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Tnk BEE: OMAHA, Tuesday, deuemisek' ss, jbzv.
To Combat Bids
vgiEor New Paving
IfesentativeB Declare Let-
tiug of Contract Now,ould
Be, Tolly," in View of
-Declining Prices.
"' " r-. '
When the board of county com-,
, - nissloners nieets Thursday to open
aids received on contracts on pave
ineut aggregating 32 m les and ih
troiving an, expenditure pf from $1,
000.090 to $1,500 000. it will face
representatives of variou .highway I
aoauiu hums wno nave sworn 10
combat any efforts to put such
him scheme through at this time.
v Representatives, of the associa
tions characterise 5 as "follv" any
paving program at this time because
of the lowering of all material
prices and wages.. . .
John Breen. principal attQrae'y
among the legal talent retained by
the associations; wasvonferring with
County Attorney A. - V. Shotwel!
yesterday relative Ao the opening of
the bids. Mr. Breen led the on
slaught against-the V'bithulithic"
paving deal which went down to de
feat last spring. -
Prices Going Down.
"Eternal vigilance seems to be the
price of getting tommoii sense ex
penditure of the $3,000,000 voted for
Douglas rounty road 'paving," Mr
Breen said. v '
'With prices going down on all
materials used in road pavitig, what
possible excuse can the county com
missioners have for. advertising for
bids at this time? ",; ,
frvviJRient has dropped ,30 rents a
V5rcl in the last few weeks. Brick
men say the price 6fv their '.wares
are doomed to decline, while" on a
pav ng job in Plair Jast vee1v, wages
drooped $1 a dayr )
"With drppping with
a rush, . the democrat ' commission
ers adyertise for bids on-32 miles
of pavement.' These bids are, , to
beppen.e:l and passed on just a few
days before they lose control.
Opposition Promised.
'The various . clubs and associa
tions "who were on the job last
srtng and Who defeated the '.'b'th
ulithic" pfogram, are just as' mifch
alive now and thb commissioners
will 'hear .from the:' Thursday,"
Breen' declared., . 1 ,
" The resolution to advertise these
bids waf passed bv a vote of 3 to 2.
A. D. Compton,.-Thomas O'Connor
and Sopliis Neble, le rocrats, voted
for it, while Charles Unftt and Henry
McDonald, republicafis.'voted against
h. A week afterthe bids, are to be
opened Comnrssioner Compton .--will
retire and his place will be filled by '
l. r. Mroud, republican,-, wno oe
fcated Compton at the last election.
The bids, according to County At
torney' .Shotwelt, were psishtd
through wiihout the advice of High
way Commissioner Lou Adams or
the cotnty attorney.
Men in touch with the situation
declare that by waiting prices 20 per
cent lower than those prevailing can
be had. . -,A
Bodies Co-operating. I
The public highways committee of
the Chamber of Commerce is co
operating with, a joint committee
composed of representatives of the
Automobile club, Rotary club. Auto
Liak-rs association and others to de
vise ways and means for effecting
public improvements during 1921.
It was through the efforts of this
joint committee that approval was
given a $3,000,000 bond issue for road
improvementwork in Douglas coun
ty. The committee has exercised
the policy of "going slow" during
the flatter part of the year "because
of extremely high prices for mater
ials. With some of the material
prices already on the decline and
others about to come down, the com
mittee is now ready to recommend
that contracts for the work be
awarded at an early date. -- Members
of the committee express the desire
,that definite action on the fbad buill
ing program be taken not later than
next spring.
Crippled Toy Maker
Gives His Earnings
' To Fund for Children
Bent, old and crippled, Hans
Anderson, an inmate of the Douglas
' county poor farm since 1885, yester-
(ray ma-iea a j uui to j. vv.
Watties, chairman of the European
Relief council for the aid of starving
children of Europe.
'Anderson, who makes toys -when
his rheumatism is not too painlul,
made' $5 before Christmas by selling
his toys to visitors' to the home.
In his letter to Wattles, he said:
"J have made some money mak
ing toys. I read where the kids in
Europe were starving. I haven't
much but the kids need it worse than
I do. It won't save the life of a
kid, but it is half enough and maybe
somebody will give the rest."
Mr. Wattles said the letter and "$5
bill will be forwarded to Herbert
Hoover in New York. Hoover is
national director of the campaign.
Refuse Permit to Brew
- Beer for Medicinal Purposes
Milwaukee, Wis., .Dec. 27. A
Milwaukee brewery has asked per
mission to make beer for medical
purposes, it was said today by Nel
son White, chief inspector in the
office of Thomas A. Delaney. pro
hibition director. The request was
refused tentatively.
Suit Over Plane
Flight Is Started
Aviator Seeks to Male Passen
ger Pay for Airplane Trip
- To Grand Island.
The first snit brought in munici
pal court, involving payment for an
a:rplane flight, is before Judge A.
E. Baldwin, in connection with an
action filed by " A. E, Atkinson
against Charles S.i Iloyt, rancher ol
W-'tni-i. Neb. '
On November 25 Atkinson en
tered into an agreement with Hoyt
to be tafrtn in an airp!a:.e frm
Omaha to Whitman, with another
passenger, for a consideration of
$500. R. C. Marshall was he pilot
and John Myers was Hoyt's com
panion.'. , -
According to a deposition by
Marshall, he was flying at an alti
tude of 1.000 feet. when lie observed
Hoyt drinking from a bottle,
whereupon Myers turned around as
if to inform the pilot.
Marshall stated that he was re
quired to land at Osceola ard to re
main there "he next morning
before resuming his flight. The next
stop was at Grand Island, where
oil was obtained. The next land
ing was made at Abbott, because of
engine trouble. ;
Atkinson alleges that he fulfilled
his contract agreement and that the
delay was due to the actions" of
Attorney Thomas Lynch, for
Hoyt. pleaded partial- performance
of the 'contract by Atkinson and
offered to pay part of the $500 for
his client.
. Judge Baldwin has taken the case
under advisement and will an
nounce his dec'sion this morning.
i "
Omaha Girl Goes to
India as Missionary
Miss Selma Anderson left Sunday
night for Guntur, India, where she
will take up missionary work at the
Lutheran mission station school and
college there. . '
Miss Anderson was formerly
registrar at the University of Oma
ha, but the past two years she has
been ' taking ' preparatory work , for
her mission duties in New York,
She was 'the guest of honor at a
reception at St. Marks Lutheran
church before her departure.
She will sail from New York
with ' II other mission-
When men age prematurely, loe
lntarea. is their work, tud lite
itself; when tba golden candf ol
Youth and Manhood hir Tun their
course before the allotted years taaveVl
p&ued; It is time to take an inven
tory ct reionroes to 'regain the
heith and vigor which have illpped
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men, a valaabl book which deali
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out to men whose nerves are shat
tered, a war to rebuild and regain
strength aad happiaes.' Writ
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Tour name and address on a post
card will do. " ; ; x
eniiBrsiAMn ruruirn r-n .'
69 Berry Blocks
a ash villk, re.m, c.s.A.
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Headache. Guaranteed.
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in One Dajr
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Say Lh- Edward a Well-Known
Ohio Physician
Dr.F .M.dwards for 17 years treated
scores of women for liver and bowel ail
ments. During these years he gave to
his patients a prescription made of a
few well-known vegetable ingredient
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Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. You will
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normal actiontarryina; off the waste
ind poisonous matter in one's system.
If you haye a pale face, sallow look,
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Thousands of women and men takf
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets the suc
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. ' ' 'i .'.
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His Years
Doesn't; it make you feel
good cause you to straight
en up and feel "chestr'.
when someone guesses your
age at ten years or so
younger than you really
are? You look into your
mirror smile with satisfac
tion and say to yourself:
"Well he dfdn't make such
a bad guess, at that." v
The rjoint is: You're no
( older than your vitality.
if a man is strong, vigor
ous mentally alert fine and
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chance of living up to (B0
than a man of SO who is
weak and run-down has of
living up to.60. While none
of us can stay the years nor
stop time, we should all
make an heroic effort to suc
cessfully resist the effects
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vitality at par. A
When'you sense a feeling
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physical forces when your
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.weakness when you notice
a lack of your old time "pep"
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, words, when you feel your vitality ;
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refreshlnanleep. sharpens theappe.
the digestion m abort, will put new
$ tense vi
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sound r.
and new Mm in
er Sore of
rawfcMr .
i better
taking a treat
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eendition. Get
bottle frosa
1 Jl
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