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8 4
Willard Starts ' .
, Search for Place
For His Training
Former Heavyweight Cham
pion Readies New York to
Prepare fer Return of
Match With Denipscy.
,7 -V-
New Vork, Jan. " ,25; Beaming
with smilcj tbt radi'd ilic con
fidence he expressed m his abijity
io "co bask," ' jess jVillard, one
lime heavyweight boxing chanipion,
Vgan search today lor , training
tiuartcrs for his prospective niitfcli
'tirre with Jack Dempsey, on March
17 "
TV Kansan, who novv tips
the scalcsat 240 pounds, arrived in
town last night and had a lengthy
.conference with Tex Ricknrd, the
promoter, lie said he liad been in
light training for several weeks "
In his typical fdrawl, Willard dj
elated his defeat at ' the hands of
Uenipsey was an accident. "I'm 'sat
i.sfied I can beat him. 1 ws. tinfoi4
tnnate at Toled6. . But jioujtnow
setbacks come in the' life, of every,
man. For instance, vou "can't name
a ball player who splays year in an-
year out wunout missing uau
iiow and then. I missejl a high fjy
at' Toledo." s . ; " '',-
Willard indulged in a guffaw that
r.hook.his sides-when he, was askfd
r. if he wanted to hht Pcmpseyn
crdqr to replenish his financial stote.
I -' "l wish I did have 1css,".he saiQ,'
I "maybe 1 wouldn't he botijered so
i'imtch with income 'taxes." I" don't
l", care about the nnrsei all II want is
if a -chance to show the5 public that. F
r am a better tighter than, ,tcmpsey.
; T-.; '.
H; Boston Bravespf 1
f : 19MFanrfePassing
$ " "Rahbitr 'Maranville V fcoing
. Mark! ' Most Recent
'. f ' ? Elimination. V"
r Boston, Jan.' ?5. The passing
t.'rom' these parts of the lasV)W the
' ..'N Boston Braves who' in 1914 made, a
sensational rush , from last to first
; vlace in the National league "race
i and toptyed their feat with, a world
" championship in four straight games
' ' was indicated today.'
' The trade of. ''Rabbit" MarajtviUe
to Pittsburgh marked the most . H
cent elimination of baseball's won
i dcr-men of six seasons ago. The
miracle man, ' George T. StalHiigs.
lias left the club to become part
owner and manager oi the Rochcs-
f ter" Intematiorials. Little Dick'Ru-
dolph, one of the three -pitchers who
j i contributed to the team s '.success,
- has been given the right to negotiate
.U . lor his transfer rlsewhere, probably
! .to he Detroit Tigers. And now,
f Catcher Hank Gowdy said today he
'. i' ha.d' Jieard that he, too, was to be
N trarlftH. " ' .
1 - .Manager Fred MitchelVadm.ittedJ
r there was another trade 'in tine air
to bolster up the Braves against the
' next campaign, but he withheld de-
1,: . tails. ,
... f ' . i .. .
; Brookes and Wood :
V Defeat Yank CupTeam
' U -'( . 'J j . '!'.
f i Svdftey. N. S. W Jan. 25V-ln ten-
, ?? i matches here Monday between:
the American Dayis cup players and
r, local experts Willium M. Johnston in-
jst i: the singles defeated Patrick O'jHara
K i Wood. 6-2, 10-8. while R. W. Heath
won from Wai?on M,J Washburn,
f , 6-2. 6-4. f ' s'-, .-.
ii' In the doubles Norman D.Br6oks
Mi I ' and O'Hara Wood defeated Wm.
'.V (, Tilden and . Tolinston, 6,3, 8- 4-6.
h J and 7-5. -. ;: , .; '
l ?; 'tBuck"1 llerzos GTveii Hi "
Unconditional Release
, Chicago. Jan. 25. Charfcs "Buck"
( Herzog, Veteran intitfder of the-Chicago
Nationals, was today given his
'unconditional- release, In . a lette
to Herzog, rresiocut wunam yeeck
of the club said: " v . '
: "I want you to know that this re-
' !;ase is tjpt the resultOf- atiy known
conduct on youn part that -reflects
' in any manner upon ycur honor or
integrity." The release was said to'
be in line with ManagerEvers' pol
icy of replacing the . veterans' ?with
vounger men. ' ' K
' Zbyszkb and Jack Taylor. ,
Wrestle Three Hotn Draw
tasper, Wyo..: Jim. 25. Tack Tay
lor of WvomiiiK and Staii'slaus
,byszko, wrestled nearly three hours-;
ncre last ntgnt. .oyszuo won tne,
first fall, in 20 minfites. ' The Unen
thciu wrestled for two aSd;-, half
hours more without. a fall -ami the
rcteree called the match p 'draw. A-half-nelson
.and ; cVotch - hold were'
'...used by Zbyszko to wavihc fall.
Sports. ... " -
k ' -... . ... . . , ,,'-
! Vanguard of Browns to Go
r , To Training amp Feb 20
'.. St. Louis. Mo., Jan, 25. Ttle Vari-
3uard of the. St. Lbuis Americans
, will get away "to the training camp at
e training camp at
Bogalusa, La.,' oil- Sunday, Pebru-T
lry A), Business Manager Uumn
nn? unced today. The prty will
inilude 19 pitchers and five catchers
snd will be in charge of Manager
Lee Fohl. The rest of .the team
will leave here the following Snti
ay. . - .--.-V . - ;;;.,, . ,
Eight Entrants Prohahle 1
In Balk Line Tournament
Cleyeland,, O.. Jin. 25.-Therewi11
U be six and possibly eight 'entrants
the national amateur '18.2 balk.
- "line billiard (hantpionship .toucrta
mcnt here the week o Fd)fUary- 7.
Those entered arePefcy .Collins ofn
Chicago, who ilt defend ;ht title.
vv , " - .
McCoys Outpoints Mason
f CJevelahd, Jan. 25. Johriuy Mca
Coy, Cleveland flyweight, decisively'
outpointed Frankie Mason, American
Uyweight champion, in a . 10-rpund
t 'bout Monday ; night; according to
' newsoaoer 'writers. ' i -
.'.Illinois Wins Tlard -.. .
Game From Minnesota
:t Minneapolis,' Jan. 25. iniuQjs de-
feated Minnesota, 23 to 22. in. a west-
x-rn conference, basket tall garhc Fri-
- duvBhc. fv'I'.U;
Chicago Player First
., Of 1921 Holdouts
"ET: li
Mew, K.yLA.
Dick Kerr, st&r Teft-hari'd pitchef
of the, Chicago Ame'ricaij White. Sox,
appears to be the first major leagne
ball player to reject his 1921 playing
contract. A contract calling for $6,
500.was sent to his home in Paris.
Tex. ' He immediately returned' it
stating that he would not sign(unlessii
Canadians Are
X Ater Title Fight
' ' V;."
Montreal Business Men Anx
ious to Stage Dempsey
V Carpeiitier Bout; v
i Montreal. Jan. 25. A move .. to
bring the Dempsey-Carpentier fight
to1 Montreal was' announced today
when C. F. Graham, president of
Eastern Canada. Securities, -Ltd., stat
ed that both he and Frank Good
speed, ,vice president of 'the' com
pany, ',were negotiating 'wkh Tax.
Rickawl.'one of the promoters of the
fight. , -V. , ' -
An ; amount exceeding $700,000
which it is stated Rickard required
to bring the fighters here, is in sight,
it was said. A representative is at
present in New York to' con fer' with
Rickard -in the interest of Canadian
promoters. When he returns a 'syn
dicate will be formed, if the New
York interests are agreeable to the
terms dffered. - '. .
It will be necessary first to obtain
an amendment pUthe Quebec laws
regarding prize fighting. , '
Badgers Beat Michigan.
Madison, Wis., Jan. 25. Wiscon
sin defeated Michigan. 25 to 17. in a
western conference basket ball game
last night. , I
Oklahoma Legislator .
v Would Fiite Players
For .Throwing Games
. Oklahoma City, Okl., Jan. 25.
-A bill making it a misdemeanor
fpr any tase ball player or per
son connected with an. organized
base ball team o "throw a game,
or to cheat". . was introduced in
the Oklahoma . house today. '
Fines ranging from, $100 to
$1,000 and jail sentences ,of 30
days to 120 days for each offense
I are provided.
Three South High
Playmisit Plattsmouth Jail
The Uwn' ecnstable at Platts
mouth. Neb.,, Is' a real "arm of the
law." 'at least-that is what meiijbers
of the South high school basket ball
team believe. '
-The .South' high basket ball team
imimf. vft tn- Pi-it tamnitth Iait Siat-
school quintet of that city. Coach
Tatton's basketeers lost the game by
the- score- of 29 id 30, but that's just
half of the story. ,
?, All was well after tle game. The
Omahans retired to their hotel' untij
train time,' early ins the' morniug.
Hill, Ackerman and Graham occu
pied one room, while Cach Patton
and the remaiil.der of-the squad an
other,.: ' ' v
About midnight the tovn cori
stable' knocked cn the door'of the
room occupied by Hill, Graham ami
ACKerman, according to hih. the
"arm of the law" demanded entrance.
t m;ii . .i, ,i ru.
, ' -,
Nickname the Omaha Base'Ball
Team and Win SeasQii's Pass
' ,.! TJic Omaha Base Ball club has changed owners. Every diamond ,
'fan iii the, city, knows, that, Barney Burcli and Mike'Tinn pur
f chased the club. But Jiere's what we arc -setting at: : 4.
- 'i Owners Burch and Finn want a good nickname for tlje team.;
! . They nave offered.'i season's pass a pastcbdard good for every,
game playei in Omaha to the person who sends in the best nime
ior the club. .,.' ; " - ' ,. -
. Get busy, Omaha base ball fans, select a nickname, for the team
and mail it to the Sports.Editor of The Omaha Daily Bee. Owners
, Burch and Finn will pick the best name and award the season's
'..pass. v"-T. '- ';-, ' " ' ' '" "' , ' ,''."' .:, '
Fill in the following blank and mail it to the Sports Editor ,
Nickname. of club.'
. Contestant's name .
Y v Contest closes March 1.
'eligible to iompcte. '
'-.-"' '
Sent in Your '
' Nicknarne for
Bclse Ball Club?
Owners Burch and Finn Will
i Award Season's Passto- Fan
Sending in BegtjNamc; Con
test Closes March-1.
Omaha Base Ball Fans! Atten
tion! i ' . . ,
Have j'bu srhc'cd a nickname Tor
the Omaha Base BH club5 Jve-"
Wember! The person who sends in
he best name ior tlif team win re
ceive a season's nass-r-one good for
every Western league game played
in the city this coming season.
Get busy, if (you haven't filled in
the blank printed on this page and
mailed it to the Sports Editor of
The Bee. do it. now and if you have,
well, think; of another nickname
and send it in. - "
Ladies are eligible to compete.
Omaha's fair' ones arc capable oi
Selecting good nicknames for play
ers when they make bobbles during
a game. " ,
(The contest started last Sunday,
and according to- the number of
nicknames aljeady rccoicvcJ, Own
ers Barney and Mike. Finn are going
to (have a tough Job selecting the
best. Names arranging authc way
from "Bats' to "Nebraskns"" have
been receiyed. The contest closes
March J. Don't be the last to enter!
Remember, ji season's, pass to the
fan who Bends in the best nickname.
Neyv.Base Ball League to j
v Place Club in Chicago
Chfcago, Jaii. 25. The new Con
tinental base ball league contem
plates invading 'Chicago, it was
learned today when a letter was re
ceived froni ''Secretary George M.
Riley invitinV thc Americau Giants,
n colord professional '''cam to join
the new circuit., ThVlctter stated
that strong " cdlored ' ' teams-hid
joined, the Boston Timers a ..I t!.c
Knoxville Giants and two mnrp ml.
ored teams were Vouglft by the or-,
ganizatjoh. ' .
Adam Krieger Easily
Wins Over Romonoff
Lincom, Jan, 25. (Special Tele
gram.) Adam .Krieger,; Lincoln
welterweight, defeated Billy Romon
off of Omaha here Monday ' iiw two
straight falls that came within an
hour. - . t.. "'.,, " ' ' -'
The local grappler hurled his op
ponent' to the mat ''-immediately after
the referee had .declared the bout
open and. ' ',pinned -Romanoff's
shoulders to tne, mat for a fall, - ,
Krieger obtained., the Second 'fall
in. fifty minutes. vv
Wisconsin Defeats
Michigan Gophers,
'' '. . ', . '" y ' ' i
Madison. Wis.. Tan. 25.-r-Wrisconsin
defeated MichiKan Monday in a. west
ern conference basket ball game, 25j
lO i.
Des Moines College '
i Beats Kansas Aggies
Des Moines, Jan. 25. The Des
Moines .Tigers basket ball team de
feated the- Kansas Aggies in a fast
game here Monday night, 30 to 22.
Pete Herman Returns
New York, Jan. 25. Pete Her
man, former bantamweight boxing
champion, i who defeated 'Jimmy
Wilde in a London -bout on January
13, arrived Monday from - England.
He had little to add to the cable re
ports of his victo'ry.
Chicago Tribune-Omaha Bee Leased Wire.
Chicago, Jan. 2,V forry Herrmnnn re
ceived a hard bat the other day when he
was informed "Bubbles" Hararave,, the
home-run hitting catcher from St. Paul,
had broken a- leg while playing- in Florida.
As it stands Moran will (have to ask
Rariden to help him out, although- Bill
planned to retire this season, i ,
Basket Ball
"copper" entered and soon the three
Packers were on their way to jail.
Efforts of Coach Patton to secure
the release of his players in time to
catch the train to Omaha proved un
successful, and he and. the rest of the
squad left for home while' the three
South high athk-tes' remained in jail.
The hour hand oh the, clock moyed
around to 10 and then .the Oma
hans wre brought, before-the judge.
Orte by' one the" town marshal
searched the "prisoners,', but much
to; their surprise the Only article
he Was able to find on the trio was
a baJket ball whistle.,.. The (Packers
were released with orders o leave
town immediately, according to Hill.
".. The trouble started w;leu a group
of South high followers, 'who occu
pied a room next to Hill Ackerman
and Graham, refused to be quiet and
the result was that the hotel man
agement called upon the constable to
declare peace, j ' ' ,-" J..
Omaha and Council Bluffs fans arc
pniaHa flayer
Held for Selling
Cider That Nips
, Lal',ortV."lni..Jatvf 25. (Special
'J'clegramjv-During the summer
iiionths Sammy Maullin of t'jis city
plays with- the'Omaha base ball club
in the Western league.
But his-winter occup.i)ion, accord
ing to' police iii Mhig-m City.Jnd.,
isr.iiot rearly,. so essential.
For"-amni.v i. in jail in Michigan
City, i '. '. .'
The charge against the Omaha
hall vlacr(i that in tending bar
'n the soft drink emporium of Erie
Hirschihari it Michigan. City he
failed to' confine his tal?nts as a mix7
ologist to the preparation of drinks
contaimg ,less than one-halt of one
per cent of i'lcohol.
Police raided the Hirsrhman place
Mid Muullin was, caught in the net.
Several bottles of hard cider and
Lash's bitters and a number of
gambling machines were gathered
up as fvideiice. '
--Maull'ii's trihl will ccmc ur in a
few days,' probibly before amixet!
jury. '-
Maullin played 'shorlstop and in
the oul field for thfe Omaha club
last summer. He docs not drink
himself. - , '
Martini Agrees to Meet
v Burke at New Orleans
. New Orleans, La., Jan. 25. Of
ficials of the Louisiana Boxing
.commission today received a mei
saee from Jimmy Brcnson, nufu
ger for1 Bob Martin, champion pugi
list of the Anncan cxpeditionary
forces, stating that 'promoter Tex
Rickard had withdrawn his objec
tion to : Martin meeting Martin
Burke here next .Monday night.-
Local promoters of the Martin
Burke fight were advised Smjdty
that Martin had been signed . by
Rickard to meet Bill Breir.ian 'at
Madison Square Garden Fenruary
18, and that Ric,kard objected to
either man fighting before that time,
therefore the local match must be
called off. -
The matter was ' immediately re-'
ierred to the Louisiana lioxing com;
mission and the 'New York Boxing
commission. .. l ', ,, ; ',.
r i ' nil
rranK oenie wi
Succeed Recl Manager
r - -y
Ciuciniiati,' O., .Jan. ' 25' Frank
Behle will succeed the veteran
Frank Bancroft as' business, man
ager of the -' Cincinnati." National
league base ball club, it - was an
nounced Monday. Bancroft will be
retired on a pension after 30 years
service. . ) , , '
40 Omlw Mat Fans Witness
'" ,' CaddockXewis Match
New York, .Jan. 25! Among the
spectators; at the wrestling bout here
last nighjt in which Ed (Strangler)
Lewis successfully defended his ti
tle against: Earl Caddock, were, 40
f-ijjen . and ' women . admirers of the
challenger, who traveled from Oma
ha. Neb., to see him in action.
Caddock tocay 'showed no ill ef
fects as a result pf the gruelling
bout. Old time wrestling- fans de
clared , the match was one of the
most strenuous ever seen in the
east N and . marveled thatj , neither
wrestler suffered Serious. injury.
Texas League Owners;;
"Adopt 154-Game Schedule
Galveston, Tex., Jan. 25. A sched
ule of I54 games which will begin
April 15 and -eijd' September 18, was
adopted by -cAib "owners of the Texas
league. - f. - ;
' Fight Enijs in Draw -.
Phikdelphia, Jan. 24. Kd Wit-'
liaihs of Baltimore, former "bantam
weigh ehanlpion, and Carl Tremaine
of Cleveland, boxed eight rounds to
night to. a draw. , ,, .
v ' Chip to Meet Dftffy
New York, Jan. 25. George Chip,
former middleweight boxing cham
pion andi'Jeff Duff-, of Chicago,
have been matched for a 5-round
bout here' next Saturday. '
Semi-Pro and Amateur
Hebron Acadrni.v, S9; Bchlderp. 30.
llebron. Xb..".tan. 25.' (Special.) Tlio
Hebron Academy defeated Ihe BeWidere
town, basket ball team here by the score
of 29 1o 20. , The Hebron Academy serond
team lost to the local high school squad
by the score of 5 to, 20.
.,;'.' 1 v . '.
7 s To I'lay (ieneva , High.
Hebron. Neb.. --J nil'. 25. (Special.) Xw
Hebron hlBh school basket ball team will
play the Gcnevs-itulhoet. here Friday nichr.
The local team' defeated by Ueshler
high, last neck' by the score of 14 to. 17.
Tim Uesliler irlris sflURd von over the
Hebron team by 1 lie score of Z to 2.
Beave CrossinK, IS; Lincoln Rraervea, 11.
Beaver rrpssl,iEt. Neb.. Jan. 25. (Soe
clal. ) Before a large crowd ol basket ball
fans, the iocal .liiyh school . tiuintet de
feated the Lincoln high reserves by the
score of 18 to '12 At- the end of tha
first half the score was 5 to 5.
Kimball . After. Cinmex.. '
Kimball, Neb..- .Ttn. 25. (Special.)
Kimball high school Is represented this
year on the basket ball floor by the fast
est and strongest team In the history of
the school. Ail fli4e veterans of last year'.
team which tio!i . ihe championship In
class D. hftve returned to school. A. strong
er schedule than test year has Den ar
ranged, and Kimball hopes to land a
Class A in -Iho tournament. The, team's
average l K3 H4: Tvlmball lost 'its first
game to Greeley. . Cplo., last year's state
champions by the effort- vt 31-24. In
Its second game Kimball defeated Alliance,
60-21. Alliance, on Jhe previous night,
defeated Sidney ' - .
Ralph Kichenbirirer. ' three years star
forward and half back An foot ball, has
been elected cniiteln. t'ai'-wer, H u-u'-comcr
from Pennsylvania wllh two ydnrs'
Varsity experience lhas i-inchfd the otMor
forward position. TcbrlnliO the tall center
with- three ears varsity experience Is
going better than vcr. He .cleanly out-jn-mped.
his oppoiiiiL5 in. the three games
Ut1 1 - n.l T ..L' ...A..I .... .-..
for fh past two sessoi. are again in I
n a en ess and havo perfseteil a fine d';
fensive - atyle-i tOKdher. Long and Hale
play IV utlllty-role. ' The' schedule:
!anary Bayatil at Kimball, v
February 4 Sterling at Mlmbalh
February l-12 Tjiramle. AVyo., pandlngi '
. February, 19 Merlingat Sterling, Colo.
February 16-26 Cheyenne, Vt'yo., pending.-
March'!! Alliance at Alliance.
March 4 Bayard at llayard.v
- KlinbaW ts d-irous . of arranging an
eastern trip, with such teams as Lexing
ton. IKearner, Orand T.sland, Columbus,
Vnivcrslty I'laee nnd Healrlc for Feb
ruary 10-11-12 or February 24-10-26.
All communications should be hddress-1
n Rpl.hR. rtlcker. Far. Mgr. and Loach,
Uox .No, ibU Kimball, ,.N
.... .- - j . - . . . -, '-.'.:
South Side
Police Court Nets
8! liOVer Minute
South j Side Magistrate Deals
Out Penalties for 10 Minutes
, Then Shuts. Shop. v
, South Side police court ljPtte i
revenue of $11.50 per minute yester
day. ; '
. Court was in session 10 minutes.
Frank Guencss, 2633 Washington
street, was., fined $100 for illegal
possession of two quarts' of liquor
in his soft drink stand at 41 18. South
Thirteenth street. , '
And Sam Tow! was fined $10 for
being drunk and disorderly. Hevas
arretted on complaint of Mrs. 'Frank
Read, proprietress ,of the rooming
house at Twenty-sixth and L streets.
Cdstsvof the two cases at $250
per brought the total to $1J5 or
$11. 0 per minute. ; r
Larger Production
Of Swine Predicted!
By Columbus'Shipper
VII. II. Shelcton camcjn from Col
umbus ' Tuesday ."with a shipment
of cattle consigned s to the South
Omaha Stock Yards company and
during 'this visit voiced the opinion
that there would be an increased
swine . production in his neighbor
hood next. spring. y "He said nearly
all of the, fanners' in. that section
were breeding' mote sows for
spring farrowing than they have for
several years past.
"Farmery, in my part, of the state
are ' not showing much desire , to
self, their cor'h and are planning
a large. hor production," sair Mr.
Sheldon. "This year cattle feeding
fias been on a much .smaller scale
than last ; year, on account of
financial conditions, but on mv place
we have not cut down on feeding
and arenot sclfing off feeders We
have fcn feed how about 300 head
of cattle and a couple of loads of
hogs for the local market." -y..
Sidewalks. Must Be Kept ,
Clear of Snow, Police Order
Police capjain in charge of 'the
SSuth Side station Issued orders
to all patrolmen-" yesterday to ar
rest all persons failing 'to clean
sidewalks of snow "within a reason
able time of a snowfall. An active
campaign is to be made against
people allowing snow, to remain on
sfUewalks and in cases of vAcant
property 'and vacant lots, the name
of the owner , will be secured ana
if T'sidewalks are not cleaned off.
the owners' will be arrested and
tjrken; before the police court. '
Salessof Purebred Hogs 7
Scheduled This Week
Mies ot pure mm nogs are to
conducted in the mm.ty of OroahaT
Overton, a sale of Durocs tv H. E.
Labart. a sale of Durocs at Lexing
ton bv R. E. Tyler and a sale of
Polands at" Tlbiou by LeRoy .Ball;
Thursday a sale 'of Durocs at Lex
ington by A. C. .French, a sale of
Polands at Plainview bv H. T. Nel
son and a pale of Hampshires at
Fremont by Oscar Pollock. ' ' ,
Held for jLarceriy )
' Charles Owens, alias C. J. Ball,
who gives his home as Tamesetown,
K. Y., was Arrested Monday night bv
South Side "officers on telegraphic
instructions from Sheriff 'R. C. New
man of Bridgeoprt Neb., charging
larceny The sheriff-is (expected to
come for his prisoner todav.
Onl,One Iniporae of ' N
15,000,000 Filed in 1918
Washington, Jan. 25. One return
of income of $5,000,000 was filed in.
1918, according to completed statis
tics of income for that yearssued
by the Ujireau of Internal revenue.
Two returns wefe filed of income
from $4.000;000 to $5,000.000: ; of
income from .UOOO.000 to $4,000,000:
ll,from $2,000,000 to $3,000,000; 16
from. $1,500,000 to $2,000,000; and 35
from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.
Corporations, exclusive of person
al service1 concerns, reporting during
918 numbered '317.579, of which
202.061 reoorted a total net incomw
of $8,361,511,249. which yield income
taxes of $653,198,483 and war nrofHs
?nd excess profits taxes of $2,505.
565,939, a total $3.158,764,422.
Mrs. Rockefeller to Ai.
r European Relief Council
New. York. Jan. 25. The million
dollar gfft of John D. Rockefeller.
j.v to ' the.' European Relief council
was followed bv announcement that
Mrs:V. Rockefeller had" offered her
services to the Y..W. C. A. to raise
funds--fo the same purpose.
Mrs. Rockefeller has accepted the
chairmanship of the-invisible guest
day committee, which will have
charge of serving'the nooudav meal
in Y. y. Ci A. cafeterias on Febru
ary 1. She will be hostess to 50
society women and has asked' busi
ness men to eat their noonday hieaf
on that day in these cafeterias
throughout .the country. ' ,
Philadelphia Bond IssurJ
5 Times Oversubscribed
Philadelphia. Jan. 25. The $5:000.-
000 30-year municipal Jjond issue was
oversubscribed five times yesterday.
The! entire isSue was awarded to a
syndicate of local financial institu
tions. The su:cessful' bid was
102.9199, with accrued interest for the
entire issue, which is dated January
1, 1921, and bears 5 per cent interest.
Ladies' Rubbers 39c
In all Sizes.
Men's Rubbers7, .98)1'
Men's Shoes . . S1.95
; ' .Sizes 11 to '2.
glen's Work Shoes. . .S2.?)5
? Mens Dress Shoes. . .$6.00 '
Valued tip to $.10.00.
314. Worth 16th Street
Radical Element'
Combat Bill of !.
Preniier Giylitti
'Prpposed Legislation Would
Lrive workers a oice
Management , of . ItuhiS'
trial Plants.
I l?omc, Jan, ,25.-Conservative' an-1
i.-adical elements in Italy have vm
ItuaJlv -joined .forces in combatting
Tlho bill prepared for Parliament bv
I'remier Giohtti which would give
.workers a voice in the management
of industrial plants. , Small indus
tries, concerns which have been do-
Wng business less than four years
and factories employing less, than 60
workers, would be exempt from the
provisions of the measure, which
would appear o place in the hands
of working men general supervision
over industrial opcraupns in this,
country. , . ,
' Article III of the bijt provides that
a national, commission would be
elected, this commission to be com
ppscd rf nine members, six elected
by workingmcn and three by engi
neers and clerks. Tlu's commission
would hold office for three years.
The commission would under Arti
cle IV be given authority to appoint
in each factory twq ornore men to
share in the management,' these men
to be eligible to re-election each
three years.
Secret process owicd by employ
ers' would not be plslccd in the hands
of the commission.
Other 'articles of the' bill would
provide that employers would be
represented on the'. commission, but
'would have no vote. The employ
ers would also elect a body Vf nine
members each thietf years tor the
purpose of carrying on dealings with
the.' workmen's commission and pro
vision is made that workmen would
be represented on " the employer'
commission, but would not have vot
ing powers. Boih commissions
would meet at least once a 'year' to
consider improvements. ' .' '
An employment bureau would be
constituted bv the employers and
tljeir men. Disagrements would be
settled by arbitration.
Authorities Fear Fresh
v Riots in North Carolina
AVarrenton, N. J..'jan- 25.-Efforts
to aoDrehend members of the mob
which, last night broke into ja,i re
moved two negroes after an armed
clash with' Whites, and shot them
to death, were set aside today in the
anxiety' of authorities tq 'forestall
a recurrence of. violence. '
Seven ot the nine- neirroes left ui
the jail were hurried to Raleigh for
safekeeping and five additional ar
rests were made.. These, prisoners
also were rushed to Raleigh Four
Other, hegroes wanted have escaped.
The Warrenton home guard or
dered out by Governor Morrison,
last night; Wasunder arms all .day.
Middle Eastern States '
' PI a it Myotility in rnfirnw
, London. 'Jan. 25.-A dispatch to
Ld Ti (mm Constanti-
nople dated Saturday says arrange
ments nave hecn compietea ,ior a
conference at Moscow in February' 6f
representatives o the middle east
ern states, including Turkey, Armen
ia and Persia, to settle boundary dis
putes. The newspaper delegates from
Moslem states have just ended a con
ference at Sivas under, communist
auspices, held to form a solid pan
Islamic union. .- .
'. j i '
Burns' 162d Anniversary
To Be Observed -in Atlanta
Atlanta. Ga., Jan. 25. The 162d'i
birth anniversary of KObejts Jstirns,
the Scottish poet, will be velebrated
tonight by the Atlanta Burns club
jointly with its own 25th anniversary
in the only replica in America of the
home 6f the famous poet. . ,'
If s!he rvanls to get matxied,
, That's her business; ,
if he wants, to get married.
That's his business;
If they want, to furnish a
.That's' BOW EN'S
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Bowen's Lower Price
Sale,' the opportunity is
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Bowen's in the purchase
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Your New Home.
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International and '
U. S. Labor Federation
To End Differences
Amsierd.ini,N Jan. 25. Efforts to
bring about a reconciliation between,
the American Federation of I-abir
and the lnteintitioital Federation of
Labor, were decided upon' at a
meeting of the directorate of the
f international boilv here vesterdav.
Among the.dclegates present were
Leon sjouhaux of France, M. Mcr
tens of Belgium Jan, Oudegcst of
-.,,acau' -', '""".ott ' u,e
! V td.ates. ' : . .
? ' " -sccnis to us. . said Mr.- Fun-
Uo.lland aud 'hdo , hmimeh . of the
men, "that the break between the
body headed by .Samuel Gompers
and the- International Federation
was largely due to a misunderstand
ing. . Some time in the near?' future
wc plan cither to asl an American
1 committee to come to Amsterdam
and conter with us. or to' send
committee to Amcrjca."
German Crtrps lnadcquutc
To Meet Needs During 1921
Ucflin, Jan. 2S.-Gcrmany will he
obliged tb inmort 3,000,(X)0 tons of
grain to meet home needs in 1921,
according to an official reply to a
question put by the Italian dclcr-a-tion
in. Brussels concerning the conn
try's requirements from abroad, The
government admits the appraisal Sub
mitted at the ,Spa conference will
prove inadequate, owing to. the fail
ure of last year's crops. .
Fodttev amounting to 1,500,000 tons
will also ibe required.' ip addition
to the wheat, while 1,000,000 tons
of raw products for the manufacture
ot oleomargarine-ismothcr item.
. . i ... i
Frisco Architect Helcl
; On Charge of Treason
San ' Francisco, fan. 2S.--Oscar
von Windshagen, an architect, ar
rested today will be charged" with
treason, according to federal offi
cials. Von Windshagen,-a natural
ized citizen of the Unittd States it
'vas said, served in ' the Austrian
army during the war. lie is de
clared to Have come to this country
from Austria in 1907, and was
naturalized in San Francisco. In
1915 he obtained a passport to visit
his mother in Austria, it .was said,
and joined the Austrian army, re
maning a soldier until June, 1919.
Von Windshagen recently re
turned to this country aud filed on
a homestead it northern California.
Fire at New Haveii Causes
Damage Totaling Million
-New Haven, Conn., Jan. 25. Fire
which destroyed the - building ( of
Mendel and Freedman, a department
store xn Chapel street, and spread,
to several adjoining structures' early
today did "damage estimated at
$1,000.000... Firemen, controlled the
situation after : three .hotirs hard
work in zero temperature.
Conviction of Iowa Man
- Stands, Snpreme Court Says
Washington, Jan. 25. The su-,
preme court 'dismissed the appeal of
Louis 1 Nagel, convicted in Iowa
on perjury charges- for testimony ,
in a trial growing out of violations
of .the , War., department's "zone
order," about military camps. 1
Give Your Furnace
',: ;., A Treat
Buy Your
' This Winter From the
uPdike lumber
Phone Walnut 0300
loaf of bra
malier i time
on it-Today there
on the market
Insist fhatvoM
seeour trade
mark-It son
4 m v
eyery genuine
Also Makers of
Illinois Coal
From New Baden Same as Old Time Trenton.
.A pood Low Price Coal
Lots of Heat Rescreened at Yards
r I A-J II. Fhone Tyier 3424
I reopies uuai w ,212 so. 17 st
K00(M)()O Loss
Caused by Fire
In Geonria Town
Three (lily Blocks Completely
Destroyed by Marly Morn
ing Conflagration Blaze
In New Haven, Conn.
Athens, Ga.. Jan. 25. Damage e-,
tiiiiatcd at ft.OOO.OHO was caused here',
early today by lire of undetermined
origin in the business .section ol
Athens. Three oily blocks wort
practically destroyed within three
hours after the fire started, lint car
lv this morning it appeared that fire
men had succeeded in controlling
the flames, unless there was an unex
pected change., in the wind or an ?J
nnustioii af the water supply. Kite
apparatus from Atlanta joined will;
olunteers in combatting the flames.
Explosions of gasoline diumis in f
the Max Josepli building, tbejowee'
lloor of which 'was occupied by the
Denny Motor company, scattered
the ilamcs before the' firemen could
gain control and the fire spread down
the east side of Wall street south to
liroad, virtually .destroying every
building along the strct aud alsc
burned three stores on Broad street.
The flames leaped across th
street to the five story building oc
cupied by the wholesale anil retaii
drygoods ''concern of Michiae!
Brothers which was destroyed. . The
fire continued to spread more than
three hours after it started. It was
said the block on lii;oad known as
the "Duprce block" would be a to
tal loss, A drugstore at Jatksor
and Clayton streets, caught fire soon
afterwards and spectators believed
the flames anight vswecp through
another block here. 1
Anti-Amusement Measure
Introduced iiv Missouri
I Jefferson City. Mo., Jan. 25. A
bill to prohibit Sunday card playing,
ilicatos, mov5cs and circuses, with
a line of not more than $50 for vio
littions, wajs introduced in the Mis
souri house today. -
Ahother bill would make it unlaw
ful for anyone to appear in juiblic
performances orjti moving pictures
wearing the military unifrom unless
the, wearer is or has been, a mem
ber of the army, navy or marine"
corps. A fine wi'h a maximum of
$i,000 is provided.
( From Chicago 1 1.-4S p. m.
From Chicago 9:05 p. m.
From St, Louis 9:15 p. m.
' via -
Drawing Room Sleepers, Coaches
Observation Cars and
Dining Cars '
For information, recAation, etc, apply
P. W. Morrow, N. W. P. A.
F. M. Ditto. T. P. A.
418 Railway Exrh. Bldg.
Kansaa CUy, Mo.
- y
Large Lump $11.50 i
Nut Size S1 1 .00 1