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Final Banquets
Of Father and Son
Week Are Held
T. W. McCullougli, J. H. Bev
eriilge, Roy N. Towl and Dr.
Charles Hcrron Among
Speakers. .
Final banquets in the observance
t Father and Son week in Omaha
churches were held last night.
Col. T. VV. McCullough spoke
for lathers at the , dinner ".in the
Westminster Tresbyteriaii -church,
which was held under the ' au
spices of the men's brotherhood.
Charles Griffith and Archie Bailey
spoke for the sons.
A male quartet , sang and there
were community songs. Supt. J.
II. Bevcridge of Omaha schools,
chairman of the father and son com
mittee, spoke 'on "The Right
Father and Son Relationship,"
At the South Side United Presby
terian church, R. J. Robertson was
toastmastcr. Irvin Graham led com
munity singing." Clifford Knight
and Eugene Smith . spoke for the sons
end Royal N. Towl and Dr. Charles
llfrron led for the fathers.
Dr. J. M. Tatton gave the
.principal talk on "The Great Com-,
panionship." An orchertsa and male
quartet furnished music.
This noon the Grade Boys
Bible club of the Y. M. C. A. will
observe the week with special song
service. George Benolken, leader
in student activities at Central High
school, will speak on "Appreciation
Motion pictures of Booth Taking
Ion's "The Gentleman.' F.rom In
diana," will be shpwn at, the special
lll;ciU ui tuv. wjj a v.. - -
X, II. C. A. , s,
Husband of Woman :
Who Went on Fast
To Sue for Divorce
New Treasurer Named
By Presidents Wilson
J ' VS..f'Clf I
Guy F. Allen, who has been ap
pointed by President Wilson to suc
ceed John Burke as treasurer of the
United States. ;-
117 Million Taken
From Aliens in the
U. S. Is Returned
Total Value of Property
Seized During Was Fixed at
$534,000,000, " Exclusive
of German Ships.
Chicago Trllnnw-Omaha Bee I.etl Wire.
Danville, 111.. Jai. 21. Mrs. Sadie
ifi rf F.rnest Harrinir-
ton, who claims she fasted 48 days in
art effort to force her husband' to
embrace her religion and become a
preacher, has so far recovered from
her experience that she has resumed
ner duties arounu me nuusc. no
principal meal, so far as outsiders
can learn, consists of milk and fruit
juices, i '. , .. i ;- : ': '
Her husband is thoroughly out .of
patience with her and intends to sue
lor divorce.
"This is the sixth time since we
wpre married 18 vears azo. that Sadie
'has pulled some sort of a $tunt like
this," he declared, "and I'm tired of
it.'- Sadie and those poor nut who
are hanging around her want me to
sell everything I have and turn the
money over to them so they can
build a church: I have had enough
of this foolishness and she can mix
with these" people to her heart's con
tent. As for me ,1 will go along
a I always have done,' with the
Strmon on the Mount as my religion,
arid that is plenty of religion for any
-., "
Manufacturer" Defends
f Open Shop' Movement
. . .. ' . ..
Chicago, Jan. 21. The open shop
is ;the only true American standard
in' which no' one receives special
privileges and all have an equal
chance, declared S. C. Mason, presi
dent of the National Association of
Manufacturers, before a meeting of
the members of the association. . Mr.
Mason emphasized that the associa
tion had favored the open shop; for
years. .! -
'We must, do all in our power
to quell the spirit of discontent 'that
rests on the country," he said. Con
gress can do much by removing the
government shackles on private
business. We must meet organized,
labor with our organization." -
Mr. Mason advocated the abolish
ment of excess profit tax and said
that the seamenV bill was essentia!.
Allied Experts Complete
I tteporr oh Reparations
Paris, Jan. 21. The allied' experts
oil' reparations haVe completed a re
port which will be presented to the
allied governments interested. (It is
understood that the ' experts recom
mend that the final determination of
the total amount of reparations
Jermanv must pay shall not be post
poned beyond May 1, the date fixed
by the treaty of Versailles. '
It is suggested that meanwhile a
provisional arrangement might be
advisable under which? Gerrfiany
w ould be called on to make a definite
payment of five annual instalments
of 3,000,000,000 .marks gold each,
in money and kind. ,
Heavy Fighting Follows
Meeting of Troops at Fiume
Trieste, Jan. Zftteavy lighting
has been going pn at riume, and
Italian carabineers have entered the
city to restore order.' Some of the
military forces within Fiume have
mutinied and . tfteyt1 togther With
supporters of Professor Zanella. lead
er of the ' Italian, people of the city
an'd some . remaining legionnaires,
have been engaged in the fighting.
The mutinous soldier's and legion
naires have taken over, the barracks.
General Strike Reported,
"Well Under Way in Austria
Loiroon, Jan. 21. A gdneral strike
is beginning in Austria, according to
a dispatch to the London Times
from'Paris. Meetings are being held
at whicl demands, forVtcfiion with
German v are being' made.-:
The disoatch adds thai it is known
the parliamentary opposition has re
fused to take the responsibility of
trying to govern the country under
present circumstances. '
1,200 Unemployed Given
Free Meals by Toledoans
Toledo, O., Jan.-2t.The first free
meals to be served to unemployed
men of Toledo today were taken ad
vantage of by more than 1;200 appli
cants, it was announced at the social
service federation, which is giving out
i. . tickets.
The meals wer iprveA in -niiblie
market place. Tickets also were is
sued for 1,000 pounds of fish and 100
peeks of potatoes for the men to take
to tneir families. .
i Washington," Jan. 21. Approxi
mately $117,000,000 worth of prop
erty tajtep over by the alien prop
erty custodian during the war has
been returned to , American bom
wives of Germans. Austrians and
others it was said today, at the cus
todian's office. ! :
f The returns were-made under-a
recent act of congress which per
mitted women, who before the war,
married subjects of enemy countries
and. citizens of couotries since sep
arated from Austria-Hungary, such
as Czecho-SIovakia, to file , claims
for their property' in this country
seized' by the government under the
tradmg-with-the-enemy "act. ,
.The total value of enemy, prop
erty taken over by the property cs
todian is placed at $5j4,UU0,UW and
this is exclusive of the interned
German - merchant ships seized; in
Ahierican ports. . .
Dealers to Discuss i
Shortage of Houses
' rr 11 :
Chicago Trlbane-Omahk Bee LeMCd IFire.
Chicago, Jan. 21. Representatives
of producers and dealers in more
than 30 different materials, that go
int the construction of homes, will.
meet here tomorrow in an effort to
get at the underlying causes for
the serious housing shortage and
apply a remedy. -
John Henry Kirby' of Houson;
Tex., president of the National
Lumber Manufacturers, will preside
and will deliver an address that is ex
pected to sound the keynote of plans
the various manufacturers have in
mind. For one thing, there is a sug
gestion that building materials' and
supplies should be standardized that
building operations may be resumed.
Caruso's Voice Uninjured '
X; ;v By Recent Operations
NevTVYork, Jan. 21. Enrico
Caruso s voice has not been impaired
by his .illness. He is convalescing
and will be able to leave his' sick
room in a few days.
This statement was made by Mrs.
Caruso, who said I the tenor was
sitting up for the first time since
he underwent operations several
weeks ago. He sang a few notes to
night and his voice was' as strong
as ever, she added, .
Missing Mail Steamship
Reported Safe at Chignik
Seward, Alaska, Jan. , 21. The
mail -steamer Joseph Pulitzer, miss
ing since December IS, is safe at
anchor at Chignik, a cannery town
on' the Alaska peninsula 300 miles
west of Kodiak, according to advices
received here, . the vessel lost its
rodder and put into Chignik without
further mishap, the message stated.
Belgium to Sign Contract for J
$30,000,000 Loan in U. S.
' London, Jan. 21. A Brussels dis
patch to the Times says it has been
learned from an official, source that
the Belgian government on. Friday
will sign a contract with J. P. Mor
gan & Co. for a loan of $30,000,000.
Building Trades .
Of Chicago Not to
Accept Wage Cut
Statement Say3 Living Costs
Have Increased 93 Per Cent,
While Wages Have Been
Raised But 70 Per Cent.,
Chicago, Jan. 21. In'a statement
made public today byvthe Chicago
building trades council, reasons are
set forth why the 32 affiliated unions
voted not to accept wage reductions1
within the next three years. It was
decided at a meeting of agents yes
terday to insist on continuation of
the present' scale of $1.25 an hour.
The statement cites government
figures showing the cost of living in
rmaerr. fca !nrreaed 93.3 ner cent
over 1914 and asserts the increase in
building trade wages here in the
same period has been from 66 to 70
per cent. . . . ' .
"A full, honest day s woric snouia
be furnished by Mab'or," , -said the
statement. . "We know there have
been1 abuses , on the part of trades
men who have Jaken advantage of
conditions. The building trades
have agreed that any workman who
does, not do an honest day's work
will be disciplined by his organiza
tion." JV-.--!'f '" ;'"''.- '
Caverns That Rival f s
5 Mammoth Cave Found
Near Lexington, Ky.
Lexington, Ky., Jan. it Reports
say that new" caverns whose pres
ence has never' been suspected, one
of which contained the skeleton' of a
prehistoric liumah' being, have been
found in Great Crystal carern, Hart
county. One discovery -'av a, great
underground cathedraj tnd other
wonders which 'make the new cavern
a rivalof Mammoth ' cave. .
Long (galleries stretch'm every di
rection and in one of. these the skele
ton, was found. .Claude'Collins owns
the farm on which the great cavern-
is locaieu,; :7ic..wis.xiiiutiuguic
place when on pushing $side a boul
der. he saw the great ;cathcdral and
the 'passages.! . '"'''', ' ,
A physician who has studied char
acteristics of the bones' of prchis
.toric peoples declares the skeleton is
undoubtedly that of an aborigine.
The new cavern is. nine itniles from
Mammoth cave.
'"i il II wj '
Former Kaiser to Make
Home in South America
New Yofk Tlm-Chlc)to -titburie Cable,
Rio de Janeiro,. Jan.1" 21. Former
Kaiser William is planning to
make his future home in some quiet
locality in South America, after vis
iting Bra?jl and Argentina,, acearfl
ing to the statement of Otto Fried
nVV, 9 fnmiM srvantat the Amer-
ongen retreat and a. member of the
crew ot me uermaiv srearacr orcui
enhaven, which has just arrived here.
Herr l-riedencn says ne was a
servant at the Hoheniqllern castle
at Amerongen for rour montns an
left because he was no longer able
to view the extreme-privation of his
tormef monarcn. ' ' . '
He declares ths former kaiser
-rvntimiatlv taltcpd nf visitillff South
America, iespecially Brazil, and of
detinitely settling tnere. as soon as
the. former kaiserin is Better.
n she rvants lo, gctmatried.
K That s her business; ;
if he wants to get married.
That's his business;
If tnty ivant to furnish a ,
home, ,
' f 1 ' . ' f" " '
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Bowen's Lower Price
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Man Blinded by His
"Soul Bride" to&t,
$80,000 Insurance
- ' t-
Cbirago Trlbun-Omli Bee I.oaard Wire.
Chicago, Jan. 21. Julius. Jonas,
who was shot and blinded by Pauline
Meglitch of St.. Louis, his "soul
bride," will receive practically all the
$80,000 insurance he was carrying at
the time. '
Attorneys for the Pacific Mutual
Life Insurance company, which car
ried his nine policies, have with
drawn the suit to rescind the policies
and it is said the company has agreed
to pay'very nearly the full amount,
lonas. who was married, has
been living clandestinely with Miss
Meglitch in a nat he provided tor
her. He finally tired' of the ad
venture, became reconciled to his
wife and notified his "soul bride" he
intended to cease the double life. She
induced him to make a final visit to
the flat, and as he 6lept, shot him
through the temples and then killed
herself. .
Japanese Rule
With Harsh Hand
In Vladivostok
Force of 10,000 Troops Sta
tioied in City Impose Will
On Russians Erect
Wireless Plant.
Xtw York Tlmra-rhirair Tribune Cbln,
Ciipj rlglit, 1031.
Honolulu,' Jan. 21. Since the Jap
anese shot up Vladivostok last April,
they have ruled that city with a high
hand. At present ,they have 10,000
troops' stationed there to impose
their will on the Russian inhabitants.
The American consul's ..protest
against the Japanese seizure of the
city resulted in the lowering of
countless Japanese flags which were
then immediately raised over the
main buildings, after Japanese rifles
had spread terror and death among
the Russians.
In addition to trcops the Japanese
have erected a ipowerful wireless
plant in the' main street of the city.
Japanese soldiers, singly or in
squads, ' constantly ' patrol every
While the military keepthe city's
people on' the jump, shrewd citizens
from Nippon are buying up the
choicest property and making other
strategic moves to clinch their hold
on commercial prominence. So
confident are the Japanese that they
will be the permanent possessors of
the city ' that they have adopted
methods which arc almost incredi
ble on the part of a great nation. ,
American business and personal
mail, both outgoing and incoming, is"
censored by the Japanese, who com
pel the' Russian postal officials to
permit them to share a large room
in which the Russians censor mail.
All mail is opened and always de
layed. Frequently the censors do
not even take the trouble to close
the envelopes with stickers. Ameri
sans are compelled to furnish full
translations of, all cable messages. ,
American business concerns are
forced to pay an 18 per cent ad
valorem export tax and also encoun
ter considerable rgd tape in securing
permission 'to transact business' from
the export and- ftnport comtnittee,
Man Robbed of $40
By Armed Holdups
Two Pislols Among Loot Ob
tained by Burglars Who
Enter Home. . :
.. . K. liussell, Twenty-second
and Ames avenue, was held up and
robbed of $40 by two armed high
waymen ; Thursday night near his
home. - ,
Burglars stole two pistols, a
watch and,. $15 from the home of
L, S. Loving, 3515 Decatur streer.
L. Gilpin, Minneapolis, stopping
at the Aetna hotel, reported to the
police he either lost or was robbed
of a draft for ?500.
Frfty thousand cigarcts made up
the loot of thieves who raided the
Holmes & Wildhaber store at 1112
Howard street. ;
Sidney G. Singer, , 502 South
Thirty-fourth street, reported to the
police a prospective tenant to whom
he was showing an apartment stole
his watch. , n
Sermons and religious literature
in a traveling bag belonging to the
Rev. V. W. Wheeler of Hodgcn
ville, Ky., visiting at the home of
Mrs. L. Davis, 25.10 Grant strcot,
were stolen from an 'automobilo
parked at Fourteenth and Dougla
Increase in Lumber
, Prices Is Predicted
. New Haven, Conn., Jan. 21. De
claring that the price of lumber is
not high and that if will go higher
before coming down, l. R, Good
man of Marinette, Wis., chairman
of the economic committee of the
National Lumber Manufacturers' as
sociation, spoke on the timber sup
ply and prices, at the Yale forest
"The price of lumber will be lower
only on short reactions and its trend
in the commodity scale is slowly
upward," he said. "This means a
continuously better utilization of our
forests, a higher appreciation ot
lumber's real value, more judiciou
use and careful preservation of it. It
also means an awakening of the pub
lic interest in forestry."
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