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I 1 '
Fanners' Strike
Bitterly Scored
By -Julius Barnes
'.. rr ' v
Former Dim-tor of Grain Cor:
poration,. Strongly', Against
, Any Organization for Fix
ing Pric? $ pa Wheat. ....
By The Associated Press.
Chicago; ' Nov. 6. Julius H.
Barnes, former director general of.
the United State Grain corporation,
Friday appeared before the market-:
ing committee of 11 of the Amcricitt
Farm Bureau fciltration, offering
opinion' and suggwtions on the Slb?
jeet of grain marketing ancf putlin
ing major Liflueyiccs Qn price fluc
tuations on trading exchanges. lK
Jn his statement, Mr. i3arnes said
that it was his firm convection that
the present system of gram grading'
through open exchanges py main
taining a high competitive market
it all times, worked to the advantage
of both producer and consumer and
that future trading .was beneficial
. in that it furnished insurance .for
, traders against destructive losses on
commitments, which would, o. nec-J of influence of France and Italy-
essity, be taken in wider margins of
' profits , witho.ut, Exchange hedging.
Touches On Price Decline.
tbuChing upon reent declines in
wheat prices,, Wtlich some agricul-
tural interests of the country have
claimed are unwarranted by the ex
isting supply and , demand, Mr.
XKarnes said thatMhe-wheat pro
ducer had reaped the full effect of
deflation" because of the "cushion"
found in future trading. .-'
He cited, figures, fending to show
that the decline in wheat from the
peak post-war price to the current
level had been only 18 per cent, as
against 'a declirfo of 68 jer cent in
potatoes, for? which -there is .-nc?;' ex
change market. Similar comparisons
reveal declines of 55 per cent in
cotton, ;,47 per cent in beans and 46
per cent in barley, the statement
said. -5, .
He urged the development of a
better understanding', of,; graiife'-ex-;
changes and co-operatioa.ifh them
in developing thert f uil-.'servic;e; and
eliminating their efedtsVand- abuses
and commended; th iptnmite, for
its temper to ''jayrHi4iorejudiois,
and previous conteptidts ?to'HWi
the truth about ljfesic4jfofm.whih
sound, rnarketiuglnist pppceed;,"-.'
IndiSationsf ,hjit' th . deflation.' fs-world-wide
jn character,' and?' not
confined, to Arnerkan farm products
alone,! Mr. Barnes ( said.' tyas found
, in the fact that imported farnvcom
' j modifies, suih as, sugar , and coffee,
fell off from61 to'po.'pe-r cent during
the same neriodr '..."...V',.": ...' , '.
Publisher Charges
Unjust Deportation v
From Great Britain
v - -
Washington, Nov. 5,-E. -J; Cos-
ttllo of Chicagor managing editor of
the Ferated Press, whose expul-
T"- . 1 1 . 1 f V
sion nam cngianu was orucreu re
cently by the British - government
because of his association with" per
sons of, alleged radical views, made
formal' complaint to 'the State de
partment that he had been unjustly
deported. Secretary Colby promised
to have Ian investigation made and
arranged for Mr. Costello to discuss
' the matter with the counsellor of
the department.
' In a memorandum io the secre
tary, Mft Costello said he wished to
obtain -from the department an ex
pression of its attitude toward the
cases of American newspapermen,
who "incur the displeasure of for
eign governments and who may in
consequence, ?be arrested, and de
ported without? a hearing and - with-,
ouT charges being preferred." , He
" declared that , American correspond
ents, in their "work abroad, necessar-
- ily must be expected to come into
contact with persons of all shades
of political belief. -
Entire Wrangel Force
Facing Annihilation
New York Tlrtes-Chlcairo Tr&sne Cable.
Copyright 190.
Constantinople, Nov. 6. The en-
tire, Wrangel army faces annihila-
tion. ' - ' '
Swift and overwhelming attacks
were launched simultaneously by
five bolshevik armies totaling 150v
000 troops. This has enabled Bu
denny's crack cavalry corps to ' at
tack concentrically Kachovka bridge
head on the Dneiper and hack their
v way clear across the mouth of .the
Crimean isthmus, cutting the sole
railway line at Ncuvo Alexievk. Ad
vance guards have reached Genuitch
on the sea of s Azov. ' 1
All the Wrangel armies fighting
in south Russia, most of which are
massed on the Miltopol region, are
cut off from their base in Crimea
and are menaced with capture, al
though General Wrangel's headquar
ters asserts that isolated groups,
fighting their way through the- sur
rounding , 'ed cavalry cordon, arc
reaching Crimea. s ;
Bulls Scarce in New York;
Bull Fighter Goes to Peru
New' York. Nov. 5. The cham
pion bull fighter" is with us but, he
isn't staying very long for lack of
..." t i , " '
punllC Duns vi siay.
He is Juan Garcia Belmonte. of
'.Spain. He has laid 200 of the fero-
Sious rusher low and is enroute to
Lima, Peru, where, he is assured of
opportunities of giving the coup de
grace to some more ,
A process has bAtn invented in
r Holland for manufacturing a food
. for swine frbm" fish offat that does
net affect the flavor "of th? pork.
Fraiice, Britain
And Italy Sign
Tripartite Pact
B Th Auoelated fw.
Paris, Nov. 6.-France, Great
Britain and Italy Tiave signed a tri
partite agreement in which they
agreed to support each other in
im.iitaining their "sjiheres of in
f'ufnee' in Turkey.' The limits of
Iia !ims in whirti rpsnfftivp
sp;cial uiterests of France ajjrj
Italy are recognized, are tlefinedy t
the same document.
This agreement it.devcloped, was
signed at Sevres, August 10, the day
the public ceremonial of the signing
of thc'peacetreaty with Turkey took
place. i
Although the 3greement, it is ex
planned, i not considered a secret
one, it nevertheless has not ' been
made public until now, after a lapse
of nearly three months since the
siguing. Under its own terms, the
document was to come into force and
be published at the time the Turks'
peace treaty should go into effect.
This date is still an uncertainty.
In connection 'with examination of
the text of the agreement, atten
tion is being called to the fact that
while the treaty defines the spheres
ChicagoTenkhts See
Famt Ray of Light
- In Housing Situation
" i ' -
Chirac TribuDff-Omaha Br LaaMd Wir.
Chicago, Nov. 6. Homeless peo
ple of CWcago and those whoniave
a roof over them for which ;hey
musU-pay any price demanded by
greedy landlords beghi to sec a rift
in the clouds. The labor unions have
signed an agreement to suspend
thein jurisdictional disputes, the
prime cause lor ail stnues, tor, a
period oiJ8 months. This is a tre-
Lmeudous step forward and contrac
tors are now encouraged io bo "u
with the building operations which
have fallen almost to the vanishing
point. '
Some building materials, notably
lumber, some varieties of hardware
and nails, are considerably'-'cheaper,
and witlr labor agreeing to (tease
bickering and. give a day's Work
for a day's wage, Vospcf18 are
bright for a, great revival in, home
building.' , -
Shortage of Water Forces
Big Paper Planlo Close
' Ecanaba, , Mich., N,ov 6. The
Escanaba Paper company, one oftl)e
largest in the northwest, will close
Saturday due to fhortage of water
caused by lackNof rainfall in nearby
streams. During thepast month the
plant has been running half capacity.
The plant employs, hundreds of
mcn '
Bride Drinks Poison When
Hubhy' Threatens io Leave
Wed but thce weeks, Mrs Delia
Messes, 2jJ, 318 North Nineteenth
ttrect, attempted suicide Friday
night, police said, by drinking poison
following a threat made by her hus
band he was going to leave her. Her.
condition is not serious.
Negro Arrested as
Suspect in TWurder
D Girl at St. Louis
St. Louis, Nov. 4). Folicc ar
rested a negro in connection with the
slaying of Miss Edna Ellis,,, 18,
stenographer. whoA body wa
found early , Friday in a clump of
V'ccds in a vacant lot in the north
western section of the city near the
girl's fiome. - , v .
The negro's initials correspond!
with inutals on a slip of paper found
near the scene of the crime, the po
lice said.
The girl's lacerated hands gave
mute testimony of the desperate
fight she made for her life. 1
Mrs. Marfa Ellis, mother of the
girl, told police Edna usually ar
rived home about 6 p. m., but worked
over time last night to earn extra
meney to purchase Christmas pres
ents, v .
i v.
Federal Offices Change.
;The money order and central ac
counting departments in the federal
building have swffpped offices. The
money order department isnow lo
cated in tht northwest corning ell
the butldiifc while the cashier's and
central accounting department is lo
cated in the southeast corner. 1
1 I" . 1 i 1 - i T 3
$15.00, $19.50, $25.00
Are the special sale prices
on several hundred' new
tricotine1 dresses, velour
dresses and silk dresses on
ale Monday at , ,
1508-10 Douglas Strt
recognizing the special interests of
France in Guicia and western part of
Kurdistan bordering on Syria and of
Italy in southern Anatolia the
British spheres ot influence are not
only undefined but are . not mem
tiofled. This has raised thev question
that if the agreement is susceptible
of the interpretation that the British
interests majf be held to extend to
any or all,the remaining parts of the
Turkish empire. ' I ;
' It is noted also that, while the
agreement does not take the form of
an alliance, it pledges the contracting
powers to "render diplomatic sup
port, to. each other in maintaining
their respective t , positions' in the
areas' in which the special interests
kare recognized." -
One section of the document pro
vides for the exploitation" 6f . the
Bagdad railway by a company in
which British, French and,-Italian
caoital is eauallv interested. It-also
gives the exploitation of the Hera
cjea coal mines, between Konieh and
Adana.'to Italy.
j. , : I ,
Deputy Jail Warden
dfasty Killed j
2; ByGrazed Prisoner
- Mount Holly. N. J., Nov. 6. Dep
uty Warden W.-Harry King of the
Burlington county jail and Charles
Vernon Bartlett,.a ; "trusty," were
beaten to death with a stove poker
in he jail- by Hrry Asay, a pris
oner,' who was said to be suffering
front delirium- emens.
King was killed when he went to
Asay's cell to give hin medicine.
Rushing from the cell, Asay encoun
tered ' Bartlett in , the jailkitthen
beating him soseverely that he died
tonight.. Another ;"trusty" also was
attacked, but he escaped before the
J cja?ed man couid reach hinrvith the
poKecu Asay men nea io ine jau
yard v and- tfid4 cale - a 20rfoot
wall. Failing, he armed . himself
with an axe and an iron pipe, threat
ening Joseph Jones, colored prisoner
who had grappled with him in jail.
He was Subdued a few minutes later
atidf locked up.
Asay, a scrap-iron dealer of Bur
lington, was arrested Wednesday
night for drunkenness and sentenced
to .a month in jail. He developed
delirium tremerts and wasplaced un
King was 60 years old.
Rabbi Cohn Will Occupy
Pulpit of Unitarian Church
"Why I am a Jew," will, be the
subject of the sermon,, of Rabbi
Frederick Cohn of Temple Israel
Sunday morning" when h occupies
the" pulpit at the First Unitarian
church, Turner boulevard and Har
ney street. The services will begin
at 10:30. ' ,
, Strike Spreading.
Brussels, Nov. 6. The strike of
coal miners in the Charleroi coal
fields which hpramc rffrrtiv Tiipc
'day, has spread to the La Louviere
region, 10 miles northwest of
Charleroi. The miners invplved num
ber 55,000. , .
, - : Arrival.
Kot, Nov. 1. Hwxh Jah, San Franclics.
Kobe. Oct. 31. Tajami Maru, Seattle;
Manila Maru. Tacoma.
. Calcutta, Nov. 4. Kaatern Expertor, San
Frahclsro. ' ' '
San Franclfco. Nov. 8. Steamer Ha
waliaa,ir York, Balbca. Sallna, 8hn-
Hotiifcone, Nor. 1. Ixlon. Seattle.
ChrMtlana. Oct 10. Motorthlp Borg
land, Tacoma.
Nkit Tork, JJev.- .Archer, San Fj&iwr
. Shanghai, pv., I.J-Wat .pjgQfj.
Depart ore.
Ea Frandjco, Nov. V. Rea Mard.
llontko " ,
Furniture of Italian design has found the widest acceptance; it is especially suited to
the modern dining room where its practical qualities portend years of real
usefulness-The suite illustrated is shown on our main floor at a sale price.
dozens of wonderf u I
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Tudor Dining Suite
$557.00, 8-piece Tudor Dining Suite, including
72-inch Buffet, Oblong Extension Table, Six
Chairs with brown leather slip
seats. Saleptice.
$1,028 Ten-piece, solid ma
hogany, hand carved Chip
'pendale Dining Suite, in
cluding v6-inch Buffet, a,
Wood Door China Cab
inet, 46x60-inch Oblong
Extension T a b 1 e, Six
" Chairs, and None Arm
- Chair; with full slip seats
"upholstered in blue hair- .
cloth. Re- - (JJ7Q0 -.
duced, to. .P py ;
$485 Eight-piece Georgian , 'i
Dining Suite of solid Wal-
nut, inclnding '60x48-inch ,
Oblong Extension Table, '
six Side 'Chairs and One
Arm Chair, with , cane
backs and - sats up- ,
holstered in blue leather.
o. ,
$1,465 Ten-piece Italian
- RehaissancS J Refractory
Suite )n American Wal
nut, antiqued inchidinc
84-inch Buffe 36x66
inch Refractory TTable -that
extends to 118 inches,
two Arm Chairs and four
Side Chairs upholstered in
handsome tapestry, and
'"two Benches. ' " tfj A C
Reduced to.... yfD
$564 Nine -piece Queen
Anne Dining Suite of ,
American Walnut, includ
ing 72-inch Buffet,' 6Qx
48-inch Extension Table,
six Chairs and one Arm
Chair. Re- tl'7C'
duced to 4T J
$594 Nine-piece Tudor fin
ing Suite of old oak in
antique finish, including
72-incji Buffet," 8 ft. by
- 54Tn. Extension Table,
Six Chairs and one Arm
Chair, wih slip seats up
holstered" in tapestry.
Reduced dM'CA
..... ..PtJU
Same Suite with
60-inch Buffet.
$145 China Cabinet
match either
'$1,945 Ten-piece Italian
Dining, Suite in. American
walnut finished antique,
including , a ..78-inch JSuf-
v fet, Oblong Extension
Table, 46x66 inches, Six
Chairs and one Arm Chair
upholstered iny .elegant
verdure 1 Ofifi
taestrjr, at...plUU .
$1,250 Ten-piece Italian
Dining suite in antique
" oak, including' v 72rjnch
Buffet, Oblong Extension
, Table, Serving ' Table, '6
Chairs and 1, Arm Chair
with full slip seats covered
in tapestry
. v
$1,100 Twelve - piece Old
v English' Dining Suite of
American -Walnut, fin
ished antique, including
v 72-inch Buffet, Wood
Door China Cabinet,
Server, 64-inch Oblong
Extension Table, six
N Chairs and two Arm
Chairs' with - ' seats and
backs upholstered. Re
duced , . - x
denim, Re-
$750 Nine-piece Tudor Din
ing Suite in Old English
Oak, including 8-foot Ob
long Table, Servjpg Table,
six Chairs and one Arm
Chair, with seats and
backs upholstered in yer-
, dure tapestry.
Reduced to...
Some of the Separate Pieces on Sale
New Invention Sent on 30 Days'
Trial Without Expenae to You.
Simply tend me yoar name and I will
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1508-10 Douglas Street .
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Table".... $75.00
$110 Solid Mahogany China
$70.00 Mahogany- Serving
. aTt... $35.00
$145 Span-Umbrian 72-irtch-
Buffet, Cnr nr.
$78.00 Span-Umbrian Serv- -,
$120 Queen Anne Walnut
aBt.e!'.... $89.00
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& $45.00
$165 Queen Anne Buffet in
amnayh0g;..: $98.00
114 Mahogany China Cabi-
' $57.00
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v fabfe"8!?. .$75.00
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;,r..:... $50.00
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Anne Serv- AC (f
, , ihg Table. 4tD.UU
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Anne China
Cabinet '.
5225 Mahogany Queen Anne
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Table. .
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$55.00 Mahogany Dining
, $35.00
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These are Hepplewhite
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Let us teke your Old Dining Furnitures off your
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i l,,.,,,,l,ll.,,,...-ii.ailji.lallaiiaii,.ielaii.aiikiiali-iIl A TA TLTV1 Xt XK7WV T"V 7 Tf 1 A ,1aiiaiiaiai.a,laut.iaiBiiaiiiiiiiiNltiaiilill)iailliiailtillilliltlliilMiiaHaiiliiai.iH aia., , a. .k. .,..,,..... a. .1.i.i.itlilriliiPli.iiiMllllilll1IMII.IItlltlf1ltl
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I MHiWI" I I I . I mMLrLTLsvmuiu-. ' J--' ' . T-Mil X
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im 111 I 'J . Jl lJUfHmi ' . 'JHm-UT-nMY.ivriM-Ti-q-
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i' J
1 I
Hand Painted'
" hades
r 22x12'
Individual designs, one of
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f V
' 1 !
V- v. W -
1 ir.
Every room demands a
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1 for many reasons in the dining room,' strong colorings op-plain
shades have een used to support the somewhat heavy furni- ,
ture in this room. We show hundreds of rugs most suitable
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popular justlfow. . .v '
8-x10-6 Blue Seamiest Brussel Rug Made by the Bigelow Hartford "2H A A
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f -. .. . . i . V
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' Body Brustet Kug-Many desire to use these in the dining-room because they are ;
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1 - over patteml'fri many izesv the '9x12 ft for .PO
v v ,
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ifSMSu'leMSul:luSla::S'Sll::B;el':;ll:MSM1!Sla'l'tSllll:l:lSl:.lSl'l::!S.lS;:i.a:S'S'lS:lS::S;l::l''lSSr:S;ll!l'llal I l.ili.liilttl :riliif :.l
ORCHARD Si WjliHELIj CO. i:.euaita:aisiie:iaiiiiiaiaMaiiiiaii'taia4iaiiatia-?f ?STiaii..iii:iaiiaitiii:.iaua.iaiiaiii.aa !Mi:ii.wti;iMi.ii.!,i:iiuij.ariii.ii.ii.':i.ii;.i.f:iS
K . ..IV.