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Up'io -
IT Predict Banner
Sport in State
Cornhuskers, Conference and
High School Preparing for
C Busy Season Annual
Tourney in March.'
6askct ball, king of the indoor
S)Krts among the colleges aud uni
versities during the winter months,
will start his rcigu over the realm
of sportdom next month in real
fashion. Frgrn all indications, basket
lall will have a banner season in
l')21, just the same as foot ball and
other branches of sport witnessed
in 1920. - '
With the holiday vacation period
drawing to a close, coaches through
out Nebraska are planning stiff
vorkwuts from their basketeers and
before the new year is many days
old the majority of earns will be
selected to represent their respec
tive schools.- ' ,
! Huskers Play Illinois Jan. 1.
Tne University of Nebraska has
the jump on niost of the state
schools. The Huskers play their
first game New Year's' night. The
Creighton cdach has his squad well
in ' hand audi when school takes up
ext month I the Blue and White
sers will continue practicing for
i first garde of the season sched
uled with Yankton, January 7. v
IJie high schools throughout thg
state are ready to start the cage sea
non, an
d several schools have played
Couimerce, South Hifh,
Central and Creighton Highs wiH
got down to real work next month
and taking high schocl basket ball
in Nebraska as a whole", interesting
, and hard-fought games are predicted
J before the . season , closes, and es
Tccially nCCthe .state tournament in
Lincoln during March.
great season for basket ball
among i the Nebraska conference
.hools is predicted in 1921. With
eleven teams entered in the confer
ence race and each , school repre
sented b experienced players, com
fjotition for the title is expected to
Mic close throughout 'he schedule.
Maroons in Conference. ,
Coach Ernie Adams has- entered
a team in the conference scramble
and no doubt the Maroons will giv
the othr-squads a hard, fight for
the lienors, asthe local quintet .will
be composed of nearly all last year's
cagers. The Omaha fcasl&t, flippers,
plowed though ' the 192Q; season
nit!iit a defeat and as a result of
their clean slats, 'elaim, -the confer
'rnce championship. . . ., . ... 1
The following institutions will
enter teams In the race this winter:
Nebraska Wesleyan university,
Hastings college, Doane college,
Grand jlslan college,' I Wayne , nor-jd-ma!,
Zotnef : "university, Peru nor-
i-- Trial TTnivirifv nf. Omatia f!fUan
college, Kearney normal and Yoik
coiiege. -i
Reports from the different schools
point to a season; of interesting
basket ball. Majority of the insti
' ' tutions have larger squads than last
1 year aud the coaches are confident
of putting out well-balanced ma
( chines 'this witer. The cage sche
' lules of the different schools calls
" or games with members of state
.. conference as weir as contests with
representativ out-of-th-staje teams.
- Creston Wrestlers Out
To Meet All Grapplers
, Creston, la., Dec. 27. (Special. lc
1 Ed Bules, welterweight, and Earl
- V Conrad, bantamweight, wrestlers,
are anxious to melt any grapplers in
the country weighing from 115 to
160 pounds. The wrestlers are man-
aged by W. Conrad, who expects to
tour the state with his proteges next
month meeting alt comers. For
n . matches with .the Creston mat artists
write W. Conrad,s612North Cherry
street Creston, la.
Omaha Church Quintet
v . Defeats Woodbine Legion
,The Grace Lutheran basket ball
team defeated the American Legion
. V, team of Woodbine, la., Saturday
, night on the latter's floor by a score
of 29 to 21. Walker of, the Grace
Lutheran, team matte 17 points. The
feature of the gamewas the guard
ing of Speccard. Hedberg also
played a good game, shooting three
baskets from the center-of the floor
Head of U .S. IIockeLeague
To Probe Rough Tactic Game
Pittsburgh, Dec. 27. William S.
Haddock, president of the United
States Amateur Hockey Jeague, an
nounced today that he will' investi
gate reports of rough and unseemly
playing in the game here last Tues
day evening between the Granites of
' the Ontario Hockey,association arid
the Pittsburgh club Of the Unitefl
States Amateur Hockey league.
'Gillis and Partjuette. '
To Wrestle Wednesday
Storm Lake, la., Dec. 27,KSpe
cil.) Roy Gillis of Sioux City,
wrestling cop, and Eugene Par
quette ot-Des Moines, will meet here
x in a finish match Wednesday night,
"December 29. Both men weigh 175
pounds and are considered among
the best grapplers in tne nawiceye
state, , - -
Dodd's Team Leading
, Race in Volley Ball Loop
Everetil Podd's team went into
' first place in the Business Men's
Noon Volley Ball league at fV Y.
Mi C A., by defeating Charles
' Boice team two straight games, 15-8
and 1511. 'Boicce team Is now tied
lor 'second place with Long team
and Stine's team in fourth.
V MowelIf, IS; North Bend. 1.
,v ' Vorth Bend, Neb.. !?. 57. (Speeint.
' The Howell High liool ba.vkrt ban
team defeated the Nortti Ben a quintet
her By score er z to iw. la a ara;
Oate News dn& GossM-h
He Has Some Stride.1
I . Ok-
lJ: , 2 J
Think of striding a mile in six minutes and 35 Seconds and at each
stride clearing 41 inches. That's just what Joe Pearman",New York A.
C. holder" of three national titles,' did in winning the one-mile national
walking championship raca- Pearman ''finished second, in the 10,000
meters race at the Olympic games,, ajid is holder of tlte one, two and sev- .
en-mile national titles. This picture clearjy illustrates Pearman's'-tre-;
meridous stride and his'perfect walking position. He is one of five men
in the United States at present who can walk.a mile in less than seven..
minutes. . ;
' .' TheCabinut.
Our net President Harding has
opened up'an employment agency,
iorjrcabihethelp. . . .."
He has already fired 11 full cab
liietstefore he has hired 'em. Which
indicates a hasty Ohio disposition.
Even ' Woody V didn't can7 anybody
until he" Ifes been president for- al
most five minutes.. V , , -
The last bird mentioned for War
ren's cabinet is Bill Bryan. ..Very
correct. He ' should"TJe-- the ast
cuckoo mentioned. ,
Charles, E. Hughes.Uhe only gent
with two full sets of whiskers on
one chin, also has been subpoenaed
by gossip for the job. Mr. Hughes
was once the owner of a cabinet
himself for 24 hours. He went to
sleep president, but made the . fatal
mistake of waking up.
There 4re 10 jobs pen in the
cabinut. There is theSecretery of
Foreign Entanglements, Secretary of
Labor Strikes, Cec. of Army Graft
Contracts, -Sec. of Bootlegging, Sec.
of War laxes, the Postmusser-Gen-eral
and a couple of other secre
taries, v,.- ' '
Each vacancy pays 12,000 checks
a year, but thejack is almost chewed
up by the tax on amusements. The
job isn't life imprisonment but 6nly
for the duration of feeble behavior.
Soon as a cabinet member con
tracts symptoms of tljinking in habit
forming quantities, he. is amputated
from his portfolio and- receives a
souvenir postcard with a picture of
Union station on it.
' The Pennsylvania runs very pop
ular three-day excursions to Wash
ington, patronized by school teach
ers in sdmmer and cabinefmem
bers in winter.
He lives to an unripe old ge and
Will Decide Champs t
Of T Hand Ball
The "Y" hand ball committee is
planning an elimination 'singles'
tournament for the afternoon play
ers and also one tor the. evening
players. When the champions ' of
these two divisions have been de
cided, the w1nners""will be matched
to play a series of contests with Ed
Lawler, present champion of the
noon section. Nk
In the finals for the consolation
tourney, Avery defeated Haven two
out of three games, 21-13, 15-21 and
21-10. ,
Ice Hofekey Teams in
Compete Soon
' This winter is going to be the
greatest ever for ice skating ii gen-i
erai ana ice hockey in particular.
, Hockey for the first time is being
governed by a? organization that
is not tied up with speed and fancv'
skating. TBere has been, a lot of con
tention in recent years about the
hockey interests dominating skatT
i$g to the ejtclusion of speed and
fancy skating and vice versa. All
that is now done away, with. The
hockey players now have, their own
association and the speed and fanCy
skaters will have their wants at
tended to by the International Skat
itg Union. "
There are 12 clubs in the asso
ciation- at this time and these clubs
have been placed in three groups as
Group 1 Boston A. A., St. Al-
honsus of Boston, Philadelphia and
XT.,.. V 1.
Group Pittsburgh. Cleveland.
St. Paul and Duluth.- I
Group 3 Houghton, Caltiment.pStevens, New' York university and!
ault bte, Mancand Eleveth. Minn.
dies having achieved every Ameri
can's ambition of- leaving a thumb
print on a high silk hat.
Just when a cabinet member gets
expert enough to be seated com
fortably on the lumpy tail j of his
full dress uniform, he picks up a
flashlight picture of the cabinet and
discovers he ain't in it. ''Then he
knows that he has resigned after
mature deliberation. ,A '
' ,He prepares a newspaper state
ment in which he' states that he is,
sorry to leave the country flat, on its'
national debt, but must resign, be
cause he and the president were un
able' to decide whether a veto was
a habit or a laundry mark.
1 He. goes back home and picks up
the scattered threads of his life,
sells the riparian rights to his book
on four minutes in Washington, and
joins post No. 6745 of Veterans of
The Cabinet. .- '
Association College V
Quintet Cancels Game ,
With Bowen "Bones"!
x . j ' I
The .basket ball game scheduled
between the Bowen Furniture com
pany of the Greater 'imaha league
and the Association 'College quintet
of Chicago at the local "Y" 'for
Thursday evening, has been 5 can
celed, according to N. J. Weston,
physical director of the "Y." .
The Association College team w'as
unable to arrange jtheir, schedu so
as to arrive in Omaha 1 in." time for
Thursday night's contest. Accord
ing to present "conditions at the "Y"
it will be impossible to arrange an
other game with the ChicagoanS.
Wants Out-of-Town Games
"Monty? Montague, manager bf
the Grace Lutheran basket ball quin
tet, wants to arrange out-of-town
games for his basket ball tossers.
For contests with the Church league
team write Montague, 70 . .South
Thirtieth street, Omaha.
Casey to Coach Mount Union.
Alliance, O., Dec 27. Eddie
Casey, captain of the 1919 Harvard
foot ball team, today signed to coach
the "Mount Union 'college foot ball
squad for the next three years. He
coached Mount Urun this season.
Country tq .
for Championship
a schedule 6f ganles, then the win
ning team in each grouo will olav
each other to decide tWe, champion
ship of .the United States. The win-
j"her of the United States 'champion-
snip will play the Canadian cham
pion for the championship of North
America and the winner of this
matct wilL play the winner of the
International championship in Stock
holm, Sweden, for the championship
of the worltf, V
The colleges 'aje nre interested
in hockey this year. Columbia is
back with a team tfter a iap?e of six
years. Rutgers will also, have a
team, a skatinpi pool having been
made on Nielson, Field. Harvard,
Yale and Princeton will have teams
but not in the intercollegiate league.
These teams play with seven men
while the league rules call for six
players. Permsvlvania. Dartmouth.
Cornel! and Fordham will make nh
the league, ; Hamilton- St... Pauls.
West. Point are other eastern insti-
Will Organize V
Association to
overn Boxins
Delegates Appointedby Gov
kernors of 1S( States "' Will
Meet in New York
Next Month.
New York, Dec. 27. Formation
of a national body to govern and
control professional, boxing will e
undertaken here ixt month. Dele
gates appointed by the governors
of 18 states will convene at the
headquarters1 of the International
Sporting club oir January 10, 11 and
12. During thtf three-day confer
ence the foundation for a national
organization will be laid -and rules
and regulations for the standardi
zation of boxing throughout the
United States established.
The qew association,, which will
absorb the army, navy and civilian
board of boxing control, will be
formed by carefully selected and of
ficially, appointed : delegates from
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Massachusetts,' Maryland, New Jer
sey, Connecticut, Colorado, Wis
consin, Montana Minnesota, Ore
gon, West Virginia, Louisiana,
Washington, Florida, Tennessee
and Oklahoma. t
i This group represents almost all
cf the states where boxing is legal
ized. Boxing is permitted, in sev
eral other states under what may
e termed local, option, but those
which will be -represented . by om
cially appointed delegates will be
the ones to take the initial steps in
the formation of the new national
governing body. t K '
A man of national reputation and
an outstanding figure in sport prob
ably will be selected for president
of the body. Tex O'Rourke, pres
ent matchmaker for , the Interna
tional Sporting" club. wil be secre
tary. It is expect the formation
of a national governing body for
boxing will lift the sport to a high
and permanent plane and good fa
vor 'with the newly-elected govern
ors of such states as do not now
have a boxing law or who are in
clined to frown upqn the sport due
to -unsatisfactory conditions which
surround the game at this time.
De Oro Issues Challenge, i
Publicly to Willie Hoppe
New York, ' Dec. ' 27. Alfred De
Oro,' former '' champion at three
cushion, and pocket billiards, has is
sued a public challenge to Willie
Hoppe, the balk line titleholder, to
Kansas City, Mo.r who says
from the. way Tanlac has brought
back her health and strength after
five years' suffering it seems like
it was made especially for her
&se. ' ' . ' "'' , "
"I don't know what I would have
done without Tanlac, for when I be
gan taking this grand medicine I felt
so weak, tired and worn out I -was
hardly able to do my housework and
look after the children. ' I suffered
for five years with the worse kind of
stomach trouble and nervous indiges
tion and only weighed 110 pounds.
"I had to appetite and nothing I
would eat seemed to agree with me.
My-food always seemed to sour on
my stomach, and I suffered nearly
all of -the time with terrible head
aches and severe pains across my
back. Iik fact, I just had to drag
myself around.
"I doctored and doctored and tookl
all kinds of medicine, Tbut iust kept
getting worse oil of the time. Fi
nally I got so bad off I had to
lief, as I could get no rest or sleep
at night. " ,
,"I had seery so many ads in the
papers about Tanlac that I got a bot
tle to try. I hadonly taken a bottle
or two until I could notice tht I was
gaining back my strength. I kept
on taking it and got so I could eat
and digest Anything I wanted to eat.
It not only gave me art appetiterbut
I got so I could sleep good at night
and felt rested and refreshed when
I got up in the morning.
"It looked like Tanlac was made
speciattfor my case. I have gained
twelve pounds in flesh ajid am able
to do all my washing and 6tand it
just fine, and an) in better general
health than I haYe been for five
never intend td be without Tan
lac in the house as long as it is pos
sible to get it, as I consider it the
best medicine I have ever taken." ,
" The above statement was made by
ml Clara Markley, No. 819 S. Sixth
street, Kansas City, Mo., ' a well
known and highly-respected resident
of that city. -
Tanlac is sold in Omaha at all
Shermafci & McConnell Drug Com
pany's stores, - Harvard Pharmacy
and West , End Pharmacy. Also in
South Omaha 'and Benson Phar
macy, Benson; George Siert, Flor
ence, Nef).; Saratoga 'Pharmacy, 24th
and Ames, North Omaha, Neb., and
the lqading druggist in each city and
town throughout the state of Ne
f ' 111
meet him in a three-cushion match.
The Cuban : player announced that
Hoppe can have the privilege of
naming the number of points to be
played and the date for the match.
Dick Burnis Soli
To Columbus Team
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 27,. Dick
Burrus, first baseman recruite'd by
the Philadelphia American league
club from Columbia, S. C.r two years
ago, has been sold outright to the
Columbus club of the American. as
sociation, it was announced today by
Manager Mack. lie added that it
was a straight cash transaction no
tther players figuring in the deal.
Hee Wan Ads Are Best Business
Getrers.'. - .
- ' ' 1 , ' v V 'Di
JOHN A. SWANSON, Pres. JjggJfeJciflfl ' ' !Wl IIOLZMAN, Tku '
:-r-Lm y ; aed ttae
WvSthi ' - r no t a ,
hi- : : Is CDmi . ,
PLEAN HOUSE, Glean House as We have
V never Cleaned House before," Says the "I Wil, Man and
suits the 'action to thefworSs by throwing upon themarket unprecedented stocks, of
the finest ot finlothellt's like old -times toee the enormous crowds, sq ..forget
loss, cot or value, makefthis event the .rnost tonlshing clothing sale in tjie 'lwiir
Man V history." ' ' . ' . ; ;
' -' by' " .
The cream of House of Kuppenneuner, bocaety
Brand, Hickey-Freeman, Fashion Park, Campus
Togs, Langham High and many other famous
quality lines of Suits and Overcoats.
$25.00 Suits
and " Overcoats
v Half Price "
$45.00 Suits
and Overcoats
Half Price
$75.00 Suits
and Overtfoats
f Half Price
r - Special Notice
During this sale the following rules trill
apply i . ,
Not more than two Suits or twOver
coats to one customer. ' '
None sold to dealers. n
Partial payment of one-third will be ,
accepted, and purchase held for-ten days
only. '
Deliveries by regular auo routes only.
" - ' No Special Deliveries,
j No Exceptions to These Roles.
, MAN'S-
U. S. Tennis Team
Name for Cup Play
Tilden and Johnston' Selected
" as Davis Trophy
New York Tlmew-Chlcago Tribune! Cable.
Copyright, l".i. .
Auckland, N.- Z. Dec. . 27. The
Davis cup American and -Australasian
tennis doubles teams have been
selected. For ' America William
Tildsa, II, of Philadelph:a and
William M. Johnston of California
were chosen and for- Australasia,
Norman E. Brookes of Australia,
Are Attending America's Original
Of Greater
, v j t
. Men's and Young Men
We do ndt except fur collar, fur lined or leather lined overcoats it's clean
house sale of gigantic proportions, never before known in the history of re
tailing men's clothing. - '
-v I
Choose, Tuesday
$30.00 guits v
and Overcoats
Half Price
nn .Quito
and Overcoats
Half Price
$80.00, Suits
and v Overcoats
Half Price
COM l li "l M'i'AI!!
former British champion, and Ger
ald L. Patterson, also of Australia,
former, world's champion, were
picked. The play will begio on
December 28. '
The choice of the American team
wa fully expected as a result ot the
form the two experts lwve shown
since their arrival here, wlrile the
I choice of their opponents was un
certain until the last moment.
For a '. time it was believed
Brookes could not standthe strum
of play in both doubles and singles,
but he has been displaying a good
bit of his old brilliance in. practice
and seems to believe be caihold
up his end. . ' ( ' '
Patterson has been . showing er
ratic form in his practice 'games,
but is confident he wijl overcome
this before the challenge round
starts. v
I Experts here regard the contest
Thousands upon thousands of garments, even all :.
blues and blacks, included. (Full Dress Tuxedo
Suits and MacMnaws alone , excepted) in this -sale.
: . -..'
As Follows:
.-j tritx
$ 1 WOO
x $35.00 Suits
and Overcoats
Half Price
$60.00 Suits v
and Overcoats
.Half Price
$100.00 Suits
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Magnificent Fur Collar Overcoats
- and Fur Lined Overcoats
All $110.00 to $300.00 Sff TSS.
most distinguished imported silk lined French lontesnacs to
luxurious fur lined, leather lined, fur collar overcoats. Em
phatically the finest overcoats in ihe world go at
t,'H ""3 vr 'n"l
as an open on. The " wagering,
odds, however, favor the Ameri
cans. ,
, .
Ira Vail Wins Auto Race
At Track at Bakersfieltl
Bakersfield, Cal., Dec. 27. Ira
Vail, Sunday, won from Roscoe
Soarls and Eddie Hcarne what was f i
advertised as 'the dirt track auto
mobile championship,"- '' when hi
made 100 niiles over a ofie-mil track
here. -Vai'Vs time was A :28;18 ,V5.
The world's record is , lipid by
Tommy Milton, who 'covered th-i
distance at Phoenix, Ariz., on Oq-
ober.10 of this year in 1:24 2-5.
Race officials believed that Vail
established new records for the 25, 50
Mid 75-mile marks over a mile li.;t
track,'1 d T is 25-niilc time was
22:294-5; the 50 miles was made in
45:04 and the 75 miles in 66:57 2-5.
The, team ijn each goup will play tutions with team
braska. - .