Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 25, 1920, Image 7

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Thanksgiving r
To BeXIeneral
Bustneea Housw Close to Al
low Employes to Set Feet
Under ! Festive Boards; To.
Be Observed by Churches.
Thanksgiving: in Omaha today
, will to as generally observed as in
! ihij past, which means that the popii
' lation will gather about festive
bonrds to least, that many offices
, and factories will close and thajt
I service will be held in many
j ) churches. ; s
Hundreds of Oroahang art pck-
ijtg their grips, preparing to hie
themselves away to the farm. where
tlipy know "IV and "Ma" and,
table mqeniiiK under the weight of
tempting' fooa await them.
, Hundreds more are pouring into
Ohiaha to spend the day of thank
fulness with dear ones here. Travel
to ud from tin city wilt be heamierJ
man ever pefdTt according to Louts
Jiejtidorff, manager of the consoli
Mlatad ticket office.
Ticket Offlc Clowd.
. v Incidentally. Mr. UeindorK an
nounced the ticket office would be
closed all day today t6 permit a
score of mora'pf employes to en
joy he day properly. .
Thousands of other railroad office
employes will be given. a full. holi
day today, and . large , downtown
tores are closing for the entire day,.
Suburban grocery stares may re
main open a short time this morning
to aiiow torgettui ones to purchase
necessities for. the big. dinner, hut
will be closed most of the dav.
Jobbinif jiouse. too, will observe
the holiday, and. banksrof the. city
all will, be closed. Even bafbers
will lay aside their trusty razors for
half a day. . , ? j
f Churches Hold Services. w
In the morning the day will start
; by . thousands attending church.".
Thanksgiving services will be held
l IS
WomansThargei Cau$
Incfictment of "Attorney
As the result of a comolaint made
by Mrs. Helcne Montrose, Bourasse
the extraordinary grand jury sitting
in New York handed down an in
dictment charging Assistant district
Attorney Edwin Kilroc with '. a
felony.; , V t, . '-
Mrs.. B3urasi charges Rf, Kilrol
with failure to press prosecution of a
charge of bigamy she has made,
against' Napoleon . Bourasse, a
wealthy broker, ' ' ,
at t Cecelia's cathedral at 10:30
thU morning. Solemn high mass
will be celebrated by Archbishop J,
J. Harty.' A fealura of ..the service
wilj be a . musical j program by Dr.
R. Mills Silbv's adult - and boys'
choirs. 'The sermon will te. deliv
ered by Rev. F. X. MeCabe. former
president of De Pau university, now
of Kansas City.
Grain ;Dealers
Plan to Advance
Money on Wheat
Scheme to Overcome Difficul
ties of Farmers, Due to Ipyt ,
Prices?"' Announced by
V Kajisaij Buyers. ,;
1 '
pvichha. Kan. Nov.' 24.--A new
nay fa relieve wheat farmers tlif
ftcmtles as th result of low prices
and a strained money situation, has
bWu devised by mil and elevator
operators here and in ' other grain
centers of the southwest.
'. A plan of advancing to grain
growers $1 a bushel pn wheat car
ried on contract so that ' they may
deliver now and sell at some future
date has -been adopted by a large
lije of elevators and mills. The" In
auguration of this plan Is primarily
Ul relieve the money situation, it
was said. Millers" declare the plan
will move considerable wheat and
stop talk of forcing the farmers to
sell their grain.
The Inauguration of the plan, mill
operators said, already has elisited
much favorable comment from farm
ers as well as bankers.
The plan as outlined by mill and
elevator men follows:
"Tht contract with the fapners is
very simpler He now ha the- op
portunity to dispose af his wheat at
once anq receive in turn ? I down.
Then as. he watches the market quo
tations he finally decides the quota-'
tlons nave reached the top atid he
can draw I the remaineder of his
money from the miller" or elevator
it the hasic market price. The re
sult of the plan can be easily seen.
Itlwill relieve the farmer of "holding
his loan. The wheat will not be uub
ject to weevil and the market will
become more stable." V
j ) , - '
The shortened work day has made
the output of factories in England
show a considerable increase, - 1
Move Is Made to
s End Rental Fiht
v , . . - .
Prpppse Comproroifie Betweejt
J Tenants' League and
',J'-i5"... jf "V-. -Effort
to efect a compronfise be
tween the, Omaha , Tenants' league
and 'the Drake Holding company,
operating the Drake Court apart
ments, 'which organuaions have
been waging' a rental ate war for
the past three months, were made
Tuesdav when representatives of
bqth sides met and discussed four
proposals, which if ratified by other
members of the league will end the
rent fights so far as these two bodies
are concerned.
The proppsal advanced by W. J.
Palmer,, vice president of the-Drake.
Holding) company, revokes the order
which required an increase on July
1. and stipulates that the increase
shall not take, effect -until October
1 of tlm year.' ' ' , .
If this preposition is accepted,
tenants who paid rent at the new
scale will be refunded the difference
between the old and the new scale
for three months, Mr, Palmer said.
The other proposals concern the
trial of the cases, pending and will
be discussed at the next meeffrig,
when the opinions of the various
member of the league ' will have
been sounded, - " ' f
New Boartf May Install
Court House ?Time Clock"
It is rumored about . the court
house that ; the, newly organized
board of county commissioners will
install "time-clocks," making it
necessary for all employes to
"ring-in'' and "ring-out" when go
ing to and coming from work.
Commissioner Unitr, speaking on
the subject, said he favors a full
day's work for a full day's pay by
evfy employe. He said he will
pjinch the clock himself, if they
are put in. -
Brief City News j
Rifle Trunk of $400 Morrta
fried, 1609U North Twenty-tourth
street,' reported to police Tuesday
night that $m which he had hidden
in a trunk in his homo was ajolen.
V.W1I1 Ouiit Squat tent Squatters on
city land alontr Izard street between
Eleventh and Fourteenth streets areJ
to be ousted by court action, accord
ing to H. I Mowman, head of the
city legal department, -
Install 100 Oil 'Aimers Absence
of ashes or soot in responsible for
me installing or more than 100
Nokol automatic oil burners in
Omaha nomes, according to the I
v. Mchoiaa. Oil company. -
.Yags Mttttt Wok-AU men found
guilty of vagrancy In police courts are
to be put to Vork .clearing up the
municipal dumping' ground at
winapear triangle, according to an
agreement reached yesterday be
tween ponce magtt rates. t - .
Offer Judgo Mouaelteeper Chief
yt roucB junersiein mrnea a letter,
in which Cora Oasoetfrt of Montivldeo,
Mnn requested a position a houae
kept over to Judge Fostsr, twno
l a tstclieleir. , The judge says he
aoesn t nea a nouaexeeper. '
Hero Xow rltlu'iv Mads Madaen.
21,Klalr, who lost both legs below
the- knees In the battle of the Ar
gonna, was made a United States
citizen yesterday at a special aes-
sjon of the ,i naturalicatton court
called by Eftmlner A. H. Bode at
tne instance of Mrs. J, P, Jensen
of Blair.." -
l'tiplls Gain Weight Gains In
weight xf from one-half to two and
one-fourth pounds during the first
weelr of the nutrition class at Ban
croft school were reported for the
20 boys and girta In -the class yes
terday. - Classes were started in the
Banoroft, Paclflo . and 'Hawthorne
schools a week ago Monday. ,
Yost Funeral Services
Wai Be Held Saturday
, The body of Casper E. Yost,, for
merly chairman of the board of di
rectors of the Nebraska, Iowa and
Northwestern I ' Telephone com
paniesx who died at' Long Beach,
Cal., Monday night, will arrive, in
Omaha Friday night.
Funeral services will be held at
the Yo6t. home, ' J40 North Thirty
ninth street, Saturday at 2 J. m.
Rev. Edward H. Jenks will officiate.
be i
ill in
Ill III a
111 III -j' mmmmmm
' .'.I I I ft TO I."
There's jiKt one way to fget rid of "fixing
the f iimace night and momfniristalll!
nokol, :"';s3:
You need never look at your NOKOL
Keatef yet it vvorks 24 hour$ in tRe day
4 - House cJyays the same tenip
No coal, no dust, no ashes, no labor.
Ask Us to FitYoWFotioace:
witlva NOKOL.
From the day we install NOKOL In your fur
nace, yon get real heating in your $ome. .
Just tha temperature yea want ry hear of
i ttoda;rnBaattfrhQwtbwathvd
NOKGL is automatic No running down to
"look t the furnacei.' No asht-na dust
lift labor, " , '
Ewtrf cent yea spend for fuel buys heat that
you can UJ9. Solid comfort sit winter.
Be ejtf eejtfi'for erery membeiof jthe family.
. , ' ) V;' ' - - v ';. '
NOKOL 3 thex first really scientific heating system for the home.
It does away ,wth coal altogether, and burns Oil instead.
Now 4haf lyOKOL show? the way to use it right Oil iffthe finest fuel
there is for home heating. i Efficient, clean-and even wftr than coaT.
v Th NOKOL Heating Unit takes the place of the grate bars in the
rurnacA nnl In timtr A Am .) -
I You set the thermostat. HgRt the pilot jight and NOKOL gets
to work. . ; , ' ' - x
, It regulates itself automatically. You need never "look at the fur
nace from the time you light it in the fall till you shut itff for
the summer, v. ; -' L $'., i . x .
v 1 NOKOL heatip costs Just about the same as coal heating some
'thfies perhaps a little more. ; , ' -
Once youVe had your home heated the NOKOL way; you'd no
roor go Jback to coal than youwould throw away electric lights and
go back to candles. . ; '"":"'F,1 . v
NOKOL will fit your furnace. Tested and approved by thsj
NationaldBoard of underwriters. v
"Over 100 installations in Omaha giving perfect satisfaction,':
V See the one we have installed in our office, Seventeenth and
Howard streets. We thjnk it the most interesting thing in Omaha.
' t rfX Visit Miami l jts &
MCWrWC-Mitml ii tht y.chttman'i pirdli, th CUMATSmtmi Is tht mpit uthvrn City i
ncntrM etins iong n nay ttnort ei ni(cayn y msimsna pi tne unuta muti. j nevun sire
vl Palm Phi: Tht inland watci Ins throuih th Florida Stralta. ia narrowe
for aruiains and S.hlnj in tbia vicinity art tha moat Miami, where it la but 41 mll.a ta tht Bahama lalaada.
'f pie
pictureaaue in America. Theeetwo laaturea are accountable lor Miami havins
COt.T-l'parUnka.wlthlnaradluaof flva "iij"' . 2u,'i "m" m wor,a- '
mtlaa. have wonderful tronical aurround- ''. 7-
3UKF BA THING tea may hatha daily in eemfort.
mllea, have wonderful tropical aurround-
mn and cannot oe aurpa.iea.
lack.eoated, on aunaeed roada
in the beautiful clear blue-fieen watera of the Atlan.
31 '
ti. aw alna rini. ' -J
to' Miami. T.rmlnua of WWWC-The Angler la In bit llory (round Miami,
Dial Highway, Tam.aml Trail a Wa la tna cter ot the eat nahins sraunda In tli
and tne eix moat prominent , ' ", V j I .-. o...u.,,u..
National Highwaya. Kln ",h a0l hundred, ol ether earietiee. .
TBNNIS-Tm murtielnai eonrta -tOtO moat popular paetlma at tha Miami Beach
THlhtki 'mivl '9l0 where many of the baat playera in Hit
.;ur.Vinkm.'na,ndc TbTh.Val couvryeon,,., dutin, the winter ....on. .
round.. - REGATTA Miami Mid-Wiatet Reiatta oa Blacaime
iiMTJOVui.n,i h.. K..r. Ba- 'hruary 10-U-lJ, .J9J1. Faataat Boata iq the
AVIATlON-mmi baa been world will compete. V
the center of Aviation ainea ainur mmu . .
ion. .k. .h- SIGHT SctlNG TRIPS to Oranee and tronlcal Fru it
Curtl'aa and the Aero Limited s,,, PUntatlona in Everglade, and to
companiea operate tha ata- y""
tiona. Air voyagea ta Palm Tin Voaf Fapmlar Winler Rttorl in Amtricm
Heacli, Havana, or Bimim m . r . ao now 75 Aparlmont Homtn
up-to-date Plying Baata.-
rAaajaand'a of CottaftNom Open
Throw 1 ( ear of kittw wintor mnd Join Ma imiling throng .
For further iaformatien and Hotel Uit, Addre.a
Th ursdai y; T h a n k s g i v i p g Day;
Everybody s interest will be centered oh
, Burgess-Nasfe Store Will 3e Closed M
. Day Thursday
In order to allowvour employes an opportunity to observe the'holi
day in a fitting manner, and to enjov a well-earned rest, after the
wonderful jncrease in business which followed our announcement
of lower price levels. . - t ' ,
'.Fridaybld Man Dbllar WiH Hold
Two Wonderful Feature Sales.
Full particulars will be found in Thursday evening's papers.
(joK for our announcement. - r ,: . . t t
... '
j y,
"v ri ,
L. V.
tolas Oil Co.
Omahdi Neb:
"-r-rt isTr s e-- .
v).ti jr....,"i ,
BJUVi W 4Tw-w-r..-' tfiuw
.at tt, It ' dkf ' 4 4