Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 29, 1920, Page 9, Image 9

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    - V
Let Your Mind Be At Rest
i 11 1 1 - i 1 1 ww if xt rri V TT T TtTv 7T - II
Ever line Monday morning our telephones
have, been ringing bringing anxious questions
from eager customers:
"How long does your big sale last" "Will
you have your low prices for tomorrow? I can
not get .down town today."
Let us set your mind at rest, If we can. Just
We bought more than a million dolW
worth of this new merchandise when the market
broke so badly, just a few days ago.
There is no "special sale" of any kind In
progress at this great ftore. We are simply
offering to the public new goods at the new
prices not "special" prices just the prices
you are entitled to pay on today's market
We have ample quantities of goods in almost'
' all departments, and shall continue to sell them,
day by day, at present prices.
J Come to the store any day you may find
stocks broken in some departments, but we are
buying new goods as fast as possible to make
replacements. ' l- '
It is wise to buy the things you most need,
as soon as you can. But set your mind at rest
we shall have plenty of goods; and our present
prices will continue indefinitely.
That, at least, is our hope, and our expecta
Women's Hose
Pure silk semi-fashioned
hose in black, brown and
7 inches wide.
Fancy Ribbons
All silk Jacquards, satin
stripe, moire! all colors, 6 to
Men's Sweaters
'Extra- fine, quality pure
wool, coat, style, shawl col
lar, sizes $4 to 46. ... ; ... ,
Men's Caps
A large assortment of
styles and colons to select
from ... ... .'. . . . , ::.). . .
Boston Bags
Heavy cotex, with inner
lining and large inner
pocket. Each . . :
Bath Towel Sets
Two towel's and two wash
cloths, beautifully boxed, de
sirable for gifts
Chiffon Taffeta
Navy, 36. inches wide,
heavy quality, priced at.
yard . .
All silk, pretty designs, 35 fK L f at.
inches wide, all colors, yard. Vv I fyk
Dimity Bed Spreads
Crinkle dimity spreads
with scalloped edge, and cut
corners. Colored stripes of
blue, pink, yellow or all
white, 2x24 yards....-.
Linen Toweling
Stevens' celebrated linen
toweling 20-yard limit to
a customer yard
Georgette Crepe
40 inches wide, in every
possible shade, all silk, yard,
Women's ; Union Suits
Super weight fleeced cot
ttfn and a medium weight
wool All styles.
Heavy Rib Boys' Hose
First quality, in all sizes J
from 8 to 11. Pair JJ
Silk Jersey Underwear
Superior weight silk Jer
sey vest, knickers, union
suits, etc. Exceptional valve
Men's Hose
Lisle and mercerized, ex- v
tra fine qaallty. Black,
whit. Palm Beach, etc., ,
Th Jofe
"Old Man Dollar" Has Cut Out For Himself Friday
Lowr Prices on New Goods That Will Bring Joy to Thousands
Among tfie many bargains to Be found here Friday is
$H .00
it., i ftf:. iftk Tl
i.ff: WV ivim (vniim; m
Women's Boots
Air the latest styles in all sizes. Cuban,
and Louis heels. A fK pal g f
wonderful value at Uy ym J I A
this new low price
Flannel Middies
All flannel, mid- K f m mmt
dies in sizes 14 to vZi U
20, in red, navy and fJ J
green . rr -
Children's Coats
Warm coats of velour, broadcloth and
other new mate- , K pari a mmt
rials, trimmed with fiT C Jk U
fur. Choice of large tlJ 1 mf 3
assortment at
I Children's Dresses
. Dainty and prac- , K m . g mmt
tical little. gingham U 1 UL
school dresses for 11 I mm
ages 7. to 14. T
Luxurious Fur Scarfs
A beautiful as
sortment, including fffe ft ft f
a variety of styles XVVl I
and many different rJ M J f
All Silk Petticoats
, Magill silk petticoats in the season's latest
styles and colors In A a . mmt
taffeta, saUn, " Jer- Of I Q C
sey, pussy willow, ; 'X Cj3
Knitted Sweaters
Wool and wool
mixed sweaters in tfh f f f
slip-over, coat, tux- VI
edo and many other 1 til a M mj J
styles, In all colors. T 9 .
Low Prices on Corsets
Well-known makes such as Gossard, Irene,
Franco, Ringo, etc.,
in styles to suit 7ffc A V
every figure. Three mM ,
Sateen Petticoats
Made of lustrous 1
sateen, with knife ftfc f f mat
pleatings and ac- Vy I I U
cordian pleated fj X X J
flounces ...... .. Tj
Silk Lingerie ,
Gowns, pajamas, envelope chemise, cami
soles, petticoats, of satin, crepe de chine.
Georgette in f lesb
and white. Beauti-j' .
fully trimmed with ' f mmt
laces and ribbons, . LW
$4.95, $3.95, $2.95, . JtjC
$1.95 na..
Phillippine Underwear
Hand made and hand-embroidered under
garments of the fin
est materials. Ex- jl
quisite designs and IP m
patterns, $5.95, Tl X, 7711
$4.95, $3.95 end.. VfmmAJ J
Children's Sweaters
, Keep the kiddies warm with one jof these
wool and wool- gfo mml
mixed sweaters, in L 1 IW
all colors and n J J j3
styles ! i
Junior Coats
Coats that the , '
girls will like; made H 4 yl ft
of fine materials U I VI
and in the newest 0 Jl gj mj J
styles ' '
Girl's Coats
A limited number fK am f mmt
of the season's lat-' L B jf t
est and most stylish Jl I M mJmB
coats at this price , .
Middy Dresses
One of the most fH m f g mmt
practical dresses for AJ III VI
school wear, in all- all I if. J
wool serge
Women's Slippers
' Dainty felt slip- gf mmt
pen for the cold J
winter days make til JEu mM J
splendid gifts y
. c - " . '.
Diamond splint clothes
baskets at a price you will
be glad to see again, i
Flpur Bins
Made of Japanned metal,
in assorted colors, will hold
50 pounds.
rt Rompers
Many styles in ginghams,
chambray, percale, plain
colors and fancy designs.
Ages 1 to 6 years. .
Seven styles in low, me
dium and high1 busts worth
very much more. ,
There are not very many
of them, so it will pay you
to come early.
25 c
' Madeof heavy wool yarn,
in plain and fancy weave;
ages 2 to 14 years. ,
These are very fine qual
ity and 21 inches square.
A special.
Bleached, heavy weight
and excellent quality. Many
good designs. :
Misses' and Children's
Middy Dresses
Navy blue, serge, with
white braid trimming
pleated skirts.
Chidren's :
New fall styles, in many
colors in new mixtures; agea
7 to 14. years.v
Women's and Misses
Stylish garments of the
season's late materials, in all
Boys' .
Duck Coats
Blanket lined, and dandy
garments ,for the coming
cold days.
Outing Flannel
35C Yard
An excellent quality in
neat stripe designs, and 36
inches wide.
Full 36 inches wide and
excellent quality; : half
bleached, too.
piaid ;
Full bed size, warm and
"comfy" in a good line of
colors. - .
- Plain Color
Come in either tan or
gray, with handsome bor
ders. A real buy. ',
Koverall Suits
Ages 2 to '8 wonderful
suite for boys good for
little girls, too.
Excellent '
Flannel Shirts
A full range of sizes and
colors, made from real good
This is one of our best
values. Horsehide mittens
at the same price.
Bargains in
A limited quantity of cof
fee pots, bowls, kettles,
water pails and like articles.
Colored Madras I f Boys' Suits
86 inches wide, in . The choice of our ' f ff A f
all the popular , f1 1 f entire stock of boys' Vv , Sk
shades, heavily mer- T 1 I Buit in four S1"1 J $ mlJ
cerized, perfect ma- fj X JL 4 groups, from T niw,
terial - ' , ,
Knitting Worsteds I TlS?-
P 0 r sweaters, , coat we made of MvVI M1
SSi. fQr durable materials, UjUO
old rose, gray and Vr 4 v
other colors....... i- i i
Boys Mackmaws
Panel Curtains ne boya wm enjoy yf C
9-inch lace panels, 2 yards long. wearing these good- 1 ra
woven in continuous g mmt looking macki haws at sVC
sections, to be cut Ctf ' ""' "P-
... i puritan Phonographs-
w-i i j We have heen able to secure a large num-
llllDrOlQery A lOSS Dr tneso standard machines at a price so lpw
Fifty different . as to astonish you. .
shades from which ,4 A W T 1
to select; fifteen ICXC DrCSS 1 TUnKS
yards on a card, at i A 1 v j -u a - n
, (tQTC
n I r locks and catches j mM A mJ
' Bedroom .Curtains lonely Tyt,7"
dine,Pwith bluand - Ekd Wai'dfohe Triinks "
pink dots of plain 3jjC V ,5"d"U,4, '
white . .... ."l U : . First, quality Hart- 37 ' .
- . mansteanier -wardrobe tf
Tapestry Brusel Rugs ;L"f. ,:"?:lf ipiOOU
In neat all- oven . ; '
Xnshetv? (feOQ 7C Cane Suit Cases !
quality, size 9 feet fjifii f f J 24-inch size,, ere- K 99 ' fm. ft
by 12 feet........ tonne lined, brass " 9 A
- l n locks a n d catcnes . ; tJJ f m k j
Imported Grass Kugs leather trimmed. .... r-9.9rj.
A limited number . I t ! O
of 80 by eo inch a f i)A i raveling Bags
grass rugs, stencil Jill Cowhide, walrus and . ,
Borders, and can be UJ L J S Ung grain leather fhl' API
used either side... trayeling bags, 18-inch VkU Uk
Double-Faced Terry Cloth l;rM,.??A'."a pVViJ
Combination col- I O l o 11
oring, rose and blue h 1 Tsf JBaby OUlKieS t
5? $179 ss-$9.15
I 1 J1 I I P"c s
Inlaid Linoleum
Genuine imported Greenwich inlaid lino- lMfri' Raiinrnnt
leums, artistic patterns and colorings. Heavy "CM V,ua,lO
weight, with pat- ' A English and Scotch ,
terns clear through, 9 A J II tweed, double textures Ts g ft
and cannot wear mtM MmMmM and gum-rubber rain- Nf -Vf
off, 6 ft. wide V V coaU fully guaran- HlJ M m I m,A
- -J teed, all sizes....... " nd up.
Veivet Rugs Men's Leatherette Coats
inches- an inexpen- tl A'' ' ft A limited number of leatherette shell coats,
sive throw rug in a k4 Vf with heavy khaki lin- th 4 A , ft
neat range of pat- djLmJJ n' in tw0, groups, 4 I M
terns and colorings. i . S19.50 and m4r A,mJ J
plabSf.Fl00r Coveiing Men's Pants ,
raraffme base ', '.
with seven layers of A g An assortment of . H ft g mmt
enamel a durable Ut al -wool pants in fancy k U Vfl
and 'lasting floor T"! mixtures, sizes 32 to fJJfJTrtl
covering, 6 ft. wide ; - 40 t
Axminster Rugs Men's Suits
Extra heavy rugs, , Our enormous stock of men's suits has been
,,.,, .., ov p.,. . $oyo & .::.:'r.r.".',.::oZo.oU
i J up.
Body Brussels Rugs' I Men's Overcoats -
fordfbesTquiutyl- H f 0 1- 2?k iTl
range of patterns 7k overcoats in six groups A C f f j
and colorings. Si2s fjjtf mW m J nd reduced them in 2f Jr I
9 by 12 feet only. . T W W V price ranging f rom Ami J J J
j 1 F I j and up.
Men's, Boys' Moleskin Vests I Boys' Blouses
One of the gar- A mmt a i , .
ments you will aP: flj 1 Q K of boyl'8 "m dti : 7(a
thTnew priced. PlJ0 " blouses, well made SC
) good for school wear. w
AU-iii-One Overalls Boys' Sweaters
pielelVsuit,nin " $ O HO Warm wool sweat- (hA f)H
blue denim or khaki lj S 4jf . pull-over style, H J ' f
as you wish : tpttssi VJ with shawl collars... mmtmmtJ
Men's Pants I Y Boys' Sweaters
oo 4 i!.n ''f68 ?f lh il AN All-wool Shaker knit . Afl AN
$4.95 saL?...g $3.95
f Woolen Blankets I Boys' Knickerbockers
Inches, plai'd de- J 1 1 Q C trousers' for thboy- (t O C
. !