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Booker-Loos trum
Wedding Is
A very pretty church wedding
took place Wednesday at high noon
tit thesjHanscom Park Methodist
church .when Miss Anna Elnore
Loostru'm of Gothenburg, Neb., be
came the bride of Henry Clarke
Booker, jr., also of Gothcnbcrg. Rev.
Arthur Atack officiated
The bride is the daughter ofMr.
and Mrs. Dalltjren of Gothenburg
but has been making her home in
Omaha recently. Mr. Hooker is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C Booker
of Gothenburg. The weeding is Jie
culmination of a high "school ro
mance. Mr. Booker is well kntwn
in university circles, having been a
student .at the University of Ne
braska 'college o! agrioulture. He
served in the arrrly three years. ,
The bride was simply gowned in
dark blue charmeuse combined with
Kold lace, with vhich she wore' a hat
of gold cloth. Her corsage bouquet
was of Ophelia rosebuds. She wore
the; gift of the groom, a pearl jieck
lace . She was attended by Miss
Elizabeth Meadville of Omaha, who
wore a gown of dark blue satin and
a large black hat.
'Jesse H. Quinn, cousin" of the
groom, was best man.
The ceremony was followed by a
wedding breakfast at the Hotel Fon
tenelle. Immediate families of the
couple were present and Mrs. Jessie
. Bacon of Gothenburg, an aunt
of the groom, was amongthe guests,
i Mr. and Mrs. Booker have gone
en an extended honeymoon trip
through Nebraska and Kansas. They
will Be at home in Gothenburg after
December IS. 1
Mary Johnston to
V Ha
ve a Sunset
" Most attractive are the platjs of
"t Miss Mary - Johnston, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Johnston,
former marriage to! Hiram A. Salis
bury of this city on Thanksgiving
day,: Thursday, November 25. The
ceremony will take'place at 6:0 in
the evening at the Johnston home in
Dundee and will be "a sunset wed
ding because of, the hour and the
decorations, whiiih are to be carried
out in, the sunset rcolors.
Rev. Paul Johnston of Tekamah,
Hair Roots Come Out
Before Your Very Eyes
(Ntw Method BanUliM Sustrtfuoui Hilr)
The new way to remove superfluous
hair, root and all the phelactine way
in rapidly superseding the old-fashioned
depilatory methods, as well as electricity,
rator and tweezers. And no wonder I
Here la a product to harmless n child
"i-l could aafely at it so non-irritating ind
odorless it Is altogether pleasant to use
and the- process ia so quick acting that
it actually removes the Jiaira entire, in
cluding the roots, in just a few seconds!
You will surely have the surprise' -of
your life if you will obtain a stick of
. phelactine from your druggist and follow
the simple instructions. , -
For Itching Eczema,
Old Sores and Piles
"I guarantee my pintment," eaya Peter
ton of Buffan, "to cure eczema to stop
the Itching at once and any reliable drug
list will cheerfully refund your money
everything I say it will do."
"William A. Carley of FranklhVN. is
lurely a wise man. He writes: "I used
differing terribly with eczema. It did the
a-ork." -A- -
Then there is Ale. Louttel. a brave fire
man of Buffalo, who is glad to write ai
follows 1 "I Jad an old sore on my leg
for many years. The best doctors failed.
PETERSON'S OINTMENT entirely healed
the sort quickly.". And .from over in Can
lda cornea a letter from A.- Blockeby, stat
ing: "The best thing I ever hit for itching
box for 60 cent. Mail orders filled by
Peterson Ointment Co., Inc.,. Buffalo. N. Y.
Sherman McConnell Drug Co. will
upply yon. ' '
inn Hurry
For real ffeetlreneea, ' this old
homo-made remedy has no equal.
-Caalir and cheaply prepared.
Youll never know how quickly a
bad cough can be conquered, until you
try tnia famous old nome-maae rem
edy. Anyone wiio lias coughed all
day and all night, will say that the
v immediate relief given is almost like
magic. J t ia verv easilv Drenared.
nd there is nothing better for coughs.-J
. Into a pint bottle, put -Vi ounces
of Pincx; then add plain granulated
cugar eynip to make a full pint. Or
you can use clarified molasses, honey,
or corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup.
Either way, the full pint saves, abouk
- two-thirda of the money Usually
epent for cough preparation, and
gives you more positive, effective
remedy. It keeps --perfectly, . and
Hastes pleasant---cbildren like it.
You can feel this take hold instantly,
soothing and healing the membranes
in all the air passages. .It promptly
loosens a dry, tiyht cough, and soon
you will notice the phlegm thin out
and disappear. A day's use will usually
break up an ordinary throat or chest
1 1 1 ix . r. 1 j : j 1 1
ruiu, sou it u itiao epieouiu lur uruu.
chit is, croup, hoarseness, and bron
chial asthma. . "
Pinex is a most valuable concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, the most reTiabte rem
edy for thrort and chest ailments.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "ZVt ounces of Pihex"
withridirections and don't accept any
thing else. Guaranteed io give abso
lute satisfaction or money refunded.
iwtraex jq., t. wayne, ina.
Beautiful Worrin
I of Sod ety.durlngthe part
I seventy year havchrelied
upon it for their dlstin-
ulshed appearance. The
III I Betiful Wortin I
III I ofSodety,duringthepatt
III VV lto
ill ' f i whlt complexion it
I I 'if rtadas Instantly ,, .is
J ' -r ii I always the source of
JK? I flattering comment
A L : 1
' Engagement
' uru -
1 ZouUe CUtlce f
An announcement of interest, par
ticularly 111 the younger set, is -that
of the engagement of Miss Louise
Clarke and Harkness Kountzi,
which has been announced by Miss
Clarke's parents, Mr. and Mr.
Henry S. Clarke, jr.- Mr.' Kountze
is the' son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther
L. Kountze. No definite plans have
been made ,as to when the vfedding
will takfi place.
. U
brother of the" bride-elect, will
read the marriage lines before rela
tives and' A I number of intimate
friends. There will be no attend
ants. The ceremony will be fol
lowed by a reception forthe wedding
guests." ... 1 " ' ' ' ' '
Miss Johnston was graduated from
Oberlin college in 1919. Mr. 'Salis
bury attended JTolumbia 'university,
wliete he. was 'a, member-. of Phi Psi.
The couple will reside at the Dart
moor apartments after December !.
Miss Velista Preston will entertain
at a shower at her home inhonor of
Miss Johnston Saturday, Novem
ber 2a
Fort Omaha.
"Mrs. Henry C. eM'hite. wife 'of 1
Major White of FMt Omaha, will
entertain at tea every Tuesday after
noon for-the women of the post ..
A- bridge clib 5has been organ
ized ' by the women of" the' fort
which will meet every Friday. Mrs.
White will be hostess next Friday.
Major and Mrs. 'Addison D. Davis
have recently arrived with their two
children to reside at Fort Omaha.
Maj. M. F.' Davis of Washington,
D. C, who spent several days here
With his brother. Major Davis, has
returned east to resume his duties
Mr. and Mrs. iR. A. Davis of Cin
cinnati are here visiting their horn?
son. Major Davis. ,
Maine Gallaher front Sigourny, Ia.,
is at Fort Omaha visiting his uncle
1 . r I... tr A T
and aunt, Major and Mrs., A. L.'
Ludwig. ' ' '
The marriage of Miy . Dorothy
Frymire. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. D. Frymirje, and Lowell Suther
land took place Tuesday morning at
the Frymire home, Rev. J. Walter
Reynolds performed the cererrtkny
There were no., attendants. TTbe
bride wore a traveling suit of brown
and corsaze of violets. The cere-
mony was followed by breakfast at
the Frvmire home..
The out of town guests included
Mrs. Sarah Hoadley of San Fran
cisco. Cal., grandmother of the
biide, and Mrs. E. Hollengren of
Galesburtr. III.
The couple vvill reside" at 1803
Locust street after December 1.
They are now in Kansas City.
Murray-Biles. S
Miss Helen Biles of Pender, Neb.,
and Dr. Floyd J. Murray of this
city were married Tuesday nqon at
the home of the bridefs mpther, Mrs.
Elizabeth Biles, Rev. George Bray
officiating. '
The bride attended Wesleyan uni
versity and the groom is a graduate
of the University of Neb'raika.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray will make
their home in Omaha, at 4003 Cum
ing street. J ,
Mrs. Munro in New York.
Mary Spaulding Munro wife of
Alexander A Munro, tor many years
superintendent of the South Omaha
schools, is a member of the board of
directors of the Congress of states
Societies in-New York city, repre
senting Nebraska. Mrsr Munro has
just rettfVned to New York after a
seventeen weeks Chautauqua engage
ment in the maritime provinces of
canaaa, new r-ngiana ana ine south
ern states. Her lectures cover con
temporary literature and American
ization. T.iinotiem
Miss Helen , Sommers will enter
tain 20 guests at luncheon Saturday
at the Fontenelle hotel.
'Mjrs.E. A. Pegau is sptnding a
short time in Chicago. : 4
i mi i
Mrs. 'Oliver Bonney is spending
two weeks in Kansaf City.
Miss Maud Miller will spend the
we.ek-end in Lincoln at the Kappa
Delta house. 1 . , -.
Miss Florence ' Newman of De
troit, Mich.vis the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs. Jack Sternberg.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester K. Jenks of
AlDcria, uanaua, are ncre 10 spena ,
the winter with Mr. Jenk's parents, !
. 1 1 . y- I I . . I I 1
Rev. and Mrs H. Jcnks, ..'try. (
Clara Schneider
Wednesday Bride
. Very simple in its appointments
was the marriage of Miss Clara
Schneider of Fremont and Harry S.
Byrne of Omaha at the home of the
bride's mother, Mrs. Jfcudolph B.
Schneider, in Fremont Wednesday
evening. The west eW of the liv
ing room" in the beautiful Schneider
i 1 a .
nome was Dannea in dhik rosgs
and yellow chrysanthemums and
there . the ceremony was per -
forrfied bv Rev. E. D. Hull
till 01 tnC
Roses and xhryianthejnums . were ect fully justified her choice of
also used through the other roomsowers and the pretty I'ttle bride-
of the home. OnW immediate rela-
tives were present at the ceremony.
ir:.. t u;-. CiliniiiflAr eictr
irMent at the ceremony
aWita Schneider sister
gher ta SCnneiaer, Sister
of the bride? who was - her only
attendant, -was gowne4 in orchid
and gold metal cloth made with
draoed She carried an arm
bouquet of Ophelia rosebud. ,
The bridal gown was of silver
cloth embroidered in pearls. The
bride wore , a tulle veil,, and her
huge bouquet was of ttlll Diown
rvSf-iiJ . r.; and orchids, the
shower of which was of sweetheart
rH.SM. Bushnell 0 Omaha acted
as oest uiu. ...
Tti. krlrt waa erraduated trom
Wellesley college and during the to be rested for the testivities
war was in the Red Cross canteen order which I,for one, was glad
corvir nvraeas.
,a ...pi 1 iffiAWtl
here having many friends among the
young set. - ' . -j o.iti-
uji v....,..v v ...
He was graduated mm ine
University of Maryl
land and also at
tended Johns Hopkins university.' e
is district grand master or K.appa
Sigma fraternity. During the war
he was stationed at Camo Jackson.
Following the ceremony a recep
tion was held tor , mends ana
many Omahans attenaea wrs.
Etta Schneider Turner of New York,
sister of the bride, who is in Fre
mont for the wedding, was gowne4
iq orange velvet. Mrs. Schneider,
mother of the bride, wore black vel
vet. , .
The bride's traveling costume was
a dark blue duvetyn mress em
broidered in henna and blue an
gora. ' With this 1 shewere a
tarn shape hat to match and a brown
squirrel coat. w
Mr. Bvrne and his bride will take
a short wedding trip. After Thanks-
giving they will be at home at tne
u.t:. U ,i IIS M,,l, Tt,ir
ty-third street. -
Problems That Perplex
.Answered by -
Family Budget.
Dear Miss Fairfax: In one of our
Omaha ' papers 1 read this letter
from a woman the other day:
"Our-grocery bill is seldom more
than $5 per week and often leas, and
we always have plenty to eat. If
my husband were to give me 85 per
month for household expenses, I,
would have at least $30 left to put
in the bank after paying the grocery
bill, gas. water, telephone and house
rent out of it. If a woman 'is one''
who can co.ok, lake, eew and do her
own washing. I can't -see why she
cannot get. along'' easily cn $.85. per'
month, running her nou3e and dress--ing
herself, for one doesn't need new.
clothes every time the moon changes
and onecan make a ch'ld so many
pretty dresses out of eld cast-oft
clothes? " ,
I am a hard-vorking wife and a
sensi We-American woman who likes
t ol live decently., Such items as this
just make me angry, because- they
are only sentimental and so utterly
senseless. This weman says she could
save $30 a month out of (85 after
paying water, telephone and
housereent That is, she could pay
house rent, buy, pay gas,,
water and lights, out of $55; Maybe
bhe lives in the sandhills where rents,
are next to nothing. I can promise
you she doesn't live in Omaha. Cheap
rent in Omaha would' be $25 and
Lcheap food for a month would tie
JSI). lpavlnff nnrhlnz fni th other
things. This woman says her gro
ceries are seldom more than $5 a
week. Allowing e pound of butter
ine at 35 cents, a dozen eggs at 70, a
loaf of bread a day, a pound of cof
fee at 35, a pint of milk a day, 20
cents a day .for meat, a peck of po
tatoes and two cans of vegetables
at 15 cents, 'thera is a total of more
than $, with no allowance for ever
a bite of fruit, such extras as spices,
vinegar, flour, lard,' no ice in sum
mer, and all the rest. Now, honestly,
Miss Fairfax, what do you think
about it?
I think it is marvelous what a
thrifty wife can accomplish if she
will. Five dollars a week seems to
me too low an estimate for groceries,
and $55- too low for rent gas, water
and 'phone. Much depends on where
a family lives, however. Naturally,
expenses are less in a small town.
where rents are more reasonable and
where country products may be pur
cnased directly. 11 a woman has a
gar An during tha summer and is-ai
clever seamstress and does all her
own work, ahe can cut bills in two
From Dixie: Snarling the hair is
likely to break it off and in time will
make it very -uneven. Unless you
brush the snarls out every night,
your hair will probably get dry from
lack of stimulation at-uie roots,
When you have been correspond
ing witn a boy and he quits writing,
there isn't much of anything you can
dc about it, except to direct your
literary efforts-into more appreciated
channels. If you think there has
been a misunderstanding or that he
has failed to receive your missives'.
it would be quite, proper to clear that
up, but you cant make a young man
write to you unless he
We-always answererery letter re
oeived. Evidently you did not see
the paper containing our reply to
your last inquiry.' .
A Very Fickle Girl.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee
A girl 18 went about with a man, 25,
for six months, when she found she
did not love him, and broke the en
A fewmofiths later I proposed to
this same girl (having known her
for five years) and she accented.
During the two months of our cor
respondence and calling upon her.
wq were madly in . lave witn each
other. During our conversation and
our correspondence she repeatedly
hated this young man.
, One evening ahe went out to call
me up, met him, eloped and they are
now married. -
What do you think of this glrlT
What can you make out of it? ' ,
--. A.-D.-PK
I think she's a fickle and unreli
able girl and that you're safely out
of a bad business. I congratulate
you on 'what you now 'think your
loss. There are plenty other girl
in the world and moct of , them.
thank fortune, are of different met
tles 1
The cantonal government of Basle
nat recognizeu tne rignr, 01 women
to occupy' the pulpits in that coun-
' ' I .1. 1 . f
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife N
The Alternative Madge Offered Mrs.
We all worked feverishly when
we returned to the house, and in au
incredibly short time, despite the
I ourj lost m the foresr, we had put
1 y JTJX
i -'" snt.vt 5 j v r ""-'v
ttAoi,i V.d KronUo Trio
"K fctvI VI lilt; Jiv-iiijr uiajimv v
e wno-w
eluded in her room 111 the-thralldom
of Aunt Dora Paige's old-fashioned
nrrr.Ar fnr
"leas as to the proper procedure for
.bnde-elect-shpped down the
tairs .wrule her aunt was busy su-
pervising some last culinary details
and applauded witft 'delight the re-
suits 01 our labor
A hastv but thoroughly s
picnic luncheon Jolloweay s
v '"""u"3' "
dming room was already decorated
j and in
; 1 after the wedding ceremony. Then
. tu A t, j
Kal lJ lr "c " . .
i .7 1
Of course, even the roomiest of
old southern mansions has its limif
tations in the matter of guest rooms,
1 t t intn t- roo ,xt
" .t " r-i-r
liiBi V a as,i.av luiOiWMyvV aV "J
siesta. The maid who showed me
the room volunteered the intorma
tion that "Mis' Durkee mustn't be
feelin' right smaht, for sh didn't
come down to her breakfast, an she
didn't eat the one ole Mis' Dora sent
up to her room.
Mrs. Durkee's Emotion
As I took off my blouse, sport
-skirt and shoes and slipped into the
peignoir lying across the bed a
touch of Aunt Dora's housewifcli
ness which matched the care taken
of the thing's" I had sent to the room
wjien 1 arrived at the house- I re
solved to look in on mv little neigh
bor when I should have had the nan
Aunt Dora had prescribed. I feu
too upset by the remembrance of the
little scence enacted among the' dog
wood blossoms to do anything for a
tew minutes save creep in between
I :
George Crook W. R C.
George, Crook W. R. C. will
hold a special meeting Fridav aft
ernoon, .1:30 o'clock, in Memorial
hall, court house. Mrs. RlnnrVic
McConnaughey of -Gibson, depart
ment president, win attend -the meet
Girls! Save Your Hair!
- .Make It Abundant!
Immediately after a "Danderine"
massage, ypur hair takes on,1 new
lifet lustre and wondrous beauty
appearing twice as heavy and plenti
ful, because each hair seems to fluff
and thicken. Don't let your hair
stay lifeless, . colorless, plain or
scraggly. You, too,, want lots of
long, strong, beautiful hair.
A 35-cett bottle of delightful
"Danderine" freshens your scalp,
checks dandruff and tailing hair.
Thfs stimulating 1 "beauty-tonic"
gives to thin, dull, fading hair that
youthful brightness and abundant
thickness All druggists 1
For Yo ur Hair
TesiT mm tU hdlmn
Tber 4oa't sue perfnined lotions.
For acts they out bur ell, with
ether potest lngiiienU froas
the Awls, aam and tortus ef
Neton. A reliable formula la
KOTALKO. . ladiaas' elixir far
hair aaS aealp.
Astonllhino ene.
1 in
iaavoiBc HtW GROWtk In
WA r r 1 mm wi A id. - I
Iaatitata. tSOO, aura -rtfud
taTealaa. Far awn, woaua.
caildrea. Kern this dTertiaat
eft .Skew eUn. PMitlraly arapdtrfal. Bey
. sao araa owraj ar aooa je I
(aater ar ataaaaa) far proof bbz sod gwraotaV,
Jha Bart Brittala. Sta. F. New York
Be Better Looking Take
OUve Tablets
If your skin is yellow complexion
rxUUo-7tonguecoated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth
a lazy, no-good feeling you should
take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets-i-a sub
stitute for calomel ware nrwvmvl hv
Tr. Edwards after 17 years of study.
jjr.tuiwards-unveTabietsarea purely
You will know them by their olive color.
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood daysyou must getat the cause.
-" Dr. Ikiwards' Olive Tablets act on
the liver and bowels like calomel yet
have no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome con
stipatkm. Take one or two nightly nd
note the pleasing results. Millions of
boxes are sold annually at 15c and 30c
. s. , - I III a I z I
rs&. mjm . The,
4 I
the- lavender-scented sheets, draw a
rose-tinted silk coverlet over my
shoulders and relax luxuriously.
I was just dropping off into the
sleep I needed when I heard a queer
little stifled sound from the room
next mine. At first I did not recog-
nize that someone was weeping in'
must be little Mrs. Durkee. With a
regretful farewell to my vanished
nap I .rose, , wrapped tlie peignoir
more closely around me and knocked
. snftlv imnn the rfnnr whirh rnnnert-
softly upon the door which connect
ed the two rooms.
The sobs ceased, and I heird a
rustling, then my little neighbor's
choked voice calling:
"Who who-is there?"
"It is I -Madge," I returned
softjly. "Please let me in. J want
to talk to you." ' ' 1
She gave an audible gasp of
amazed relief, then I heard the pat
tering of her tiny feet across the
''California Syrup of Figs"
Child's fiest Laxative
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California
on the package, then you are sure
your child is having the best ,and
most harmless physic for the little
stomach, liver and-bowels. Children
love its fruity taste. Full directions
on each bottle. You must say
A Real Value Sensation
You've encountered surprise
after surprise' during our re
cent sales, but this Suit event
(Surpasses thera all.
1 c r. a
.11 r&m
I 1 : .I MLi Pr -f I ' '
a 1 t 1 11 . 11 :
I II 1 Li UM AA. WJA 111 II'
1 M aT "V. aW IaV . a TT.I i. V I
;i . mn .
1 r usc ;
' '
1 -'
floor, and the next minute the door
swung open and 1 Iter woe-begone
little figure confronted me.
Her childlike face'was streaked
and mottled with tears and her usu-
killy pretty hair- was hanging in
stringy contusion, as sue saw nic
she put out her hands with twlclp
less, appealing gestt'te.
Madge's Strate'gem.
VOh! my dear. I'm so glad to see
yoi!" she said.; "I've wanted some
body so." . . ' ,
vl put myarn around her, al
though I felt more like shaking her,
A .
er' 'cVtIy 'aturXone for
""lmoath'pe ' the day' of a
chad's wedding-probably presaged
tome absurd proposition.
."What is it?" I asked sympathet
ically, but purposely misunderstand
ing. "Arc yon ill? .
"No, but I wish I were," she
wailed. "Then I wouldn't Nhavtf to
go through this today."
She slipped from my arms and
threw herself upon the bed, burying
her head in th pillows in a storm
of sobs and tears. I waited until
the paroxysm had spent itself, plan
ning how I should deal with her. '
Finally she lifted her head and
sat up, shivering.
"It's no use, Madge." she said
I IB 7ffit I -
V . '; ' ' l6th Pit
I .- - 1 ; -.
JKursday-Chbice of
Great $100,000 Purchase Sale
' 0. - mm"mmmm' aaiaasaaasasaaaaaaa. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
r A rdal climax to all the marvelous values weVe offered.,
Suits secured in our recent gigantic purchases, at prices that
barely represent th actual cost of the labor on5the suits alone.
Buy your new suit here Thursday it's an act you'll never regret.
Silvertones: Duvetyn, Goldtips, Oxford Cloth. Plain, and -
. Check Velours, Tricotines; fur trimmed, embroidered and braid
ed. All the wanted winter shades are .generously represented.,
Buy These IVonder-Ualue Suits on, Credit
' Just a
r halanee of your purchase can be paid for as you get paid. Re
member: We'U arrange the payment terms to suit x your con--
vehemently. "I can't go through
with- it. They'll simply have to have
the. wedding without me, that's all.
I've nothing against Leila or any
of them, but I simply can't -see my
boy married. I should simply shriek
or faint, or do something disgrace
ftrl right in the middle of the cere
mony. I can't do it, I tell you I
simply carrtl"
The impulse to shake her was al
most irresistible now. I knew bow
obstinate she, was when her natur
ally sunny yielding disposition, tbok
one of, these emotional tantrums,
and I can about in my mind for the
surest means of dealing with her.
, "Of course, if you feel that way
about it," I said coldly, "there is
nothing more -to be said. I will go
down to Alfred and Leila directly
and tell them. -They, no doubt, will
be able to postpone the wedding, or
abandon it altogether, for you know
Leila said she woul never marry
Alfred unless you' were perfectly
willing for her to do so." ' y '
. (Continued Tomorrow.)
The Sky. '
The sky" . - '
Is that beautiful old parchment
In which the sur.
And the moo ',.
LKeep their diVy. . ,
Silver for Thanksgiving
You will find our Thanksgiving showing of decorative
silver delightfully comprehensive. Extensive showings are
offered in all well-known silver services: Community, Rogers
Bros., Holmes & Edwards, Alrin & Reed and Barton each ex
hibi including pieces of dainty designing, sturdy worth. -
1 Six knives and forks priced as low as. ..,..$ 5.00
Desirably distinctive stylings at ........... 10.00
Carving sets ' 15.00 -
"Gifts That La$t"
Johp Henrickson
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very small outlay of ready cash is necessarv the
Bedroom Table uovers
Straw veranda tables make most
ireful bedroom tables, but are sel
dom the right color and one hates
to paint them over when they will
be in demand next summer for the
veranda again in their present juit
abl shade. One housekeeper solved
the problem by making a circular
cover to fit the top of the table ol
ftiulberry satin- (her room being in
gray and mulberry), with insets of
strips of cretonne to match her
hangings. To this she attached a
straight drapery that alupst reached
the floor and concealed the obnox
iouscolor of the table legs, making
it from the sateen, with alternating
wide and narrow inset strips of the
cretonne The effect was pretty and
the drapery like charity covered a
multitude of sins in the shape of the
overfilled darning basket.
Apply wtt baking soda or Ordi
nary ammonia, followed by
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Qti 1 7 Million Jan
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132 Suits Involved
-lTi" TI Lh iLi '""U3MaIMBanVin"
and we predict that the entire
1 lot will be dispdsH of before
t "the doors close Ttf u.r s d a y
and r.1isses'
reserve it matters
Suit you select was
at $65 or $i2r5--
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