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    Society .
McArdle-Sullivan. '
The maiage of Miss May Agnes
tsnllivan HaiiL'htrr nf Xfrc Sarah A
tuITivan. and Philip McArdle took
place Thursday morning at St.
1'eters church. The crremony was
(allowed by a breakkfast at the Sul
livan home.
Mr. and Mrs. Baldrige Leave.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Baldrige
will leave Omaha Friday evening for
a six-week trip to California and
Honolulu. Members of the Drama
league are expressing regret in the
loss of Mrs. Baldrige as heir publici
ty chairman during this brief period.
She is serving her second year
as chairman of publicity for the
Drama league. Her success in this
capacity has been highly commended
by those interested in the organiza
tion. The Camp Fire gVls, Asso
ciated Charitiesaiid numerous other
local groups have received Mrs.
Baldrige's unstinting' support nnd
are even now anticipating her return
and resumption of responsibility
among them. ' v
Attending House Parties.
Misses Helen Gallagher and Be
nita McCrann, who spent the last
two weeks in Kearney as the guests
oi airs. Niamey jvenar, are new in
Humphrey, where they are visiting
Mrs. Joseph Breen. During their
visit in Kearney they were enter
tained t a series of dinner parties
and a number of dances. They will
return to Omaha the latter part of
. the week.
Dinner Party.
Mr. and. Mrs. George Brandcis en
tertained at a dinner of 12 covers
at their home, followed by a theater
party, Thursday evening. The honor
nesis were airs. Lawrence rteea
of New York, who ts,the'guest of
Mrs. A. V. Kinsler, and Mrs. M. J.
Carney, Mrs. Hugo Brandeis of New
Yorlf who are guests at the Bran
ideis home.
Movies at Yates School
A motion picture, "Little Vom
ien," will be shown in the' auditorium
f ' Henry W. Yates school Friday
evening, 8 o'clock, under the auspices
of the Parent-Teachers' association.
At Dinner Dance.
Mr. and MrssHarry M. Binder
entertained at the Wednesday eve
ning dinner dance at the Prettiest
Mile club. Their guests were
Messrs. 'and Mesdames E. A. Weir,
Smart Gould, L. W. Smetana, J. M.
Lowe and B. I. Reavis.
Silver Wedding Anniversary.
A reception was given in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grau'of
Kennington, on the afternoon of
J.-'tuiary 2, the occasion being their
w5t!i wedding anniversary.
Prettiest Mile Club.
Saturday will be guest day at the
children's matinee dance at the Pret
tiest Mile -club.
A son, Robert, was born January
2 at Fengcr hospital to Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Ashtoiv.'
Mrs. X-.J- Hanishea has returned
liome afVc'f 'spending several 'weeks
in Chicago and Michigan.
frc i Tawrpnr, T?pprt arrlvprl
Thursday from New York to be the
guest otMrs; A. V. Kinsler ; ;
S. W. Hadlcy,' son of' Mrs.' F. B.
Hadley. has entered Kemper Mili
tary school at Boonville, Mo.
Miss Lydia McCague has returned
to her home here after a visit with
Mrs. George Marbles in Evanston,
Miss Marjorie Christie has re
turned from Bruning, Neb., where
she visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Theodore Philippi.
A son, Alfred Steadman, was born
Thursday to Mr.. and Mrs. Alfred R.
Cre'sap. Mrs. Cresap was formerly
Miss Florence Steadman.
A daughter, Virginia, was born
, December 31 to Mr .and Mrs. Frank
Winthrow Smith of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mrs. Smith was formerly Miss Irene
Dyball of this city.-
Misses Angelijie and Mary Cronin
of Platte Center spent Thursday in
Omaha with Mrs. C. M. Gruenther:
They were en route to their home
7rom Memphis, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Canfield of
Council Bluffs announce the birth of
a daughter on December 31 at the
Jcnifie Edmundson hospital. Mrs.
Canfield was formerly Miss Bertha
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Blessing and
son, Michael, of Curt:s, Neb., and
Mr. and Mr. M. J. Higgins and son,
John, of Mayord, Neb., who spent
"the holidays here with Mrs. Michael
Higgins, have returned to their re
flective homes.
' Spots on Carpets
To remove oil or grease spots
from carpets, lay a piece of blotting
p iplr over the spot and' set a flatiron
on top, the iron being just hot
eiiough not to scorch. Change the
paper as often as it becomes greasy.
After most of the oil has been ex
tracted apply whiting; leave it on for
a day or two, then brush off, and the
spot will have disappeared.
Try Musterole. See How
Quickly It Relieves
Y,ou just rub Musterole in briskly, and
Usually the pain is gone a delicious,
sootliingcomfort cornea to takeits place.
Musterole is a dean, white ointment
made with oil of mustard. Use it instead
of mustard plaster. Will not blister.
Many doctors and nurses use Muster
ole and recommend it to their patients.
They will gladly tell yon what relief
it gives from tore throat; bronchitis,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia,
congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lum
bago, pain 8 and aches of the back or
joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the
chest. Always dependable.
35c and 65c jars; hospital size $3.00
What's What
A generation ago every young
man contemplating matrimony was
supposed to learn how to carve, so
that, as mine host, in iater life, with
skill and grace, .he could cut and
administer portions of fish and meat.
Jf he was an accomplished carver he
managed very well, but about four
times in ten, he was more or less
clumsy and slow, and the embar
rassing""" wait during the cutting-up
process had to be screened by
barrage of small ta'k.
So, by degrees, the very much
more sensible Russian service was
adopted; the cut meat brought from
the kitchen smoking; hot on warm
plates, served quickly to each guest
and followed by the prompt passing
of the hot vegetables. In this way
the dinner begins at once, each
course is served swiftly, and there
are fio awkward pauses Young men
who marry and set up housekeeping
in this age know and care little
about carving. The service a la
Russe has saved them infinite
Mrs. John Slaker
To Visit In
v Omaha
Mrs. John Slaker of Hastings,
president of the Nebraska Federation
of Women's Clubs, will arrive in
Omaha Friday to spend the -weekend
with Mrs. L. M. Lord, enroute
to Des Moines, where she will attend
the national conference on parks, to
be held in that city January 10-12.
Mrs. Slaker will return to Omaha
January 13 to remain for several
days. On Friday, January 14, she
will go to Valley to attend a meet
ing of the Valley Woman's club and
she will be the guest of the f apilhon
Woman's club Saturday, the 15th.
Mrs. Slaker will be honor guest
at the open day meeting of the
Omaha Woman's club Monday after
noon,. January 17. Following the
meeting a reception will be held in
her honor. A luncheon will also be
given for her on that day, the details
of which will be announced later.
Mrs. Slaker will spend Friday of
this week in Lincoln. She will speak
in Falls City and Aurora before re
turning to her home.
For Black Goods
Tn freshen atwl clean Tilaclc- clflth
TintVi narrcnf warm vatr?riih
TTvith sponge or dark cloth; clean
with water, tie sure to ruD.wun
the nap.
Twenty-four American girls have
sailed for Belgium, where they will
study the silk industry, in order to
return and take charge of a largi
silk factory now being erected in
Live. Strong, Vigorous
Red Blooded MenTel i of
Over 4,000.000 people annually are orinc It
Nnxated Iron quickly helpi make rich red
blood and rentaiiie wornoot, exhausted
nerve Atalldragriiti in tablet form only.
Bowen's Lower Price
now effective in every
department of this store.
Costs and profits are not
thought of in the new,
price markings for this
sale, giving you bargain
opportunities such as
very seldom present?
Zemo theK Clean, Antiseptic
Liquid, Gives Prompt Relief
There is one safe, dependable treat
ment that relieves itching torture and
that cleanses and soothes the skin.
Ask any druggist for a 35c or $1 Dottle
of Zemo and apply it as directed. Soon
you will find that irritations, pimples,
blackheads, eczema, blotches, ringworm
and similar skin troubles will disappear.
Zemo, the penetrating, .satisfying
liquid, is all that is needed, tor it
Danishes most skin eruptions, manes
(he skin sort, smooth and bealthy.
TbtE. W. flow Co..i3eviaad. a
Needed at Dances
And the Sea Shore
(Aids to Beauty)
Here is a home treatment for re
moving hairs that is quick, painless
and inexpensive: With some pow
dered delatone and water make
enough paste to thickly cover the
objectionable hairs, apply and after
2 or 3 minutes rub off, wash the skin
and it will be left soft,, clear and
hairless. This treatment will not mar
the skin, but to avoid disappoint
ment, be careful to get real delatone.
Mix fresh as wanted.
Feature of Club
MUs Kathcrine Worley, member
of the State Board of Control and
director for the Nebraska Federa
tion of Women's Clubs, addfessed
the York Departmental club on
"Americanization and Civics" Mon
day, January 3.
On January 5 the Wisner' Wom
an's club put on an Americanization
evening to which ,-the general public
was invited. A patriotic drill b,y 16
young women, special music 'and an
address by Miss Worley on "The .
Spirit of Today" were features of the
"The subject of Americanization
is receiving careful study in the
women's clubs of the state this year,
following up the 6plendid start made
last season," says Miss Worley.
"Americanization and the Function
of the Club Woman" was the subject
of discussion -before the Miriatare
Woman's club recently. Mrs, M. D.
McDuffic of Madison conducted a
club session on "Americanization in
the Public Schools," and the Elm
wood Woman's club listened to Mrs.
W. N. McLenon discuss "American
Art and Music as Factors in Amer
icanization." Federated Club Notes.
Mrs. W. L. Morrill cf Sterling,
president of the First district N. F.
V. C, addressed the Adams Wo
man's club at their recent meeting
on "Ideals and Aims of the Federated
Clubs." An art program was con
ducted at this meeting by Mrs. F. W.
McKibben, who is chairman of art
in the Fourth district.
The Valparaiso Woman's club sup
ports a free library, keeping it ooen
Wednesday evenings and Saturday
afternoons during the kxhool year.
An appropriation for a number of
new books was made at a recent
Miss Mabel Johnson of the Penn
sylvania School of Industrial Art,
won the $100 Richard Hickson prize
for her three creations shown at
the school's recent costume exhibit
in Philadelphia.---
"Pape's Cold .Compound"
Breaks any Cold
in Few Hours .
Instant Belief! Don't stay stuffed-
up! Quit blowing and snuffling! A
dose of "Pape's Cold Compound"
taken every two hours until three
doses are taken usually breaks up
any cold.
The very first dose opens clogged
nostrils and the air passages of the
head; stops nose running; relieves
the headache, dullness, feverishness.
"Pape's Cold -Compound" - acts
quick, sure, and costs only a few
cents at drug stores. It acts without
assistance, tastes nice, contains no
quinine Insist upon Pape's!
Blackheads big ones or little ones
soft ones or-hard ones .on any
part of the . body, go quick by a
simple method that just dissolves
them. To do this get about two
ounces of calonite powder frorti yo;
druggist sprinkle a little on a h
wet sponge rub over the blac
heads briskly lor a few seconds
and wash on". You'll wonder where
the blackheads have gone. The
calonite powder and, tho hot water
have just dissolved them. Pinching
and squeezing blackheads only open
the pores of the skin and leave them
open and unsightly and unless the
blackheads are big and soft they
will not come out, while the simple
application of calonite powder and
water dissolves them right out, leav
ing tho skin soft and the pores in
their natural condition. You can get
calonite powder at any drug store
and if you are trouble with these
unsightly blemishes you should cer
tainly' try this simple method.
It's Easy-If You Know Dr,
Edwards' Olive Tablets,
The secret of keeping young is to feel
young to do this you must watch your
fiver and bowels there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark rings
under your eyes pimples a bilious
look in youi face dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent of all sickness comes
from inactive bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed will olive oil to acton
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action yet always effective. They bring
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by toning up the liver and
clearing the system of impurities. .
Dr.Edwards'OliveTabletsare known
hv their olive color. 15c and 30c.
Luxuriant Hair Due
Shampoos with Cuticura Soap pre
ceded by light touches of Cuticura
OintmtfkS much to cleanse the
scalp ofdandruff, allay itching and
irritation, arrest falling hair and pro
mote a hairgrowing condition,
(ul TrwbT fcUil. A-Mnm: "OlUrai, it
rfttorlM.Dapt !&a.M&ldn 4 S.DUis " Solrl f vtry-
m'rr. Moaotltc. uintnwn. fflaraw. iKiruinoc.
Cuticura Soap tharet without mug.
Problems That Perplex1
Answered by
Lovo Versus Snobbery.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am 21' and
In love with a man-of SO. lie Is
very fine but somewhat cruJ In
manner and education. In other
words, although I love him, I would
hesitate having him meet WJ of my
friends, not to say of my Taniily.
Now, Miss Fairfax, do you think I
would be happy if I married h,im?
You'll never bo happy unless you
learn to value true worth. Many a
fine man is criitle n his manners
until some woman takes him in hand.
I've known men of aristocratic fam
ily and splendid training who really
had shocking manners on occasion,
though, of course, they knew' better.
If the man you ' love is fine, be
proud of his character and "make it
your business to correct him gently
by suggestion. Don't put him out of
your life because ho thinks an oyster
fork ought to be used for salad. And
remember that, even if he doesn't
Rnow that he ought to rise when a
woman comes into the room where
he is sitting, he may have deep rev
erence for all that is good and pure
in his "crude" heart.
The Black Sheep.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I would Just
like to ask of you some advice. I
have been the black sheep of our
family for many years. But recently
my father died, and I would like to
reform. But yam cast aside by
every one excepting iny mother. I
have begged my uncles and Cousins
to give me a chance. But received
no reply. H. C. W.
It doesn't matter how many folks
cast ycu aside since tWe one who
counts is standing by. Don't disap
point her.- She would-be the proud
est of mortals if the one she trusts
when all else have lost faith were to
disprove their theory and prove hers.
Your mother believes In you. That's
enough to fight for. Justify her
faith in you. You say you want to
reform. Then go ahead and do it.
Many, a person makes good when
there isn't a soul, in all the. world
who trusts. You- have your little
mother. Don't fail her for now
For Her Whose Gift.
Has Been
, "A Purse of Goulde"
An EnHh f cntleman of the time of Quera EHiAeth
made hi daughter the sift of "a puree of goulde'
that ehe might indulge her childish fanclee. Many
maida of 1920 have received "a purco-of fou'w "'
year, in the form of a check, and to them we extend
a cordial invitation to view our extensive showing of
jewel fancies, gifts at prices you will be pleased to pay.
Established 1882
freely given to
nervous, delieate
women, by Dr,
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. Re
member no alco
hol ingredients
on label in Tab
letorLiquldform. There is but one
thing that holds old age bck,
and that is health. Sickness and
weakness bring old age, wrinklea
and hollow eyes early in life. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
a building-up medicine for women.
It makes them healthy and strong
when they suffer from women's
troubles.' xjt keeps them looking
young by keeping tnem well.
Affords protection against in
fectious diseases. All prudent
persons should avail themselves
of this dependable germicide.
i The Picture i
of Health
The greatest picture is the Art
Gallery of Life is Nature's "Pic
ture of Health." Every woman
wants to be the embodiment of
physical condition which brings
happiness and beauty and wins
general admiration and popularity.
The Oruf ocnwal Tonic
is a wonderful aid
in keeping the im
portant bodily func
tionsstomach, bowels, kidneys in
normal, active condi
tion and th! meant Yifor.
vivacity, beauty.
Thousand! are dally ben-
cntint by thii splendid
laxative tonic, enjoyinc
radiant health, anima
tion and mental and
phyiical itrenfth.
Lyko la prepared by
expert! in aanitary lab
oratories from drug of
reeog-nixad therapeutic
value. It is para
Ask Your Druggist
Lyko cornel In the original packages
only. . Too can eat it at any reliable dro
giet'a. Ask for bottle today.
Seh Manufacturer
Now York . Kansas City
For silo by Beaton Urug Company, 15th 1
and famam Stt., and all retail druf gUU. 1
ADVERTISEMENT. I ;SSmmmmtmmmmmmmmammmmmmmaSSmimmmmimmmmammmmmmmmi
1 1 . i
that your father is gone, what has
she to make life worth while? You
can do it. Go ahead and make good
for your mother's sake and for your
own honor.
Pitch, Tar or Auto Grease.
Te remove pitch, grease and tar
stain soak in turpentine. Scrape off
carefully with a. knife all the loose
surface dirt, sponge clean with tur
pentine. There is nothing better to remove
tar from white clothing than lard.
Rub it well into the spot and then
wash it out with soap and warm
x Do not despair, li machine oil gets
on your dainty fabrics when stitch
ing, but rub the spot gently with a
cloth dipped in turpentine and it
will soon vanish.
Then It's Genuine
Aspirin is trade mark Bayer Manufac
ture Monoaceticicideater of Salicylicicid.
16th at Capitol
Old Man Dollar Here's your luggage good-bye and good luck. I hope you find the
right place. If you need any help, just call for Grandpa. - .
The Youngster Dpn't worry about me I know just where I'm going right now. Every
body will be glad to meet me just watch the papers and see the welcome I get.
Who Is He? That's the Question!
' White Veils.
To clean white veils put the veil
in a solution of pure white soapy
water and allpw. it to simmer for 10
minutes. Drain .carefully and put it
in some waj-m, water, squeeze it two
or three thjles (a rinse it free from
soap, and then pass it through clean
Semi-Annual Sale
' '
water to which ha? been added a
little liquid blue. Four a pint of
boiling water upon a teaspoon of
starch dampened' with coldNwater
and pass the. veil' through it. Clap
it well between the hands, pull out
the ish'ape carefully ; and pin every
point down, keeping the edges all
quite straight.
Women's High and Low
Shoes a Huge Success
It Was Bound to Succeed. The SALE VALUES
Are Irresistible. The SAVINGS So Immense.
WE INTENDED THIS, we started out with
the full intention that this sale sheuld excel any
sale we have ever held, should beat all pre
vious records.
The immense reductions make our sale
prices the lowest we have offered in
years dollai i lower than Spring prices
'can posibly i.
Reputable, reliable shoes from America's fore
most makers in every size and width, both high
and low shoes of all styles at vast savings to
you, and we take every care to properly fit
you. k .
' New Styles Included in This Sale
All dark brown suede lace with welted soles
and military heels. $15.00 CinA
values pllri3
Same style, in all black suede $9.45
AH Sales Final.
1419 Farnam Street
To Wash Calicoes
Dissolve 5 cents' worth of sugar
of lead three to four quarti of
pure water (rain water is best).
AftQf the garments are washed and
rinsed dip them and wring ont; thii
sets the color and keeps it.