Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 29, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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. , Air. and Mrs. K. H. Hoel an-
'hoance the marriage of their daugh
ter. Lucille M. Iloel to liewev A.
lVHoadley of Cambridge, Mass., which
.1... T....-.I
the First Presbyterian church. Rev,
Hart Jenks aud Dr. Faulkner offi
Miss Lois Hoel, sister of the
bride were ' maid of honor and
the bridesmaids were Miss
Frances Harrison of Minneapolis
and Miss Marjorie Harrison of
Waterloo, la. Rollin Baird of Con-
Tad, Neb., served as best man
a." the ushers were Frank Hoel
and Ivan Hedges of Mt. Vernon,
The bride wore a gown of
white satin, with veil of tulje and
carried a shower bouquet of
' bride's roses and lilies of the valley.
' flic maid of honor was gowned
' in orchid tulle and the bridesmaids
wore apricot satin.
' Mr. and Hoadley will make
their home in Cambridge, Mass.
- For Anne Potter.
. Misses Helen and Lucy Garvin en
tertained at a tea at their home Tues
" day afternoon in honor of their
fuesl', Miss Anne Potter of Morrison,
!1. Poinsettias and red roses formed
the decorations. Assistinn the host
esses were Mrs. Theodore Maenncr,
Mrs. Kenneth Snyderi Mfcsses Doro
thy and Marion Weller, Henrietta
egele and Martha Noble.
Achoth Sorority.
Omaha alumnae of Achoth I so
rority were entertained at the home
f Mrs. M. C. Beust, Tuesday after
noon. Active members ho have
returned to Omaha for theyiolidays
, $vere present. Mrs. W. F.' Stone
ipf Lincoln, who is the euest )f
Mrs, Beust,, and Miss Edna Silsbee
at J-incoln, who is visiting Natlier
, ne,. Reynolds, were out-of-town
: guests.
y. ... Alpha Phi.
.nA, Alpha Phi sorority will entertain
at a dancing party Wednesday even-
- jug at the Phi Rho Sigma house for
alumnae and active members of the
, aorority. The out-of-town guests
will include Genevieve Loeb and
u (iencvieve Roberts of Lincoln, Pau
line Starrett .of Centra! TZity and
, , Kathleen Stitt of Grand Island. j
Afternoon Tea.
, Misses Winifred Brandt and Doro
lliy Cavenaugli a tea
' Tuesday afternoon at the M. W.
Cavciiaupfh home., Those assisting
1 were Mrs. Richard Peter?, Misses
Bearn'cc Johnson, Helen Parish,
Martha Smalley, Dorothy Hippie and
'-Altqe Huntington.
-' Miss Fogg to Entertain.
Haltrdra Bestoff of the Pavlowa
""ballot will be a guest at the home
" of Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Fosg while
.-"in Omaha. Miss Adelaide Fogg wilt
"rnt'ertain in his honor at luncheon at
- the Athletic club Thursday; , i
VJch Party. ' '
' MY. and Mrs. H. B.'Bergquist will
entertain at a watch party at their
: lionie New. Year's eve. ,
-f-T-. - 5
Dorothy Belt Makes Debut
the last of the
season's debutantes
is M is s Dorothy
Belt. She made
her "bow" Tuesday
evening at a dinner
dance for 100 guests
given at the
Hotel Fontenelle by
her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. T. Belt.
Holiday decorations
were used.
Mrs. Belt was
gowned in black
net and her flowers
were roses and
The debutante
wore a gown of
white net combined
with iridescent
beads. Her shower
bouquet was of
roses, forget-me-nots
and filics of
the valley.
i I A
Dorothy Belt
What's What
At all homing seasons, and es
pecially during the holidays, a va
riety of ilMoor TMttertainment should
be allowed to the younger members
of the family and to their school and
college friends. Music, hether
classical or jazzical, the chorusing
of college and school songs and the
singing of the popular lyrics of the
day these are all welcome "glees"
in the orchestra of youth. Parlor
games and impromptu dances should
be encouraged. A simple buffet
supper ' of sandwiches, cakes and
cider-cup will present no difficulties
to the hostess-chaperon.
The young people will never for
get these fialcyon days. So long as
they can find the wholesome joy o
life in the haven of home, they will
never be tempted to seek unworthy
pleasures.' '
Copyright, 1920, by Public Ledger Co,
The B'Nai Ami club-will give a
dance Friday, December 31, at the
Hotel Castle.
Special Player Piano Offer
; $485 buys a new 1920 mode.1 player
. piano, regular $700 value. Liberal' terms
Z can be arranged, a little down and a little
each month. Bench ana selection rolls
Bill Passed by
"We Know that it is only ever
lasting industry that ever accom
plished anything," said Mrs. Maud
Wood Park, chairman of the Na
tional League of Women Voters,
when asked if the congressional
workers for the league would take
a vacation during the holiday period.
"The next few days are important
ones for the Sheppard-Towner billj
therefore i our efforts must-be re
doubled rather than abated.
The Sheppard-Towner bill, which
is the first on the legislative pro
gram endorsed -by the league and tor
which representatives are now ac
tively working in Washington, is the
bill which seeks to provide public
protection to maternity and infancy
by enabling the federal government
to co-operate Avitfi the states in dis
seminating information ' concerning
child hygiene and the care of moth
ers in order that the enormous ma
ternal and infant death rate in this
country may be reduced. It has
been endorsed by the Omaha Wom
an's club andtthe Nebraska State
Judson Hughes is home from
Northwestern university.
A son was born Christmas day to
Mr.jnd, Mrs. John B. Jenkins.
George Peterson who attends
school in Chicago spent Christmas
in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Dade Stine spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. George
Su.ress at Lincoln. ,
Miss Maurine Walrath spent the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs, Eugene Walrath, at Osceola,
Mrs. Robert Hawthorne of Des
Moines is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. John B. Long, jr., of Council
Miss Ruth Redlield, a Smith col
lege student, is spending the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
D. Redficldr
Will T. Graham and daughter,
Dorothy, will return Wednesday
from Frceport, 111., where they vis-
Keep Your f
i in such condition that
x you will always know f
what to wear. f
Ready for Any
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our regular patrons.
Because we maintain a
complete service, special
izing in cleaning, press
ing, dyeing, repairing.
"Good Cleaner and Dyers'
1515 Jonei St. Phon. Doug. 0963
So. Side, 4708 So. 24th St. Phone -So.
Guy Liggett
President for 23 Years, g
if. N. B. We pay parcel post charfea T
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N 1 '
1 -
This extraordinary piano offer is made for Wednes
day, Thursday arid Friday only, so if you -wish to take ad
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lire'factory samples nd demonstrating instruments in ma
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Beauty to Cray and Faded Hair
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put the prices so low that
it will be a big induce
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that hall or room, office,
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We are at your service
always to give you esti
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way possible.
Take dry on tongue orj
with hot or cold water. 1 -
frlc, 25-50-75
MADE mr SCOTT Si bownc
If your scalp is irritated, and your
hair dry and falling out in handful s,
try this treatment: Touch spots of
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Ointment and follow with hot
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iteA Mr. Graham's mother, Mrs.
Margaret Graham.y
Mrs. Alice Stockdale spent Tues
dayn Omaha en route to Dorches
ter, Neb., after a holiday visit with
her sister in St. Paul, Minn.
' Frances Foote, w he attends the
University of Nebraska, is spend
ing the holidays with her parents,
Dr. and. Mrs. V. K. Foote.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Cunning
ham and small daughter, Alice Vir
ginia of Auburn, Neb., are spend
ing the holidays with Mr. and Mrs.
Fred B. Grcusel.,
Mrs. C. M. GVuentlier and son,
Lieut. Alfred Gruenther, who is here
frcm Camp Knox, Kentucky, re
turned Tuesday from Platte Center,
Neb., where they visited relatives.
Ralph Upton, son of Colonet and
Mrs. L. S. Upton of Fort Crook, who
is home from Principia school for
the holidays, has as his uest his
schoolmate, Ralph Kingman of San
, - ;f
Among the Nebraska university
students who are home for the holi
days are Isabel Pearsoll, Jean
Hampton, Delmar Eldredge, Francis
Hopper, Ray . Medlin and James
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Do They Mean It?
Dear Miss Fairfax: We are two
girls that are much perplexed aud
would like your best advice. N There
is a very handsome boy who hangs
around as much as possible, whom
we try to avoid, because he is often
very, very vulger, and if we didn't
have better sense we would truly
be in love with him. Please advise
us how we can keep away from him.
B. B. and S. S.
Keep right on using that good
sense which you claim to have.
There is usually a tactful, refined
way of avoiding people whom we
really wish to avoid. I am inclined
to fear that you rather enjoy at
tention from thijs man even thought
you do not approve of him. Make
up your mind that you do not wish
to receive his attentions and the
polite ways of letting him know
your attitude will reveal themselves.
A Mercenary Wooer.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I went out
with a young: man for three months.
During that time he tried to find out
whether I have money. Although I
have $1,600 I did not tell him, and j
thinking I have none he stopped
Ni5v I love him very much. Do
you think It worth while to let him
know, as then ho would come back
to me? I P.
Surely you don't want to have a
man marry you for your money. If
he did not care enough for you to
maintain his lntrest on a basis of
congeniality you can't buy happiness
even If you can "buy" him back.
You wouldn't respect him or your
self if you were to try to got him
back in this way. Maybe he wanted
to borrow your money, not marry
Has Ho Sense of Honor?
Dear Mlsa Fairfax: I, have been
goingi with a young man for a num
ber of years and he is always saying
some of these days we are going to
get married but I always tell him
we have gone long enough to be
married a dozen of times and he tells
me ho'll do his own proposing. Now
pleaso tell me what you think of a
young' man like that. He likes to
play cards and many evenings when
he is to come and call on me, never
ehows up, but thinks I ought to be
satisfied to know he is there instead
of out with women. ANXIOUS.
From the meagre Information you
give me It sounds as though this man
were selfish and cared little about
your feelings.
The young man la under no obli
gation to propose to you, you must
remomber, nor Is ho obliged to spend
every evening with you. However, If
you think he is merely trilling and
does not Intend to marry you, I ad
vise you to break oft your friend
ship with him. The young mii
would keep a date he mado with
you, or let you know. ho could not
come. If he had any sense of honor.
Do you want to marVy a man with
out a sense of honor?
For Flora Marsh.
Mrs. William Marsh entertained at
luncheon at the Athletic club Tues
day for her daughter. Flora, who is
home from Keptplace school in New
Jersey.. Baskets of Ophelia roses
formed the centerpiece and tiny New
Year's cards marked the places.
Covers were placed for Virginia
Lcussler, Irene Simpson, Frances
Patton, Rowena Pixley, Helen Rog
ers, Bcrnice Meieryurgen, Mary
Drake, Marjorie Ribbel, Frances
Liudcrholm, Margaret Eastman, Lois
Thompson, Elizabeth McDonald and
Virginia Barker.
Informal Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Devereux will
entertain informally at dinner at theft
home next Monday evening. Their
guests will be Messrs. and Mes
dames Arthur Lowman. Robert
Gantt, Lloyd Wilson, Roy Walker,
G.. H. Pratt an4 Mr.- G. Cozad of
"The crowds at the open,
ingl of this sale were go
great that it was found aec.
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lira special saje, service to
our patrons most he consid
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telltgently and trust that
those of you who could not
be Sirred at the noon hoar,
wheY vre vrere forced
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Understand our pre
dicaaent we humbly
apologize for it"
3539ktSfj; WM' U HOLZMAN, Trea.
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r Mr
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Magnificent Fur Collar Overcoats
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