Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 03, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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Stocks are as
large and selec
tions as varied as
are the stocks of
many separate
ment Depart
ment joins in this
Big Three-Day
Thrift Sale with
special purchases
made with this
particular event
in view. In scour
ing the markets,
we found many
jobbers and man
ufacturers who
needed cash more
than they did their
merchandise. We
bought at great
savings, and pass'
it along to you!
High Grade
JWere $5 to 8 ,
Special at
A broken line from our regu
lar stock, front or back lace
in coutils, broches, batiste
and novelty cloths; best
known makes in leading
styles, large assortment but
not every size in each mod
el ; worth $5.00 to $8.00, spe
cial, for this sale, at $3.45
4,896 Women's gingham and
percale bungalow aprons,
dozens, of pretty styles, cut
full, well matle, fancy aprons
in light materials as well as
plenty of the staple kinds;
splendid for Christmas gifts,
were $1.49 to $2.50, special,
each l 89c
Women's Cotton
Yests x
Were 65c, at
Cotton Vests in tuck stitch;
lightly fleeced, high neck
And long sleeves; all sizes;
formerly valued at 65c, sper
cial in this sale, ach 394
600 Pairs Women's
600 pairs of women's high
shoes; kid vamps; mostly
cloth tops; lace styles; solid
leather soles and heels; sizes
3 to 6 ; regularly sold for $5 ;
specially reduced for this
sale, to per pair $1.98
Good Table
Were $2.50
Special at
Of mercerized damask with
hemmed ends in the 54-inch
size; patterns of stripes or
polka dots ; wears and laun
ders like linen ; worth $2.50,
special, at . $1.50
Kimono Crepe
Fancy printed assortment beau
tiful colorings for kimonos, wrap
pers and house dresses, Og
worth 39c, special yard OC
Continuing -Our Great
Three Day TEnraf i
I iv Our Newly Enlarged Basement
By reason of some remarkable bargains, we obtained through cash purchases, we are able to present this Three
Day Thrift Sale. This sale is to be characterized by some of the lowest prices on excellent quality goods re
cently offered in this or any other store Do not fail to take advantage of this big opportunity to obtain just
whafc you want at the prices you want.
Ready-to-Wear Bargains for Thrifty People NOV at End of the Season Prices
Women's and Misses' Suits, Coats and Dresses
Goods Worth From
$20.00 to $35.00
0 0 Latest Winter Styles!
Hundreds to Select From!
Two good racks full, all the balance of the good
suits in the basement grouped now at this low price,
every suit new, up-to-date, long coat style, all wool ma
terials; $20.00 to $35.00 values, each $15.00
Good News for Mothers
3,000 Pairs of Wool and Wool Mixed
Priced per -l TQ
Pair at .
3,000 pairs of boys' wool and wool mixed pants, made
joi extra good quality materials in gray, brown and
blue mixtures ; also corduroys ; regular $2.00 and $2.50
values, special per pair . y '. . .$1.79
'Remarkable Values in
Special 1 39
Cheney Twilled Foulard, 40 inches wide. Duchess sa
tin, 36 inches wide. Satin de chine, 36 inches wide.
Messaline, 36 inches wide. Chiffon taffeta, 36 inches
wide. Specially priced for this sale at, per yard $1.39
Galvanized Wash Tubs
Made of good weight galvanized iron with two side
drop handles, all perfect merchandise? "
129 No. 1 size, medium 98c
149 No. 2 size, large $1.19
169 No. 3 size, extra large $1.29
Specially Priced at
49 c
Adjustable to fit any standard
size window; especially useful
for cold weather, to avoid cold
draughts and at the same time
provide fresh air. Regular 79c
values, special 49c
Women's fibre silk' hosiery in
colors; seconds of 75c quality,
specially priced at, per pair, 39c
Outing Flannel
?7-inch white and fancy ma
terial; extra heavy fleecy nap
on both sides, regularly 1Q
39c value, special 1IC
Cotton Challie
36 inches wide; in a big variety
of pretty floral and Persian de
signs, special, per 1 Ql
yard loC
. Sheeting I
81-inch unbleached sheeting,
genuine Sleepy Hollow brand;
worth 90c per yard, AQi
at, per, yard lIC
40-inch bleached Cabot; this
popular and well known make
is reduced for this QQ
sale to, per yard . OJC
Dress Calico
In assorted colors; fancy pat
terns for house dresses and
aprons; worth 19c per yard,
special in this sale 101
at, per y&id IfcfC
Cloth and plush in many different styles, all satin lined
silk plush coats; silk lined, wrappy, cloth coats; good
up-to-date styles at an end of the season price; $22.50
to $35.00 values, special, each $15.00
' -
Exceptional Notion Values
Fast colored darning cotton, 3 spools 10c
Good safety pins, 10 cards for 25c
Rust proof hooks and eyes, 10 cards for 25c
Rust proof dress clasps, 10 cards for 25c
Silkene crochet cotton, per ball 10c -
Inside skirt belting, per yard .-. k. . . .7J2C
Large cabinet of wire hair pins 15c
Three yard bolts of tape, 6 bolts for 25c
Best rick-rack braid, all colors, per bolt 10c
Wooden coat hangers, 4 for 25c
Babies' jiffy pants, per pair 49c
Best $1 sanitary aprons, special 49c
Black and white headed pins, per card . . .... .2V2C
One lot of hair nets to close out at, each . . ...... .5c
Kleinert dress shields, per pair 19c
Shoe laces, worth 20c, special, per pair . , 5c
llair barretts per card 212c
Stocking feet, per pair . . 5c
Corset laces, each, at ' lc
One Price Plain and Fancy
One big lot of plain and fancy silks, including all the wanted
weaves and patterns; an endless variety to choose from in both
light and dark shades; worth to $2.50 per yard; a few of the
values follow:
Plain Georgette Crepe, 40 inches wide .... 4 D VJ
Figured Georgette Crepe, 40 inches wide .... At iCT itf.
Plain Taffeta, 40 inches wide
Plain Crepe de Chine, 40'inches wide. ,..V
Plain Poplin, 36 inches wide X
Pink, Flesh and Ivory. Wash Satin, 36 in. wide. . 7
Shirting Silk, 36 inches wide
White Botax Soap, 10 bars for 42c
Pearl White Soap, 10 bars for r. 42c
D. C. Soap, 10 bars for 39c
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 cans for 24c
Large package Golden Rod 19c
Drugs Specially Priced
Toilet soap, were 10c, special 4c
Hospital cotton, special, per pound 39c
Rubber dressing combs, were 35c, special, at.... 19c
Senreco tooth paste, was 35c, special, at 25c
Epsom Salts, were 15c, special, at 10c
Powder puffs, were 10c, special, each, at 6c
Abonita face powder, were 35c, special, at 19c
Hot water bottle or syringe, were $1.25, special, at 69c
Goblin Soap, special, per bar 5c
Kid Shoes Saut5 1.69
Children's black kid shoes; machine sewed soles; Isce
and button styles; made over foot-form last; sizes 5 to
8; formerly sold at $2.45; special in this sale, per
pair $1.69
Tricotine, velvetine, men's wear serge, satin, velour,
broadcloth, etc., beautiful fall and winter dresses ; right
up-to-the minute styles, beaded, braided, etc.; $20.00
to $30.00 values, special, each .$15.00
For Big Boys and Small Boys
Regular Values
$8.50 to $12.95, at
Sizes 3 to 18 Years
Big Boys' and Small Boys' Overcoats in full and half
belted models; surprise the boys and make this an
overcoat Christmas ;what w6uld please them more than
a warm up-to-date coat? Sizes 3 to 18 years, worth
$8.50 to $12.95; special $6.95
Good News for Housewives
Were $4.00,
Special at . .
Manufacturers' odds and ends in crocheted spreads;
heavy quality with hemmed ends, no seconds, all per
fect weaves in a range of attractive patterns; values in
this lot worth up to $4; special, in this sale, each $2.50
Men's Overalls and Jackets
Blue Buckles Union Made
Priced, each
Made of extra good quality 220 weight blue denijn ; for outdoor
wear and rough weather; well made, cut full and roomy, sizes 32
to 42 waist; regular $3.25 values, at $1.49
Terry Cloth
One table of fancy Terry Cloth;
36 inches wide; wortli 1.50;
while it lasts, at, 7Q
per yard C
Hemstitched; 100 pieces; 36
nches wide; worth j f
19c, special, yard..... 1VIC
Full bleached huck toweels with
hemmed ends; soft and absorb
ent quality; worth 17c, very
specially priced, each 10
at ltC
Woe -iankets
In assorted vplaids; extra hea
vy .and thick ; some have soisette
blanket binding, remarkable
value, special in this O CA
sale, pair .. . . . O.OU
Plaid Blankets
Beautiful wool ' finished blan
kets; in assorted colors; thread
stitched edges; heavy and
warm; specially priced O 1 Q
at per pair O.IJ
Men?s Work
Special at
Were $5.00
Men's work shoes, made of
selected stock,genuine oak
leather soles; solid full
grain innersole with eith
er box toes or soft toe
army style, sizes 6 to 11;
$5.00 value; now selling
for the low price of, per
pair 3.48
4 ',i and 5-inch fancy warp print
ribbons in colors; specially
priced for this sale nn
per yard eC
store's.We are
justly proud of
the completeness
of our Basement
You will find
the clerks oblig
ing and glad to
help shoppers in
every possible
way. Shopping in
our basement is a
Infants' Wool
Were $1 to $1.50
Special at
300, samples of infants' all
wool, part wool and silk
and woor shirts in double
breasted and button styles;
these are samples and were
sold from $1 to $2 each,
specially priced at, each 79c
2,169 House
2,169 Women's check and
stripe southern gingham, al
so percale house dresses;
many different styles; good
range of sizes; $1.49 to $2
vakies, special, each 89c
Children's Play
Were $1 to $1.50
1,486 children's play gar
ment, rompers, long leg ov
eralsr Slipova and other
well known makes; 2 to 6
year sizes; light and dark
materials; worth regularly
$1 to $1.69; special 59c
Specials in
Other models in flesh col
ored Pekin stripe and pink
and white 'coutils ; front and
back lace including the
ideal elastic top; worth $2
to $2.50; a big assortment,
specially priced for this sale
at , , $1.45
i Velveteen, Paon
and Silk
Velvet Bags
Worth $3 to $5
K Special at
There are 300 of the Paon
silk velvet and 66 of the
Velveteen bags a job
ber's surplus stock and
we offer them at less than
half the regular price.
Colors are brown, black,
blue, gray and taupe ; spe
cial 1.98
- Pillow Cases
Bleached pillow cases 42x36 in
ches; extra heavy linen finish, for
merly sold at 50c, on 1
special at, each CO"2 C
paifK MiiMliiillH