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I Mis Ida Kutfhy
jTjWedne$day evcnfiig,
f 'ie Beth Hamedrtsh
tr. I3orri Irving Col
Mis Ida Kutfhy will be married
Uctober ft at
,h synagogue to
Cohan of Chicago.
v .Although the betrothal took place in
Ally, no formal announcement ot the
engagement wai made
MissjNoby ' the daughter of tne
late Mr. and Mrs. Simond Kub-
"jensky. ' :
Many social affairs will be given
for Miss Kubby by her ' friends.
. Among those who have ' al
ready entertained in her honor are:
Mesdamen, H. Rothkop, M. Golden
l erg, J. Raytnan, M. London, N. W.
Naken. Karl Brnndcis, Harry Kub
by and B. V. Lortg.
Following the ceremony at which
Rablji Morris N. Taxon will officiate,
a (liijncr will be held for relatives
and a f$w intimate friends.
The young, couple ' will inafce a
honeymoon trip to St. Jotiis, ' Mo.;
Tampa, Jacksonville and Palm
Beach, Fla., and Havana, uba. Up
on their return they will reside in
Chicago. ,
V ,
1 ... Luncheon, '
Miss Jessie Millard entertained at
luncheon at her home, Tuesday, in
honor of Mrs Corinne. Roosevelt
'RoDinson, sister of the late Theodore
Roosevelt, who spoke in Omaha
Tuesday evening at the Auditorium.
Covers were placed for 12 quests.
Bridge Club Reorganizes.
Mrs. Daniel Gruenig will be host
ess Saturday .afternoon1 when a
bridge club of which she is a mem
ber will be reorganized. The club
rrH'eU every two weeks,. .The mem-
' (fcrs are MfS Arthur Ross, 1 Mrs.
Iponald Kowe, Misses Helen-Curtis,
A mhv KUntrK.,! U.I,.., W.rf.
lahel Picl. Dorothy Gray, . Myrne
Oilchrist, Martha Gyger, Lucy Gar
vin and Mildred Rhodes." "
. i iu in m '
Somen Club. '
The Somers club will meet Tues
day, October 5, with Miss Helen
Walker. ' -
"y The Sal
!Saving In
Children's Clothing Needed.
Salvage shop of the I Child
Institute, 511 North Six
teenth street, is making an appeal
it J for children's clothing. Any one
f wishing to make a donation is re-
quested to call Douglas 8123.
Rebekah Lodge. " v
A program and dancei wiH be given
Thursday evening by 'the Rebekah
lodge, celebrating their 69th an
niversary, at Odd Fellows hall,
Fourteenth and Dodge streets, to
which all members of the lodge and
Odd Fellows are invited. (
, , . For Mrs. Meyer.
Sirs. W. H. Wheeler entertained
informally at a luncheon at her home
Tuesday in honor of Mrs. G. A.
Meyet of Denver, the guest of Mrs.
T. L. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Swobe
gave a dinner of eight covers at
their home Tuesday evening tor Mrs.
Tueyeiv ; -
Informal Affair.
Miss Marian Figge, who leaves
soon for California, was honor guest
at a" informal evening affair given
Monday at the home of Miss Jessie
- Country Club. v ,
Mrs. E. A. Creighton entertained
at a luncheon of eight covers at the
Country club, Tuesday, for her gnest,
Mrs. Edith Scott Magna of Hol
yoke, Mas. v
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Gifford anw
nounce the birth of a son, Sundaf
morning, y s '
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Young have
returned : from California, where
they spentseveral weeks.
f!e Martrarpr Wpiislev of Clawe-
Innd, 6., who was the guest of Miss
Alice rortcrneia,. ten aaturaay ior home.
Hiiob Rohertson left Saturday for
VCleveland, O., to he a delegate, at
the national convention of the Ameri
can Legion.'
Mrs, Helen Reynolds of . New
VArr urJ.n e ct Annin v-at the
tenelle, leaves the latter part of the
r . a t .
wcck xor ncr nonic.
to Mrs and Mrs. Paul H. MacCrone.
Mrs. llacCrone was formely Murlle
Barnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice R, Barnes.
Dvllcatcl ieh ad raAoad
b the cvmpluiea aided by
Nadine Face Powder
Ttd wquttita beautllW Im
parts aa ladaflnabl charm
a cbam and lavallaeaa
which andara throufheut
thaydajp tod tlofar la tha
It eaolaaaa U rafraahlnav
and it aanaot bans tba taa-
dareat akin.
Sold In tta craaa baa at
laadtag toilat aounaara or by
mail 60c.
PAka, tnh, v
ft -1M Pv Irf
t :
, ' $U if Sterna A McCoanell Drag Stores
mat, utter louet couaura,
What's What
" Of the twd high school girls pic
tured, one at the. left is wearing a
long-sleeved school blouse of pon
gee, simply made, with hunter's
green satin ribbon running through
eyelets around the deep collar and
forming the scarf ' in front. The
other girl, who is going to a matinee,,
wears with her trim blue serge coat
and skirt the blouse, as illustrated,
fashioned of sheer batiste, with yokt
and short-sleeved cuffs of hand em
broidery, edged with Val lace.
Simplicity is the keynote of good
taste for girls of high school age.
Everything may be, and should be,
as dainty as possible,- but elabora
tion is bad form. Daughters of re
fined mothers are not given to the
"loud" dressing and flashy jewelry
which, among the less well-informed,
so often. mar the effect of
youthful beauty.
(Copyright, 1120, by Public Ledger Co.)
mi I'
Dr. Elizabeth' Bass of New Orr
leans, La., has been chosen head of
the Medical Women's National as
sociation, '
Do You Know XX
Three Questions a Day for the
- Housewife.
1. When .the grape industry
was started in this country?
2. The way to cook prunes to
make them most tender??
3. How to cool any 'liquid
quickly if you have no ice?
(These questions i will be an
swered this week by the House
wife.), v,
Answers to Monday's Questions.
1. Raisins are good food for
You Will
- Price, service ind ? quality are better
rftow tlia they ican be later. -
' Anrl in oi.f.A11 Will oflll Tl Q 7A . TV. Q Ti V
AllUt Jll aUUJtUVUi J
Pennsylvania Hard Coal
Coke for Base Burners
"Economy" Coal From Franklin ,
-County, Illinois
"E-Z-Lite" Coal, also from Illinois ,
These are economical grades. Many
dealers -do not have them. We offer a
limited stock, subject to priojr sale.
Sunderland Brothers Co.
Main Office, Entire 3d Floor Keeline Bldg.,
17th and Harney Streets
One of Our Yards Is Near Your Home
Specia ly Priced
For Saturday
at Bowen'f
That most desired time
when you can secure new
draperies for your home, when
you can "dress up" the in
terior appearance of the
rooms at trifling cost, will
occur Saturday, Oct. 2d, at
the Bowen Store, 16th and
Howard streets.
There is no denying the
beauty of the immense stock
of tfew draperies shown at this
store neither is there any
denying the Exceptional val
ues of the draperies offered
in our big one-day sale. If
you are only - looking for a
single drape or draperies, to
be made and hung in several
rooms, you will realize an
immense saving by . buying
here Saturday.
Count the number of dra
peries or curtains you want
and be at the H. K. Bowen
Co.'s store early Saturday
morning. From, our large
stock there will be no trouble
in selecting exactly what you
want. . i
Bee want ads brine results.
Camp Fire Tag
' Day Workers
Chairmen and their assistants for
the Campfire Girls' tag day, Satur
day, October 2, are as follows:
Street corner: Mrs. Irving S.
CuttJf and Mrs. G. A. Young, chair
men. Farnam and Eighteenth, Miss
Puth Bracken; Farnam and Seven
teenth, Mrs. Otis SmitbiFarnam and
Sixteenth, Miss Bertha Vaughan;
Farnam and Fifteenth, Mrs. Virginia
Davidson and Miss Irma Craig;
Farnam and Fourteenth. Miss Anne
ErixSon: Farnam anl Twenty
fourtJi, Mrs. Charles . McGill and
Mjss lone Heminway; Douglas and
Sixteenth, Mrs. L. A; Hornbcrg;
Douglas, and Fifteenth, Mrs. Guy
Hoyt and Mrs. Glenn Smith; How
ard and Sixteenth, Miss Olga Jor
'gensen; Harney and Sixteenth, Miss
Madeline Marr and Mrs. Clatffx
Seldoniridge; Dodge and Sixteenth,
Miss RoSalie Platner; Twenty
fourth and, Lake, Mrs. L. N. Peoples;
Forty-njnth and Dodge, Miss K,
Dunnigen,; Fiftieth and Underwood,
Miss Margaret Holyoke; Twenty
fourth and Amesj Mrs. .Frank MtU
otels: Mrs. G. C. Cunningham,
Mrs. J. C. Bufiington, chairmen;
Fontenelle, Miss Margretha Gfim
mel; Loyal, Miss Grace Gallagher;
Merchants, Miss Henrietta Medlar;
Castle, Miss Katherine Case; Pax
ton, Mrs. Sam Henderson; Conant,
Mrs. Mildred Hamilton; Hill, Miss
Mry Dixson; Rome, Mrs. Theo
dore Bailies; Blackstone, Miss
Esther Smith; "Colonial, Miss Lucy
Garvin. V- '
Clubs: Mrs. W. W. Hoagland,
Mrs. O. H. Barmettler, Miss Gladys
Shamp, chairmen; University, Miss
anyone taking a long- walk, be
cayse they check thirst and con
tain also nourishment in a, very
I concentrated form.
i 2. Pack sliced cr ' shred Jed
pineapple fjr 24 hours in a cov
ered glass dish on ice.
3. To dry lettuce
without breaking place
cloth and swing it
it gn a
quickly ,
(Copyright 120. by the McClure ','
Newapaptr Syndicate.) V.
1 1
If You Put Your
WW. UU1.4A v . .
No One Need Buy
Cuticura Before He
Tries Free Samples
Sop, Ofntmont. Talcum, tte. vverywber. Baraplet
ireo ui vvwtmr MVairvaajrws, uapsj. MUium, KaN.
The perfect illum
ination provided
b y-Westinghouse
Mazda Lamps
creates a bright,
cheerful prosper-:;
xjus atmosphere
I whether the store
itself be large or
Artlatle Lightinr Fixturaa and Elac-
Iric Houscaeld Appllancea.
408 Sa. lBth St. Douflai 7S49.
Naxt Door ta Orphaum.
Mable Rassmussen; Omaha club,
Miss Pauline Hand; Athletic, Miss
Helen- Regan; Commercial, .Miss
Loretta Burns. j ,
Mofies: Mrs. AV. R. Coats,
Mrs. , C. J. Huboard, chairmen.
Muse,' Miss Ruth Armstrong;
Strand, Miss Mildred Foster; Em
press, Mrs. M. Katlenian; Rialtn,
Miss Edna Thrane; Moon,- Miss
Ernstine Wunrath; Sun. Miss Velora
Boone; Orpheuni, Miss Ruth Peter
son; Brandeis, Mrs. Sam Schaefer.
Miscellaneous: Mrs. William Berry,
Mrs. Willis Berger. chairmen. Union
PaCifit headquarters, Miss Marie
Neismann; Stock Yards, Miss Jean
Berger and Miss Viola Cudney; Ben
son Miss Mildred Thompson and
Miss Merle Hughes.
' ' Campfire Notes.
Mrs. Charles' Hubbard, chairman
of the executive board of the Omaha
Council of Campfire Girls, has sent
out an,S. 0,S. to all members, of
flie organization asking thein to re
port at the headquarters, room 23,
Patterson block, to help tie tags for
the Campfire tag day, Saturday,
October 2. I ,
1 , v
Mothers' Culture Club,
The Mothers' Vulture club' will
open the season dnesday with a
1 o'clock luncheon, at the home of
Mrs.. W. H. Indoe, 90S North Forty
ninth street. " ; r
- Business Girls' League.
The.Wamm club will meet -for.
supper Wednesday evening at 6:30.
The sewing class will meet Wed
nesday, 7:30 p. m.; Miss Emma Kiss
ling, instructor.
Alpha Grove No. 2.
Members of Alpha Grove No. 2
and new members off Druid Grove.
Woodman circle, will be entertained
at a social Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock, in the. new hall, A. O. U.
W. building, Fourteenth and Eodge
r 1 i
U 75
Colorado Spring?' Largest
and Finest Hostelry
-European Plan . Restaurant' Famed .
In the center of the city, surrounded, by
fifteen acres of garden and park. An
ideal objective for motor trips. Garage.
BER weather conditions are perfect for
motoring, golf and other outdoor recreation.
Detailed information and booklet on request.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
r in
I 1 B av I ' ' " '
ifmencsm, O&smtf
The bes iron made ,
The first cost is unimportant. JResults
count. Buy an electric iron for what it
will do for the service it will render and v
the years ij will last.
' The sturdy construction of "RnxxBaBmf ' '
irons assure the same satisfactory serv- :
ice after years of use as upon the day
of purchase. ' ' r (
Manufactured by
American Electrical Heater Company, Detroit.
Makers of a Complete line of Electric Heating; Device.
A. X
"tvv .JT7 .
Sold by
Fine Arts Society
Present Year's
The Fine Arts society has a par
tially assured schedule whicli it con
siders the best yet attempted by the
society, according to Mrs, A. Dar
low, publicity chairman.
Friday, November 12,, W. - L.
George, celebrated author of many
books, will lecture on '"The Modern
Monday, February 21, the noted
poet, dramatist and essayist, also
Stop Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty. v
A few cents buys "Danderine."
After an application of "Danderine"
you can not find a fallen hair or any
dandruff, besides every hair shows
new life-; vigor, brightness, more
color and thickness.
M. ll.'J"J"W.MMl" " J
t ' 'rlTJt
Electrical, Hardwarm, mnd Dmpmrtmtti
and Electrical Companiat
4 1 "i
author of "Abraham Lincoln," John
Driukwater, will lecture on "An
English Dramatist's View of Lin
coln." Early in February John Living
ston Lowes, professor of English in
Harvard college, author of conven
tion books and poetty, is assured for
a lecture,
In earl March- Ralph Adams
Cram, architect and author, is ex
pected. ' . 7 .
Fv the middle' of1 March it is
gratifying to-know that Mrs. Doug
las Robipsofl will speak on modern
?oetry. As is well known, lrs.
lobinscm is a sister , of Theodore
Roosevelt. It was she who- second-
k riMfhtnttrql with a Stuiy
fini. )
Say$ !
I now, Why, wait? Our
Budget Plan savs vou
cet 3'our New Edison
right away, a soon as J
we carfl get it 'to your
home. fv
It sayi, too
that you don't have
- strain ' yoursel in
a financial way, It
shows you how to regu
late your enjoyraent
.. expenditure and make!
room for aNew Edison.
You don't feel
the purchase when vou
buy by - our Budget
Plan. : It gets in its
best work while you
1 are already enjoyin"
your New Edison. ,
You Save
time by this thrifty
way of buying. Save
money, too, because
ypu avoid a lump sum
expenditure. Don't
forget to ask about i1.
Shultc Bros., Owners,
313 South 15th St.
5(r . x
U . ' IS
SSL' k 11
cd the nomination of General Wood
in Chicago.
It is hoped that this society will
be able to secure-Gilbert K.' Ches
terton. ."','
There are other noted lecturers ill
view which the public and society
will be informed about as soon as
the final contracts are signed.
Mr. Maurice Block of the- Chicago
Art institute has been secured as di
rector of the art school, ts has
been previously stated, this iustitute
will be free from all expense to the
Douglas 3940 ' Courtney Building
Wednesday Specials
Pure Cane Sugar, 10
4 rolls Toilet Paper
for 25
Per dozen.. .... .70t
Ehmann Ripe Olives, j
pint jar.. .454
White Bear Preserves,
per jar 424'
-Per dozen.,... 154.85 ;
Libbey's Baked Beans,
per dozen ......1.65
Ankola Coffee, per -pound
We are giving a SPECIAL demonstration on KEL
Pint can .. v .
can. . .
69 c
Basko Milk-
Baby, y
size . ....
Lare 14 c
can. A . . 7?
" Potatoes.
15 pounds
Rumford Baking
Powder, 07 '
Geam OA
Cheese, lbC
, , 1 .
Magic City Pickles,
10-ounce 00
bottle.... . OC
.Basket Stores
You Will Appreciate the Saving
,- - . . ' V!:.'
m m
J Woman's Faculty Club.
The Woman's Faculty club ofthe
University of Nebraska will meet
Wedtiesdhy afternoon at the home of
Mrs. A. F. Jonas, 106 South Thirty
first avenue.
Mrs. Samuel Avery, wife of Chan
cellor Avery' of the University ol
Nebraska, and president of the
Faculty club in Lincoln, will be
honor guest at the meeting. , -t
9 aii - I i l
Dentistry is one of the best pay
ing professions for women in Scm
bia. -.
pounds . . .... $1.57
New York White Cheese,
rier pound ... .i , .43d
Round Steak, per lb.30
Pot Roast,s per lb. .15c
Xarab Chops, per lb.25dr
Lamb. Stew, per lb..X04
Veal Roast, per
VeaLChops, per lb. 254
,;Veal Stew, per lb.124
No. 1 Ham, per lb. 354
No. 1 Bacon, per lb .454
, Nut
My Wife's Syrupy
Medium OJ
bottle : ODC
Large -bottle
Tomatoes, large
No 3 18c
can. . . . ww
Onions,, !i'OQA
lO pouiibV.
Lard - M Q.r.r i s '
: . , .
l Basko Bread
Ipaf . .
15c loaf,
2 for
, Midwest Milk
We are headquar
v ters.
aaaaaaWaWBaawaarwBaaB, aaBaBaaajajaaBaaaaaa.