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Butter and Milk
For School Kida
,Who Are Skinny
Nutrition Centers Established
In Three Institutions to
Fatten Subnormal v
Nutrition centers will be started
next week in the pacific, Bancroft
and Hawthorne schools, according
to an announcement by Charlotte
Townsend, supervisor of medical
inspection in the public schools.
The establishment of these three
centers will mark the beginning of
a new idea in public school health
work here. The Children of these
, tchools first will be weighed to de
termine whether, they are, of normal
or subnormal weights, according to
a standard which has been accented
as authoritative. Children whoare
- iipci.r cm or nbre underweight
."will be eligible to the nutrition
classes. . . .j,' . . f s..
Milk and Butter. ...
It 1 proposed to limit the class in
each school to 20 and -to make re
placements when some of the class
members show an imnrnvmt
t heVlasscs Will meet, from 10 to
;; 10:30 a. m. and from 2 to 2:30 V m.
, each-school day in rooms specially
, provided for this purpose. During
the first 10 minutes of these, half
hour periods the children will be
i-given .milk and butteVed bread with
out iuji ta mem. uunng tne remain
ing 20 minutes of the period they
will rest on cots and fresh, air will
be admitted to the nutrition rooms.
. 10 xnviie roomers. .
Each childwill hava chart which
will show, the weight at time of en
tering the class and a red lin tail
indicate what the child's normal
weight should be.
A school nurse will be assigned to
eaoh nutrition center. She wil visit
the homes for the purpose of pro
moting proper health habits. The
mothers of subnormal children will
be Invited to- attend the nutrition
clashes once a week, when the chil
dren are weighed. ,
Henry Pollack, City
' Garbage Manager
lissmg Frorh Home
Henry Pollack, municipal garba&e
manager, is out of the city and no
one knows where he is. " 1 v-
Commissioner , Ringer' declared
vthis noon, Harry" Hay ward, who
financed Pollack so he could sign
the municipal contract to haul gar
bage, and placed F. R. Schroeder in
charge' of the office, and when asked
why he did It, told Ringer i Pollack
had left the city and he didn't know
, where fie is. -,.' .'. ;. . . .
AnnaFaren; 212 Hickory street,
who answered the telephone m Hay-
ward's office yesterday, said Pollack
"is out of the ity and no one knows
.where he is."
.t Mrs. Pollack,-when called by tele
phone at her horry concerning Mr.
Pollack's absence, replied!: c V '
"It's nobody's business."
Former Land Sailor sMnvited
To Be Guests On Long Cruise
.Fprrher sailors ..who saw no sea
.(duty or whose activities during their
service were con6ned below decks
. are invited by Secretary of Navy
Josepbus Daniels for an extended
cruise with the Pacific and Atlantic
fleets, according to. notice received
yesterday by the recruiting station
"vin Omalra. v -
f The Pacific fleet will visit New
Zealand, Australia,' South Sea' Is
lands and1 other tropical points. The
Atlantic fleet will visit ports on the
east coast of Africa, including Cape
Town and the Island of St.. Helena.
The cruises will begin June IS and
are offered ip stimulate recruiting in
the navy., ,''?'' -'tn.:
President of Lincoln- Rotary
Club Luncheon Guest Here
. Prof. Charles Pugsleyl president
of the Lincoln Rotary ottfb was the
guest of IiOnor and principal speak
er yesterday at the weekly meeting
of the Omaha Rotarians in the din
ing room of the University of Ne
braska. . s
In behalf of the Lincoln club. Prof.
Pigsley extended an invitation to
the- members of the Omaha club to
be guests of the University-Michigan
Aggies game to be played there,
October 28, when the Michigan Ag
gies play Nebraska. -
Passengers Reported Safe
. Miami, Fla.,Oct 20. A wireless
message from Nassau stated the
"big . fish." ipassenger seaplane
which left here Sunday morning with
10 persons on board anu has since
fieerr listed as missing, arrived safe
ly in Nassau at SiSO p. m., after
stopping , at Bimini three days to
escape heavy winds.
Land Sells for $180.
Beatrice, Neb;, Oct. 20. (Special.)
The Coulter farm southeast of Bea
trice has been bought by Ben Iroos
of this county for $180 an acre, or
$27,360 cash. The farm is located
near the Kroos holdings south of the
city. -. ' - j .
' Vote Improvemetn Bonds., .
North Platte. Neb., Oct. 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) At a special elec
tion $50,000 bonds for improving the
' city water works and $1,000 for im
' proving and enlarging the city fire
station passed with good majority.
Infantile Paralysis Victim.
Columbus, Neb', Oct 20. (Spe
cial.) Howard Hansen,' 6, son of
Mrs. J. S. .Kindler, - died here of
- poliomyelitis. He had been sick but
a short time.
Republicans Hold Rallies.
Oeallala. Neb., Oct 20. (Special.)
The Keith county republican com
mittee held rallies at Paxton 'and
Ogallala, with addresses by com
mitteemen and others. v
Plana Sneakine Tour.
York,. Neb, Oct 20. (Spechi.$
Congressman M. O. McLaughlin will
make a 'speaking; tour of Saunders.
Butler, Seward and Jefferson coun
ties next week..
Bee want ds
are best
oon assise uaa m
Drive Against League
"Mftc Baldrige.
H. H. Baldrige and his on, "Mac,",
have joined the. league of speakers
who are making speeches against the
Wilson league of nations and urging
support of the republican ticket.
r When Mr. Baldrige was first ap
proached by the speakers' commit
tee! of the Douglas County. Repub
lican club, hesaid he kri?w of a
better speaker, and when asked' for
his. name, replied that it wis his
son, who was attending the law col
lege of the Universitytof Nebraska.
"Mac"1 has agreed to obtain a leave
of absence from his senfjol, that he
may assis'l; with his father in the
Campaign for Harding and Coolidge.
1 ' . . .. i
Girl Denies SheWent i
, To Dances Without Hubby
Hazetnyder, -4035 Brown street,
who caused her husband's ; arrest
Monday night for "tearing her cloth
ing, denied yesterday she had gone to
dances with other men since her
She declared h," husband, Mel
ville Snyder, has paid her $10 on ac
count as payment for the .clothing
he destroyed, in compliance with the
order of Judge Foster ja Central police-court
yesterday. Tl)e -Snyder
baby, Ruth, 2, was not in c6urf.
Mrs. Snyder has" not returned .to
her husband, but is living with the
family of Sam Moor, 4035 Brown
street, wher.e she is now working.
She declared, the clothing her hus
band tore up was her working
clothes and not dancing froeljs.V
Hurt in Auto Crash. '
Beatrice, Neb., Oct. 20. (Special.)
Frank Svobocla wainjured when
his car crashed into an automobile
occupied , by Mr. and xMrs. George
Snyder on the Cornhusker highway
near Pickrell. Svoboda was cut and
bruised and Mrs. Snyder also re
ceived injuries by. glass from the
windshield of her machine?
Rub pain from back with
small trial bottle of old
"St Jobs Oil.",
'" ' . i
When your back is sore and lame
or lumbago, sciatica or. rheumatism
has you- stiffened up, f don't sufferl
Get a small trial bottle of old, honest
"St. Jacobs Oil" at any drug store,
pourj a .little in your hand and rub
it ri&htcn your 'aching back, and
by the time youxount fifty the sore
ness and lameness is gone.
Don't stay crippledl- Thii sooth
ing, penetrating oil needs to be used
only once. It takes the pain right
out and ends the misery. It is magi
cal, yet absolutely ' harmless, and
(krtsn't burn the skin, i
- Nothing else stop's lumbago, sci
atica, backache or rheumatism so
promptly. It never disappoints .
Peterson's Ointment
Best for Eczema '
First Application Stops Itching of
Eczema, Salt Rheum and Piles.
2nd Chafing Ditsa in Fiva Minute
"Live and let live ia my motto," eava
Peterson of Buffalo. "Drutrsiata all over
for (0 eenta a largelMac and I ear -to theae
droKt-iata, if anyone buy my ointment for
any ot the diseaaea or ailmenta for which
L recommend it and are not benefited, give
em their money back. ,
Tve tot aafe full ot thankful leUen
teitifyina to the mighty healing power of
Peteraon'a Ointment for old and running
orei, aeaema. aait rheum, ulcere, sore
nipple, broken breaat, itching scalp, chaf
ing and blind, itchtog and bleeding piles."
b John Scott. Z8S Virginia Street. Buffalo,
i wnica, i-cierson a uimmenc is limply
LwoBdeffuL It cured me of ecsema and
also piles, and it dM it ao quickly that I
waa astonished.", . Mail orders filled by
Peterson Ointment Co Inc. Buffalo, N.
Y. Sherman McCoanell Drug Co will
I x k I
4w '
w If
Son oi M. C; Peters
" ... ' ' $
Decides to Lfeave
Needle In His Foot
X-Ray ShoSv. Steel Imbedded
lccj ill uuut nyui
Hurt You,yLet It Stay,'
; Surgeons Advise.'
Chances are that he wilUcarrj a
piece of steel needle imbedded in the
bone of his foot Tor the tfsi of his
life. - -2''i,K ''
-A little over a week ago, Clarence
H. Peters, son o M. p Peters, 206
South Thirry:Setond '' ' avenue,
crossed the floor of his be4room in
his bare ieet. - "'. , '
He felt something sbarp pierce the
ball of his foot." Investigation dis
closed nothing, .and with a passing
though that he had stepped Npn a
tack, he dismissed the case from his
mind. - ' v '-..'. - ' ,
Thqf incident was' forgotten for a
week, when'of a sudden sharp pains
began to shoot through his foot.
Yfiflng Peters consulted a surgeon,
who advised an X-ray examination.
' The examination showed a needle.
broken ioto three pieces, imbedded
in me iop. .
. Monday , one of the thr pieces
wa removed, and luesday a seer
ond was taken tout . "v, J
But thehirA section ot the sharp
instrument is so buried in 1 the bone
of the foot that surgeons advised the
young man to leave .it there. .
. The piece is" needle which is in the
bone is causing no oain amLtrob-
ably will never do any dbmage, the
'firitf City News
Drive Nets $6,488-!-The Nebraska
Humane society reported yesterday
that the "Buy-afBhtton" drive held
last Saturday netted 16,488.32. The
total will be: Increased with remit
tances received since the drive.
J'Buttonri" S416 - Postponed The
sale of "Buttons." Dediereed West
Highland white terrier, by the Ne-
braka Humane society, has been post
poned to1 next Wednesday,, if gve
more people an oportunity Vo bid.
f OppoBO Dances In Schools The
Omaha Christian Endeavor union, at
the- regular monthly meeting Tues
day night at the First Presbyterian
church, went on record as opposed
to the Idea or permitting dances m
the public schools. ;,,,
Open Tax Bureau John J.
Gillln and M. J. Holland, former
internal revenue men' in the federal
building, who resigned last weeta,
have opened offices In the W. O. Jw.
building, room Ull.. - The firm will
be known as the Louis Murphy-GH-
lin company,' federal .tajt specialists.
"Man or Mystery". inea mmer
Fielder, 21, the "man of mystery,"
wha would not talk when arrested
several days ago, found ftis voice
yesterday when arraigned before
Judge Foster in the Central police.
court. Despite his willingness 10
talk he was fined 50.
Condition SUU Critical William
Brightwell. 17, - messenger boy
knocked from his bicycle Monday
night at Eighteenth and Cass streets
by -an unidentified man, is still hov
ering between life and death, with no
change In ( his condition, it was re
ported at St. Joseph hospital. ., ,
Divorce Decree Annulled District
Judge Sears set asiqe the decree or
Janes Davis, who was divorced from
BerthaDavis, September S, "When he
learned that Davis had remarried
within the statutory limitation of six
months. Now Davis has two wives
arid ia liable to prosecution for big
amy. Ure Urges Registration W., G.
TJre, republican county chairman,
urges the republican women to reg
ister durinsr the few days remain
ing for this purpose, in a final appeal
to the republican women voters. The
democratic women or umana, ne
says, are Registering m large lum
bers, 1 .. t V . ;i
Red Cross to MeetMembers of
the Omaha chapter of the American
Red Cross will meet Friday evening,
at Hotel; Fontenelle, to consider mat
ters in' connection with the fourth
roll call to be held from November
11 to November 25. The meeting was
called by R. M. Switzler, chairman.
The extent of the forthcoming cam
Tkrrt art 8 ptrtabU typ$ Majtitk
Thtri mr 3 hutrt tjpt Majiitie
Ask year tfeiler sseof Ifaesfc
Majestic Electric DereloBneit
Costpuy ' . '.
y'- . ' i
. MMifMlsran asd rafsstacs
HafssflC thtMt
Bttf (a CrealfMler
Jftat Jtssflaffst
jL Sin -ir z
be explaUed, Mr. it-
ler stated In letters
blflu to members.
Mlllc and Ice Vund-VThe Bee's
free milk and ice fund for 1920 has
been audited and shows total receipts
of 1939.16 and total expenditures of
$832.14. of which S7S.94"wa8 spent
tor milk and $95.40 for ira. The
balance on hand will be carrieJkover
to start the fund next summer. The
fund -is administered through the
Visiting Nurses of the city. .
Tenant Wins Verdict The Omaha
Tenants' Protective leagua scored
another victory over the Drake Hold
ing company, landlords of the Drake
apartments, yesterday in the muni
cipal court, when a Jury of IWjraV
returned a verdict in favor of FranR
Wright a tenant, being sued by the
paign will
Skin Diseases
On tiie Surface
. i' v ...
Must Be Treated at Their
' Source. -J ' ,
iThe niistake that is so gen
erally maae in treating dis
eases of the - skin is a very
common one..but it is . also
very expensive to th-- suf
ferer, f -I; ;: -
? Whit, are ' DODuIarlv
known as skin diseases,
are not in reality skin dis
eases at all. The surface
of the skin is the seat of
the attack, but the source
is deep-seated.
What, then is this mistake,
that the average person af
flicted with skin disorders,
makes in his effort for relief?
And why is it that the error
is so general? 1 , -
In the first; place, eczema,
tetter, scaly eruptions and
other irritations of the ukin
are exceedingly annoying,
and in many cases, the itch
ing and burning become in
tensely terrifying. Often the
victim is kp awake at night
scratching and rubbing the
burning skin, in an effort to
get some relief. ;.''
Because what he sees and
feels of his affliction is on the
surface, he is misled into the
error of believing that "all
treatment should be directed
toward the " location of the
pain and "discomfort. Then,
too,because of the intensity
of the suffering, he is willing
to try almost anything that he
thinks will afford some meas
ure of relief, no matter .'how
slight. - .
This leads him headlong in
to the mistake that is so gen
eral, the one that really pro
longs "his suffering by keeping;
The Bathroom,
The Dressicgroom
The Bedroom
The Diiiingroom
The Lirmgroom
wlJajrerer there is an electric
outlet yo can enjoy the
grateful glow of a Majestic
Electric Heater.
Sale, Economical
. Labor-Saving
All Portable
Majestic Electric Heaters
are equipped with 8 feet of
heater cord "t "
Majestic Electric Heaters
are the original patented
I, v heaters of this type.
cotnpany for failure to meet an Increase-
in rent. , . .
Woman Must Settle When a
woman invites , man-to I little'
party tot awld tang syne'a sake, she
should pay the acordlng to the
ruling, handed down yesterday by
Justice of the Peace Collins, when
Miss Laura E. Snider sought to ob
tain judgment against Fay Sherman
to recover $15 she paid for an al
leged "party" three weeks ago. ,
Amateur Performances
' Planned for This Winter
. O. W. Qaik, who last- year di
rected three evening amateur per
formances at the old Boyd theater
hinr away from the intel
ligent, sensible treatment that
wilt get regplts. He en
deavors to get relief from the
pain and torture by the use
of ointments, lotions and otlr
er local treatment applied to
the surface of the skin.
These remedies will prove
beneficial, if temporary relief
is all that is wanted. But just
as soon as their soothing ef
fect is oyer, the pain and suf
fering return with increased
severity. This has been the
experience of other sofferers,
and yours will be the same.
Skin disorders, like other
ailments, must be treated at
their source if youwant to be
permanently rid qf them.
Any disease that can cause so
much torture and discomfort
is deep-seated, and comes
from far below the surface of
the skin.
The millions of tiny disease
germs must be removed from
the blood, before you can ex
pect, to get rid of your skin
troubles, but all of the local
treatment in the -world will
not do this. The mest satis
factory remedy for this pur"
pope is the line. old,
vegetable blqpd remedy that
has given such splendid re
sults in similar cases.
S.S.S. acts by cleansing' the
blood thoroutrhlv. "and rout
ing alf disease germs that act
through the skin. Those who
want real results snouia De-
gin its use at once. " r
S.S.S. is sold by all drug
gists. Get a bottle today and
begin a treatment that , goes
right down to the source of
the trouble and removes it.
For expert meaical advice
without cost, write all. about
your case to Chief I Medical
Adviser, 288 Swift Labora
tory, Atlanta, Ga.
Nothing Equals Hoover Suction
are combined
fit only The WdOYCelecMc
Did "You fiver Consider the Many Ad
vantages of Keeping House Electrically?
J Coughing
JjrirSJS?1'? J?d fc"ftl- Kelleve throat
."a nd get rid of cough.,
colda. and hoarseneai at once by taking
for HAIR
. uOns of the potent lnrmlleatf af
Kstalks for tbe taslr-U tsntUo tsr
, eU. Thn sr other setiie losndisnis
not loosa in anr oinar nsv pnpsras
tloo. , Kotslko hsa succeadsd in msnr
tun af kaldaau. (slliss kalr anTl
daadratt whrn mir eUwr hslr lotion or trsst
BMOt has pnmd fuUls. I30O gaarsstss. Aiass
ins results In gsses consldersil bops 1ms. Vaa
mr sew a esia leoiaai
Why become or raaaln kit If ,yo eta arew
hslrt It oUitts here obialosd a new trowth or
hare naqwrad dsndnttT. or stopped felling kslr
throoelt Kotslko, ska maw l seef Ost a box
at K0TALKO at as bsy aref lorn: or send to
cents, dlnr or suunns, tot SSOCHVaS Vila
raoor box of Kouun to
.Brittabvhe, SUOm fjiew Yerk. K
Supply Your. Needs
by Using
Bee Wants Ads Best Results
and the Brandeis theater, is in Oma
ha again planning to put on con
tinuous dramatic performances with
tl-e aid of eight salaried performers
with amateurs thrown, in to fill out
the bill. ; "
hCraik'a plan a outlined before the
ramatic league of Omaha at a
meeting held this non -is to put on
Soft Thick Materials and Furf
No season ever offered such a great variety, and both comfort and
flt.vla nrfl rnmhttiAfi in tViaao vnM4a1a . .
Veldyne Mdrvella Chamoistyne Dtxvetyne
Duvet de Laine ) Peachploom v
' - - Softly draped,' enveloping lines characterize the wrap-coats enriched --
with huge fur collars or other .forms- of fur trimmings. The coats fol
f vlow more fitted lines and have varying types of collars and sleeves, un
, usual belt and pocket effects - ' . , " -0 ,
Mone baeg sritaont mmum
If HUNTS Salve feib? tatha
rreatment of ITCH, BCZKMA.
acaerMdsing sktt diseaaea. TrMyr ' il
ss boa at our risk. tU f - f J
rw vrim . ami 1 SUV Of
Sherman McConnell Drug Co.
First Product
let Pr
reparations '
eld Necessities
and Houaehol
Call ar Sea
2820 Grant St. Phone Webster 3612
Representative of ' American Product Co
a of Cincinnati, Ohio,
who vhi be pleased to show you samples
and take yodr order.
Affords protection ttljist in.
fectious diseases. All tirudent
persons should avail themselves
ox this dependable germicide. '
Bee , want ada are best business
a niw show every two weeks in a
theatrical building which he ..hopes
to lease. Craik has just returned
from Indianapolis where he directed
performances for the Stuart, Walker
company. 1
Porcelain money has been made
in Siam for circulation among the
natives. N
a Delightful Air of Warmth to the
guying a HOOVER Now
v . in our convenient terms of '
down, per minth
Hoover Sale Ends Saturday, 23rd
See them on display at te Electric Shop
order one sent to your home don't wait
and be disappointed.later.V ' ' ':
NabraskaPowei Go.
?aroam at rlfttVnth'
Get out yor bott.1
Liniment anel' knock
of 'Sloan's
the pain
EREN'T ready for that last
quick switch in temperature,
were you?. v Left you stiff.
lore, full .of rheumatic twinges?
You should have., had a bottle of
Sloan's Liniment handy that would
have penetrated without rabbin f,
warmed and soon eased up .the
muscles, quieted the jumpy, pain
ful, affected part and brought'grat
ifying relief. . A .
Helnful in attacks of lumhno-n.
sciatica, external soreness, stiffness,
strains, aches, sprains. Get a bot
tle at your druggist's." 35c, 70c,
Corn Husking; Prices. : ' '
Beatrice, Neb .-Oct. 20.--(Special.)
The Gage counfy farm bureau hai
fixed the scale for cornhuskers in'
this counfy thii'fall 'at 6 and 7 cent!
r. bushel of corn tc be gathered ia
big crop of corp to be. gathered ia.
rimmingfc Give f
Outdoors and
the skin
' Don't forego tke pleasure of outdoor'
life because the sun and wind coarsen
and roughen your skin. The regular use
of Resinol Sctap and Ointment is almost
sure to offset these effects Resinol
Soap rids the pores of dust and oil, and
Resinol Ointment soothes the chapped
and roughened skin.
Sold br all drarfista.
r ,-
suppty JTia. v
' -