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Immigrants in
1920 Mainly From
British Isles
bureau Iues Table Showing
i rivals and Departures of
Aliens, Not by Counties,
Hut by Stock.
&unterfeiter Who,
in the Leavenworth penitentiary.
Judge Pollock overruled motion to
continue the trial. Molds and other
apparatus alleged to have been used
by Creeler, which were found in the
basement of the prison chapel, were
offired in evidence.
In South Wales the number of
persons employed underground in
the coat mines increased during 1919
from about 190,000 to215.000.
Federal Witnesses in
" $1,000,000 Whisky
Ring Are Missing
Chicago, Oct. 13. Pruiatt:re an
nouncement of ' the government's
case against a nation-wide $1,000,000
"whisky ring." made here yesterday,
has caused the disappearance of two
important government witnesses.
Frank D. Richardson, special federal
investigator, complained today.
A. H. Sadler. New York stock
broker, and engineer of the "ring,"
who turned informer, took the other
course and appealed to federal au
thorities for protection, dec'aring
tl reats hadtbecn made against his
life by those he had exposed.
According to District Attorney
Clyne, he now has sufficient eviJence
to ask indictments.
Eleven men have thus' far been
named as leaders in the national
shipment of contraband liquoi on
forged pernyts. '
The government of the Federated
Malay States is aiding private ex
periments in the production of rub
ber seed oil, a substitute for linseed
oil, on a commercial basis.
Elects Officers.
Franklin, Neb., Oct.' 13. (?.c
cialV. The annual meeting of the
Franklin County Farmers' union
was held in Franklin. The follow
ing officers were elected: President,
A. C. Imhoff, Upland; vice presi
dent. F. G. Mason, Upland; secretary-treasurer,
C. W. Bauer, Hil
dred; directors, Mart Hanson, A. T.
Ready and Harry Amderson.
i Spasmodic CrojpUr"unUj
rilisvxi by ona application of-
V VapoRub
Over 17 Million Jan UhJ Vaari
Worked In Prison Is
Freed In Kansas City
Leavenworth. Kan., Oct.. 13.
Frank B. Creeler was placed on trial
in federad court yesterday, charged
with counterfeiting while a prisoner
Bee want ade are business getters.
4 lilcc Trtbunc-Omalw Br Lmnti Wlra.
Washington, Oct. 13. Forty-five
. 'tr cent of the increase in popula
tion through alien immigration in
1920 was made up of English, S:otch,
Irish and Welsh. These groups did
rot come all from the British Isles,
for the figures include those coming
from Canada, which was an impor
tant contributor, but they serve to
indicate the changes now process
ing in the sources of our immigra
tion. Up to 20 years or so ago the
peoples of western and northern
Europe predominated in the tides
that washed up to Ellis Inland. Then
southern and eastern Elirope bctame
t ire great source of th A mixture for
ti e melting pot. During the fiscal
c;r ended last June 30. western
Europe swung back to a place it had
not held for a generation or more as
the source whence originated the
bulk of our alien increase
Today was issued what he bureau
of immigration designates a "table
y races," showing the 'Increase or
decrease in population by arrival and
:iepar4ure of aliens for 1920, not fry
countries but by stocks The statis
tics run up to July 1 and they in
clude" both immigrant ar.d nn-im-nfgrant
classes, the latter defined
w those who do not migrate for
permanent residences. They show
U:c following: r
Races making net gains 1920:
African . 30.206
.rmntan .c
llohrmlatv 231!
Tt)U'h and Flemish
i-'N nJ . .
4, 371
vie rman . .i.ssr
Notrtv 14,140
Irian 1M1
Italian, north 5.62
Ii4.lli.ri, south 24,08'.
JtpaneNe "21
Mexican ...... s7.31
Fortunes 10.1S
V.pxstnn 1,619
Scandinavian 4.730
Scutch ..21.370
Ipanlsh 1.30.73.!
: mnlBh-Amerlean 3,497
Syrian r...X l.Sf.C
Welsh !
nwt Indian (except Cuba) 961
- Races making a net decrease in
Bulnfirlan, Serbian and Montenegrin 22,01
'hinena 363
'Jrullan and Slovenian 6.528
lalmttan 1,533
Innlnli 174
:)r.-.-l: , 6.K43
' Itlmanlal 27
Unxyar 14. 52!
Polish S.16"
Tiimmanlan 20,60
Slovak 6.8S0
Turkish I. ill
The total admitted, immigrant and
non-immigrant, was 621,278; otal
departed 428,062, making ihe net ie
:rease in population 193.514.
Decrease Shown
In Surplus Wheat
Stock? ou Hand October 1
Smaller Than Supply on
Same Date Last Year.
Washington, Oct. 13. Stocks ov
,vheat in the United States on
October' 1. totalled 608,000,000
bushels, the Department of Agricul
ture estimated. This compares with
"47,000,000 bushels in the country
on the same date last year.
The total on hand the first of
this:. month, the department an
nounced,, represented 477,000,000
bushels held by farmers, 102.000.000
bushels held at country mills and
elevators and 29,000.000 bushels held
at other points of accumulation.
Last, year on October 1, farmer
held 515,000,000 bushels, Country
mills: ',. and elevators 142.000,000
bushels and other- points of ac
cumulation 90,000,000 bushels.
The department reported that
from July 1 to October 1. the farm
ers marketed 321.000,000 bushels, as
compared with 450,000.000 bushels
marketed in the corresponding
eriod of 1919.
The crop this year, plus the
:arrv-over from 1919, is estimated
it 798.000,000 bushels, or about. 17
per cent less than last year.
Great Britain is also taking an
active interest in the silk industry,
with a large capital investment. One
factory established in that country
will produce about nine tons of artl
ikial silk per day in addition to non
inflammable films and other products.
To Fear flow
of Indigestion
K Host of PeopU Stm to Thrive on
What Used to PfotoIm ladigM.
ties Before Thy LmJ of
Stuart's Dyspepsia TaWeU. t
When the stomseh becomes tAur, with
- .in and heartburn due to indigestion
dyspepsia relief may b had 'by one
jt two Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Simply
thew them, no hot water nor any other
fillers for a siomaca amui u nun
These tablets (apply to the stomach
the alkaline effect which is what relieves
he soar acid condition. They also cou
sin panereatin to help digest the starchy
oode such as potatoes, rice, oatmeal, white
. lour, etc.
. e A .... .1 fitnata Tlwa
epsta Tablets, have them on hand at
U times ana xnus ht h .w
tirm or dyspepsia. -
The fact that these tablets ars on
in the U. S. and
Canada shows how reeogniied
they are as an erncieni -
.arsosotie stomach ottds littl help
Brandeis Stores
Enormous and varied stocks, together with accommodating selling service, have all helped in the building of
the Brandeis Stores. But realize that low prices for good values have been the chief attraction. Men and
women and little folks, too come to the Brandeis Stores to buy the RIGHT GOODS at the RIGHT PRICES.
Thursday Imported Blue Willow Chin-aware of the vintage of 1750, but it will bring your table up to date
Helping the Shopper
A distinguished trade writer has
"A wonderful truth about a good
store is that it may be made a store-,
house of informative promotion that
not wily sells goods,' but really gives
useful and pleasantly informal instruc
tion about merchandise to the con
sumer not in a superior manner, but
in,, a carefully chosen tone of telling
something that will be accorded a
welcome reception. Enthusiasm 'about
one's own special job is part of the
job's privilege and duty. And one of
its functions is to find new and in
teresting things with which to pro
mote its interests."
That well describes the training of
Brandeis Stores' representatives in
every department.
They understand that their busi
ness is not merely to sell goods. It is
their business, as, indeed, it is their
pleasure, to satisfy customers.
A Templing Variety of Fifty Styles in
A Sale of Imported and Domestic Laces
Actually 2.00 and 3.00 Values
2Cri. V1n of Metal Laces Sample Pieces, in all-overs, a QQ
,DUU I aruS bands and edges 4 to 18 inches wide. At VoC
or Each
'Among this lot may be found Bodice Vcstiugs, Dress Trimmings and pieces for
making hats. Old Gold, Silver Antique, Steel and Bright Gold in all about
fifty styles will be on sale either by the yard or by the piece.
Main Floor Center On Two Large Bargain Squares. 7
3,000 Pieces "Ridgway's"
Old English
Blue Willow Ware'
Thursday at Big Reductions
Rldiwaj's Old English Blue Willow, first produced in 1750, will
go on sale Thursday at a big reduction from our regular prices,
r.s follows:
Scallops, 5-inch, each s.-43d
Scallops, (-inch, each 4&t
Vegetable Dishes, 6-inch 49d
Vegetable Dishes, 7-lnch 69
Blatters, 8-inch w . . . .69 ' -
Scallops, 7-inch, each - r 69 d
Platters, 10-inch 99
Platters, 12-inch $1.49
. Plates, 7-lnch, dozen 94.75
Plates, 6-inch, dozen $4.50
Plates, 5-inch, dozen $3.50
Cups and Saucers, dozen $4.75
Dowls, aech 43d
Cream Pitchers, each 69
Covered Dishes, each... $2.99
Sugar Bowls, each 99
Fruit Saucers, dozen. . .$2.00
Oatmeal Dishes, dozen.. $3.50
Brandeis Stores Fifth Floor Edst
. Coming! A Sale of
Men's All-Wool
Imported Suits
Watch Friday's Ad announcing one of
the biggest Suit sales all wool imported
fabrics ever offered the men of Omaha.
The Price? Very Low!
10,000 Yards of the Season's Newest Silks
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This wonderful let of silk was bought from a leading jobber, who needed the
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5,000 Yards Were 1.75 to 2.50 5,000 Yards Were 3.00 to 4.50
40'incli Crepe de Chine .
40-inch Georgette Crepe
36-inch Wash Satin
36-inch Plam Poplins
36-inch Printed Poplins
36-inch Printed Lining Silks
36-inch Drapery Silks
32-inch Imported Pongee
1 00
40-inch Printed Radium
40-inch Plain Radium
40-inch Crepe de Chine
40-inch Crepe Meteor
40-inch Charmense
Ho Phone Orders.
Brandeis Stores Main Floor Center.
CU-inch Satin Charmeuse . Your
33-inch Chiffon Taffeta Choke
40-inch White Silk Suiting
. 32-inch Crepe Shirting.
36-inch ' Broadcloth Shirting
No Mail Orders. " Yard
Italian Silk Underwear
Regular 3.50 to 5.00 Values
Thursday at 229
Society and business women alike wear silk underwear
these days because they find that they get good values for . '
the money they invest. On Thursday we will ;place on sale
Women's Italian Silk Underwear, neatly tailored and re
inforced where wear is greatest;' a garment for every need
may be found in this lot.
Vests, Bloomers, Chemise and
Union Suits in Flesh Color
The vests are either' plain or embroidered. Nearly all sizes; reg
ularly priced at 3.50 to 5.00, at ' 2.29
Brandeis Stores-Third Floor East
Opening Sale and Display of
iiuman Hair
Brandeis Stores Are Retail Selling Agents for Omaha.
Eachl5c; Boxof6,75c; Boxof 12,1.50.
This exceptional sale Js particularly timelj', for during these
"windy Autumn days every woman needs a hair nt to keep the
stray locks in place. Every one guaranteed : First, superior qual
ity; second, full sizes in cap and fringe shapes; third, the small
box packing. .
Brandeis Stores Main Floor South
Georgette Blouses
At a Low Sale Price
Thursday at 5.00
Beautiful Georgette Blouses at prices reminding you
of the "good old days." When you see them you wiP
want to invest in a 'generous supply.
There are trim tailored models in Crene de Chinp. with
high necks and long sleeves, for suit wear; and others?
in me more aressy eiiects.
Beaded and Embroidered
' Over-Blouse and Tie-On
Some are in tuck effect. In all the most desirable shades; also
- white, flesh and pastel tints. Special for Thursday at, each, 5.00
Brandeis Stores Second Floor South
Sale o l,625 Fine Silk
Four-in-Hand Ties
4 Regular Values
for Thursday
At lH
Fine silk ties made from sample pieces of im
ported and domestic silks and turned out by
two of the best manufacturers of high grade
neckwear. We have not been able to offer such
values at this remarkably low price for some
Buy flow for Christmas Gifts
Many of the ties are strictly hand-made, and the patterns,
as well as the quality are such as are found in only th most
exclusive shops; every one carries a distinctive sjtyle of its
own. Now that the season for Christmas shopping is near,
we ask you not to overlook this opportunity to invest in the
finest neckwear made, Thursday, at 1.15
Brandeis Stores Main Floor Men's Store .
Slimness of Outline Distinguishes
Misses' and Small Worn en's Frocks.
Specially Priced- h Two Groups
Something in the Au
tumn air arouses the in
tense desire for smart
new clothes. Our Misses'
and Small Women's Ap
parel Section is ready to
assist, you in accomplish
ing this with the after
noon frock you desire and
the street dress you need
so much. '
24.75 and 45.00
Fashioned with becom
ing slim lines,"they are of
fabrics which are the
loveliest any season has
brought forth, such as:
Satin, Tricotine, Kitten's
Ear Crepe and Jersey in
the most desired of the
new shades. ,
24.75 and 45'00
Brandeis Stores-Second Floor West
Separate Skirts
Plaid and Pleated
For Thursday,
These Unusual
Values, on Sale
When a mode reaches the vogue attained by
these skirts, it is a genuine joy to find it in the
new and different versions. One narrow pleat
- after another gives a jaunty smartness to wool
Cheery Shade Combinations
Box pleats and knife pleats are used together in a skin of
olaid SertFfi in tonWs of hrrtwn and rA Ykffwfv awI 1y.ii
Ve just mention a few at random from the assortment here.
Surely unusual values at this price, 13.75
Brandeis Stores Second Floor West
y 1
f I
imlWiii l
. &.rU.. r. XsW