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Mr. and Mrs. George Crowe an
, rounce the marriage of their daugh
i tor. Pearl and Clarence T.
Aicauy, son ti .Mr. ana Mrs. James
Moany, which took place Tuesday
inorniMg at M. Bridgets church.
Kev. Father O'Callahan officiated
The attendants were Miss Catherine
Crawford and Jean Smith. Mrs.
James Meany satiR and Miss, Flor
et) Tarks played the wedding
inarch. The couple will sflend a
month in Cuha. Upon their retitttt
ro Omaha they will reside at
South 24th street.
Book Plate Exhibit
from one to 200 people a dav
arc enjoying the book plate exhibit
ot tne rine Arts society at the pub
lie library. Many of the visitors
:rc inspired to secure book plates
for thentselves as a result of a visit
to tins showing of COO infresting
The exhibit is .open to the puWic
without charge.
Mcmocrs ot Maple Leaf chapter.
Order of the Eastern Star, will be
entertained by the men of t' c '.hap-
ter on iatur.lay evening, at Masonic
temple. A playlet, "The Leagtc of
Rations, will be Riven.
To Entertain at Concert.
Among the parties which will be
tfiven for the. Tuesday Musical con
cert Thursday evening, Fcbtunry 3,
at the Braiiileis by the- pianist,
Sergei Rachmaninoff, is that of Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Morton. Their
Kuests will include Mrs. Mary
Turner Salter, thj composer, from
Williamstown, Mass.. who is visit
?ng ihem, Mrs. William JCrebs o!
Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. II. Robert
Jobt of Lincoln, and Mr. and Mrs.
C. V. fortort. jr. .
Mrs. Morton heard Rachmaninoff
j ft nurubej of years ago in Boston,
and Mrs. Salter attended three of
'tis concerts in New York City. Of
Afternoon Bridge.
Mrs. ,T. P.. Hall entertained at
bridge Tuesday afternoon at the
Officers CluV at Fort Omaha In
honor of Mrs. A. F. Davis of Gn
, cinnati, who is visitine Major Ad
ti'son Davis at the post. Four tables
were set for -the game. t ;
tn an Orpheum party Wednesday
nfternoon complimentary to Mrs.
Charles Hanley of Chicago, who is
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. P. Byrne
Iiira Mrs". Salter says: "He has a
prodigious technique but l.e im
presses '-the listener ' not oniy with
this 'mj with .his mental and spirit
Wei viewpoint "in1 music. It is diffi
cult to speak of him, he is thor
pughly complete." . " , :
The' membership seat sale opens
Triday. January 28, at 10 a. -m. at
tlic Brandeis box office.
--. i . . . . i
Mrs. vWalter W. Head has re
turned ffom New York City, where
her,. daughter, Veraelle, js spending
the winter. 1
Rebekah Officers Installed.
JTuth Rebekah lodge No. 1 in
stalled the following oflicefs Satur
day evening at Odd Fellows hall,
Fourteenth and Dodge, streets: Mrs.
William Springmeyer, noble grand;
Mrs. Fanny i Moore, vice noble
trand: Mrs. Rose Golden, secretary;.
Irs. W. B. Russum, treasurer; Mrs.
!. T. Jensen, chaplain; Mrs. William;
Vinegand, warden; v Miss Ellen'
Brailey, conductor; Miss Bertha
Meyexs. noble grand right hand sup
port; Mrs. Fred Dakfo,noble grand
loft hand support; Mrs. Charles Nel
son, vice grand right hand support;
Mrs. William Able, vice- grand left
hand support; Mrs. William Lila,
Inside guard; James ' Ames, outside
guard, airs. May Smith will serve
sr-past noble grand during the com
ing year. - -
Chautauqua Notes. :
Beta chapter, League . of the
Round Table, elected the following
tinkers at a meeting Saturday after
noon at the home of Mrs. H. F.
Curtis: Mrs. Av D. Cloyd, presi
dent; Mrs. E. Benedict, vice presi
dent; Miss Ellen Wallace, secretary
and treasurer. It was decided to
limit the' membership to 10.-'
The next m'ecting will be held
Saturday. February 12, at the home
of Mrs. Fred Elliott, jr.,- 5107 Web
ster street. ' " :
-W. R. C. Notes.
The George Crook Woman's Re
lief , corps presented .. the, following
program Friday afternoon at the
honib of Mrs. Martha Boauet: Man-
doliii and piano numbers, Mrs. Clif
ford barren, mandolin; Airs. Kutn
. Seg. piano; vocal solos, "Mrs. John
Defnostcr of the U. S. Grant corps;
L piano solo, Mrs. C. A. Tennant;
; " Calendar.
Tj Salle Club Wednesday. 7:30 p. m..
Chamber of Commerce,) parlor A.
fonms Chib-Wnlnesday. '2 p. m.. with
JJrs. Boy Hart. 3026 Lincoln boulevard.
P-B. O. Sisterhood, Chapter B. K.
Wednesday, 1 p. m., with Mrs. ;Otl Al
Vlspti. 2210 Fowler avenue. t
Kojul O. . C. Clob Wednesday eve
eini;. Social Settlement house, supper,
Araraatlo art and gymnasium.
lrture on Modern History Wednesday,
4 b. m.. Durhceae college and convent of
Sacred Heart. Thirty-sixth and Burt
Frances WUIurd W. C. T. V. WedneH
tl:ty, 2 p. tn., with Mrs. J. H. Craddacl;,
IT1S Hawthorne avenue.
Omaha Woman's Club, Music Department
k Wednesday, 3 p. tn.. Y. W. C. A. audi
torium. Chorus rehearsal, followed, by
: business meeting. 1 ,
The Mothers CIu,b Wednesday,- 1
'clock luncheon with Mrs. C. ff. Cox.
'2& Chicago street. Mrs. Q. E. Michel,
. assistant hostess. ',:
: Woman's Faculty Club, Nebranlca I'trf
" Ventltir- Collexa of Medicine Wednesday
aiternoon wiiu mim. a ovutkon, t.
Davenport street.
f Girls' Community Service League
Wednesday, 6:20 p. m., Wamm club sup
per. Open house S to 10 p. m. Mass
to eS. w.Pc mi: wed' ,:M ' and watery , faca pale or pimply.
5i. m., with Mrs. O. w. Ahiquist, sv.-v n you re seueimi; neon, uu
radlth avenue. Kducatlonal meeting. I Hotline a vovotlhia tnnln nhnillrl hft
,,hlct. "Jail and Prison Work." I - .XT. " .C. L v -
- X C. A. Domesti. Eduction Depart- "Ken- n U8 .V" fSTj
aent Wednesday, 1:30 p. m., with Mrs. cleaning, an old-fasnloned nerbal
8antord Hudson, ilia southThirty-third remedy that was used by everybody
Street, a Kenwnsufcu iiva weim ."
. will be held.
To Bq Wed Shrove
Sperlul Itispalch.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 25. Miss
Helen Adelaide Ruff, daughter of
Mr. and 'Mrs. William C. Ruff of
St. Paul, has chosen Tuesday even
ing, February 8, as the date of her
marriage to Arthur Scribner,Oma
ha. The Rev. Edward M. Cross,
rector of the Church of St. John the
Evangelist, will perform the service
at 8:30 o'clock in the chancel of the
church. Mrs. L. L. May, jr., will
be her sister's matron of honor and
Clifford Calkins of Omaha will be
the best man.
4 .
Former Nebraskan
Writes Book of
The many friends 6f Miss Sarka
15. Hrbkova in Nebraska are always
glad to hear of her successes. She
is remembered by many as professor
of Slavonic languages at the Univer
sity of Nebraska, and by others, as
chairman of the woman's committee
for the State Council of Defense in
which capacity ' she rendered con
spicuous service during the war.
Miss Hrbkova, is now in New
York City' where she has charge ot
the Czeclio-Slovakian bureau of the
Red Cross. Her sj'mpathv tor this
work is-indicated somewhat in a
book prepared by her and published
by the Dufheld company.
"Czechos-Slovak Stories" is the
name of the book! which is a trans
lation of 12 stories from the best
Czech and Slovak writers of the
prewnt generation. A comprehen
sive introduction by Miss Jirbktjva
precedes the delightful stories which
disclose the real feelings of a real
people in highly entertaining form.
A rich and beautiful literature is
thus opened up through these stories
by a former Nebraskan. ,
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
W. A. Sells is Spending several
days in Chicago.
T7rtf Vintifrst-
Mrs. Tohn O'ffrien will entertain Tt Wayand. MP.??e ,s spending a
snort lime in unicago.
Mrs. Ed Higgins of Plattecenters
is visiting at the C. M. Gruenther
liopie. , . - '
f . .
Mr. and Mrs. H. H, Baldrige
sailed from San Francisco for Hon
olulu, January 19, as planned.
I Mrs. M. M.. Levings has gone to
Des Moires, la., to visit Mrs. David
Edward for a few days.
Mrs. Alfred Darlow will spend
Wednesday at Herman. Neb., with
her daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Bnrdie.
V Mr. and s.Mrs. Frank 'Vreis and
Mrs. Ernest Stute have gone to Cal
iforniajfor the remainder of the win
ter. . '
1 Mrs. George A. Dewell o; Sioux
City, ' la., is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Irwin" F, Harrison of Hunter
Mrs. William D. McIIugh has re
turned from Buffalo, N. Y., wbo-e
she spe'nt a month visiting In::
mother, Mrs. J. E. Goodrich
Mrs. Wagtar Thomas is f-nendiiiff
two weeks in Omaha aj her own
home. Shfi will shortly . return to
the Magee farm, near Bennington.
' '.IS"'
"Miss Margaret Wattes, who is at
ending the University of Nebraska
at Lincoln, will return to . Omaha
Thursday, to spend the mid-year va
cation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. W: Wattles. ' " -
Baptist Missionary Meeting. ,
The Woman's Baptist missionary
quarterly meeting; will be. held' Fri
day at the . Eromanuai : Baptist
church. Morning-session opens at
10:30 with devotionals and business
meeting. . Luncheon will be served
at noon. At 2 p. m. Rev. Theodore
I-jansen, D. D., will speak on "Social
Hygiene." . . ,
k ,
. Any woman wearing a dress which
exposes her chest and arms, or who
has a short skirt or transparent
stockings, will be refused admission
to any church in the dioscse of Gau
dix in Madrid, Spain.
i aivi;kt
! Rheumatism
For Your Blood
You are- Just as
strong and healthy
as jr our blood. It ia
likewise true that
your are as young as
. your arteries.
, Vigor and health
come with good
blood. With
out good
red blood
one has a
weak ha&rt
and poor nerves.- It
may show in ner
vousness or in that
wealt tired feeling.
: If your blood is
What Does Lillian Underwood
Suspect. 1
"Well" little Mrs. Dufkee greeted
us at the top of her veranda steps
with a trifle of belligerency left in
her manner. "What did you find?"
"Fifteen men on a dead man's
chest!" Lillian chanted. "Hut the
bottle of rum. alas! They-nuist have
swallowed it."
"Was there really a dead man?"
My neighbor's pinkhess of cheek
faded perceptibly. I think Ljllian
had forgotten her propensity for
seizing upon one word of a sentence
and interpreting the rest to confirm
Iser own fantastm fears. -.- -
"Of course not. goose!" she re
torted promptly. "And I don't think
you're very hospitable. We're' chilled
through and you stand here prating
of dead men. Won't you ler us in
your warm house, kind lady?"
"Oh, my goodness gracious!" Her
Fluff iness exclaimed, all 'a-flutter
with remorse. "To think of me for
getting like this! Come- into the
house this minute. I've got th? kettle
already orK" and we'll have a hot cup
of tea in a minute. -
"But it's all your fault, Lillian
Underwood, talking that n",nsen;e
about dead men's chests. I j think
Stevenson was in big business when
'be wrote that line, anyway. I never
did approve of letting children read
all that bloodthirsty stuff. Now,
are jyou sure you've had lunch? You
said you had. but I never know
when you're t'ibbing, you two. And
I have plenty of eggs, and pold
meat, and potatoes to Warm, and
some of my own preserves" and jam
It won't take me but two shakes of
a lamb's tail to get a good ht meal
A Laughing Thrust
She was whisking off toward the
kitchen when Lillian caught her by
.the shoulders.
"We rose from one of .' Betty's
lunches five minutes before starting,
out here," she said emphatically. "If
you think we can eat aything hearty
in this short time you're insulting
my cook. But a cup of your tea and
some of your own preserves, 'ah-h 1'
as Betty says that's something
else again! Lead us to it I And I'm
sorry I teased you. Brt.we have a
most thrilling story to tell you as'
soon as that tea is trickling com
fortably down our throats."
"Go ino the library," Mrs Dur
kee directed capably, "and take off
your. things. It is more comfortable
in there, and, you know, there's a
lavatory just across the hall if yo
want to wash up a bit., .You look as
if vou needed to."
She laughed delightealy at her
own malicious little thrust, and hur
ried out of the room, .calling over
her shoulder to Marion:
','Come sweetheart' and help
Auntie Durkee serve tea." i t
"Oh, I'd love to!" Marion car
olled in delight. And with a part
ing hug for her mother, to whose
sleeve she had-clung ever since
greeting her, she dashed down the
hall after- Mrs. Durkee.
x ' Lillian's Subterfuge, n
"I think I.v would 'better lend a
hand, also." Edith Fairfax said se
dately. "You'll ind everything you
need in the lavatory."
Lillian closed the library door
after us as soon as we had reached
its shelter.
"Remember," she said in a low
voice, "there is no other possible
theory than vandal boys hunting for
money and trinkets they happened
to fancy, such
I looked at her . steadily.
"You mean," I said slowly, "that
you do not wish either Mrs. Dur
kee's mind or Edith's fancy to wan
der in the direction of any other
solution of the mystery?"
"Exactly, You see. Edith ad
vanced that theory of the marauders
being boys, not professional thieves,
while I commented only with the
word -vperhaps.' I am now going
tov yield to Edith's superior judg
ment." She smiled quietly as sne rapidly
removed her outside wraps, and the
smile was still on her lips "as she
went across the hall to the lava
tory. I saw that lier keen insight
had grasped the Virginia girl's rath
er exalted value of her own judg
ment, and that she meant to play
upon the trait.
As in my turn I laved my hands
and face and straightened my some-'
what dishevelled hair, I could not
help wondering what theory of the
robbery thgiigh it could hardly be
called that Lillian had evolved.
That she had a distinct theory, and
that it was by no means the one
she meant to accept at Mrs. Dur
kee's tea table, I was sure. I had
a glimmering idea, also, of the di
rection in whith her mind was
traveling, but it was so far-fetched
a notion, that it was o hard to
persuade niy3fH that I must be mis
taken. Fortunately for my peace of
mind, however, two things stood
out clearly in my mental survey of
the situation. Lillian v was, in ber
own crisp phraseology, "strictly on
the job,", and I had nothing to do
save K follow whatever lead she
might give me. 4
(Continued Tomorrow,
Activities of Women
Cleveland, O., is one of the greatest
clubwomen cities jn the west, hav
ing more than 35,000 members.
Miss M. Young is the champion
hammer thrower of England, hav
ing thrown an eight-pound hammer
a distance of 36 feet 7 inches.
For every 1,000 men between trie
ages of 18 and-45 years there are
in France 1,2.10 -women, in ErTgland
l.ini Italy 1,228, in Getmany 1,810
and m Austria-Hungary 1,230.
The former Princess Troubctzki,
who was forced to flee from Russia
after (her property and estates were
confiscated, is now living in London,
where-she is making a scant living
by modeling rag dolls.
Miss Ella Pratt. 22. of Walla
Walla, Wash., a senior at Cornell
university, has been ordained a min
ister by the Davenport district of the
Upper Iowa Methodist Episcopal
Dear Bob :
1 "
San Francisco, California
Tliis morning the sun just Detuned into our
rooms at Hotel Wliltooiub. "A day for the
lieaeli," everyone wild, so wo, went. There we
miw tlio ijoa, a small Norwegian vessel lu
which Capt. Amundsen mudo bis fainouK
Xorthwest Passage. How caged up lie must
hnvo felt in Mich small quarters. Compared
to the beautiful and sjponuuodlous rooifcs at
Hotel WhiU'onib, tho Cjoa's are like a drop In
a bucket of water. .
Rates at HoleIvWhiN
comb from $2.00. 400
Outside rooms. Writs
for folder containing
map of city.
u Hotel Whitcomb
Civic Center
,SAN FRArjrisrn
If Yon Haven't Tried Bejrt Most
in You'll Marvel at Its Speedy Action
i ; -
Ob, what quick relief! The sharp,
agonizing pains of rheumatism relicred
in a few minutes (cone in an -hour.
No wonder rheumatic Batterer sweat
by it and use it freely.
And now that yon have in your boms
a yellow box full of this quickest pain
killer on earth, bear tn mind that It
jrivea just as quick results when yon
have a sore throat, or a cold in the
chest, or lumbago, neuralgia or sore,
aching feet.
Just rub it on; that's all yon have to
do, and you'll find that toothache, ear
ache, headache or backache won't linger
with you long.
Just think a 30c "box la equal to BO
Mistering mustard plasters, but Begy'a
Mustarine cm not blister even the ten
dereet akin the yellow box id and 0
cents. , (-
i or sale Uy 6 Sherman & McConhell
drug stores. .-.
Best Home Treatment v
for All Hairy Growths
(The Modern Beauty.)
Every woman should have a small
package of delatone handy for its
timely use will keep the skin free
from beauty-marring hairy growths.
To, remove hair or fuz? from arms
or neck make a thick paste ; with
some of the powdered delatone and
water. Apply to hairy surface and
after two' or three minutes rttb off,
wash the skin md it will be free
from hair or blemishv To avoid dis
appointment,' be sure yrj'u get real
Make Your Own
Gray Hair Remedy
League of
Women Voters
50 years ago is still safe and sane
Mrs. A. 1 Dixon, a well-known
Brooklyn trained nurse, made the
following statement regarding gray
hair: streaked, faded or gray hair
nipnhnl or .can- be quickly turned blaoL brown
nareotic. It is made up of Blo6d rooV pr light-brown, by the use of the
Oregon Grape root. Queen's root,' following remedy that you can make
Stone root,. Cherry Bark, without al7 at(,Qnlel:
cohol, and made-Into both Mould , M"e'y a box of Orlex pow
and tablets. This blood tonic was, at a?y AuR store. It costs very
first put out by Dr. Pierce In ready-.. ".c nu " fVV i oay' .,ssoivc
'ited to ittend the to-use form as W Pierce's Golden il j.n 2 .?fiistU1f-d4or i"ai.n wat"
ir l. nil? : Medical Discovery. If druggists do a"d ?omb ' thr?uKh the hair. Full
uiutum uiccii .R. w " " i via frann f Ma in taMt tnmm aanji i;a cirecnons ior mixing ana use ana a
January 28, 2 p. m., council ciiam Tr,Ma. H, T,,a,n box. One box will
blood mo"lht
W ri, i,,n ' m Mrs. I vr. fierces inyaiias" tiotei, JBunaio.
The public is invii
annual meeting
come m each
last you for
CbarW'j: Hubbard, president. A ;n"J"XZZ fT - "Jt is safe, it does not. rut off,' is
iton-poflticat .interest in citisenshiu ldera. med cal consultation free. nostickv or' 1Tlnlv. aluI , ' . 'tlie
.i ... . i i itroT rwn mimnn nnrr pr nr i ir . - " " :
is. me purpose ot tiie-ieaguc wtnci. '. ; .7"" . ".V " I.air, tlutty. Jt will make a
look twenty
ze s
- .i r-, ,
Mother Goose Card
Get a loaf of the highest quality Bread science can produce, and 1
with it an illustrated rhyme interesting to the children. :
7 .... , ,
Cash, Markets
at 4903 South 24th St., 212 North 16th St., 2408 .Cuming St.
" " aaBaaa1 BaaaaMBtBlBlBlBlBlBtaiBW saV a pjaBBBasjataaMsal atBBVBBsBajBaBBBBBBSJalBBBBBMMBa
. -
- , 'Choice Choice Choice Sugar Cured
IRib Pork Pork Loin V Breakfast
Boiling Loin Roast. , Bacon,
Beef x Chops or whole ; or whole-.
8c 20c " 18c 25c
- II I
Fresh Leaf Choice Beef Pot 4 A
Lard. ....... . . . .14C Roast. . . . . : . ..,., . IOC
' .
Choice Pot Boiling Beef. . . .8c
Choice Beef Pot Roast. ... 10c
Choice Round Steak . . .
Fresh Beef Hearts.
Fresh Beef Liver
Fresh, Cut Hamburger.'.
Choice Chuck Roast.
. .10c
. .16c
. 12c
Sugar Cured Strip Bacon . . 18c
Sugar Cured Back Bacon . .18c
Sugar. Cured Brisket Bacon 20c
Sugar Cured Picnic Hams.' 17c
Sugar Cured Regular
Hams .-. ........ . .21c
Cudahy's Puritan Bacon.. .42c
Morris Supreme Bacon. . 42c
Fancy Forequarters .... .120
Fancy Hindquarters ... . ,20c
Fancy Lamb Chops. . . . . . .20c
Best CreameryHButter 47c
1 r
Choice Pork Loin Roast. . . 18c
Choice Boston Butts ...... 18c
Fresh Spare .Ribs 15c
Fresh Leaf Lard . . 14c
Srnall Lean Pork Shoulders 16c
Fresh Sfde Pork. . . . : . 22c
Fresh leck Ribs, 4 lbs. . . . . 25c
Fresh Pig, Liver. ........ .5c
Fresh Pig Ears. 5 lbs. ..... 25c
Fresh Pig Snouts 11c
Little Pig Hearts lb. . . ; . . 10c
3 lbs. . . .25c
New. Sauer Kraut .' . . . y. . , . 6c
Fresh Cut Sausage. . . . .17c
Choice Veal Stew. . . 12c
Choice Veal' Roast; . . . . . 15c
Choice Veal Chops. ..... .20c
Choice Veal Legs. ...... .2c
Choice Veal Loins. . f 21c
SwiftVSnowflake Butterine,
5-lb. tub $1.40
Express and Mail Orders Filled From This List
l wo mvs
Wednesday Thursday
Big Blanket Sale
Offering our entire stock of
Blankets at such price reduc
tionsgiving you values that
you .cannot afford to pass up.
We suggest Lay in a good
supply NOW!
Read this list of Bargains
then come and see the Blankets.
$ 4.00 Blankets...... ..7:.t95 -
$ 6.50 Blankets. ... , H. ,.$2.96'
$ 8.50 Blankets. .'. . . . : V. . .".$3.95
A A tt Tl 1 I A AC
$10.00 Blankets. . . ., . !. ., . . $4.95
$11.50 Blankets ! .... . .$5.45
$12 00 Blankets. .-. . . . . ... . .$5.95
$ 6.00
$ 7.00
$ 7.50
$ 8.00
Coniforts. ...... .... .$2.45
Comforts... ......... $3.45
Comforts..........!. $3.75
Comforts .$3.95
Comforts.. $6.45
Comforts. . . . .... . . $8.95
Comforts.. .. .... .. . . $9.95
$2.00 Value, each. ..... ... . . .$1.39
$1.75 Value, each 89
Drapery Department Specials
for Wednesday and Thursday
MiIit Window Shades
Two lojs of misfit window shades, made of hest liand
painted shade cloth, odd sizes ; bring your measurements. ,
, Price 50 and 75- -each.
Curtain Specials
White Voile Curtains with double drawn-work herder,
front and bottom with ediringto match. Two and one-half
.. yards long; former value! $4.50 per pair , '
-y .
Sale price $1.95 per pair.
Plain hem-stitehed Marquisette Curtail, 2y2 yards Ion p.
Kcru and cream colorformer values $4.00 pair
, Sale price $1.85 per pair.
Plain hem-stitched Voile Curtains, 2 yards long. Ecru
and white; former values $8.00 per pair
Sale price $1.,65 per pair.
( Cretonne Special
One lot of Cretonnes in lengths of 10 and l2 yards; also
larger pieces of discontinued patterns. Former prices
ranging from 85c to $1.45 per yard ,
Sale price 49 per yard.
Aluminum Double Boilers Full 2-qt. Sie; $1.25
Carpet SweepeAn II. R. Bowen Co. Special. .... .$1.95
Aluminum Percolators, $1.40
' Black ebonized wood handle; family size.
..- Bowen's Guaranteed Brooms, 33c
Baby Walkers, $2.45 Just the thing to teach th
. baby the' job of walking.
Howard St., Between V5A and 16th
Stop doping your stomach for ClltiClITfl SOQD
cold in head. ' j
almoline balm Imparts
In nostrils. pravtnU. relirves ImUntly. TPI T nP.--.L,
Best you hsvs ever liVd or rstura for IIG GlVCl 1 OUCH
jrour mon.y. At druggists and Jobbers. C Ot.,-. TZmlL XXXMt.
Th. Almo.lln. Co. Pawn City. Nsh. uMiim. Cmwm lUnm&liCT2LJZm
i -