Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 26, 1921, Page 7, Image 7

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vsr 111
Henshaw Hotel
property Sold to
Harley Conant
Management to Change Hands
ebruary lNcw Owner to
Refurnish and Redc-
orate Property.
The Hotel Henshaw has been pur
chased from George Bctros present
owj'er and manager, by thevConant
Htel company, which operates the
Hfitcls Sanford and Conaat. '
, Jlanagemcnt of the Heshaw will
keninder the supervision of- Haxlcy
47diiant,v president of the purchasing
company, beginning February-t. Mr.
Cowant plans to begin remodeling,
ti'fXmiibhing and redecorating his
icwr property immediately,
lie estimates the cost of purchas
ing -tfie leasehold rights from Mr,
Pctros and cost of. improvements
will total more than ; $50,000. The
hotel building is the property of the
Efidick estate.
" Joseph Kcenan, former manager
of the hotel, will return in the same
opacity. , s
Although negotiations . are trot
complete it is understood the large
Henshaw cafe-the scene of many
happy supper dances will become a
calf teria, under "the new manage
ment and will be conducted by
"Louis Beatty. .
, 'Mr. Petros, retiring manager, afci
qnired a lease on IhV Henshaw a
little jnore than a year ago. His
leaje was for but two -years. The
Cottant Hotel company has procured
an ' extension of'the lease from the
Kedick interests for fiva years.
:f V lil I"V1 WV IV -
., . m . w. a m a m w,m . m m
J Ife ., .1 nil
- .a rAt Our Branch
Our .veryfirst Highest Bid" s&le held yesterday afternoon, was far beyond
.expectations. It proves the people want and appreciaterwhat we are giving
them the rarest
. Among the can buy at your own price at our "Highest Bid" sale we
mention chests pf: sterling silver, all platinum watches, in ultra-thiri models for
men or women," diamond pieces, clocks, wrist watches, tea sets, cuff buttons of
any one 01 ine nunarea 01 nems we. carry in uiu- siure.
Select anything Tou want'out of our
the individual; arid buy it at your own price, ,
That you and the uf and of our. customer may be acommodated by Saturday
night we will add
W ill Have ' Three
10:30 a. m. and 230 and 7:30 p. m.
9 ' ' it--
The bargains are bigger than the' store. That is why three sales a day are nee- J
W .1 , V- i. - ... - - V -y . .
' ill . "
Sale ' Conducted by the Nationally Known Col.
Jimmy Cosgrove
; Goes Back to Jail
Jnmr. Cosgrove is KOing back. tOJ
jail. .v
Jimmy, who has been arrested so
many time? Omaha police ruve lost
count, is. on his way' back to the
Iowa tfate reformatory at AnamosaJ
iie was frurrcndrrccl to Mterut
Groneweg of Council Bluffs by Wal
lace Benjamin, histondsman." '
The "bondsman surrendered Jnnir:y
because he snspectW the Omaha
youth of violating provisions of his
j.-Irole. ' 4'
Omaha police "never have been
able to-tyaltr Jimmy behind troh bars
more-than a few hours at a time.
Iowa 'authorities, however plan to
keep him at Anamosa three years.
Brief Vity News
To Add rew Graduate -Chancellor
Samut'l Avery or the University
of Nebraska will address 75 midyear
KiKh ache! graduates nesft Fridpy
evening in tie auditorium of Central
High school. v. .
jMee I'arty Toiilgln The Omaha
Beo and the Updike Grain Co., will
be, hont to their employes and
friends at a dancing- party and en
tertainment pi the Empress Rustic
Garden this evening.
Clob Meets Tonight The North
Side club will hold its next regular
meeting at the , Miller Park club
house at 8. this evening. All north
Hide residents ' are. invited. Im
portant matters will be taken up.
One Hundred IJqoor Cas&i-J. H.
'Hanley federal, prohibition enforce
ment officer for the state, announced
yesterday "that the federal grand
jury which wilconverte here Feb
ruary 2 will have 100 liquor cases
from his department.'
Heuring on Contract District
Judge Leslie will hear-on Thursday
a suit brought by Samuel Newman
to prevent tha county board from
awarding xne Jensen paint shop a
of bargains from our
an extra sale..
connect in the sum ofJ,00 tor
work, at the court houses
I'uckers Jta Know The packing
plant will participate tn the "On
ward Omaha" show which will be
held by the Birfgess-Nash company
Jn the main floor of their stre Feb
ruary 1.- The large Wscult com
panies alio will be represented.
' atlroprnrrtW lun joined District
Judge Sears Issued a temporary in
junction yesterday against Kthl
Thrs3I Maltby. prohibiting her from
engaging in practice as a chlroprac
fWF. Tne action was brought by
Albert C. JJunber, assistant state at
torney general.
In Aecrlver's - Hands S. "W.
Mercer, vice president of the Na
tional Association of Advertisers, has
.been appointed receiver ror.tna -M.
F. Bhafer company, SewnteeBtn ana
Webster streets. A date for the
hearing f the bankruptcy proceed
ings has not been fixed.
Reunion To Be Hrld-vArrange-ments
have -4een made to hold a
reunion of all the old members of
ContCsnv C Sixth Nebraska volufi-
leer infantry, Capt Frank Whipper-
Pape's" CoTd Compound"
Don't Uy stulled-upl Quit blow
ing and snuffling! A dose of Tape's
Cold Compound" taken evry two
hours "until three doses are taken
usually breaks' up a cold and ends
all grippe misery. - . v
The first dose opens clogged-up
nostrils and airvpassages of -lead;
Buy the Jew e
You Wanted
Your Own Price
By Attending Our
tl : " T" H
irv cssiiie
own stock; only.
entire stock, whether it
Wednesday We
Sales Daily
BEE: OMAH, WfcprsasiMi, -jamjaki re,
: x
man's company. In Memorial hall
j on the fourth floor of the court
house, Friday evening at .
Wants Divorce Jtobert W. Holts
states in a divorce petition filed yes
terday, that his wife. Gertrude,
threatened to shoot himlwo mOBths
after they were married-Auguut 23,
i:0. The husband iIm alleges his
ife compelled him to spend Urge
sums of money for luxuries.
Shooter Freed Thomas W. Knox.
Laramie, li'yo- was released in
Central police court yesterday morn
ing, when George Hollander, clerk
of the Chatham hotel, declined to
prosecute on a shooting charge, i
Knox is said to have engaged in a
little target practice last Saturday ',
night a the Chatham. '
Telegram , Causes Arrest Ray- I
mond T. Kteinsroud, 69, was sur
"prised to learn in Justice Bunce's
court yesterdayat a hastily writ
ten telegram which he had thrown
away led to Ms arrest. He was ap
prehended in the company of Mrs. ,
Etnej u. jiocKwen,- io. vi
Kritj', Mo. "E1
'o Salary Increase- The revised
is Quickest Relief Known
tops nose running; relreves head
ache, dullness, feverishness, sneez
ing. v'
'-Tape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known -and
costs only a fewvcents at-drog stores.
It acts without assistance. Tastes
nice. Contains jio quinine. Iasist up
on rapes.
Can Now
is for the home or
J. M. Potts
city charter which was taken to
Lancolu - by city commissioners
makes no changes in the existing
provisions an'ecting the jay of
policemen ad Cjataen. ft is 'pro
posed to open the field -of paving
bids U admit natural or lakeVsphalt
which has been, excluded for eight
years.- ., .
TnwkJnc Kugiinc A complaint
of Mr. M. Kirschner. S46S Jiaml
; . ' - "v.-.....,. . '. ' ' - - " ' - :J '-.
III .11 HI! II livi 11 II II M lllU "Mil II ll T 1 111111 M vJ I Jl i II
! Valentines Day Will Soon be Here and f
Nov is the Time to Select Your
Valentines and FayQrs
. youVemember last year bow "ut out" you weye 'when just
a couple of dayi before Valentine day you tried to et some,
and of course tb assortment was not" whit it was earlier. Don't
wait this year, make your selection now, from clever wrelties
in cupidt, hearts, arrows and raWntiaes.
Hostesses who are preparing jvr
Valentine parlies rvill find a
complete assortment of favors.
Two Specials
Table Damask '
" 95c-Yd. . '
Hfavy weigbl bleached table damask, ,a quality that
will give good service and retain its beautiful atin finish..
66 inches wide, at 95e a yard. .v '
y; N Napkins f
22c Each, $2,19 Doz.
Bleached damask napkins. Sizes 21x21 ihebet. Of ex
cellent quality in four handsome designs. These will re
tain their satin finish after laundering. 22c aach or $2.19
doaen. ' "
Now Is the time to Select
Beautiful FURS
at Price
Fur Cpats .v Coatees and Capes
Muffs ; .Scarfs andStolqs ,.: -
The service and satisfaction you receive from furs
make 'you feel like it is money well spemand es
pecially right now, it" should seem so, when you can
purchase first quality furs at one-half the - regular
Spfing, Brings
Mercrerized sewing cotton, white and colors, spool, 5c (
Elastic web sanitary belts, special I9y-
Taffeta seam bindirfg, assorted colors, bolt, 30c,
English hair pins, 5 boxes for. 10c. ,
Cord shopping bags, each, 19c . . .
Dupleafety. pins, card, 10c ' ,
Black stayed curved edge-dress belting, yard, 15c
Sharp pins, S00 in package, 3 pkgs., 10c ' '
Hickory waists for children, 85c and 49c
White elastic H inch 9nly, 4 yards for 10c
.. i Moia
street, against one; her roomers,
led the police to urtoovcr three com
plete stills. ' receptacles containing
liquors and quantities of materials
alleged to "havaauted in the process
of home distillations. The police are
now on the trftck of .the fugitive
roomer. -
Daraace Suit OnTrial of a dam
age suit brought I'eter Jaoob
sen against the Omaha and Council
the Need of I
in Every. Hoytie
Floor - .,
Any Number jf Garments
t in' This Lot of '
Union Suits
at $1.55 Suit
Sold for two or three
4 times the price now quot-
ed. Cottons, lisles and
mercerized JJnion Suits in
pmk and white regula
tions or bodice tops, cuff
or umbrella' knea and
aome ankle length are in
cluded at this price. All
sizes at $1.55 a suit.
Blnfr Street Railway company, for
1100,000 on account uf the death of
his sister-in-law. Anna Tnuline
Jensen, was started yesterday tie
fore tftsu-ict Jmlgv" Leslie. Sis
Jensen was a the Edward
Mosewater school.
Hold InNtallation Frank Cargil
lutton,' SSd. sovereign grand in,
spector general in Nebraska, pre
sided Monday night at the installa
There Are Only Five
Left in January
;Womens and Misses?
..New Spnrig:5uits
Tfie new spring "suits,
exhibit some veiy delight-. (
ful inspirations of the-
f fashion designer, ful- f
filling sthe- longing forv
'sometiihg really useful.'
i ' - . . ' , '
Eton and box coats
, have appeared 'artistically
trimmed with brd and
deft touches of 'hand em-
. broidery, skirts with large
satin girdles :tailor mad
suits with string belts, all -are
-very new and de-
, sirable' for springy Sashes
are, very much in vogue.
The commended ' mater
ials are tricotine, Pofret
i win ana ricotme. ' i
- Second
Women's Knickerbockers
85c, 2 for $1.50 .
- ' - 1 , s r . ..v. " . " '
Women's; pink and white super' .weight cotton and fine
lisle knickerbockers, in knee lerifeth. Reinforced where the
wear comes. Many in the lot are the Kayser marvel-fit. All
sizes, both regular and extra sizes, 85c 2 for $1.50.
Lisle Hose
3) for $1.50
Women's lisle Btockings
semi-fashioned rith six
thread toes and heels and 4.
inch garter welt. And wilP
give excellent wear. Special
for Wednesday, " 65c: .3 for
.Men s; Muslin Gowns
N ' ' $L95 V 1 A
.. A large assortment of men's muslin gownft, consisting
of extra good quality muslin, such a Fruit f the Loom,
Hope and Londsdale. All garments cfut full and roomy and
made by such well known Kakers as Steiners k Son and
Ernest Siihond's. fj r "
iSizes range from 15 to 19. Extra sizes, 16 to 19. '
"' Main Floor '.-"'
' ' 1 l"i . 1 1
A Limited Assortment of -
Bath Robes
Cunnlrtg little bath robes of
Eideraown, Corfluroy and Bea
con blankets in nlain or nursery
designs, are priced for quick
.clearance. V "
Winter Ciafs
There are but a few of these
garments leu, but every jona of
them is well made of splendid
quality material in this ' sea
son's styles. Some of the ma
terials are chiffon, velvet,
- cashmere, -corduroy, albatross
and novekv cloths, f
Second Floor
tlon ofy ofilcers of Nttbrarka con
ttorj' No. 1, A. A. S. ll.. at the
sfottitih Rite catfiedral. George .
Vnt asisted. The followttig were
luatiilled: J. It. Cain. Jr.; Paul Levy,
T. W. McCuUough. Earl 1. StlllcH.
C. , E. Cobbey. J. E. luvls,- W. K
nhodes. C. A.. I'atteraon, E, C
Tajge, I. A.' Johnson, Henry "Monskv
VV. E. Stockhum, C. Cv Haynes unii
Z. T. Hedges. '
Embroidery Edges, 3 and
4, in. wide. Extra good val
ues, 5e"fd.
Swiss1 and cambric em
broidery camisole and skirt
flouncing, 18 in. wide, 20c"
varfl . .1
which includes every gar
ment . left . in -children's
.coats, dresses, rompers
and bath robes.
Rompers -:
made of chanibray, madras and
gingham, u-e almost less than
4he cost of the material. Ages
2 to 6 years. j
. ""Children's ! dresses ft silk,
; corduroyand serge arc included
in this lot,V-
. i
v .