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OMAHA, KK1DAY, SUPlUMbttK . 24, 1V2U.
Homeless Ones x '
Of Rome Storm
(Many Churches
Catholic Cathedral Raided by
Socialists Wno Are Unable
v to, Gain Admittance '
Will Try Again.
Rome, Sept. 23. The Osservatore
Romano, the Vatican organ, says
That last night socialists attempted
to invade a church in a popular
yoarter, but did not succeed in
breaking through the door. . They
postponed the undertaking to a
later date, when, the paper assert?,
they will attempt to occupy the Lat
eran palace, which was once the
residence of the popes. - '
-The" newspaper also asserts that
socialists are threatening to invade
ncainonc ciuo ana two nunneries
ndon, Sept. 23. The attempted
invasion ot religious eaihces in
NlRome is in part a movement among
persons' unable to obtain dwellings,
, owing to the shortage in housfig
accommodations, to seize unoccu
p;ed homes and other buildings and
install themselves, according -to a
dispatch tothe London Times frefn
Rome. . '.
- !. : "
Regains Use of Right Arm :
BySuccessful Operation
John P. Cummings,. assitant tii
N ' the passenger traffic tnanagerNof the
Union Pacific systeiiJeft last Sun
; day for Rochester, Minv, with the
forlorn hope that the Mayo brotKers
will perform the miracle of restoring
the Use of his right arm, incapacitat
ed for the last 10 years as the result
. of his being thrown from his pony
twhife touring through Glacial park.
Wednesday his wife received a
Telegram from Rochester ith the
lad tidings, that Jffr. Cumining's
operation was successful, and his
right arniiwill be restored.
Common Sense
t By J. J. MUNDY.
'tSet Rid of YcW Grouch. "
Don't retire when you are angry.
Get rid of your grouch before you
go to bed. '
H there is a family jar in your
home don't slam the door of your
room and go to bed Where you lie
awake with angrythoughts coursing
through your brain.
Retiring in this condition means a
sleepless night, a restless, uncomfort
able night a wild-eyed condition in
the morning.
You pay the real pepaltyext day.
If anything happens atfrice or
shop which angers you don't take
yonur grouch home , to think of all
Doing this, if you are like, most
mortals, means your main thought
will be revenge.
Your thoughts wit, be of a get
even nature. .' - , '
The time between retiring and
passing off to sleep is a 'good time
to make plans for success and for
next day's work, to improve it, but
a particularly dangerous time to plan
evil against anyone because the mind
seems to be. able to suggest more
diabolical methods of action at night.
Use your valuable thinking time
to good purpose.
Copyright 'International Teature
. , Sen-Ice. Inc.
I'M THE ,GUY who goes to sleep
while he's crossing the' street and
then bawls out theautomobile driv
ers who rfearly run over him.
Why should I keep my mind on
' where I'm gng atld what I'mTo
ing if I want thinking of
something else or nothjng at all?
If I want to amble across the
street with my mind on my own
business it's up to yon to keep from
hitting me. not up to me to keep out
of -your vay. , i
It's just as much my privilege ho
cross a street, as it' is yours to ride
on it, so where do you get off mak
ing rules for me to follow? I'm .the
one ithat "should make, the rules or
you.; "
And if 1 don t want to pay any at
tention to your horn that's my af
fair, too. And .I've as much right to
bawl you out as you have to honk
at ine.
If you guys had your own way,
guys like me wouldn't get any rest.
But believe me, Johnny Goggles,
you'll do the waking up when I'm
sticking around. Ever time.
Do we, speak of something as be
ing "Simon pure?"
, This expression, meaning "the
.real man, had its origin in the
Tiame of a Pennsylvania Quaker
in Mr. Centlivre-'S comedy, "A
Bold Stroke for a Wife" Being
about to visit London to attend.
the quarterly meeting of his sect,
Antfnartab Holdfast sends a let
ter of recommendation and intro
duction by his friend, Simon
Pure, to another Quaker, Obe-.
diah Prim, a rigid stern man who
is. guardian to? Anne Lovely, a
young lady reputed to have a for
tune of L30.000. Colonel Feign
v.elt. another character in the
same .play they favored descrip
tive names in thos days being
enamored of Miss Lovely and her
r ... . M. t. 1 .n
ionune, avails iiiuibch -i "-r
cidental discovery of the letter of
introduction, and ' succeeds m
passing himself off as Simon Pure.
The real 6imon Pure, calling at
Prim's house, is treated' as an
imposter, and is obliged to leave
the house in order to find wit
nesses who can vouch for him.
Meanwhile, Feignvtell. fne villain
of the piecej succeeds in obtaining
from" Prim a written and un con
ditional consent to his marriage
with Anne. But virtue is tri
umphant in the end. Simoa Pure
reappears with his witnesses, the
-scoundrelly Feignwell is exposed,
Prim discovers the plot, 'which has
tipn rnnrnrted. Anne falls ill
love with Simon, and the origi
nal letter given to reignweu, is
used to secure a happy ending.
In the light of modern dramatic
standards the play may be con
sidered lacking in some essentials,
but it scored a great success when
nrnrttirsl mirl th name of "Sl-
Tiion Pure" was gradually applied
to anything whicn was genuine
and above . imitation, t
(Copyright. 1J0, by the Wheeler
Syndicate, Inc.)
"Virter No. 2666
Reserve District Ko. 10.
1. a Loins and discounts, including rediscounts. ..v ... . JJ. 108.614 .ltt-
ndii.f ;
d Notes 'nd bills reduteounted with Federal Reserve
Bank other than bank acceptances solcl) (see ..... ',
Item 6Sa 49j31.66
I Notes and bills rediscounts other than wKh Fed- '
ml Reserve Bank (other than bank acceptances '
, sold) (Seq Item 66b) 1?4.621.43
$1,074,252.99 $2,121,861.
2. Overdrafts unsecured
J, U. St Government securities owned:
Deposited to secure circulation (U. S. Bonds par
-. Value) 200,000.00
4 PlMned as collateral for State or other deposits or
pills payable t
f Owned and unpledged . . .. ;
h War Savinirs ' Certificate! and Thrift Stamps
cttlally owned ..."
2.8,86. 61
. Total U. 6. Government securities..." ..
6. Other bonds, securities, etc.t
e Securities, other than U. 8. bonds (not including
stocks), bwned and pledged t
I :
Total boncjs, securities, etc., other than U. S.
' 7. Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock
8. Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (60L per cent of sub
scription) ....... A.
9. a Value of banking house, owned and unincumbered.. .
1 0. Furniture and fixtures j
12. Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank... ..- I
13. Items, with Federal Reserve Bank process of collec
tion (not available as reserve)
14. Cash in vault and net amounts due from national banks
16.Net amounts due frcm Banks, bankers, and trust com
v panics in the United States (other than included in
Items 12, 13, or 14)....
1 (.Exchanger for clearing house
H.Checks on other banks in the same city or town as
reporting bank (other than Item 16).....
Total of Items 18, 14. 15, 1. and. 69D.832.18
18. Check-on banks located outside of city or town of
reporting bank and other, cash items."
19. Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from
U. S. Treasurer A
20. Interest earned but not collected approximate on
Notes, and Bills Receivable not past due
$ 328,954.(1
TOTAL ;.. .$3,923,886.40
22. Capital tork paid in
23. Surplus fund u.
24. a Undivided profits ...! ...V. $
b Less current expenses, interest, and .taxes paid....
25. Interest and discount collected or credited, in ad- '
' vance of maturity and. not earned (approximate)
Circulating notes outstanding .
Net amounts due to national banks
Net amount due to banks, bankers, and trust com
panies in the united staes ana loreign countries
(other than included in Item 30)
82. Certified cheeks outstanding
83. Cashier's cheeks on own bank outstanding ,
r Total of Item 80, 31, 32, and 38.... $ 982,420.80
r Desaand deposit (other than bank deposit) subject
to Reserve (deposits payable within 39 days) :
34. Individual deposits subject to check?. .... J
35. Certificates of deposit due in lees than .60 days
(other than for money borrowed) .. i
37. Deposit requiring notice, but less than tt days....
Total of demand deposits Aether than bank
deposits) subject to Reserve, Items 34 36. . -
and 87 . ; ..3 1,827,812.73
Tim dsposkt subject to Reserve (parable after SO
- days, or subject to 80 days or more notice, and v
postal savings): " ' .
46. Certificates of deposit (otEer than for money bor- f I
rowed) a . I .
; v Total of time deposit subject to Reserve,
Item 40 ...t
United States deposit (other than postal savings):
U. s. Government Securities borrowed witnout
furnishing collateral security for same. $
Bill payable with Federal Reserve Bank,
J A AU ........ ......
Liabilities for rediscounts ' with Federal Reserve
name isee item 101. ..(.-.
b Liabilities for rediscounts other than with Fed--v
era I Reserve Bank
'. Total eontinrent diahillliva IKK . and h) (not
f including Items in Schedule 28 of report) .... J
,L- . -. 1 1 - 1 J! i . 1 J , .
949,731. 66
tount on which interest and
, A
Of the total loans and discounts shown above th
discount was charged at rate iin excs f those permitted by law (See. 6197. Rev.
Stat)' (exclusive ot notes uponl which total charge not to -exceed 60 cent was made)
waa 4 None: the number of such loana was None . 0
TTH. W. Yates, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
- , H. W. YATES, Cashier.
, Correet-Attest ! .
v - JOHN W.' TOWLE, ..
.. . H. V. BURKLEY. . V
' . F. W. CLARKE. Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day ot September, 1920,
A. W, FRANCIS, Notary Public.
More Truth Than Poetry
Parents Problems
J5IiotiU girls of high school 3ge be
permitted to sell fancy articles which
they make?
Under certain circumstapces there
is no reason why this shotild not be
clone. At little neichbornood fairs.
I'for example, or for some fuch object
as the Red CoSs, the girls might
well make money'- in this way.
Far be it from us, who by nature are quiet
And little, addicted to struggle or strife,
To pose as a flaming apostle of riot
Or advocate rows in political life.
But somehow, with haunting regret, we remember
When candidates were not so flabby of spine,
But went on the, stump from July till November
Arraigning .op'pongnts as liars and swine.
With gentle remonstrance no speaker Vould dally, , 1
They had fresh invectives to spring every night;
Vast crowds would attend a political rally
Because they were sure it would end in a fight
A solon, accused of an improper action,
Did not say the charge put a strain dn belief,
But much to his; own and his friends' satisfaction,
He labelled his rival a crook and a thief.
The issues were left for the papers to settle,
The -candidates held them in utter disdain,
And after the mode of the pot and the kettle
. They, blackened each other throughout the campaign.
They listed all crimes that were ever committed
And swore their opponents had done the whole lot;
They vowed that the job for which best they were fitted
We mean thejopponents was stopping hot shot.
We manage campaigns in a kindlier fashion;
Our candidates argue with phrases polite;
They never would stoop to the language of passion,
And seldom do meetings break up in a fight.
They talk to the crowd as they would a jury;
- They never grow violent, Heaven forbid!
Or lash themselves into a lather of f uty,
Yet somehow or other we-wish that they did!" '
Whether they should ever do it
otherwise than for charity is a ques
tion for eaeh girl's mother to decide
for her daughter.
, )
Will Layv Cornerstone.
McCook, Neb., Sept. 23 (Spe
cial.) The cornerstone of the Ash
Creek Lutheran church of this coun
ty will be laid Sunday. A fine
country church will be erected at
cfice. ; " ... , y
v f
The speed-up "campaign doesn't sfppear to arouse aynbody but driv
ers of automobiles. - - '
Ship yards are closing all over the country. We are a good deal
like Nah. We only build ships whn w pre terriblv scared.
t- ' (Copyright, 1920, By The Bell Syndicate, Inc.)
O rosniM
The cost L
is snall
The benefit
is great' -
Uiose who feel
illVeuhs from tea or
coffee drinking soon
profit by a change to
Instant Postom
I aw eMtfSSa I
I , r
) NwsaCe CwassgJ I
. Its pleasing flavor, ease of.
.( and practical econonry com
' mend this tiSbleBeverage.
Sold in 50 and 100 cup tins:
A purchase fhytnifgrocer
soon proves
"There's a Reason"
Macte try Postum CereeJ Co, Inc. Battle Creek. Mich.
To the Man vlio is Interested
in Truck Tire Economy
....-. '' ' .
CAIffiFUL Suck owners are The tire that overcomes split
figuring their costs pretty ting and tose-separationthat
closely these days tire costs goes on its way day after day,
'along with the others. month after month, wearing
. It is no Wer"clao on a new . down, smoothly ana uniformly
3 4. y I ,
tire and hang the expense.' At ,
least, not witn the owners we
come in contact with.
Service, wear traction,
cushioning qualities, construe
tion are coming to mean more
than they used to, not only to
owners but to drivers of motor
trucks j , -
And the more they mean, the
more we find truck owners and
operators turning to the new
United States Grainless Rubber
Solid Truck Tire.
. s
without undue attention and
without expenseT . ,
Handling United States Solid
Truck Tires in this city is in
keeping with the progressive .
policy of our concern
, Something new something
a little in, advance of th?
times is always coming out
ofthe United States Rubber
, Before ordering a new truck,
consult us , about fc the . kind of
tires to specify. : ;
' ... -f . .
;tts Tires
.'. A '. . Distributors' V .-
2220-24 Harney St., Omaha Phone Tyler 1373
One Price Cash Sale
CASH Is the Only Consideration at These Prices
4 Double ,
New Car
Hudson Sedan
This car is a 1918 series, but has
seen very little service, having
run less than 10,000 miles.
Equipped with wire wheels,
Goodyear Cord tires and in per-,
feet shape mechanically. Refin
ished, and looks like new.
Kissel Kar Coupe
1 1920 model, run less than 4,000
miles. Original equipment
throughout, includes wire wheels;
Firestone Cord tires, with an ex
tra wheel and tire. This car is
newly varnished and guaranteed
to be in perfect running order.
CatfHlac Coupe
This late model coupe has been
used very little and is in excel
lent condition mechanically. The
car is refinished and looks and
runs like a new car.
Evanklin Touring: Car
1920 model, series 9-B. This car
is the property of 'one of oufi
salesmen. His only desire to sell
is on account of wishing to own a
Franklin Sedan. Mechanically
perfect. Run less than 4,000 .
' miles.
Franklin Touring
1917 model, series 9-A touring
car. This car has run only 6,500
miles, has original equipment
'throughout, also has five white
wire wheels, equipped with
Goodyear Cord tires. Refinished,
looks and runs like a 1920 model.
- Franklin Sedan
1918 model, series 9-B. run only
10,225 miles. Overhauled, refin
ished and , in pefect condition
throughout. Goodyear Cord tires.
This car has same lines and same
general appearance as a 1920
Franklin Touring
1918 model, series 9-B, over
hauled, refinished. Equipped
with Goodyear Cord tires, all
weather tread all around. Front
bumner. all nickel parts refin- ?
ished. Car cannot be told' from
Franklin Sedan ' '
1918 model, run less tha& 6,000
miles. Has all original equip
ment, including Cord tires. It has
' been refinished, but not over
hauled. Runs fine and is an ex
cellent bargain.
.Franklin Sedan v
1917 model, series 9-A. This car
is in the shop now being rebuilt
and refinished. Will run and
look like a new car and will be
fully guaranteed when delivery
is made. This car can be deliv
ered in about sixty days. . ,
Franklin Four-Passenger Roadster
1918 model, series 9-B This car
has been run about 11,000 miles.
Refinished and in excellent con
dition. Cordtires throughout,
new top. Well worth the money.
$2,500 v
-$4,650 $3,500 $3,200
Hurry! Hurry! ,
This One Gone!
Hurry! Hurry!
This One Gone!
$3,350 $2,600 $2,250
$4,650 $3,600 $2,900
v. V
$4,650 $3,200 $2,500
Hurry ! Hurry!
This One Gone!
Franklin Touring
1917 model rebuilt and refin
ished. This car has always had
excellent care, and is a first
class buy at the price offered.
$3,350 2,200 $1,700
Marmon Five-Passenger Touring
117 model 34.- This car has al
ways been kept right up to the
minute and ; has never needed
overhauling. This is a five-passenger
car, but can be made into
a 6even-passenger at very little
additional expense. You must see
this car to appreciate its value.
Marmon Seven-Passenger Touring
1118 model 34. This car has been
thoroughly overhauled, A refin-
Mshed and we will guarantee it in
every wayto. be as perfectas
good workmanship and Marmon
construction can be .made. A )
ride in this car will convince, you
of its value. v , '
t $5,300 $3,800
' , AtlOc
v per mile.
Marmon Seven-Passenger Touring
This car has" been' used only
about two months as a demon
strator, and is in the pink of
condition. Guaranteed to you " '
the same as a new car. V '
Franklin Five-Passenger Touring
This car is especially equipped
witU wire wheels, and bumpers. ' )
Has been run just enough to ' '
limber it-up, and your purchase ,
is fully protected by our Frank
lin service guarantee.' ' x
i - $3,500
Franklin Five-Passenger Touring
This car has standard equipment -'throughout.
Has been used on .
the territory by our salesmen ' "
and is sold under same guarantee
as a new car.
V ,$3,350
Franklin Five-Passenger Touring '
This car has been used in the
city only for demonstrating pur-
poses and will- be fully guaran-
$3,350- $1,950 $1,500
$3,350 $2,650 H
At 20c
per mile.
$4,966 $4,632
$2,886 $2,422
Franklin Brougham '
This is our closed car demon
strator and has been used mostly
for private driving. Has special
equipment consisting of wire
wheels, over-sized tires and
bumpers. Fully guaranteed when
solCs . J
$3,350 $2,980 $2,610
$4,800 $4,544
$77,020 $57,326
2019-2025 Farnam Street
Phone Douglas 1712
-- I