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- V
Charges Marine
Killed 3 Haitians
In Prison Yard
Witness Identifies Former
Gendarme Officer as Slayer
At Investigation by Na
val Court.
drunk, 'assaulted and slightly injured
a judge's clerk.
Harris Lifschitz, a Russian who
has become naturalized, testified to
having witnessed twJ killings of na
tives by the occupational forces, but
was indefinite as to dates, -places and
names. Another civilian was ex
amined and said he wis without
knowledge of murders' although
Judge Advocate Dyer asserted the
man had previously given him dam-
acinar testimony. n
iUpward Turn Noted in
Br Tha Assoc latcd rrtwa.
Fort Au Prince. Haiti, Nov. 17.
riie direct charge that Freeman
(ana;, formerly a corporal in the
gnarine corps and a lieutenant in
Ihe gendarmerie, killed three Hai
tian prisoners at Hinche in 1917,
Has. made today before the naval
tourt of inquiry which ts investigat
ing the activities of the American
marines in Haiti by Adolph Bourgot,
i native. Lang was formerly a resi
dent of Los AngeJrt.
Bourgot, who at the time was
' acting as corporal iq the gendar
merie, testified he witnessed the exe
cution of the prisoners,, which oc
curred immediately after a night at
tack. He testified that during the at
tack which lasted half an hour, the
three Haitians were in prison.
"When the attack ended." Bourgot
said. Lang ordered them -lit, shoot
ing the first one in the back. The
others were 'brought out singly,
meeting the same fate in the same
way. I was in the prison yard with
other natives seeking safety."
Identifies Lang. . '
Bourgot testified clearly and de
liberately. Answering a request by
Judge Advocate Major Jesse F. Dyer
to identify Lang, if . present,, the
witness rose and pointed across the
table at Lang. At this juncture the
court retired, subsequently announc
ing it would give Lang the right to
question Bourgot, obtain witnesses
and employ counsel. .
Lang, who now is engaged in bus
iness in Hinche, started to question
Bourgot, but quickly objected) to the
translator, declaring he vyxhted a
white man. The court granted the
request adjourning Lang's testi
mony until tomorrow.
Lieutenant Colonel Hooker de
scribed the January attack on Port
Au Prince, saying 66 had been killed.
He declared the attack was ,made
in order to bolster the bandit Xause.
Complaint Incorrect. '
Col. Louis Little, commanding the
field forces, testified that the only
complaint from President D'Arti
guenave of Haiti had been investi
gated and found to be -incorrect.
The president charged that a drunk
en marine doctor had assaulted a
judge. Colonel Little declared an
investigation revealed that a ship
apprentice, while on liberty became
Bank R
Drop From June Figures Re
ported in Last Call ; Depos
its Also Fall OffJ .
l j console i jp fi
Console Tjp
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Playing Cards Free
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chase of Mazda Lamps
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shall give free a deck of
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a vmous Maxfield Par
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2314 M St, South Side
Automobile Business
, ,. , , ,
ChicagA. Nov. 17. After two
months of depression, there has been
an upward turn in the automobile
business, both pleasure cars and
trucks, according to., Alfred Reeves,
general manager of the National
Automobile Chamber of Commerce,
who addressed the Automotive
Eauioment association here. x
"Along with other industries we
have had poor sales tor two montns,
but the automobile business is now
moving upward," Mr. Reeves said
"Present production is not averag
ing more than 50 per cent, except in
the case of three or four factories.
The full year, however, will exceed
all records, approaching 1.900,000
cars and 340,000 trucks. Car re
newals areaboutlOOOflOOa year.
Allied Occupation Army
Is Too Pig Germany Wails
, Berlin, Nqv. 17. Allied armies of
occupation in Germany are being
maintained at a strength -which is
unnecessary said Foreign Minister
Simons in speech at Cologne to
day. He contended the allied inten
tion in thus keeping the forces in a
high state of efficiency was not de
fensive, but offensive, looking to
ward further encroachments on Ger
many. ,
The foreign minister asked the
reason wny me. Knine .DriaRcucdus
had been extended, why-military
Salaries capable of turning out
400.000 rations daily had been estab
lished and why new strategic Ktjme
bridees had been prepared and why
Belgian trboos. equipped almosH
ready for the march, have been sta
tioned m tactical positions Denina
tire armies of occupation.
Rupture Kilts
7 ,000 Annually
Seven thousand person! each year are
laid away the burial certificates being
marked "Rupture." Why! Because the
unfortunate one had neglected themselves
or had been merely taking care of the sign
(swelling) of the affliction .and paying no
attention to the cause. What are you
doing T Are you neglecting yourself by
wearing a truss, appliance, or whatever
nam you choose to call HT At best, th
truss is only a makeshift a false prop
against a collapsing wall arid cannot be
expected to act a more than a mere me
chanical support. The binding pressure
retard blood circulation, thus robbing the
weakened muscle of that which they
need most nourishment.
But science has found a way, nad every
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make a FREE test right in the privacy of
their own home. The PLAPAO method is
unaueationablv the most scientific, logical
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shift out of place,, therefore, cannot chafe
or pinch. Soft a velvet easy f apply
inexpensive. TO Ie usea wnnit you wur
and whilst you sleep. No straps, buckle
or pringa .attached. i
Learn how. to close the hernial opening
as nature intended so the rupture CAN'T
come down. Snd-your name today to
PLAPAO CO., Block 840, St. Louis, Mo.,
for -TREE trial Tlapao and th vfaf ormation
necessary. ,
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th "raw" state. But the ideal Way Is
to make Into a syrup Dy emptying a H4-
o. bottle of Menthe-Laxcne Into a pint
bottle and then fill the bottle with granu
lated sugar syrup, mad by dissolving a
pint ot sugar in a nan pmv or oouing
water, it is said by thousand that this
makes a most effective home treatment
for all cold trouble. 4,100 barrels were
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When Food
( Doesn't Digest
Give the Stomach a Rational Rett
by Proper Aid. Not by Harsh
. Starvation Method. Use -Stuart's,
Dyspepsia Tabletr
A sour stomach may indicate an acid
condition that calls for an alkaline ef-
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Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets after a
heavy bloated feeling and such distress
due to indigestion or dyspepsia, are
usually only temporary. And yet they may
lead to serious disorder. The regular use
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meals reflects to a high degree the in
telligent selection of preventative meas-sr-
- I v '
On cannot always select ' or inspect
th quality of food to be cateir nor. its
method or manner of preparation. But it
is passible to avoid the acidity that is
so often th result. And it is a far better
plan to eat without worry over what may
happen, 4han to starve for fear it will
happen. Many physicians - recommend
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at canU be.
Washington, Nov. 17. Resources
of all national banks amounted to
$21,885,480,000 on September 8. a
reduction of $311,257,000 compared
with June 30, but an increase of
$270,064,000 over September 12. 1919,
according to reports of ihe last
bank call summarized by Comptrol
ler Williams. .
Deposits totalled $16,751,956,000,
the' comptroller said, a reduction of
$403,465,000 compared with the June
call and an increase of $70,349,000
over September of last year. Loans
and discounts increased by $18,662,
000 as compared with June.
States showing the largest in
crease in deposits since June in
country banks were: ' Pennsvlvania,
$40,000,000; New York. $23,000,000;
NeW Jersey. $14,000,000; West Vir
ginia, $13,000,000; Ohio. $11,000,000,
and California, $10,000,000; ' while
those showing the largest reductions
in deposits were Connecticut and
Minnesota, $8,000,000 eacJi: Okla
noma and Texas. $5,000,000 each,
and Iowa, $6,000,000.
Reserve cities hose national
banks showed the largest increase
in deposits sinccthe June call were
Pittsburgh. $24,000,000; Kansas City,
Mo., $8,000,000; ' Cincinnati. $6,000,
000 and Louisville and Minneapolis,
$5,000,000, while cities showing the
largest reductions were New York,
$486,000,000; Boiton. $27,00fJ,000;
San Francisco. $18,000,000; Philadel
phia, $14,000,000; Detroit, New Or
leans and Dallas. $4,000,000 each.
Prohibition Officer Is j
Indicted fok Murder
Edwardsville, 111.. Nov. 17. S.
Glenn Young, a federal prohibition
enforcement officer, was indicted on
a murder charge in connection whh
the killing of Luke, Vukovic, an Aus
trian, November 6. while Me and
Walter Cowgill, a Granite City po
liceman, were raiding the Vukovic
home in Madison in search of liquor.
Tire Factories'to Close.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 17. Good
year 1 ire and Rubber company
branches in Tacoma. Great Falls,
Mont. Billings, Monf.. Boise, Ida
and San Diego, Cal., are to be closed
the company announced.
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