Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 26, 1920, Page 5, Image 5

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Prussia is estimated to have more
than 3,700,000 acres of barren land
whirh could be made available tor
agriculture by drainage or other
Wins of reclamation.
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American Constitutional
League Asks Court Order
to Prevent Promulgation '
of 19th Amendment.
Washington, A-Jg. 25. Applica
tion or an injunction to restrain
Secretary Colby ofjthe State depart
ment from promulgating ratification
of the federal suffrage amendment
was filed in the district supreme
court today by counsel for the
American Constitutional league. As
sociate Justice Siddons required that
authority for such procedure be cited
and agreed to hear counsel on the
point during the day.
Application was made by Attor
ney A. D. Smith in behalf of
Charles S. Fairchild of New Yoric,
president of the league. Justice Sid
dons said he could not consider the
matter until counsel had presented
authority under which he contended
the court might act to restrain proc
lamation of ratification on receipt
of certification of the action of Ten
nessee as the 36th state. Justice
Siddons agreed to remain in his
chambers during the day to con
sider the authorities which counsel
might later present.
Demands Receiver iFor
Automobile Company
Indianapolis, Aug. 25. Suit for the
appointment of a receiver for the
William Small company, which
manufactures the Monroe automo
bile, was filed in the Marion county
superior court by William Small.
president of the company. He al
leges the company is insolvent. The
liabilities are estimated at. $900,000
and the assets at about half the sum.
Fix Price of Rice,
Beaumont. Tex.. Aue. 25. The
board of directors of the Southern
Rice Growers' association, a mar
keting association composed of
farmers of Texas, Louisiana and
Arkansas, fixed the price of rice at
$8 per bag for Nos. 1 and 2.
M. V. Robins Appointed
Weather Prophet Here
Uam K. Vanderbilt, jr., and the duch-i in Washington that he would not
ess of Marlborough,, a daughter of j return to his post in London after
the deceased. I his vacation.
Mr. Davis denied rumors current I "There is nothing to it," lie said.
Assistant Named to Suc
ceed Colonel L. A. Welsh
Who Retired.
M. V. Robins, 42 years ,old,' 510.?
Nicholas street, who has been con
nected with the Omaha weather bu
reau for more than 18 years, re
ceived notification yesterday from
Charles Marvin, chief of the
weather bureau at Washington, D.
C, that he has been appointed in
charge of the local station. Mr.
Robins succeeds Col. L. A. Welsh,
who retired three weeks ago to po
to California.
Omaha's new weather prophet has
been in the government service for
more than 22 years. He came here
from Kansas City, where he was as
sistant to the chief of that station.
Since early in 1898 when he began
working for the government, Mr.
Robins has worked in bureaus at
Huron, S. D.; Des Moines, Kansas
City and Omaha. He started his
career as a weather prophet at
Huron, S. D., in January, 1898.
Mr. Robins has been instructed to
employ a high school boy to help in
preparing the weather reports.
J llif A
M. B. Stubbs, who has been in the
department for six years as obser
ver, will succeed Mr. Robins as first
assistant. A new observer will be
appointed soon.
Proposed Law Would
Prohibit Gambling In
6Z-Mile Zone On Border
Mexico City, Aug. 25. Saloons,
gambling houses and other resorts
would be forbidden in a zone 62
miles wide along the Mexican-
United States frontier by a bill be
ing prepared for submission to the
next congress by Jose I. Lugo, un-der-secretary
of interior, says the
newspaper Excelsior.
"The basis of the bill," the news
paper asserts, "is morality, and the
imperious necessity of letting our
neighbors see the Mexican govern
ment thinks of the welfare of its na
tionals and foreigners, and is un
willing to permit a geographical ac
cident to render possible constant
violation of a law which, although
not ours, makes for morality and
Reporter Who Worked for
Horace Greeley Dies In K. C.
Kansas City, Mo.,' Aug. 25. Alex
ander Bowdish, 83 years old, of In
dependence, Kan., who worked as
a reported on the New York Tribune
under Horace Greeley, died here late
last'night at the home of his daugh
ter. He was a personal friend of
National Fraternal
Congress Meeting In
Session at Chicago
Chicago, Aug. 25. The national
fraternal congress of America en
tered upon the second day of its
four-day convention today.
Hill Montague of Richmond, Va.,
president of the congress, said
fraternal societies have shown
marked improvement during the
last year in membership and assets.
Among; the societies represented
in the congress are the Masonic
Mutual Life. American Mutual
Union, Catholic Knights of Amer
ica, Royal Arcanum, Maccabees,
Knights of Fythias, Independent
Order of Foresters, Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers, Knights of
Columbus and Women's Benefit as
sociation. Ambassador Davis Returns
' Home From Post at London
New York, Aug. 25. John W.
Davis, ambassador to Great Britain,
accompanied by Mrs. Davis and his
daughter, arrived here today on the
steamship Olympic, to spend two
months in the United States.
The body of William K. Vander
biit, who died in Paris, was brought
riart nn the Olvmnic. It was ac
companied by Mrs. Vanderbilt, Wil-
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