them for you.
, . y
A Dream
The Fountain (Jeux dEsu) Fiano
Passepied (From "Le Roi s'imuse") Ariolia
Sij'etais Jardinier (Were I Gard'ner)
Come Ye Disconsolate
Sicilienne and Rigaudoa Violin
Love Nest . Violin v '
Ti an Irish Girl I Love and She's Just Like You
Juliet Balcony Scene Part I
fl .Tnli.t B.lcen Scene-Part II E. H.
Eighth Symphony in F Major Allegretto Schorzandoj Philadelphia Orchestra 74661
Spinning Song (Mendelssohn's "Soots Without Words") Piano Sergei Rachmaninoff 64921
OPrimavei (Sprint Time) Renato Zanell' 64923
Your Eyes ,
Time '
When YouVe Gone I Won't Forget
There's Vacant Chair at Home Sweet Home
Tm a UnesomeUttU Raindrop
For Every Boy Who's on the Level Victor Roberts
Broadway Rose Henry
Mother's Ullafcy
Uncle Josh in a Cafeteria
IJncU Joik and the Hone Bees '
. . RmI You OueKt to Sm Mv Cm
the Fiji Isle '
My Home Town is a One Horse Town (March Song)
Victor Roberts and Harmonizers Qu
Twelfth Street Rag-Fox Trot All Star
Dotty Dimples-'One Step All Star
Tip Top Medley Fox Trot Six Brown Broi
If a Wish Could Make It So Medley Fox Trot Six Brown Broi
If You Could Care Medley Walts Joseph C Smith's Orch
Happy One Step Joseph C Smith's Orch
My Isle of Golden Dreams Walts Blue and White Marimba 1
Let the Rest of the World Go By Walts Frank Ferera-Anthony Fran
Margie-Medley Fox Trot Original Dixieland Jazz 1
Paleateena Fox Trot t Original Dixieland Jazz 1
Juat Snap Your Fingers at Care Darling Medley Fox Trot
. Paul Whiteman and His Orch
Caresses I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop Medley Fox Trot
Any Victor dealer will gladly give you an illustra
ted booklet describing these new Victor Records and
play any music you wish to hear. New Victor Rec
ords on sale at all dealers on the 1st of each month.
Victrolas in great variety from $25 to $1500.
uea. u.s. pat. or?
Victor Talking Machine
Camden, New Jersey
Germany's Value
Is Estimated at
330 Billion Mark
Financial Experts. Declare
Reparation Demands of Al
lies Mean National
tlik-oeo Tribune ruble. C'opjrleht 1MJ.
Berlin, Jan. 31. Germany's value
in gold is 330,000. 000.0(H) marks. The
allies demand 38,000,000,000 ,gold
marks as war indemnity. Accord
ing to -Berlin financial experts this
action means national confiscation.
It is pointed out that Germany has
lost one-seventh of her population
through the Versailles treaty terms
and also, putting France's wealth at
210,000,000.000 gold marks, the
perts declare that should France' ob
tain 55 per cent of the indemnity
this would equal three-fifths of that
nation's national wealth.
Berlin had expected that a sum
running into billions of gold marks
but the amount set by the supreme
council is considered so high as to
be ridiculous.
Official circles have received the
news with little comment, but the'
general opinion is that the amount is
beyond sane discussion and means
that Germany will not pay anything.
The Catholic organ, Germania,
said in an editorial: . .
"Germany will never pay because
she cannot. We have only paper
mon'fy of which the allies demand
2,000,000.000 marks worth."
The Kreutz Zietung declares:
'"The figures are beyond discus
sion. The amount .is higher than
the whole German national property
and all possessions, both personal
and public-."
Experts have counted 113 varieties
of hardwood trees in Jamaica's .500,-
000 acres of forests-
' Number
Enrico Caruso
Alfred Cortot
Mischa Elman
Geraldine Farrar
10 11.23
Mabel Garrison
Jascha Heifetz
Fritz Kreisler
John McCormack
E. H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe
Sothern and Julia Marlowe 74663
Lucy Isabella Marsn
J-45214 10 1.00
1 18705 10 .85
18709 10 .85
18710 10 .85
18711 10 V85
18712 10 .85
18713 10 .85
18714 4 .85
18715' 10 .SS
I 18716 10 .85
18717 10 .85
1 35704 a 1.35
.', ..- '
Lambert Murphy
Peerless Quartet
Charles Harrison
Victor Roberts
and Harmonizers Quartet
Burr and Peerless Quartet
( Sterling Trio
Cal Stewart
Cal Stewart
Billy Murray
This trademark and the trademtrfod
word " Victrota"identify all our products.
Look under the lid I Look on the label I
. Camden, N.J.
Three Firemen Killed
When Wall Collapses
Providcnce, R. I., Jan. 31. Three
firemen were killed and eighteen
seriously injured when a wall cf the
building at 88 Methewson street col
lapsed during a fire early today.
vTwo of the injured arc expected to
The property damage was esti
mated at $150,000.
Trapped on the roof when flames
suddenly severed the front wall, a
compauy of firemen were hurled into
a fiery pit. Their conrades irt 'the
streets were showered with blazing
debris, but they rushed into the ruins
and brerttght out the living and the
The building, of four stories, was
owned by the Lederer Realty com
pany. Guardsmen Held on Murder
Charge Placed on Trial
Hamilton, Ala., Jan. 31. Sergeant
Robert L. Lancaster, one of nine
members of Company M, Alabama
national guard, was to go on trial
late today in connection with the
lynching of William Baird, a miner,
for whose death nine guardsmei.
were indicted. Thd prosecution de
cided to give the men separate trials.
Citizens of Tuscaloosa, the home
cf the guardsmen, who were on duty ,
!ii the miners strike zone, nave
raised a defense fund and employed
counsel for the accused, who are lit
tle more than boys.
Tn...i c j?:.,, i
Of Babe in Untenanted House
San Jose, Jan. 31. A 6-monlh-old
baby found, in an untenanted house
here, was identified today as llarry
E. Smith, jr., whom San Francisco
police said was kidnaped in that
city-January 28. The child's mother,
Mrs. Alice Smith, hurriedly brought
here in an automobile when the boy
was found, made the identification.
No demand for ransom for the child
had been made and the motive for
the affair is a mystery.
This Is the Day of New Prices
Last Year's Prices, Are Discarded
Present wholesale costs
make possible a new level
of rietail prices.
Silks now selling at $3 a yard
are worth just three dollars.
Hosiery selling for a pair
is worth just one dollar.
and so on throughout all lines
of merchandise.
It's a matter or what all
merchandise is jworth to
daynot what it sold for
last year
You Can Depend Upon Thompson-Belden's to Serve You Fairly
New White Goods Prices
Are Attractively Low
jj February is a great month for home sewing
and women will find that prices this year are
pleasingly low. v
fiLongcloth, nainsook, organdie, plain and
1 embroidered voiles, batiste, flaxon, dimity,
pique and poplin at new prices.
Japanese Nainsook
. ' 50c and 65c a yard,
fl White Flaxons
plain weaves,
50c, 75c, 90c a yard.
checked weaves,
50c and 85c a yard.
65c and 75c a yard.
36-inch Piques
$1 and $1.25 a yardi
Irish Poplins
Burton's best quality.
65c for the 27-inch.
$1 for the 36-inch.
A New Cotton
Suiting orSpring
It is called Carolina suiting and
is shown in plain shades of
blue, tan, pink, rose, green,
cream and lavender. (For
street dresses and children's
rompers.) 3G inch, i0c a yard.
Second Floor
Seamless Sheets'
81x90 for $1.69
Made of ' heavy round thread
muslin, free of dressing.
Spring Wear
The Men's Shop
New shirts the first ones
of the season. Good look
ing and very moderately
Neckwear in the styles fa
vored for spring. Four-in-hands
and bats. v .
Interwoven hosiery is now
priced as follows: Mer
cerized lisle hose, 40c;
silks. 75c; heavy silks,
To the Left As You Enter
Brown Oxfords
New for Spring
An attractive walking ox
ford of dark brown vig
kid made over a modified
orthopedic last with me
dium military heels, $11 a
Another dark brown vici
kid oxford has a narrow
receding toe and military
heels. A desirable weight
for early spring weaiy$J2
a pair. s
45c, 55c and 65c a yard
Shadow Striped
Phantom Cloth
for, 75c a yard.
'i Embroidered
White Voiles
Plain and lace weaves
for 75c a yard.
Imported (45-inch)
English Batiste
Two particularly fine
qualities at $1 and $1.50"
a yard.
Tuesday in the Linen Section
New Prices on
1 Marabou
Our scarfs aad capes of
marabou in black and
natural are being offered
Tuesday - for prices that
range from $8.50 to
North Aisle Man Floor
There's Real Pleasure in Seeitfg These
; New Undermuslins
r ar
A legitimate and perma
nent lower level of prices
prevails at Thompson
Belden's. ,
We are connincedthat
- 'N the lowest point has been
reached for this season
A comparison of qualities
and , prices is always of
interest especially today
whenvthere is some con
fusion in the minds of the
. buying public.
Trefousse Sends
Kid Gloves for
Spring Wear
one and two - clasp
gloves of pliant, sleekly
fitting French kid are of-,
fered) in black, white,
gray, navy and beige for
$4 and $5.50.
a slip-on style, may be
had for $6.50 a paiij. v
Pongee Silks
Attractive prices on new
pongees that are clean
and even in texture (33
inches wide) 98c, $1.25,
$1.35 and $1.50 a yard.
. Bloomers
Jersey Bloomers
Are Now $2.39
A fine mercerized Jersey
in flesh color, a very good
quality for $2.39 a pair.
Black Jersey
Bloomers, $1
Black cotton jersey
serviceable quality.
of a
Second Floor
Chiefly because they are so very fresh and new
and dainty and furthermore because the prices
so surprisingly low. Ask
day. -
Real Hand Embroidery on Gowns
That Are 'Priced from 90c to $2.25
A white batiste gown with rows of blue
shining in froat and blue hemstitched
neckline and sleeves has a spray of pink
and blue French knots across the front.
A flesh batiste gown has a brief yoke em
broidered with large pink dots. Hem
stitching defines the very low V neck,
short sleeve and" high waistline. This
gown is $2.
Bloomers are 90c,
$1.25 and $1.35
Of flesh colored - or
white batiste and cot
ton crepe.
A Cotton Crepe Gown
in pink of a very pret
ty coral tint is sprigged
with rosebuds and
shirred and hem
stitched in blue, $2.35.
Clearances of
Wool Hosiery
Women's wool heather
mixtures will be sold
Tuesday for $1.50 a pair.
Boys' wool half hose with
fancy roll tops, Tuesday,
$1.5Q a pair. -
Lower Prices
on Sateen
and Percaline
Fast color sateen a full
yard wide. The most de-: ,
sirable weight for quilts,
comforters, p e 1 1 i c oats,
bloomers and linings, 75c
anH 85c a yard.
The very best Percaline,
thirty-six inches wide, 85c
a yard.
35c a yard foe black
sateen (36-inch), a good
quality for' children's
Lining; Section Main Floor,
Face Powders
for $1.25 a box
La Trefle a,nd Azureaface t
powder will be sold Tues-'
day for $1.25 a box.
Center Aisle Main Floor
to see them lues-
Gaily Striped
Billie Burkes
Pink or blue striped
cotton crepe pajamas,
shirred at the waist, in
a charming one-piece
style are $2.75 a pair.
Muslin Underwear
- Second Floor
ri u iiiiifi f n ijj mm ij imtiimrnr? 11,1 3