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i sswsn W.b
4 'iT
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: 'r
ji :
Three Hits, a Walk and Two
; Errors Nearly Lose Second
-Contest in Ninth
' Inning.
Qmaha lost the first game of a
dcublcheader yesterday to Joplin,
score I to 0, and nearly lost the sec
ond when the Miners, ran in five
pearlies .in the ninth inning, leaving
the final count, 6 to5.
Charlie Kopp hurled the first
game and Palmero the" second. Kopp
pitched good ball but George Boeh
Icr pichcd better ball, holding the
Rourklets to three hits, two-of them
by Pat Mason, whiffing four men
and passing nary a one.
Palmero hurled the second contest
in great style unfil the ninth, allow
ing but four scattered hits up to that
time. In the ninth, however, with
two men gone, Wagner got a life on
Haney's error, Sperow singled
Yockey was safe on Haney's second
error, Hauser walked, Bocnler, pinch
hitting , singled and Wolfer, also
pinching, singled, scoring five runs.
First me:
All.R. H.FO. A E.
I'aney, aa . . . .
M'elilrll, 3h..
(iisluson, 'ib.,
I'lntte, rf...,
l.lllvelt, lb...
Lee. If
Mason, ef...,
Uncle, e
Kopp. p
4 H 0 3 O
0 0 8 1
114 0
ft 0
0 11
0 4
2 II
0 t
0 0
0 0
1 0
8 0 S 27 13
AB.R. H.rO. A E.
Robertson, . ,
Woefrr, if
nogart, rf . . . .
KneUevor, lb. .
. Wagner, If. . .
r-perow. Sh . . . .
Yockey, Sb...
Dunn, e
lioehler, p
3 0 2 2 2 0
.. .3
0 0 3 0
,0 0 3 0
0 1 11 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
1 0
4 0
o n
5 0
0 10
0 0 0
0 0 1
0 o
18 1
31 1 87 13 0
Omaha 0 000000 0 0
tiopun 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Earned runt Joplin, 1. Stolen banes:
Woefer, lioehler, Platte. Sacrifice f hit!
Iingle. Pouble nlayi Yockey to Mnede.
ear. Struck out by Kopp. 3; by Boejiler,
4, Rases on balls: Off Kopp, 2i off
Joplin, t. Timet 1:15. Imulresi Jacob
and Buckley,
' Second game:
Haney. . . ...
Weidell, 3b. ...
Olslason, 3b. . .
rialte, rf. .....
Leliveit, lb. ..
Lee, If
Mason, cf. , . . . .
Ryan, c.
Palmero, p. . .
AB. R. H. P.O.
0 1
1 1
1 2
1 2
0 1
1 ' 0
1 1
0 0
...33 10 27 14
AB. K. II. P.O. A.
Lamb, cf . .......
Rogart, rf
Medecor, lb
Wagner, If. v . .
Hperow, 3b. . . . . .
Yockey, 2b
Hauser, e. .......
Young, p
Nanders, p
0 0 2 1
xWolfcr 10 0 0
Total .1 38 i 1 24 13 1
Boehler batted for Sanders..
, xWolfer batted for Robertson.
Joplin 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 S S
Omaha 2100010 x 0
Earned runs: Joplin 3, Omaha 0. Stolen
bases: Platte, Hunvy, Leliveit, Weidell.
Double, pluysi Yockey to Robertson to
Puederor; Spernw to KobertHon to Nnede
ear. Struck out) By Palmero 3, by Sanders
t. Bases on balls 1 Off Palmero 2, off
Young 1, off Sanders 1. Left on bases:
Omaha 4, Jnplin 5. Vmplrea: Buckley and
Jacobs. 'Time!, 1:40. .
Oklahoma City Scores Almost
7 Against Boosters
Des Moines, Sept. 2. Oklahoma
City 'hit and ran iases at will and
Des Moines lost the final home game
of the season, 3 to 12. Lindimore,
Hughes and Merz hit home runs.
Pitt, rf 4 8 4 0
' Benson, ss 6
2 4
Moore, If 6 2
Harper, cf S 1
L'dlmore.3b 4 1
j 0
M'P'ott. 3b 4
1 6
0 2
0 2
1 3
, 1
r s
i o
l o
0 0
OlMoeller, lb 4
0 1
lO' 4
Darr' 2 0
Griffith, c 6 3
Hughes, 2b 3 3
0 3
!And9rson, o 4
6 Oi Coffey. 2b 4
3 3! Lied, rf 4
Oraham.lbS S 1 HO'Kara, If ,3
Mitchell, p SOI liMers. p It
AHhaus, p 2
38 11 27 8Buckalew 1
. Totals 3S B 27 11
Batted for AHhaus in ninth. ,
tics-Moines.. 0 0 2 0 0Hl'0 S
Okla. City ..4 0 3 0 3 1 - 012
Runs: Pitt (2). Moore. Harper f2), Lin
dimore, Darringer (3), Griffith (2),
Hughes, O'Hara (2), Men. Home runs:
Lindimore, Hughes, Mers. Three-base
hits: Pitt, Harper. . Two-base hit: Grif
fith. ' gacrirtce Mis: Linnimore, iiugnes.
Stolen bases: Pitt (2). Moore, Darringer,
Griffith (2), Hughes (2). Left on base:
Oklahoma City, 6; Des Moines, 7. Struck
out: By Althaus. 2; by Mitchell, 4. Bass
en balls: off JkUhau.s, 2: off Mitchell, 1.
Hit by pitched ball: By MrafPlU. Balk:
Althaus. Earned runs and hits: Off Mers,
4 and t in four and one-third Innings;
off 'Althaus, 3 and 6 In four and two-thirds
Innings; off Mitchell, 3 and 9 in nine In
nings. Losing pitcher: Merz. Umpires:
Wilson and Burnside. . Time: l;35,f
Indians Blank Tulsa in -Final
Home Game .of Year
Sioux City, la., Sept.' 2. Russell
was in fine form today and shut out
Tulsa, 5 to 0, in the last Western
league game here this season. Score:
v AB.H.O.A.) AB.H.O.A. 4 2 1 HCooney. 2b 3 0 11
Wuff II, 2b t
Tlerney, rf 4
Cleverd,31i 4
3 Marr. 3b 4 4 2 2
II Crouch, If 4 14 0
1 10 10
HIMctji. lb . 2 0 6 0
,cf 3
Eiffert. o 3 19 1
Powell, rf 3 10 1
Davis, rf 1
Burke, rf 2
Brannon. c 3
Rkhmo'd.p 0
Hier. p 2
Querry 1
Robinson. cf 4 0 5 0
Ruesell, p 3 10 2
27 8 2T T
Totals 33 7 24 14
xBatted for Hter In ninth.
Tulsa .......0 0 & 0 0
Sleux City ... 1 1 t0j 0 0
x 5
Runs: Marr Crouch. Def at, Metz, .Bus-
Residents of South ,
Side Ask Extension
Of Street Car Line
Construction ot a street car line
to and beyond the new Skinner pack-
. ing plant will be requested of the
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Rail
way company by residents of the
South Side next week. Certainty of
reopening the plant and increased
population beyond the plant in the
last few years justify the request, ac-
- cording to leaders of a movement
( which has arisen on the South Side.
Property owners in that vicinity
have expressed willingness to assist
in financing the extension. The plant
is expected to reopen to full capacity
about October 1.
South Side Brevities
Hair cut, 25 cents. 2412 N street Adv.
--Notics Frams church and furnace. 23d
and K. or sal at a barsain. Pnona South
:J, AdrV. -t
Stading of the Teams. .
- Wastes Leagse. 4-
W. L. Pel. I . , - W. L. Pet.
Tulsa 77 C .873, St. Jotpll.7 (7 .600
Wichita ..7 ft .676iJoplln ....! 7a .443
Omaha ...70 03 .826: Sioux City W 7S .440
Okl. Olt..?l (4 .b26DesUoln 4 10 .403
National Lea cue.
V.'.n. Pet. I W. L. Pet.
Cincinnati, l 3 ,66SChicago ...63 4 .46
Brooklyn .7 55 .560ISt. Loula.i.61 8S .484
New Tork.Ca 67 .544 Boston ....41 6i .41
LPIttsburgh 4 ,6 .20iPh'delDhla 69.74 .401
American League.
W. L. Pct W. L.Pct.
Cleveland 77 48 .ltf Boston ....61 64 188
Chicago ..77 49 .eiltWiiBh'gtpn 61 67 .437
New York. 78 61 .s:6 Detroit .,..41 78 .887
St. Louis.. 3 5t .afs.Phdelphla 43 83 Mi
Gamas Today,
Western League. ,
Open date.
j National League.
Cincinnati at St. Louie.
Chicago at Pittsburgh- .
Boston at (lew York. '
Philadelphia at Brooklyn.
American Leagae.
St. I.ouli at Chicago.
Detroit a Cleveland.
Washington at Philadelphia.
New York at Boston.
sell. Error: Hter. Bases on balls: Off
menmonu, 6'. 'till Jiier, t oil nusseu, 9.
Sucriflca hits: Cooney, Eiffert, Powell.
Two-base hits: Miirr, 3; Tterney, 2. Double
play: Mc.Manus to wukii to McManus,
I.tft on bases: Sioux City, 7; Tulsa, 10.
l.irnvii runs and hits: Off Richmond.
n'.d 3 in twot-tlVrda of an inning; off Hier,
1 and 5 in, seven ''and one-lhlrd Innings,
Struck out: By RuHsell, 8; by Hier, I.
Losing pitcher: Jtichmond. Umpires:
i.ecker and Lauzon. Time: i:5. ,
New Motor Car, 90 "
Horsepower, Viewed
By Omaha Auto Men
First display of the new LaFay
ette motor car in Omaha was made
Monday at the LaFayette-Hay ward
company, Twenty-eighth -and Far
nam streets. , Inspection of the new
model, the eight-cylinde,ttouring car,
type, was made by . representative
automobile men of the city.
Appearance of strength, power
ind stamina was remarked upon by
the inspecting party and was
vouched for by Mr. Hayward, Oma?
ha distributor.
In frame and' body construction
the LaFayette presents something
new. Pump gears are eliminated by
driving the single patented duel-action
pump directly from the crank
shaft. Five main bearings are 'pro
vided instead of the Usual three. A
brake equalizing differential is en
closed m a housing, behind the
transmission.' Not one v bent, rod is
used in the body construction.- Ths
engine, develops more than 90 horse
power! s
Sir James Aikins Pledges
, Friendship of Canada
Ottawa, Sept Z Emphasizing the
fraternal "relations between Canada
and the United States, Sir James
Aikins, president of the Canadian
Bar association, in opening the as
sociation convention today, declared
that 'with Americans we. the rep
resentatives of the,Bnitish empire,
hold and will hold, against all other
states on this continent for our com
mon civilization from the Rio Grande
to the North Pole." 1
fc !!If -we are -menaced by the un
repentant, tofces of central tufope,
he continued, "shoulder to shoulder
ve will face eastward;-if by Asiatics
we will right about and march west
ward; if by any other common foe
we will stand back to back, but
never face to face in fraternal strife."
Furniture Designer
1 Found Dead In Apartment
" New . York, Sept. 2. Mr,. Kather
ine Meyers, 65 years old, furniture
designer and writer on house: decora
tions, was found dead last night in
her apartment. The door was locked
and the keyhole stuffed.
Her body was found in a chair un
der the gas chandelier and the burn
ers of a small gas stove were turned
on full. '
Poles Occupy Seyny ;
Paris, Sept. 2. The Poles have oc
cupied Seyny, in Lithuania, east of
Suwalki, for strategic reasons, the
foreign officBnnounced today. They
also are advancing beyond Suwalki
for the same reason, it was added.
Grand Circuit Results.
Readville. Mass., Sept. 2. The Boston
Herald, 2-year-old trot, pursa 12.000:
Favlon, br. c, by J. Malcolm Forbes
(Edman) , 1 1
Rose Scott, blk. f. .(Murphy) ....... . 2 2
Leo Tide, blk. c. (Cox) 3 4
Ml.-s Rhlnelander, b. f. (White) 10 3
Stella Wood. ch. f. (Ackerman) . 4 10
Mr. Hoover, David Axworthy, ubaveta,
Guy Onward and Miss Talbott also started.
Time: 2:1414, 2:12H.
2:08 trot,, pursa 1,000:
Walnut Frisco, b. by San Francisco
(Valentine) I. .T... 1 1
Pottle Day, br. m. (McDonald 2 2
Echo Direct, b. r, c. (L. Brustef. 2 3
Mumia Dock, br. m. (Geers).,, 4 . t
Comet, ch. m. (Edman) ... S 4
Time: 2:014, 2:03.
2:14 pace, purse ti.OOO: 's
Billy Sunday, blk. g by Justo
(Crosier) . 1 1
Guesswotk; b. m. (White) S 3
Oma Blnsen, b. m. (8mall) .'. 2
Bonlque, b. m. (W. R. Fleming) 3
Senator Dewey, b. g. (Sunderlln) t 4
Admiral, Lady Brooks and Julia It also
started. .
Timer 2:0614. 2:0. , ,
2:06 trot, purse 21,000:
Tootste Tolse, blk. m., by Hartera
(Edman) .( V--..2J 1 1
Selka. ch. m. (H. Fletning" 3.2
Harvest Tido, b. g. (McDonald) 2 2
ZLmldote. b. m. (Valentine) -4 4
Time: 3:08H. 3:064.
Dollar Day Sale
Friday only the followine articles will ho solrl fnr si nn -whit
they last: v ' (
500 pairs of Boys' Kuicker Pants, consisting of Cordurov,
Worsted, Serges and Khaki; sizes from 5 to 18; - Ii rf
regularly solaSup to $2.98; on sale Friday for. ...... v 1 eUU
Boys' flay Suits
or Coveralls at. . . .
Boys Shirts
or Waists at
Ladies' and Chil
dren's Hose, 4 pair.
Ladies' Union
Suits. 2 for. . . .
Men's Boys' . 0t ftf
Capsregllar. J2.t Pl.UU
Watch Fridav'sTDaDer for the
i - - -
snoe aeparwneni.
' r E n a n t
I T.
I I -' ' l f 1
s r a it m m c i i o i j i c
Some of OmaKa's Entries in First ;
Annual Prairie Zone Handicap Shoot
Left to right, Ed Moore, George
Brahdeis, Ollie Berg and J. F. Beard.
. Here are three of the Omahans
entered in the Prairie Zone Jiandicap
Americarr Legion to Hold Ath
letic Carnival at Fort i
Omaha on Labor y
v . Day. v '
Terry O'Kellar, Dayton, Q., heavy
weight, fistic artist, and former spar
ing partner of Champion Tack
Dempsey, who is scheduled to step
IV rounds with Apdy Schmacfer,
Louisville, Neb., boxer, in the main
event of an 'athletic entertainment to
be staged at Fort Omaha Labor day,
iinder the direction of the Douglas
county post of the American Legion,
will arrive in Omaha early riday
to put the. finishing,, touches to .his
Answers to Yesterday's Question;. ,
1. Lobert circled the bases in 13 4-6 sec
onds at Cincinnati, October 12, 1910." -1
2. On April 18, U91S. agalnat Detroit
Speaker made an unassisted double play
from the outfield and on April 28, .1918,
against Chicago. ' '
3. Gregg In 1910, with Portland, fanned
J87 men in 395 .Innings.
4. In 1404 the Boston Americans won the
world's series by default as the New Ywk
Nationals refused to play tbe series.
6. Benny Leonard was kayoed by YoHn'g
Shugrik In four rounds In 1912 and rbjf
Frankle Fleming in five rounds In 113,
6. When Leonard won the lightweight
championship by knocking. out-itl!'fe'rtle
Welsh It was In a no-declsin bout, "the' la't
ter refusing to box to a decision, ', s
7. Thorps was placed on Camg's All
American foot ball team in 1111. ad 1912.
8. Canada has not won the Davis tennis
cup. I
9. It Is not allowed In golf tor a player
to Improve his lie. i.
10. The world's record for the five-mils
run is 24 minutes 33 2-5 seconds, made by
Alfred Shrubb.
New Questions.
1. Who is the new manager of the Syra
cuse club of the International league? v'
2. Who is managing Kansas City In tjio
American association? . "- '
3. Who are the directors of th National
4. How old Is Rogers Hornsby? : i
6. How ddes Cayenne whist differ' from
the ordinary game?
t 0. Who1 the national pentathlon and
decathlon champion? t '
T. When ,dld Johnny Dundee begin pro
fessional boxing? '
8. What was tfi attendance at the Wil-lard-Dempsey
2. In Davis cup play ean a change be
made in the team representing a country?
10. In golf in medal play if the ball is
unplayable what Is the procedure?
Omaha, Sept 14-18
Single) G 1:59' i, fastest pacer ty.'
America, and many other famous
trotters, pacers and runners from
the Great Western Circuit will ap
pear from Tuesday to Friday. Auto
races Saturday, with dirt track
champions driving. Auto polo and
vaudeville between heats, daily, l-
Ladies' Waists, regular $3.50
...-.;;..., '$1.00
Standard brand ljusiin, 56
inches wide, A A
4 yards for. 1 UU
, Girls' and Miss& Fall Hats,
values up to . ff
$3.50. for . 1.UU
hie? shoe sale in niir faRr-o-rnwino-
- o o-" o
r r t p t ai r r
trapshooting tournament at the
Omaha Oun club this week with
their scorekeeper, J. F. Beard. Ollie
Berg -has his "shooting" glasses on.
On the first day of the shoot, Ollie
saw every target double and thought
training. Kellar will work out at
the Y. M. C. A.
The Buckeye battler writes that he
iv in excellefjt condition and states
that he needs only a little road work
and shadow boxing to put the finish
ing edge to his training. Kellar has
been swinging the padded mitts on
the coast lately and recently boxed
six of the leading heavyweight slug
gers of California." He won five of
the six bouts by the K. O, route.
While Kellar is working out at the
"Y," Schmader is training at his
home with Kid Graves, The Louis
ville boy is rounding into good shape
for his encounter with Kellar and
feels confiderjt that he will put the
eastern heavyweight to sleep in tne
early stages of the bout;
Eddie Hart. Chicago middleweight,
who has. been matched with Bob Fer-
up, is expected, hece the latter part of
the week. !.'"': , '' i . T-
New Journalism Building '
- Dedicated at Missouri Uni.
Columbia, Mo., Sept. 2. (Special
Telegram Dedication services jfor
Jav H. Neff Hall, new home of the
school-of journalism at the Univer
sity of Missouri were held this morn?
ing.'. Takott Williapis, journalism
dean, and Emeritus of Columbia uni
versity spoke. The building will be
ready for use soon. ,
. Soos Sell Two
: Sioux City, , Sept. 2. Pitcher
George Lyons of the local Western
league team has been sold to the St.
Louis National league club. "Toney"
Defate, - shortstop, and -.the.' team's
leading batter,' has been sold to the
Columbus , American association
team.. , .
.".; t r- i
Labor Day Fort Omaha.
of Dayton, Ohio
V .. . ' o? Louisville, Neb.
O'Kellar Is One of the Toughest and Fattest Heavyweights in
the Country. ' ' '
Schmader Is the Champion Heavyweight of the Navy. .
6 Rounds - 4 Rounds
EDDIE H ART of Chicago
.V "' 6 Rounds -
Get Your Tickets Early
They're Going Fast
Legion members get tickets at Half price until Saturday night.'
. Legion tickets must be obtained at Army & Navy Club. '
Because ef the big demand by Legion members, outsiders are ad
. vised to buy tickets early. No standing room sold. -
Baseball Headquarters; Ernie Holmes; Merchants Hotel; Paxton
Hotel; Star Shoe Company; Kipiinger'Cigar Store; Army & Nary
Club; Barkalovr Cigar Store) McYittie Cigar Store.
Prices:, Ringside, $5; Reserved Seats, $3; General
V . .. Admission, $2 ' 'K
he was shooting in the doubles
event until he remembered that he
had his double-focus glasses on. His
alibi was accepted when he broke
22 of the first 25 targets he shot at
after the change. i
? -
Uncertain Weather
Cuts Attendance at
Iowa State Fair Races
Pes Moines, Sept. 2. Uncertain
weather brought out but a fair-sized
crowd to witness the last day of the
horse races at the state fair grounds
this afternoon. Summary:
- 2:80 trot, purse 11,246
.Yimlock (Perry), first; Anna Vloleta
(McLoughlln). second; Isaac R. T,
(Thompson), third; Captain Dictt i(Weldy),'
fourth. . Time: 2:16.
2:09 pice, purse $1,065
Anna Ax-Me (Shnlea), tlrat; Mabel
Gentry (Patty), second; Wattle McClus
kry (McQu.ilgJ, third. Time' 2:11.
Western Breeders' futurity, pacing divi
sion, purse $168. M
Pearl Pluto- (Hardle), first; Prlncetsll
(Browning), second. Time: 2;30. I
31,000 Mexican Workers in ;
: n'
Capital Call: General Tieup
Mexico 'City,' Sept. 2. Thirty-one
thousand workers, including, mill
hands, employes of cigaret factories
and some printers, struck here yes
terday, according to theitewspaper
El Universal. The newspaper states
therejis apprehension the strike will
Spread and that street car nien and'
other unions wi,U become involved.
France and Hungary Sign
Trade Treaty, Says Paper
Paris, Sept. 2. Signature of a
treaty between France and Hungary
relative to commerce between the
two countries is announced here by
the Matin. This convention., it is
declared, will stipulate that in case
of military necessity, the two 'coun
tries will assure protection of ' Dan
ube navigation. . '
Red Sox Continue Aggressive
Drive Against Pennant Con
tenders by Taking
6-to-2 Victory. "v
Boston, Sept. 2. Boston continued
its aggressive playing against 'the
pennant contenders by defeating
New York, 6 to 2j It was Myers'
fifth straight victory. The gSme was
marked by five double plays.
1 t V
0 2 i-
O iS
3 11
0 15 1
12 3
t 1
0 3,8
0 0 .0
Hooper, rf I
Vltt, Sb I
MenuBky, If 1
Hendrrx, rf 4
0 2
Plpp. lb v
0 13
a 3
0 2
0 3
1 0
fratt, i'B
Lewis, rf
Bodle, cf
O' 2
Ward. 3b
Ruol, c
4'SchanK, o
; Scott, ss
Hrady, 2b
l Myers, p
0 1
0 0
0 0
McOraw, p
1 totals
25 XT 19
Totals 28 34 ll .
Batted for Shawkey In eighth.
New Tork 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 08
Boston 2 110 0 10 1 x t
Runs: Pratt, Ward, Hooper (2), Vltt
(2), Hendryx, Schangr. Errors: Pratt,
Shawkey, Scott. Two-base hits: Pratt,
Hendryx. Three-base hits: Hooper,
Kenans. Home run: Ward. Stolen base:
VIM. Sacrifice hits: MenoBkey U)Mo
Tnnls. Double plays: Plpp (unassisted).
Pratt to Peckinpaugh to Plpp. Pratt to
Plpp. Vltt to Brady 'to Mclnnls, Mclnnla
to Schang to Brady. Left on bases: New
Yolk. 3; Boston, 1. Bases on balls: Off
Shawkey, 8;- off Myers, 2. Hits: Off
hakey. ( In 7 Innings; orr Mcornw, I
In 1 inning. Struck out: By Myers, 1.
Losing pitcher: Shawkey. Umpires: Owens
and .Connolly. Time: 1:26.
Philadelphia, Takes Three HtraJght.
Philadelphia, Sept. 2. Philadelphia
mado If three straight from Detroit to
day, when Harris' arm and Perkins' bat
sent them down to a, 2 to 0 defeat, Harris
allowed Jennings' men only'two safe blows.
His pitching opponent, Oldham also worked
well after the opening Inning, striking
out eight men.
' , AB.H.O.A.I AB.H.O.A.
Toung. 2b 3 0 0 4 Dykes. 2b 4 13 1
Bush, ss
0 0
j onrnn, id 3
0 11
1 1
2 1
2 1
0 1
0 3
1 0
Cobb, cf
Veach, If
Shorten, rf
IMnelll. 3b
Stanage, e
Oldham, p '
1 0
a i
of i
0 0
0 0 3
Perkins, a 4
Dugan, 3b 4
Myatt, rf 3
Blgbee, If 4 3
Harris, p ,3
Totals 31 9 27 13
Totals 22 a 24 111
Batted' for Oldham in eighth.
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Philadelphia 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 x1
Runs:' Dykes. Oriftln. Errors: Old
ham. Blgbee. Harris. Stolen base: C.
Walker. Sacrifice hits: Griffin, C. Walk
er. Bush. Left on bases: Detroit, 6;
Philadelphia, 8. Bases on balls'. Off Mor
risette, 1; off Harris, 2. Hits: Off Old
ham, 8 In T Innings; off Morrisette, 1 In 1
inning. Struck .eut: By Oldham, 8; by
Morrisette, 1; BV Harris, 2. Losing pitch
er: Oldham. 'Umpires: fsailin ana tvan
Time: !:.'
Shortridge Increases Lead In
California for u. s. senator.
San Francisco, Sept. 2. With
more than two-thirds of the precincts
of the. state fceard from, Samuel
Shortridge had a lead early today of
27,661 votes ovtr William Kent in
the race for the republican nomina
tion for United States senator, A.
J. Wallace,, the third candidate be
fore the voters in the Tuesday pri
mary, was 24,875 votes behind Kent.
Many of the precincts not included
in the compilation were in Los An
gelas county,, where Kent was Iead
ingr? " ' " '
i Measures up to the best ideals in
mattress-making without any add
ed cose for things that might be
considered fastidious or unneces
sary It is the kind of mattress
thousands of intelligent people
dt" 9v ' fV f sf .
t SssssTTsssssl
Or-Wi-Cd , Mattress:
make possible
How it is mad$-
Every Or-Wi-Co
. find it neat anel
A?k your dealer - Accept no
American Association
A T.rfUn.nAll R. H. X.
Louisville i
Indianapolis -. .3 1
. Batteries: Miller and Kocoer; Meyer,
Oraw and Henline.
Af Minneapolis , ',' ' R-H'1!;
Kansas City .4 jT 1
Ulnn..nAlt. ' ....A .1 V 3
Batteries: Ross. Reynolds and Sweeney;
Robertson and slayer.
'At' Columbus ' .. R.H. E.
Toledo 1? !; ;
olumbe v . ... . '."? i
Baturtss; uraoy. weison ana vmu
8htrmsn, Mlrennan, George, Danforth an
Kelley.-,..' ii ,
At St."Pul 'I
R. H. B.
I ,J
4 10 0
st. aui . . .
Usrla and Huhn; Hall and
Hargrare. -,
Second gamers
R. H. K.
. .3 t
St. Paul
it. raui i
''Batteries: Trentman and Huhn; Coumbe,
111 I
MeMeiemy and Hjargrsve
Lincoln Woman . nd Omaha
Country 'Olub Star Meet
Today for. . Women's ;
Golf Championship.
Miss Louise : Pound of Lincoln
Country club and Mrs. E. H.
Sprague of the Omaha Country
club wlil meet today at the Omaha
Field club in the finals of the an
nual Nebraska women's state golf
tournament. The match is sched
uled to begin at 2 this afternoon.
Miss Pouad went into the finals
Thursday morning when she de
feated Mrs. A. li. Sibberusen of the
Omaha Country club, 7 up and 6
holes to play. Mrs. Sprague won the
right to appear in the finals when she
defeated Mfs. Mark M. Levings
Thursday, up and 2, to go.
Mrs. O.'.S. Goodrich is scheduled
to play Mrs. Ray Elliott of Lincoln
in the finals of the second flight and
Mrs. J. J. Hazley of the Field club
is to meet Miss Marion Turner in the
finals of the third flight. In the
championship consolation flight,
Mrs. W. G. Silver is to play Mrs.
E. V. Arnold.
Yesterday's Results.
First tllght:
Miss Louise Pound defeated Mrs.
A. H.
oiDuernsen, aim . a
Mrs. ti. ti. Hpragu aeieaiea urs. si. m.
Levlnssl 3 and
Second flight:
Mrs. O. 8. Goodrich defeated Mrs. T. J.
Parr, 1 up. .
Mrs. Ray Elliott defeated Mrs. Allen
Dudley,' 1 up. . -
Third flight:
Mrs. J, i. Hazley defeated Mrs. Ernest
Sweet. 2 snd 1. ' '
Miss Marion Turner defeated Mrs.
L. Thiessen, 6 and 5.
Championship consolation flight:
consolation mgni:
3. Silver defeated Miss Mil
ami 4. I ': . ' '
rnoVl defeated Mrs77Blain4
Mrs. Walter O.
dred Morris. J. an
Mrs. E. V. Arn
.loung, i up.
France Not tp Accept .the ,
'Credentials of German Envoy
Paris. Sept. 2. France will not
accept the credentials of the German
ambassador until it has received
reparation for the recent atta by
a German mob on the .French cOn
suFate at; Ereslau, -ays the Journal.
r si i . ,
is the price of an
rEASURED against the actual service it
it is probably the most economical.
" '..' A.. XI. -A 11.
to say nomrag oi me comiori , n win
and its sm'art tailored appearance. , 1
The cotton is taken from the bale, passed through a power machine
opener and duster, which threshes out all impurities and loosens up 1
' the fiber. It is then placed in the hopper of a Web Process Felting' , , '
Machine, where it is taken up by a feed apron into an intricate system
of toothed rollers. The fibers are here combed, crossed andre-crofed -and
knit into filmy gossamer webs of uniform fineness and texture. '
1 t takes twenty of these webs, mattress size, to make one pound,
and almost a thousand are used to make an Or-Wi-Cp", . ,
Being made throughout by expert workmen, we can guarantee that ;
it will not matt br require remaking. Just an occasional sun-bath
will make it last indefinitely. " -
is carefully inspected before shipping. You wil'
dressy in appearance. , 1 '
Mills MVsfllfA
n Ho Tllulltd 'tj
hi. nivA nrnOru'
Double in Second and Sacrifice
i f it. n.;- ! lifts..
i-iy in rourin diiiju m nm- ,11 i
. ing Tally Against ' kXJ
St. Louis.
' St, Louis, Sept. 2. RiiitJ pitched
and batted Cincintjtti to 3 to 2 vic
tory over $t. Louis. Ring's double
in the second drove in" two run and
his sacrifice fly in the fourth scored
the visitors'; other tally- He held the
locals' to six hitsi .
AB.H.O.A. ' AB.H OA.
Rath, tb 4 1 S 4lSchults, rf 4 I
Paubert. lb 4 12 2iFournlr,lb S
Uroh. lb 4 liBtock. I
Kouah, cr 4 J' 1 - narnsoy. id
Duncan, If I I S O MeHsory. U
Nsale. rf 3 0 OlLaran, ss
Crane, ss V k 2 i sn mu,
Wlngo. o- I 1 t iCIsmsns, e J
j'Knod . 1
Totals ., SI 1 tl tUKtrcher. p
v., Tottta' II SJT1S
' Batted for Hln tn slgbth,
Cincinnati .; 1 t
St. Mollis, ...0 t t 0 t
.Runs: Nejils, Crans t). Hornsfcr.
Knode. ' Errors: Crans. MsHsnrjr. Two- '
bass Jilts: Rinsr, Hornsby. Sacrtfle hit:
Hint. Daubert. N.ale. . Double plsys:
Crane, Hath and Danbert. Left oa bases:
Cincinnati, ; tJL Loots, (. Base ball:
Off Rlnf. 3. off Haines, 5. Hits: Off
Hslnea. 1 In eight rnnipf-s; oir n.ircn.r.
none In on Inntns. . BtracK sin: sy tunc.
1; by Halnrs. J. Losing pltckrer: Mains.
Umpires: Rlgler and Moran. Tiros: 1;4.
Giants Trim rirasss.
PltUburgh, 8ept. J New Tork wound
ud Its series hers leaay or aereaiinsj
Pittsburgh, i to 1. "Bsras pltcsl ss.
Attmr tti nrat lnninsr. namiiioD was v s
steady. Wlsnsr' pitched ths last InnlsVr.
piTTSBtmoir. U
Mums. If 6 2 0!
Blgbee, If- 4 110
Bancrofts 4
1 I 3 Barbara. 2b 10 11
Young, rf . 4
2 I llM KechMb 113 2
lb 2 1 S 2 I
f I 1 4
I.ef4 iff
Kelly, lb ;
Klna-. cf .
13 3 1 1' worth, rf
K 1 11 0 Nlohalson.e!
4 3 1 llWhlttcd, lb
d, lb 4 t AV"v
Doyle, 2b
Snyder, o
3 12 1 Schmidt.
3 14 lICataiLS
Barnes, p
4 01 0 llOrimm. lb 1 1 11
JHamlltasj.p S 1 1
3( 12 27 11 Le 1 4)
Wlsnsr, 0O01
; T Totals It SIT 10
Batted for Hamilton In eighth.
New York
..- o i o i t o v-i'
.. 1 t 1 I H 1
Runs: Burns. Kelly (2). Doris. Gnrdsr.
McKechnie. Two-bss -. bits: Bascroft.
Kelly. Southworth, Burns. Three-baae Mt:
Schmidt. 8tol.n bases: Barbara, FrUeh.
Sacrifice bits: Snyder, Bancroft. 'Doaili
play: MeKeehnle to Catori to Ortnm. Lst
on bases: New York , Pittsburgh 4, Bases
on balls: Off Barnes 1 off Hamilton 3.
Hits: Off Hamilton. 10 la sight irmlnn:
off Wiener, 2 In on inning. Struele- ut:
By Barnes 2. by Hamilton t. Wild pitches:
Hamilton (2). Losing pitcher: Hamilton.
Umpires: Qulgley and. tfDay. Tint: 1:4T. -
Try to Break Will Leaving
Estate to Suffrage Cause
New York, Sepi 2. William Nel
son Cromwell, . admjnistra.tor, filed,
rrotirM: mother surrogate's court thiV
h6; wou1a, contest . an- attempt by
Mrs; HarrieC lb Hurlbot to set, aside
a will of the late -Mrs. Frank Leslie,
which left the bulk f: her estate to
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt for the
cause of woman suffrage.
Mrs. Hurlbut's suit sought to re
open an action started by her sis-
ter. Baroness Althes Jalvidor. who.
died before the case f Wirtieard.
baroness' cliimeifaywil! ma
ncr a legatee.
Tfie Or-Wi-Co Is
- , ,WelI-1Suilt Mat
: tresses. : .
- -. -1
will render
Mattress in
J. Ji. 111
substitute ;
. I.
tr t ::
- ' i