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0 ra a ha. Boy
Weds Roof
Garden Girl
Singer Wfra Introduced Fam
ous "Pretty Baby" Number
- Married to Son of Promi
nent Omaha Merchant.
The secret marriage of Lewis H.
Burgess, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward
M. Burgess of Omaha, and Rose
Mary Quian, better known , in the
theatrical world as "Rosie" Quinn,
v,ho introduced the song "Pretty
Baby" in the 1916 Winter Garden
show at the Palace Music hall in
Chicago, was reveolcd yesterday.
Young Burgess and Miss Quinn
were married in New York three
months ago. The ceremony was the
culmination of a love affair which
started when Mrs. Burgess appeared
in Chicago in a Winter Garden show
four years ago.
Mrs. Burgess sang "Won't You Be
My Daddy," and "Won't You Write
to Me," in a snost appealing manner
during1 her presence here in the same
show and wore her golden curls in
the same captivating fashion which
has entranced patrons of the Cen
tury Roof Garden in New York this
season. '
She was invited to a house party
at the Ward Burgfss home during
the engagement, with several other
leads in the show when here.
Courtship- Is Renewed.
.Young Burgess "haunted" the rear
1 part of the theater during the sev
eral nights the young star was here,
according to Harry Cockrell, who
was assistant manager of the Boyd
theater at the time, and her depar
ture was a sad one for Lewis, Mr.
Cockrell says.
Young Burgess later renewed his
courtship of the girl who became his
wife in New York while serving dur
ing the waf on one of the "mosquito
boats" which patroled the east coast
for German submarines. During his
land leaves young Burgess show
ered the young actress with atten
tions and pesents,' and "staged"
many parties tor her, friends say.
The marriage was so secret that
even members of voung Burgess's
family were -completely surprised.
Charles Burgess, brother of Lewis
asked Monday concerning rumors
of the affair, denied any knowledge
of it. .
Married in New York.
Singer of "Pretty -Baby1''
Who Married Omaha Lad
fe nQ- li
W Sr&vS4 J
Diamonds Stolen,
House Robbed In
Wild Crime Niht
One Man Visits Jewelry Store
And Leaves .Cheap Ring
In Tray for Valuable
, Gem.
Mrs. Lewis H. Burgess.
Methods of Saving
Live Stock Losses to
Be Taken Up at Meet
Officials of the local packing
houses.-stock exchange, -slock yards.
live stock commission firms and
Omaha railroad men received a calf
Monday from Everett C. Brown,
president of the National Live Stock
exchange, to attend a conference at
Chicago at tfte Saddle and Sirloin
club, Friday, December 5.
The conference i to be called to
take up plans to save millions of
pounds, of the nation's meat supply
and millions of dollars to every fac
tor in the meat and live stock- in
dustry by decreasing the amount of
avoidable- damage to cattle in
The ceremony took place on Juiy-fh-an.dln at st'k yards and in rail"
15 in St. Marys the Virgin church.
. New York.
Mrs, Burgess was last setn here in
the "Passing Show .of 1917," which
was booked at the- Boyd theater in
the early spring of 1918. Thei next
season she danced and sang with the
Mclntyre and Heath show and then
played on the Century roof in New
Mrs. Burgess arrived in Omaha
from New York this morning. Inter
viewed, her young husband declined
: to state whether or not she would
leave the ftage. 4 v
Young Burgess is employed :n the
Burgess Nash 'store here. His
father is president. of the Burgess
Nash company ;
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Burgess are
very much pleased with their new
daughter-in-law, Mr. Burgess said
today. i
"We met Lewis" wife," said Mr.
Burgess, "and we both are very
much pleased with her."
Root Says Wilson
Kept U. S. at War
- - 1
. (Continued From Page One.)
reservations. The election of Gov
ernor Cox, democratic presidential
nominee, he said, meant the effort
to have the United States join the
league of nations without change as
it was brought back from Europe
by President 'Wilson.
At the outset of his address, Mr.
Root said:-
"I think a large majority of the
American people earnestly wish for
an organization among, civilized nan
tions. through which the nations)
shall co-operate to prevent future
wars and that "the United States
shall do" her full share in that or
ganization. . I certainly desiret this
yery strongly."
The plan of the league of nations
relied upon the effect, of four things
taken together to prevent war, Mr.
. Roo asserted:
"First upon delay to afford time
for investigation and for passions to
cool and sober judgment to prevail.
"Second. . upon having the facts
ascertained and determined -and
made public to all the world, so
that the misunderstandings and de
ceptions under which the people of
a country are so often led to con
; sent to war may be obviated.
Unusual Generosity
Shown by Company
, In Settling Claim
Lincoln, Oct. 19. (Special.) The
compensation department has just
settled a claim, which will go down
in the archives of the department as
something unusual. '.
On September 27 Chester B. Bis
fell, an engineer in the employ of
the Nebraska State Journal, was
killed by coming in contact with a
belt which ran the big printing press.
Under the compensation law the de
pendents would be entitled to $15 a
week tor 350 weeks, with physician,
hospital and funeral expenses. The
'conoany voluntarily paid all ex
penses of funeral and burial, with
physician's bill, amounting to $553.50,
paysoff the mortgage due on the
family home "of $1,575 and in addi
tion the $15 a week for 350 weeks.
2000 Atteni Odd Fellows
Convention at Hastigns
Hastings, Neb, Oct.. 19. (Special
Telegram.) About 2.C00 visitors are
here for the annual convenrion of the"
" Odd Fellows of Nebraska. Reports
' today ' showed, that encampment
membership had increased by 25.333
during the year. New encampments
reDorted in Nebraska were: Louis-
r -ville,- Ong, Sheltcjn sad Callaway.
The grand encampment degree was
conferred tolay on one, of the larg
est classes that has been present for
many years
road transoortation.
Educational material showing the
principal causes of losses occurring
while animals are on their way to
market or slaughter and showing
effective methods of eliminating
these fosses have been distributed
throughout the country and these
methods will be discussed at the
Chicago conference.
Omaha Aviation Company
Asks Permit to Sell Stock
Lincoln, Oct. 19. (Special.) The
Blue Star Aviation company of
Omaha has applied to the State de
partment of securities for authority
to issue and sell $35,000 in common
stock, and $35,000 in preferred stock.
The company has a capitalization of
$200,000. i
The object is to carry on an
aeroplane school and also to in
augurate and tinance a passenger
carrying system by the use of planes
with a capacity of 27 people each.
Incorporators of the company are
A. B. Green, W. C. Brooks and R.
H. Roberts.
U. P. Official Stricken
By Paralysis at Beatrice
Beatrice, (Neb., Oct. 19. (Special
Telegram.) J. W. George of Kansas
City, Union Pacific official, suffered
a stroke of paralysis in his room'at
1 .wjw in';:.j( MHaui'nt fll I I
I '3111
The combination
of mealiness, mild,
saltiness, crisp
ness, arid "full- .
appropriate for
every meal.
" CO.
Grocery Specials
Dr. Pric' Cream Baking
Powder the big 12-' pi
"or. can, 3-can limit., iC
Campbell's Tomato Soup, fa
mous for its flavor, 11
& can, 6-can limit. .. 1 IC
Snowdrift, the pure vegetable
shortening for all cooking
purposes cheaper and better
than lard, the full one pound
tan, only,
J-can limit ....... .k rT
Bon Ami, cleans and scours
lut never scratches, f '
2-can limit, a can ....... C
Lux, ideal for every washing
purpose, z package . Q
limit, the package
the Burnwood, hotei here early to
day. He was removed to a hospital.
His condition was leported improved
this evening. '
Petroleum deposits believed
extensive have been discovered on
Mexican islands in the Gulf of California.
Omaha was overrun by burglars
and sneak, thfeves Monday night, so
many, reports being made to Central
police station that officers still were
recording thefts reported to them
during the night until late in the
A. Jf. Wilkinson, IVlt Wirt street.
was hem uo ana ronoea ot
within 100 feet of his home Monday
night by two boy bandit who
flourished' automatic revolvers ana
escaped in a large automobile after
rifling his pockets.
An unidentihca man entered tne
Larsen jewelry store, 20454 North
Sixteenth street, just at closing
time and asked to see some dia
monds. He Stole a Diamond.
He was shfcwii a tray of rings aod
after examining several of them, de
parted from the store without pur
chasing. -
After his departure, the clerk no
ticed a topaz ring which did not be
long in the tray. . An examination
revealed the fact that a $150 diamond
ring was missing and the topaz had
been left as a substitute. The police
were, notified. No arrest has been
Starie Tokis, laborer, met a
stranger who told him he was with
out funds and place to sleep. Tokis
took the stranger to his lodging
house and "shared his room with him
for the night
When Tokis arose yesterday
morning $100 was missing from his,k Lighting Fixtures Grander! Elec
dollars was stolen
from the room of F. R. Cates, 1121
Douglas street
School Is Burglarized.
Leaving h;s automobile stand at
Fifteenth and Howard streets. E. I
Knapp, 2216 North Nineteenth street,
returned to find a tire and rim
Joe Wolf, 1421 Douglas street, re
ported the theft of a kit of automo
bile tools from his car at Tenth
and Dodge streets.
Carpenter; tools valued at $150
were stolen trom ritternth and
Douglas street where Frank D,
Wolf, 1301 Missouri avenue, was
Burglars broke into the Howard
Kennedy school and stole a stereop-
ticon lamp, six boxes of paints, a
quaniity of rulers, and other school
fwo overcoats were stolen from
the automobile of B. Naussler, Ral
ston, Neb., at Fifteenth and Douglas
The roominor house at 495 South
Twenty-fourth avenue, was 'entered
last night and rooms of three euests
Ransacks Home. '
i v. r.. jensen reportea tne theit
of a suit jof clothes and suitcase.
A. J. Adams reported a suit of
clothes, pair of cuff links, and gold
watch stolen.
Sam Gocases was robbed of an
overcoat. .
A thief pried open a window at the
home of E. F. Rutherford,. 3424
Hawthorne .avenue, and ransacked
the house ' for a revolver, electric
vibrators and a- small amount of
Sam Gibson, 619 North Nine
teenth street, reported the theft of
?1UU worth ot clothing.
W. Cramer, 2210 Webster street
reported the the,ft of an overcoat'
M. J. Skogmand, 812 North
Thirty-fifth street, reported the theft
of seven kegs of nails from 114
South Fifty-third street, where he is
employed on a new building. ,
About 80 per cent of the tobacco
known -as Turkish combs from
French Charge
Says No One Has
Met With Harding
Count De Beam Tells State
Department No Authority for
Conferences Mentioned
" Has Been Granted.
Washington, Oct. 19. Assurances
have been given the State depart
ment by Count De Beam, French
charge here, that the French govern
ment has not given authority to any
one to approach Senator Harding
with, suggestions that the republican
presidential nominee take the. lead in
osming a new world, association.
Calling attention to an orhcial de-
trio Co., formerly Burgess-Grandcn
Co. Adv.
nial issued by the French foreign
office yesterday', the French charge
told the under 'secretary of state,
Davis, that he was assured the
French iraveHiment had delegated
no spokesman to act for it in nego
tiations with senator warding eitner
"formally or informally, officially or
The announcement f the visit of
the' French char&re to the State de
partment ; yesterday' affernoon was
made today by Mr. Davis, who sata
that while Count De Bearn. had de
livered no formal reply to the Amer
ican note of inquiry to the French
government, dispatched yesterday,
he supposed that the assurances
given by the charge were the result
of previous" communications with his
Mr. Davis said he did not know
whether the French government
would content itself with the denial
issued formally yesterday at Paris
and the assurances given the-State
department through 4he French
harge or whether a formal reply
wuuiu us uiauc lis uic luimai uuic
of inquiry sent by the American
government at the direction erf
President Wilson.
It was further stated at the de
partment that the American gov
ernment had never had any intmia
tion of a desire bv the French- gov
ernment to "scrap" the present
league of nations or to revise it.
France Has Not Received
Request From President
Paris, Oct.. 19. The french
foreign office stated shortly after
noon today that it had not as vet
received any. demand from Wash
ington for information regarding the
.subject referred to by President
Wilson in his letter to Senator Har
ding, telegraphed to the press of
France from the United States.
The only statement authorized bv
the foreign office in. this connection
up to thrs time is that no official
communication of any nature has
been made by the French govern
ment regarding a-Substitute for the
league of nations. .
Car Shortage in Western
Nebraska Is" Still Acute
In spite of the assertion of railroad
officials that they are trying to bring
more cars to the west, there is still
a car shortage in western Nebraska,
according to H. F. Barker of Hay
Springs, who was a visitor at the
stock yards Tuesday.
'"The car shortage situation is just
as, bad as ever," said Mr. Batker. "I
had to wait over a fnonth for cars to
ship my cattle that I brought in yes
terday, and if I could have had the
cars when I wanted them I would
not, have been forced to bring my
stock into a weak market and dis
pose of it at a loss."
Withdrawal of Name '
. From State Ticket May
Cause Xegal Tankr
'Lincoln, Oct. 19. (Special.) CwJ
a candidate for office withdraw air
a candidate for representative whctl
his filing was for the state senate
This U the proposition wlnch has .
been put up to Secretary of Stata
Amsberry, by Senator C. A. Chap-,
pel of Minden, who holds that a
man cannot decline something he
does not possess.
Judge Aaron Wall of Loup City
was nominated by the republicans
as a candidate for the state senate,
from the Twenty-third senatorial dis- i
trict On September 22, he filed with f
the secretary of state, a request forf
the withdrawal of his. name as a
candidate for s representative from
the Fifty-seventh lepresentative dis
trict and on September 25, the
senatorial committee- of the sena
torial, district nominated Clarence
G. - BlisrMo - fill . the. vacancy.
Secrefary . of -State -Amsberry
looked - upon the declination as
meaning a declination of the
nnrhination fronl the district for
which Mr. Wall had been nominated
and tHat the error made no differ
ence. On "the lother hand, Senator
ChapVel. "who 1.uth'e democratic can
didate for senator in the Twenty
second district, holds that Wall is
still a candidal for state senator
an'i that his declination is null and
v6id. The case may go to the courts.
31 cj
at home or at the opera
you hear the greatest
When you hear, the greatest
artists in your own home on
the Victrola, you" experience
thei same thrill of delight that
comes when attending their
actual performances You hear
the same famous artists just as
they are just as they want you
to hear them when you play
their Victor Records on the
Victrola. The records made
for the instrument The instru
ment made for thes records 1
Victrolas $25 to $1500,
Victor dealers everywhere.
New Victor Records demon
strated at all dealers on the 1st
of each month ' ' .
- .
Hudson Seal Goats
Exquisite in Quality
and in Fashion '
The rich depth and
. lustre of Hudson seal,
gives it a rare beauty,
while its soft pliancy
enables the furrier to
express to the best ad
vantage the mode of the v
season. , v
We are showing a great
many handsome, coats
of Hudson, seal, a few
arementioned here..
A Hudson seal coat
with marten collar and
cuffs has a graceful
flared,l? belt-.
" ed either in 'front or all
the way round. Priced
A Hudson " seal and
beaver coati 795.
A coat made -entirely of
seal with a becoming
deep collar and wide
cuffs, is $495.
Other Hudson Seal Coats Are
Priced from $75 to $950
The Fur Shop Third Floor.
NCO. U., PAT. ort
This trademark and the trademarked
word"Victrola" identify all our products.
Look under the lid I Look on the label I
Camden, N. J.
Victor Talking Machine Company, Gamden, N; J.
1X7 EDNESDAY morning at 9 a. m.,' we
will place on sale over 250Jbeauti
ful dresses at about one-half their actual
worth. ...
The materials are Heavy! Satins and
Charmeuse Silks, all wool tricotines,
serges, Poiret twills, plain and.velour
checks. Styles for any daytime wear in
sizes from 16 to 44. All Haas Brothers
. -standard Quality. . x
Store opens at 9 a. . m.
Haas Brothers
i . . . ..
Entire second floor, Brown Block, 16th and
Douglas Street3. Take elevator to second floor.