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Do You Realize the
9 a wu . . . m
H . : : If '
I I . TO SAVE TH)- " v Tl -',0 PJ fl' ' ' ' TO SAVE- '
is. Braiiid :eiis Smtm -I.-.
A of the
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Present Day Happenings
at Brandeis Stores
. f - -
5D0 YOU REALIZE that Branded Stores is
making history in merchandising?
1D0 YOTJ REALIZE that Brandeis Stores is
ono of the very few stores in the country that
liave tafitn the initiative in cutting prices to
the propers figure? - .
Alertness! :
! . ' ,
flWlien the break in the markets came, we
not onJy made use of our great resources'
and bought good's at the lower prices, but we
also reduced the prices on our own stocks.
Tins put them in line with the conditions of
the market It is true that this procedure
meant an immediate loss for us. But under all
circumstances we seek the confidence of our
customers which, in the long run, means
smore customers and more business for us. j.
This in itself would make up for any imme:
diate losses we have had iir adhering to our;
system of price regulation.
Realization! ' .
OTST TO IIaLUSTRATE, by a few items
V - 1(1111 1 UIB ltpxcsiuiiiuvc VLg many uaumcua
''ll 1 L 11 i. - i-Z 1 1
inrouguoui uus siore, Ave me quuimg ueiuw
TEE NEW PRICES on, merchandise, show
ing in comparison what this same merchan
dise sold for until recently.
- '
tOne of the first items we wish to mention is
MEN'S CLOTHING. Do you realize what it
means when we sell our whole stock of men's
clothing at two prices, $35 and $50?
'ilThese suits formerly sold up to $115, suits
of the famous, Hart Schaffner & Marx and
other equally good brands.
. ' Performance!
when we offer our entire stock of Boys'
Clothing, including all the Hart Schaffner
& Marx, boys' suits at three prices, $10,
17.50 and $25? These suits were formerly
sold up to 47-50. ., .,
when we offer women's coats at $35 that
formerly sold at $65; also women's suits at
$35 that formerly' sold at, from $45 to $59?
Do you realize what it means
when we offer such items "
t as these:
Formerly NOW
Bleached Turkish Towelsv.'. 49 .29
All Wool French Serge 2.50 1.95
Kayser pure thread silk Hosiery. . 4.00 3.00
'Standard Percales 48 .25
Standard Apron Gingham .35 - .19
Men's Domet Flannel Shirts 2.50 . 1.G9
Flannel Night Gowns
Cotton Toweling
Boys' Mackinaws '. . 8j50
Muslin Night Gowns 1.50
Black Office Aprons 1.50
Men's Overalls 2.50
Men's Work Shirts 1.75
Men's Knit Underwear 2.75
Fashioned Silk Hosiery . 2.00
English Wilton Rugs 175.00-
v Axrainster Rugs 69(50
Rag Rugs 1 2.95
Wool Mixed Blankets 10.95
Wool finish Blankets, assorted col. 4.50
Mercerized Darrfask Pattern Cloths
" Kayser e silk lislg' Union Suits.
- Kayser Italian Silk Marvelfit Vests
Children's Vclastic Uniori Suits...
Bleached Muslin, 36 in. wide 29
White Flannel, 27 in. wide 35
: Men's leather and sheep lined Vests 13.50
Bleached Hope Muslin, 36 in. wide . .39
Kalburnie Zephyr Dress Gingham. Ji$
Heavy 36-in. midnight blue Satin 5.50
Lock Stitch Mignonette, 36-in. wide 5.00
' Black Chiffon Taffeta, 36 in.wide 2.95
Women's High Shoes 15.00
Qingham 3ungalpw Aprons...... 2.00
Monday-The Greatest Sale of Rugs Sinfee
-At Savings that Will Easily Average
Mostly the Famous Bigelow Hartford Carpet Co.'s and Alex Smith & Sons Carpet Co.'i Make
KM mummmm
We purchased these rags at prices , that make possible Sale continues as lorig as the lota last. Inasmuch as
most unprecedented savings. Our only regret, is that there are only single pieces of many patterns we advise
the quantity is altogether too limited. Sale, begins early selection. Below we state the approximate quan-
Monday at 9 a. m., sharp. tity of the ruga offered for sale.
304 Room Size Rugs 754 Small. ize Rugs
4 Scotch Chenilles,
8 Royal .Wiltons,
7 Koyal Wiltons,
14 Royal Wiltons,
5 Royal Wiltons, A
10 Royal Wiltons, v
wortJi $250, each 160.50
worth trig, each 136.50
tfbrtb $i8s, each 34.75
worth ttjs, each 129.50
worth-$i6s, each 123.00
wortA $is9, each 98.50
12 Royal wytons, -worth ti5, each
1 Seamless Wilton, worth $115, each
1,7 Seamless Wiltons, worth 89.50, each
3 Royal Turkish, - wortA $145, each
15 Wilton Velvets, wortA 79.50, each
11 Wilton -Velvets, worth S75, each
6 Wilton Velvets, wortA 69.50 each
539x12 Seamless Azminsters
11 Rugs, wottA 98.50, each, , 74.50
14 Rugs, - wortA 8950, ,each, 67.50
7 Rugs, wortA 76.50, each, 59.75
5 Ruga, wortA $75, eacfi, 5675
16 Rugs, wortA 69.50, each, 4373
338-3x10-6 Rugs
4 Royal Wiltons, worth 1179, ec 132.50
i Royal Wiltons, wortb $175, eacli 129.50
8 Royal Wiltons, worth $139.50, ea 98.50
13 Royal Wiltons, worth $129, eaeh 95.00
1 Wilton Tehets, worth $87.50, ea. 65.00
N -
- 668-3x10-6 Rugs ,
11 Wilton TelTcts, worth $69.50, ea. 47.50
2 Bmssels Bags, worth $55, each 39.50
C Brussels Bug, worth 39.50, each 29.50
11 Royal Axmlnsters, worth $7$, ca. 56.75
8 Royal Axmlnsters, worth $65, ea. 47.50
C Royal Axmlnsters, worth 69.50, ea. 49.50
7 Royal Axmlnsters, worth 59.50,. ea. 43.75
Royal Axmlnsters, worth 89.50, ea. 67.50
C JWyal Axmlnsters, worth 79.50, ea. 58.75
39-11-3x12 Rues
1 Royal Wilton, worth $250. each 185.00
6 Royal Wilsons, worth $220, each 165.00
0 Royal Wiltons, worth $295, each 225.00
2 Royal Wiltons, worth $285, each 215.00
2 Royal Wiltons, worth $275, each 197.00
1 .Royal iftlton, worth $185, each 139.00
17 Royal Axminster, worth 98.50, ea. 72.50
8 Seamless Tehets, worth $75, each 56.75
I Brussels Rngs, worth $55, each 39.50
" 764 Small Size Rugs
12 Royal Tnrklsh, 86x63 Inches worth 22.50. each
27 Royal Wiltons, 86x63 Inches, worth 29.50,' each
82 Royal Wiltons, 86x63 Inchesworth 24.60, each
'48 Royal Wiltons, 27x54 Inches, worth 18.50. each
63 Royal Wiltons, 27x54 Inches, worth 17.50, each
72 Axmlnsters, 86x72 inches, worth 14.50, each
81 Axmlnsters, 27x54 Inches, worth 8.25, each
ll4 Axmlnsters, 27x54 Inches, worth 6.75, each
248 Axmlnsters, 27x54 Jnches, worth 7.50, each .
64 Telret Rngs, worth 5.95, each
13.75 '
Brandeis Stores Fourth FloorCenter. Omaha's Greatest Rug Department.
November Sale o Blankets, Mattresses Comforters!
Your Greatest Buying. Opportunity of the Year
v . 1 ,
' . ' . . ' .
Our Bargain- Basement Will See the Season s' Biggest Crowd of Customers
195 Blankets, at 2.19
Cottoii. Blankets In assorted colors; heavy,
warm, fleecy napf assorted fancy borders, 2.19
lareau wmopeu eui;us, iui lu.wquaiicr disc i .
. . . II. AAP. l1 , l-m . . )
Dtas; nvim z.voj bvcuu, per pw, .
5.50 Blankets, at 3.19,
Plaid Blankets Beautiful wool finish in as- , -g q
sorted colors; thread whipped edges; size O.X"
, 66x80 inchef ; worth 50; special, per pair,
4.50 Blankets, at 2.59
Wool Finished Cotton Blankets In gray and
tan, with assorted washatle borders; thread
whipped edges; extra heavy, warm wool fin
ish; worth 4.60; special, per pair,
10.75 Blankets, at 8.75
Genuine Beacon "Blankets-Beautlful plaMs
and Jacquard designs; of imported cotton; ex-
tra thick and warm; bound with two-inch mo
hair blanket binding; worth 10.75; special, per
8.50 Blankets, tt 5.50
Beacon Blankets in tan, white and gray; with -fancy
blue and pink borders; made of Imported k or
cotton; extra thick and "warm; size 72x84 JC5J
inches;, worth 9.60; special, per pair,
15.50 Blankets, at 10.95 '
Genuine All-Wool Blankets in white and'' i
assorted plaids; guaranteed every thread -t s Qer
pure wool, ttroroughl.. scoured to prevent Av.JJD
shrinking worth Monday, per pair, - I
1.25 Blankets, at 79c
Beacon Baby Blankets Size 30x40 inches; al
most endless assortment of animal, Jacquard, ai
floral and nursery designs; in colors of pink C
and blue; worth 1.25 Monday, special, each 1 -
8.00 Blankets, at 6.00
Beacon Bathrobe Blankets Variety-of Indian
and Jacquard styles; size 72x90; large enough
to make a full-size bathrobe; complete with
girdle, neck cords and frogs to match; wonderful-
value , special, each, 1
. 7.00 Blankets, at 4.85
WOBTH $7PAIE-Gennine Woolnap Blank
ets In assorted plaids and checks; also gray .
and tan; with fancy washable hordera; neat-4 85
ly whipped edges; looks and wear like wool;
tor double beds; Monday, per pair,
Comforters, Pads and Pillows
Jull Size Bed Comforters
Filled with sanitary
cotton batting; som
have 9-inch plain bor
ders, neatly hand tuft- 'J EJQ
ed; heavy winter
weight; wonderful val
ue; special, each,
Sanitary Couch Fads -
Made of good quality all
coUon felt and covered
with fancy ticking; reg
ulation standard size CI (2K
and weight ; regular- -
8.50 value; special;
, Feather Pillows
Covered with --good's
quality fancy ticking
and filled with sanitary
feathers; regular valne,
1.69; special, each,
Mattresses at Lowest Prices
Cotton Top Mattresses
Covered with fancy
Btrlped ticking and
tilled with good grade
excelsior; deep layer of t 17 K
cotton on top; regular
double bed size; extra
valne; each, ' ,
Combination Zfattrttsa
for fall size beds; cot
ered with splendid qual
ity art ticking; stand
ard weights and, size; R
well made with deep'-'vv
tufts positively worth '
130; Monday, special,
All-Felt MattressM
Wonderfully built with
layer cotton; splendid
quality art ticking.. ftt.
deeply tufted; roll edgeX.U5
worth 18JH); v special.
Basement North
Our Great Annual November Household Linen Sale!
In this sale are represented the most fampus and world-renowned fine Linens from Belfast;
' featuring very special the "Deny vale" genuine Irish linens, sold only in the Brandeis Stores. - N
$3.50 Hemstitched Lnnch Cloths-!
Full hleached, chief value linen;
hemstitched ends; 54-inch size; 2 50
pretty patterns, heavy quality
satin Damask, special,' each,
$2.50 Hemstitched Lnnch Cloths
Very fine quality, high-class satin - Kfk
damask, "hemstitched ends; 45- 1'"u
, inch size; specjal, each, '
$&50 All Linen Lnnch Cloth)! In
plain heavy Oyster linen; hem- 4 qo
stitched ends; 64x54 Inches; very ,,i'0
- heavy quality; special sale, each, v ,
Fancy Scarfs About 100 dozen;
some In filet lace with motifs and
some trimmed with deep lace all
around; manufacturers' odds and 1.50
ends; values, $3 to 3.50; special,
eacn, '
08c Scarfs Made of very fine em
broidery "cloth; pretty fancy col- Qc
ored designs; embroidered edge
to match; special, each,
$12,00 Napkins All linen damask; ,
full bleached; in the 19-inch size; rj no I
all very pretty patterns; special
per dozen, v
$17.00 Table Cloths An ex
ceptional value; one lot of
odd pattern cloths (no nap
kins to match); very high
class, all linen, satin finish
damask; in -4he renowned
snakes such as "Derryvalc,"
and other well known
brands; a special, each
$15.00 Napkins (No cloth or da
mask to match) ; very heavy qual
ity, satin damask; every thread
linen; elaborate patterns; 22-inch
sifc, special, dozen,
$5.00 Napklng Full bleached
heavy damar.k napkins in the
Irish make; 20x20 inches; very
neat patterns; special, dozen,
25c Napkins These are hemmed,
ready for use; made of very fine
quality mercerized damask; 18
inch size; special, each
40c Napkins Full blelched:
heavy quality English mercerized
damask; in the 20-Inch size; very
pretty patterns, special, each,
V '
29 Crash A heavy quality, eoft
and absorbent toweling with -fancy
edge; a big special in this ,
aale, yard,
We 111 linen Crash-Full
bleached, heavy, all linen "Barns
ley" crash; fancy red edge; big
, special in this sale, per yard,
$9.00 Table Cloths Irish make,
all linen; 70-tach size; patterns
of Rose. FleuT de Lis, Spot,
Chrysanthemum. Tulip and Ane
mone, special, each,
99M Napkins All linen, Irish da-'
mask; in the 18-Inch slzej in a
range of patterns to selecrfrom;
per dozen, j ''
. mw ; -7 ; r laamtioor-outti . J MM. .
i i
, s ., ,- "'.nnii i iftii rvmiirr.-rtvrt.f
aiilii:i,:j!i!,:i,ri:ii li'li:'IM""lil''"i"'ll"'!'1'1 111 Iai'1 "" 1 1 i; " 1111 r"""'lll!!l "'''""'""'''"niiiS
1 ' t ' ' - V V ' f . , .J . . - v