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Neal Widow
not' tiommg
For Hearing
Oklahoma Woman 111, She
Sgys in Letter to Attorney,
Offering to Send Proof
Of Her Claims.
"Mrs. John Neal," claimant to the
$1,000,000 estate of the la John
Neal, who died in Omaha last Au
gust, will not be here Wednesday
to present her claims in the Doug
las county courts, according to a
letter from her received by Albert
S. Ritchie, her local attorney.
She says she is ill in bed at her
nome in UkmuJgee, Ukl.
She reiterates her former state
ment that she is the widow of Mr
Neal and that Neal is the father oi
her 13-year-old son. She says her
proofs of this are on the way to
Neal died here last August. laaV'
ing a will bequeathing his property
to various friends. Frank Shotwell,
an attorney, receives 100 shares of
Reynolds Tobacco company stock,
and his daughter, Margaret Shot
well, 300 of these shares, according
to the codv of the will now on 'file
in county court. The original 1
Neat was believed to be a bach
elor. A few days before the probate
of the will was to be taken up in
county court the woman in Okla
homa put in her claim as his widow.
Hearing on the will is set for next
Wednesday in county court.
Mr, Ritchie declined to divulge
the contents of the letter from the
alleged widow.
"From my information, however,
I believe she is the widow of Mr.
Neal," he said.
Three Super-Fathers
Excused From Jury
t .-: i ir- li i
uutv DV Mna uage
If you would escape jury duty,
cultivate a Rooseveltian family.
Three "super-fathers" were ex
cused from jury duty when the new
. panel of veniremen reported in dis
trict court yesterday mornig.
"I have nine children and make $8
a. day." Said the first father, "I can't
afford to take-$3. n day for jury
duty for two weeks and lose my $8."
juage J.roup agrecu wun mm.
"I have seven children and I make
$9 a day," said the second man.
"You ought to have a big bank ac
count to fall back on," opined the
-"Haven't got any. Takes it, all to
feed and clothe the kids and so on,"
said the man. ,
"Excused, said the judge.
' Another juror with six children
was excused. , '
High School Men May
Get Balloon Corps Bars
v (! , ,. t, ; ; . .....
An opportunity for men with high
school education to become reserve
officers in the ballon corps of the
army is offered, through recruiting
str.tions of the country.
A letter from the war department
at Washington to Col. W. A. Kav-
cnaugh, in charge of the Omaha re
cruiting station,, explains that 250
candidates to' the course will receive
training at Ross Field, Los Angeles,
and later at Fort Sill, Okl. The
period of training covrs 10 months
with pay at the rate of $75 a month
with an allowance of $1 for susten
ance. ' Commissions as second lieutenants
will be given the cadets upon .com
pletion of the course.' The newly
created officers may remain !n teg
ular service or not, as thev prefer.
Men Enlisting Chiefly
For Travel and Adventure
"Statistics of army enlistments! in
Omaha show that education tanks
third as a reason for men enlisting
in service. Travel and adventure ap
peals first to most of the men en
listing in Omaha, according to Col.
W. A..Kavenaugh.
. "It seems that most of the ap
plicants for enlistment consider
travel and adventure as much an
education as vocational training,"
fnt Kavnaiich said.
. The army vocational training
crtinnt at Tat-.m Funston has courses
ranging from agriculture to steno
Humane Society Checking f
Funds Raised Button Day
The Humane society has not;, de
termined how much was given in
the button day 4"ve held last Sat
urday. Amounts are still being re
ceived by mail. Yesterday morning
Hay den Bros, sent a check for $50
Otis T. Alvison, assistant cashier
of the Omaha National bank fmd
treasurer of the Humane society, en
tertained the following Humane so
ciety workers at lunch in the rest
room of the bank: Mesdatnes J. E.
. Davidson, H. H. Baldrige, C. L.
Farnsworth, Lucien Stephens, Ar
thur Remington, E. H. Sprague, C.
H. Ashton, F. J. Norton and T.XL.
Davis and Misses Blanche Sorenson
and Letitia Gambright. "
Union Pacific Special Agent
Dies While On Visit to Omaha
John A. McNeil, 65, special agent
for the Union Pacific at San Fran
cisco for 13 years, died Saturday
niortit in an Omaha hnsnital. He had
ter in Omaha.
He is survived by his wife; three
sons, John and Donald of Omaha;
David of San Francisco; two
daughters, Mrs. Pierce Welsh and
Adelaide McNeil. The body will be
' taken to Kansas City, Kan., today
for burial.
Alleged Holdups Found
To Be Escaped Convicts
Two negroes arrested here as
holdup suspects have been found to
be escaped convicts from the Penn
sylvania state penitentiary. One it
William Armsrrong, alias Jack
Brown, of Youngstown, O.. and the
other is George Turner, alias Wil
liam Rhodes. 1
Eugene Union, another negro ar
rested with the two, will probably
be tried here on charges of highway
Childhood Love Leads
Omaha Singer to Altar
' ' . "'"V ";
A revival of true love between
Douglas C. Isitt, a former profes
sional entertainer about Omaha, and
Grace Frances Warren, 1630 Victor
avenue, childhood sweethearts,, es
tranged five years ago, only to
marry another, was emphasized in
their marriage in Denver on Octo
ber 8.
Efforts to keep the marriage a se
cret were in vain.
Mr. and Mrs. Isitt were divorced
from their first choices three years
ago.- The young couple arrived in
Omaha yesterday, returning to Den
ver from their honeymoon in the
cast l " '
She's Strong for "Doug."
"You see, Douglas and I met
again, patched up our little quarrel
and were married," Mrs. Isitt de
clared. "We know each other well,
for we were -childhood sweet
hearts. And Doug is such a . hand
some chap, a clever singer. Omaha
knows him, too. , I leaVried after I
was married five years ' ago that I
C. B. Shackelford,
Omahan, Dies
Succumbs to Heart Disease at
University Hospital; Resi
dent Here 40 Years.
C. B. Shackelford.' 70. a resident
of Omaha for 40 years and founder
of the firm of C. B. Shackelford and
Son, merchandise brokers, Iron
huildinor. died vesterdav at the Uni
versity hospital. His death followed a
three weeks' illness. Heart disease
was the . cause of death.
Mr. Shackelford ; was born at
Portsmouth, O. Forty-three years
ago he moved to Des Moines, where
he entered the .wholesale grocery
business and where he was married
Fortv vears aeo he came to Oma
ha and worked for the McCord-
Bradv -Co.. until 1900. when, with
his son,. J. M. ' Shackelford, he
founded the merchandise brokerage
office :in,! the Iron building. Mr.
Shackelford always was active in
civic" affairs. He was a Blue lodge
Mason. a . member of the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce and a mem
ber of the Elks lodge and a faith
ful member and attendant at All
Saints church. He was living at
the Blackstone hotel with his wife
until he was taken to the hospital.
Funeral Wednesday.
Besides a widow he Is survived by
one son and two daughters, J. M.
Shackelford, 1540 Spruce street; Mrs.
A. C. Stokes, 4724 Davenport street,
and Mrs. John Marischal, Spokane,
Definite funeral arrangements will
be announced later. Services will
be held some time Wednesday. It
is requested by1 the family that no
flowers be given. T
Omaha Cop, Once Paroled,
Must Now Serve Sentence
William J. JWilkening, fotmer
Omaha policeman, who was found
guilty of accepting a bribe June 12,
1920, and paroled, will have to serve
his sentence of from one to five
District Judge Troup yesterday
revoked the parole, granted Wilken
ing because. he had a young wife and
two babies to support, at the request
of Adult Probation Officer O'Brien,
who received a letter from the coun
ty attorney of Smith Center, Kan.,
stating that Wilkening had been con
victed there for bringing liquor Into
the, county.
Keen Bidding Promised for
Buttons, Humane Society Dog
Bidding for "Buttons," the ,West
Highland terrior given to the Hu
mane society by Mrs. Sarah Bloom,
promises to be keen.
Several sealed bids have been re
ceived at the Humane society's
office. The dog will go to the high
est bidder. A minimum of $50 has
been set. Bids will be opened at
noon Wednesday. ; -
You must- say "Bayer" v
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on package
. .. . or on tablets, you are not getting genuine
. Aspirin prescribed by physicians for 21 years.
Insist upon an unbroken package of genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" containing proper
directions and dose proved safe by millions. . :
, Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets tost but a few crate Larger packages.
Aspirta I u tnd mask ti Brt XeauXattart et MwvsctUcKldwtai of UcrUesett
' - t V -
. . Vi 7
had made a mistake and a divorce
was the only way out of it.
"There was no collusion between
us". When I met Doug again, he
told me he too was divorced. Happy?
wny we Knew men we were jusi
meant for each other." . ,
. And here the happy bride elaborat
ed upon her husband s success in
life. .
"Doug has a fine position with a
music publishing company in uen
ver." she said. "And oh. the clever
songs he sings P Why we'll just be
tne nappiest coupic in mc wunu.
All Make Mistakes.
Mr. Isitt's former wife is in Des
Moines, while Mrs. Isitt's former
husband is in Indianapolis.
Referring to their former mar
riages. Mrs. Isitt said:
"We all make mistakes. And it
must be remembered that all mar
riages are not happy. Doug and I
have learned that lesson."
Mrs. Isitt will remain in Omaha
for two weeks -before joining her
husband in -Denver where the couple
will make their home1. v ' i )
Dodge Street Short
Line Torn Up;Wotk
To Be Finished Soon
Work of lowering Dodge street to
a new grad has been completed so
far as the use of the Dodge street
"short line" is concerned. Contrac
tors Conden and. Bolen yesterday
began tearing up the tracks.
Engineer ti. h. McLlintoctc, in
charge of the work for the city, ,de
clared that the entire grading proj
ect, including all work of lowering
private property as well as streets,
will be completed in 30 days if the
weather is favorable. All dirt yet
to be removed will be -taken out by
motor trucks. ,
: v "It will be impossible .jto do the
paving this fall," said Engineer Mc
Clintock," and the street car tracks
will not be used for winter service
further than Seventeenth street."
James Parks has been given the pav
ing contract, which specifies brick
as the material to be used.
Negro Beats Captain
'To the Draw' In Holdup
C. R. Williams, 5026 Spencer
street, is a captain in the navy on
recruiting duty in Omaha and carries
a large navy revolver.
The revolver is now the contra
band property of a negro holdup,
who "beat the captain to the draw"
when the two met in front of the
navy man's home Sunday nfeht. The
bandit also got $8 in cash.
Captain Williams, rearming him
self, scoured the neighborhood for
an hour after the holdup but could
not find his man.
Ben Ferrell, 3410 North Twenty
fourth street, told police he was
robbed, of $10 and a gold watch by
a bandit who held him up in front
of the Calumet cafe at 1 o'clock
yesterday morning.
Dr. Kent to Go to Trial
In Bahy Case November 8
Dr. H. S. Kent, in jai! awaiting
trial on three charges in connection
with the placing of two newly born
infants in an abandoned cistern at
Thirty-third and California streets
last July, will be placed on trial in
district court November 8, Deputy
County Attorney Slabaugh said yes
terdav. '
Kent was accused of being the
father of the infants and Louise
Boeke the mother. Both d-;ny this.
Royal League to Honor
Supreme Sentry at Banquet
A banquet in honor of J. W. Bar
nett, supreme sentry of the Royal
league, will be given by the league
at the Henshaw Wednesday night,
C E. Piper, supreme scribe, of Chi
cago, will be a guest. The banquet
concludes a membership campaign
conducted by the league and each
member who obtained a new mem
ber is eligible to attend.
Pure Food Show
Formally Opened
At Auditorium
Large Crowd Attends Second
Annual Exhibition Held by
Omaha Retail Grocers
Association. '
The second annual pure food
show of the Omaha Retail Grocers'
association at the Auditorium was
formally opened at 1 p. m. yesterday.
Some of the booths were not com
pleted but most of the exhibits were
in place. The show this year is one
of the largest ever attempted in this
part of the country.
An orchestra furnished the music
yesterday afternoon. It will play
again mis evening.
A large crowd attended the show
yesterday afternoon.
The show will last trftough Sat
Secretaries of Commercial
Clubs to Meet Oct. 22-23
Secretaries of the commercial
clifbs of Nebraska will hold their an
nual conference in the Chamber of
Commerce rooms Friday and Sat
The program for the Friday morn
ing session will include a call to
order by President Frank H. Beele
of Hastings, Neb.; "Greetings" by
Robert S. Trimble, president of the
Omaha Chamber of Commerce:
"Membership Promotion and Con
servation, by W. S. Whitten of Lin
During the noonday luncheon a
round table discussion on the sub
ject, Community Trade Develop
ment and Publicity," will be led by
Arthur Thomas, manager of the
Chamber of Commerce bureau of
Chauffeur Given 15 Days
On Reckless Driving Charge
Alex Kozicki, 2424 Bancroft street,
was given 15 days in jail on charges
of drunkenness and reckless driving
by Judge roster sn Central police
court yesterday morning.
Kozicki's car collided with an
automobile driven by C. F. Helgrer,
146 Drake court, at Twentieth and
iHarney streets Sunday morning.
' The occupants cf.the Helgrer car,
Mrs. C. F. Helgrer . and Miss
Mathilda Raber, 3912 South Twenty
fourth street, escaped uninjured.
Kozicki suffered body bruises.
New Hammer Comes to Home
Of War Romance Parents
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry W. Hammer, 210 South
Twenty-fifth avenue, at the Wise
Memorial hospital Sunday, thus en
larging a family sprung from a war
romance to four. A little girl, Betty
Joan, 3, was delighted at the arrival
of her pink little brother.
Mrs. Harry Hammer, nee Miss
Nell Shepherd, English vaudeville
actress, made A perilous voyage to
America to live with relatives ,in
Omaha during the war. Here she
met her husband Harry.
Mrs. Orschel-Withdraws
Charges Against Husband
Mrs. Martha Orschel yesterday in
district court dismissed her suit for
divorce against Hernert M. Orschel,
president and general manager of
H. M. Orschel- company, manufac
turers of asbestos products, 701
South Eleventh street.
. Her petition alleged that her hus
band frequented questionable places.
In the withdrawal of her suit Mrs.
Orschel declared that the reports
given her about her husband's al
leged escapades are untrue.
A baby carriage seat Invented by
an American living in Siam can be
lifted out and hooked to the handle
bars of a bicycle so as to test on the
top of the frame.
It will give you in Winter all the advantages that
you enjoy from the 6un in Summer.
All 'portable Majestic Electric Heaters are equipped with
ijeet of heater cord
Majestic Electric Heaters, are the
original patented heaters of this type.
Then art 8 pirtabU typt Majtrttc
Thtrt un 3 initrt typt Majulie
Ask jour deafer bouf Jfajesfic
s.. . ' 'TLW III i
Majestic Electric DcTelepaeat
ill Saarra Wlf A Ik . V
M MthtHe VteMe Heifers- Jf I X 1
1 Btsi la Cri iffon for Jfcaf Ratfiiflon k J I X jj
Brief City News
Cement Is Stolen J. Stein. 163Z
North Nineteenth street, reported to
police that hia at ore at that address
was robbed of eight sacks of cement
On Hunting Trip W. M. Gravett,
Eighth and Bancroft streets, and son,
Goorgre, left yesterday morning by
automobile for Brown county on a
two weeks' hunting trip.
Two Couples Wed Miss Emma J.
Hranilovte was married to Charles
Nerad Saturday by Rev. Charles W.
Savidge. Miss Nellie J. Maxfleld al
so was married to Chris Johnson by
the "marrying parson."
Israel Brotherhood Meeting Mem
bers of Temple Israel Brotherhood
are requested to attend a meeting
Wednesday evening In the vestry
room of the temple. The entertain
ment committee announces a special
entertainment. The invitations read:
"8 p. m. sharp."
' General A. O. V. W. Meeting
Delegates from all lodges of the
A. O. U. W. in Douglas county and
delegates from Council Bluffs lodges
will meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday
evening in the A. O. U. W. hall in
Omaha. The delegates will meet
with a subcommittee of the A. O.
U. W. lodge fair.
Beject Appralsment -The city
council committee of the whole yes
terday rejected an appraisement of
$107,665 on a tract of land between
Twenty-first and Twenty-second
streets, north of Paul. ' After en
larging the tract and making an
other appraisement, it is to be used
as a playground.
Defer Action on Bridge N. E.
Waddell of Kansas City, represent
ing the J. A. L. Waddell Bridge com
pany of New York City, appeared
before the city council yesterday In
connection with the free bridge proj
ect, which Mayor Smith has been
promoting. It was decided that no
definite action be taken until after
the national election.
Finds Jobs Without Charge Eliza
beth Stearns, who recently returned
to take charge of the women's free
Not A Blemu
mars the . perfect
appearance of her com'
plexion. Permanent
and temporary skin
troubles are effectively
concealed. Reduces un
natural color arid corrects
gitasy skins. Highly antiseptic,
used with beneficial results si
a curative agent for 70 years.
I15I ill!
Famou Old Recipe
for cougfi syrup
Easily and cheaply made at home,
oat u Dcaw tnem ail ior
quick rcaulte.
Thousands of housewives have
found that they can save two-thirds
of the money usually spent for cough
preparations, by using this well
known old recipe for making cough
syrup. It is simple and cheap but it
has no equal for prompt results. It
takes right hold of a cough and gives
immediate relief, usually stopping an
ordinarr'cough in 24 hours or less.
Get 2'2 ounces of Pinex from any
druggist, pour it into a pint bottle,
and add plain granulated sugar syrup
to make a full pint. If you prefer,
use clarified molasses, honey, or corn
syrup, instead of sugar syrup. Either
way, it tastes good, keeps perfectly,
and lasts a family a lonfr time.
It's truly astonishing how quickly
it acts, penetrating through every air
Iiassage of the throat and lungs
oosens and raises the phlegm,
soothes and heals the membranes, and
gradually but surely the annoying
throat tickle and dreaded cough dis
appear entirely. Nothing better for
bronchitis, spasmodic croup, hoarse
ness or bronchial asthma.
Pines is a special and highly con
centrated compound of genuine Nor
way pine extract known the world over
for its healing effect on membranes.
Avoid disappointment by asking
your druggist for "2ya ounces of
Pinex" with full directions and don't
accept anything else. Guaranteed to
give absolute satisfaction or money
promptly refunded. The Pinex Co..
Ft. Wayne, Ind.
The Portable
- Electric Heater
of many, uses
Wherever there is
an electric outlet a
Majestic Electric
Heater can be used.
labor bureau maintained by the
Board of Public Welfare in the city
hall, wishes to make her department
as ' useful as possible to those in
need of female help and also to
girls and women who are in need
of employment There is no charge
made to those who want workers
or to those who want work.
Probate Postponed Probate of
the will of the late R. C. Martin,
vice-president of the Mutual Live
Stock Commission company, was con
tinued Indefinitely In county court
yesterday. Martin died from injur
ies received, when he drove his au
tomobile head-on Into a street car at
Twenty-Sixth and Leavenworth
streets, the evening of June 20, 1920.
His brother, Joseph W. Martin of
Madison, Neb., has been appointed
administrator of the estate, said to
be worth $200,000.
Charred Letters From Fatal
Airplane Received by The Bee
Mute evidence of the tragic air
plane accident in which Bryan Mc
Mullen, Omaha air mail pilot, was
burned to death Saturday at Batavia,
111., 37 miles west of Chicago, came
to the office of The Bee Sunday in
the shape of several charred letters.
They were marked, "Contents dam
aged by air mail fire, October 16."
Poles and Lithuanians '
In Hot Battle at Vilna
London, Oct. 18. A severe en
gagement occurred between Polish
and Lithuanian troops Saturday
night and early Sunday on the front
between Vilna and Kovno, accord
ing to official dispatches from Kovno.
Both the Poles and Lithuanians suf
fered heavy losses, the dispatches
Values in
Extreme Values in
Children's Waist
Union Suits, $1.00
Medium weight, brushed cot
ton, high neck, long sleeves,
ankle length; properly taped,
with garter supporten tabs;
$1.00 a suit.
Women's Hose, 2 Pairs for $1.00
Full fashioned, semi-fashioned and seamless silk, fiber and
cotton, black, white and colors; special at, 2 pair, $1.00
DownitsJra Store.
Ironing Board, $3.95
Ridjid ironing board with
stand, stands very firm, $3.95
Wall Paper Cleaner
Smoky City wall paper
cleaner, can, 10c.
Tea Kettle, $239
Pure aluminum tea kettle,
5-qt. size, $2.39.
Don't Prod Your
Liver Info Action
Overcome Bilioueneae, Constipation,
Sick Headache, Quickly. No Grip--inf
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The organs of digestion, assimilation
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"Whipping" your liver into action with
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The Reader of The Bee
Have Faith in Our Want
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Are Mutual Friend.
"' APVKfiflBEMEKT i imcnTTuifuvvT. 1 m
a. ' M
Hi mm m
Y. M. C. A. Fall Opening
Week Is Big Success
Bishop Ernest Shayler spoke be
fore an audience of 200 at a men's
meeting in the , Y. M. C. A. audi
torium Sunday afternoon on the
last day of the big fall opening weel:
celebration at the "Y."
The week of the revelry was
highly successful in every respect.
When George Campbell s "Grand
Dixie Minstrels" Saturday wound up
s!x nights of entertainment with a
program full of melody and mirth
with their show the association di
tectors were patting each other on
the back. t
Every department shared in - the
varied program offered in the course
of the week.
The entertainments were enjoyed
by hundrds of persons who attended
during the week.
"It was everything that we hoped
for and more," declared R. S. Puck
ctt, in charge of publicity, of the
week's work.
Gates No Longer Ajar;
Divorce Suit Dismissed
' "Mr. and Mrs. Gates have become
reconciled and want to dismiss their
respective divorce suits," announced
Ross Shotwell, attorney for Mrs.
Gates, to District Judge VVakeley in
his court room yesterday morning.
"A question of 'Gates ajar,' is it?
mused the judge.
"No, the Gates are'nt ajar any
more. That's all over," said Henry
Bremers, attorney for Mrs. Gates.
Bee want ads are best business
getters. "
The Day of Great
the Downstairs Store
Just Arrived
Another Large As
sortment of
at $18.50
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SMART styles in eith
er plain tailored ef
fect? or the more elabo
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tricotine and serges,
. trimmed in effective de
signs of yarns, beads
and braid.
Women's Union Suits',
High neck, long sleeves,
ankle length, bishop neck, el
bow sleeves, ankle length; or
low neck and no sleeves; made
of combed cotton, a good value.
Wash Boilers, $239
Heavy tin wash boilers with
copper bottom, have stationary
wood handles; No. 8 size, $2.39.
Fry Pans, $239 :
"Mirro" pure aluminum fry
pan, made extra heavy, has
wood handle; 10-inch size,
caa juit tell by its healthy,
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Leg Sore
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M IoGan ibr Shin Disease
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correct acidity, thus regulating diges
tion and giving almost instant stom
ach relief. Large 60c case drugstc-reB,
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Sherman & Mcgnnall Drug Co.
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Real Values
in Furnishings for "
Men and Boys
Koveralls, $1.00
Levi Strauss koveralls for
boys and girls, age 2 to 8 years
old; all colors; long or short
sleeves, $1.00 suit.
Shirts, $1.65
Men's high-grade shirts, sam
ples and seconds, of madras and
percales, sizes 14 to coat
style, French cuffs, $1.65.
Gloves and Mittens
$1.00 Pair
Horsehide gloves and mittens,
heavy fleece lining-, knit wrist,
Union Suits, 98c
Balbriggan union suits, long or
short sleeves, ecru and white,
sizes 54 to 40; excellent quality
for quick clearance; 98c suit.
Union Suits, $2.49 Suit
Men's wool mixed ribbed
union suits, silver gray and
ecru, $2.49 suit. All sizes.
Men's Hose, 5 Pair for
Men's hose, 5 pairs for $1.00;
all sizes and all colors.
Linen Specials
Table Cloths, $3.95
A splendid value, bleached
damask pattern table cloth,
fine quality, handsome circu
lar design, size 72x72.
Pillow Cases, 49c
Pillow cases', size 45x36, In
a good wearing quality, with
neat three-inch hem; special,
at 49c each. '
Marseilles Bed Sets,
Set consists of spread and
bolster cover to match. Beau
tiful embossed designs. ,
Healthy liver
Healthy Life
Your liver healthy or clogged, acthe
or sluggish makes all the difference
between a vigorous,
cheerful life and low jf.
spirits and fail- lafoUjKl
ure. . To subdue
a atnhhnrn
liver, over-yj
cuius consti
pation, dizzi
ness, bilious-
ness, indigestion, headache and the
oiues mere is nothing on earth so good
as Cuto'iUttk-Lhrer PW. Purely vegetable.
Small raSkuOlDese Sm&Q Price
sent fnettoany man upon re-
0 erra WoHavie.faw.
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